OLTL Transcript Friday 4/13/04

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 4/13/04

By Eric
Proofread by Melissa

Roxy: Oh, good, delivery! Got anything with sprinkles?

Natalie: Not so loud, please.

Roxy: Oh, you're really paying for last night, aren't you?

Natalie: Yeah, I am. I brought this for John. I'm going to kind of give a peace offering for being such a pain.

Roxy: Oh, honey, you were really bombed last night.

Natalie: Is John there or did he go to work?

Roxy: Well, no, that's ok, you know. I'll -- I'll take them. You know, I'll make sure that he gets them.

Natalie: No, I'll make sure he gets them, thanks.

Roxy: All right, you know, I wasn't going to put my mitts all over them! Man, I don't know about that dame up there, but something tells me it ain't going to be pretty.


Kathryn: Hey.

John: Hey.

Kathryn: How was the couch? You get any sleep?

John: No, it was good, it was good. No one showed.

Kathryn: Did you think Paul Cramer was going to?

John: Yeah, unless he wants real trouble. He's trying to build a life for himself here. You could screw that up for him. He'll show.

[Knock on door]

Natalie: Hi. This is to apologize for my behavior. I brought by --

John: This is Kathryn. Kathryn, this is Natalie.

Natalie: Sorry. Didn't know that you would still have company.


Kelly: Paul, you have to call me back. I want to know what you meant by "a change in our agreement." Please call me when you get this. Hey, sweetie. Don't you worry about a thing. You're going to stay right here with me, grow up right here.

Todd: Ugh. It's a precious little thing, isn't it?

Kelly: What the hell are you doing here?

Todd: Phew. I'm sure it's a spitting image of its daddy -- whoever that is.


Kevin: Mom up yet?

Jessica: She's just still getting dressed. She went to bed early last night, she already ate her fruit plate, and then she took her medication. She's just doing really, really well.

Kevin: Oh, that's great. Well, don't let her see this yet.

Jessica: Why, what's going on?

Kevin: It's Toddís latest slam at me in the Business Section.

Jessica: Well --

Kevin: It's not there; it's in the Business Section.

Jessica: Ok, sorry. Doesn't somebody else edit it?

Kevin: Well, it's subtle. Just read between the lines.

Jessica: Ok, I'll check it out.

Kevin: Listen, thanks again for moving in with mom, really. It's great. How are you and Antonio doing?

Jessica: So far so good.

Kevin: Mm-hmm?

Jessica: She's just doing her best to make Antonio feel at home.


Viki: Oh!

Antonio: Oh! I'm sorry.

Viki: Sorry.

Antonio: Here, let --


[Computer beeps]

[Computer beeps]

Starr: "Got your pic. Pretty hot. You make the chicks at my school look like dirt." "Thanks." "Are you sure you are 15? You look older." Oh, my God. "Definitely 15. Mature for my age, though." "Where'd you go last time you disappeared?" "Mom caught me smoking." "Divorced?" "Almost. Mom takes it out on me. Nice life. L.O.L." "Feel for you."

[Knock on door]

Starr: "Got to go."


[Computer beeps]

Starr: Oh, my God.


[Doorbell rings]

Blair: Ah, Dr. Spinder?

Dr. Spinder: Please call me Betty. I'm happy to be able to help out a member of Dorianís family. She's a great colleague.

Blair: Well, thank you for coming. Your book. Very scary, but very good.

Betty: It's a tough age. Your daughter's not alone.

Blair: Well, come on in, and thank you so much meeting us here at the home. I was so upset. I didn't want to leave Starr after her smoking episode ended up in the hospital.

Betty: She's home now, in her room?

Blair: Oh, yeah, the bunker. She won't let me in, she won't come out. We used to be close.

Betty: Dorian said Starrís very close with her father.

Blair: She thinks he hung the moon.

Betty: Divorce can be very frightening for a child, and this is horrifically complicated by a rape trial.

Blair: Well, she blames everything on me. And I want to do anything I can to help her, but she won't let me. Can you help me?

Betty: I'd certainly like to meet her.

Blair: Ok. We can -- do you want to meet with the two of us or just Starr alone?

Betty: I absolutely want her mother there.

Blair: Oh, ok.

Betty: And, Blair?

Blair: Yeah?

Betty: Do you think Starrís father should join us?


Kelly: Your jokes aren't funny. What are you doing here? You want to remind me how much I owe you?

Todd: You owe me a lot, Kelly -- including this ugly baby everyone thinks is yours.

Kelly: He is mine. And if anyone finds out otherwise, it'll be bad for both of us.

Todd: Yeah, I'd say it would put an end to your marriage.

Kelly: You don't want that to happen, Todd. You want Kevin to be a happy daddy with me, not with Blair, remember?

Todd: In a perfect world, yes, but where is Blair? Do you see? My world's not perfect yet, Kelly.

Kelly: Whose fault is that?

Todd: It's your fault. I've done my part. I've paid everybody off; I fudged this kid's medical records. Now you're going to do your part. You're going to get me back with Blair.

Kelly: How do you expect me to do that? I already set up one meeting for you, and apparently it was a fiasco. She doesn't believe a word I say.

Todd: You forgave her for sleeping with your husband. Ask her to spread that forgiveness around a little bit.

Kelly: Excuse me, I have not forgiven her for anything, and she knows it, and Mother Teresa couldn't get her to forgive you.

Todd: I don't want excuses! You do something! I want initiative, Kelly!

Kelly: Or what? Or what, you ruin my happiness --

Todd: That's right.

Kelly: And my family?

Todd: That's right. You've got something to lose. I donít. If I'm not going to be happy, I'm going to make damn well sure you're not happy.

Kevin: What the hell is he doing here?


Antonio: I am so sorry.

Viki: It's all right, Antonio. Come on, it could happen to anyone.

Antonio: Well, I'm -- I'm sorry it was me.

Viki: Oh, thank you. I'm just going to my bedroom.

Antonio: Sure. God.

Jessica: Hey.

Antonio: Hey.

Jessica: What are you doing out here like -- like that?

Antonio: Just hanging out.

Jessica: What?

Antonio: Your mother saw me naked.

Jessica: Excuse me?

Antonio: Your mother saw me naked.

Jessica: Totally naked?

Antonio: Totally.


Natalie: Should've called. Didn't know that you would still be working.

John: It's not a problem.

Natalie: Sorry to interrupt.

John: You're not interrupting.

Natalie: Enjoy.

Kathryn: Natalie? John slept in the lobby last night.

Natalie: Why?

Kathryn: Because we don't sleep together.

Natalie: Ok, it's not my business.

Kathryn: And I don't want to interrupt, either.

Natalie: All right.

Kathryn: Ok?

Natalie: Paul. What are you doing here?

Paul: Natalie, take it easy, all right? Whatever your cop friend said about me is probably a lie.

Natalie: So you're here to see John on, what, business? What's going on between you and Paul?

John: Like you brought enough doughnuts.

Natalie: Is he in some kind of trouble?

John: We just have a few mutual friends.

Paul: Really, Natalie, it's no big deal.

Natalie: Really? Well, that's what you said last night, Paul.

Paul: I -- you know what -- I'll call you later.

John: Yeah, he'll call you later. Come on, man, let's go. I'll talk to you later.

Natalie: Bye.

John: There's some of this you may not want to hear.

Kathryn: Itís my case, John.

John: Yeah, I know, but we're not doing it by the book anymore, all right, so you're going to have to file a report. You want to keep your gig; you'll trust me on this.


Adriana: Starr? Open up. Are you ok?


Starr: Hi.

Adriana: Couldn't you hear me?

Starr: No, sorry, I had my headphones on.

Adriana: Oh. Ok. I was worried. Oh, this stupid shoe! And what's this doing here?

Starr: I -- I guess the maid dropped it when she was bringing back the laundry. Ok, fine, I tried it on.

Adriana: That's ok. Isn't it a little old for you, though?

Starr: I just wanted to look like a hottie for a couple minutes. I knew it.

Adriana: You'll be a hottie, don't you worry about that. Just give it a few years.

Starr: Yeah.

Adriana: Is that why you were smoking? Trying to feel older?

Starr: You know what, I'm really over that.

Adriana: Good. Because, you know, boys say it's like kissing an ashtray.

Starr: Ew, that's gross.

Adriana: Yeah. I'm glad I found this, though. Maybe I'll wear it for River later.

Starr: Speaking of River --

Adriana: Yeah?

Starr: What kind of music does he listen to, Coldplay?

Adriana: Oh, man, I always feel like I'm trying to catch up when he talks music with his friends. He's so into it. But, yeah, he likes Coldplay, Midnight Logic, 50 Cent, and he likes OutKast a lot. Did you borrow my blow dryer?

Starr: Yeah, I did, but I put it back in your bathroom.

Adriana: Oh, ok. Thanks.

Starr: You're welcome.

Adriana: Be good.

Starr: See ya.

Adriana: Bye.

Starr: Ok. "Me again. Sorry had to go so quick. You asked for my music. I play Coldplay, OutKast, and 50 Cent. And Midnight Logic." "Very cool, girl. I think it's time we meet. Come to New York"?


Blair: I thought since we were dealing with this professionally, that Todd didn't have to be involved.

Betty: Blair, he's her father. He's involved.

Blair: But the voices that she is hearing -- they're male voices saying that I'm the one that's trying to hurt her. I mean, don't you think that may be Todd?

Betty: Do you?

Blair: Well, she certainly set us up as enemies and she has picked her father over me, I mean, his side.

Betty: All the more reason to put you all in the same room together. Of course, it's not in Starrís interest to force the issue, not if you two are going to fight.

Blair: So you think it would be best if we were in a room together?

Betty: I think unless these issues are addressed head-on, your child is going to get stuck in this toxic hell she's imagined for herself. And believe me, to her, it's very real.

Blair: I know. I saw it.

Betty: You did the most selfless thing you could have done the other night. You called Todd. You did it for your child. And it helped.

Blair: Ok. Ok. I'll call him.


Kevin: This is -- why is he in my house?

Todd: Tell him.

Kevin: Hmm?

Kelly: He was checking on Ace.

Kevin: He doesn't give a damn about Ace. Why are you covering for him?

Kelly: I'm not, I'm not. He wanted to ask me a favor.

Kevin: Oh.

Todd: It's personal.

Kelly: He wants me to help him get back together with Blair.

Kevin: And why would you do that? Why wouldn't you just have him thrown out?

Kelly: I told him that Blair won't listen to me.

Todd: I hope you think of something soon.

Kelly: And I was just about to ask him to leave.

Todd: Kevin, that's true. It was on the tip of her tongue.

Kevin: Well, then leave.

Todd: All right. Mmm! Kelly, motherhood looks good on you.

Kevin: All right, get out of here. Oh, by the way, I saw your latest dig at Buchanan Enterprises.

Todd: Mine?

Kevin: Yeah, in "The Banner." It was cute how you put us on that list with those other crooks, Enron and WorldCom.

Todd: I'm not saying you're wrong. I haven't seen it yet.

Kevin: Right.

Todd: No, I had a breakfast budget meeting this morning. I can't do it all, even to you.

[Phone rings]

Todd: Oh. It's my wife, Blair Manning. Hey, Blair, what's up?

Blair: It's Starr. You know she won't see Dr. Kozak, so I decided to call another doctor.

Todd: Ok.

Blair: And she's actually a Psychiatrist friend of Dorianís, and she's here visiting Starr.

Todd: Sounds good to me.

Blair: And we were hoping -- I mean, if you agree, you know, to meet with us -- I mean, you want to set up a time?

Todd: Is she there now?

Blair: Yeah.

Todd: Then I'll be right over.


Kevin: I'm curious, Kelly, why you feel like you need to give Todd Manning the time of day.


Viki: Good morning!

Jessica: Wow. Well, don't you look all rested?

Viki: I am ready for anything.

Jessica: Well, it seems that you have to be living here these days. Antonio kind of told me about you seeing him, catching --

Viki: Yes, yes, I did see him. He was very clean.

Jessica: Oh -- poor Antonio. Mom, he couldn't get to work fast enough. He was so embarrassed.

Viki: Oh, listen, Lois told me Natalie spent the night here last night. What, did I miss something?

Jessica: No, um -- you know, she just had a little bit too much to drink last night.

Viki: Really? That's so unlike her. What happened?

Jessica: Um -- she just needed to have some fun, and I guess she overdid it. But she -- she came here just because she wanted to be near family.

Viki: Well, I wish I'd seen her.

Jessica: Yeah, she left really early this morning.


Natalie: Excuse me. Excuse me. We -- we need to talk -- about John.


John: So what do we got here, Paul? We got $64,000 missing and the Koriakus brothers looking after their money.

Paul: It's coming. I'm working on it, all right?

John: But you had time to party last night. How's the hangover doing?

[Knock on door]

John: Yeah?

Antonio: It's Antonio. Sorry I'm late.

John: No worries.

Paul: What the hell is he doing here?

John: What you're going to do, Paul, is you're going to call your friends from the coast and you're going to tell them you got their money, let them set up a meet.

Paul: Without the money?

John: Get the money, don't get the money. Doesn't really matter to me.

Paul: Look, if I don't have it, they're going to kill me.

John: They'll try. We'll be there to take them down. The money's just bait.

Paul: How can I trust you, huh?

Antonio: Because you don't have a choice.

John: When you call those two, you make it real clear to them that Kathryn Fitzgerald had nothing to do with ripping them off, that you hung her out to dry, you got it?

Paul: Uh-huh. What keeps you from feeding me to the Feds, hmm?

[John sighs]

John: Paul, those goons the Koriakus brothers sent looking after their money -- they make me laugh every time I see them. But even idiots have guns, and they probably know how to use them. So you have your choice -- you can face them with us on your side or you can face them alone.

Starr: "I'd like to come to New York City, but don't have my driver's license yet." "I really wish you could find a way to come see me. Nobody really gets me. It's so amazing to find someone out there who goes through the same stuff. It would be so cool if we could hook up. Can you try?" "Would like to hook up. I'll try. Give me time. See you later." Ms. Buchanan? It's Starr. Is Matthew there? I just want to talk to him. Thanks.

Matthew: Starr?

Starr: Hey, Matthew. How's the big contest?

Matthew: My mom and Bo are doing great. They're in the second round.

Starr: No way!

Matthew: Top score in the Jitterbug part.

Starr: That's so cool. I wish I could be there to see.

Matthew: The next round's tomorrow. You should try to get here.

Starr: I'll try, ok?

[Knock on door]

Blair: Starr, honey?


Starr: I got to go, but I'll call you later, ok? All right, bye.

Blair: Hey. There's a lady downstairs that wants to meet you.

Starr: Another shrink?

Blair: Yeah. But if it's any consolation, your daddy's on his way.

Starr: He's coming?

Blair: Uh-huh.

Starr: Now?

Blair: Yes.

Starr: Oh, my gosh!


Adriana: Oh, it was very nice to meet you, Dr. Spinder.

Todd: Hey. Where's Starr?

Adriana: I don't know. I think she's upstairs.

Betty: You must be Todd. I'm Betty Spinder, Starrís doctor.

Starr: Dad!

Todd: Hey. You all right?

Starr: Yeah. I'm just glad you're here.

Blair: So, Todd, did you meet Dr. Spinder?

Betty: And you must be Starr.

Blair: Starr, this doctor -- she sees a lot of children your age, and she thought it would be a really good idea if -- if we all sat down as a family together.

Todd: It sounds good to me.

Betty: Shall we all sit?

Blair: Yeah.

Betty: Now, Starr, why don't you start? Tell me what's making your family so unhappy.


Kelly: I thought you were at the office.

Kevin: Yeah, I forgot something. Listen, Kelly, is there something going on between you and Todd that I I don't know about?

Kelly: No, I -- I told you, he just wants help with Blair.

Kevin: And he thinks that you would help him with that because?

Kelly: Because I guess he has limited options.

Kevin: Ah.

Kelly: Look, we're so happy and our -- you know, our family is together, and I just feel bad for him, I guess.

Kevin: You feel bad -- you've got to be kidding me.

Kelly: Listen, he went to prison. He was on trial for rape all because -- oops! -- Blair made a mistake.

Kevin: Ok, you don't like Blair -- I understand that -- but you are showing compassion for the wrong guy here.

Kelly: Well, maybe so.

Kevin: He deserved to lose -- no, listen to me. Listen to me. He would do anything to hurt me, including going after you and Ace. You understand me? You stay away from him.

Kelly: Ok. Yeah, you're right, I -- the less time I spend with Todd, the better.

Kevin: Exactly.

Kelly: He has other things to worry about, anyway -- like hurting his own family, for example.


Betty: Why don't you tell me about these voices you hear, the ones that make you afraid.

Starr: I don't really want to talk about it. I guess I imagined it.

Betty: What would make you do that?

Starr: I don't know, I just get scared sometimes. It's dumb.

Betty: I don't think it's dumb. I get scared by lots of things, like snakes.

Starr: Half of them are harmless.

Todd: I get scared. I get scared of hurting people accidentally.

Starr: You do?

Todd: Yeah, especially you.

Betty: What kind of things make you afraid, Starr? Are you afraid of your parents splitting up?

Starr: They already did.

Betty: You must be pretty upset about that.

Starr: No kidding. Then my mom went around and told the whole world that my dad raped her. And then when he went to jail, by the time he got out, it was too late for us to be a family again.

Blair: Ok, you know what, I know that you are very angry at me, Starr, for a lot of things, but I want to make it up to you. Will you just tell me what I can do?

Starr: Let us live with dad again.

Blair: That is not going to happen.

Starr: Never?

Blair: He's never, ever going to live with us. That's not going to happen, Starr. What else can I do?

Starr: What do you mean, "what else"?

Blair: Well, your break is coming up from school. I -- I thought maybe we could maybe take a little trip together, the two of us. What do you say?

Starr: That's a good idea. How about you take me to New York City?


Natalie: I'm sorry for acting like such a loony bird upstairs.

Kathryn: It's ok. I appreciated the doughnuts.

Natalie: John tells me he's helping you with some sort of case. You're an F.B.I. Agent?

Kathryn: That's right. And for what it's worth, whatever you do or don't have going with John, I am nothing to worry about.

Natalie: Thanks.

Kathryn: You're welcome.

Natalie: Feel much better.

Paul: Come here.

Kathryn: So it's all set with McBain?

Paul: Know what, just forget about him, all right? I can get you the money.

Kathryn: And what does the Lieutenant have to say about that?

Paul: I don't want him involved. He's going to set me up for a fall.

Kathryn: You deserve a fall. You're lucky I don't turn you in to the Koriakus brothers.

Paul: You know, McBainís playing you, too.

Kathryn: Yeah?

Paul: Yeah. He's up there with his partner right now, and I overheard them planning on pinching us both, and then they're going to take the payback money.

Kathryn: I don't believe it.

Paul: Well, you got to know who your friends are. I can get you the money to pay back the Koriakus brothers. Then everything will be cool. But you got to stick with me because it's the only way you're going to get out of this a winner.


Antonio: Ahem.

Jessica: Hi.

Antonio: Hi. Your mom here?

Jessica: She's in the kitchen. Antonio, relax. She didn't see anything.

Antonio: She said that?

Jessica: We're just going to forget that it ever happened.

Antonio: Mm-hmm.

Jessica: How did it go with John?

Antonio: It was just routine. And, no, it wasn't dangerous.

Jessica: Yeah, but something's wrong.

Antonio: It's -- it's about another case. Evangeline called.

Jessica: About what?

Antonio: Well, you remember I told you about the guy who said that Nora took a bribe?

Jessica: Yeah, completely bogus.

Antonio: Well, now he's lawyered up with Evangeline, and she says that if I question him, he's not going to talk.

Jessica: So he's having second thoughts about lying. I don't understand why he would come forward and then just bail.

Antonio: Well, it's usually because --

Jessica: What?

Antonio: Well, it's usually because they're afraid of someone.

Viki: Hello.

Antonio: Viki, listen --

Viki: Antonio, please don't give it another thought, ok?

Antonio: Ok. Well, it won't happen again.

Viki: You have absolutely nothing to apologize for, ok? However, I have decided you should move out of the house.


Roxy: Where's she going, to get another bite of Johnnyís doughnuts?

Natalie: Oh, God, Roxanne --

Roxy: She'd better keep her paws off him or else she's going to have a backside full of quills!

Natalie: You're awfully ferocious this morning.

Roxy: Oh, honey, I was born ferocious! You got it all over her.

Adriana: Hey.

Natalie: Hey.

Adriana: Have you seen River?

Roxy: No. You supposed to meet him here?

Adriana: No, I thought maybe he'd be here playing the piano, but -- maybe he's with Shannon.

Natalie: Oh, whoa, honey, don't go there.

Adriana: Well, sometimes he is.

Natalie: Do not go looking for trouble. It does not help. Sometimes you've just got to learn to trust people.

Roxy: And that's a really hard thing to do.


[Knock on door]

John: Come on in.

Kathryn: Hey.

John: All right. I think we got everything straightened out with Cramer.

Kathryn: Think again. He's double-crossing you.

John: He's a quick little weasel.

Kathryn: He's probably double-crossing me, too. If Santa Claus were here, he'd screw him.

John: What'd he say?

Kathryn: He said that he can get the money, but he wants you cut out of the exchange because he thinks you're going to steal it.

John: You don't believe that, do you?

Kathryn: Of course not. After everything we've been through?

John: Yeah, everything we've been through.

Kathryn: We both loved Caitlin, and we'll always have that connection.


Paul: Oh, thank God you're here.

Kelly: I've been waiting all morning for you.

Paul: Yeah, I know. I had a really rough day yesterday and a harder one today.

Kelly: Yeah, I can relate, thanks to you. What is this about changing our agreement?

Paul: All right, look, the thing is, is that I'm in a little bit of a jam and I need you to get me some money as soon as possible.

Kelly: How much money?

Paul: 64,000.

Kelly: 6-- are you out of your mind?

Paul: I know, Kelly, it's crazy, but, you know, think of it as a loan, huh -- just until we can prove Adrianaís not Dorianís daughter, and then I'll be a millionaire, so what's a few thousand?

Kelly: A few thousand? Paul, this is not a little jam, this is a huge jam! What's going on?

Paul: Look, I tell you what -- I think you should just give me the money, because neither one of us likes a lot of questions these days, do we?

Kelly: I don't have $64,000 just lying around!

Paul: All right, then write me a check.

Kelly: I don't have that kind of money in my checking account!

Paul: Well, then take it out of your savings account! I don't know! I mean you're the one that married the rich guy!

Kelly: What am I supposed to tell Kevin about this?

Paul: Hell, I don't care! Just do it, all right? Or things might get a little unpleasant around here.

Kelly: What is that supposed to mean?

Starr: Please, mom, New York is the place for us. We'll love it there!

Blair: What in the world would make you want to go to New York City?

Starr: Because of all the places, and we'll go sightseeing, plus there's shopping. And Matthewís going there with this contest with his parents and everything, and we can meet up with them, and it'll be really fun and we can bond.

Todd: Does sound cool.

Starr: It does. We could do all those things. It'll be a lot of fun. I promise.

Todd: Can I go if I pay my own way?

Starr: Yeah, sure you can! That'd be awesome.

Blair: Starr, that is, I'm afraid, definitely out of the question.

Todd: She's afraid.

Starr: We can still go, though, right?

Blair: Uh -- yeah. Yeah, sure. Todd, I'm sorry I couldn't -- well, actually, I'm not sorry. I -- thank you for being here for Starr.

Todd: You never have to thank me for helping Starr.

Blair: I know.

Todd: I hope this trip brings you two closer together. You know I'd do anything for Starr.


Starr: Hi, Matthew! I have the best news! My mom's taking me to New York.

Matthew: Cool! So if they're letting you come, everything's ok with your Aunt Viki?

Starr: What do you mean? What's wrong with Aunt Viki?

Matthew: You know, the heart thing?

Starr: Well, what heart thing?

Matthew: I thought you knew. Your Aunt Viki was just talking to my mom about her will.

Starr: Her will? Why?

Matthew: Because she has some kind of a heart thing, like she could have a heart attack and die.


Jessica: You're kicking him out just because he was naked?

Viki: No, no, no, I'm throwing you both out. I'm throwing you both out.

Jessica: What?

Viki: Well, it's nothing personal. I just really think we'd all be a lot happier in the freedom of our own homes.

Antonio: Well, that's what I've been saying the entire --

Jessica: No, no, forget it. You're just trying to figure out some way to get rid of your live-in nurse.

Viki: Darling, I don't need a nurse. I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself.

Jessica: Glad to hear it. I'm not going anywhere, though.

Viki: Well, it was worth a shot.

Jessica: Mom -- do you really hate us living here that much?

Viki: No, I don't hate it at all. In fact, I like it. But, darling, I'm not planning on having another heart attack -- no matter what I see in the upstairs hall.

Antonio: Ahem.


Roxy: You know, baby, I was thinking --

Natalie: Please remember that I have a hangover.

Roxy: The problem is that you've been spoiling Johnny Boy.

Natalie: How do you figure?

Roxy: Because you got him food at Rodiís, you bring him take-out to the cop shop, and then you bring him doughnuts. So when does the guy ever deliver the goods to you?


John: Ho, ho, ho.

Natalie: What are you, Santa Claus?

John: Yeah, I'm Santa Claus, and I -- I brought you a present.

Natalie: Fruitcake. Gee, just what I always wanted.

John: Yeah? You always wanted fruitcake? Good! Because I brought you a whole bunch.

Natalie: Where in the world did you get all of those?

John: Down at the station. Every cop gets at least three he doesn't really want. Hmm, all this time, I thought there was just this one fruitcake in the world that everybody was passing around.


Kathryn: I got you into this mess. It'd be pretty dumb not to trust you now.

John: Yeah, it would be.

Kathryn: And we do have this thing between us.

John: Hey. You know I'd never let anything happen to you. We're going to get through this. Hey, look at me. We're going to get through this.


Kelly: Why don't you just say what you're going to say, Paul? What do you mean, things could "get a little unpleasant around here"? Are you blackmailing me?

Paul: Kelly, look, I don't want to be a hard-ass here.

Kelly: Oh, oh, it's way too late for that.

Paul: You know I am under a lot of pressure here, all right? And you're the only one that I know that's got that kind of cash who owes me big!

Kelly: You are my brother! You're talking about my child!

Paul: Oh. Yeah, right -- the child that I committed a crime so you could have! The child that actually belongs to somebody else!

Kelly: A crime. I knew it.

Paul: Kelly, look, all I'm saying is that, look, my life is on the line here. Don't force me to sell this secret to somebody else.


Stay tuned for scenes from the next "One Life To Live."

On the next "One Life To Live" --

Starr: "Why don't we take off together?" "Cool! Let's do it!"

Blair: He's just trying to make me jealous, that's all.

Kevin: Well, he's putting on a real show for some reason, isn't he?

Paul: My neck is on the line here.

Kelly: How much trouble are you in?

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