OLTL Transcript Wednesday 2/4/04

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 2/4/04

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Marcie: Yes -- hey, hey, it's Marcie. No, I'm still at the airport. Well, our guest for tomorrow's show has been grounded. I don't know, you're the producer. Can you make it stop snowing in Boston? Yes, yes, I can wait a little longer. Okay, bye.


Boy: It's bad, isn't it, that you couldn't fix me at the hospital?

Al: You got nothing to worry about, big guy. We do these procedures all the time, okay? I just didn't want you to be stuck up here all winter. You see, you do this in Miami, you get to recuperate on the beach.

Woman: You're sure he's okay to travel?

Al: Yeah, I've spoken to the folks you guys are going to meeting at the plane. Everything's taken care of.

Woman: Thank you, Dr. McBain.

Al: Not a problem. And you make sure that you bring me back a T-shirt, okay? You promise?

Boy: I'm sure there's room on the plane.

Al: Oh, I'm sorry. I can't come with you, buddy. Maybe next time, all right?

Boy: Yeah.

Al: Okay.

Al: Marcie, what are you doing here?

Marcie: I was just admiring your plane-side manner.

P.A. Announcer: Gate 28C, please. Last call, Flight 308.


Jen: Oh, Mr. Colson. I'm so sorry about what happened at the courthouse.

Daniel: Me, too. Cheeseburger special to go, please.

Jen: I never should've accused my mom of seeing Rex behind your back. I was just mad at her --

Daniel: Lindsay's play time is her own business.

Jen: But I just said it. She likes you.

Daniel: Look, you know what really bothers me? It's the fact that I nearly watched my son go to jail because of drugs, all because of you.

Jen: Because of me?

Daniel: From now on, you stay away from him.


Rex: I got your message. You wanted to see me?

Lindsay: Not like that. I told you, we shouldn't see each other anymore.


Paul: Mind if I join you?

Kelly: Mmm -- yeah, sure, but I'm not going to be here very long. I am going to Bermuda with Kevin.

Paul: Awesome. Maybe I should join you -- I don't know. It could save somebody's life.

Kelly: What are you talking about?

Paul: Just that snake David Vickers.

Kelly: Oh. What's he done now?

Paul: You know, if it's not him hooking up to some --

Todd: Yo -- what's this crap about Blair going to work for "The Banner"?

Kelly: Hey, it's okay, Paul. Yes, Todd, she is going to be an editor or something.

Todd: Hmm. And you're okay with that?

Kelly: Yeah, I'm okay with it.

Todd: I thought the one thing we agreed on was keeping your husband away from my wife. What changed?


Viki: You finish your homework already?

Starr: What is she doing here?

Blair: Jack misses you, and so do I.

Starr: Jack can stay. You go back to Aunt Dorianís.


Dorian: You do understand what I'm saying when I tell you that I am your biological mother?

River: Okay. Come on, let's go. This is completely bogus.

Dorian: I can assure you that it is not.

David: River, just listen for a second. Come on.

River: Dorian, you can't possibly be her mother.

Dorian: I have not been a very good one, but I swear to you I gave birth to this beautiful little girl 16 years ago in Mendorra.

Adriana: And then you just dumped me?

Dorian: Please don't say that. I had very good reasons for keeping quiet.

River: What reasons?

David: None that are important right now. Why don't you go on.

Dorian: I just hope and pray that you'll give me the chance to make up for all those years that we missed together.

Adriana: No, no, that -- that would mean that -- that would mean that River and I are related.

David: River, let's think of it this way -- you're not losing a girlfriend. You're gaining an aunt.

River: Get off me.

Dorian: And even though you were adopted, River, technically, Adriana is right. You are related.

River: And only technically, if any of this is true.

Dorian: It is true. I -- I am your mother. Please forgive me.

Adriana: I don't understand. How?

Dorian: Well, many years ago I was very well-connected politically and I was appointed the ambassador to Mendorra. While there, I had an affair with a very powerful -- very powerful man, and he became quite brutal when I tried to break off our relationship.

Adriana: Who was he?

Dorian: I can't say, dear, for your own protection. Believe me, if he knew that I had had his child -- I mean, he would come after both of us, and he would force you to live a life that would be abysmal.

David: He's actually killed people, including his own relatives and some babies.

Dorian: So, to protect you, I asked one of my traveling staff, Carlotta, to look for a family in her native country of Puerto Rico, a family that would raise you. And when I look at what a fine, young woman you've become, I think it was a very wise decision that I made. Caesar and Ramona did a wonderful job. All I ask of you, my dear, is that you please find it in your heart to forgive me.


Jen: Look; I had no idea that Riley was bringing those drugs onto the plane.

Daniel: Yeah, but you were planning on sharing them after your little pilgrimage, weren't you?

Jen: No! We were splitting up at Heathro I was going to visit my husband.

Daniel: Oh, your husband. Well, you know, I'm well acquainted with your rap sheet. Two husbands already, burglary, alcohol poisoning, hanging out with a prostitute who was murdered. Tell me something -- do all Llanview coeds do a work-study with hookers, or is it just you?

Jen: I am not on trial.

Daniel: Listen, I'm not out to persecute you, but I want to protect my son. Now, we all know that you are way out of his league. Just stay away from him.

Jen: Okay, fine, I'll stay away from him.

Daniel: That's all I ask.

Jen: I just wonder if you'd be such a jerk to me if you weren't striking out with my mom.


Rex: Why stop seeing each other? Aren't we having fun?

Lindsay: Because our relationship is inappropriate. I need to be picking on someone my own age.

Rex: Fat and bald? You'll love that.

Lindsay: Thank you.

Rex: I'm sorry.

Lindsay: I'm seeing someone now, and he is neither one of those things.

Rex: How's the sex? Anything like ours, or just nice?

Lindsay: We haven't gone there yet.

Rex: Oh. I rest my case.

Lindsay: Rex, I'm in therapy. I'm trying to make things better. This isn't helping me.

Rex: There's no way I'm letting you dump me.


Kelly: Look, what's changed is I'm pregnant. Kevin and I are thrilled about it, and we're going on a second honeymoon.

Todd: Oh, congratulations. So this brain lapse is a hormonal thing.

Kelly: I've decided to trust my husband.

Todd: Even though he's totally in love with Blair?

Kelly: That's over.

Todd: What is it about pregnant women that makes them think they're so attractive? I mean, look at you, Kelly. You're a pretty good Madonna, but you're no Blair.


Starr: Jack, this is Jamie. You just smile and wave, okay? Jamie doesn't say much, though.

Jessica: Starr has been so great with Antonioís daughter. You're lucky to have a -- have a natural baby-sitter on your hands.

Viki: She's -- she's just been extremely well-behaved since --

Blair: Oh, you took custody of her?

Viki: No, no. Since she's back to being a child again. Come on, this custody thing -- it's only temporary.

Blair: Well, I assume Toddís been here already, huh?

Viki: I figured Dorian would have told you.

Blair: No.

Viki: Well, yes, he was here. He was not invited, and we told him to leave.

Blair: Well, thank you. Because Todd shouldn't be anywhere near those children after what he did to me.

Jessica: Blair, things are just -- you know, things are just really confusing right now, and Toddís claiming that he's innocent, and I -- I mean, he hasn't been proven guilty yet, so I don't --

Blair: Would you two come out here a minute?

Blair: Were you in the room when tod raped me? No, I didn't think so.

Jessica: No, Blair, we weren't there. You're right. We -- we don't know what happened.

Kevin: Hey, Mom, I'm going to Bermuda -- hit the beach, lay in a hammock. Hey. Blair, what are you doing here?

Blair: Kevin, I actually am visiting my little girl. But I'm glad that you're here because I'm going to make an official announcement. I am accepting your offer to work for you at "The Banner."

Kevin: Oh, that's great. That's great. Are you sure you're ready to do that after everything that's going on? I mean, right now?

Blair: Especially right now. I think I need something to get my mind off of everything, especially what Todd did to me.


Paul: Where do you get off insulting my sister? Why don't you back the hell off?

Kelly: All right, all right, Paul, let's not cause a scene.

Todd: What's to keep Kevin and Blair from turning that office into a bedroom?

Kelly: You mean besides the fact that Kevin isn't interested anymore?

Paul: You know, I don't even know why you keep blaming Kevin. You're the guy who raped his own wife.

Todd: Relax, junior. You think this is over? You remember one thing -- whatever happens from now on, you started it.

Paul: What is his deal? The guy's a freak.

Kelly: Yeah. Speaking of freaks, tell me what David Vickers did. He obviously has you really upset.


Dorian: Carlotta's on her way over, and she's so happy to hear that you're safe.

Adriana: That doesn't mean much to me, considering she lied to me my whole life!

Dorian: Please remember that it was for your own good and at my request.

Adriana: How could you have me living here in Llanview all those months and then not even seem interested?

Dorian: It wasn't easy, believe me.

Adriana: Did the mother who raised me know about you? And my father? Are they liars, too?

Dorian: No, it was too big a secret to ask them to keep.

River: Wait, why are you telling her all this now anyway?

Dorian: Because she's about to become an adult, and she's about to acquire some very adult responsibilities.

River: Oh, no. You don't mean Aunt Betsyís money, do you?

Dorian: Congratulations, my dear. You are in line to inherit an enormous fortune.

David: You're going to be a very important woman.

River: What if she doesn't want to be so important?

Dorian: River, you cannot stand in her way and then honestly say you love her.

River: I love her, important or not.

Dorian: Think about it, my dear girl. You can have anything you've ever wanted.

Adriana: All I want is River.

David: She's thrifty. I like that.

Dorian: Yes, well, we'll get somebody very responsible to help you manage your assets.

River: Wow. I get it now. You're her "mother," so you get to control all her money.

David: River, do you really think that little of your grandmother?

Dorian: David, we don't use the ďGĒ word here.

David: Right, sorry.

River: And that explains a whole lot of your nosing around, too.

Adriana: This is terrible, River. I don't know what to do.

River: Well, Dorian, don't worry about her inheriting any money because she won't be eligible.

Dorian: What? What do you mean?

River: We're getting married as soon as we can.


Al: So, this professor from Tufts you're meeting -- what do you hear about him? Is he a nice guy?

Marcie: Who said it was a guy?

Al: So it's not.

Marcie: Why do you sound so pleased about that?

Al: I don't know. I like smart chicks. I'm trying to bridge the gap.

Marcie: I cannot decide whether you actually like my company or if you're just being a smart aleck.

Al: Maybe a little bit of both.

Marcie: Michael, you do not have to stay with me.

Al: So, this professor -- what, you got to entertain her for the night? Is that the deal?

Marcie: No, I just have to, you know, bring her to her hotel and thank her for coming.

Al: So, could be you're done by dinnertime.

Marcie: Maybe.

[Phone rings]

Al: You want to go and have a bite to eat?

Marcie: Excuse me. Uh -- hello? Great. Thanks for wasting half of my day. Well, the professor went home, and now she's going to be back in the morning, so --

Al: Well, you know, it's not a waste if you meet me for dinner.

Marcie: Okay.


Luna: You are making progress.

Al: You have got to stop doing that.

Luna: What?

Al: Well, at least she finally sees that there's a good side to Michael -- I mean, now that I've made a good side.

Luna: Mm-hmm.

Al: This is going to work. She is going to see that it's Al inside of this body, and we're going to be back together.

Luna: Well, sort of.

Al: "Well, sort of," what?

Luna: Well, there's just this one teeny, tiny little detail. You see, when Marcie really does recognize your soul in Michael, it's because you really have actually become Michael, and all the memories that you've ever had will vanish forever.

Al: What?

Al: So I'm going to lose all my memories of Marcie. Those are the best part of my life.

Luna: Well, were, honey. But, see, you're still going to have memories of -- but they'll be Michaelís.

Al: No. I don't want his memories, okay? The guy's life sucks.

Luna: Not anymore, not with you in there running around, you and Marcie making new memories.

Al: It just doesn't make any sense. I mean, I thought the whole point of this was so that she would see that I'm really Al.

Luna: Darling, there is no Al anymore. Your soul has moved into Michael. But it's still his life and his body, and he's got a right to his life.

Al: No, this isn't right. I thought that he was supposed to disappear so that I could come back! You got to be able to do something about this.

Luna: I can't do anything, not what you want me to do!

Al: Well, then I need to talk to somebody who can. Your boss, the person who makes all of the rules -- I need to talk to them.

Luna: I --

Al: Luna!

Luna: Oh, all right, all right! All right. But I'm going to warn you -- that means that Michael is going to be roaming around here, and he's going to be being his usual self.

Al: I don't care. We need to straighten this out now!

Al: Hello? Hello? I need to talk to somebody in charge here! Hello? I need to talk to somebody who can help me! Is anybody here?

Al: Hi. You're -- you're Gabrielle, right? Do you remember me? You're going to be my daughter -- mine and Marcieís daughter.

Gabrielle: Maybe not. I'm never going to be born if my dad keeps whining and moaning about the rules.


Daniel: Keep the change.

Bartender: Thanks.

Marcie: Hi.

Jen: Hi.

Marcie: What's up?

Jen: Oh, not much. Just getting accused of a love life I don't even have.

Daniel: Uh -- yeah. I think we have an understanding here.

Jen: What, no vodka to go?

Daniel: Let me give you free advice. A girl with your lifestyle shouldn't make an enemy of the D.A. Marcie.

Marcie: Bye. What was that about?

Jen: The D.A.'s just mad because his son got busted for drugs this morning. Bad for his career, I guess.

Marcie: Yeah, but what does that have to do with you?

Jen: I don't know. I just got on the plane with Riley. What?

Marcie: You were going to get on a plane, go on a trip with Flash's boyfriend?

Jen: To London to see Joe.

Marcie: Ahem.

Jen: Great. Now you've got a problem with me, too?

Marcie: Doesn't matter. You don't want to hear what I have to say.

Jen: Hey, no, pile it on like everyone else.

Marcie: Okay, fine. I think that you should slow down a little. Wait around for the right guy, Jen. You just keep throwing yourself at other people's boyfriends.


David: So, just to -- just to be clear, you two haven't tied the knot yet. Right?

Adriana: I don't see why that's any of your business.

Dorian: A marriage would not be legal, all right? Not without my permission. You're only 16.

River: Don't worry; I've taken care of it.

David: He did make it to Puerto Rico

Dorian: Well, Adrianaís not going anywhere. I am your mother, and from now on, what I say goes.

Adriana: Ms. Lord -- Dorian -- Mom -- no, whatever I'm supposed to call you now -- I love River. You can't change that.

River: You know something else? You're not really everybody's dictator all of a sudden. You understand that?

Dorian: Oh, River. Chill, all right?

Adriana: I still can't believe this is happening.

Dorian: In fact, until all of this is settled, why don't you just go stay with your father for a few days?

Adriana: No, don't you send him away!

River: Wait, wait, wait, she's -- she's right.

Adriana: What? You would leave me here?

River: Listen to me -- yeah. Just for a couple days, all right? You understand me? It's going to be all right. Just to cool off, like she said, okay? It's going to be all right. You'll see. You'll see.


Blair: Starr? Maybe you could bring Jamie over to Dorianís to visit Jack.

Starr: I don't think that would be a very good idea. Someone might accuse her of something.

Blair: Starr, would you like for Jack to stay and have dinner with you?

Starr: Not if you're here.

[Phone rings]

Blair: That's mine. Hello? What? Oh, well, I'll be right there.

Kevin: Blair, what is it?

Blair: It's -- it's my mother.

Blair: We thought that we could keep Mama from finding out about the rape. But she found out somehow, and it's rough for her.

Starr: Aunt Viki, what's going on?

Blair: Actually, it's your Grandma Addie, Sweetie. She's not feeling well, so I'm going to go visit her at the hospital.

Kevin: Here, I'll take you.

Blair: No, Kevin, I'm fine. I can handle that.

Viki: Look, we'll keep jack if that's all right. You know, we'll look after him.

Blair: Great, thank you so much. I'll see you later. You guys be good.

Jessica: Starr? Hey, do you -- do you want to help me get dinner started?

Starr: Yeah, sure. I just have to go to the bathroom.

Viki: I think maybe just, you know, let her have some time to herself. Okay?

Kevin: This is all Toddís fault, you know.


Rex: Don't you watch talk shows? Because a guy who's fun instead of appropriate is what all women want.

Lindsay: Be that as it may, I have other things to think about -- like my daughter, and she's very possessive of both of us.

Rex: But she has no use for us.

Lindsay: I don't want to hurt her.

Rex: I don't want to hurt Jen either. So we just simply make sure she doesn't find out.

Lindsay: You're terrible.

Rex: Yeah, I know. So, listen, why don't you come back to my apartment, and if you can convince me, then I'll keep my hands off you. Or we can talk about it outside.

Kelly: Okay, Hon, I got to get to the airport. It's good to see you.

Paul: Have fun.

Kelly: Take care. Good luck with that girl you told me about.

Paul: Thanks.

Kelly: Okay.

Paul: All right, see you.


River: Hey, Paul, thank God I found you. Listen --

Paul: What's up?

River: You're not going to believe this. Dorian is telling everybody that Adriana is her biological daughter.

Paul: Really?

River: Yeah.

Paul: Which would put her in qualification to inherit Aunt Betsyís millions, right? Surprise, surprise, huh? What can I say? Don't spend it all in one place.

River: Come on, you know that if Adriana signs on with Aunt Betsy, she can't marry me. Right? I mean, Dorianís already told us that we should stop -- wait a minute. You already knew.

Paul: What?

River: That's why you've been pushing us to get married -- to eliminate her as an heir and keep the money yourself.

Paul: Do you have a problem with that?

River: You don't give a damn about us.

Paul: You know, actually, I do, but the truth is this -- you want to be with Adriana for life, and I can make that happen. Do you want my help or not?


Carlotta: Where is she?

Dorian: Carlotta, before you see her -- are you sure that you're on board with this?

Carlotta: Oh, Dorian, you know I hate lying to Adriana, especially about who her real mother is.

Dorian: Well, it's the only way we can protect her from her biological father. And besides which, she's going to be set for life.

Carlotta: You're sure?

Dorian: Absolutely. Aside from Starr, who Aunt Betsy can't stand, Adriana is the only unmarried Cramer woman who can inherit.

Carlotta: But Adriana loves River so much.

Dorian: Are you still with your first boyfriend?

Carlotta: Is anybody?

Dorian: Exactamente.

Carlotta: Oh, Dorian, maybe you're right. I just want to do what's best for Adriana.

Dorian: Of course. That's all any of us want.

Carlotta: Hi. Mi amor, yo estoy muy preocupada!

Adriana: How could you? I love and trusted you. You're my godmother! How could you betray me like this all these years?

Carlotta: No, no, no, calmate. Escuchame, por favor. Adriana, you always knew that you were adopted. The only thing that we kept from you was who your biological mother was.

Adriana: But that's everything!


Jen: Riley and I are just friends. Barely that. He's just a guy to carry my suitcase.

Marcie: Yeah, well, I hope so. Because I would hate to see Flash's life ruined because you're trying to get kicks.

Jen: Oh, my God, you're acting like I'm some kind of home wrecker.

Marcie: I'm sorry, all right? I'm sorry, Jen, but I'm getting a little frustrated. I am trying to help you here, and I really don't think you want my help anymore.

Jen: Then donít.

Marcie: Fine! But this is just not about you anymore. You ruined your marriage because you fooled around with Rex. Now you're going after guys that other people count on.

Jen: You mean like Michael McBain? You're still mad because I showed him a little bit of attention.

Marcie: No, it's not about what you did. It's how you did it. You're supposed to be my friend!

Jen: I am your friend! But make up your mind. Is he your boyfriend or not?

Marcie: Unlike you, Jen, I do not change my boyfriends like I change my underwear! I've got to go to the bathroom.

Jen: You think if I wanted I steal him, I couldn't?

Michael: Hi.

Jen: Hey. What are you doing here?

Michael: I think I'm on a date with Marcie.

Jen: Well, I wish you two would make up your mind.

Michael: What do you mean?

Jen: I mean, I think she just stood you up.


[Phone rings]

Todd: Hello?

Starr: It's me. Mom was just here. She got a phone call. There's something wrong with Grandma.

Todd: Do you know what it is?

Starr: These people don't tell kids anything. Is there something you could do?

Todd: Yeah, sure. I'll check it out and get back to you. Bye.


Al: Listen, I need your help here, okay? This isn't working out the way we had planned.

Gabrielle: Yes, it is. Your spirit makes Michael whole again. And he can keep your soul alive. All you'll be losing are memories.

Al: Well, my memories are what make me who I am.

Gabrielle: You have to have faith in the future now -- in a new way, to be with Marcie so I can be born. Al's gone. You have to accept it, and so does Marcie.

Al: And you'll be our daughter?

Gabrielle: Yes. Isn't that what you want?

Al: Well, of course that's what I want.

Gabrielle: Then stop wasting time. Get back to your body before it's too late.

Al: Too late?

Al: Too late for what?


Michael: Maybe Marcie just got delayed.

Jen: Okay, sure. Come on; let me buy you a drink.

Michael: Okay. So why is this my lucky day?

Jen: Well, you saved my life once, remember? Sometimes I just -- you know, I like to show someone how grateful I can really be.


Dorian: Oh, dear. Carlotta got so emotional. And little Adriana actually seemed devastated at the news I was her mother.

David: Yeah, I guess so. Hey, do you think I should order this in black, silver, or red?

Dorian: Silver's cheesy.

David: Yeah, you're right.

Dorian: I could only admit this to you, but actually I feel guilty lying to that girl about her true parentage.

David: Oh, yeah, tricking her into inheriting $30 million is a really rotten thing to do.

Dorian: Some people don't think money is everything.

David: People we respect? Look, you're basically being a guardian angel to this girl. One day she's going to look at you and say, "Thank God Dorian kept her eye on the loot."

Dorian: Thank you. Really, I could not do this without you.

David: You know, I'm good for a lot of things.

David: Look at me.

Dorian: Hmm?

David: Right in the eye. Marry me, Dorian.

Dorian: No, I won't marry you. Neither will my $30 million.

David: All right. Have sex with me, then.

Dorian: Been there, done that. Too dangerous.

David: Too dangerous for you? I don't think so.

Dorian: Oh, Da-- David, no! David! No, no, no --

David: Protests? I don't think so.

Dorian: Oh, David.


River: Think anybody saw her take off?

Paul: Relax, all right? She just called me. She's on her way.

River: Yeah, Davidís been kind of tailing her, if you know what I mean. The guy's pretty sneaky. Hey -- oh, my God. I'm glad you made it. Are you all right?

Adriana: Well, I still can't believe Dorianís my mother.

River: Yeah.

Adriana: Thank God I'm nothing like her. River, everything's getting so complicated. I just want to get married so we can be together and without anybody bothering us.

River: I know. I know.

Paul: Hey, that plane's leaving for Wilmington in less than an hour. You guys ready?

River: Yeah.

Adriana: Paul, you've been so generous helping us out like this.

River: Yeah, really -- real generous.

Adriana: Thanks.

River: Thank you. I really appreciate it.

Paul: Hey, if we're going to go, we should take off, right? Let's go.


Kevin: Well, apparently, Addie had a relapse.

Kelly: Oh, my God! Well, should we cancel our trip? I mean, Dorianís got to be beside herself.

Kevin: I will if you want to.

Kelly: No, I don't want to. I just -- lo, there's nothing we can do. Let's just --

Reporter: Lieutenant Governor, a question --

Kevin: Just Mr. Buchanan now, folks.

Reporter: Is it true you'll be testifying in the Manning rape trial?

Second reporter: Were you in bed with your wife's cousin on the night she's claiming she was raped?


Nun: Just take a few minutes.

Blair: Thank you, Sister.

Blair: Hey, Mama. Hey, sweetie, it's Blair. You okay? Mama, I -- I hear you saw something on the news that upset you.

Addie: Rape is a very bad thing.

Blair: Yes, it is, Mama.

Addie: I was raped a long time ago in the hospital.

Blair: I know,  Mama. I know.

Addie: They -- they were telling me you were raped, too. They said Todd did it.

Blair: Mama, just don't get yourself upset, okay?

Addie: I am upset!

Blair: Shh.

Addie: Todd is nice. Todd loves you.

Blair: Mama, maybe he does --

Addie: He would never rape you. Never, never --

Blair: Mama, mama --

Addie: Never, never --

Blair: Mama, I'm going to go get the doctors. I'll be right back. Mama, just calm down.

Addie: Never, never, never. Never. Never, never, never Ė


Kevin: Listen, I've been as honest as I can be with you, all right? I made mistakes, but I love my wife.

Reporter: Don't you worry how your wife's going to feel, hearing the details of what you did in public?

Kelly: Why don't you ask me that? My husband is a wonderful man, and he's very compassionate. My cousin has had a difficult year, and they found comfort in each other in ways that didn't include me. But our marriage is unshakable, and we're very excited about starting a family. That's what we're concentrating on right now, and if I don't need the details of what happened, I'm not sure why anyone else does.

Reporter: But, Mr. Buchanan, the public wants to know.

Kevin: Well, I think my wife just said it all.


Viki: Starr, listen, people are generally much tougher than they appear to be. I think your grandma Addie is going to be all right, okay? Now, as long as you're here, I have a project at the university I'd like your help with.

Starr: Excuse me? I'm only 11, okay?

Viki: Yes, I know that. We're planning a summer program with our coaches for children your age.

Starr: So, you mean, I might be able to meet a college soccer coach?

Viki: Like, you might be able to practice with him every single day on campus, yeah. My point is you know how children like to spend their days, so I would like your help in planning this. Can you do that?

Starr: Lots of snacks.

Viki: Oh, okay, whatever you say. You've been so remarkably responsible with Jamie that I would like to trust this project to you.

Starr: You can count on me.

Viki: I thought I could.


Addie: Never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never. Never! Never, never --

Todd: Addie? Addie? Hi.

Addie: Rape is a very bad thing.

Todd: Yeah, it is. But let's not talk about bad things, though. Ahem. No, I'd like to talk about good things.

Addie: Me, too.

Todd: All right. What are some good things about this place?

Addie: Well -- slippers.

Todd: Slippers. Warm slippers.

Addie: Yes.

Todd: Okay.

Addie: And all the peanut butter you want. What kind do you like?

Todd: Crunchy.

Addie: I like creamy. What else do you like, besides Blair?

Todd: Uh -- my kids. A lot.

Addie: I like them, too. I think they like me.

Todd: Oh, I know they do. In fact, Starr asked me to come. She's worried about you.

Addie: They -- they said you raped her -- Blair.

Todd: They're wrong. I wouldn't hurt her.

Addie: I knew it. I knew you wouldn't rape her. You love her, don't you?

Todd: So much. You might be the only one who understands how much.


Al: Luna! Luna?

Luna: Are you feeling any better now? Did your daughter remind you of what's really important here, Darling?

Al: I have to trust her. More importantly, I have to get back into Michaelís body.

Luna: Whew. Oh, I'm glad to hear you're so eager.

Al: No, we really have to hurry. I have a bad feeling that he's doing something really stupid right now.

Stay tuned for scenes from the next "One Life to Live."


On the next "One Life to Live" --

Al: Oh, no, please. Please don't cry.

Natalie: What are you doing out here?

Starr: Trying to protect you, if you don't mind.

Antonio: So you're thinking he's going to go after someone else you know?

Todd: So I guess I'll go.

Blair: No. No.

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