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One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 3/23/05

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By Suzanne
Proofread by Brandi

Natalie: Hey.

Bo: Natalie.  What are you doing here so late?

Natalie: Oh, trying to make up for being M.I.A. for a few hours.  So -- you didn't even notice, did you?

Bo: Well, you know, I missed you earlier.  What happened?

Natalie: Oh, no, no, it's -- it's pretty embarrassing.

Bo: Why don't you let me be the judge of that?

Natalie: Well, I got locked in the evidence room.

Bo: How'd that happen?

Natalie: It's a long story.  But, anyway, I'm here and I'm here to help, so is there anything I can do?

Bo: Nope.  Not a thing, really.

Natalie: Who's "Ted"?

Bo: Ted?  Ted is what we call an interesting person in the Cramer murder case.

[Knock on door]

Bo: Yeah?

John: Hey, boss, just wanted to let you know the hostage situation is over.  We got the guy in custody.

Bo: Good.

John: Ok.

Natalie: I'm going to leave you two to talk, ok?

John: No, it's all right.  I'm just going to file my report and get out of here, if that's ok with you.

Bo: Ok.

John: Thanks.

Bo: Well, I'm glad to see that you and John worked out that whole working-together thing.

Natalie: Yeah, we're fine.

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Natalie: We are.

Bo: Then why did you just look like you wanted the floor to swallow you up when he stuck his head in?

Evangeline: It was great to see you, too, professor Nolan and you know what, maybe next time you come into town, you can actually meet John.  All right.  Bye.  No, not again.  I hate that thing.

Michael: Come on, it only takes two seconds.  You're feeling a lot cooler.

Evangeline: I really, really think the fever's broken.  I don't need it.

Michael: Well, that's what we're about to find out.

Evangeline: Oh, god.

Michael: One, two, and --

[Thermometer beeps]

Evangeline: I like the old thermometers better.

Michael: Yeah?  Well, there we go.  It's 99.6.  You are definitely on the mend, kid.

Evangeline: You know why I think I got sick?  My immune system was compromised by my frustration with your brother.

Michael: It's more likely that you caught something.  There's a lot of stuff going around.

Evangeline: If John calls again, I'm not talking to him.  Remember that -- and I'm not even here.

Michael: I'll let him know.

Evangeline: Meeting professor Nolan was a really big deal to me. I told him that and he didn't even bother to call.

Michael: Why don't you not think about that stuff right now and try and get some rest?

Evangeline: Can't rest.  I'm all wound up, you know, so maybe distract me.  Let's talk about your love life for a change.

Michael: What love life?

Evangeline: Don't play dumb.  Tell me what's going on between you and Marcie.

Marcie: Hey.

Mac: So what can I get you?

Marcie: I'll have a club soda, please.

Mac: So you here to meet some of your old buddies?  You know, I never see them around here anymore.

Marcie: Oh, no, I'm here by myself.  Actually, I was -- I was kind of hoping I could just sit here and, you know, just think a little.

Mac: Well, that's fine by me.  Wait, didn't I see your picture in the paper the other day?

Marcie: Oh.

Mac: Yeah, that's right -- the book signing.

Marcie: Yeah.

Mac: You're the author of that new mystery novel, right?

Marcie: Yeah, that's me.  Guilty as charged.

Mac: Yeah, what's the name of it?

Marcie: "The Killing Club."

Mac:  "The Killing Club," right.  So, what's it about?

Marcie: You know, people dying, that kind of thing.


[Pounding on door]

Todd: Blair!

Todd: You.

Dr. Cornell: What?

Todd: Where's my wife?

Mac: You know, I remember her.

Marcie: You remember Julie?

Mac: Yeah, you guys used to come in here all the time.  She was a really, very friendly girl.

Marcie: She died in a car accident.

Mac: Oh.  I'm so sorry.

Marcie: So am I.

Evangeline: Still waiting.

Michael: Look, I don't want to get into a whole poor-me thing, you know? Yeah, breaking up is rough, but it was mutual.  You know, Marcie and I, we got different goals and it just seemed like the right thing to do.

Evangeline: Very sensible.

Michael: Yeah, that's how we looked at it.

Evangeline: And now?

Michael: "Now" what?

Evangeline: How do you feel about it now?  Is it getting any easier?

Michael: No.  No, it's getting more difficult.  Why do relationships have to be so damn hard?

Evangeline: That's the burning question.  Speaking of burning --

Michael: Hmm.  That's funny.  Got another voice message here. Guess the ringer was off.

Evangeline: Uh-oh!

Michael: What, you starting to feel sick again?  Ok.  Well, I'll be out here if you need me.

Natalie: John and I --

Bo: What?

Natalie: Just -- we're friends.  I mean, he's with Evangeline. I'm fine with that.

Bo: Oh, good.  Glad to hear it.

Natalie: Yeah, I mean, even when we were locked in the evidence room together, it was just --

Bo: Wait a minute.

Natalie: Strictly friendship.

Bo: Ok, John was there, too?

Natalie: Didn't I mention that before?

Bo: I don't think you did.

Natalie: Right.  Well, anyway, Roxy was the one who locked us in there.

Bo: She was?

Natalie: Yeah.  She thinks that I'm still in love with John, and no matter what I say to her -- never mind. You know, this is my problem.  I'm going to go do my work and let you get back to yours and stuff.

Bo: Natalie, Natalie, it's late. Go home.

Natalie: No.  No, I got to make up for lost time.  No arguments.  See you.

John: If the boss asks, that's my report right there.

Natalie:  You know, it's crazy. I mean, I keep thinking I've got this file system thoroughly organized, and every time I turn around, there's more files.

John: Hey, look, I only got a minute.  But, I want to apologize about what happened before.

Natalie: You know, with all the computers around here, you would really think that there'd be less paperwork.

John: Natalie, look at me.  I'm talking about what happened in the evidence room.

Dr. Cornell: Who are you?

Todd: Where's my wife?

Dr. Cornell: Let go of me!

Todd: Listen, Cornell, Asa Buchanan sent me here. He said my wife was here.  Now, you take me to her.

Dr. Cornell: Perhaps you could come back.

Todd: Now!

Dr. Cornell: Tomorrow, when we're receiving visitors, and bring some I.D.

Todd: I'm going to count to three.  One --

Dr. Cornell: Look, I don't have to discuss my patients with anyone except family.  Hospital rules.

Todd: You think I care about your rules?  What about you, sweetheart?  What room is she in?

Nurse Messner: I just came on.

Dr. Cornell: She doesn't know anything.

Todd: Oh.  Ok, ok.  Well, for your information, my wife has been tortured, my wife was this close to death, and she was brought in here.  She was kidnapped by Asa Buchanan. Now, where is she?  Where is this woman?  I don't know.  I do know, however, that both of you have been paid handsomely to keep quiet.

Nurse Messner: Dr. Cornell would never do anything unethical.

Todd: Well, then Dr. Cornell will take me to my wife!

Dr. Cornell: I'm not authorized to show anyone to patients unless they're family.

Todd: I am family!  I am family!  My kids are family!

Nurse Messner: I'm calling security.  Oh!

Todd: No, no one's going to call security just now.  What's going to happen is you're going to tell me where my wife is or I'm going to kill you.


Blair: Todd?  I know you're gone.  But, we've still got our kids, and they need me.  You can't keep me from my kids, you son of a bitch!  You can't keep me from my babies!

John: Hey.  I just want to make sure that --

Natalie: Right, that you didn't give off the wrong impression and you didn't.  I mean, it was just two people locked in a room, you keeping me calm. That's it, end of story, ok?

John: Look, this is difficult.  Obviously, I -- I still care about you, and --

Natalie: Don't.  Ok?  Please don't go there.  You're not available and you know what, neither am I, not really.  I mean, you saw what happened to me when they found that bag belonging to Cristian -- or whoever he is.  I totally lost it.  Can we -- can we just not do this right now, please?  Why don't you go home to Evangeline?

John: I'm about to.

Natalie: Yeah, I'm sure that she'll be happy to see you.

John: I'm not so sure about that.  I'll see you later.

Michael: Hey.  You ok?

Evangeline: "Ok" would be too strong a word, but I'm fairly sure I'll live. So, I thank you, but you don't have to stay.

Michael: No, no, that's fine.  I don't mind hanging out.

Evangeline: Michael, the truth is I -- I kind of just want to sleep, you know?  So, if I start to feel bad again, I do have a phone.

Michael: Ok, no, yeah, all right.  I did just get a message from Marcie.

Evangeline: Go, then.  Go, please.  I'll be fine.

Michael: All right.  Well, listen, just make sure that you keep taking in clear fluids, and take some more aspirin in about four hours.  I'll check on you in the morning, ok?

Evangeline: Ok.  I'm sure I'll be my old self by then.

Michael: Yeah, and listen, if my brother doesn't have a very good excuse for not showing up, you give him hell.

Evangeline: Hell would be too good.

Michael: Take care, kid.

Evangeline: Thanks, for everything.


Dorian: Well, thank you so much, Viki, for scaring me half to death and causing me to break a perfectly beautiful wine glass.

Viki: Dorian, your troubles haven't even started.

Dorian: How dare you say something like that to me.  How can you be so heartless when you know that all I care about is Blair, having her come home to our family -- and I do mean our family, not yours or Todd's.

Viki: Is that all you care about?  Really?  I don't think so.  I think you've been very busy elsewhere.  I think you've taken some time out to steal a checkbook, to write a check, to forge a signature, and to make it look like I was embezzling funds from my university.

Dorian: You know, I find it really very, very sad that all the years of psychotherapy you had, and they didn't hone in on this persecution complex of yours.

Viki: Thank you, Dorian.  Now I know for a fact that you did it.  You did it, and to borrow one of your favorite phrases, "boy, am I going to make you pay."

Blair: I'm so sorry I ever doubted you, Todd.  I'm so sorry I couldn't get to you.  I'm so sorry.  I'm sorry.

Todd: There's something I want to make absolutely clear to you both.  I'm not going to be too late this time to save Blair.

Dr. Cornell: I'm sure we can deal with this calmly and rationally.

Todd: I've never been more rational in my life.

Nurse Messner: So maybe then you could put the gun down.

Dr. Cornell: I'm sure if we call the police, we can straighten this whole thing out.

Todd: The police?  Ok, yeah, let's call the police.  Yes, let's call the police.  Let's call the commissioner.  I know his direct line.

Dr. Cornell: Buchanan?

Todd: That's very good, doc.

Dr. Cornell: Make the call.

Todd: It's 555-0172.

Todd: Yeah, hey, Bo, it's Todd.

Bo: What's up?

Todd: Well, I'm going to make this short and sweet.  I'm at the Wingdale clinic.  It's a hospital off the 180, exit 221.  I have a gun and I'm pointing it at a doctor and a nurse, and they have Blair here, but they refuse to take me to her.  So, if I were you, I'd get over here as quickly as possible before I kill them both.

Bo: Manning -- damn it, don't do anything! Don't move!

Dr. Cornell: If that was the commissioner, we'll wait here till he gets here.

Todd: Oh, I'm sorry.  Are you making the orders now, doctor?  That's not a very good idea.

Dr. Cornell: I am not going to violate a patient's rights.  Shoot me if you're going to, but I am not going to let an obviously unbalanced person loose in my hospital.


Marcie: Come on, pick up.  No, no, no, don't go to voicemail.  Michael, pick up.

Michael: I thought I'd just show up instead.

[Knock on door]

Evangeline: Who is it?

John: It's me.

Evangeline: Oh.  Well, you can't come in.  I'm -- I'm sick, and it may be catching.

John: I don't care.

Evangeline: Plus, I look like hell!

John: Please just open the door?

John: You look pretty good to me.

Evangeline: I've been sick all night, and it's a stomach -- a stomach bug and it's not fun.

John: I know.  Michael didn't try to operate, did he?

Evangeline: No, he took my temperature and he reassured me.

John: I'm glad he was here.

Evangeline: Why weren't you at dinner?

John: It was stupid.  I -- I got stuck in a room at the police station.

Evangeline: What?  Stuck in a room?

John: Yeah, one of the evidence rooms.

Evangeline: That's crazy.  Were you by yourself?

John: No.  Natalie, too.


Roxy: I got your message.

Roxy: You're very loud.  I had to turn down my answering machine.

Natalie: I'm not talking to you.

Roxy: Be that way.  I just came here to apologize.

Natalie: Yeah?  Well, too little, too late, Roxy.  The damage is done.  I mean, you put John and me in a very uncomfortable situation, not to mention the fact that we could have been locked in there all night.

Roxy: Yeah, well, that was the idea.

Natalie: Well, that was the most pathetic idea you've ever had, ok, and that's saying a lot, Roxy.

Roxy: Ok, honey, come on.  Give me the romantic and sexy details.

Natalie: It was embarrassing and uncomfortable and awkward.

Roxy: You know, baby, some of the best sex that I've ever had has been real embarrassing and awkward.

Natalie: Really?  Well, that's just great for you.  But for me, I really don't want to feel like a desperate idiot in front of John or anybody else.

Roxy: Honey, you're not desperate! Look, baby, you are a knockout.  You could have a whole platoon of guys around you, but, no, you happen to fall in love with Johnny Mc Hunk.

Natalie: Could you please stop calling him that?  And please stop saying that I'm in love with him.

Roxy: And you look at me and you tell me that your heart doesn't go patter-pit every time you look at that guy.

Natalie: I have work to do.

Roxy: Did you kiss him?

Natalie: What?

Roxy: Did you kiss him when you two were locked up?  Did you kiss him?

Natalie: Let me get a few things clear for you, Roxy, ok?  We did not kiss, I am not in love with him, and, no, my heart does not go patter-pit every time I look at him, ok, and that's the last I'm going to say to you about this or anything else ever again.  Bye-bye.

Roxy: Methinks that the little lady is doing a lot of heavy protesting.

Viki: You tried to set me up.  It's not going to work.

Dorian: You're trespassing.  I'd like you to leave.

Viki: Yeah, well, what you'd like and what you're going to get are two different things.

Dorian: Oh, sure, Viki.  Do your worst!  I don't care!  All I care about is Blair and her safety.

Viki: So you keep saying.  But you see, Dorian, this isn't about Blair or Todd or me. This is about you.

Dorian: Hmm?

Viki: You forged my signature on a check for a sizable amount of money, and that is a serious crime.  Now, since I saw you earlier this evening, I have given a statement to the police, wherein I said I did not write the check and it is my belief that you did.

Dorian: I have shortchanged you, Viki.  I've always said that you were the most vindictive person in Llanview, but you cover a much wider territory.

Viki: These charges are going to stick, make no mistake about that.

Dorian: Trumped-up charges!

Viki: You can scoff all you want.  You are going to prison.  If I have to spend every single cent I have to prove it, you are going to prison, and then you can spend the rest of your nasty little life behind bars.

Todd: Tell me something, Cornell, did -- did my wife receive any actual medical attention here, or were you just too busy pumping her full of sedatives to keep her quiet?

Dr. Cornell: The standard of care in this hospital is second to none.

Todd: Oh, yeah?  So I guess you believed her when she told you who she was? How she'd been kidnapped and locked in a trunk of a car and left out in the cold and knocked around by --

Evangeline: So let me just get this straight. While I'm sitting there with my old professor, you know, profoundly embarrassed that I'd been stood up by the man that I've been talking up, getting sicker and sicker in my stomach, you're locked in a room with Natalie.

John: I was at work.  I was planning on coming to meet you, and then Roxy, she decides to play one of her little games.

Evangeline: Oh, Roxy is responsible for this?  It figures.  So, I guess I'm supposed to ask now -- what happened?

John: Nothing.  Nothing.  We talked about Cris mostly.  I -- I listened, and then a cop came and let us out.

Evangeline: And you called me immediately, of course, because you were worried?

John: I screwed up.  I did and then when I did call, Michael answered the phone and he didn't say anything about you being sick.

Evangeline: Well, he was very sweet, you know, very helpful.  He was like a knight in shining armor.

John: Yeah.  Trying to make me jealous?

Evangeline: Yeah, because then you'd know how I feel.

John: Oh, come on.

Evangeline: "Come on," john?  "Come on"?

John: Come on.

Evangeline: You get locked in a room with the girl that's been between us since there was an "us," and what am I supposed to do, be cool about it?  I'm supposed to laugh, right?  Well, I'm not that cool and I'm not that secure about your feelings for me, and I'm also not --

John: "Also not" what?

Roxy: So sue me.  I'm a rotten person.  I tried to make something happen for you, and you should never speak to me again.

Natalie: I'm considering that.

Roxy: Well, maybe you should consider being honest with yourself, huh?

Natalie: Hmm.  Here we go.

Roxy: Why don't you just admit it?  You're not over john and every time he looks at you, he wants to undress you.

Natalie: Would you keep your voice down?

Roxy: Honey, you know it's true.  He's got the major hots for you, and nothing's going to change that.

Natalie: Really?  Really?  And how do you know this, Roxanne?  I mean, did john tell you that he has the hots for me? No.  And did I tell you that I'm still not over John? No, you just get kicks out of meddling in my business!

Roxy: Well, you know, I wouldn't have to meddle if you don't have your foot in the sand.

Natalie: It's head in the sand, and do you have any idea what you've done?  John missed an important date with his girlfriend, and now it's ruined.

Roxy: Aw, poor little Evangeline all by her little self.  Ooh, I'm going to cry.

Natalie: Ok, you don't care about that.  I get that, but how about me, hmm?  I've been working here for all of a minute and a half when I get locked in the evidence room with the chief of detectives, for God's sake.  I mean, that looks really great.

Roxy: A.K.A., The love of your life.

Natalie: No.  The love of my life was my husband, Cristian, and I am still grieving him.

Roxy: Honey, you could grieve till you're green in the face!  You're going to turn into an old prune and nobody's going to want you.

Natalie: Thanks.  Thanks for the comforting words.

Roxy: Well, baby, I'm not trying to comfort you.  I'm trying to slap a little sense into you, and if I wasn't so polite, I would slap you, you know, like Cher did to that guy in the movie -- what's that guy, that actor's name?

Natalie: Oh, my god.  I give up!

Roxy: What is that actor's name?  That's going to drive me nuts all night long.

Natalie: No, I give up on trying to reason with you.

Roxy: Well, I give up trying to slap some sense into you, so we're even Steven.

Natalie: Not exactly.

Roxy: Honey, you want me to go to the Commish and tell him that i was responsible for locking you up in the evidence room so he doesn't fire your little tush?  Would that make you feel better?

Natalie: In a word, no, because you'll probably screw that up like you usually do and make things a lot worse.  Plus that, Bo, he's got a lot more important things to worry about than me right now. He ran out of here earlier like there was something big going down.

Dr. Cornell: Good work, Keating. Just to be on the safe side, you'd better go and check on our patient.

Nurse Messner: Right.

Bo: Hey, what happened?

Dr. Cornell: Who are you?

Bo: Buchanan, L.P.D.

Dr. Cornell: Commissioner, I'm glad you're here.

Bo: You want to explain this?

Dr. Cornell: This guy burst in, he became aggressive, became violent.  Mr. Keating subdued him.

Bo: This is what you call subduing?

Mr. Keating: Guy had this piece here aimed right at the doc. Figured I had to do something before he capped him.

Dr. Cornell: He did the right thing.  The nurse and I were in danger.

[Todd groans]

Bo: Hey.

Todd: Where are we?

Bo: You tell me.

Todd: Hi, Bo.

Bo: You ok?

Todd: Oh, a little headache.

Bo: Come on, take it easy.

Todd: Blair's here and he knows where she is.

Bo: Blair Cramer.  Law enforcement in three states is looking for her.

Dr. Cornell: Blair Cramer?

Bo: Yes.  What, don't you read the papers?

Todd: You watch television?

Bo: Here, take a look at this.

Todd: You know where she is.  You're going to take me to her.  Where's that nurse?  Did you send her to Blair?

Blair: I'm not -- I'm not crazy.  Please believe me.  I have two children, and I got to get to them, please.

Please, please help me.  Please?

Michael: I'm sorry that it took me so long to get here.

Marcie: No, I'm glad you're here now.

Michael: Boy, this place, it really brings back memories, huh?

Marcie: Yeah.  You know, I thought coming here where Julie and the love crew used to hang out, it would -- it would help give me closure.  I hate that word -- "closure."  You know, what it does mean anyway, really?  I mean, how can someone have closure when someone dies so young and so needlessly?  Michael, I think -- I think I'm partly to blame.

Michael: What are you talking about, Marcie? Julie's car spun out of control and Hudson died in a fire. I don't see how that has anything to do with you.

Marcie: I want you to read something.  I think it's here.  Read it.

John: You ok?

Evangeline: False alarm.

John: Ok.  I think you should lie down.

Evangeline: Good idea.

John: Ok, come on over here.

Evangeline: Ok.

John: Let me get your blanket.

Evangeline: Thank you.  Ok, that's a good idea.

John: There you go.

Evangeline: Thank you.

John: Hey, look, I -- I want you to know, I do feel horrible about missing dinner tonight.

Evangeline: Good.  Professor Nolan is a tough nut to crack, you know. If you ever do get to meet him, you're going to have to work really hard to make a good impression.

John: Well, then I'll be sure to wear clean, matching socks that night, show him just what kind of man of substance I really am.

Evangeline: Mm-hmm.  Sure.

John: You know, I've been thinking.  I've been thinking.  I should get a stomach bug.

Evangeline: What?

John: Well, I could use some rest myself.  I mean, you said you were contagious, right?

Evangeline: No, no, no, you are taking a chance here.

John: It's so worth it.

John: Oh, that's not going to make me sick.  No, not enough bug yet.  Hmm, there, I got it.

Evangeline: John --

John: Yeah, I can feel it.

Evangeline: I don't think I can handle anything but sleep tonight.

John: It's fine with me.  Why don't you just sit back and relax and watch some tv? I'll read -- you want me to read to you?

Evangeline: Yeah.

John: Is there a book you want?

Evangeline: You know that "Killing Club" book -- I was going to start reading that tonight.

John: Yeah?

Evangeline: Yeah.  A little "Killing Club"?

Dorian: How dare you.  You come here when you know how upset I am about Blair, how vulnerable I am, with this convoluted story about how I'm trying to frame you for embezzlement. You're threatening to put me in prison?

Viki: Dorian, you and I have been at odds with each other for, what, probably our entire adult lives, correct?

Dorian: Yeah, so tell me something I don't know.  I suppose it's all my fault?

Viki: No, no, no.  No, no, I realize now I should have handled you better, or differently, but, of course, that's neither her not there now.  But, my point is that something's taken a different turn, and I'm not quite sure what it is.

Dorian: Oh.  Well, why don't you go figure it out somewhere else and leave me alone?

Viki: I'm right.  You've lost your ability to cope.

Dorian: Thank you so much for your concern.

Viki: Well, it's perfectly understandable.  I mean, obviously, you're concerned. You have two sisters who suffer from serious mental illness.

Dorian: But neither one of them ever killed their father.  Why don't we just drop the family history, shall we, because I'm not interested in it.  No, all I care about is Blair and her safety.

Viki: Your anxiety about Blair does not excuse your behavior. Nor will Blair excuse it, believe me, when she gets home and finds out what you've done.

Dorian: Hmm.

Todd: Answer me, Cornell.  Where did that nurse go?  Where's my wife?

Bo: Back off, Todd.  I'll handle this.

Todd: Where are you -- where are you hiding her?

Bo: I said I'll handle it.

Todd: Oh, yeah?  Are you handling it like your Pa handled it?  You know, he's the reason Blair's in this nut house in the first place.  Do me a favor -- when we find her, you should put your Pa in the nut house where I can't get my hands on him, because if I ever do get my hands on him, I'm going to tear his face off.

Bo: I'll tell you what you're going to do right now, Manning.  You're going to back off and shut up and let me talk to this doctor.  Now, what did you tell that nurse to do?

Dr. Cornell: I asked her to check on the patient.

Todd: Huh.  To hell with that. Look, Cornell, if you don't tell me where she is, I'm going to hurt everyone in this building.

Bo: Now, look, you're not going to make me go through the hassle of getting a court order, now, are you, because I'll guarantee you that's going to be a lot of problems for this hospital.

Todd: I'm telling you, man, I'll bust you wide open.

Dr. Cornell: Follow me.

Todd: No.  What room number is she in?  Room number!

Dr. Cornell: 2343.

John: "So when i first saw the sky, I didn't think fire.  I thought, 'Wow, ben's really outdone himself this year.'  He was always a believer.  We were already in the fifth grade when he socked Garth Mc Bride for saying there was no such thing as Santa Claus."  You want me to keep going?

Evangeline: Definitely.

John: Yeah?

Evangeline: [British accent] I think we're about to get to the first murder.

John: All right.  "Now, Ben played Santa for the Rotarians in a plastic igloo in the Appleton mall."

Michael: Marcie, what are you talking about?

Marcie: No, look, Michael, I've been thinking about it all day, all right, and I have this terrible feeling and I keep hoping that it's just going to go away, but it's not going to go away, ok, because it's true!  Julie died just like a character in my book, and so did Hudson.

Dorian: Blair is going to come home.  I know it in my heart.

Viki: Yes, I believe she is.

Dorian: When she does, she is going to find out who Todd really is and she's going to find out the fraud you always were and then she will once again be part of our family.  Do you hear me?  Our family! Not yours and Todd's -- ours! She will never be part of yours!

Viki: Dorian, I'm amazed that you have so completely miscalculated the risks.  I guess I shouldn't really be surprised, given your track record.

Dorian: Oh, I see.  Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.  My track record?  And what risks, hmm?

Viki: Well, you talk about your family.  All you care about is your family. Everything is for your family, and you're going to lose them all.

Dorian: Wishful, delusional thinking on your part.

Viki: No, Dorian, you are going to prison. There is no question about it.  You're going to prison because I am going to prove that you forged my signature and when you do, Dorian, you will be left without all the things that matter to you -- your status, your money, your family, no David.  Now, when all those things have been taken away from you, Dorian, is it really going to have been worth it?

Todd: Blair!  Blair!


>> On the next "One Life to Live" --

Evangeline: Marcie writes about a fire, and then a friend of hers dies in one.

Michael: If Hudson and Julie were murdered like characters in your book --

Marcie: There's a copycat out there.

[Nora screams]

Todd: What'd you do with her? Where is she?

Blair: I need you now, Todd.

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