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One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 3/22/05

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By Suzanne
Proofread by Brandi

Jessica: Charlie, Charlie, Charlie.

Charlie: Well, I was wondering if my favorite customer was going to put in an appearance tonight.

Jessica: Oh, you're sweet, Charlie, but I do think that this is my last night at Xanadu.

Charlie: What's the matter?

 Jessica: Well, I'm just seeing too many familiar faces around here.  You know, I kind of need a change of scenery.

 Antonio: You're late.  You've got five minutes.

 R.J.: Five whole minutes?  You must be getting soft.

Antonio: If you're just going to waste my time, R.J., talk to my lawyer.

R.J.: Now, you see, it's exactly that kind of hostility that's just going to hasten your crucifixion in court.  You see, I thought that you might want to back out of this whole custody hearing, you know, before I am forced to bear your secret ugliness.

Antonio: That's not going to happen.

 R.J.: No?  Ok, but don't say I didn't warn you.

Antonio: You know, R.J., You got some pretty dirty secrets of your own.  I'd worry about them.

R.J.: Yeah, my past is dirty, but that's no secret.  Secrets can be horrible things, especially when those we love are the ones keeping them from us.  Yeah, that's when they can really just sneak up and bite you in the ass.

Lindsay: Hi.

 Maitre d': Would you like a table, Miss?

Lindsay: Actually, I'm joining someone for dinner, but I can see that he's in the middle of a meeting.

 Maitre d': Would you like to wait in the bar?

Lindsay: Yes, that's an excellent idea, thank you.

Rex: Here you are!  What are we going to do?

Lindsay: What makes you think that "we" are going to do anything?

Rex: Oh, fine.  We'll just let Jen rot in prison. That's a great idea.

Lindsay: What are you talking about?

 Rex: She's your daughter, and you don't know?

 Lindsay: Know what?

Rex: Jen's being framed for Paul Cramer's murder, not accused, Lindsay.

 Lindsay: What?

Rex: Oh, I got your attention now?

Jen: Hi.  Sorry it took so long, but I wanted to hit up as many people for donations as possible.  What's wrong?

Riley: What are these?

Jen: I don't know.  Where'd you get them?

Riley: Your photo album. Jen: What are they?

Riley: What do they look like?

Jen: I don't know.  Why are you freaking out?

 Riley: They're deposit slips, Jen, with a lot of cash being dumped into Paul Cramer's account.

 Jen: What?  Let me see those.  Well, are you going to let me see them or not?

Riley: Absolutely not.

 Nurse Messner: Of course, I can help you.  That's why I'm here, to make you feel better.

 Blair: I don't want to feel better.

Nurse Messner: You need to relax!

 Blair: No, what I need to do is I need to get out of here and see my kids.  You got that?  And for the last time, Asa Buchanan is not my father.  I'm going to get out of here, and you can't stop me!

Asa: All the time you spent in that freak show up in the mountains must have driven you a little loco. I have no idea where Blair is.

Todd: You don't want to play it that way, Asa.  I'm not going to ask a second time.

 Asa: Put the gun down.  I will not call the cops and have them drag your mangy hide out of here.

Todd: You tell me where Blair is and I won't blow your brains out.

Asa: You're bluffing.

Todd: Try me.

Daniel: Talk to me about Viki Davidson.

 Bo: She's being investigated for misappropriating funds at the university.  I'll believe that when they start building snowmen in hell.

Daniel: But you are looking into it, right?

Bo: Yeah, I've talked to Viki.  I've talked to the board at L.U.  We got bigger problems right now.

Daniel: Bo, what are you doing?  You're wasting your time with Lindsay Rappaport and R.J. Gannon.

Bo: What are you doing?

Daniel: Let's talk about Jen Rappaport.  Now, unfortunately, she's the only logical suspect on this board.  Now, why don't you just arrest her, and we can close down this investigation once and for all?

 Bo: Why?  So then we can turn around and let her go again when we find out she didn't do it? We tried that play once, didn't work.

 Daniel: Look, there's enough circumstantial evidence to make a case.  I know you've already cleared the printer, but Jen could have used anyone else's hardware to print up that final letter.

Bo: Yeah, and then she planted incriminating evidence against herself.  You know, it's that kind of logic that's going to make you a hell of a politician.  Do you mind?

Daniel: Yeah, look, all I'm saying is you never thoroughly interrogated her.  You never even looked at her finances!

 Bo: Are you saying we missed something?

Daniel: No.  No, no, no.  What I'm saying is she had motive, opportunity, and no alibi.  She's got her fingerprints all over this case, and for whatever reason, you don't want to move on her.  Now, look, I want her arrested for the murder of Paul Cramer now.

Jen: Stop looking at me like that.

Riley: Like what?

Jen: Like I'm guilty or something.  I didn't do anything!

Riley: I'm just trying to figure this out.

Jen: Riley, somebody is doing this to me.  I don't know who, but somebody ran that letter in the printer, and now this. Just -- let me see the –

 Riley: No, I can't do that!

Jen: Why?  Do you think that I did it?

 Riley: No.  Look, I saw your face when I told you about them.  You had no idea what I was talking about.

 Jen: Well, how did they get there?

Riley: I don't know, but they were sticking out like someone wanted them to be found.

Jen: Riley, please, just let me see –

Riley: No, I don't want your fingerprints on them!

 Jen: What are you doing?

Riley: I'm calling my dad.  We have to get these to the police.

Antonio: I know you tried to get Carlotta to trash me on tape.

 R.J.: You abandoned your daughter.  Your mother simply told the truth.

Antonio: The tape won't be allowed in court,  and even if it was, it'd be a great opportunity to point out what kind of lowlife you really are.

R.J.: Well, I'm sure that you will have an endless supply of witnesses to your character.  I mean, you could call either one of your brothers -- oh, no, guess that might not work.  I mean, they are both criminals, and -- well, they're dead.  Hey, weren't you arrested for killing one of them?  Hmm?

Antonio: Go to hell. R.J.: Yeah, there it is!  That famous Vega temper.  Oh, you know we're going to have fun with that. Antonio: You know, R.J., if you're looking for me to hit you, you've run out of luck.

 R.J.: No, no, that would be too easy.  See, I know you don't even want to talk about Jessica.

Antonio: What about her?

R.J.: Oh, come on, Antonio.  She lived with you.  She helped you raise Jamie, or whatever you want to call it.

Antonio: You're treading on thin ice, R.J.

 R.J.: No judge is going to allow an impressionable child anywhere near some -- some money skank that does lap dances for every one-night stand.

Antonio: What the hell are you talking about?

R.J.: I'm talking about Jessica. She was at this nightclub, teasing all the bar hounds with these thigh-high leather boots.

Antonio: You're a liar! R.J.: Oh, you don't believe me?  Well, ok.  But, the bar was very busy.  I'm sure there are plenty of witnesses, any one of which will tell you that your girlfriend was drunk, doing lap dances, and telling one-liners about the one at home that still thinks she loves him.  

Jessica: Another round.

 Man: So you're the one paying the docket.

Jessica: Excuse me?

Man: Well, I came to say thanks.  I wanted to hit the turps with my mates, but they weren't worth jack after the wedding, so –

Jessica: So you're in town for a wedding?

 Man: I'm the best man.

Jessica: Oh, I'll be the judge of that.  So, tell me, does this "Crocodile Dundee" thing that you're doing ever work for you at all?

Man: Is it working for you?

Jessica: I don't know.  Are you going to call me Sheila?

Man: Only if that's your name. Jessica: Let me buy you a drink, Aussie-man.

Man: What, just one?  I thought this was a party.         

Todd: You've got three seconds to tell me where she is.  Three –

Asa: You haven't got the guts to shoot me.

Todd: Two –

Asa: Oh, what is it, manning, huh? You called for a snake dance and now you're crying because you got bit?

Todd: One –

 Asa: I've got her.

Todd: Where?

Asa: Go ahead.  Shoot me.  Then she'll rot right where she is.  Starr will never see her mother again.  Either way, I win.

Asa: Well, I see that got your attention.  What happened to all the threats?  Look, either use the gun or put it away! Todd: Maybe I shouldn't use it just to kill you.  Maybe I should use it to take you apart piece by piece until you tell me where Blair is.

 Asa: Don't hold your breath.

Todd: How about a bullet in your kneecap?  I know that might not kill you, but it's going to hurt.  I wonder how long it'll take you to bleed out.

Asa: You remember when you and that harpy laughed and laughed when you took my mansion?  And the look on her ugly face when she watched me lying on the floor begging for my heart medication?

 Todd: So how'd you pull it off, anyway, Asa?  Must have got a call on the hotline, huh?  Follow it up yourself and stash Blair away someplace?

Asa: A good businessman knows how to exploit a situation.

Todd: Mm-hmm.  You're slipping, Asa.

 Asa: Really?  I got you chasing your tail.  Not bad, huh?

Todd: I want my wife back.

Asa: Tick-tock, tick-tock.  Every minute goes by, my revenge is sweeter.  Oh, you may find her and get her out of there, but the damage will already be done.

Nurse Messner: She's been uncooperative, doctor.  I'm afraid that she's going to hurt herself.  She's been very aggressive!

Blair: Well, that's because everyone keeps saying that I'm losing my mind, but, see, I think I'm the only sane one here. Dr. Cornell: You need to take a deep breath.

Blair: No, what I need -- I need to get out of here and you know what?  You need to get out of my way because I've got to get out of here!  No, come on!

 Dr. Cornell: Nurse, call security.

Blair: No!  Look, Doctor -- no, wait!  Just -- I'll be fine.  I -- you know, I just -- I'm tired and I'm a little scared. You're talking needles and straitjackets.  I -- I'll be good.  I just need some time to -- to think, ok?

 Dr. Cornell: Never mind, Nurse Messner.  It's all right.  I'm not going to hurt you.  But you do need to rest.

Blair: I know, I know. Dr. Cornell: I can't have you harming yourself or anyone else.  Do you understand that?

 Blair: Yeah.  Thank you.  I'm sorry.

 Dr. Cornell: Are you ready to cooperate?  

Antonio: Your head games aren't going to work, R.J.

R.J.: Ok.  You don't want to believe me when I tell you that Jessica is pole dancing on the dark side.  Well, you just go see for yourself.  Barkeep's name is Charlie, ok?  And when you decide you're going to drop your claim to custody, give me a call.  You know, I really wish I could be there to see your face when you realize -- see you in court.

 [R.J. Laughs]

 [phone rings]

 Charlie: Xanadu.

 Antonio: Is this Charlie?

Charlie: Who wants to know?

Antonio: It's Antonio Vega. I'm looking for a friend of mine -- 26, about 5'6", shoulder-length blond hair, blue eyes. Charlie: Oh, yeah.  She's here.

Nora: Why are you all of a sudden on the Jen angle again?

Daniel: I've never been off of it, Nora.  Everyone else might think there's a conspiracy, but we've never fully investigated her, not to my satisfaction.

Bo: And I'm trying to look past my own nose at all possibilities.

Daniel: Such as?

Bo: Look, Cramer ran a lot of scams, all right?  I'm trying to see if one of them gets a hit.

Daniel: What, "if?"  "Maybe?"  "Could be"?  No, no, look, I want another search of Jen's apartment.  Turn it upside down if we have to.

Bo: Been there, done that. Daniel: Ok, do it again!  Look, I gave you the printer.  You brought it back here, you tagged it, bagged it, and you came back to the station.  On top of that, the search turned up Paul Cramer's I.D. bracelet.  Now, look, they were still moving in.  A search right now will turn up god knows what!

Bo: Fine, then get me a new search warrant, ok?  Have one of your judge buddies tell you that he thinks you're as full of crap as I do.

Nora: Daniel, can I speak to you for a minute, please, outside?

Bo: That's a good idea. Nora: Now.  What was that? Daniel: What was what?

Nora: You, in there, just now, completely out of line.

Daniel: Oh, come on, Nora.  How long has this Cramer case been going on?  Do you realize what kind of flack I'm getting from the mayor's office?

Nora: Not to mention the governor?

Daniel: You have something to say, say it.

Nora: Well, you tell me that governor Brooks mentions to you that if you get closure on the Cramer case, then it could only mean big things for you.

Daniel: He did. Nora: Ok, is that what this is about?  Is that why you're in Bo's face just now?

Daniel: No, no, it's not.

Nora: Ok, well, then it must be personal.  Which means this is all my fault.  

 Jen: Riley, come on.  Don't call.  Let's just think about this first.

Riley: Jen, someone was in our house and planted evidence on us.

Jen: What makes you think the cops are going to believe that?

Riley: Because it's the truth!

Jen: Yeah, well, my history with the truth sucks!

Riley: Would you think about the printer, ok?  My dad and Bo proved that it didn't come from yours, all right? We can get through this.

Lindsay: Why didn't you tell me that they searched your apartment?

Rex: I told her it wasn't cool to just walk in like that.

Riley: What the hell are you doing?

Jen: Mom, what are you doing here?  What did Rex tell you?

Rex: I was looking out for you.

Lindsay: I made him tell me everything.  He told me how they searched the apartment, how he found you at Rodi's drinking.  Why didn't you come to me?

Riley: I asked you if you'd been drinking the other night, and you said no and you sure forgot to tell me you were with Rex.  So, go ahead and tell me how I got that wrong. 

Riley: You told me you were alone last night and that someone spilled a drink on you.

Lindsay: I need to hear about the investigation.  All those other details aren't important right now.

Riley: They're important to me.

Lindsay: No, what's important is that we get Jen cleared.

Jen: That's not going to happen now, now that we found these deposit slips.

Rex: What deposit slips?

Jen: Riley found deposit slips from Paul's account in my photo album.

Lindsay: Why on earth would you put them there?

Jen: Mom, I didn't!  Somebody else did.  Whoever's trying to make it look like I killed Paul.

 Lindsay: Well, then these are proof, right?  I mean, we can take these to the police to prove you're being framed. Riley: That's why we're taking them to my dad and Bo.

Rex: Ok, that is the worst idea you've had since you shaved your head.

Riley: Ok, and this is none of your business.

Rex: I'm here for Jen.

Riley: You're here to help put her in jail.

Lindsay: Rex, maybe you should leave.

Rex: Uh, I'm not going anywhere.

Jen: Stop it, please.  I need to think.  Mom, will you please just leave right now?

Lindsay: I can help you. Jen: I'll figure out what I want to do and then I'll call you.

Lindsay: Ok.  Come on, Rex, let's go.

 Jen: No, I'm not finished with you.

 Lindsay: Call me.

Jen: Why would you drag her into this?

Rex: I was trying to help.

Jen: No, you weren't!  You were trying to mess things up between Riley and me.

 Rex: Look, I'm telling you, taking these to the cops -- the mother of all bad ideas.

 Riley: Jen, your fingerprint -- god!

Jen: Just get out!

 Rex: Not till you promise me that you will not turn this stuff over to the cops.  Ok, don't believe anything I've ever said or done, but listen to me on this.

 Riley: Don't listen to him.

Rex: The cops will use this stuff against you if you turn it in. Riley: She said get out!

 Rex: Promise me, Jen.  

 Asa: What's the matter?  Lost your taste for bloodshed and revenge?  Or just maybe you're still the gutless coward you've always been.

Todd: We had a truce.  My children can't deal with this anymore.

 Asa: Look, you wanted a war, and you got one. I saw an opportunity to stick it to you and that Blair, and I took it, just like you would have done.

 Todd: She'd just spent days locked in a trunk.

Asa: Oh, and of course you never stepped on anyone when they were down.  You know something?  You've turned little Starr into a sidewinder like you are.

Todd: Shut up!  Where is she?  

 Man: All these drinks must have set you back big time.

Jessica: Well, they're on my ex, and he owes me big time.

Man: Well, here's to your fella.

Jessica: You're my fella.

Daniel: This is not about you, Nora.

 Nora: Then it is about political ambition.

Daniel: Well, those are my choices?  Since when have Bo and I ever seen eye to eye about anything?

Nora: You have to admit you're spending an awful lot of time in these political meetings.

Daniel: Oh, so now everything I'm doing is suddenly suspect because I'm politically motivated?

Nora: Ok, I knew you were going to take this the wrong way.

Daniel: How else am I supposed to take it?

Nora: You made me a promise.  I asked you a favor, to keep your hands out of the Cramer investigation.  You said you would, and now you're railroading Jen without a shred of solid evidence and making a mess for everyone, including you and Riley.

 Daniel: Don't you think I know what this is going to do to Riley?

 Nora: Then back off and let Bo handle this.  If he finds the evidence, let him be the one to bring the indictment against her and Riley will be able to live with that.

Daniel: I'm sorry.  Look, I know you're just looking after me and Riley.

Nora: Well, that's my job now, see. Daniel: Ok.  Ok, all right, so -- Nora: It's my job.

Daniel: What do you say we make it official, huh?  I've got a marriage license application form on my desk.  We can go have a bite to eat, fill out the paperwork.

Nora: I'll meet you in your car.  Go.

 Bo: Did Colson send you back in here?

Nora: Nobody sent me anywhere.  I just -- why do you -- forget it, forget it.  

 Jen: Rex is right.  We shouldn't take these to the police, just not yet.

 Riley: And he ropes you in again.

Rex: Because she knows I'm looking out for her!

 [Phone rings]

 Riley: Ugh!

Rex: All right, I've got to take this.  You're doing the right thing.  If you need me, you know where to find me.


Rex: What have you got?

Man: Dude, this is going to blow your mind.

 Rex: Hold that thought.  I'm on my way.

R.J.: Hey you are just in time to help me celebrate.  I have Vega right where I want him.

 Lindsay: I can't celebrate anything.  Not tonight.

R.J.: What happened?

Lindsay: Someone's planting evidence on Jen, and I just drove a huge wedge between her and Riley.

 R.J.: Hmm. Well, how'd you do that?

 Lindsay: By opening my big mouth.  God, will I ever do anything that doesn't end up hurting her?

R.J.: Look, we'll help Jen.  No one is going to set her up, ok, because I have ways of making things happen.

 Lindsay: You don't have to do that

R.J.: Do what?

Lindsay: Con me.  I told you i would help you with Jamie, and I will.  I mean, you can use me all you want.

 R.J.: Use you?

Lindsay: Please.  That's why we work.  There are no illusions here.  You use me, I use you.  That's what we do best.  We use people.  

 Charlie: Someone called looking for you.  Said his name was Anthony?

 Jessica: Antonio?

Charlie: Yeah, that's it.  I told him you were here.

 Jessica: Well, if he calls back, you have to tell him that you were mistaken.

 Charlie: Sorry.  I thought he was a friend.  He sounded like he might be on his way over.

 Jessica: Well, if he gets here, get rid of him, ok?

Charlie: Ok.

Jessica: Hey, you!

Man: Hey.

Jessica: Have you seen the V.I.P. room yet?

 Man: Can't say I have, no.

 Jessica: Well, then let's go.

Antonio: Are you Charlie?

Charlie: All night long.

Antonio: I called earlier.  I was looking for this girl.

 Charlie: Oh, wow.

Antonio: What? Charlie: She looks like a customer of mine, but it's not her.

 Antonio: You're positive?  Look closely.

 Charlie: Sorry, pal.

 Antonio: It's all right.  That's exactly what I was hoping to hear.

Asa: She is in a place that knows exactly how to deal with she-devils.

Todd: Jail?  Is she in a hospital?  Ok, it can't be Llanview hospital.  Viki and Dorian would've heard something by now. Oh -- [gunshot]

 Jen: Look, you're making a big deal out of nothing.  Really.  I had a drink at Rodi's.  But it's not like I met Rex there.  He just showed up, as usual.

 Riley: As usual.

Jen: Natalie was even there.  She told me that I should go home and be with the man that I love.

Riley: You know, it's too bad that you couldn't figure that out for yourself.

Jen: Riley –

Riley: How much do you lie to me, Jen?  I know you didn't kill Paul.  That's not who you are, but you do lie and I always said it'd be ok as long as you didn't lie to me.

Jen: I don't know why I do it.  You're everything that I've ever wanted.

Riley: I'm not Rex.  I can't do what he does.  I can't make you feel the worst about yourself, so the best you think you can do is with someone like him and I can't keep kidding myself either.

Jen: Are you coming back?  

 R.J.: So that's what we're doing?  We're using each other?

 Lindsay: You're in the middle of a custody battle, and you need a woman by your side to make you look good in family court.  I just think that you need to take a closer look at who you're choosing to do that with.

 R.J.: I am happy with my choice.

 Lindsay: I don't think you've looked at this.  Look what I've done to Jen's life.  Look how I've hurt her and I'm going to do the same thing to Jamie and the same thing to you, and I'm not going to mean to, but I probably will.

R.J.: Ok, so, do I get a choice in who I want in my life or who I want in Jamie's life?

Lindsay: I just don't think that we should pretend that this is anything more than it is.  It's a business relationship that -- R.J.: So, if you want to use me for sex –

 Lindsay: Not there, yet.

R.J.: Ok, well, I can live with that.  But I'm building a life here, and Jamie would be lucky to have you in her life, just like I am.

Nora: Lawyers and paperwork.  Very erotic.

Daniel: Yeah, it's really got me turned on.  You want to turn me on even further?  Sign right there.

Nora: I can't do this.  I can't marry you.  I don't even know who you are.  

 Blair: My name is Blair Cramer.  Asa Buchanan is not my father.  He's my ex-husband, and he put me here to get back at me.  My husband -- my fiancé –

 Dr. Cornell: Your fiancé who died?

Blair: Yeah.  Todd and my children -- they probably know that now, and that's why I really -- I need to get out of here so I can be with them.

Dr. Cornell: Ms. Cramer, you're very upset.  We know that.  We want to help.  Now, you acknowledge that your fiancé is dead, right?  That's good.  That's a first step.  This is all going to take time.

 Blair: Yeah.  I know.  Oh, he's dead.  He's gone.  I'm never going to see him again.

Asa: Oh, Manning, you -- you can't even shoot a man without screwing up!

Todd: Where is she, Asa? What hospital?  Do you want me to show you what Margaret did to me?  All right, I hope you're right-handed.

Asa: Wingdale institute.

Todd: Wingdale?  Ok.  Oh, come on.  That wasn't so hard, was it?  I guess I don't have to shoot any vital organs now.  

 Jen: Riley, please, I just need to know.  Are you coming back?

 Riley: I'll be back.  I just got to work some things out first.           

Jen: Are you going to tell your dad about the deposit slips?

Riley: You're going to do what you have to do, and I'm going to do what I have to do.  That's where we are right now, all right?

Rex: Got a minute?  I think I ran into something big on the Cramer case.

Bo: I'm listening.

 Rex: Well, I heard this guy –

Bo: Wait a minute, wait-- no.  What guy?

Rex: Somebody who doesn't like cops, ok?

 Bo: Well, that really narrows it down.  Go on.

 Rex: Anyway, this guy used to be pretty tight with Cramer.  They did a few scams together down on the docks.  So one night around Halloween, he heard Paul was talking to this dude about how he better get paid off or else.

Bo: Was it blackmail?

Rex: Extortion.  Take your pick.  Either way, this guy was freaking out and he was losing it, saying that he'd paid Paul enough and that he'd better not push his luck.

Bo: Yeah?  Did your friend get a look at this guy

Rex: It was dark, but he heard Cramer call him Ted.

 Bo: Ted?

Rex: Yeah, Ted.  So, he could be our guy, right?

Bo: We'll crosscheck the name Ted with some of Cramer's known associates, see if we get a hit.

Rex: Listen, I got a good feeling about this one, commissioner.  I know this guy may not be your idea of a good citizen, but he has no reason to con me.  He knew Cramer, and Cramer was blackmailing a guy named Ted.

 Bo: I know.  I heard you the first time.  Thank you, Balsom.  Now, you can close the door on your way out.  Put the chair back.  

Daniel: What do you -- what do you mean you don't know who I am?

Nora: I don't know who you are.  I -- I don't even know your real first name. I mean, look at this.  What is that?

Daniel: Oh, oh -- oh, that's because –

 Nora: Who is that?

Daniel: Well, that's my dad.  My dad's name is Theodore, and, you know, I go by Daniel, but, you know, sometimes they call me, you know, Teddy," as in "teddy bear."

Nora: "Teddy bear"?  Oh, ok.  I guess I can accept that.

Daniel: So that means that this was just a joke?  You're still going to marry me?

 Nora: Oh, I have to marry you.  Are you kidding?  I have to marry you now because I'd be Mrs. "Teddy bear" Colson. Daniel: Yeah.  Teddy bears need a lot of hugs, you know.  

 Antonio: I spoke to the bartender at Xanadu, showed him a picture of Jessica.  He'd never seen her before.

 R.J.: Blondes -- you know, I guess they really do look alike.

Antonio: Yeah, you go ahead and laugh while you still can.  But, you drag me, or anyone I love through your sorry excuse of a life, and I'm going to shove it right back down your throat.  Have another bottle on me.

 Lindsay: I guess he doesn't know that I also saw Jessica at Xanadu.

 R.J.: No, and he doesn't care because he knows all that he needs to know about her.  Oh, this is cooking up quite nicely.

Antonio: Hey, Jess, it's me. Give me a call when you get this.  

 Man: Good thing those V.I.P. rooms are so bloody private, eh?

Jessica: Well, why don't you go and get my coat, and we can go back to your hotel and we can finish what we started?

Man: Sounds like a plan.

Jessica: Ok, then get out of here.  Oh, Charlie, Charlie, Charlie.  I think I'm going to have to find a new watering hole. Charlie: If it's because of your friend, forget it.  He stopped by, and I told him I'd never seen you.

 Jessica: I love you, Charlie.  It's been fun.  So, do you have any more tricks to teach me from down under?

Man: I might have a few ideas, yeah.

 Jessica: Hmm. Well, if we're going to be getting cozy, I should really know your name.

Man: The name's Logan.

Jessica: Mine's Tess.

Todd: For once I have the law on my side and I'm going to use it.  I'm going to get Blair back, I'm going to call Bo, and I'm going to tell him his Pa is a kidnapper.

Asa: You told me all you wanted was a truce.

Todd: Putting you in jail is only the first thing I'm going to do to you, Asa.  Say your prayers, old man.

Asa: It's me.  Have them fuel the jet.  I got to make myself scarce and pronto.  We'll start with the Caribbean.  Don't worry about a return.  We may not be back.  

 Nurse Messner: The medication will take effect soon.

Blair: Thank you for everything.

 Nurse Messner: Things will be better in the morning.

 Blair: You're damn straight everything is going to be better in the morning because I'm getting out of this hellhole tonight -- right after I get rid of this.  

 On the next "One Life To Live"...

John: I still care about you, and-- 

Natalie:  Don't.  Please don't go there.

Viki: You did it.  And to borrow one of your favorite phrases, boy, am I gonna make you pay. >> 

Todd: Blair!

Todd: You're gonna tell me where my wife is, or I'm gonna kill you.

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