OLTL Transcript Monday 3/1/04

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 3/1/04

By Eric
Proofread by Melissa

Natalie: You know, it's kind of hard to pack when you don't know where you're going -- you know, Jamaica, Alaska --

Officer: Sorry, maíam can't help you there.

Natalie: I'm just making conversation. I don't know where Iím going, and I guess that's good because the killer won't, either.

Roxy: Hey, got to shake a leg. You got to get changed.

Natalie: I'm going in what Iím wearing.

Roxy: You're wearing that to Cristianís funeral?

Natalie: It's a memorial service.

Roxy: Yeah, well, I don't like it. Now, this dress that I got you, it says, "I'm a widow, but I still got a pulse."

[Doorbell rings]

Viki: Hello, Officer. Hello.

Natalie: Hey.

Viki: Hey, baby. Are you ready, hmm?

Natalie: I guess so.

Roxy: She's not ready, because she hasn't changed yet.

Viki: You look beautiful.

Natalie: Thank you. This was Cristianís favorite outfit, so I figured if he could see us, I could be wearing it when I say goodbye.


John: Let's have updates every 15 minutes, ok?

Officer: Yeah.

John: Thanks.

Bo: You really think Haver would risk showing up here tonight?

John: You think he can resist?

Bo: Not if he stays in character.

John: I'm not going to let him ruin this thing for Natalie.

Officer: This camera was found at the cabin where Jessica Buchanan was held.

John: He was watching her the whole time he had her.



Antonio: Hey, I remember that.

Jessica: You took it.

Antonio: You know, I wish you could get some more rest before tonight.

Jessica: I'm ok.

Antonio: You know, I want you out of town, where Haver can't touch you. I'm going to miss you.

Jessica: You know, um, this is Jamieís pop-up book. You should make sure she gets it at R.J.'S.

Antonio: Jessica, what did Haver do to you?

Jessica: I told you everything.

Antonio: Then why won't you let me touch you?


Carlotta: Her eardrops. Don't forget.

R.J.: Yes, yes, I know all about the infection.

Evangeline: Oh. Oh, how cute.

Carlotta: Oh, no. I thought I brought her blue sweater.

R.J.: Well, Carlotta, don't worry about her. She has a rainbow of sweaters right here. Don't you? Look, I've got everything under control. Jamie will be fine, hmm?

Carlotta: Well, I guess I got to go.

Evangeline: Look, Mrs. Vega, I am so sorry about Cristian.

Carlotta: Thank you.

R.J.: Yeah, me, too. But look, don't worry; we're not going to let anything happen to Keriís little girl.

Carlotta: Dios Te bendiga, mi amor. Ok.

Evangeline: Well, I am in a better mood already.

R.J.: Oh.

Evangeline: I am.

R.J.: Well, let's see if you can get her mind off of the Manning case.

Evangeline: That is a tough job for a little girl. I just keep picturing him behind bars for the next 10 years.

R.J.: Well, if that does happen, you are in no way at fault.


Todd: Doctor? Doctor? Where am I?

Doctor: You're in the Statesville infirmary.

Todd: My throat hurts.

Doctor: Yeah, no kidding. You took a fistful of drugs, pal. You'd be dead if we hadn't pumped your stomach.

Todd: I said my throat hurts!

Doctor: Get your damn hands off me! Where'd you get the drugs?

Todd: I don't know the guy's name, but there's more in my cell.

Doctor: They tore your cell apart.

Todd: It's in my mattress. It's wrapped in fabric. You don't believe me? Fine. What do I care how many stomachs you have to pump.


Kevin: Blair? Blair? Hey. Going to sleep all night? Huh? I don't want you getting too comfortable in here, you know. Starr's waiting for you to wake up; jack's waiting for you to come home. I'm waiting for you. Kelly and Dorian and everybody. Want to see that smile again, those eyes.


Man: I got three bags of clean scrubs. You want them in the closet with the supplies?

Second man: In the back with the rest of the doctor's things.

Todd: Guard, help! Guard, help!

Officer: Manning? Wake up! Damn! Need a doctor here!


Kevin: You know how good it is to see you? Huh?

Blair: Is -- ahem -- is it over?

Kevin: Yeah. Yeah, they took out the tumor. We're waiting for the results.

Blair: I don't want to die, Kevin.

Kevin: Oh, you're not going to. Hey. You're not going to.


Dorian: Kelly, we got stuck in traffic. Is she awake yet?

Kelly: Yeah, just now.

Dorian: Yes? Well, where's Dr. Kingsley?

David: Where's Kevin?

Jordan: Good news.

Dorian: Oh.

Jordan: The tumor was benign.

Dorian: Oh, thank God!

Jordan: It was an intraventricular meningioma. I wish we could've caught it when she first came to see me, but it didn't show up on the M.R.I. Now, she told me about her dizziness and told me about her lightheadedness and the headaches. Has anything else seemed out of place? Behavior for her that seemed strange or unusual?

Dorian: You mean another symptom?

Jordan: Exactly. Maybe being forgetful, confused?

Dorian: No. No, not at all. If there had been anything like that, believe me, I would've brought her in myself. Excuse me, Iím going to go in and see her.

Jordan: All right.

David: She's trying to say "thank you."

Jordan: It's all right. I'll come and check on her again as soon as I can.

David: All right.

Jordan: Thank you.

David: Thanks. Is Kevin in there? Mm-hmm.

Kelly: Shut up, David. He's just concerned, that's all.

David: Kelly, if Kevin cares about Blair, having a baby's not going to change that, no matter how much you may want it to.

Dorian: Blair? I just saw your doctor.

Blair: What about the tumor?

Dorian: It's benign! Oh, honey.

Blair: Are they sure?

Dorian: Yes, absolutely. You're going to be good as new. But he's coming in in a minute and he'll tell you himself. Now, Kevin, uh, I'm here, so you and Kelly can take a break, if you like.

Kevin: Kelly's fine. I think I'll stay.


Jessica: Maybe I'm just not as ok as I thought I was. I -- I just -- I mean, he never touched me or anything like that. It's just I guess just being locked up in that place and everything.

Antonio: I wish I could just get one good shot at the guy.

Jessica: Antonio, you don't mean that.

Antonio: Yes, honey, I do. Look, I'm sorry, it's just that when I think about what that freak could've done to you --

Jessica: He didn't touch me, I told you! Anyways, Iím the one that trusted him in the first place.

Antonio: He manipulated you. That's what he does. He worked on you, set you up.

Jessica: I just -- Antonio, I just need some more time here, ok? Um, do you -- do you know where John's going to be taking Natalie and me after the service?

Antonio: Somewhere safe. I -- I don't know. I guess -- I mean, he didn't tell me. I guess he figured the fewer people that knew, the better.

Jessica: Oh.

Antonio: Wait. What is it?

Jessica: It's just I -- I had no clue where I was. I just -- I felt really trapped locked up in that place. I felt really lost, and I just -- I think that Iíd just feel a lot better if I just knew where we were going.

Antonio: I'll call.

[Phone rings]

John: McBain.

Antonio: Hey, it's Antonio.

John: Hey, what's up?

Antonio: Jessica's feeling a little shaky. I thought it might help if she knew where you were going to take her to hide out from Haver.

John: You know I won't give her that information.

Antonio: Yes.

John: So this call is just to make her think you tried.

Antonio: Yeah, that's fine.

John: Well, you can tell Jessica that I don't know where she'll be going, and I probably won't be talking about it over the phone when I do.

Antonio: I understand. I'll let her know. Thanks, John.


John: Hi.

Roxy: Johnny boy. Looking sharp. What's happening?

John: What's happening? Would you mind if I did a quick search?

Roxy: You need to do a search? For what?

John: I'd just like to take a quick look around.

Roxy: Well, don't you need a warrant for that?

Viki: Roxanne, Mr. McBain wants to catch the music box killer, not you.

Roxy: Oh. Anything I can do to help?

John: Just -- just go about your business. Thank you, Mrs. Davidson.

Roxy: You know, I think this memorial's going to be real good for Natalie, like a whole brand-new start.

Viki: Well, might be a bit soon for that.

Roxy: Really? How come?

Viki: I think it's healthy for Natalie to say goodbye to Cristian, but I don't think it's like she's going to wake up tomorrow morning and be ready for a whole new relationship, Roxanne. She loved Cristian with all her heart. You know, she wanted to spend her life with him and grow old with him.

Roxy: Viki, what's the matter with me? Man, Iím sorry. Oh, God.

Viki: That's ok. Thank you. I'm actually all right.

Roxy: Yeah, what a drag. You know, he comes back and then, whap, he's gone.

Viki: A drag? Yeah, yeah, I guess you could say it's a drag.

Roxy: Yeah.

Viki: But it was a lovely miracle having him just that short a time.

Roxy: Yeah.

Viki: And, of course, now I miss him more than ever. Because, you know, I will never stop loving Ben, just as Natalie will never stop loving Cristian.

Roxy: You know, I wish I had somebody like that.

Viki: Well, listen; the love of your life might be out there somewhere. You just haven't found him yet.

Roxy: Oh, I found him, a bunch of times. And then morning rolls around.


Natalie: What is that? It's a camera?

John: It's exactly like the one we found at the location where Haver was holding Jessica. He was watching you.

Viki: Oh, my God.


Bo: Make sure we have someone on the entrance, exits, and put someone on that stairwell, too, ok?

Officer: Yes, sir.

Bo: Hey.

Nora: Hey, you've got this place locked up tighter than the White House.

Bo: See, that's the idea.

Nora: They searched the trunk of my car.

Bo: John thinks Haver might show up here tonight.

Nora: That's bold, I mean, even for him.

Bo: Well, Haverís not the only one Iím worried about right now. John's dealing with a lot of guilt about his fiancťeís death, about Cristian, and he's stretched pretty thin, and I hate to think what he might do if Haver does show up here.

John: I've gone over every inch of this church.

Bo: No cameras?

John: Uh-uh. But I still have this feeling that somehow he's watching.


Rex: Seems like everywhere you go in this town these days, you're outnumbered by cops.

Natalie: Yeah, well, the more, the better tonight, believe me.

Rex: Stay close to me. I'll protect you.

Natalie: Protect me from her. What -- what is she doing here?

Rex: She's just paying her respects. Give her a break. Come on, Natalie, Cristian would not want you to throw her out of here, would he?

Jen: Look, I know Iím not invited, but if I could just sit in the back, that'd be great.

Natalie: All that matters is that you really cared about Cristian, so --

Jen: So it's ok with you if I stay?

Natalie: Sure.


Nora: If Ben came out of the coma once, isn't it more than likely that he could come out again?

Viki: The doctors don't know. So I just have to be grateful for anything that I can have with him, you know?

Nora: I'm sorry.

Viki: Thank you.

Nora: Ben's -- Benís one of the good guys.

Viki: Yeah.

Nora: As was Cristian.

Viki: Yeah.


Natalie: I mean, I knew there would be a lot of security here, but this is -- I feel bad. All these people are -- they're having to work tonight because of me. They're trying to protect me, and --

John: Well, look, you know, Cris isn't here because he was trying to protect you, and the only way I can honor his memory is by making sure you stay alive. And who knows, maybe -- maybe when this is all over, maybe you can find some happiness again. You know, I think he would like that.

[Phone rings]

John: Excuse me.


Evangeline: Look over here, Jamie! Right here! Yes! Ok, you can give us a little smile, too, R.J.

R.J.: Oh. Fine. One more.

Evangeline: Oh, yes!

R.J.: Ok, that ends the photo shoot, hmm?

Evangeline: Sounds like somebody needs a time-out.

R.J.: Look, I just don't like smiling and posing for the camera, ok? I prefer candid shots.

Evangeline: Well, you need traditional, too. Trust me, you will thank me one day.

R.J.: I know.

Evangeline: Besides, I need pictures. I never get to see Jamie anymore. I swear you've grown, like, a foot since I saw you last time.

R.J.: A foot? You've grown a foot? Now, you see, Jamie, when a lawyer does that, it's not lying. No, they're just using dramatic license. Now, you can see her whenever you want -- I mean, whenever she's with me.

Evangeline: Is that an open invitation?

R.J.: Very open.

Evangeline: You don't back away from conflict, do you?

R.J.: Conflict? Between you and me? Oh, no, no, no. Our relationship has been easy sailing.

Evangeline: Oh! Whatever.

R.J.: What? Come on, look at all that we've already gone through together, right? I mean, you've represented one of my worst enemies, and, well, you know how I feel about your current guilty client.

Evangeline: Ok, well, you're going to have to get used to it because Toddís appeal could take a very long time.

R.J.: Well, unless the appellate court agrees with Blair and leaves him in Statesville, where he belongs. I mean, then your job is done and you can walk away.

Evangeline: I am not walking anywhere because Todd is innocent. So Iím going to do my job until I can make him a free man.

[Phone rings]

Evangeline: Excuse me. Hello?

Jordan: Hey, it's Jordan. Heard you called.

Evangeline: Hey, Jordan, thank you so much for calling me back. I -- well, I heard Blairís in the hospital. Is she ok?

Jordan: Uh-uh, sorry. Patient's condition is out of bounds.

Evangeline: Ok. But look, Jordan, you know, I already know about the headaches and the dizzy spells that she's been having, so maybe there's something more I should know?

Jordan: Maybe. Look, you can talk to the family, if anyone's willing.

[Jamie fusses]

Evangeline: Thanks.


Starr: When can we go see my mom?

Kelly: Starr, not now. She's -- she's sleeping. She's exhausted.

Paul: Hey. So Blairís ok?

Kelly: Yeah, apparently. Why don't you run upstairs and tell Hedy what's going on. You know, I've got to talk to Paul and then head back to the hospital.

Starr: Yeah, you care about my mom.

Paul: That kid is vicious.

Kelly: She's a Cramer girl. It's in the blood.

Paul: Not yours.

Kelly: Oh, yes.

Paul: Why don't you go home, get some rest?

Kelly: Because, apparently, if I want to see my husband, I have to go to the hospital. He won't leave Blairís side.


Blair: Kevin was gentleman enough to bring me here. Please, I want him to stay.

Dorian: Ahem. I suppose somebody should let Kelly know that you're here with Blair. Perhaps when she can expect you home? Tonight, tomorrow morning?

Kevin: I don't know, Dorian.

Dorian: I see.

Kevin: Kelly understands, all right?

Dorian: Honey, Iíll be right back, ok?

Blair: All right.

Dorian: And I do mean soon.

Kevin: How you feeling? Want me to get a nurse or anything?

Blair: I'm ok.

Kevin: Yeah? So what's the last thing you remember before the hospital?

Blair: I was at The Palace with you.


Dorian: Kelly is risking her life to have that man's child, and what is he doing? He's sitting by Blairís bedside, holding her hand!

David: We'd better get you some caffeine. You're not wound up enough.

Dorian: David, Blair no sooner gets Todd out of her life than she takes up with Kevin?

David: Kelly could do a lot better than Kevin. But Blair? She should look at Kevin as an upgrade. Come on, Iíll buy you a triple caff.


Jordan: Any dizziness?

Blair: No.

Jordan: Any pain?

Blair: Uh-uh.

Jordan: All right, we've got some blood work coming back. So far, so good.

Kevin: No one realized how sick you really were, you know? You know, I was worried, but you just kept saying it was stress, so --

Blair: Do you remember what the doctor kept asking me?

Kevin: Which part?

Blair: If I was confused or forgetful or if I wasn't acting like myself?

Kevin: Yeah, well, that's just because he needed more information about your symptoms, that's all.

Blair: Do you think I was acting strange, I mean, doing anything I wouldn't have done unless, I mean, if I was sick?


Kelly: Kevin has been sitting vigil at the hospital ever since Blair was brought in. And when she came out of surgery, he just kept staring at her, like he was terrified that she was going to die, and talking to her, holding her hand. I just felt like, you know, we were getting close again and he was falling in love with me again. He gave me this ring. I just -- I don't want to read too much into this. I -- I know this is a crisis and it's only natural that he's concerned, but --

[Kelly sighs]

Kelly: Oh, I just hate feeling like this. I hate feeling so jealous and worried all the time.

Paul: You have to talk to Kevin, tell him how you feel.

Kelly: Oh, ok, so I guess Iíll go back to the hospital, I'll sit on the other side of Blairís bed, and we can have a conversation.

Paul: If you have to, yes. You want me to go with you?

Kelly: No. I'm sorry. I haven't even asked you why you're here. Come on, let's sit down.

Paul: Oh. You heard about Aunt Betsy?

Kelly: Yes, Dorian told me.

Paul: She told you Aunt Betsy changed the will before she died? I'm not getting the money. Listen, I'm sorry to have to ask you this, I mean, especially now -- all right, Aunt Betsy -- she announced her new will and died the same day, and Dorian and David are the only ones around. Do you think they killed Aunt Betsy to make sure they got the 30 million?


Adriana: I wish you were here, Cristian. You'd know what I should do.


Viki: Are you sure you're ok?

Jessica: Are these police officers and all these guns really necessary?

Viki: Yes, they are. Oh, my God, I'm so glad you're safe.


Natalie: When Cristian and I first started dating, Carlotta hated me, too.

River: Really?

Natalie: Oh-ho-ho, only the best for her son, and I had to prove myself. So Iím sure she feels the exact same way about her goddaughter.

River: So you're telling me there's a chance.


Jen: She knows I loved Cristian and she knows that I feel bad about putting him through hell.

Rex: Yeah, well, you're putting me through hell, too, so save some sympathy for the living, huh?

Jen: If you're in hell, you put yourself there.

Roxy: I couldn't hear -- did Jen find out about Lindsay?

Rex: Shh!

Roxy: Did Jen find out about Lindsay?

Rex: She hates us both. She thinks that we slept together.

Roxy: You did, didn't you?

Rex: Lindsay and I are done.

Roxy: Lindsay Rappaport is never done till her guys are in the nut house or six feet under.

Priest: Would everybody please sit down? Thank you all for being here. Tonight, may we have the faith that Cristian Vega, our brother, rests peacefully and that his spirit is here with us, helping to ease the pain of those he loved, filling them with comfort, guiding them as they honor his memory. Natalie?

Natalie: Ahem. When I found out that Cristian was dead, I wanted to die, too.

Natalie: Cristian was my best, best friend. He was everything I ever wanted. And I was going to share my life with him, and that was more than I could ever hope for, because no one -- I just never believed that anyone would love me the way he did. Ahem. Cristian died protecting me because he wanted me to keep living. And for me to, uh -- for me to want to die or to feel dead inside, that's wrong. I understand that now. So I want to thank my husband. And although it's going to be very hard to live without him, I'm going to honor him by living my life.

Antonio: All right. He always seems to put me in this position. Um, first of all, let me say there's way too many long faces in here. He never would've wanted it that way. So I know it's hard, but let's try to be happy for -- for him. I'd like to thank you all on behalf of me and my mother for your unconditional support during this time. I'd also like to thank you for all the -- the gifts, the cards, the donations, all the flowers that we've received. You're all too kind.


John: The bureau in Seattle called. They just picked up Haverís mother.

Bo: She's alive?

John: I'm having her flown in.

Bo: You got any details on her?

John: They're sending a report. I told them just to get her here.

Bo: I'm going to check around the grounds.

[Phone rings]

John: McBain.

Stephen: [Distorted voice] she's crying.

John: What?

Stephen: Natalie. She's crying.

Stephen: You should take better care of her.


R.J.: Well, I think Jamie is out for the night.

Evangeline: I just got off the phone with Starr. And it was hard for her, but she eventually gave me what I needed. Blair had something called an intraventricular meningioma.

R.J.: That a cancer?

Evangeline: It's a growth, yes, but it is benign. And one of the symptoms of her condition is mental confusion.

R.J.: Well, great. Then you have something to work on in the morning. But tonight, we have some time to ourselves.

Evangeline: Oh, God, I would love to take advantage of it, R.J., But I --

[R.J. Sighs]

R.J.: All right. If you can't get your mind off of this case, you might as well just stick to that.

Evangeline: You're not mad?

R.J.: No. I just said that we -- we can withstand any conflict, so go ahead. What else did you find out about Blair?

Evangeline: An intraventricular meningioma is a brain tumor, and it could've been affecting her memory and her judgment. Do you know what that means, R.J.? Todd was right. They had rough sex. But in her confused mind, somehow she twisted it into rape.


Kevin: I noticed that you had some headaches, but other than that, you were you.

Blair: Kevin, what if I was not thinking straight?

Kevin: Listen to me, Blair, the jury put Todd in prison because they agreed that he raped you, all right, and you should be recovering and not lying here doubting yourself right now. Just -- just rest, ok? I'll be right outside.

Blair: Ok.

Blair: Todd. What are you doing here?

Todd: Just had to see you.


Priest: Adriana, you wanted to speak about Cristian?


John: You figured out a widow would be crying at her husband's funeral. You're a real genius, Haver.

Stephen: [Distorted voice] ah. You who know I am. I'm Poe.

John: Oh, whatever. You still can't see her.

Stephen: You are a clever boy, Johnny. But how can you be sure?


Adriana: Cristian was like my real big brother. He always had time to listen to me, always had time for his little cousin.


Stephen: Have you checked every inch of the church, John?

John: If you're here, prove it, Haver.

Stephen: Then the game would be over.


Adriana: I had so many questions, mostly about love. He told he had found his soul mate -- Natalie. I asked him how I'd know when I found mine. He said I'd know. He'd be the one person whose happiness I wanted more than my own.


Kelly: Wow, I have no doubt that Dorian would use this girl Adriana to get her hands on those millions, but kill someone? I don't think so.

Paul: What about David?

Kelly: Hmm. He's done some pretty awful things.

Paul: I knew it.

Kelly: No, no. Murder an old woman? Come on! No.

Paul: Well, I'm not letting this go until I find out for sure. What are you going to do about Kevin?

Kelly: Kevin. Oh, what am I going to do about Kevin? I think that Iím just going to consider this a crisis and when Blair is better, things will go back to normal and he will continue to plan for our child.


Roxy: I feel very close to Cristian right now because this is the t-shirt that he bought me for the holidays. You know, I don't think I ever saw Natalie happy until the day she met Cristian. And who wouldn't be happy about it because he's such a catch, right? And, you know, we all know how hot he was. I mean, you know, that we all know. But he had a lot of other stuff going on for him, because Cris was a true artist. So if you like all this stuff, why don't you come down to Foxy Roxyís and check out the mural he did of me. And, you know, there's a special going on there now, so it's 10% off for all haircuts, blowouts, and, for all you men out there, comb-overs. So just mention Cristianís name and -- well, you know, Cristian had a fine head of hair, and a real big heart as well. Thank you.


John: If you're in here, show yourself. Otherwise, you and I got nothing to talk about.

[Stephen laughs]


Todd: Blair, if you don't love me, if we're over, I want you to say it right now.

Blair: No. Just get out of here.

Dorian: Oh, my god!

Kevin: What the hell are you doing here?

Dorian: Security! Security!


Stephen: [Distorted voice] let's see. Where could I be? Did you check the confessionals? Maybe I'm waiting to hear your sins.

John: Oh, I got plenty of sins. I'll meet you there.

Stephen: But that wouldn't be my rightful place, would it, John? I see all. I know all. So where would I be?

John: Oh, I don't know, Haver, where?

Stephen: Simple, John, simple. With the omnipotent, the all-powerful up on the altar.


Kevin: Don't you touch her!

Todd: I want an answer right now. Tell me how you feel.

Kevin: Where's security?

Guard: Whoa, whoa. Take it easy, take it easy.

Second guard: Calm down, calm down.


On the next "One Life To Live" --

Stephen: You've managed to keep Jessica and Natalie alive -- for now.


Natalie: Why do you keep calling him the killer? You know it's Stephen Haver.


Officer: Todd manning broke out of Statesville a few hours ago.


Guard: Drop it, Manning, now!

Blair: Todd!

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