OLTL Transcript Tuesday 2/17/04

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 2/17/04

By Eric
Proofread by Melissa

Bo: Looks like somebody couldn't sleep tonight, huh?

Nora: What if Blair doesn't testify? What if Todd walks?

Bo: I don't even want to go there. Matthew have any trouble sleeping after we were dancing so much?

Nora: He went out like a light. Unfortunately, the opposite was true for me. Thank god for Marianne. I told her I was going out for ice cream, and look where I ended up.

Bo: I do have some good news. Ben woke up for a little while tonight.

Nora: He came out of the coma? My God. What did -- what did the doctors --?

Bo: No, no, no, it's just something that happened.

Nora: But it happened! That's fantastic.

Bo: I know. What a wedding gift for Pa and Renee, huh? And you should have seen the smile on Vikiís face.


Jessica: She was just so happy, you know?

Natalie: Yeah. It's nice being able to talk to your husband, even if it's for a little while.

Jessica: I know. So, anyway, she's going to stay at the hospital a little while longer, and now the only problem is I can't get a hold of Antonio. I keep on getting his voicemail over and over and over again. It's driving me crazy. And, you know, I'd ask John for the number of the Chicago Police Department, but he's decided that I'm not allowed to know anything anymore.

Natalie: What? Why?

Jessica: I don't know. He's just -- he's acting so strange, as if, you know, he's the only one that can care about the music box killer or do anything about it. Hey, kiddo. You want to join us?

Starr: No.

Jessica: Come on. We're making sundaes. Are you sure? We got sprinkles and every-- what happened?

Natalie: What'd you get tangled up with?

Starr: Beat up a couple of kids at this stupid party. One of them, unfortunately, got lucky.

Natalie: Why'd you beat them up?

Starr: Because they called my father a dirty rapist and said that he's going to jail where he belongs.


Todd: All right, enough of the buildup. Who do you want me to see?

Evangeline: Someone who could testify and convince the jury that you would never rape again. You may recall that I asked Marty Saybrooke to be a consultant.

Todd: Yeah. You may recall I said it was a dumb idea.

Evangeline: Well, she's here.

Todd: She's where?

Marty: Hello, Todd.


R.J. So, are you still wondering what you're going to do on the stand tomorrow?

Blair: I am going to bury Todd. Excuse me.

Lindsay: Hey, Blair, listen -- hi.

R.J.: He's not here.

Lindsay: Who?

R.J.: Your boy toy.

Lindsay: Will you stop calling him that?

R.J.: Well, he was -- here. But he's not. He is gone. He left with Jen, your daughter.

Lindsay: Really?

R.J.: Mmmm.

Lindsay: Good.


John: You know this guy, Beamer?

Bo: Sure. He runs our photo lab.

John: I'm waiting for him. Trying to get a closer look at anyone who attended that news conference I did when we were hunting the white rose killer. I got some old photos -- see if I can pick anything out of the crowd, if he could blow them up.

Bo: Yeah. Maybe what you really need right now, though, is to get some sleep.

Nora: There's Bo, giving advice that he doesn't take himself.

John: See, the thing is, when she -- when Caitlin was killed, I always thought it was part of a botched robbery.

Bo: But it wasnít.

John: No, had decided I should go out and I should antagonize this guy at the press conference, and that's what I did. She'd still be alive today if I hadnít. This guy -- he killed her and then he filmed it, and now, five years later, in the middle of this investigation, he sends it to me.

Bo: He wants you to know he was there.

Nora: Do you think the music box killer was the person you were after in New Jersey?

John: Oh, I know he was at that press conference. I'm going to blow up the face of everybody in that crowd, and I'm going to find him.


[Psychedelic music plays]

Rae: Why -- why did you do this?

[Rae whimpers]

Rae: No, wait. Wait. Please -- please don't go. Don't go. Don't go.

["Romeo & Juliet" theme plays]


Nora: That's really terrific news about Ben.

Bo: Yeah. Pa and Renee got to talk to him.

Nora: Hmm, that's great.

Bo: Yeah, Pa's--

Daniel: Commissioner, I need an update on the music box killer. Where is Agent McBain?

Bo: You know, Daniel, I keep having to remind you -- John McBain is F.B.I. He doesn't answer to you, he doesn't answer to me, and right now he's busy.


Man: Does anybody look familiar?

John: Can you give me close-ups of each one?

Man: Yeah, but the quality won't be great.

John: It's ok. It's ok. Go ahead. He was there. He had to be.


Natalie: I had it pretty tough when I was in school, too. Kids were pretty rotten.

Starr: Yeah?

Natalie: Mm-hmm. They'd tease me about, you know, hand-me-down clothes, my mom the drunk, you name it. A lot of fights.

Starr: I'm the one that did the beating up. Just remember that, ok?

Natalie: Mm-hmm.

Jessica: Starr, come on. You know violence should always be a last resort.

Blair: Hey! Is Starr here?

Starr: You squealed on me?

Natalie: No, I did. Honey, your mom needed to know.

Starr: I thought you were my friend.

Natalie: I am. And as your friend, you need your mom.

Starr: No, I donít.

Natalie: She's a little upset.

Jessica: She's upstairs in my old bedroom.

Blair: Thank you. Thank you both.

Jessica: You know, the more I hear about your childhood, the more I realize how rough you had it.

Natalie: No, not as rough as Starr.


Blair: Hey. You want to tell me what happened?

Starr: What, like you care? This is your fault because you lied about dad.

Blair: Now, I know that you think that. But no matter who's right or wrong -- I bet that hurts, doesn't it?


Todd: Damn it, Williamson, this is not going to help us.

Evangeline: Todd, this case is blowing up in our faces. Kevin's testimony really hurt us badly. And now you're sitting in the courtroom in shackles.

Todd: Listen to me --

Evangeline: Listen, I worked really hard to pick a jury for you that wasn't tainted. But people know you in this town. They know your history, and I have to defend you against that. So if I can get a former victim, your former victim to testify on your behalf --

Todd: Are you crazy?

Evangeline: I'm going to do that!

Todd: She gets on the stand, she's going to bury us. She's --

Marty: The one you raped? May I speak with Todd alone, please?

Todd: Oh, come on. Marty, please, go home.

Evangeline: I'm going to wait outside.

Marty: Thank you. Well, you really do look different. It's very hard to adjust to.

Todd: You look the same.

Marty: I'm not. I'm a long way from the girl you raped at the K.A.D. House. I built a whole new life. I feel whole again. Can you say the same? Because from the way you're acting and talking, I'd say no.


Natalie: Did you ever get a phone number for Antonio?

Jessica: No. No, and John now won't take my calls.

Natalie: Really?

Jessica: He's so weird, Natalie. You know, just the other day Dr. Haver told me to stay away from him.

Natalie: Yeah, well, I mean, you said something about that.

Jessica: Yeah, he's just saying that he's getting really, really frustrated with this case, and -- I don't know, he was trying to be diplomatic about it, but Dr. Haver pretty much said that John's losing it.

Natalie: Well, I mean, I know that John's upset because he can't get a break in the case, but --

[Phone rings]

Natalie: Hold on.


Natalie: Hello?

Man: [Distorted voice] Natalie, hello. I hope I didn't hurt your lovely neck.

Jessica: Who is it?

Man: Please understand, all I was doing was making sure Agent McBain understood something important. But don't worry -- you and I will get together again soon. I'm looking forward to spending time with you and that lovely sister of yours.


John: Hey, this one in the middle of the back row -- can you make him any clearer?

Man: Maybe a little bit.

John: A little bit? Ok, go for it.

[Phone rings]

John: Yeah, McBain.

Bo: John, you need to call Natalie at Llanfair.

John: That's going to have to wait, Bo. I'm kind of busy right now.

Bo: I think you want to talk to her right now. The killer just called her.


Daniel: I'll get my coat.

Bo: Where's he going?

Nora: I'm taking him out for chicken fingers to get him out of your hair.

Bo: Oh, thank you.

Nora: You owe me. Wait a minute, where are you going?

Bo: Llanfair.


[Phone rings]

Natalie: Hello?

John: Hey, it's John. What happened?

Natalie: It was the killer. He called, and his voice -- it was all distorted.

John: How long ago?

Natalie: A few minutes ago.

John: All right, hang tight. We're on our way.


["Romeo & Juliet" theme plays]

Man: Hello, Rae. Glad you're feeling better.

Rae: If you are the music box killer, why don't you just kill me? You're not going to get away with this.

[Music box shuts off]

Rae: You're not! People are going to start to miss me!

Man: Like who? Myrtle? You never called, you never wrote. Your daughter, Skye -- she hates you.

Rae: No, no.

Man: Your so-called family couldn't care less.

Rae: I have friends. I have -- I have patients and -- meetings and --

Man: You have me.

Rae: No.

Man: Don't worry, Rae. I will take care of everything.


Jessica: Hi. Come in.

John: Hey. You ok? All right, what did he say?

Natalie: He -- he called me on my cell. I mean, it was like he was watching me.

John: All right, well, that's what he wants you to think, all right? Now listen to me -- if you feel like you can do this, I want you to write down everything that he might have said, all right? Just in any order, you go right ahead.

Bo: Look, I got teams out here checking the grounds right now. You're going to be ok. We're here.

Natalie: Thank you.

John: This is why I don't want you anywhere near this case, do you understand me? Keep your distance. It is not a game. I don't want you even writing about this in your column. Understood?

Jessica: Fine. Yes, understood.

John: Ok, put it down anywhere you want, all right? Just anything, anything you remember.


Blair: I really wish that I had been there to help you, Starr, but this trial will be over with soon, and then it won't be in the press anymore, ok?

Starr: I read "The Banner." It says that you testify tomorrow.

Blair: Yeah. I have to try and explain what your dad did to me, and it's not going to be easy. But, as the mother of a little girl, I have to make sure that you understand when someone hurts somebody else, they have to be punished.

Starr: Like the kids who said mean things to me?

Blair: Exactly. Now, did you tell Hannahís mother what they did to you?

Starr: No. I handled it myself. I didn't throw them in front of a judge and put them in jail. I'm not like that.

Blair: Starr --

Starr: Why can't you just handle it by yourself? Why can't you just take dad into a room and just have a big argument or a fight, just to get it over with? Anything but this. Why are you doing this?


Todd: You came all the way from California to play high and mighty with me? You know, I took a bullet for you, Marty.

Marty: I know. And I know I could've died after that car crash if you hadn't carried me out.

Todd: And you cursed me the whole way.

Marty: We've had our issues.

Todd: Yeah, we've had some issues. You're a psychiatrist now?

Marty: Yes.

Todd: You here to analyze me, or what?

Marty: Why don't we try that? Are you the man I think you are, Todd? Are you the man who's changed, who deserves a second chance? Because if you are, I may be able to help you.

Todd: Why would you help me?


Man: Agent McBain said to bring these photos to the commissioner's office.

Officer: McBain's out right now. I'll leave them on the commissioner's desk.

Jessica: Hey, Mason.

Mason: Oh, hi, Jessica.

Jessica: How are you? My uncle here?

Mason: No, he's out of the building.

Jessica: Oh. Well, I was just going to go and leave a note on his desk, ok? Thanks.


Rae: Why? Why are you keeping me in here? You -- you really are a coward, you know that? Stupid little box. You prey on innocent women who can't defend themselves, and you keep me locked in this room and you won't even show your stupid face to me. You -- you really are a coward with this stupid little box.

Man: Rae. Why are you deliberately goading me?


Bo: Have them sweep the grounds at Llanfair one more time and call me when they're done.

Mason: Right there, Agent.

John: Thanks. Smells like perfume in here.

Bo: Oh, you got your photos, huh?

John: Yeah, hopefully we can get something.

Bo: Did you get something?

John: Check that out.

Bo: Nothing, huh?

John: Look again.

Bo: John, I'm sorry. I --

John: Bo, that's Stephen Haver.


Rae: Just show yourself to me!

Stephen: Hello, Rae. Pay no more attention to the man behind the curtain.  I really appreciate your helping an old colleague like this, Rae. Think about the exchange -- you help me figure out why I'm doing what I'm doing, and I help you figure out a way to live. Just think -- if you could score enough analytical points getting me to change my ways, I could get you to score the ultimate prize -- a long and ultimately happy life.

Rae: Well, now, let's be realistic, Stephen. I know too much. You can't allow me to live.

Stephen: Come on, Rae. At least we got to try.


Daniel: I need you to tell me what I'm doing wrong. Why does everybody in the station hate me? Not to mention the staff in my own office?

Nora: Daniel, they don't hate you.

Daniel: Nora, just give it to me straight.

Nora: Ok, they hate you. I'm sorry; I don't mean to be so blunt about it. It's just that it's -- well -- maybe if you treated people like people instead of dogs that did something wrong on your carpet --

Daniel: Well, I -- I guess that states the problem.

Nora: I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. It's just, you know, you asked and I -- I wouldn't have said anything, but if I didn't think you could change -- you can change. I know you can. You stopped drinking.

Daniel: Yeah. You know, it's hard, but I'm hanging in.

Nora: You're doing great.

Daniel: Thanks.


Lindsay: Will you look at that?

R.J.: I thought you and Colson were history.

Lindsay: We are. But does she have to have every man I've ever been involved with?


Bo: All right, we're getting a warrant, but I got to tell you, John, I think this is a real stretch. You know, I look at these, I see a guy with a mustache, glasses -- he could be Haver. This guy could be 100 other guys.

John: I should have thought of this before, Bo. Haver had contact with MacIver. He's on campus where most of the murders take place. And Haver has access to police files.

Bo: Yeah, that's because we brought him in as an expert. The F.B.I. has used him, too, for serial killer manhunts. It's because he's helpful. He's good. He's also -- he works with Rae.

John: And where is she? Where is she? He was the white rose killer, and now he's the music box killer. He may even be our guy in Illinois.

Bo: All right. I'm going to fax a picture of Haver to Antonio, have him show it to some of the guys that worked on that case, all right? Yeah? Thanks, Mason. Ok. This is a limited warrant, though. I want you to remind your guys just what we can and we can't do.

John: Fine. Let's go see Haver.


Rae: Where are we? I mean, is this a room in your house?

Stephen: Maybe. Maybe not. So, ready to play? Come on, Rae, think of it this way -- if this is truly your dying day, let's make it interesting. No, no, not interesting. Let's make it extraordinary. Who knows, maybe one extraordinary day will lead into another and another and another.

Rae: Until you get bored, and then you'll kill me. Right? Your brother told me that your mother was a real hippie when you were little. Is that why you've dressed me like this?

Stephen: What an interesting observation. Why would I do something like that? But, then again, we did make a suggestion about that in our report to the police, didn't we? And I quote -- "with all these homicides, the murderer is killing the same person over and over and over again."


Bo: Lights are on, nobody's home.

John: Or he's just not answering. Go ahead and start C.S.U. Out here, all right? I want casts of any footprints you find around. Collect the trash. Anything.

Officer: Right.

John: I'm going in.

Marty: I know what you've been through, Todd. I know how hard you've worked to change. But I also know you could never convince yourself you still weren't a rapist at heart.

Todd: Marty --

Marty: No, hear me out. Your guilt changed you. It shaped who you are. It gave you an identity that you couldn't escape. But now you look different, and you realize it doesn't matter. Looks don't mean much. It's still about what's inside. You find -- what's in there, Todd?

Todd: Broken bones. Metal plates. So many, I go through metal detectors, it sets them off. When I left that hospital, I thought I could change. I knew I could change, finally. And I did. I found Blair, I found my kids, and I made it work. I'm not that man anymore, Marty. I'm not that monster who raped you. I love my wife I love my children, and that's enough.

Marty: Good. That's everything. So, what's this rape charge all about?

Todd: It's Blair trying to punish me.

Marty: Why?

Todd: I used this new face to deceive her. I -- I tricked her into falling in love with this guy named Walker Lawrence. It's the only way I thought I could get her back. So, you see, she thinks that emotionally I raped her.


Blair: I would give anything not to have to go into that courtroom tomorrow, but if I don't, that means your daddy would get away with it.

Starr: He said that he didn't do it.

Blair: Well, we're just going to have to wait and let a jury decide who's right or wrong. I know that you hate me right now, but I am doing what I'm doing because I think that it's right. And I hope that you will someday be able to open your heart up again to me because I really hate -- I hate what it's doing to us. You are my life, Starr -- my life -- and I love you so much.


Jessica: I know you're upset about the phone call. You want to talk about it?

Natalie: No, it's just so weird, Jess. I mean, I was actually talking to the man who almost strangled me to death. I guess now you know why John McBain wants you to stay away from this case, huh?

Jessica: Yeah.


Officer: Well, we made casts of seven footprints out here. Anything inside?

Bo: Nothing out of the ordinary.

John: Post a surveillance team. Haver shows, bring him in.

Officer: You got it.

John: You still think I'm way out on a limb, don't you?

Bo: Not right now. I'm thinking about Rae, the way she sounded when she called us, the way she was acting when she got back from interviewing MacIver.

John: She knew something about the killer, but she was afraid to say it until she had a night to sleep on it.

Bo: That's the way you act when you're concerned about a colleague.

John: Like Haver.


Rae: What is this?

Stephen: Think about it.

Rae: These are the days that you murdered those women with the red leotard.

Stephen: Bravo! Bravo!

Rae: But you know something? There's a mistake here, Stephen. On January 23, the victim lived. Sarah Roberts is alive in London, remember?

Stephen: [Imitates buzzer] Wrong answer! There are no mistakes. Dangers, danger, Will Robison. There are no mistakes. She lived because I let her live. When I want someone to die, they die. Hi, guys. Hey.


Bo: Thanks, Antonio. Look, I know you're working late there, too, but after you talk to those guys in Joliet, give me a call, ok? Ok, bye.

John: Just got a call from my boss, and a very long lecture on criminal indictment procedure.

Bo: Haver?

John: And I quote, "a false arrest against someone as distinguished as Dr. Haver is not something the bureau wants right now."

Bo: Yeah, we don't want that much in this department, either. I talked to Antonio, and he showed Haver's picture to some of the guys in Chicago that worked on that love child case. One of them said he looked a little familiar. Other guys said they didn't know him at all.

John: You put in a call to Rae?

Bo: Keep getting voicemail.

John: Bo, look at me. I don't care what everyone else says -- this is not a mistake. It's not a mistake.


Lindsay: Hi.

Daniel: Hi.

Lindsay: So, how's the case against Todd Manning going? I assume that is what you were talking to Nora about.

Daniel: Case? No, no, we weren't talking about any case. We just -- we just came in here to have a drink.

Lindsay: Oh.

Daniel: Club soda -- drink.

Lindsay: Ok. Well, I guess I'll be going.

Daniel: No, hey, Lindsay, Lindsay -- look, I'm not on a date with Nora. If I -- frankly, if I had time to make a date, I'd like to go out with you, but --

Lindsay: Really?

Daniel: Really. But we'd have to keep it honest, though. I don't like being treated like a fool. No more lies about your involvement with Rex Balsom.

Lindsay: Yeah. Look, that was a mistake that I made -- one of many.

Daniel: You are gorgeous.


Marty: So, by lying about your identity, you betrayed her.

Todd: Again. I can't even tell you how many times I've hurt Blair. This is the one that she wouldn't get over.

Marty: You say you did it out of love?

Todd: Yes.

Marty: You still love her?

Todd: Absolutely. And don't believe for a second that she still doesn't love me.

Evangeline: Hey, you guys. We are kind of stretching the rules here, so, time's up. Did you get your question answered?

Marty: I've heard enough. Thank you. I'll talk to you in the morning. Good night.

Todd: Yeah, ok -- so, what, you going to walk out of there like -- what the hell? Oh, we don't need her. We're going to be fine. Blair's going to change her mind when she gets on that stand. We don't need Marty. We don't need anyone. We're going to be fine.


Blair: This will all be over soon, ok?

Starr: Right -- when dad gets back and we're all a family again.


Jessica: Antonio, it's Jessica. I don't know why I can't get a hold of you.

[Knock on door]

Jessica: I miss you. Bye. Hi. Yes --

John: May I?

Jessica: Please, come in.

John: Ok, thanks. Um -- I have something I need to talk to you both about. Is your sister here?

Jessica: No, she's in bed. Sorry.

John: She's in bed. All right, maybe you can talk to her when she wakes up, then.

Jessica: Sure.

John: I don't know why I'm telling you this, Jess, but I promised Antonio I'd look after you while he was gone, and I owe it to Natalie, so -- we have evidence that suggests Stephen Haver may be the music box killer. Look, I know this is a lot to take in, all right? But what I need you to do is if he tries to reach you, if he tries to contact you, do not meet him, Jessica. Are you hearing me?  Hey --

Jessica: Yes, uh -- John, come on! How is that possible? He's been helping us this whole time. I don't get it.

John: He is not helping us. Do not go near him, Jessica. Are we perfectly clear on this? Are we --?

Jessica: Yes, yes.

John: Perfectly clear on this?

Jessica: Yes, we're perfectly clear on this. Fine, I'll stay with Natalie for the night and I'll -- I'll call you if Dr. Haver contacts me. You're wrong about this, though.

John: We'll see. If I'm wrong, I'm finished. But I'm not wrong. Good night.

Jessica: Good night.


[Phone rings]

Stephen's voice: Hi, this is Professor Stephen Haver. Please leave a message, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

[Voicemail beeps]

Stephen: How does that feel, Rae? Soft, isn't it?

Rae: Will you -- will you tell me something?

Stephen: Sure. Why not?

Rae: First of all, it wasn't a mistake. I know that if you wanted Sarah Roberts to live, she would have lived. And if you want me dead --

Stephen: You'd be cold by now.

Rae: Yes. Because you don't make mistakes, Stephen. Because that would mean you were out of control, and you are never out of control, are you?

Stephen: Very good, Rae. Very good. You just bought yourself a little more time. Now, the calendar. You know what the calendar means, don't you?

Rae: Yes. And so do the police, Stephen. You're counting down your victims. Sarah Roberts was number three. That means you have two more to go. Am I one of them?

Stephen: What do you think?

Rae: No. No, I don't think so. I -- I just interfered. I don't believe I'm part of your master plan, which means that you are going to kill two more young women. Who are they?

Stephen: I'll leave you to think about that, Rae. While you're thinking, think on this. There's nothing you or anyone else can do now to stop this.


Stay tuned for scenes from the next "one life to live."

On the next "one life to live" --

Evangeline: At this time the defense calls Margaret Saybrooke.


Kenneth: I find it hard to believe that my brother is this killer that you described.


Stephen: Did you figure out who my next victim is going to be? I certainly hope so.

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