OLTL Transcript Monday 4/12/04

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 4/12/04

By Eric
Proofread by Melissa

Marcie: Michael, I want to make love to you, and I want to do it now!

Michael: Let's go to my room. Come on.

Marcie: No, no, what's the matter?

Michael: It's locked. We can't get back in.


Antonio: "First Edition 1871." I don't think so. Honey, what's wrong? What happened?


Kathryn: I really appreciate being able to spend the night here.

John: No worries.

Kathryn: And what you did, finding Paul Cramer -- even if that's the end of it -- I appreciate that, too.

John: You need anything, Kathryn? Toothbrush? Anything?

Kathryn: No, I'm cool. You know, sometimes I think about Caitlin and you and how happy you were. My sister loved you, John. She loved you more than anything in this world.

John: It went both ways.

Kathryn: I know.

John: Ok. I'll be in the lobby.

Kathryn: I don't feel right putting you out of your room.

John: The couch is good. I can see who comes and goes.

Kathryn: Still --

John: Get some sleep, Kathryn. You're going to need it.


Roxy: Is there any way you can squeeze more money out of this place by staring at those boring old books?

Nigel: Unfortunately, no.

Roxy: Oh, good, then let's go out for a drink at Rexy's.

Nigel: Drowning my sorrows in gin suddenly sounds like a wonderful idea.

Roxy: I know, doesn't it, though? Hey, Johnny Boy. How's your lady friend?

John: She'll be in my room tonight. I'll be down here on the couch keeping an eye on the door.

Roxy: Oh, goody. Nige, we get extra free security.

Nigel: Always welcome.

Roxy: I got a much better idea than that. Why don't you come with us to Ultra Violet because Natalieís going to be there, and Paul Cramerís going to be all over her. And, oh, by the way, she knows all about your lady friend.


Kyle: Hey. Seen this guy around?

Rex: No, I never saw him in my life.


Paul: So what'll it be?

Natalie: Um -- get me a double of anything that will help me tell Lindsay Rappaport what I think of her.


Antonio: Here, babe. You ready to tell me what happened?

Jessica: It's really no big deal.

Antonio: Bad dream? How bad?

Jessica: Well, my mom was sick, and she just looked really, really pale and thin. She was just skin and bones, and she was just lying there. She was just --

Antonio: Oh, man, Iím sorry.

Jessica: She was dying.

Antonio: This is my fault.

Jessica: What?

Antonio: Well, if I wouldn't have gone shooting my mouth off about your mom's recovery period and how long it's going to take --

Jessica: Oh, no, no -- Antonio, no. Not at all. You were right. I -- Iíve got to be realistic.

Antonio: No, honey, you are realistic, ok? You just see things with hope and kindness and love. Don't change that, ok?

Jessica: I'm so glad that you're here.

Antonio: Yeah. Yeah, me, too. I was going crazy. I think I was losing my mind half the time.

Jessica: Yeah, me, too. God, what if -- what if taking care of my mom turns into a long-term situation here? You can stay, right? Like, you don't mind the situation here? You'll stay with me? Because I don't want to be here without you.

Antonio: Jess, I -- I get so nervous when I just, like, bump into a table. I mean I got to tell you, I feel so out of place here. I bumped into that table there and I almost knocked over that vase, all right? I mean I caught it just in time. It's priceless, right?

Jessica: This vase? No, no, this vase actually is a knockoff. You see I broke the original priceless vase when I was 15.

Antonio: All right.


Marcie: Oh!

[Marcie laughs]

Michael: Oh, man!

Marcie: I guess we're not leaving, huh?

Michael: I guess not. So, are you going to start screaming for help, or should I?

Marcie: No way. Long as I'm trapped up here on a rooftop with you, Iím all right.

Michael: You are so romantic.

Marcie: You think?

Michael: Yeah. I love that about you.

Marcie: You do?

Michael: Yeah. I love everything about you. Everything except your busy schedule.

Marcie: I love you, Michael McBain. Come on.

Michael: Yeah, help me up. Hey, hey, hey, look at that. Some peeping tom left his binoculars.

Marcie: It's probably a birdwatcher.

Michael: No, Marcie, birdwatchers care about their glasses, ok? This was definitely a peeping tom. Probably dropped them when he was running for his life.

Marcie: Oh, yeah, you think? Oh, oh, well, great. Look who's the peeping tom now? Michael. Michael, cut it out. Will you stop it?

Michael and Marcie: Wow.

Michael: You know we're about to go and do something really special.

Marcie: Yeah. I'm ready. I mean it.

Michael: Then what are we waiting for?

Marcie: You -- you want to -- you want to do it here on the rooftop?

Michael: Yeah.

Marcie: I -- I -- well --

Michael: Right here on the rooftop. What could be more romantic than making love under the stars?


Kyle: Mr. McBain. You showed.

Kay: Finally. You are McBain, right?

John: Roxy, why don't you and Nigel go inside? This could take a while.


Natalie: Ahem. I didn't eat.

Paul: Nope, neither did I.

Natalie: You know, you're supposed to eat before you drink.

Paul: Yeah, especially tequila.

Natalie: Especially this much tequila. Hey, Paul, you got to be honest with me. Did -- before, did John rough you up?

Paul: No.

Natalie: You keep holding your stomach like that. I mean did he punch you or something?

Paul: No, John didn't lay a hand on me, all right?

Natalie: You're in some kind of trouble, right?

Paul: Natalie --

Natalie: And that woman -- that good-looking woman with John -- she's involved?

Paul: You know, I thought we were supposed to have some fun here, huh?

Natalie: Well, I mean, what do you know about her? I mean, how is she connected to John?

Paul: Natalie, forget about the woman, all right? Let's party!

Natalie: You're right, you're right. What the hell, man. You know what? Next round is on me.

Paul: All right.

Natalie: Whoa.

Paul: Whoa, whoa, whoa.


Rex: Lindsay, I thought I told you I was busy.

Lindsay: How many times do I have to apologize?

Rex: Look, I told you -- no hard feelings, but we're history.

Lindsay: We can't just go somewhere and talk about this?

Rex: Am I not getting through to you? You lost me Jen for good, ok? You got my club shut down by that sometimes boyfriend of yours. We're history.


Natalie: You know, I just -- it's a tossup. I don't know which one is worse, you or your stupid daughter hanging out with Rex. Yeah -- no, no, I take that back. You definitely win.


Roxy: So Iím thinking there's two of them but there's three of us, so we can take them, right? Right, Nige?

Nigel: Uh --

Roxy: You know these bozos have been causing trouble ever since they came to the hotel.

John: There's not going to be any trouble. Roxy, would you go inside with Nigel, please?

Nigel: Yes, she will, and --

Roxy: I don't want to.

Nigel: Uh, well --

Roxy: All right, ok.

John: Ok, what's up?

Kyle: "What's up?"

Kay: You said you had what we were looking for, McBain.

Kyle: All we had to do was come here and wait.

Kay: Your friend Kathryn Fitzgerald?

Kyle: She has something that belongs to the people we work for.

Kay: She took it.

Kyle: Stole it.

Kay: The people we work for want it back.

John: Kathryn didn't take anything. She was set up to make it look like she took it. Your people are mistaken.

Kyle: We should take your word on that?

John: Do, donít. It's not really my problem. I'm just telling you how it is.

Kyle: If she didn't steal the money, who did?

John: Shouldn't you have German accents or something? I'm not 411. So, look, you tell your people you're going to get your money, all right? But leave Kathryn alone, or else they won't see a dime.

Kyle: I don't think you know who you're dealing with.

John: No, you have no idea who you're dealing with. Now go play messenger. I'm busy.


Rex: Ahem --

[Rex whistles]

Rex: Listen, I am just asking that you do not start a brawl inside my club with any member of the Rappaport family. Ok? That -- that's easy, right?

Natalie: You know she's going to wreck your life, Rex. That sort of, kind of rhymes -- "she's going to wreck your life, Rex," right?

[Natalie laughs]

Rex: Ok, listen, make yourself useful and dance with my sister.

Singer: I could be in love with you in a perfect world

Rex: I didn't protect you. I protected my club. You can leave now.

Singer: We could do what lovers do all the time

John: Natalie, come here. Listen -- look at me. You've had too much to drink, and this guy is not your friend, trust me.

Paul: Hey, why don't you butt out, man?

John: You take advantage of someone I care about and I will break you in two. One phone call to San Diego and the sharks will be circling your ass about that money you owe. Do we understand each other?

Paul: Hey, you know, I told that I would --

John: Here's the deal -- for the next 48 hours, I own you. Go home and sleep it off. Sober up. Be at my hotel tomorrow at 11:00 A.M. Five minutes late, you won't see daylight again without looking at it through bars. Do you understand?

Natalie: What is going on?

John: Paul was just saying he had to go home, and he was hoping I could look after you. Isn't that right, Paul?

Paul: Yeah. Uh, yeah. Um, listen, I got to go, Natalie. I'll call you tomorrow, ok?

Natalie: You made him leave. You know, I'm not dumb.

John: You're just drunk.

Natalie: What do you care? Where's your girlfriend?

John: Look, Natalie, I think it's time that Roxy takes you home, ok? Natalie, Natalie --

Natalie: I don't want to go home.

John: Well, you can't stay here.

Natalie: Fine. I want to go see my sister. We got to check on my mom.


Jessica: You know that the two leads broke up after they made this movie?

Antonio: Yeah. Broke my heart.

Jessica: Shut up.

[Phone rings]

Jessica: Oh, my goodness, I'm glad mom shuts her phone off. Hello?

John: Hey, Jessica, it's John.

Jessica: Hey.

John: Hey, look, Iím down at Ultra Violet with Natalie, and she's -- she's had a little too much to drink.

Jessica: Really? Do you want me to come down there?

John: No, look, I got it covered, but she doesn't want to go home. She wants to come to Llanfair. Is that ok?

Jessica: Yeah, of course it's ok.

John: Ok, I'll see you in a little bit. Come on.


Singer: Send me an angel straight from above a beautiful stranger someone to love send me an angel to sit at my table to keep me from danger

Marcie: Smells like rain.

Michael: I hope it does.

Marcie: Really?

Michael: Yeah. A beautiful spring rain. I want to get soaked. I hope it pours.

Singer: Send me an angel a true guiding light

Michael: What?

Marcie: I want to know everything about you.

Michael: Ok. Well, the last really vivid memory that I have when I lived with John and my mom is right before I went to boarding school. You see, I got this scholarship because I had really high test scores and really good grades, and we didn't have any money for school, so the scholarship was huge. I was sort of this big thing, you know?

Marcie: You mean you were full of yourself?

Michael: Not yet.

Marcie: Not yet.

Michael: No, I knew that I had been picked out for success. I was just a kid. I was scared to death of leaving home, leaving my brother, John. But I didn't ever feel like I could tell anybody that. So I took all that fear and all that doubt and I pushed it down as far as I possibly could, and I got on that bus. John and my mom -- they think that I got on that bus and I took off and I never looked back.

Marcie: But you didn't.

Michael: Tell you the truth, I thought about them constantly, but I knew that I couldn't give in to my loneliness, you know? I couldn't show them how much I cared because that would make me weak. And I'd -- Iíd lose my scholarship, I'd have to move back in with my mom, and Iíd let everybody down, and I could not have that. So I taught myself to shut off my emotions completely.

Marcie: You're not like that now.

Michael: I met you, Marcie. You changed me, you know? You really did. Come on, something fixed it so that we'd end up together.

Marcie: Well, I know sometimes it's like, you know, Al's watching over us. I think he's watching out for us, making sure things work out.

Michael: He was a great guy.

Marcie: Yeah. You know, it just sounds weird, doesn't it? You know, someone gone watching over us.

Michael: No. No, you know, it doesn't at all. I mean, somehow we ended up together. We hated each other when we met each other, right?

Marcie: Yeah. But that sure changed, didn't it?

Michael: Yeah.


Natalie: Hey, Jess.

Jessica: Hey.

John: Hey.

Natalie: John, you don't have to hold me up.

John: Tell that to the last sidewalk you hit.

Natalie: I told you it was uneven.

Jessica: Natalie, what happened?

Natalie: Ho-ho-ho-ho, I'll tell you what happened here. Big, bad cop John came in and ruined my good time with Paul Cramer. And why? Why? I don't even know why he bothers because he has a beautiful woman friend waiting for him in his hotel room.

Antonio: Whoa! Ok, all right. Let's have a seat, all right? There.

Natalie: I'm ok.

Whew -- I'm ok. Jess?

Jessica: Yeah, I'm right here.

Natalie: How's mom?

Jessica: She's doing great. She's in bed, and she's doing fine.

John: Hey, Iím going to get going, ok?

Jessica: Thank you very much for bringing her home.

John: No problem.

Natalie: Wait, John, please don't --

John: I'll call you later.

Natalie: Don't go. Please?



Kathryn: What the hell are you doing here?

Paul: I couldn't sleep, and I want to make a deal.


Marcie: Oh, it's starting to rain!

Michael: Yeah! Yeah, can you believe it?

Marcie: Why do you love the rain so much?

Michael: Because the rain is like life, you know? You and me, we're starting a new life together, ok?

Marcie: Yeah.

Michael: Can you feel it? Marcie Walsh?

Marcie: Yes?

Michael: Will you marry me?

Marcie: What?

Michael: I love you! Marry me!


Antonio: Why don't we go get that coffee?

Jessica: Good idea.

Natalie: I'm really sorry. I can be a real jerk sometimes. I definitely shouldn't be drinking.

John: You're not a jerk. I'm just not quite sure what happened. And why you got upset -- I hope that had nothing to do with me because I was sort of thinking that, you know -- I thought, you know, we had this good conversation at lunch about us being friends.

Natalie: Oh, I mean, I thought it was a good conversation, too, and then, you know, Roxy told me about this woman, and you brought her home, and I saw her. She's this beautiful woman, and Paul said she was spending the night, and I don't know, I just thought --

John: You got worried.

Natalie: I'm sorry, I don't mean to. I --

John: Her name's Kathryn. And I'm trusting you to never repeat this information. She's F.B.I. assigned to a special division. She and I work together, and right now she needs some help on a case.

Natalie: See how stupid I am? I mean, I see this beautiful woman, and I just go -- you know, I go way out there.

John: She's staying in my room, Natalie, and I'm not.

Natalie: Huh. I -- it's like I don't know where I'm going. I don't have any direction. I just feel so lost right now.

John: Well, I'm not sure you're going to find that direction with someone like Paul Cramer.

Natalie: Really?

John: That guy is surrounded by trouble right now, and I'm just worried he's going to pull you into it.


Kathryn: So what's this deal?

Paul: Look, I never meant for anybody to be blamed for what I did. I stole the money, yeah. But, I mean, the Koriakus brothers are smugglers. It's not like I stole the money out of an orphan's fund or something. I grabbed it and I split. I never dreamed anybody would be blamed for it.

Kathryn: Somebody always gets blamed, Cramer, and this time it's me. They want their money back, and if I don't produce, I could lose everything, including my life.

Paul: No, I know. God, Iím just so sorry.

Kathryn: Oh, you said you spent the cash. What possible plan could you have?

Paul: I can get the money for you to pay them back. It's just going to take me a couple of weeks.

Kathryn: Is that right? How long you been working on that lie, Paul?

Paul: I'm serious, all right? I just need a couple of weeks.

Kathryn: I don't have a couple of weeks. I have a couple of days. And why would I trust a loser like you, anyways?

Paul: What, you think I want to run for the rest of my life, huh? McBain promises to throw me to the sharks if I don't do what he says.

Kathryn: And when did he say that?

Paul: Tonight at a bar. Ultra Violet. And I'm supposed to meet him tomorrow at 11:00 A.M.

Kathryn: Ok.

Paul: I don't trust the guy, all right? I mean, I think he's going to make me do what he wants and then throw me to the sharks anyway.

Kathryn: He just might.

Paul: I said I would get you the money, but Iím not going to let anybody screw me over. You understand?

Kathryn: And you're telling me this because?

Paul: I need you to help me with McBain. Look, I mean, he's tough, yeah, but he's got this new life for himself, you know, with his family and his new job at the police station. He's got stuff to lose; you know what Iím talking about? So maybe, you know, you could help manage him, hmm? So come on. What do you say? You want to help me out?

Kathryn: Just get the money. We'll take it from there.


Michael: Marcie, Marcie, I am -- I am so sorry. You know, we drank all that wine, you know, and we made love, and the rain came, and I just -- you know, I just sort of lost control, you know?

Marcie: I don't want you to apologize.

Michael: Well, I feel like I ruined things. I mean, I really feel like I messed this whole --

Marcie: No, no, you didn't ruin anything. I mean, I love it that you went overboard and asked me to, but I really just don't think that I can give you an answer right now.

Michael: No, no, no, no! I was totally out of line, ok? I mean, I mean, we don't even know each other.

Marcie: No, I mean, we --

Michael: I mean, no, we do. We do, but we donít. You know, I mean, we're in love, but -- you know, I think what Iím trying to say here is that this is just the wrong time to make a really, really big move, you know?

Marcie: Yeah.

Michael: Let's -- let's pretend that this was just a big, stupid joke from a big, stupid jerk. Oh, God, no. Please, Marcie, don't cry, ok? I just -- I just wanted everything to be perfect, you know?

Marcie: No, no, no. No, I'm not sad. I'm not sad, Iím happy.

Michael: You're happy?

Marcie: Yeah.

Michael: Right, right! Happy because girls cry when they're happy, too.

Marcie: I love it that you got carried away. I love it that you went overboard. I love it that you were embarrassed about it, and I love everything about you, Michael. I love you. I just -- God, I hope in three months or six months or a year or whatever that maybe you go overboard and ask me again.

Michael: Count on it, baby, count on it! Oh!

Kathryn: I'm sorry. I didn't think anyone would be up here in the rain.

Marcie: No, actually, it's a good thing that you came up. We were locked. We couldn't get back in.

Kathryn: The door wasn't locked.

Michael: It wasn't?

Kathryn: No.


John: Hey. You going to be ok?

Natalie: If you can forgive me.

John: There's nothing to forgive.

Natalie: Friends?

John: Yeah, friends.

[Knock on door]

Jessica: Hey, guys. I got some coffee.

Natalie: Whew.

John: That's very kind. I can't, though. I got some things to take care of. I'm going to call you later, all right? Jess, thanks.

Jessica: Bye.

John: Can I talk to you for a second?

Antonio: Yeah. Be right back.

Antonio: What's up?

John: I need your help.


Rex: You still here?

Lindsay: We're going to have that talk. Oh, we're going to have that talk.

Rex: What is it with you?

Lindsay: I think I've been pretty upfront about that.

Rex: Me, too.

Lindsay: So why can't you talk to me? Is it just too difficult?

Rex: I'm not playing, Lindsay.

Lindsay: I'm not playing, either.

Rex: Look, I am -- I'm tired, ok? I've got a whole bunch of problems I need to deal with right now. It is time to say good night.

Lindsay: Good night.

Rex: I'm not fooling here, ok? I'm not going to roll over and play, Lindsay, ok, no matter what you're offering. There's the door. Take it.


John: That's how it's going to have to go down.

Antonio: Gotcha.

John: Are we good?

Antonio: Yeah, I'm good.

John: All right. I'll see you in the morning, man.

Antonio: All right.

John: Just one thing -- not a word. Not even to Jess.

Antonio: Got it.


Nigel: You know it's frightening to be on one's own. Terrifying, actually. No safety net, no Mr. Buchanan to guarantee my bills are paid. But you know, it's also rather exhilarating. No, I -- I am absolutely in love with it, Roxanne. I am now complete.

Roxy: Well, you know, don't get yourself all up in a lather, you know, because no man is an isthmus.

Nigel: Uh --

Roxy: Oh, an island.

Nigel: Yeah.

Roxy: Ok, and you got to get up at 6:00 in the morning tomorrow.

Nigel: Oh, yes, dear, yes.

Roxy: All right, well, I got to go. It's been a gas, bud.

Nigel: Oh, indeed, indeed. Thank you.

Roxy: All right. Oh, Johnny Boy. You take Natalie home and tuck her into bed?

John: No, I took her to Llanfair.

Roxy: Llanfair? What'd you do that for? She lives with me.

John: Look, she's a little mixed up right now. Maybe you -- maybe it'd be best to give her some space.

Roxy: What the hell does that mean?

John: What it means is she doesn't need anybody telling her what to do. She needs to figure things out on her own.

Roxy: Hey, listen, buddy boy, what she needs is you.

John: Look, she's cool on that. Stop encouraging her, ok?

John: Kathryn?

Kathryn: Hey.

John: Hey. I got worried when you weren't down in the room.

Kathryn: So you knew to come looking for me. Me and my insomnia.

John: Well, then I -- I remembered how Kathryn Fitzgerald liked the rain.

Kathryn: Like her sister?

John: Yeah, like her sister.

Kathryn: Hey, can I count on you?

John: You know you can. But we do this my way.

Kathryn: Figures.

John: It's going to get rough. People start going down, you could be one of them. You sure you want to take that chance?


Al's voice: Crazy stuff's been happening tonight, stuff nobody ever would've predicted this morning -- the type of stuff that can change your life as you head out into tomorrow. Sometimes it doesn't even make sense. You notice that? It's like it has its own weird logic.

Marcie: Al, I'm going to be all right. And I know that somehow, someway, you got me here. But I'll always love you. You'll always be right here.


Michael: Aha. I knew it.

Michael: Hey, what the hell is that? That's Dr. Long. What's he doing on the roof of the hospital with a medevac pilot at this time of night?


Paul: Hey, Kelly, it's me. Look, I'm sorry I called this late, but it's really important and I need to see you tomorrow morning. You know, things have changed. I know we had an arrangement, and I -- I know about the baby, but, you know, things have changed and -- well, you know, I'll just call you tomorrow morning, ok? First thing, all right? God, Iím sorry. I need the money, Kelly.


John: Hope you know what you're doing, McBain.


Natalie: John?


Jessica: Natalie was out the second I put the blanket on her.

Antonio: You drink too much, you eat too much.

Jessica: Well, I'm just happy that she's ok. She's had such a rough time lately.

Antonio: Yeah, it seems that way.

Jessica: So what were you and John so hush-hush about?

Antonio: I really can't talk about it, Jess.

Jessica: Ok. Fine.

Antonio: How long have you and I been dating now?

Jessica: I don't know, about a year, I guess.

Antonio: Long enough to know that I would only keep something from you to protect you, right? Look, John just needs a little help, that's all.

Jessica: You know, Antonio, every time there's something really dangerous happening, you always minimize it. You say, "oh, it's just something I have to do, just this little thing that I have to get done."

Jessica: How dangerous is it?

Antonio: It's just a little --

Antonio: Hopefully, not dangerous at all, ok? I'm going to be there for John, cover his back, just in case.


On the next "One Life To Live" --

Starrís voice: "It would be so cool if we could hook up."

Blair: I want to do anything I can to help her, but she won't let me.

Kelly: What are you doing here? You want to remind me how much I owe you?

Todd: You owe me a lot, Kelly.

Natalie: Sorry, didn't know that you still have company.

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