OLTL Transcript Monday 2/9/04

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 2/9/04

By Eric
Proofread by Melissa

Jen: That was my mom.

Rex: No, it's not.

Jen: Oh, my god, did I just hear her say that she was naked --

Rex: I'll have to call you back.

Jen: In a bathtub, and she wishes you were there?

Rex: Listen, that is what she said, but --

Jen: So it is her!

Rex: No, but that wasn't Lindsay, ok?

Jen: Then who was it?

Rex: Come on, Jen. Do you really think that I'm sleeping with your mother?

Jen: Yeah, I do.


John: This love child killer is all over the research Jessica is doing for Haver's book.

Rae: Well, there are similarities.

Bo: Antonio's in Chicago right now. He's meeting with the chief investigator on that case.

[Knock on door]

Bo: Yeah?

Natalie: Sorry to interrupt.

John: Shouldn't you really be at home?

Natalie: I got called into work.

Bo: Well, Officer Mendez is going to stick with you anyway, for now.

Natalie: That's -- that's fine. I just -- I can't stay home. I got to have a life, you know? Anyway, I don't think that the bar's going to be that busy later, so if you want to come shoot some pool --

John: I can't take a break, not tonight.

Natalie: Ok. Later.


[Stephen plays "Romeo & Juliet"]

Jessica: How does it feel? Sorry.

Stephen: Just thinking.

Jessica: Yeah, I could see. But how does it feel to try and get inside the mind of a killer? That's what you were trying to do, right? Get inside the killer's head?

Stephen: The killer picked the Tchaikovsky music because it meant something to Troy MacIver. This one perfect little detail sent the police tumbling after MacIver, but what if there was something else to the music? And as far as Troy goes, why him? Why troy?

Jessica: I hope you're not asking me.

Stephen: Only the killer could answer this question for sure.

Jessica: Well, at least you know what questions to ask.

Stephen: Hmm. So, tell me, what brings you here at this hour?

Jessica: Oh, the research that you asked me to do. I couldn't wait to show you what I found.


Kevin: Honey? Wake up. Why didn't you go to bed? Huh?

Kelly: I was worried about you. How's Blair?

Kevin: She's not here. She's fine. She's just upset.

Kelly: Ok.

Kevin: Hey, look; I thought you wanted me to help her.

Kelly: I did.

Kevin: Well, that's all I did. Ok? Have I made it so you can't believe me at all anymore?


[Knock on door]

Starr: You made it just in time. Aunt Viki just took off.

Todd: Yeah, I saw her leave. Starr, I came by because -- well, this might be the last time I see you for a while.

Starr: No, I really don't want to hear this right now.

Todd: You're going to have to hear it, all right? This is what's going to have to happen --

Starr: No!

Todd: I have to take that plea bargain --

Starr: No! No!

Todd: Which means I have to go to jail for a little while.

Starr: No, dad, you can't! No! No, please, don't! Don't let this happen! No!

Todd: Shh, shh.

Starr: No! No, please!


Rae: John, I think all Natalie wanted was a friend. Boy, I'll tell you -- you couldn't get her out of there fast enough.

John: I'm busy. And I think she understood that.

Rae: Oh, come on, John. I mean, have you looked into her face? You couldn't see a look of understanding?

John: Look, I didn't mean to hurt her. But right now I need to put distance between us.

Rae: Yeah, well, I'm sure she got that message.

John: Cristian's death is on me, and I have to live with that. But I don't think I can live with getting Natalie killed, too. So as much as I might like to be friendly with her, it's just not an option. Maybe I should get back to the case.


Stephan: I knew I was right when I was thinking that you would be an excellent research assistant.

Jessica: Well, thanks. The work's fascinating. I just -- you know, I sit in the library and hours go by. I don't even notice.

[Knock on door]

Nora: Hi. I'm sorry, am I interrupting?

Stephen: Oh, no, no, not at all. We were just finishing up.

Nora: Oh, good. Hi, jess, how are you?

Jessica: Hey, Nora. Doing well.

Nora: Dr. Haver, I'm working on a case for next spring, a child abuse case. I've been wondering if I could pick your brain for a few minutes.

Stephen: Please, I'd love to help.

Nora: Oh, great.

Jessica: Well, you should get Dr. Haver to be a witness for you. He is the expert in forensic psychology.

Nora: Oh.

Jessica: See you guys later.

Stephen: Goodbye, Jessica.

Jessica: Bye.

Nora: Maybe you should have her write the jacket cover for your next book.

Stephen: That would be a good idea.

Nora: Yeah, I think so. I'm sorry to put you on the spot. I mean, I know the L.P.D. And the F.B.I. Have been really pretty demanding of your time.

Stephen: Oh, no, no, not at all. I'll forgive you as long as we can talk about it over a drink.

Nora: Oh, well, in that case, ok.

Stephen: Ok. Good. All right. Now, I understand you were pretty upset when you were seeing Troy MacIver the other day. I was just wondering -- how do you feel now that he's been exonerated?

Nora: I don't ever want to see anyone punished for something they didn't do, especially not Troy. The unfortunate thing is since he's not the killer; I guess that means the killer's still out there somewhere.


Jen: Oh, my God. What is wrong with me?

Rex: Would you stop?

Jen: You know what? I should've listened to Marcie.

Rex: Yeah, yeah, yeah -- listen to Marcie, you know? Get up early every day and go to bed, like, 10:00 every night. Never drink, of course. Just drown your sorrows in a triple quart of triple fat chunky --

Jen: Oh, shut up! You know what, at least she has the brains to tell me to stay away from someone like you, a jerk who would sleep with my mother! Oh, my god, how could you do that?

Rex: I'm not sleeping with Lindsay!

Jen: I know that was her on the phone. I'm out of here.

Rex: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Just wait -- all right, all right, that's it. I'll tell you everything, ok? The truth, the whole truth. I swear.

Jen: This better be good.


Kelly: I wanted you to help. I just didn't think you'd be gone so long.

Kevin: Listen to me. Hey, listen to me. There is only you.

Kelly: Kevin, you --

Kevin: Just listen to me. Look, I don't blame you for having doubts, ok? I gave you a reason to doubt me.

Kelly: I did the same thing to you.

Kevin: No, it doesn't matter. It's over now. All right? You're going to have our baby, and I love you. I do. I love you. And you know what, I don't know how or why I forgot that for a while, but I did, and I'm sorry.

Kelly: I love you, too.

Kelly: So, how's Blair?

Kevin: Well, she's ok. I mean, she's shaky. You know the trial starts tomorrow. She wants to be in that courtroom. You know how rape trials are. I mean, it's tough for the victim. Blair has to go over every excruciating detail about how she was attacked in front of people she doesn't even know. You know, and the whole time she's going to be face to face with the man who raped her.


Starr: No, this can't be happening! I hate you!

Todd: No, you listen to me --

Starr: I hate you and mom!

Todd: Shh -- listen to me.

Starr: No, I hate you!

Todd: You still have to listen.

Starr: No, I don't! Just let go of me!

Todd: Just a minute. Just a minute.

Starr: No!

Todd: In a minute. Now, this jail thing is not as bad as you think.

Starr: Don't even try, dad.

Todd: It's a year and a half.

Starr: That's forever.

Todd: It's 18 months.

Starr: You shouldn't even be going to jail. You didn't do it.

Todd: Starr, if I go to trial, I have to convince a jury that I didn't do it. There's a good chance I won’t.

Starr: Well, that's not fair.

Todd: We just can't let this go to trial. Look what it's done to our family. You have to stay here because you're in trouble with the law.

Starr: I'd rather be here than with mom.

Todd: You have to be with your mom. She's sick because of this.

Starr: So what? She had a couple of headaches. Big deal.

Todd: It is a big deal. We can't put her through this trial. We love her too much.

Starr: If you go to jail, it will be mom's fault and I will hate her forever. I swear I will.

Todd: No, you won’t. You need to be there for your mother because I won't be.


Rex: Look; you know that I've always had a hard time telling you that I love you. Ok, I never even believed in love. I love you. A fact. But one minute you want me, and the next minute I'm the worst thing that's ever happened to you. It's making me crazy.

Jen: So you go running to my Mother?

Rex: Not the way you think! Yes, we went to dinner for a few times. She helped me pick out some artwork, ok? We're friends.

Jen: Ok, first of all, stop smiling. Second of all, you two were kissing, remember?

Rex: And she told you it was a joke, ok? If you wouldn't have showed up, we both would have laughed.

Jen: Ha-ha!

Rex: Look, I'm not interested in Lindsay, ok? And we are definitely not sleeping together.

Jen: Ok, then why was she having phone sex on your answering machine?

Rex: It wasn't her -- all right, you know what? Here, ask her. Call her.

Jen: You know what? No, I should just go to London and try to work things out with Joe.

Rex: You've got to be kidding me.

Jen: You know, we had our problems, but he would never lie to me.

Rex: Yeah, hurry up! Get out! I have an important call to return!


Bo: You think we're making too much of this love child killer?

Rae: Oh, I don't know. There are -- there are similarities, like I said, but there's also significant differences. They are both strangulations. The love child killer uses his hands. Our guy uses a red leotard. Now, everything I know about serial killers -- that makes that very different.

John: We're wondering about the doctor accused in the case.

Rae: Oh.

John: What if he didn't do it? What if he was framed like Troy MacIver?

Bo: Well, I doubt that the D.A. in Chicago would be anxious to admit that he put the wrong man behind bars.

Rae: Wait a minute, let me understand this. Both of you think that the love child killer and the music box killer could be the same guy?

John: I think that's what we're both saying. It could be the same guy.

Rae: Can Antonio get into this prison and talk with this doctor?

Bo: No, because that doctor died in a prison fire.

Rae: Oh, dear God, dear God. All right, Bo, maybe you could get Antonio to get into the doctor's papers. Because serial killers very often like to boast. They might put that kind of thing in a letter, they might -- they might write about it in an article in, let's say, his medical journal. I mean, you know, something like that.

Bo: Yeah, unless the guy was innocent.

Rae: You mean, like Troy.

John: You know, I still think Troy can help us find this guy.

Rae: How? I don't understand. How can he?

John: Someone -- someone had to know his entire life's story in order to frame him so perfectly, you know? I was -- I was compiling a list. And, you know, at Statesville alone, I got 27 psychiatrists, nurses, and criminologists that saw him. You know, I'd like to talk to him and see if we can't narrow that list down. But it seems like every time he sees me, he sort of freaks out a little bit.

Rae: You want me to try and talk to him?

Bo: Well, he -- he does seem comfortable around you, Rae.

Rae: Thank you, Bo. All right, make whatever calls are necessary. I'm on my way to Statesville.

Nora: You don't mind if I grab a burger, do you?

Stephen: Oh, you haven't eaten yet?

Nora: Oh, no. With this schedule going -- thank you -- all I have to do -- I mean, I just -- I either eat at work or I starve, and we can all see that I'm not starving.

Stephen: So I guess you're ready for your trial tomorrow?

Nora: Well, as ready as I'm going to be. I just wish he was a sellout and would take a plea bargain.

Stephen: Mm-hmm.

Nora: Hi.

Evangeline: Hi. Your babysitter told me you'd be here.

Nora: Yes. Evangeline Williamson, defense attorney, this is Dr. Stephen Haver, forensic psychiatrist.

Stephen: How do you do? Nice to meet you.

Evangeline: Same to you. Look, I'm sorry to interrupt you guys. I just -- I need to talk to you right away.

Nora: Oh. Ok. Excuse me.

Stephen: I'll be right here.

Nora: What's going on?

Evangeline: It's Todd.

Nora: yeah?

Evangeline: He wants to take the deal.

Nora: Thank God.


Todd: I need you to help me out. If Jack needs me, if your mom needs me, you have to be there because I won't be around.

Starr: Because of mom.

Todd: This is not her fault. She just doesn't remember how things really happened.

Starr: So she's the one that's messing up.

Todd: I've messed up a lot more than she has, so we need to give her a break. Hey. Hey, listen to me. I've messed up a lot. And when I do, people always forgive me, give me a second chance. Your mom will, too. And when she does, we'll be together again. But how dumb would you feel if you hated her all that time, hmm? Think about that, oh great one.

Starr: Does mom know that you're going to jail?

Todd: No, I haven't been able to find her yet. That's next.

Starr: I don't want you to go.

Todd: I know.


[Knock on door]

Lindsay: Hi. Bad time?

Rex: No, no, come in. I was just leaving you a message.

Lindsay: You know, the next time that you have company, you might want to consider not answering the phone. Or better yet, you might want to turn down the volume on your answering machine.

Rex: Good advice, but you don't understand.

Lindsay: Yes, I do understand. Because whatever happened between us -- I mean, whatever it was, we both know it didn't mean anything. You can see anybody you want.

Rex: You’ve got it all wrong. There was somebody here, but I didn't want her to hear you because it was Roxy.

Lindsay: Roxy?

Rex: Yeah. Trust me, you don't want her blabbing her mouth all over town.

Lindsay: No. No, I really don’t.

Rex: You don't think I have a revolving door here, do you? I was with you tonight. Only you.


Kelly: Mmm. Feels good. You're spoiling me. Don't stop.

Kevin: Well, you deserve it. Except, I'm angry with you.

Kelly: Why?

Kevin: Disobeying doctor's orders.

Kelly: What? My feet are up. I'm resting.

[Doorbell rings]

Kevin: Oh. That had better not be more reporters.

Kelly: Or what? What are you going to do, tough guy?

Kevin: Oh, you --

Kelly: Come on, you're a journalist. You know they have a job to do.

Kevin: Yeah, well, some do it a hell of a lot better than others. With this trial starting, it's about to get very ugly where we're concerned, I'll tell you that.

Kelly: We're ready for them. I'm sure of it.

[Door slams]

Kevin: I think you're right.

Maid: I told him no visitors. I'm sorry, but he wouldn't leave.

Kevin: It's ok. Thank you. What do you want?

Todd: Where's Blair?

Kevin: She's safe. Somewhere you can't find her.


John: Hi.

Natalie: Hi. What can I get you?

John: A couple burgers with everything on it, and fries -- to go.

Natalie: Coming up.

John: Hey, look -- I want to say I'm sorry about before.

Natalie: About what? Oh, you mean when I came up to your work and interrupted you? I'm the one who's sorry, believe me.

John: I was just trying to protect you.

Natalie: From who?

John: You were nearly killed because the killer connected you to me. Anybody in my life is a target.

Natalie: You could have just told me that. Besides, I have my friend here Officer Mendez, who's taking care of me, watching my back. I think it's something else.

John: Well, like I said, here today, gone tomorrow -- that kind of thing.

Natalie: I thought we were friends. Am I wrong?

John: Look, I don't usually have friends, but -- yeah, if I have to think about it, I guess we are.

Natalie: Well, I miss my friends when they leave. But I can deal with that. Not your problem.


Nora: No, really, Evangeline, I think this is the best thing for both sides.

Evangeline: I wouldn't let him do it if I didn't think it was fair. So we need to meet ASAP.

Nora: All right.

Evangeline: I already made some notes.

Nora: Ok. Why don't you grab a table and I'll -- I'll just -- give me a few.

Evangeline: What about this Dr. Haver?

Nora: I think he'll understand. I'll be right back. After what we were talking about, you are not going to believe this.

Stephen: That's Todd Manning's attorney, right?

Nora: Yes, and he's going to take the plea bargain. I am so relieved.

Stephen: You were worried?

Nora: I just didn't like the idea of what this trial was going to do to Blair Cramer and to her children. I can't believe this guy put actually someone else first.

Stephen: Well, congratulations.

Nora: Thank You. Hey, what are you doing? Eating on the run?

John: What can I say? I love grease. Listen, I'm glad I ran into you. I was wondering, would you mind taking a look at another case, have a little review of it -- similar to the one we're working on right now?

Stephen: Do I know anything about it?

John: I think so. A few years ago -- Chicago, love child murders.

Stephen: Well, certainly. I've written on that and I have some notes.

John: Oh, that'd be great. Maybe we could do something about it tomorrow?

Stephen: Tomorrow morning, I'll give you a call.

John: That's perfect. Thank you.

Nora: Good night.

John: Oh -- one more thing I forgot. If I ran into you, I was supposed to tell you from Rae to give her a call. She had to rush out and go have an interview with MacIver again, so --

Stephen: Why?

Nora: John, he and I went up there. We met with him and he was in a bad way. I mean, he was useless and incoherent.

John: I know, I know. But, you know, I still think there's something there, and I think Rae is the best shot we got.


Rae: Troy, hi. How are you feeling? I can only imagine how horrible this has been for you, being accused of killing all those women. I hope you know that everyone deeply regrets this. There's something that we need to know. Someone worked very hard to make the police think that you were the killer. Do you know who?

[Phone rings]

John: McBain. He, Antonio, listen, I -- no, I got something to tell you, too. Listen -- this love child case, it cannot be just a coincidence -- really? Are you sure?

Rae: You know what? I don't blame you for not trusting me. I mean, why would you? I'm one of the people who came here and questioned you about the murders.

Troy: Questioned me, Rae? Don't act like you care about me. You want something just like everyone else.

Rae: Yes, you know, I do. I really want to know who put you through this ordeal, who stole your life and used it to mask these murders. I want whomever this is to be arrested. Troy, is there someone in prison that didn't like you? Someone who did? A doctor, a nurse? Someone who you could talk to, somebody -- somebody who seemed to care about you?

Troy: All doctors care about people. Isn't that right, Dr. Cummings?

Rae: I just thought that maybe there was one person; you know, one -- one person that you could really talk to.

Troy: Yeah. Yeah, there was somebody. There was a doctor. He cared about me, about my life, how I ended up in this place. He remembered everything I told him, no matter what. Helped me to see things clearer. He was a very smart guy.

Rae: Sounds like he did care about you.

Troy: All the nurses loved him.

Rae: Did they?

Troy: Mm-hmm. Especially Mavis.

Rae: Mavis -- the woman who was murdered.

Troy: Not by me.

Rae: No, no, of course not. I know that. This -- this doctor that showed so much interest in you---

Troy: You know who he is. You know him. His name is Stephen Haver. He came to visit me in the hospital. Why was he with Nora, Rae? Huh? Why was he with Nora?

Rae: They're working on the music box killer case.

Troy: They're working together?

Rae: Yes.

Troy: Working together?

Rae: Yes.

Troy: Because, you know, they seemed pretty friendly to me.

Rae: Well, no, we're all consulting, you know, with the police and the D.A.'S office.

Troy: So what is it, Rae, huh? Are they friends or are they not friends?

Rae: No, I -- I mean, I'm sure that they're acquaintances on some level, but --

Troy: They're acquaintances? So you know -- so she's going out with him is what you're saying?

Rae: No, no --

Guard: Keep it down, MacIver!

Rae: I'm not saying that!

Troy: So she's going out with him!

Rae: No, no, I don't think so.

Guard: Interview over.

Rae: There's no reason for you to get upset.

Troy: No, no, you tell her-- you tell her keep away from him! Keep away from Nora Buchanan -- you tell him right now! Keep away from her -- you hear?


Nora: I have so many questions to ask you about this child abuse case, but I really do have to go work with Evangeline on this plea agreement.

Stephen: All right, we'll get together at another time if you'd like.

Nora: I'd like it very, very much.

Stephen: All right.

Nora: And in the meantime, here we go --

Stephen: Oh, no, no, no -- no, this is on me.

Nora: No, no, I insist, I insist.

Stephen: No, I insist. This time on me, next time on you.

Nora: You got a deal.

Stephen: Good.

Nora: Thank you very much.

Stephen: Next time.

Nora: Oh -- next time. Ok. I'm all yours.

Evangeline: Sorry to interrupt your date.

Nora: It's not a date. It's just someone I work with. He's just a very smart man. We're working on a case together.

Evangeline: I see. So good looks don't impress you much at all?

Nora: Oh, is he good-looking? I hadn't really noticed.


Jen: Oh, I didn't think you'd be working tonight.

Natalie: I'm filling in. What do you want?

Jen: Club soda, shot of tequila.

Natalie: Ok.

Jen: So, you said that you know Rex better than anybody, right? How did he get to be such a selfish jerk? He doesn't give a damn about anybody but himself.

Natalie: Oh, is that why he thinks you guys have so much in common?

Jen: You know, I do care about people. I care about him but I can't ever tell if he's being serious or if he's just using me.

Natalie: Jen, if you really cared about Rex, then you would know that I'm about the only person he's ever really had in his life. You know, our aunt spared him a life with Roxy, but he wasn't that much better off with her. So if he doesn't go around talking to everyone, that doesn't mean he doesn't care.

Jen: It makes it really hard to tell.

Natalie: Well, I am not going to try and convince you that he cares about you. But I will try to talk him out of it. That, I can promise you.


Lindsay: If I don't leave now, I'm never going to leave.

Rex: Ok.

Lindsay: Oh –


Todd: Just tell me where she is.

Kevin: Blair doesn't want you to know. She did give me something for you, though. I was going to give them to you tomorrow at the courthouse so she wouldn't have to deal with you. There you go -- annulment papers. I got one of the best attorneys in the state to take her case.

Todd: Oh, I'm sure you did.

Kevin: And, trust me, he will get her everything she wants.

Todd: Does that include you?

Kevin: All marital assets and sole custody of your kids.

Todd: Perfect. Congratulations. I'm out of the way, you can just have her.

Kevin: You know you did it, you son of a --

Todd: I mean, you set this up, didn't you, Buchanan? You really think you got him back now? Huh?

Kevin: Shut up and get out of my house!

Todd: Look, don't worry, Kelly. You will never sleep with her again because I will kill you.


Natalie: Hey.

Jessica: Hey. What are you doing working on your night off?

Natalie: I don't mind.

Jessica: Ok. Antonio's in Chicago and I was hoping that you could keep me company while he was gone.

Natalie: You are welcome to hang out here all night.

Jessica: Well, I was thinking that, you know, while he's away I could stay with you at the cottage, we could rent some movies and --

Natalie: Jess, stop. Talk to mom?

Jessica: So what, Natalie? You shouldn't be alone at a time like this and especially not after that photo that John showed you.

Natalie: That was awful. It was john and his fiancée, and she was shot. She was killed by this burglar.

Jessica: I know. Mom told me.

Natalie: John was there, too. He almost died himself, and -- God, when he saw that photo, he -- I have never seen him so upset.

Jessica: And it must have been horrible for you, which is why you shouldn't be alone right now.

Natalie: Jess, I'm fine. You know, the killer is after John.

Jessica: Yeah, and he's accomplishing that by almost strangling you to death.

Natalie: But I'm ok. Besides, I have Mr. Officer Mendez over here, and he's taking good care of me. Roxy's going to be home later. It's fine.

Jessica: It's fine, you know. If you don't want to hang out with me, that's cool.

Natalie: No --

Jessica: I'll go home, get --

Natalie: Jess? I just don't want you to feel you have to baby-sit me.

Jessica: Can't I just want to hang with my sister?

Natalie: Yeah, you can do that.


Nora: Ok, I'm going to have this typed up and messengered to your office in the morning.

Evangeline: And I will alert the judge that Todd is changing his plea.

Nora: It's always a pleasure doing business with you.

Todd: Deal's off.

Evangeline: Todd, are you sure?

Todd: You heard me. It's off. No deal. See you in court.

Evangeline: You heard the man.

[Nora sighs]


Bo: Yeah?

Rae: Hi.

John: Hey.

Bo: Hi.

John: You want a burger?

Rae: No, thanks.

John: Any luck with MacIver?

Rae: Um, I -- I'm not sure.

John: Ok. I'll go first, then.

Rae: Ok.

John: Antonio called from Chicago.

Rae: Oh.

John: The doctor that they believe committed the love child murders --

Rae: Yeah?

John: He was in the prison mental ward when he died.

Rae: Just like Troy.

John: Mm-hmm.

Bo: And the fire that killed him wasn't an accident.

Rae: He committed suicide?

Bo: The police discovered that -- ahem -- he'd been out several times, out of the ward at night on passes.

Rae: So it was his plan to kill more women?

John: If he was guilty. Antonio's following up on your suggestion to look into some of the doctor's notes.

Rae: Good. I know you think you're not going to find anything, but I still think it's good.

John: Oh, I think the doctor was set up same as Troy. As a matter of fact, Antonio is going to talk to two of the three psychiatrists that -- that interviewed the doctor. There's a Dr. Helen Borger. She still works at the prison. And then there's a Dr. Willard Loomis. He's now retired.

Rae: You said three?

John: Yeah, Dr. Samuel Hartford, but he died shortly after the doctor.

Bo: So what about you, Rae? How'd it go with MacIver?

Rae: You know, I don't -- I don't really know. Um --

John: Did he give you anything?

Rae: Well, he was -- he was very lucid in the beginning of our talk, and --

John: Yeah, well, what did he say?

Rae: Well, I just think I want to give it some thought. Um -- an innocent person's reputation could be at stake, and I -- you know, I just don't want to do it.

Bo: Rae, we're going to proceed with caution on any lead that you give us.

Rae: Yes, yes --

Bo: You have my word.

Rae: I know that. I just -- no, I just want to sleep on it, that's all. We'll talk in the morning, I promise. All right? Bye.


Todd: Not another hunger strike.

Starr: Dad! Aunt Viki is in the kitchen. She might hear you.

Todd: I don't care. I've got some good news for you. I'm not going to take the plea bargain.

Starr: You're not going to jail?

Todd: Not now.

Starr: Yes!

Todd: Yes, and I still have to go to trial, which means if I'm found guilty, then I have to go away for a lot longer.

Starr: Don't worry. You won't go to jail because you're innocent.

Todd: Ok.


Lindsay: Who's "The Sun" trashing today?

Rex: Oh, they're trying to make the publisher look like a family righteous man.

Lindsay: Ah. Todd's rape trial starts today. Well, if you're going to own a newspaper, you might as well make it work for you, right? This is really sad.

Rex: How about I make you some coffee in that new French press you brought over?

Lindsay: In a bit.

Rex: Oh.

Lindsay: Ow!

[Lindsay laughs]

Jen: Rex, I know you're in there.

Rex: Just a second!

Jen: You know what? Never mind.


John: Hey, maybe we should get an I.V. Hooked up to the coffee machine. Save us having to wash the cups. We are washing the cups, aren't we?

Bo: Rinse them with coffee.

[Phone rings]

Natalie: Hello?

John: It's john.

Natalie: Hi.

John: You doing all right?

Natalie: Yeah. Yeah, Jessica slept over and we stayed up way too late talking, but it was worth it.

John: Oh, well, you sound a lot better than last night.

Natalie: You sound exhausted. Did you get any sleep?

John: No time, you know? It's all about the case.

Natalie: And you can't stop thinking, right?

John: Yeah, something like that.

Natalie: Well, I think -- I don't know -- I'll stop by the police station for a few minutes to say hello. Unless, of course, you're too busy to say hello.

John: No, I'm never too busy to say hello.

Natalie: Ok. Thanks for calling.

John: See you later.

[Knock on door]

Bo: Yeah?

Officer: Left for you at the front desk. Just a videotape in it.

John: For me?

Bo: Oh, why don't you go ahead and pop it in the V.C.R. There. Can you see ok?

John: It's important to remember the killer is most likely a man of average to low intelligence who has been able to elude police primarily --

Bo: This a press conference?

John's voice: Because he appears so completely ordinary.

John: Yeah, in New Jersey a few years ago.

John's voice: He is in fact a psychopath.

John: I remember we were trying to draw this killer out, you know? Push his buttons.

John's voice: He's a coward. It makes him angry to feel so frightened all the time.

Bo: I think you got this guy's attention. He's obsessed with you. Maybe that'll be his downfall.

John's voice: He's starting to make mistakes.


Rae: Samuel Hartford. His license and -- and diploma. What is he doing with this?


Stay tuned for scenes from the next "one life to live."

On the next "one life to live" --

Nora: It's going to get ugly, Blair, don't kid yourself.

Blair: I want Todd to have to watch me and remember everything that he did to me.


Evangeline: We will win this trial.

Todd: And maybe Blair will walk in and call the whole thing off.


Judge: Both sides are ready?

Evangeline: Ready, your honor.

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