OLTL Transcript Friday 2/6/04

One Life to Live Transcript Friday 2/6/04

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Al: Marcie -- Marcie, please. Listen, I can explain.

Marcie: Listen, I saw enough.

Al: You were totally right to slap me, okay? I definitely deserved that.

Marcie: No, I don't want to talk about this anymore, okay, to either one of you.

Jen: Listen, don't blame Michael, okay? It was my fault. I came on to him.

Marcie: Yeah, well, he could've -- he could've said no!

Jen: Just listen to him. He really cares about you. I'll see you at home, okay?

Marcie: No. No, you wonít. I'm moving out. I don't want to live with you anymore.


Lindsay: You do know this is going to end badly?

Rex: Maybe so, but it's starting out pretty good.

Lindsay: Stop it.

Rex: You know, we're incredible together. You can't deny that.

Lindsay: You do understand that Jen can never find out about this?

Rex: As far as I'm concerned, it's none of her business.

Lindsay: Where are you going?

Rex: I have to check on a few things on U.V.

Lindsay: I'll see you later?

Rex: Yeah. I'd like that.


Kevin: Doctor, is she going to be okay? Well, she's resting, but is bedrest enough? That's what I want to know.

Kelly: Kevin, I'm fine.

Kevin: Well, she says she's fine, of course. All right. All right, well, look, thanks for seeing us so late. I'm sure you had plans this evening. All right, bye.

Kelly: Thank you for being overprotective.

Kevin: Well, I am not going to let anything happen to you and the baby.

Kelly: I'm just glad this happened before we got on that plane.

Kevin: Yeah, flying anywhere is probably not a good idea.

Kelly: It would've been nice to get out of town for a couple of days.

Kevin: Yeah, but you know what? What can Bermuda give you that I can't? Except a tan, of course.

[Kelly laughs]

Kevin: You know what -- you're going to sit right here, you're going to enjoy life, and I'm going to wait on you.

Kelly: Hmm. Okay, if you insist.

Kevin: Oh, yeah, you know what? The doctor said that for a few days, we can't have sex.


Natalie: Oh, my God, is that you?

John: And -- and Caitlin. My fiancee. She --

Natalie: She didn't make it. Yeah, I know. You said --

John: Donít. Evidence.

Natalie: Yeah, but how can you stand looking at it?

John: I have to. It's the only way I can stop it from happening to someone else.


Viki: Starr? Honey, what's wrong?

Starr: My dad's going to confess for something that he didn't do, and he's going to jail and I'll never see him again!

Viki: Was he here? Oh, Honey, I'm so sorry.

Starr: Dad says that sorry is a waste of time.

Viki: No, sorry is not always a waste of time. You know, there might be something that you can do to help this situation.

Starr: I already tried to get him to change his mind, but he wouldn't listen to me!

Viki: No, no. I'm talking about your mother, Sweetheart. I think -- I think maybe it's time for you to forgive her.


[Phone rings]

Dorian: Blair, Honey, you don't have to say anything, okay? Just listen to me, please. I'm sorry that I said the things that I did, and I really don't mean to pressure you. So if I promise to back off, will you please come home to your family where you belong?


Blair: I will have a single malt scotch, neat.

Bartender: Somebody riding you?

Blair: Yeah, but you know what? I don't have to listen and I don't have to go home. I'll be right back.

Bartender: Hey, how many have you had?

Blair: I -- I just got here. Just give me the drink and leave me alone.


Viki: The thing is -- if you could just find it in your heart to forgive her -- you know, you could sit down with her and maybe -- maybe you two could work something out.

Starr: If I forgive her, then will she forgive my dad?

Viki: Oh, Honey, I don't know about that. I don't know. Besides, what happens between your parents is not your responsibility. It really isn't, okay? I just think that you'd feel a lot better if you -- if you could talk to your mom.

Dorian: Hello, Viki. Starr.

Starr: What are you doing here?

Dorian: Well, actually, I came to see you.

Viki: Dorian, this really might not be the best time.

Dorian: This really is very important. Starr, when was the last time you saw your mother?

Starr: She came with Jack and they came to visit. Why? You want me to forgive her, too?

Dorian: I think that would be a very good idea.

Starr: Well, I'll think about it. Don't get your hopes up.

Viki: Dorian, what's going on?

Dorian: Blair and I had a terrible fight. She went running out of the house. She hasn't come back since. I was hoping that she'd come here.

Viki: No, I'm sorry, she didnít. She might just need some time alone, you know.

Dorian: I don't think so. She's been behaving very strangely lately. If she does show up here, will you let me know, please?

Viki: Well, of course I will.


Kelly: Kevin, I am not going to spend nine months alone in bed. I want you -- hear me? -- All the time.

Kevin: The doctor said it was a few days, that's it. Then after that, it's dancing and sex 24/7.

Kelly: Yay! Good. That sounds good to me. Okay, a few days -- okay, I can handle that.

Kevin: Yeah.

Kelly: Oh, I just want this baby to be healthy. Iím not going to do anything that's going to put him in danger.

Kevin: What, you think it's a he?

Kelly: Sometimes I do.

Kevin: Hmm.

Kelly: I mean, I don't really care right away. What about you? What do you want?

Kevin: Well, it doesn't matter to me. Whatever you and the baby want, that's what I'm going to do for you. You want pickles, ice cream, black-and-white milk shake -- I'm not going to let anything happen to you. I'll make sure of that.

Kelly: We came so close to losing this. Now all our dreams are coming true.

Kevin: Well, not all of them. I'm not going to be governor anytime soon.

Kelly: Oh, you could be governor. You're just going to have to wait a little while longer, that's all.

Kevin: Oh, you know what? I don't want to talk politics. I just want to think about us.

Kelly: I was so worried I was going to lose you. But now I kind of think that you're going to stick around.

Kevin: You know what? I am never going to leave you. I promise.


Bartender: Lady, this is $100.

Blair: It's -- what? Oh, I thought it -- you know what, just -- just keep it.

Bartender: Hey, no way I'm letting you drive in your condition.

Blair: I only had -- I only had one drink.

Bartender: You're wasted. I'll call you a cab.


Viki: Are you all right?

Todd: I made a decision. I wanted to tell you in person.

Viki: Yeah, well, Starr beat you to it. She's so upset.

Todd: I didn't do it, Viki. I'm innocent.

Viki: So you're going to plead guilty anyway?

Todd: I have to. I want to fix this thing. I've been racking my brain trying to come up with a solution. I've come up empty. There's nothing else I can do. It's the only way.

Viki: Well, no, maybe not, okay? I just had a little talk with Starr to try to get her to patch things up with Blair, and she's thinking about it.

Todd: Even so, if we go through this trial, I don't know how she's going to get through it.

Viki: Well, we'll all be there to help her, you know.

Todd: Evangeline says we can win, but I don't think she actually believes it.

Viki: Really? She sounded so optimistic at the pretrial hearing.

Todd: She wants to drag Blair through the mud. The whole Kevin deal.

Viki: Oh, dear, dear --

Todd: I'm sorry, Viki, but I don't give a damn about him. I don't want to see her torn apart just to get me off. I could testify, but Evangeline says no.

Viki: Well, you know what, there are always character witnesses. I'll certainly testify that you've changed.

Todd: You always see the good in me.

Viki: I will never lose faith in you.

Todd: Are you sure? Can you put your hand on that bible and swear that I didn't rape Blair? Honestly?

Viki: Blair asked me the same question.

Todd: What'd you tell her?

Viki: You and she are the only ones who know what happened in that room.

Todd: If you don't believe me, who will?


John: I never wanted to drag you into this, Natalie.

Natalie: I know that. I -- I know that, John. And I know that you would've done anything to save Caitlin.

John: Yeah, anything.

Natalie: Hey, you know, you were shot, too. You almost died with her.

John: It was just a burglary, you know? Guy must've panicked, shot us both. I -- I tell myself every day there was nothing I could've done.

Natalie: Listen, I -- I wasn't there. But I know what kind of a man you are, and I know how far you would go to save someone that you're close to.

John: But it wasn't enough. It wasn't enough. And now this guy out here -- this killer? He's rubbing my face in it.

Natalie: Come here. You are a smart, brave cop, and you're a good guy.


[Mid-tempo synthesized music]

Jen: You're moving out of my place just because of Michael? I didn't even think you liked him.

Marcie: Okay, all right, fine. You know what, you're right. I did say that I didn't like him, but did you ever stop to think that maybe I can't admit that I like Michael because I'm not ready to admit that Al is gone? Jen, if you were any kind of a friend -- if you'd just listen to what I had to say, you would've picked that up!

Jen: I don't know why I did it!

Marcie: Yeah, well, I do! You're so wrapped up in yourself that you'll do anything to get a rise out of a guy, and it doesn't matter who it is, and it doesn't matter who you hurt.

Jen: You're right, okay? I'm sorry. I just --

Marcie: I can't believe it took me this long to figure you out. I really thought you were my friend, and when I needed a friend, you just stab me in the back. I don't want to be around you anymore!

Jen: Marcie, don't -- don't --

Marcie: Don't do what? Don't do what? You don't want me to stand up for myself? You know, if you want to get yourself in trouble, and if you want to continue to put yourself on this path of pushing people away, well, go ahead, do it! I can't do it anymore. Jen, you lost Joe. Now you're going to lose my friendship. And if you're not careful, then the only person you're going to have left is your mother!


Luna: Jeepers, that poor baby.

Al: Jen was her best friend. You've got to let me help her.

Luna: Well, go ahead.

Al: No, not as Michael. As me, Al. Look, just for a minute.

Luna: No, no, it wonít be enough.

Al: Listen, I promise that I won't tell her what's really going on, okay? I'll just give her enough to get her through. Please. Look, it's almost 10:00. Just a few minutes, please.

Luna: God --

Al: Please?

Luna: Oh, all right! Fine, but you listen to me. Just five more minutes, and this is the last special favor I'm doing for you, Al. Five more minutes. And then from now till Valentineís Day, you are on your own, all right? The rest is up to you.

Al: Thank you.


[Knock on door]

Rex: Can't stay away from me, can you?

Jen: Can I come in?


Marcie: Oh, excuse me. Can I have a glass of ice water?

Waitress: No problem.

Marcie: Thanks.

Luna: All right, five minutes. Not one second more.

Al: Thank you.

Singer: My love I'll never find the words my love to tell you how I feel my love

Al: Can I have this dance?

Singer: Mere words

Marcie: Al?

Singer: Could not explain


John: You know, I should've -- I should've protected Caitlin the same way I should've protected Cristian. Now, you hated me for that for a long time. I want to know why the change.

Natalie: Maybe because I realize that I'm not the only person in the world who lost someone.

John: This job -- make one wrong move, you make one mistake, and the person you love -- the person you love most in the world is just gone forever.

Natalie: Is that why you never relax?

John: You know, I'll get all the sleep I need when I'm dead. Why are you asking all these questions? I'm doing just fine. I'm fine.

Natalie: John, you know, you're the only person who never pressured me about getting over Cristian. And I'm sure that's because Caitlin died in the same horrible way.

John: There's one little difference, though, Natalie. It wasn't your fault Cristian died.

Natalie: You can't blame yourself for what happened.

John: Who else am I going to blame, Natalie? The guy that did that? He's still walking around out there.

Natalie: What happened? You don't have to tell me if you don't want.

John: No, I --

John: I came home, and Caitlin was in bed. She looked beautiful. And I remember she said that she thought she heard something, and that I was going to go check it out. And the next I know, she was -- she was covered in blood. She'd been shot. Guy just came out of nowhere, and then he -- he plugged me. I got a couple shots off, but then I was just out. Everything went black, you know, like the -- like the telescopes on the pier when the money runs out, just like that. And for what? For a TV and a V.C.R. Just for junk.

Natalie: I'm just -- I'm glad that Flynn got what he deserved because I can't imagine how I would feel if he had gotten away with it.

John: Oh, you have no idea, Natalie.

Natalie: I -- I bet people tell you you need closure.

John: I hate that word. That word "closure" -- it's just such psychobabble, you know? That's one of those neat, clean words. But for some reason, when you lose someone and you don't know how and you don't know why, it just leaves you so raw. There's -- there's nothing clean about it.

Natalie: That's why you go after these serial killers like the Music Box Killer, you know? It's personal.

John: Yeah. It's personal.


Singer: Precious love you held my life within your hands created everything I am taught me how to live again only you cared when I needed a friend believed in me through thick and thin this song is for you filled with gratitude and love God bless you

Al: Marcie, you got to give Michael another chance.

Marcie: Why?

Al: I can't explain.

Marcie: Michael is a jerk. I've given him plenty of chances. He doesn't deserve any more.

Al: He really cares for you.

Marcie: You're the only guy I want. I'm not going to settle for anything less.

Al: Marcie, I'm gone.

Marcie: No! No, you're not. You're right here!

Al: Only for a few minutes. Marcie, you need someone to give you what you need, a future. Now, what if because you're hanging on to me you never get married? You never have children?

Marcie: Yeah, that's okay.

Al: No, that is not okay! That is everything that you have always wanted. That's what I want for you.

Marcie: No, but I don't want it without you!

Al: Even if it's not with me, it's okay because I will always be part of it. Do you remember the last time I saw you?

Marcie: Yes.

Al: When I sent you to Angel Square?

Marcie: Yes.

Al: That's what I was trying to tell you.

Marcie: No, I'm not listening.

Al: Marcie, listen to me. You can have everything that you have ever dreamed of. It's right in front of your face. You just have to let it in. Don't let it slip away. Look. Look deep and hard. Your future is right here.

Gabrielle: Hi.

Marcie: I don't understand. Who is she?

Gabrielle: Listen to him. He loves you, and he knows what's best for you, Mommy.

Marcie: "Mommy"?

Al: Marcie, remember, look into his eyes. Look into his eyes and you'll see. I need more time.

Luna: Honey, time is up.

Al: No, no! Our daughter was getting through to her. I know it!

Luna: No, no, no, I cannot freeze time forever. I can't do it.

Al: Please, Luna, not yet!


Marcie: Excuse me? Can I have a glass of ice water?

Waitress: No problem.

Marcie: Thanks.


Al: I have to make her fall in love with me.

Luna: Well, Darling, you better get cracking. But you only have till Valentineís Day.


Rex: What happened?

Jen: What didn't happen? Riley's dad thinks I'm some kind of drug smuggler or hooker or something.

Rex: What?

Jen: Yeah -- forget it. You know what? Everyone hates me. You know, every single person I was with today couldn't wait to make me feel bad about myself.

Rex: Who are you talking about?

Jen: Marcie. But she's right, you know? Every -- every relationship I have I screw up. With Cristian and Joe and now my friendship with her. And soon I'm -- I'm not going to have anybody left but my mom, and that's just because mm related to her.

Rex: You still have me.


Dorian: Kelly, what are you doing lying there like Garbo in "Camille"? Are you all right?

Kelly: Yes, I'm fine.

Kevin: She's been put on bedrest.

Dorian: Well, then, for heaven's sake, get to bed.

Kelly: The doctor said as long as I keep my feet up, I will be fine.

Dorian: I know you. You can't sit still for five minutes.

Kevin: I'm taking care of Kelly and the baby. Don't worry.

Kelly: Thanks.

Kevin: There you go.

Dorian: You knew the risks that were involved. What were you thinking?

Kelly: Okay, okay, here -- I am prepared for this. Kevin, could you give that to my Aunt Dorian, please?

Dorian: What is this?

Kelly: That is Dr. Brock's card. That's her home phone number and her office number. She's expecting your call. I am not in as much danger as the other doctors thought, okay? Satisfied? Don't worry. Okay, now, what's really wrong? Why are you so upset?

Dorian: Um -- it's just -- Blair and I had this terrible fight. She was actually thinking about dropping the charges against Todd.

Kevin: Well, she can't do that.

Dorian: You tell her that. But the way that Starr has been acting out -- Blair is just so stressed. She's getting these horrific headaches.

Kevin: Has she been to the doctor?

Dorian: Yes, she has. I mean, I just -- I don't understand it. What are the Cramer women coming to? We used to be strong as horses.

Kelly: I'm pregnant, not sick. Call Dr. Brock.

Dorian: I will.

Kelly: Okay.

Dorian: Now, have either of you seen her?

Kelly: No.

Dorian: Kevin, do you know where she is?

Kevin: No.

[Phone rings]

Kevin: Hello?

Blair: Hey.

Kevin: Oh, excuse me.

Blair: Kevin, I'm sorry to bother you --

Kevin: Are you all right?

Blair: Look, I need your help. I've been in an accident.


Singer: God bless you

Waitress: Here you go.

Marcie: Thanks.

Singer: You make me feel brand new

Al: You look like you're feeling better.

Marcie: Shh. I want to hear this song. It's beautiful.

Singer:: You make me feel brand new

Al: You're beautiful. Simply Red -- it's one of my favorites.

Marcie: Really? They're my all-time favorite. I always wanted to hear them play live. Al was going to take me once, but it didn't work out.

Al: Can I get you a soda or something?

Marcie: No. I want to be alone.

Al: Okay. No problem, Marcie. Whatever you need. Listen, I just want to apologize for that thing with Jen. It was really stupid. It didn't -- it didn't mean anything to either of us.

Singer: You make me feel brand new God has blessed me with you you make me feel brand new


Viki: First thing tomorrow morning, I'm having an alarm system installed in this house.

Natalie: Mom, it's fine.

Viki: No, it most certainly is not fine. Come on, the killer was here in your home!

John: An officer has been assigned to keep an eye on the place.

Natalie: Which is total overkill, I think.

Viki: Natalie! You were almost killed! Now, you can be blasť about that. I cannot.

John: Look, I know it's not much of a consolation, but for whatever reason, if the killer wanted Natalie dead, he -- he would've done it when he had a chance.

Viki: Natalie, if anything happens to you, I will not forgive myself. Do you understand that?

Natalie: Mom, John's right. I mean, if the killer wanted to kill me, he could've killed me before and he didnít.

Viki: Okay, what if he changes his mind and comes back? I don't think that serial killers are the most rational human beings.

John: I think this guy's trying to send a message to me. He's very deliberate at this point, for whatever reasons, Natalieís not one of the intended victims.

Viki: And what if you're wrong? Honey, I want you to come back to Llanfair with me. Please.

Natalie: Mom, I feel perfectly safe here. Really, I do. I'm fine.

Viki: Yeah, because John is here now. John is not going to be here all night. How are you going to feel when you' all alone?

Natalie: Roxy will be here later.

Viki: Roxy? Natalie, use your head. You don't even know where Roxy is. Please, Darling -- please, just for tonight, come home.

John: Hey, can I talk to you for a minute? You don't have to be so tough all the time, all right? You had a real scare. There's no shame in spending the night at your mom's, all right?

Natalie: I know. I know. It's -- I don't want this psycho to be able to run me out of my home, that's all.

John: Okay. Look, I have to be at the station when they process the forensics, so --

Natalie: Go ahead. Hey, just don't be so hard on yourself, okay?


Blair: I'm at Bend an Elbow bar out on Route 42.

Kevin: What are you doing at a dive like that? Have you been drinking?

Blair: Just barely. I had one scotch, and I got up to leave and I was dizzy. And the bartender didn't want me to drive, but I did anyway and then I hit a damn tree.

Kevin: Oh, well, are you hurt?

Blair: No. But the car's stuck and my cell phone -- for some reason, the battery's dead, and if I call the cops, they could take my kids away, Kevin, and I didn't know who else to call. And I swear to you, I am not -- not drunk. I just don't know what else to do.

Kevin: Well, Dorianís right here. I can just get her.

Blair: No, do not -- do not tell Dorian. That is the last thing that I need right now. Come on, what do I do, Kevin? If the cops find the car --

Kevin: All right, listen to me. Just sit down, take a breath, and don't talk to anyone, okay? I'll be there as soon as I can.

Blair: Thanks. Ahem.

Kelly: What's wrong? Who was that?


[Phone rings]

Rex: Damn it, shut up!

Jen: Just let the answering machine get it.

Rex: It's unplugged.


Rex: I'm not home!

Jen: You know what? I really -- I can't concentrate. Just answer it.

Rex: All right. This mood's ruined anyway. What?

Al: Hey, it's Michael McBain.

Rex: What do you want?

Al: I just was talking to the director of the college radio station, and I pitched him an idea. Well, I was thinking maybe Marcie could do a special broadcast, you know, of songs and poems for young lovers on Valentineís Day. You know, we could throw in a couple of tapes of the Voice of the Night, and I thought it would be a good idea, you know, kind of cool.

Rex: And I care because --

Al: Well, I was thinking we could broadcast live from Ultraviolet. You know, that'd be pretty neat.

Rex: Live tapes? Sounds exciting.

Al: No, man, I'm going to get Simply Red to play.

Rex: In your dreams.

Al: Trust me, dude. You put me in touch with them, and I will convince them to sing.

Rex: Yeah, fine, whatever. But I can't do it tonight, okay? Thank you. There. No more interruptions. Where are you going?

Jen: This was a bad idea.

Rex: No, no, no, no, no. It was a good idea. It was a very, very good idea.


Dorian: Was that Blair on the phone?

Kevin: No, it was just more reporters harassing me.

Dorian: You don't seem harassed.

Kevin: Just back off, Dorian. We're all worried about Blair, okay? If that was her on the phone, why would I hide it from you?

Dorian: Well, I'm sure you'll let me know if either of you hear from her. Whatever you do, take care of my niece.

Kelly: That was Blair, wasn't it?

Kevin: Yeah. She was in an accident.

Kelly: What?

Kevin: Look, she's fine. She just doesn't want anyone to find out. She's afraid she'll lose the kids, you know? But she needs help.

Kelly: Oh, great, so she thinks of you when she needs help? That's great. So I'm assuming that you're rushing off to her rescue?

Kevin: Well, I'd rather not, but there's no one else.

Kelly: Um -- Aunt Dorian?

Kevin: Well, she just told me not to tell Dorian. Look, I'm just going to go do this, and I will be right back. All right, you know what? Forget it. Let's get somebody else. How about Vickers? You know, if you call him and ask him, do you think we can trust him?

Kelly: No. Just go, just go. Please don't be gone long.


Todd: Hey, Dorian --

Dorian: Todd, what are you doing here?

Todd: I want you to tell me where Blair is.

Dorian: I don't know where she is. Step away from the door.

Todd: I think you do know where she is.

Dorian: Get out of here. There is a -- okay, fine, I'm calling the police. There's a court order against you. Get --

Todd: I don't care!

Dorian: You don't care about anything, do you, except yourself! Get away from my -- okay, 911. Thank you so much. Don't come here again!


Al: You're leaving? Well, before you go, I just want to say that what I did to you tonight was really rotten. And I'm not trying to justify it because there is no justification. But there is an explanation. It's not going to make any sense now, but it will on Valentineís Day.

Marcie: I'm not sure I'm following you.

Al: Will you go out with me on Valentineís Day? I know, it sounds totally crazy. I must sound like a total lunatic to you right now, but if you could find it in your heart to just trust me, I promise you, you won't be disappointed. Marcie, please. Come on; just give me another chance. There are so many things I have to make up to you.

Marcie: Okay, I'll go out with you.


Rex: Where are you going?

Jen: Bathroom.

[Phone rings]

Rex's voice: I'm out, people. Leave a message.

[Answering machine beeps]

Lindsay: I'm soaking in a hot, hot tub, and I'm thinking of --

Jen: Was that my mom?


Natalie: Be careful.

John: Be careful here, all right? Good night, Mrs. Davidson.

Viki: Good night and thank you. If my daughter will allow me, I'm going to stay here a while longer.

John: Thanks. Good night.


[Phone rings]

John: Yeah?

Man: Did you like the little gift I left for your new girlfriend?

John: Be a man. Leave Natalie out of this. We're not involved.

Man: You got her husband killed. That bonds you for life, whether you like it or not. Besides, from what I've seen, the pretty little widow likes you a lot more than you want to admit. Of course, if that's a problem, I'd be more than happy to take care of it for you, remove the redhead from your life forever. Aren't you going to say anything?

John: Now, listen to me, you stupid gimp. I know about Chicago. I know what you did there. And I'm going to find you. God, I hope I'm doing the right thing.


Todd: Kelly, what's going on with Blair?

Kelly: What -- why? What do you know?

Todd: I don't know anything other than Dorian doesn't have any idea where she is, and she's upset about it.

Kelly: She had a car accident.

Todd: Is she hurt? How bad is it? Where is she?

Kelly: I don't know. Kevin's with her.

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On the next "One Life to Live" --

Rae: Someone worked very hard to make the police think that you were the killer. Do you know who?

Jessica: How does it feel to try and get inside the mind of a killer? That's what you're trying to do, right?

Evangeline: It's Todd. He wants to take the deal.

Starr: You shouldn't even be going to jail. You didn't do it.

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