OLTL Transcript Wednesday 4/7/04

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 4/7/04

By Eric
Proofread by Melissa

Jessica: Well, I miss you. How's Jamie?

[Jamie cries]

Antonio: Here, listen for yourself.

Jessica: Aw. Poor baby.

Antonio: Yeah, I know. You know, I think it's an ear infection. I called the Pediatrician.

Jessica: Well, that's good. Can you call me after you hear back from her?

Antonio: Yeah, ok. Absolutely. I love you.

Jessica: Me, too. I miss you. Bye.

Antonio: Yeah.

Viki: Well, listen, Chicagoís not that far away and I've already written the speech, so, yes, I promise you I'll be there, ok? Bye.

Jessica: Mom.

Viki: What?

Jessica: You can't fly to Chicago.

Viki: Baby, it's a conference, it's not a marathon. Besides, I'm giving the keynote speech.

Jessica: Yeah, I don't care if it's the State of the Union. What, are you trying to give yourself another heart attack?


Paul: Wow. You know, when I tried to kiss you like that last time, you ran out of here and I never thought I'd talk to you again.

Natalie: You want another drink?

Paul: Well, you know, I got a better idea. Why don't we go back to my place?


[Ace cries]

Asa: You have one hell of a pair of lungs, little fella. Your great-grandma and I heard you all the way over in the west wing.

Kevin: Well, that's not going to happen anymore.

Kelly: We just put a bid in on a beautiful new house.

Asa: That's fine. Move. But you're not taking Ace.


Blair: Ok, what now?

Todd: Hello. Don't call security. I'm here to talk about Starr. Did you take her to see that shrink?

Blair: Look, I told you that I would. Yes, I did.

Todd: And is she going to be all right?


Starr: Oh, I hope they remember me. Yes. "I had to go to a shrink." That's so right, they are trying to control me. "But I'm too smart for that." Am I dangerous, too? Yeah. I guess I am.


Dorian: Going somewhere?

David: Yeah. I'm leaving you.

Dorian: You're leaving me? Why, because I went away for a week?

David: I was supposed to go with you, until you slipped something into my drink that knocked me out.

Dorian: I'm sorry about that.

David: Oh, you're sorry?

Dorian: I had to go away on urgent business, something very urgent, very personal.

David: Yeah. You went to Mendorra.

Dorian: Who told you that?

David: Nobody told me that. I found the phone number of your little love nest hotel hideaway written on a pad of paper at Carlottaís diner. Huh? How about that? By the way, what name did you register under, anyway?

Dorian: What are you talking about?

David: Am I too tame for you? Huh? You had to go back to scary Mr. whoever the hell he is and relive Adrianaís conception?

Dorian: Adriana is not my daughter, remember? We made l that up so we could get Aunt Betsyís millions.

David: Mm-hmm. What were you doing there?

Dorian: I was protecting Adriana.

David: Protecting her with your naked body?

Dorian: Oh, David! Would you relax? I kept my clothes on all the time. Seriously, I -- I had to make sure that her father knew nothing about her.

David: Hmm, and I couldíve been there for that?

Dorian: I needed you here to take care of things.

David: Take care of what things?

Dorian: Do I need to spell it out for you? A-d-r-- Adriana, for goodness sakes. There's a lot at stake here. Where is she, by the way? Is she ok?

David: Yeah, I guess so.

Dorian: What do you mean, you guess so? Is she ok or isn't she?


Natalie: I'm -- I'm staying here.

Paul: Natalie, I mean, then what was that kiss, just a tease?

Natalie: Paul, I'm having a lot of fun with you. I mean that helicopter ride was amazing. But I don't think that I'm ready to go back to your room.

Paul: John McBain have anything to do with that?

Natalie: No. No, I lost my husband less than a year ago.

Paul: Well, I'm sorry. I didn't know that. I --

Natalie: No, no, I mean, of course. How could you know? And it's ok. But, you know, being up in the air with you, seeing Llanview, it's amazing, and it puts Cristian out of my mind for a little while. But then when we landed, you know, it hit me that Cris is still here, and he's not going anywhere for a while. So either deal with that or not.


Asa: You know, having a little baby running around the house makes it feel like a -- like a home again. But since you two are moving and taking Ace with you, Renee and I will have to go with you.

Kelly: Um, I don't -- I don't think that the house we looked at has enough bedrooms.

Asa: Now you're talking. I had a crew come in and put up a swing set on the grounds today. It'd be a damn shame if Ace wasn't here to use them. Bye, chief.

Kelly: Hey, baby. Oh, hi.

Kevin: Uh -- so, what do you think?

Kelly: Well, I guess we can't break Asaís heart.

Kevin: No, it's you I'm worried about. I mean, you sure you can be in a house surrounded by Buchananís?

Kelly: You know, Kevin, I didn't have a very good childhood. I didn't really know my father, and my mother was not available to me. She was ill. I want Ace to have grandparents and great-grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins and brothers and sisters.

Kevin: Well, you say that now.

Kelly: I think it could be good.

Kevin: Well, what do you think, big guy, hmm? Oh, what was that? "Mommy's always right, as usual"?

Kelly: Oh, he's my son.

Kevin: Well, you heard it from the man. There you have it. Looks like we're staying.

Kelly: Good.

Kevin: All right.

Kelly: Hear that, little man? I'm going to give you the best life, just like you've given me. No one will ever have to know what I had to do to get you.


Todd: Tell me what the therapist said. It's obviously upsetting you.

Blair: Well, apparently -- apparently, Starrís classmates at school have been tormenting her, making fun of her, calling her names, calling us names. Todd, she was beat up more times than she let us know about.

Todd: No, no. Starr wouldn't let herself get beat up on.

Blair: No, she was -- they ganged up on her. She was outnumbered. Do you know what they did? They took our little girl to the gym locker room and put her in a locker and didn't let her out till that afternoon.

Todd: All right, we're going to get her out of that school.

Blair: Just wait a minute.

Todd: No.

Blair: Wait!

Todd: She could've suffocated in there!

Blair: No, let me tell you -- she says she doesn't want to go see Dr. Kozak.

Todd: Well, then we get her a new doctor!

Blair: Wait. I think if we just calm down, give her some time, then maybe she'll go see another doctor, and even maybe Dr. Kozak.

Todd: Ok, I -- I agree.

Blair: Todd, I -- you know, I was so wrapped up in that trial -- I love her so much. I would never forgive myself if she doesn't recover.

Todd: Blair, don't blame yourself. Whatever happened, it's over. Let's just -- let's concentrate on Starr.

Blair: Yeah. I hope we can.

Todd: Well, she's a tough little girl. She'll make it through.

Blair: Yeah.

Todd: Will you call me if you need me?

Blair: We'll see.

Todd: I'll see you.


Viki: Sweetie, you have to relax just a little bit, ok? Believe me, I'm doing everything I'm supposed to do. I'm exercising, I'm eating right, taking my medicine. Hey, come on, you went on the walk with me this morning, right? I'm going to get well, but I don't need a watchdog. You know, I'm delighted that you're here with me. I was kind of hoping it would be a little bit more like, you know, old times and not like hospital care.

Jessica: Yeah, well, what am I supposed to do? Am I just supposed to --?

Viki: Jessie, honey, I'm not going to die.

Jessica: How do you know that? You've been having these heart palpitations for years and you didn't tell anybody. You've already had one heart attack.

Viki: A mild one!

Jessica: And I know, mom. I know. I've done the reading. I know your chances of having another one are very high. What am I supposed to do if you just --

Viki: Oh, honey. Come here. My God, you are so afraid.


Harry: How long do I have to wait?

Mrs. Bigelow: When Mr. Manning gets here. And remember, treat him right and you'll stay happy. Treat him wrong and you'll answer to me.

Todd: Hey, Mrs. Bigs. This the guy?

Mrs. Bigelow: Harry. Harry Mackenzie, recently of Buchanan Enterprises. Everything you'll need's in there.

Todd: All right, you done good.

Harry: She's -- she's --

Todd: Her name's Mrs. Bigelow, and she speaks for me. And if you're smart, you won't cross her. So you got fired from Buchanan Enterprises last week, right?

Harry: Yeah, it was a total misunderstanding about --

Todd: Yeah, I know what it was about. I also know you need cash very badly. I also know you're the guy who went to the D.A.'s office about three months ago about some alleged hanky-panky going on at B.E.

Harry: Yeah, it turns out I was wrong. They said there was nothing there. I was hoping for one of those whistleblower lawsuits, you know? I'd have been set for life.

Todd: Still can be, provided you do what you're told. Interested?

Harry: Well, sure.

Todd: All right. Here's what I want you to do. You're going to call this man and you're going to tell him exactly what Mrs. Bigelow -- hey, look at me -- what Mrs. Bigelow tells you to tell him. Got it?

Harry: Like, it's all going to be made-up, lies?

Todd: That's right.


Kevin: So how's everything else going?

Blair: Not great, but, you know, hey. Let's talk about you and that new big boy of yours.

Kevin: My new big boy --

Blair: Mm-hmm?

Kevin: Is a genius.

Blair: I bet.

Kevin: Yeah, he's a little bossy.

Blair: Yeah, does he tell you what he wants?

Kevin: Let's just put it this way -- he gets what he wants.

Blair: Well, that's good. Just like his dad.

Kevin: Like -- come on. I've spent most of my life trying to figure out what I want.

Blair: And now?

Kevin: No question. Look, I want you to be happy, too.

Blair: I know, I know.

Kevin: God knows you deserve it, seriously.

Blair: I am. I will be. Actually, I can't believe you didn't run into Todd out in the hall. He was just here. We had a very -- we had a very constructive conversation about our daughter. It was good.

Kevin: You be careful.

Blair: I know. Look, I'm not going to go there.

Kevin: Yeah.

Blair: I'm not.

Kevin: I'll remind you you said that, I'm serious.

Blair: Ok, you can. Kevin? Thank you. Thank you for the magazine.

Kevin: Well, you're doing a great job. You're taking it, you're running with it, you're making it something special. It's great.

Blair: Thanks. Well, I hope that Kelly doesn't have to worry anymore about you and me. I meanI hope she knows that.

Kevin: Oh, she does. You know, we're a family. Our secrets are behind us.


Kelly: So what do you want?

Todd: Oh, by the way, I had a contact at Llanview Hospital do some creative penmanship. Little Ace's blood type now matches Kevinís.

Kelly: Thanks. What if he gets sick?

Todd: Here's what I want you to do -- I want you to find out the medical histories of the biological parents. You're going to give them to Mrs. Bigelow. I've got a Pediatrician in mind, ok? Don't worry; you can trust him with the truth about little Ace.

Kelly: Why are you doing this? What else do you want?

Todd: I don't know yet. Didn't go so hot at Ultra Violet last night with Blair.

Kelly: Well, if you're hoping I'm going to be able to help you out with that, as I said before, we're not exactly on speaking terms.

Todd: Don't worry about that. Look at it this way -- there's not much I can do right now to help myself, so I've decided I could help you. .


Paul: Natalie, I like you. All right, I like you a lot. You know, when you give a guy a kiss like that, he starts getting ideas. You know, but this is all up to you, all right? We'll take it as fast or as slow as you want to. I'm cool with that.

Natalie: Thank you.

[Phone rings]

Paul: Oh. Hold on one second. Hello?

Kelly: Hey, it's Kelly. Remember when I asked you to contact Ace's biological mother?

Paul: Kelly, look, this --

Kelly: No, no, no, I don't need names. I just need -- I need to know about their medical history.

Paul: Kelly, this is turning out to be a really big mistake.

Kelly: Paul, you saved my marriage. You changed my life. You can't back out now. And if anything happened to Ace, I would die. Please, you have to help me.

Paul: Fine, you just better remember our deal. You are going to help me find proof that Adrianaís not Dorianís daughter. Listen, I got to go, ok?

Natalie: Ok.


David: Did it ever occur to you that taking off might upset me?

Dorian: David, you have no reason to be jealous.

David: Really? Let's see, you slip a mickey into my drink and then you fly away to some exotic-sounding country -- which I can't find on a map, by the way -- and all the while, all I can think about when my head isn't pounding from the drug-induced hangover is that you were falling into the arms of some mysterious old lover.

Dorian: I love that you're jealous! Oh!

David: I'm glad one of us is enjoying this.

Dorian: Oh, come on. Please don't leave me. Honestly, I wasn't with another man, I swear.

David: You swear on what?

Dorian: I swear on my desk, on the family pictures, on the statue, on -- my candlestick in your luggage?

David: What's your candlestick doing in my luggage?

Dorian: Never mind. David, please don't leave me. If you stay, the candlestick and everything in this room will be yours.

David: On one condition -- you have to set a wedding date.

Adriana: Mom!

Dorian: Adriana!

Adriana: Oh, I'm so glad you're home.


Kelly: Blair.

Blair: Kelly!

[Briefcase falls]

Blair: Don't sneak up on me like that!

Kelly: I wasn't sneaking up on you.

Blair: Yes, you did.

Kelly: Is David here?

Blair: Now, when did you start working for Todd? Why'd you set me up at Ultra Violet like that last night?

Kelly: He bullied me into it. You know how he can be.

Blair: Yeah, I know how he can be. What's he got on you? That's the question.

Kelly: He loves you.

Blair: Oh, I don't care how much he loves me. I can't live through that again.

Kelly: Well, you don't seem to have much of a life around here.

Blair: I didn't expect you to understand because you're married to Mr. Wonderful.

Kelly: Yeah, so wonderful, you had to sleep with him yourself.

Blair: Ok, Kelly, you know what, I'm warning you -- do not mess with me. I will find out how Todd is pulling your strings and I'll put an end to it.


Viki: Jessica, I couldn't do that if you paid me.

Jessica: I know, but we have to get you into shape --

Viki: Ugh.

Jessica: So just try to get into that stretch one more time, and breathe this time.

Todd: Stop this. You're going to kill her.

Viki: That's ridiculous!

Jessica: Please, it's just yoga.

Todd: I got you a personal trainer. Now, call him.

Viki: I'm a little busy.

Jessica: See? I'm not the only one who cares about you.

Todd: I'm just trying to be the nagger rather than the nagee for once.

Viki: Oh, my Lord, has it really come to this?

[Doorbell rings]

Jessica: I'll get it.

Todd: You call this taking care of yourself?

Viki: Oh, come on! Would I be sitting on the floor in this ridiculous position if I weren't?

Todd: Need your help.

Viki: Is it Blair?

Todd: Starr.


Starr: "What's the matter? You can't keep up with me?" "Who are you?" "A guy. I'm 16." Well, "I'm 15."


Viki: I can do it! Oh, for heaven's sakes. Is there really no improvement? She's still that afraid?

Todd: I think I know what the problem is, too. She's half Blair, half me, which means she's got troubles.


Adriana: Did you really go to Mendorra?

Dorian: Yes, I did. I had to check on your father.

Adriana: Did you see him?

Dorian: No. I did, though, manage to get a photograph of him. Darling, this is your biological father. Sweetheart, if you ever see this man, ever, or if you hear from him, I want you to get to safety and get in touch with me as soon as possible.

Adriana: You really think he'd try to hurt me?

Dorian: Well, no, and I'm not trying to scare you because, really, I think he doesn't even know that you exist. It's just, well, now that I have you with me, I'm going to always take very good care of my girl.

Adriana: I missed you.

Dorian: I missed you. Are you all right?

Adriana: Things are weird with River, but I know how to handle it now.

Dorian: Are you sure? Because I am very wise when it comes to the ways of the heart.

David: Yeah, as long as it's not her own heart.

Dorian: Thank you, David. He missed me, too. That's why he's planning to leave me.

Adriana: No, you can't! David, you love her and she loves you.

David: Yeah, maybe she used to.

Adriana: Don't mess things up. Talk to each other.

Dorian: She's a very special girl. I'm very proud she's my daughter.

David: She is not really your daughter. She's our ticket to 30 million bucks. Is that what you were doing, by the way -- investing that money into offshore accounts?

Dorian: Oh, stop it, David! I was trying to protect Adriana!

David: I will believe you as soon as you set a wedding date.

Dorian: Could I change out of my travel clothes first?

David: You can't take off anything until you take out your calendar.

Dorian: Ultimatum after --

Blair: Well, look who is back in town.

Dorian: Blair!

Blair: Goodness. About time.

Dorian: Sweetheart! How are you?

Blair: I'm better, thank you. You look -- you look wonderful. You look rested.

Dorian: Well, thanks, sweetheart. You look pretty great your-- speaking of great.

Kelly: Well, welcome back.

Dorian: Hello, gorgeous.

Kelly: Hey.

Dorian: Who would believe you just had a baby.

Kelly: Oh.

Dorian: Speaking of which, how is that wonderful, adorable Ace?

Kelly: He's great. He's wonderful. He's eating and sleeping and making lots and lots of noise.

David: Them Buchananís. Hell of a guy.

Dorian: I still cannot believe that you called that adorable little baby Asa II.

Kelly: Yeah.

Dorian: Must've been Kevinís idea.

David: No, no, Kevin would've come up with something much more original, like Kevin II.

Kelly: Actually, it was my idea.

David: Brainwashed!

Dorian: Oh, sweetheart, now, tell me, are you all right?

Blair: Of course she's fine. She's got her hands in everybody's business already.

Kelly: Yeah, I'm actually great, great. So I really can't stay, though. I've got to go. I just wanted to say hello.

Dorian: You just got here.

Kelly: Blair's the one with the news, anyway.

Dorian: Blair?

Kelly: I'll call you.

Dorian: Ok, honey.

David: I'll walk Kelly out.

Dorian: Yes. Thank you. Kelly, don't be a stranger. Love you. Ok, Blair. What's going on?


Viki: Thank you. So did you take Starr to see the psychologist?

Todd: Blair did. Apparently, some kids ganged up on her and stuffed her in her locker and kept her there all day long.

Viki: Starr?

Todd: Yeah.

Viki: No wonder she's afraid of the dark.

Todd: Hey, I know you're sick, but I was hoping maybe you'd go and talk to her again. Maybe she'll open up to you.

Viki: Absolutely, I'd be happy to, but be aware I can't do anything unless Blair agrees.

Todd: You have every right to see her. I don't --

Viki: Ok, take it easy.

Todd: I'm scared, frankly.

Viki: I know.

Todd: I offered to help Blair -- she didn't say no, but she didn't exactly say yes, either.

Viki: Ok, you know what -- I will call Blair. I'll talk to her.

Todd: Have you been taking these?

Viki: Yes. Jessica even looks under my tongue to make sure I swallowed them.

Todd: Good, you follow the rules. I want you around for when I'm back with Blair.

Viki: I think I'm flattered.

Jessica: I think that she looks better.

Antonio: Definitely.

Todd: Don't let that kid out of your sight.

Jessica: Well, you don't have to worry about that. No.

Antonio: You know, I'm supposed to get her started on antibiotics, but she keeps spitting it out.

Jessica: Well, if you make it into game, then it's kind of easier.

Antonio: All right.

Jessica: See, watch.

[Jessica imitates airplane]

Jessica: There we go! Maybe I should try this on my mom.


Natalie: Hey, how's mom?

Kevin: She's ok so far. Listen, I just wanted to stop by and make sure you weren't upset that I asked Jessica to stay with her instead of you.

Natalie: No. I mean, Jessica and mom are closer, so --

Kevin: Well, that's not the only reason. Look, I don't know about you, but I'm really scared for mom. You know, and as usual, she's just, you know, acting like everything's ok.

Natalie: Yeah, well, she doesn't want to upset us.

Kevin: Well, vice versa, but here's the thing -- I think that if she knows we're really worried about her, she'll take better care of herself. And Jessica can admit to mom that she's afraid. And, you know, I don't know you very well, but I have a feeling that you have a tough time admitting to anyone that you're scared.


Starr: I sent my picture. You check it out. What do you mean you never got it? He's never going to believe that I'm 15.


Dorian: Blair, I'm sorry I had to run off like that, but I had to do damage control with Adrianaís father. So, what's the big news?

Blair: Dorian, I think Starr could be really, really sick.


[Knock on door]

Starr: Oh, my God. Where's the blank -- ok. Um, just a minute! What do you want?

Adriana: Did you borrow my curling iron?

Starr: What is with the outfit?

Adriana: Do you think River will like it?

Starr: Any guy would. Can I take a picture?

Adriana: Sure.

Starr: Ok, come on in.


Kelly: So, what's going on with Dorian and Adriana? Thank you.

David: Oh, beats the heck out of me. I'm completely out of the loop at this point.

Kelly: Well, she's a Cramer, right?

David: Yeah, right.

Kelly: I mean, am I missing something?

David: You know, tell me, why did Dorian go to Mendorra after all these years?

Kelly: She said she wanted --

David: Yeah, I know, I know what she said. But you seem to think that Ace brought you and Kevin closer together. Well, what if Adriana brought Dorian and Geraldo or whatever the hell his name is closer together?

Kelly: Well, for one thing, if that had happened, she wouldn't have come back.

David: Oh, I can think of 30 million reasons she'd come back. You know, I asked her -- I asked her to set a wedding date, and she wouldnít.

Kelly: You're just worried about the money.

David: I love Dorian, Kelly.

Kelly: Hmm, you love her a lot more now that she's rich. You know I'm right about that.

David: You know, I don't think either one of us has much room to talk about our secret agendas.

Kelly: I don't know what you're talking about. Kevin and I don't have any secrets.

David: Well, as soon as that happy picture falls apart, I'll be around.


Starr: Ok, now, just one more picture. Now, lick your lips and smile. Ok, ready?

[Camera beeps]

[Knock on door]

Dorian: Starr? Why, Adriana, look at you.

Starr: I think she looks really cool. You know what, actually, she kind of looks like you in all those old pictures.

Adriana: Do I really?

Dorian: Starr, I think that's the nicest thing you've ever said about me. Why, I think you look beautiful, Adriana, but then I think you always do look beautiful.

Adriana: Aw, thank you.

Dorian: You're welcome.

Adriana: I'll see you later, Starr.

Starr: Bye.

Dorian: Uh -- Starr, your mother just told me about this voice that you've been hearing?

Starr: You know what -- actually, it's going away.

Dorian: You know, sometimes things like that don't go away that easily.

Starr: How do you know that?

Dorian: I'm claustrophobic. Do you know what that is?

Starr: Yeah, you're afraid of small places.

Dorian: Oh, I can't abide them. I have these awful panic attacks, I scream, I wish I were dead.

Starr: So what do you do when that happens?

Dorian: Basically, I just scream.

Starr: Hmm. I donít.

Dorian: You are braver than I am.

Starr: Not always.

Dorian: You are a true Cramer, and whatever bad things may happen to the Cramer women, they have courage.

Starr: Yeah, but I'm also a Manning like my father.

Dorian: Of course you are. So even though you might be afraid sometimes, just know nothing's more important to me than my family. Nothing. You ever need me; I'm here for you.

Starr: Cramer courage. Cramer courage. Ok. Here. There. Is that hot enough for you?


Paul: Hey. How's the new dad?

Kevin: Couldn't be better. Enjoying my son. Listen, I got to go.

Natalie: Kevin? Thanks.

Kevin: Your nephew's waiting for you to visit.

Paul: You know where Kelly is?

Natalie: Haven't seen her.

Paul: Oh.

Kevin: Hey!

Kelly: Oh, hi. What are you doing here?

Kevin: Oh, I had to see Natalie about mom.

Kelly: Oh.

Kevin: You here to see Paul?

Kelly: Yeah, I have some christening photos I wanted to give to him.

Kevin: Oh, well, give some to Natalie while you're at it.

Kelly: Ok.

Kevin: All right? I got to go. I'll see you tonight.

Kelly: Ok, love you.

Kevin: I love you, too.

Paul: You know what -- I'll be right back.

Natalie: Ok.

Kelly: Hey. Did you get them?

Paul: Yeah. You know, it wasn't easy getting these out of Pine Valley Hospital.

Kelly: Oh, God. Thank you so much. Where's the mother's name?

Paul: Kelly, if this is really about Ace's health, all you need is her data. I'll get the father's later.

Kelly: Ok, ok. Yeah, you're right. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much.

Paul: Yeah, you know what, don't thank me yet. Have you talked to Vickers?

Kelly: Listen, I think he's telling the truth. I think Aunt Betsy died of natural causes and I think that Adriana is Dorianís daughter.

Paul: So that's all you're going to do?

Kelly: Look, I tried. Listen, I mean, I think that they're telling the truth. They didn't do anything wrong. You got to let this go.

Paul: You know what, I didn't go through all of this trouble just so you can "let it go."

Kelly: I did my part. I'm sorry it didn't work out the way you wanted it to.

Paul: You know, maybe I should just blow this thing out into the open.


Natalie: What was that all about?


Viki: Dorian! Come in.

Dorian: Vicky, I've brought you a basket of heart-healthy foods.

Viki: Oh, thank you! That's very sweet.

Dorian: I'm sorry that I was away. Are you all right? I really would have liked to have been informed.

Viki: Oh, no, I'm fine. Believe me, I've been so busy. Everybody's taking such good care of me. Well, no, I really do appreciate this. Thank you.

Dorian: If I had a serious heart condition, I probably would also be making light of it, especially with my family.

Viki: Yeah, well, it's not really working.

Dorian: Have you admitted to yourself how serious it is?

Viki: You know, Dorian, odd as this may sound, you're probably the only person I could tell this to. Yeah, I -- I have admitted it, and I'm frightened. I'm very, very frightened. Thank you.


[Blair whistles]

Blair: Starr? Starr? Starr.

Blair: Ew. Starr?

[Starr groans]

Blair: Oh, baby, what are you doing down there? My God, are you all right? Under the bed? Starr?


Mrs. Bigelow: Harry Mackenzie knows his story backwards and forwards. Buchanan Enterprises is headed for trouble.

Todd: Is that a fact?

Mrs. Bigelow: Fact.

Todd: All right, when's Mackenzie meeting with that cop?

Mrs. Bigelow: Well, he'll call tomorrow for a meet and then he'll hire the lawyer.

Todd: Are you sure this is going to work?

Mrs. Bigelow: Mr. Manning, when have I ever not done a job to your satisfaction?

Todd: Never.

Mrs. Bigelow: Thank you.

[Phone rings]

Todd: Yeah?

Blair: Todd, I need you to get to the hospital right now. It's Starr.


Stay tuned for scenes from the next "One Life to Live."

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Asa: You listen to me, Manning -- you're going to be real sorry you ever met me.

Dorian: Don't you tell me that you're taking him back.

Viki: Maybe he can't admit his own feelings, even to himself.

John: Kathryn, what are you doing here?

Kathryn: I didn't know where else to turn.

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