OLTL Transcript Wednesday 3/3/04

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 3/3/04

By Eric
Proofread by Melissa

Dorian: David, why are you doing this?

David: Lavishing a beautiful wedding on you?

Dorian: Marrying me at all.

David: I love you.

Dorian: Let me count the ways, all 30 million of them.

David: Ah -- 29 million. Don't forget, Aunt Betsy left me a cool million all my own.

Dorian: Ooh, I don't even want to revisit the reason why.

David: Yeah, I don't want to, either. I try to block it out. Listen, when I saw you with Blair at the hospital, I realized this could be any one of us, and I want to be with you during the night and during the day.

Dorian: You already are. And you don't need to marry me to do it.

David: I know that, you know that. I want the whole world to know it.

Dorian: Oh, David, how did you arrange all this so quickly? You didn't use any of your million dollars to bribe people? Of course not, because you expect me to foot the entire bill.

David: With what? You're always crying poor to me, and your so-called daughter hasn't inherited that $30 million yet.

Dorian: Don't worry. When she does, I will be controlling it.

David: Assuming no one finds out that you're not really Adriana’s mother.


Carlotta: So how's school going, Adriana?

Adriana: Fine.

Carlotta: You like your teachers? Making friends again?

Adriana: Yeah. Sure.

Carlotta: What's the matter?

Adriana: I miss you, Madrina.

Carlotta: Oh, honey, I miss you, too. And I loved it when you lived with me. But Dorian’s your mother, after all, and you get to live in that big beautiful house, with a swimming pool, and you have that lovely room.

Adriana: I liked my room better with you. Besides, Dorian -- mom -- she still feels like a stranger to me. It's not like it is with you.

Carlotta: I know, honey, but that's because you've known me your whole life. After you've known Dorian for a while, you're going to come to love her, too. Now, remember, you've got all that money and that inheritance. That should make you feel more secure about your future.

Adriana: Honestly, there's only one thing that would make me feel better about my future, and it's to be with River.


[Classical music plays]

Jessica: Did you get that?

Stephen: 1452 First Street. I got it. Thank you Jessica. I can't thank you enough for all you've done. But remember, don't tell anyone, not John McBain, not even Antonio. Only me.

Jessica: I know that.

Stephen: I'll see you soon.

Natalie: Want some?

Jessica: No, thanks.

Natalie: So, who were you on the phone with?


John: Where the hell's Paulsen? He said he'd be right over.

Antonio: Looks like his car pulling up now.

John: Yeah? Good. We're going to find out what happened to Jessica -- drugs, hypnosis, or both.

Antonio: Yeah, well, it's got to be that. She's definitely not herself.


Kevin: Blair, listen to me. The tumor did not cloud your thinking.

Blair: I know. I know he raped me.

Kevin: Of course he did. Nora proved it in the courtroom. The jury convicted him. Just try to let it go.

Woman: Ms. Cramer?

Blair: Yes.

Woman: My boss wanted me to give these to you right away.

Kevin: What is it?

Blair: Final papers granting me sole custody of my children. Does Mr. Manning have his copy yet?

Woman: I'm on my way to Statesville now.

Kevin: Well, here, give them to me. I'll do it for you.


Doctor: Keep this area protected for the next 24 hours. That O.D. that got you in here the first time --

Todd: Yes?

Doctor: Was it deliberate?

Todd: Don't worry, Doc, I'm not trying to kill myself. I'm not going to make it that easy on some people.


Dorian: No, no. I say we should put it in mutual funds.

David: Hey, I got a hot tip on cattle futures. Mad cow disease isn't that big a deal, right?

River: Oh, my god! Is that all you guys ever talk about?

Dorian: River. I didn't know you were here.

River: I dropped off a C.D. for Adriana, and believe me, I'm not going to stick around listening to you two jabber on about the money she doesn't even want.

Dorian: Well, she's going to get that money whether she wants it or not. And as her mother, of course, I have to help her manage it.

River: Right, right, for your cut. I know why.

Dorian: That is not true, young man!

River: Bull, Dorian! You know, I used to think you were so cool, you were the best. I'm really sorry that I found out what you were really like.

David: Hey, River, how about a little respect, ok?

River: Like from you? How much respect would you be giving her if she didn't have any money to back it up?

David: I love Dorian, 30 million or not.

River: You two deserve each other, believe me.


Eve: I've got to head back to Atlantic City tonight. Take care of your cousin Shannon for me, will you?

Michael: Yeah. I'll do my best.

Eve: I know, she's a pistol, that mouth of hers.

Michael: You know, I haven't seen much of Shannon in the last couple of years. What's the deal with her attitude?

Eve: Her mother's death hit her really hard. Look after her, ok? And look after your brother for me, too.

Michael: Oh, ma, he has got it under control.

Eve: You think? What about when we showed up at the station with Shannon?

Michael: Ok, so he lost it a little.

Eve: "A little"? Think this case is just tearing him apart.

Michael: What do you want him to do, mom, drop it? The guy's got a job to do, you know.

Eve: I know, I know. I just hope it doesn't drive him over the edge.


Natalie: So, what did Antonio say when he called?

Jessica: Nothing much.

Natalie: Mm-hmm. Everybody ok?

Jessica: Everybody's fine.

[Knock on door]

Antonio: It's us.

Natalie: Come in.

John: Hey.

Antonio: Hey. You all right?

Jessica: Yeah, I'm fine.

Natalie: Didn't he just call her?

John: When?

Natalie: Like a few minutes ago?

John: No. I was with Antonio the whole time. He didn't call.

Natalie: She said she just got off the phone with Antonio, and she was definitely speaking to someone.

[Knock on door]

John: Excuse me. Come on in. This is Dr. Paulsen. He's sort of an expert in this field, and he's going to help us sort out some of the confusion we're having.

Jessica: Paulsen?

John: Yeah.

Jessica: Yeah, you're a shrink. You lectured in one of my psychology courses.

Dr. Paulsen: That's right.

Jessica: Yeah, that's right. You guys can forget it. I know exactly what you're doing. I'm not the one with the problem.

Antonio: Honey, we're just trying to help. That's what you want to do, too. Don't you?


Stephen: Jessica will be next. But last and far from least –


Doctor: The wound should completely heal in seven to 10 days, but you will have a scar.

Todd: Huh. Just another battle wound. Just another reminder of what I've been through and what it's all for.


Kevin: Thank you.

Woman: Thank you.

Blair: Kevin, don't do it.

Kevin: Look, I want Todd to know that you mean business.

Blair: It is not your responsibility.

Kevin: You know better than that. Look, I'm part of your family. I'm just looking out for you. I'm looking out for all of you, ok? I want him to get the picture. I don't want him to think that he can pull the kind of thing that he did today anytime soon.

Blair: It is -- I'm the one that should convince him.

Kevin: What, you're thinking about going and seeing him yourself?


Dorian: River, I thought money didn't matter to you.

River: It doesn’t.

Dorian: Then why do you care what I do with it?

River: Because it's Adriana’s and I don't want you and your delightful boyfriend getting your grubby mitts all over it, either.

David: Whoa, hold on. I am not delightful. You back off.

River: Wait, wait -- shove it.

Dorian: Thank you for defending me.

David: Well, I'm not just going to stand there and let him cast aspersions on your fine taste in husbands.

Dorian: Uh-uh. You are not my husband yet.

David: Yeah, but what better way to make a united front? We -- we don't want River turning Adriana against you.

Dorian: Yes, but we're not going to accomplish anything by jumping into a marriage we're not ready for.

David: I'm ready. And I believe you've jumped in headfirst one time before.

Dorian: And look where it got me.

David: Hey, our first time around was not that bad, you know. Otherwise, I wouldn't have given you that rock. A relationship is based on trust. And even though I temporarily stole that from you, you could always trust that I was going to give it back.

Dorian: Let's see if you still feel like marrying me after you have read this.

David: A prenup?

Dorian: I warned you.

David: I know. Which is why I had one drawn up for you, as well.


Michael: John's a little paranoid, especially with anybody who's connected to him.

Eve: Oh, talk to him, will you? Shannon really needs to be here. She was going to be expelled for running her mouth one time too many. This university may be her last-chance stop.

Michael: Yeah, well, I'll try to keep an eye on her. Look, I’ll try to look out for John, too. Not like he's going to listen to me or anything.

Eve: don't give up on him, ok? We never did on you.

Michael: I don't know, mom. You know, you're really the only person he's ever listened to, you know? You know, maybe if you stuck around Llanview for a little while longer --

Eve: Oh, that's a good idea.


John: Hey, Jess, look, you know I don't want to pin this on an innocent man. What good would it do? That means the real killer's still out there killing.

Jessica: I said that I'd help you.

John: Ok, good. Were you talking to Haver?

Jessica: No, I wasn’t. What would make you think that?

Antonio: Honey, it's ok. You can tell us. What's he asking you to do?

Jessica: Nothing. Nothing! Nothing!

Natalie: Jess, he is going to hurt somebody else -- like you, like me.

Jessica: No -- he wouldn't! He's --

Antonio: You don't have to be scared. You're with me and family. You're safe. You know that. Look at me. Look at me. Look at me. You know it. Ok? You know it. I love you, you love me, and whatever --

Jessica: Shut up, shut up! Leave me alone! I got to get out of here!

John: It's locked. You can't get out.

Jessica: What's going on? What's going on?

[Jessica sobs]

Natalie: Jess? Jessica? Jessica, please listen to me, ok? Listen to me. All right, I am your sister, and you know that I won't hurt you. But Dr. Haver has hurt our family, and we have to stop him. We can't stop him without you, ok? So I am begging you, please help us. For me. For mom. Please don't let him hurt us any more, ok? Please?

Jessica: What do you want me to do?

Dr. Paulsen: I'm going to give you some sodium pentothal.

Jessica: Truth serum?

Dr. Paulsen: Well, it's something like that. It's just going to help you relax, and it's going to help us talk openly together. We can do that, right? Just talk?


Shannon: Walking around that campus is like going to a freak show. Did you see the girl with the tattooed hands?

Marcie: Shannon, can you quit it with all the comments? You're making my head hurt!

Shannon: Sorry. I mean, but really, she did look kind of funny.

Marcie: Do you ever stop to think before you speak?

Shannon: What is that supposed to mean?

Marcie: Listen, I just meant that, you know, you just started, you're brand new, so if you keep making all of these negative comments, no one's going to want to be your friend. Can't you just give the place a chance, for now? Come on, it's a fresh start, positive attitude, ok?

Shannon: I got to go pee.

Eve: Oh, yeah, you and your brother would love that -- your mother living here, breathing down your necks?

Michael: We would.

Eve: You really have changed.

Michael: So you'll do it?

Eve: Honey, I would have to start all over. Nobody knows me in this town.

R.J.: Excuse me. I'm sorry to interrupt. I know this will sound crazy, but are you Eve McBain?

Eve: Yes. Have we met?

R.J.: No, no, no, but I am a big fan. I have both of your albums.

Eve: Oh, great.

R.J.: I'm sorry. I'm R.J. Gannon.

Eve: Excuse me. I'm Eve McBain. Hi.

R.J.: Good to meet you.

Eve: A pleasure.

Michael: Were you just saying something about nobody knowing you here in town? I think you did say something --

R.J.: No -- are you kidding?

Michael: About nobody knowing you here in town.

R.J.: I could easily fill this room for you, I mean, if you would think about booking a date here.

Michael: Oh, if she moved here, it'd have to be a regular stint.

R.J.: Well, ok, let's do one thing at a time. We book the date, see how it goes. But if you do move down, we should have no problem arranging a regular Eve McBain night.

Eve: Honey, the Jupiter Club has been very loyal to me all these years.

Michael: Well, now it's time for a change. It's time to come here to Capricorn.

Marcie: Oh, Mrs. McBain, that would be so awesome if you were to move here! Your sons are here, and now your niece Shannon is here. Now, your whole family could be together! We could get manicures and pedicures, go to the spa --

Eve: Sounds fabulous. I'll think about it.


[Knock on door]

Orderly: We need to take you for more tests, Ms. Cramer.

Blair: More tests.


Evangeline: I want to talk to you about Blair Cramer’s condition.

Jordan: Oh, come on, Evangeline. You know I cannot comment. I can't give any information on this unless I get her permission or I get a court order.

Evangeline: Ok, but I just met with a neurologist who did, and -- well, not about Blair specifically, but about intraventricular meningioma.

Jordan: Ok, right.

Evangeline: And he told me what it was, and he told me that it can cause confusion, cloud memory, impact judgment. Look, Jordan, the jury might never have convicted Todd if this had come out.

Jordan: I really cannot comment on any of this, Evangeline.

Evangeline: Ok, fine. But just know that I have grounds for appeal now. And this time I'm calling expert witnesses. This time I'm going to prove that Blair’s testimony was compromised by an undiagnosed brain tumor.

[Pager beeps]

Jordan: Look, I have to go. We'll talk about this later.

Evangeline: Ok.

Blair: How can you defend Todd? What kind of woman are you?

Evangeline: The kind of woman who believes that he is innocent.


Todd: What do you want?

Kevin: They told me I could give this to you. Family Court ruled that Blair has sole custody of Jack and Starr. You're out of the loop, Todd, permanently.

Todd: Hmm. And you just came by to rub it in my face.

Kevin: And why would I do that?

Todd: Make me go nuts, go after you. Maybe take a scalpel to your throat. That'd put me in solitary, right? I'd never get to see anybody again.

Kevin: Oh, that's how your mind works, not mine. She also wanted me to give you this.


Dr. Paulsen: Jessica, after you arrived at the cabin with Dr. Haver, what happened?

Jessica: What happened?

Dr. Paulsen: Well, did he try to hurt you?

Jessica: No.

Dr. Paulsen: Did he ask you to help him?

Jessica: Yes, he did. I called my Uncle Bo. He told us to drive to the police station so we could explain how Dr. Haver was innocent. But then we had some tea and I got dizzy.

Dr. Paulsen: And then what?

Jessica: I don't know. When I woke up, he was gone and the door was locked and the windows were boarded and -- I looked for a key. I was looking for a key, and I opened all the drawers and his knapsack. I looked in his knapsack.

Dr. Paulsen: Then what?

Jessica: I couldn't -- I couldn't believe it. I -- it wasn't -- I couldn't --

Dr. Paulsen: Jessica, what did you find?

Jessica: It was a music box.

John: May I ask something, Doc?

Dr. Paulsen: Very calm, very gentle.

John: Ok. Jessica, is there a reason you chose not to tell us about the music box?

Jessica: I didn't remember. I don't -- I don't know why I didn't tell you.

John: So you found a music box, and still you went on protecting Dr. Haver. Is there a reason? Did he do something to you?

[Phone rings]

Jessica: Yeah. And he --

Antonio: It's Haver.

John: Go ahead. Let her answer it.

Jessica: Hello?

[Classical music plays]

Stephen: Jessica, it's me, your friend. Can you talk? Still brushing your dentures?

[Classical music plays]

Stephen: Jessica, did you hear me? Can you talk?

Jessica: No.

Stephen: The police are there?

Jessica: Yes.

Stephen: Go ahead and call me back after they leave. And remember, don't tell them anything. You can't trust them at all. They're not just out to get me. They're out to get you, too.

Antonio: What'd he say?

Jessica: What?

Antonio: You can tell us. Jessica, you can trust us.

Jessica: Then why are you out to get me?

John: Is that what Haver told you to say?

Antonio: There was classical music in the background. Could that possibly be the trigger?

Dr. Paulsen: Yeah, it might be. Jessica, the music that was playing on the phone just now -- did Dr. Haver ever play that for you before?

Jessica: Yes.

[Classical music plays]

Jessica: Why -- why are you doing this?

Stephen: Shh. I trust you, Jessica, always. And you trust me, too. I'm the only one you really can trust.

Stephen: It's ok. Just relax. If you feel any confusion, you feel any worry; my voice will always calm you.

Jessica: He told me that he was the only one that I could trust and that John and Antonio would hurt me. And he was right. That's what you guys are trying to do. You're trying to hurt me.

Antonio: No. Jess, we would never hurt you.

Natalie: He is trying to hurt you, Jessica. He's trying to hurt all of us, and he's using you to do it.

John: Hey, Doc, is there any way to reverse this?

Dr. Paulsen: Yeah, now that I know the stimuli he used. I'm going to hypnotize her again. That way when she hears the music, she won't respond in the same way.

Antonio: All right, Doc, then do it now. Do it right now before Haver comes up with something else.


Blair: You honestly believe that I lied about Todd raping me? I find you offensive, Evangeline.

Evangeline: Blair --

Blair: What?

Evangeline: Listen to me. I know how hard it was for you to take Todd to trial. I don't think that you would put yourself or your family through this if you didn't honestly believe that it happened just the way that you said.

Blair: I don't just believe it. I know it happened.

Evangeline: If Todd cared so little for you that he would rape you, then why wouldn't he let me go after you on the stand?

Blair: I don't know. Maybe he just felt guilty.

Evangeline: Or he loves you so much that he would do anything to keep you from being hurt -- even go to prison.

Blair: No, no, no, do not turn this around on me.

Evangeline: Blair, I just want you to think. What if this meningioma that was undiagnosed -- what if it skewed your memory somehow? I've done the research. I know that it's possible.

Blair: Well, I've done the research, too, Evangeline.

Evangeline: What if you, without meaning to at all, just sent an innocent man to prison? The man that you once loved, the father of your children. For god sakes, Blair, how can you live with that?

Blair's voice: "By the time you read this, you will have received the papers giving me sole custody of the children, with no visitation rights for you, ever. I want to make sure you know what that means. Just like the annulment means our marriage never happened, you will never be a father to our children again. You will never see them or speak to them. Accept this, please. You are out of our life."

Todd: Get out.

Kevin: Not till I know you got the message.

Todd: I said get out right now, for your own good. You're not safe here.


Dr. Paulsen: Jessica, when you wake up, the music Dr. Haver played for you will mean nothing. It'll be like any other piece of music when you hear it. His voice will no longer have control over you. His words will just be words.

[Dr. Paulsen snaps fingers]

Dr. Paulsen: Hi. How do you feel?

Jessica: I'm ok.

John: That's good. Jessica, we have some music we want you to hear.

[Classical music plays]

Dr. Paulsen: How do you feel about John and Antonio?

Jessica: Oh, God, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.

Antonio: It's ok. It's ok. We're just glad you're back.

[Music stops]

John: You think maybe you're ready to help us now?

Jessica: What do you want me to do?

John: Ok. I want you to call Haver. And I want you to make him think you're still on his side. Can you do that?

John: We'll be recording everything you say.

[Classical music plays]

[Phone rings]

Stephen: Jessica?

Jessica: Hello. Sorry I couldn't talk before. The -- the guard from outside was in our room, but he's -- he's gone now.

Stephen: So you can talk?

Jessica: Yes. Are you coming here?


Carlotta: Oh, honey, I know you're upset with me because of you and River.

Adriana: Oh, I am sorry. I know you're mad at me. I love you, Madrina, but I love River, too.

Carlotta: Well, at least you're being honest.

Adriana: Isn't that what's important, to be honest with each other? About everything.

[Phone rings]

Carlotta: I'll be right back.


River: Hey, how are you? I heard what you said.

Adriana: I don't want to sneak around anymore, River.

River: Well, maybe around Mrs. Vega, we don't have to, but around Dorian -- all she talks about is your inheritance and how she's going to spend it with Vickers.

Adriana: Well, she won't be able to. I'm giving it away.

River: You're what?

Adriana: I'll keep some for us, for college, but the town I came from in Puerto Rico is really having a hard time. They need the money more than I do. The hospital really needs the money.

River: You're amazing. You know that?

Adriana: No, I'm not. Why would I ever need all that money when all I want is you?

River: I can't wait to see the look on their faces.


Dorian: Well, your prenup is very generous.

David: Well, I've always believed that a marriage should be a partnership. What's mine is yours and, of course, likewise.

Dorian: Of course, I have a lot more than you have.

David: You know what? This is just a formality anyway, because once I get you to the altar, I don't plan on ever letting you go again.

Dorian: Maybe you better finish reading my prenup.

David: Oh, come on, what's the point?

Dorian: The point is the last paragraph on the last page.

David: You're not going to marry me unless I get job?


Michael: Well, at least think about it, ok?

Eve: I'll let you know what I decide. And in the meantime, your cousin --

Michael: Yeah, I'll try to baby-sit Shannon -- and John.

Eve: Thank you. She's a good girl, thorns and all.

Marcie: Hmm -- I didn't tell you the good news. Your Aunt Eve is thinking about moving to Llanview.

Shannon: Why is that good news to you? You hardly know her.

Marcie: I really like her. And if it makes Michael happy to have his family here, then I'm happy about it, too.

Shannon: No, like he's ever cared about that. Look, he ditched everybody once. He'll do it again. I mean, he could get a job somewhere else, pay off his student loans, make a bundle. That's all he's ever cared about.

Marcie: He's different now.

Shannon: Why would he change?

Marcie: Well, maybe because he has someone here that he cares about.

Shannon: Well, you are different from his other girlfriends, that's for sure. I mean, he used to have a different hottie after him every week. Probably still does.

Michael: Ok, well, she's on her way home.

Marcie: You don't really think she's going to move here, do you?

Michael: I don't know. I think if I got a little more time to work on her, she might.

Marcie: I don't know about that with your schedule.

Michael: Yeah, I know. I don't even have any time to see you. At least one good thing came out of it. You know my boss, Janine?

Marcie: Yeah, the really pretty one. She looks like a supermodel.

Michael: Yeah. She just got a big promotion to Stanford University Hospital.

Marcie: Wow! That's great. She's always been a really big supporter of yours.

Michael: Yeah, true fan of my work.

Marcie: So maybe Janine will want you to go there with her.

Michael: Yeah, maybe.


[Classical music plays]

Jessica: I really need to see you. Are you going to come here?

Stephen: Not with the police all over the place. We can't risk it. But I need you to do something for me.

Jessica: Ok. Anything that you want.

Stephen: Keep playing along with the police, and then slip away. Tomorrow night, 7:00 P.M. meet me at pier 57. When you get there, call me.

Jessica: Ok, I'll do that.

Stephen: And, Jessica? You do trust me, don't you?

Jessica: You're the only one I trust.

[Music stops]


Dorian: There are lots of good jobs listed in the paper. I've circled some of the most interesting ones.

David: You know, most men wouldn't even stand for this.

Dorian: Most men already have jobs.

David: If you really loved me, you wouldn't make this a condition of our marriage!

Dorian: Where are you going?

David: I am not sticking around here, I am not signing that prenup, and, most importantly, I am not getting a job. If you want to marry me, you can be at St. James, 8:00 P.M., a week from Friday.

David: You might have to start paying for those.

Dorian: Ooh.


Jordan: Good. Good. Look up for me.

Blair: Ok.

Jordan: Good. Great. Thank you. We should have the tests results back very soon.

Blair: Dr. Kingsley, you're friends with Evangeline Williamson, right?

Jordan: Yeah. We go back. I've known her since college.

Blair: So if I ask you a question, you wouldn't tell her, would you?

Jordan: Absolutely not. That would breach doctor-patient confidence. You don't have to worry about that, ok? Shoot. What do you want to know?

[Blair sighs]

Blair: I'm just thinking about, you know, what you said earlier, that maybe this -- this tumor could have caused some kind of confusion for me, thrown my thinking off.

Jordan: I'm guessing this had to do with the incident with your ex-husband.

Blair: Could I have -- could I have been wrong about it?

Jordan: There's really no way to tell for sure.

Blair: Is it possible that I made a mistake, that I wasn't thinking right, that -- that I was wrong about the rape?

Jordan: To be honest?

Blair: Yeah.

Jordan: Yes. Absolutely.

[Blair sighs]


Evangeline: Why couldn't you just stay put, Todd? I could have gotten you out on appeal. I have grounds now.

Todd: What grounds?

Evangeline: Blair's brain tumor. It could have affected her ability to reason clearly.

Todd: What are you talking about?

Evangeline: I talked to a neurologist -- several, in fact. And then I talked to Blair herself. I am 100% positive that she misinterpreted what happened between the two of you. She was told it was rape by Dorian, then she began to believe it, and finally she was positive. But you had to go and break out of jail, and you just made my job next to impossible. Unless I take this and I go after her.


Antonio: All right, Charlie, let me know when you're there, all right? All right, it's all set. I've got an advance team headed over to the pier to check things out. Tomorrow night when Haver gets there, we'll get him.

Natalie: Thank God this will finally be over with.

Antonio: Yeah.

Jessica: It would have been over sooner if I hadn't been so stupid.

Natalie: Stop.

Antonio: Stop. At least he didn't hurt you. You'll be all right now.

Natalie: Is something wrong?

John: I hope not.

Natalie: Then what's the problem?

John: It's too easy. Haver's up to something. I can feel it.


Stephen: Hello.

Eve: Oh.

Stephen: How nice to see you.


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Todd: This kind of tumor could make someone remember things wrong?


Addie: You must have made a mistake, Blair. Todd loves you.


Viki: Really, you and I, we need to stay out of it.


John: I keep thinking there's something else, something we're missing.

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