OLTL Transcript Tuesday 2/10/04

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 2/10/04

By Eric
Proofread by Melissa

Evangeline: Excuse me. Right on time, I see.

Todd: Yeah, I wouldn't want to be late for my own funeral.

Evangeline: Listen to me, Todd; we've both got a lot riding on this trial -- the next 10 to 20 years of your life and my career.

Todd: I'm sorry. Somebody's nervous.

Evangeline: Stop getting yourself ready to lose. We won't get the directed verdict, but we will win this trial.

Todd: Right. And maybe Blair will walk in and call the whole thing off.


Blair: No, no, no. I want to be in that courtroom, Nora.

Nora: Well, it's going to get ugly, Blair. Don't kid yourself.

Blair: I want Todd to have to watch me and remember everything that he did to me, right up until the time they cart him off to prison.

Nora: Ok. Let's go.

Blair: All right.

Dorian: Blair, honey, have courage, and I'll be there really soon.

Blair: Thank you.

Nora: Well, I certainly hope so, Dorian. You're my first witness.

David: Hey. Last night was wonderful.

Dorian: Yes, it was.

David: Blair's under a lot of pressure now, huh?

Dorian: Todd's lawyer's going to make her seem like some sort of slut, and we've got that rat Kevin Buchanan to thank.


Kelly: I don't want to do anything that'll hurt the baby.

Kevin: I don't want you to hurt yourself, all right? I'll call you when I'm done.

Kelly: Ok.

Kevin: I love you.

Kelly: I love you.


Jessica: Hey.

Natalie: Hey.

Jessica: You sleep long?

Natalie: Hmm, not really. I don't sleep much.

Jessica: We're ok, you know. There's a cop outside 24/7.

Natalie: Thank you for sleeping over.

Jessica: No problem. I mean, with Antonio gone, I kind of like the company. Wish I could have been there today for Todd's trial.

Natalie: Maybe tomorrow.

Jessica: Definitely. He needs the support.

Natalie: Hmm, he needs a shrink. Did Roxy ever make it in?

Jessica: Yeah, she did. Her and Nigel came in. They were redoing a room at the hotel till really late, and she left about 8:00. But I have to go. Have you seen my keys anywhere?


Stephen: What are you doing in my office, Rae?

Rae: I just left you a note.

Stephen: Oh. What have you got there?

Rae: I guess I'm caught, huh? It's the medical license and diploma of Dr. Samuel Hartford, the therapist who treated the love-child murderer in Chicago.

Stephen: Uh-huh.

Rae: I mean, what are you doing with them?


David: Didn't have valet parking.

Bailiff: All rise. The superior court of Llantano County is now in session, the Honorable Virginia Lowell presiding.

Judge: Be seated. Ms. Williamson, your request for a directed verdict of not guilty is denied. Ms. Buchanan, your request for a sequestered jury is premature, to put it mildly. Now, I hope you ladies aren't going to clutter my desk with any more frivolities. Well, both sides are ready?

Evangeline: Ready, your honor.

Nora: Yes, your honor.

Judge: Bailiff, call in the jury.

Todd: Where the hell's Viki?

Evangeline: She wasn't sure she could clear up enough of her schedule. Why?

Todd: I don't see very many people on my side.

Evangeline: I'm here.


Stephen: You know, I don't believe I ever told you this, but I collect criminal memorabilia. In fact, my collection's getting to be world-class.

Rae: No, I didn't know that. What, about murders?

Stephen: Oh, no, no, no, not just murders -- famous murders, the best of the worst. I have in my collection the gun that killed Ruby Rose in Hollywood in the 1920s. I have the leather straps attached to the electric chair that killed Henry Dale. I have handcuffs once worn by Lee Harvey Oswald. And now, to add to my collection, I have the medical degree and license to practice of the late Dr. Samuel Hartford. Not as good as something from the love-child killer himself, but, well, it's a start.

Rae: Yes. So how do you go about getting something like that?

Stephen: Oh, you'd be amazed what you can buy on the internet these days.

Rae: Huh.

Stephen: I'm going to use this in my next book -- illustrations, you know?

Rae: Yes.

Stephen: It's odd though.

Rae: What is?

Stephen: Well, this was in my desk under some things. What were you doing in my desk, Rae?


Nora: Mr. Manning's attorney is going to try to convince you that the sex that Todd and Ms. Cramer had on New Year's Eve was consensual. We talked yesterday during jury selection, and I know that most of you are married or have been. Many of you have children. And you all know what consensual sex is. And you also know that when a man holds down a struggling woman and forces himself on her, ignoring her cries to "stop, please stop," you know that that is, ladies and gentlemen, rape. That night, Mr. Manning was in a violent, jealous rage. Why? Hmm. He had been lying repeatedly to Ms. Cramer. He tricked her into marrying him -- remarrying him in order to regain custody of children that he doesn't even deserve to be near. And she found out about it and rejected him. And he was going to show her but good. The defense is also going to try to convince you that Todd couldn't possibly hurt Ms. Cramer because he loves her. Well, rape is not an act of love. Rape is an ugly, vicious, violent crime. You know that. Always remember that. Thank you.

Todd: Hey, easy on Blair.

Evangeline: Good morning. You know that I represent the defendant, Todd Manning. The prosecution made a big point of warning you that I was going to try to convince you of this or try to persuade you of that, but let's just get one thing very clear, ok? It's not a matter of convincing or persuading. It's a matter of proving. The state has to prove that Mr. Manning is guilty of a crime. Mr. And Mrs. Manning fought, yes. That is not a crime. They had sex afterwards, yes. That is not a crime. To charge a crime -- rape -- is very serious, and it requires proof beyond a reasonable doubt, which means witnesses or evidence. Does this prosecutor have any witnesses to a rape? No. Does she have any evidence that a rape occurred? No. Evidence of sex? Yes. We're going to hear a lot about sex, ladies and gentlemen, but we're not going to hear any proof that a rape occurred or that Mr. Manning committed a crime. Blair Manning's accusation against my client is nothing but a --

Todd: Ahem.

Evangeline: Nothing but the terrible, potentially tragic mistake of a very confused woman. Throughout this trial, I ask that you remember one thing -- that the burden of proof is not on the defense. It is on the state. Do not allow the commonwealth to destroy a man's life without proof. Thank you.

Judge: All right. That concludes opening statements. Let's move ahead. Ms. Buchanan?

Nora: Thank you. The commonwealth calls Dorian Cramer Lord.


Jessica: Yeah, mom, thanks for looking. Talk to you later. Bye. That's weird. No idea where I put those keys. I know I used them when I locked the loft up, but -- that's the picture that Cristian drew of you.

Natalie: Yep, in February. Our very first time we made love.

[Doorbell rings]

Jessica: I'll get it.

Carlotta: Hi.

Jessica: Hi, Carlotta, come on in.

Carlotta: I just dropped off Jamie at R.J.'S.

Jessica: Oh, great. And I heard your goddaughter's back in town -- Adriana?

Carlotta: Mm-hmm.

Jessica: Is she all right?

Carlotta: Oh, Adriana? Yeah, she's fine.

Jessica: Great.

Carlotta: You should come visit her.

Jessica: Thanks.

Carlotta: Hi, Natalie. How are you?

Natalie: Fine.

Carlotta: You ready?

Jessica: What's up?

Carlotta: Natalie and I are going to go through some of Cristian's things, you know, some of his old books and things. We decided it is time.

Natalie: No! You decided it was time. I loved him and I am not giving any of his things away!


Nora: So you and your friend Mr. Vickers returned home from your New Year's Eve party, went into the living room, poured yourself a drink. Approximately what time was that?

Dorian: Approximately 1:00 A.M.

Nora: Oh. And what happened next?

Dorian: We heard noises, shouts coming from upstairs. I went into the foyer, and Blair came running down the stairs. She fell into my arms. She was desperately trying to get away from Todd Manning.

Nora: Oh. You have medical experience as a doctor. Was Blair injured in any way?

Dorian: She had bruises on her neck, her arms, and she was bleeding from a head wound.

Nora: And what about her clothes?

Dorian: Her dress was ripped. Her makeup was streaked from crying. She was devastated. She was shaking.

Nora: Please tell us what happened next.

Dorian: Todd refused to leave Blair alone. She kept insisting that he leave. He yelled that he would not, and, fortunately, Mr. Vickers was able to force him out of the house. However, Todd would not leave it at that. Oh, no. He broke a pane in one of the French doors and tried to force his way back in. I was terrified.

Nora: Did he eventually give up and leave?

Dorian: Eventually, thank God.

Nora: And then did Ms. Cramer seek medical attention?

Dorian: As a physician, I insisted that she go to the emergency room.

Nora: And after she sought medical attention, did she then go to the police and report what had happened to her?

Dorian: Yes, she did.

Nora: Did you accompany her?

Dorian: Yes, I went with her, and we reported that she had been raped.

Nora: Thank you very much. Nothing further, your Honor.

Evangeline: Is everything Dorian just said about you accurate?

Todd: I guess. It looks bad?

Evangeline: What did I tell you about that kind of talk? Come on.

Todd: Go get 'em, tiger.

Judge: Ms. Williamson, sometime today, please?

Evangeline: Ms. Lord, you said your niece came downstairs a little after 1:00 A.M.

Dorian: Yes.

Evangeline: And you insisted that she go to the emergency room for treatment. Is that correct?

Dorian: Yes.

Evangeline: So why didn't she arrive at t the E.R. Until a full two hours later? The hospital report shows that she arrived for treatment a little after 3:00 A.M. What were you and Mrs. Manning doing during those two hours? Did it take you that long to convince your niece to cry rape?

Nora: Objection, your Honor!

Evangeline: Withdrawn. Ms. Lord, were you present when the doctor made the initial exam?

Dorian: No. I waited outside.

Evangeline: When the exam was finished, did the doctor say that Mrs. Manning had been raped?

Dorian: No.

Evangeline: In fact, you were the only one that insisted a rape had occurred. Isn't that correct?

Dorian: She had been raped.

Evangeline: Not according to the doctor's report. Nowhere does it say the word "rape" or that Mrs. Manning ever said the word "rape."

Dorian: Nonetheless, she had been raped. I mean, she was in shock. They had her examined for rape. They had to keep her overnight in the hospital.

Evangeline: I read from the report -- "minor head wounds. Small lacerations and bruising apparent." Not one mention of the word "rape." Why do you think that is? If no one except you was crying rape at the hospital a full two hours later, why are we even here today?

Nora: Oh, objection, your Honor.

Judge: Sustained. Step down off your soapbox, Counselor.

Evangeline: I'm assuming you called the police the minute you had a chance. Is that correct?

Dorian: You know very well when we went to the police.

Evangeline: Yes, as a matter of fact, I do. Oh. It wasn't at 4:00 A.M. It wasn't even at 5:00 A.M. It wasn't until the following day that you led your niece into the police station so that she could charge my client with rape.

Dorian: Yes.

Evangeline: So now it's been over 15 hours. That's how long it's taken for Mrs. Manning to decide that she's been raped.

Nora: Objection! Your Honor --

Judge: Sustained. Counselor, I'm warning you.

Evangeline: Ms. Lord, why didn't you go to the police station sooner?

Dorian: I had to convince her it was in her best int--

Evangeline: That's right. You convinced her. You worked for 15 hours to talk your niece into crying rape, and what do you know?

Nora: Ok, your Honor --

Evangeline: She finally did.

Dorian: No, that's not true.

Evangeline: Withdrawn.

Dorian: She had been --

Evangeline: Do you hate Todd Manning?

Dorian: Excuse me?

Evangeline: It's a simple question. Do you hate Todd Manning?

Dorian: He's hardly one of my favorite people.

Evangeline: Let me rephrase. You've known Todd Manning for a dozen years and you have despised him ever since he became involved with Blair Manning. Isn't that correct? It's just yes or no, Ms. Lord.

Dorian: He is despicable. Yes, I despise him.

Evangeline: And now you have him exactly where you want him, don't you?

Nora: Oh, your Honor --

Evangeline: Withdrawn. I think this witness has told us everything we need to know. Nothing further, your Honor.

Judge: Redirect, Ms. Buchanan?

Nora: I reserve the right to recall this witness, your Honor.

Judge: Noted.

Dorian: But, your Honor --

Judge: The witness is excused.

Dorian: She has made it seem like I engineered this whole thing!

Judge: Strike that last remark from the record.

Dorian: Your honor --

Judge: Step down, Ms. Lord.

Judge: Ms. Buchanan? I see that your next witness is to be Dr. Perez.

Nora: Yes, your honor. Unfortunately, Dr. Perez has been detained at the hospital. I expect her in the next 15 minutes or so.

Judge: Very well. Court is in recess till that time.

Bailiff: All rise!

[Gallery murmurs]

Todd: I can see why you've never lost a case.

Evangeline: And I want to keep it that way.

David: Nora, what -- why didn't you help her out?

Nora: The less said, the better, David.

Dorian: No, Ms. Williamson made it seem as if I was --

Nora: Dorian, Dorian, it really isn't about you. Even though Ms. Williamson would like it to be, it's not. We're going to put Todd behind bars.

David: Yeah, well, we'd better.

Nora: Excuse me.


Evangeline: My P.I. Says that Blair was involved in a fender-bender last night. Apparently, she'd been drinking. You knew?

Todd: Yeah. So?

Evangeline: You've got to tell me these things. This could point to a pattern of behavior -- she drinks and does something rash. Was she drinking on New Year's Eve?

Todd: Not with me.


Kevin: Blair, you ok?

Blair: Just the same old headache.

Kevin: Can I get you something?

Blair: No. Thank you, Kevin.

Nora: Excuse me. Excuse me. Can I have a word with you, please?

Kevin: Yeah, sure.

Nora: There are a lot of reporters here that would love to snap a picture of you talking to Blair, so until this trial is over, do me a favor -- stay away, ok? Thank you.

Kevin: Ok.

Reporter: This is Cathy Carmichael in front of the courthouse where the trial of Todd Manning for rape has gotten underway. We're expecting quite a turnout for this event.


Stephen: So, naturally --

Rae: Thank you.

Stephen: You're very welcome -- when you couldn't find your copy of the police report on Troy MacIver, you assumed that the police had put your copy with my copy by mistake.

Rae: Yes. Yes. I needed to go over the dates of when he got those passes and I -- oh, Stephen, I am so sorry. I hope you'll forgive me. Sometimes I can just be so obsessed by something. And if you tell anyone I said that -- ooh.

Stephen: Your secret is safe with me. It's no problem. But next time you want to go through my desk, just give me a heads-up first and I'll make sure everything's clean.

Rae: Yes, yes, well, there won't be a next time, and you're right. I should have just called you. And just so you know, the drawer was open.

Stephen: Strange how you found Dr. Hartford's things, though.

Rae: Well, you know, sometimes I am just so curious. It's not always a good trait. And this collecting you're doing of this memorabilia -- I'm fascinated. I would love to see it sometime, but now I've got to go. I've got some students coming by later, all right?

Stephen: Oh, Rae, if you could just wait a few more minutes. I just have to talk to you about something, all right? Just -- just a few minutes.

Stephen: I was hoping that you could fill me in on your visit with Troy MacIver, just tell me any little thing that he said.

Rae: Well, he didn't really say that much. He has no idea who poisoned him and tried to make it look like a suicide.

Stephen: Hmm.

Rae: You know what he did? He talked about you, Stephen.

Stephen: Did he?

Rae: Yes, he did. He likes you very much.

Stephen: Well, what can I say? You know, when you first work with a patient, it's very important to put them at ease, make them feel relaxed --

Rae: Right.

Stephen: And it's amazing what they'll reveal.

Rae: Yes, yes, I do, I know what that's like.

Stephen: Mm-hmm.

Rae: You know, in fact, you are beloved throughout the prison.

Stephen: Really?

Rae: Yes, you are. You know, for instance, let me give you an example. Mavis -- you know, the nurse that gave Troy those passes? She is -- or was -- oh -- your biggest fan.

Stephen: Yes. Her death was a very sad day for everybody there, all of us. What else did Troy say?

Rae: That was -- that was basically it. You know, I have a confession to make. I did take a little peek at your manuscript.

Stephen: Oh, did you?

Rae: I hope you don't mind.

Stephen: Please, please, tell me, what do you think?

Rae: Well, I think it's terrific. You know, it was so interesting to read about your take on the love-child killer.

Stephen: Hmm. Back to the good doctor's license and diploma.

Rae: You know, I was struck by something. The doctor who was convicted of killing those six women --

Stephen: Mm-hmm?

Rae: He burned himself to death in prison.

Stephen: Very tragic, yes.

Rae: Yes, very tragic. You made an odd comment. You said that fire is horrible and beautiful.

Stephen: To some people, it can be.

Rae: Your grandparents were burned to death in a fire, weren't they, Stephen?

Stephen: Where did you hear that?

Rae: Your brother. Remember? I saw him at the A.P.A. Convention last year.

Stephen: Yes. Yes, of course you did, yes.

Rae: Great.

Stephen: Well, I -- that is true. My grandparents died in a house fire. I was at camp at the time, so --

Rae: Really? Oh, that's not what he said. He said you were there and you barely got out. You know, your brother -- he told me a lot about you.


Nora: Dr. Perez, you were called into Llanview Hospital to administer a rape kit on Blair Cramer early on New Year's morning, were you not?

Dr. Perez: Yes, 3:25 A.M.

Nora: And could you describe for us your findings?

Dr. Perez: Yes. The patient had had sexual intercourse.

Nora: Mm-hmm.

Dr. Perez: There was irritation and some minor abrasion of the vaginal wall. She had a cut on her head, some other lacerations, and incipient bruising of the upper arms, thighs, and the neck.

Nora: And were these findings consistent with rape?

Dr. Perez: Consistent? Yes.

Nora: Thank you, doctor. Your witness.

Evangeline: Dr. Perez, did Mrs. Manning tell you how she had sustained her injuries?

Dr. Perez: The patient didn't speak the entire time. Any questions I asked went unanswered.

Evangeline: Well, excuse me, but didn't she at least say she'd been raped?

Dr. Perez: She said nothing.

Evangeline: The alleged victim said nothing about rape?

Dr. Perez: No.

Evangeline: Doctor, you said there was abrasion of the vaginal wall. Does this only happen during rape?

Dr. Perez: No. It can be due to many factors, such as the amount of sexual activity.

Evangeline: So what your examination showed was that this wasn't necessarily rape?

Dr. Perez: I only said it was consistent.

Evangeline: If Mrs. Manning fell, this could have caused the cut on her head, could it not?

Dr. Perez: Of course.

Evangeline: And the lacerations and bruising could have come from that fall?

Dr. Perez: Possibly the lacerations and some of the bruising.

Evangeline: But there was definitely sexual activity. In fact, your report showed semen from two sources, did it not?

Dr. Perez: D.N.A. Analysis indicated that conclusively.

Evangeline: So Mrs. Manning had unprotected intercourse with two different men on the same night?

Dr. Perez: Yes, two different men.

 [Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: There will be order! Continue, Ms. Williamson.

Evangeline: One final question, Dr. Perez. Given that Mrs. Manning had sex with two men on New Year's Eve, in your medical opinion, is it possible to tell which man caused the vaginal damage?

Dr. Perez: No, it is not.

Evangeline: Thank you, doctor. That's all.

Judge: Ms. Buchanan?

Nora: Nothing further, your Honor.

Judge: The witness is excused.

Nora: Your Honor, the commonwealth calls Kevin Buchanan to the stand.

Nora: Mr. Buchanan, this has been the subject of much gossip, so let's just get it out there in the open, shall we? Have you ever been intimate with Ms. Blair Cramer?

Kevin: Yes, once -- this past New Year's Eve.

Nora: Thank you. Now, how long have you known the defendant, this man right here, Todd Manning?

Kevin: Over a decade.

Nora: But you haven't always known him to look like that, have you?

Kevin: No, he's had a lot of plastic surgery. Todd Manning disappeared about a year ago. Everybody thought he was dead. A couple of months later, he showed up, called himself Walker Laurence.

Nora: And nobody knew that he was really Todd Manning?

Kevin: No.

Nora: But you had your suspicions?

Kevin: Yes, I did. Later on, I learned, in fact, he was Todd Manning.

Nora: Ah, ok. So this man that you have known for over a decade -- would you say that you have experienced his jealousy? Do you know him as a jealous man?

Kevin: Well, yes, I've witnessed his jealousy and his temper on several occasions, both as Todd Manning and Walker Laurence.

Nora: Did you ever give him cause to be jealous?

Kevin: No. Well, not at first, anyway. After I became suspicious of him, you know, I didn't believe that he was who he said he was, which turned out to be true, and his relationship with Blair turned serious. Then I became very protective of her.

Nora: So by New Year's Eve, it would be fair to say that his jealousy had some merit?

Kevin: By New Year's Eve, Blair knew that he was actually Todd, that he had lied and manipulated her and that he was pretending to be Walker Laurence.

Nora: Wow. You must have been very concerned.

Kevin: Yes, I was concerned for her safety. Todd had told me that he would stop at nothing to hang on to her, and Blair told me that she was going to leave him, so I was certainly worried what would happen when she did.

Nora: You've been very honest; Mr. Buchanan, and I thank you very much for that. Now, this isn't going to be easy, but I need you to describe for the court the relationship that you have with Ms. Cramer right now.


[Music plays]

[Phone rings]

Natalie: Hello? Hi. Hi, john. I'm fine. No, everything's fine. Yeah, the cop's still outside. I just feel kind of bad because it's cold. No, I'm fine. I'm just taking care of some things that I need to take care of. Mm-hmm. You, too. See you.

[Song ends]

Radio announcer: This has been one tough winter, folks, and St. James church has a clothing drive on for the homeless. Remember that old coat you never wear? Think about how you can help.

[Music plays]

Natalie: Hi, reverend carpenter. It's Natalie Vega. I'm fine, Thank You. How are you doing? Listen, the reason I called is I have a donation of some clothes and books and things that belonged to Cristian.


Stephen: So, what version did good old Kenny tell you?

Rae: Oh, you mean there's more than one version, huh?

Stephen: Oh, yes, there is. That one came from a reporter, and she didn't even get half of it right.

Rae: Like what?

Stephen: Well, for instance, there was word out that both of my -- both of my grandparents --

Rae: Oh, thank you.

Stephen: Burned to death in my grandmother's bedroom.

Rae: Mm-hmm?

Stephen: My grandfather would never go into my grandmother's bedroom. He hated her. He never went in there.

Rae: Oh.

Stephen: He hated her.

Rae: Well, that must be why everyone was so fascinated, because your grandfather was in a wheelchair, he was bound to it, and yet they found the chair in the hallway. He wasn't in it.

Stephen: Not even remotely true.

Rae: Ah. Well, I mean, of course you know. I mean, you were there. Thank god you managed to escape.

Stephen: Out of a second-story window, yes.

[Stephen sighs]

Stephen: Look, that other story I usually tell about the camp --

Rae: Yes?

Stephen: I tell that because, well, you know it was a painful memory.

Rae: Yes, of course.

Stephen: So what else did my brother tell you?

Rae: About the two of you, that he was the older brother. He also talked about your mother.

Stephen: Hmm.

Rae: She was really a free spirit, I guess, huh?

Stephen: Uh-huh, good old mom.

Rae: Yeah.

Stephen: Always walking around listening to that "songbird of the street people."

Rae: Who would that be?

Stephen: Oh, Janice Rivers.

Rae: Oh, dear.

Stephen: Ah, died of a heroin overdose, I believe. It was a mercy killing. Couldn't sing a note.

Rae: Well, I guess your mother was more interested in music than you?

Stephen: Rae -- she loved us very much. Now, you have to stop listening to my brother. He's a liar. He is the biggest liar there ever was.

Rae: I thought -- I thought he was very nice. You know, I -- I haven't heard from him or heard anything about him. What is he -- hmm, what is he doing lately?

Stephen: Just dropped out of sight, I guess.

Jessica: Dr. Haver? You there? I could have sworn that he had office hours.

Stephen: Jessica.

Jessica: Hi. Sorry to interrupt. I was wondering if I left the key to my apartment here.

Stephen: Oh, the key. Yes, yes, yes. I found it on the floor.

Jessica: Oh, wow.

Stephen: You just saved me a trip.

Jessica: Thank you. I've been looking for this everywhere. I have to go to class, but I'll talk to you later, ok?

Stephen: Looking forward to it.

Stephen: Looking very much forward to it, very much indeed. Unless you offer some kind of objection, Rae.


Kevin: Thank you.

Nora: You're welcome.

Kevin: Blair Cramer is my wife's cousin. We're friends.

Nora: And what was your relationship that you had with your wife, Kelly, on that New Year's Eve?

Kevin: We were separated at the time. In fact, we had started divorce proceedings. Fortunately, we've reconciled. We've put it behind us and we're back together now.

Nora: Well, that's lovely. But back to New Year's Eve. Why don't you tell us what happened.

Kevin: I saw Blair; she was very upset, at the Palace Hotel. Her marriage had completely disintegrated. I think she felt terribly abused and needy. And she needed caring and love.

Nora: Is it true that you took a room at the Palace Hotel?

Kevin: Yes.

Nora: And that you made love?

Kevin: Yes. We made love.

Nora: What kind of man are you, Mr. Buchanan, when you make love? Are you violent? Do you believe in rough sex, anything like that?

Kevin: No, that's -- that's not who I am. That's not who Blair is, either. She's a very gentle and caring person. It was mutual.

Judge: Bailiff, bailiff, restrain this man! Stop it!

David: That's what he did New Year's Eve, just like that!

Judge: Stop it now!

Evangeline: Stop it, Todd! Stop it! No!

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: Since! Mr. Manning, henceforth, you will be shackled when you are in this courtroom. Furthermore, your bail is revoked. You will sit in a jail cell for the remainder of this trial. Officers, remove this man from my courtroom. Witness, jurors, you are excused. This court is adjourned.

Stay tuned for scenes from the next "one life to live."

On the next "one life to live" --

Marcie: It's about Valentine's Day.

Al: I'm sorry; you're not going to cancel.


Man: Michael McBain?

Al: Yes?

Man: Luke West. I manage Simply Red.


Kevin: He doesn't deserve your support. You know, he hurts everyone he claims to love.


Todd: Look how many people are rooting for Blair. Who's going to believe me?

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