OLTL Transcript Wednesday 1/28/04

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 1/28/04

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Stephen: Extraordinary. All this for somebody that most of these students never even knew.

Viki: We all knew her. She was in our care, and she died. She wasn't just a student, you know. She had friends, maybe a brother and a sister. She was somebody's daughter. She could have been my own child.


Jessica: I have to run. I got to go meet Professor Haver.

Antonio: All right, so let's do it.

Jessica: I don't need a police escort.

Antonio: Yes, you do. As long as that killer's still out there, every woman in Llanview should have a police escort.


Rex: Sorry I'm late.

Lindsay: That's all right. I ordered for you. La frittata con formaggio e pomodoro.

Rex: Frittata con mimosa tomato.

Lindsay: Oh, you're such a quick learner.

Rex: Well, with a teacher like you --

Lindsay: Oh, my God, don't do that here.

Rex: Why? Who don't you want to know about us?


Jen: Okay, yes, yes, I like your brother, but I'm still married. You know, I'd like to think there's still a chance with Joe.

Marcie: I know. Listen, I just thought that, you know, you'd have fun with Ron, someone other than Rex.

Jen: Okay, what about you having fun with somebody else?

Marcie: I do not like Michael McBain.

Jen: I was talking about Greg.

Marcie: Oh. Thanks. Thanks, Carmen.

Jen: Yeah, thanks. So, what's going on with Michael?

Marcie: Nothing. Nothing at all.

Jen: Is that a fact?


Asa: You -- you lit a spark under this old cowboy, Darling. And you just got to -- you got to keep that flame alive. You hear?

[Door opens]

Cord: Asa. Hey.

Asa: Cordero. I'm so glad you made it. I missed you, Son. This little gal here needs her daddy.

Cord: Oh, Baby. Hey, Honey. It's me. It's Daddy. I'm here, Baby.


John: Warden, I'd appreciate Troy MacIver in the visitor's room at 10:00 A.M., ready to see me. Thank you. Thanks. The killer knows MacIver way too well for MacIver not to know him. He's got to.

Bo: Yeah, but the killer still doesn't know that Sarahís alive. We got to keep it that way.

John: Till we want him to.

Bo: Coffee?

John: Yeah, thanks.

Bo: What are you thinking?

John: Set a trap, watch him walk into it.


Rex: You're not embarrassed to be with me, are you?

Lindsay: No. It isn't that. Put your napkin in your lap. It's just that I don't think anybody would approve.

Rex: You care?

Lindsay: Yes I do, and you should, too. I don't exactly have the best reputation in town.

Rex: And I do? But, hey, you're -- you're a professional. If you want to, you know, be professional and cool things off, then it's your call.

Lindsay: That's not what I said.

Rex: All right, then what did you mean?

Lindsay: Well, we don't have to stop seeing each other.

Rex: As long as it stays between the sheets.

Lindsay: There, you said it.

Rex: Yes. Yeah, I got it.


David: I could hardly believe the news.

Kevin: Save it, Vickers, would you?

David: I was talking about the crop circles in Peru. Oh, you thought I was talking about your resignation. No, no, that didn't surprise me at all, no, given the circumstances.

Kelly: Kevin did not resign because of Blair, if that's what you're talking about.

Kevin: Now, if you don't mind, we'd like a quiet breakfast together.

David: Oh, I don't blame you. You two deserve to be happy. I just -- I just want you to be happy. You are happy, aren't you?

Kelly: Never been happier.


Jessica: There's my mom and Dr. Haver. I'm going to be okay. You can head out, if you want.

Antonio: All right. Be safe. Promise?

Jessica: Hey, I'm going to be with Dr. Haver all afternoon. How safe is that?

Antonio: All right. I love you.

Jessica: I love you, too.

Jessica: Hi, Mom.

Viki: Hello, Sweetheart.

Jessica: Hi, Dr. Haver. I hope you weren't waiting for too long.

Stephen: No, no, no. President Davidson's been keeping me company.

Jessica: I'm going to interview Dr. Haver for that series that I'm doing.

Viki: Yeah, so I heard. I have to go. I have another meeting. Please be careful. Don't go anywhere alone, okay? No one is safe.

Jessica: Okay.

Viki: See you later. Dr. Haver.

Stephen: Mrs. Davidson.

Jessica: So, Dr. Haver, you said in class the other day that serial killers usually fit a profile -- white males between the ages of 25 to 45, usually with high I.Q.'s --

Stephen: That would include about a million different men, several Nobel Prize winners, heads of state, Agent McBain, myself.

Jessica: And my two brothers, as well.

Stephen: Well, one difference with your two brothers and myself, we all had the luxury of a loving, supportive family and a loving, supportive mother.

Jessica: That's my mom, all right.

Stephen: Certainly is. She's quite a lady. Reminds me of my mother. Sit, please, sit.

Jessica: Okay. Thank you.

Stephen: I'm not saying that my mother was the university president, but she worked very hard -- two jobs, day and night, and still found time to look after my brother and me.

Jessica: We're lucky.

Stephen: Yes. We are lucky. That's the point. Serial killers are almost always abused terribly when they were children.

Jessica: Which leads to the abuse of animals or property. I came across a lot of juvenile arson.

Stephen: This is the thing to remember about serial killers -- they may be loners, but they seem just like everybody else. They live in our neighborhoods, they work side-by-side with us. They could be lawyers. They could be postal workers, students, teachers. Even a cop.


[Knock on door]

Bo: Come in.

Antonio: Anything on Flash?

Bo: Not yet.

John: Yeah, I hope that kid pulls through. If she can I.D. the killer, it's over, case closed. But if she can't, we run a story saying she's alive and she gives a full description of the attacker.

[Phone rings]

John: Excuse me. McBain. What? Where is he?

Bo: What happened?

John: That was Statesville. You want the icing on the cake? MacIverís tried to kill himself.


Bo: Cord.

Cord: Hey, Bo, how you doing?

Bo: Oh, it's great to have you back.

Cord: Good to see you, man. It's been a long time.

Bo: It's been way too long. You know, this place hasn't been the same with you gone.

Cord: Hell of a reason for getting back together, though.

Bo: Yeah, I'm sorry. You know, I thought we had Sarah covered.

Cord: When you e-mailed me about the threat, that's when I should've come out. That's when I should've come gotten her and taken her back home with me.

Bo: Yeah, but she wouldn't have gone with you, see? Don't blame yourself.

Cord: Easier said.

Bo: Yeah, I know. You going to be okay?

Cord: When Sarahís okay, that's when I'm going to be okay.

Bo: Is she any better?

Cord: I got to tell you something, seeing my little girl like this, it makes me want to go out and do something about it.

Bo: I know. We're going to get this guy, Cord.

Cord: You do that, Bo. You do it for Sarah and you do it for Gabrielle.

Bo: I will, I will. I don't care if I have to spend the rest of my life trying to track the guy down. Come on in.

Cord: Hey, Viki.

Viki: Cord. Oh, my God. You know, Asa just told me that it was Sarah. I had no idea.

Cord: At least she's still alive.

Viki: Yes, and I thank God for that. Now, does Tina know?

Cord: Viki, I wouldn't even know where to find her. Do you?

Viki: No.

Cord: Obviously, that's the way she wants it.

Asa: And as if she'd give a damn about poor Sarah.

Viki: Asa, I know that Tina and Sarah have had their problems, but I also know that my sister loves her daughter.

Bo: We're going to keep trying to find her.

Viki: Thank you. At least she's got you. I think having her father here is going to make all the difference in the world.

Asa: And Clint is flying in from London tonight.

Bo: Actually, Pa, there's been a change in plans. I just talked to him.

Riley: Excuse me. Can you tell me what's going on?

Bo: Just -- thanks for coming, Riley. All right. Nobody knows that Sarahís still alive yet. Now, we're trying to draw this killer out, and we want to protect her at the same time.

Viki: But, Bo, the rest of the family's going to be devastated when they hear that news.

Bo: Well, it's okay for the rest of the family to know, but, see, we have to all keep quiet. Sarah's life depends on us doing just that. I mean, we have to look like a grieving family to the rest of the world.

Riley: But what about me? I'm not family. They won't even let me in to see her.

Asa: None of this would have happened if you'd looked after her the way I told you.

Viki: Asa, for heaven's sakes! This is in no way Riley's fault!

Bo: This is nobody's fault. We all love Sarah. We want to see her through this.

Riley: I just want to see her.

Cord: Look, we haven't met. I'm Sarahís father.

Bo: I'm sorry.

Riley: Mr. Roberts, I love -- I love your daughter very much.

Cord: So I've heard. Listen, Bo, if you're finished here, I need to get back to the hospital. Why don't you come along with me, all right? I think you'd do Sarah a world of good.

Riley: Thank you.

Cord: Thanks.


John: There's no change in Flash. What about MacIver?

Al: He's right in there. We pumped his stomach. We think he's going to make it, basically, because of you. One of the guards told me that it was your decision to get him out of there. If you'd waited a couple minutes longer, he'd be on a slab downstairs.

John: In that case, can I see him?

Al: No. He's really out of it.

John: What do you got there? That his chart?

Al: Yeah, here. Take a look. I don't think I've showed you this.

John: I know some recreation stuff floats around in the joint, but where did he get all this?

Al: Oh, the same place he got the other drugs in his system.

John: What other drugs?

Al: Turn the page. Here, look, we found three different hallucinogens in his bloodstream. Looks like he's been taking them for a while.

John: Hey, would this make him paranoid, I don't know, psychotic?

Al: Yeah, psychotic, delusional. I mean, we're talking about a total whack job here. This guy's brain is crispy, french-fried.

John: Eloquent as always, Michael. It's good to see some things don't change.

Al: Wait a second, man. I've changed, a little. Haven't I?

John: You know what, you're right. You have changed.


Marcie: Michael and I? We are just friends. I tried to tell him that when he kissed me.

Jen: He kissed you?

Marcie: Well, it's not like what you're thinking.

Jen: Then why are you blushing?

Marcie: I am not blushing! I -- like I said, we are just --

Jen: Just friends, right.

Marcie: That's all it can ever be, Jen.

Jen: Why?

Marcie: I love Al. I'll always love Al, even if he is gone.

Jen: Well, you can still love Al and love somebody else, too.

Marcie: I don't think I can. He was the love of my life, Jen. And I made that very clear to Michael.

Jen: But is it even possible to be just friends with a guy?

David: Lindsay, do you think I could borrow your date for the briefest of moments?

Lindsay: It's not a date; it's a business lunch.

Rex: And you'll have to wait till we're through.

David: So how is business?

Lindsay: It's very good, thank you.

David: Well, good. You know, I had no idea those Carlivatis were fake. I feel very bad about that, and here's what I'm going to do -- I want to buy a painting from you for a friend.

Lindsay: Well, you're welcome to come by the gallery anytime. Just make sure you bring cash.


Kevin: You know what -- you need to try to stay calm, because with everything going on, the stress can't be good for you or the baby.

Kelly: Oh, so you believe I'm pregnant now?

Kevin: Well, I know you don't want a divorce, and I can't believe that you'd lie about that.

Rae: Hey!

Kelly: Hey.

Rae: Good morning, you two. Kevin, I just read about your resignation. I'm sorry.

Kevin: Well, don't be. I'm not.

Rae: I also saw in my appointment book that you've booked a session.

Kelly: Yeah, yeah, we'll be there in about a half-hour.

Rae: Great. I'll see you then?

Kevin: Okay.

Kelly: Thanks. Counseling will be good for us.

Kevin: Yeah, as long as we do what Rae says, you know, just be honest with each other.

[Phone rings]

Kevin: Oh. Oh, it's "The Banner." Listen, I got to take this, okay? Lot of fence-mending to do.

Kelly: Yeah.

David: So you're the happy couple now, huh? Or so you said.

Kelly: Leave me alone, David.

David: Kelly, Kevin doesn't know the truth, does he, that you're not really pregnant?

Kelly: Okay, I'm leaving now.

David: Well, what is he going to do when he finds out?

Kelly: He'll understand.

David: He's a guy.

Kelly: We'll work it out, just like we've worked out everything else. We'll survive this. You wait and see. Excuse me.

Rex: Well, I'd better go see what your ex-partner wants with me.

David: That's okay, don't you worry about it.

Rex: Okay, what do you want?

David: Come with me for just one second. Now, as you may or may not know, I was once married to Dorian Lord, River Carpenter's grandmother.

Rex: Yeah? So?

David: Well, while she's away, she asked me to keep an eye on the young boy, and I was wondering if you'd seen him in your nightclub.

Rex: He's underage, isn't he?

David: That's not what I asked.

Rex: How much is the answer worth to you?

David: Well, how much is it worth to you for me not to tell the cops that you're serving minors at Ultraviolet?


Jen: Hi, Mom.

Lindsay: Hi. What are you doing here?

Jen: Well, I called the gallery. They said you were having brunch. Anybody I know?

Lindsay: It was just a business thing.

Jen: Be honest. Who's the guy?


Stephen: You've certainly done your research on serial killers.

Jessica: There's a lot to look over, but I can hardly wait to read your new book.

Stephen: Oh, it's almost finished. Actually, maybe you'd like to take a look at it for me. I could use a little proofreading help.

Jessica: I'd love to. I was a copyeditor at "The Banner" for a little while.

Stephen: Great, great. You know, actually I've been looking for a research assistant, and --

Jessica: Oh, I'll do it! Uh -- ahem -- if that's what you're offering, I'll do it.

Stephen: Well, yes, it is what I'm offering.

Jessica: Great.

Stephen: Look, I know your plate is full, but maybe I could find a way to give you some course credit while you do this work. What do you say?

Jessica: Oh, that would be great. I'd have to work some scheduling stuff out, but, yeah, that'd be great. I can hardly wait to tell Antonio.


Riley: Flash, angel? It's me, Riley. Can you hear me at all?

Cord: "Flash." Still trying to wrap my mind around that one.

Riley: Well, it's the only thing I've ever known her as. Have you heard her sing?

Cord: She sent me a C.D. She was amazing. I wish that I had told her that.

Riley: Well, music, it's -- it's everything she's about. It's who she is.

[Music plays]

Flash's voice: Take a look into my eyes see my world, so many things I've gone and done


John: Okay, MacIver, wakey-wakey.

Troy: Who are you? Who are you?

John: Who am I?

Troy: Who are you?

John: I'm John McBain. You don't remember me?

Troy: You're not a doctor. You're not a doc-- where's the doctor?

John: No, I am not a doctor, but your doctor said I could be in here. I'm with the F.B.I. Do you understand me? I'm with the F.B.I.

Troy: I -- I didn't kill those women. I didn't kill those women. I didn't kill those women.

John: Yeah, we know that.

Troy: I didn't kill them.

John: You were set up, right?

Troy: Was set up, right.

John: You were set up.

Troy: Right.

John: All right? You need to tell us who did that, Troy. You need to help us. You think you can help us?

Troy: I'll help you out. Yeah, I'll tell you.


Flash's voice: And I hope this world will finally find me

Asa: Why don't you two take a break? I'll stay with Sarah.

Flash's voice: Time after time

Cord: Come on, Riley. I'll buy you a cup of coffee.

Asa: You know, it -- it meant the world to me, that -- that song you wrote just for me. And I tell you, I am not leaving you here until you're singing it to me again.

[Monit a accelerates]

Asa: Sar-- Sarah?

Antonio: What's going on?

Asa: She's awake! Get a doctor!

Antonio: Flash? Flash, who did this to you? Can you tell me?


Lindsay: There's no man in my life.

Jen: Mom, I know you. You're like me. There's always a guy.

Lindsay: There's no man in my life now.

Jen: Okay, just somebody you don't love, just someone maybe you're sleeping with?


Rex: No, I have never seen River Carpenter at Ultraviolet. We card everybody at the door.

David: Yeah, yeah. I know that people sneak in with fake I.D.ís sometimes, so if you ever see River there, just let me know, all right?

Rex: Okey-dokey.

David: Now, just hold on. This will just be a second.


Lindsay: Jen, that's my business.

Jen: Mom, I'm just being nosy. I worry about you. I don't want anybody hurting you again.

Lindsay: He wonít.

Jen: So there is somebody. Oh, my God. Not him.


Al: Hey.

Marcie: Hey.

Al: You mind if I have a seat?

Marcie: Yeah, sure, go ahead. You okay?

Al: I am wiped out. Tough day at the E.R. But it's getting better already.

Marcie: Michael, you remember what we agreed on?

Al: Yes, just friends. But I can still tell you you're beautiful, can't I?

[Phone rings]

Marcie: Oh, excuse me. Hello? Hi. I have to take this. Be right back. Hey.

Al: What are you smiling at?

Luna: What?

Al: I'm losing here, or haven't you noticed?

Luna: Don't tell me you're giving up!

Al: Two weeks, Luna. I have two weeks to get her to fall in love with me or there is no me. Did you hear that comment about us just being friends?

Luna: Darling, sometimes the greatest of lovers are the greatest of friends, too, you know.

Al: I am running out of time, Luna.

Luna: You are right on schedule! You're closer than you think.


Marcie: Thanks for getting back to me, Mrs. McBain. So have you checked your calendar? Yeah, well, which night is good for you to come to Llanview and have dinner with Michael and John?


Al: You can talk all you want about the world's greatest lovers, okay, because none of them had a deadline.

Luna: Would you have a little faith, for goddess' sake?

Marcie: I'm sorry about that.

Al: No, it's -- it's okay. Listen, are you busy tomorrow night?

Greg: Marcie.

Marcie: Greg.

Greg: I've been looking all over for you.

Marcie: Hi. I thought you were skiing.

Greg: Oh, I just got back. And guess who's got tickets to your favorite group tomorrow night.


Cord: So she's getting better, huh?

Jordan: She's responsive. Of course, that means she's out of the coma.

Antonio: Did she say anything?

Riley: What? What is it?

Jordan: She's a very lucky young woman. Because she's a working singer, the muscles in her throat are stronger than most. Probably saved her life, kept her from getting her neck broken. That's the good news. The bad news is she has a very severely damaged larynx.

Riley: Her larynx?

Jordan: Yeah, her voice box. She's not able to speak.

Cord: For how long?

Jordan: At this point, it's anyone's guess. It's impossible to tell. But I did put in an emergency call to the Ear, Nose, and, Throat specialist that we have here on staff.

Asa: Forget that call, Doctor. We have our own man in London. He fixed her throat up before.

Riley: If she can't talk, she can't sing.

Cord: Let's not go there just yet, Riley.

Riley: But how can't I? You know what that will do to her.

Cord: Right now I'm just thanking God that she is still with us.

Antonio: I will still need to talk to her, all right? I need to ask her some questions.

Jordan: Absolutely not, at least not right now. Look, any memory of what happened could set her back.

Riley: Can I see her?

Jordan: It's up to the family.

Cord: It's fine with me. He's been great for her so far.


Riley: Hey. Oh, I know, I know. I tripped out a little bit after our fight. Do not do that to me again. Hey, hey, don't try t talk, okay? It's going to be okay. Your family's here. They're going to take care of you. Just let me look at you, feel you, just remember this time together before you go.


John: Hey, come on, focus. Focus, MacIver. Listen to me --

Troy: Focus.

John: Who gave you the drugs?

Troy: Who?

John: Who gave you the drugs?

Troy: Who? Col-- col-- Colin.

John: No.

Troy: No? Of course not.

John: Your brother is dead.

Troy: Colin? Colin!

John: Hey, your brother died a long time ago, long before you went to Statesville. Colin is dead.

Troy: Colin is dead. I forgot.

John: All right. I assume you're going to try to remember, all right?

Troy: Colin.

John: I need you to remember. Think back. Think back.

Troy: Okay.

John: Think back to when you were caught and you were sent to St. Annís. You remember St. Ann's?

Troy: Saint -- saint --

John: St. Annís.

Troy: St. Annís.

John: All right, when you were there, did you meet anyone there? Do you remember meeting anyone? Do you remember talking to anyone?

Troy: People -- places --

John: How about Statesville? Was there anyone at Statesville that could've done this to you?

Troy: States--

John: Yeah, I know there's a lot people.

Troy: People -- there's doctors --

John: That's good.

Troy: And patients, guards. So many people.

John: Anyone special?

Troy: Someone spec-- there was -- there was someone. Some-- yeah. There was someone who wanted -- who wanted to help me. Yeah, somebody.


Jen: I cannot believe you're having an affair with David Vickers.

Lindsay: David Vickers?

Jen: Who else would I be talking about?


David: So do we have a deal?

Rex: Sure, even though River never shows, anyway.

David: Make sure.


Lindsay: I'm not having an affair with anyone.

Rex: Lindsay. Jen. I didn't know the two of you would be here.

Jen: I'm leaving.

Lindsay: Me, too. I actually have to get back to the gallery. It's very nice to see you, Rex.

Rex: Yeah, it's very good to see you.

Jen: I thought you were done stalking me.

Rex: I never was. That's what we both wanted.

Jen: Not anymore.

Rex: Yeah. Sure. Okay.


Asa: Thanks. Everything's all set. Clint's going to meet Sarahís plane at Heathrow with an ambulance and go straight to the hospital.

Cord: Dr. Kingsley, thank you so much for everything you've done for my daughter.

Jordan: You're welcome, you're welcome. My prayers are with her, but doctors can only do so much. The rest is up to the patient.

Asa: Sarah's a fighter, Cord, your Sarah.

Cord: Where do you think she gets that from, huh?


Riley: So many things I've gone and done just to meet you

[Door opens]

Cord: Excuse me a second, Riley. Hi, Baby. Okay, listen; it's time now, all right? They're going to prep you for the trip. I'm going to be with you the whole way, all right? Come on. You're going to be fine. Don't worry, Riley, she's going to be back soon, before you know it.

Riley: Hey, hey. You hurry up and you get that voice back, okay? We've got a tour this summer. I changed my mind. I am so sorry, Flash. If we hadn't had that fight, you wouldn't be here. I love you so much.


Marcie: Listen, I -- I would really like to go to this concert, it sounds like it's fun, but, I'm sorry, but I -- I have plans tomorrow night. So --

Greg: Okay. Well, I'll call, then.

Marcie: Okay.

Greg: Okay.

Marcie: Bye.

Greg: Bye.

Marcie: Hey, sorry.

Al: No. So, you're going to that concert tomorrow night with Greg?

Marcie: Yeah, no. You know, I already had plans. Hopefully, with you.


Kelly: Well, I thought that therapy session went really well.

Kevin: Yeah. Let me get that.

Kelly: Oh, thank you.

Kevin: Well, if you enjoy your wife being that angry at you, I'd say it went extremely well.

Kelly: We've both made mistakes. You've been angry, too.

Kevin: Yes, I have. And, you know, if I hadn't been so caught up with myself and paid more attention to you --

Kelly: And at least we're talking about things now. That's good.

Kevin: Yes, the important thing is that we're honest and open to each other, don't you think?

Kelly: Yeah. Um -- something I've got to talk to you about. I haven't been totally honest with you.

[Doorbell rings]

Kevin: Oh.

Kelly: I'll get that. Hang on.

[Door opens]

Kelly: Hi!

Viki: Hi, Kelly. I hope I'm not interrupting.

Kelly: No, no! Come on in, come on in.

Viki: Thank you.

Kevin: Hey, Mom.

Viki: Hi, Sweetheart. I really just wanted to tell you that Clint called from London.

Kevin: Wait, I thought Dad was flying in.

Viki: No, there's been a change of plans. He's actually going to take Sarah back to London with him. Cord is going to take Sarah back to London.

Kevin: Oh.

Viki: But anyway, Clint wanted to talk to you about what's going on, and he didn't -- he didn't know where to reach you, that's all.

Kevin: Well, I'll be here. Kelly and I will be here till we find a place of our own.

Viki: Oh.

[Phone rings]

Kelly: Oh, that's my phone. Sorry.

Kevin: Okay.


Kelly: Hello? Hi, Dr. Brock. What? Say that again. Oh, my God. No, it's -- it's the best news you could've given me. Thank you. Thank you so much.

Viki: Honey, we're all very, very proud of you for standing up for what you believe in. So, Kelly, how are you and that baby doing?

Kelly: Um -- great. So great. Never better.

Viki: Good. I have to go back to campus, but would you two like to come for dinner tomorrow night?

Kevin: Sure, we'll be there.

Viki: Good, I'll see you then. Bye.

Kevin: Bye. So, what you were saying before about not being honest, what --

Kelly: Oh. Uh --

Kevin: What?

Kelly: I'm sorry; my emotions are just so all over the place. Just -- I -- I just -- I've been kind of worried that you weren't happy about the baby, but that's all.

Kevin: No. Hey, I mean, listen, everything's okay with the pregnancy, isn't it?

Kelly: Everything is so good. Everything's perfect. That was the doctor on the phone. Everything is perfect.

Kevin: Listen, I'm happy, okay? I'm happy, Sweetie. Goodness.

Kelly: We're going to be so happy.

Kevin: Yeah.

Kelly: I just know it. Everything's going to be okay.


Bo: Any luck with MacIver?

John: Came right down to it, he knew nothing. Guy's so full of drugs right now, he doesn't know which end is up.

Bo: Well, maybe when the drugs are out of his system.

John: Like to find out how they got in his system in the first place.

Antonio: Yeah, before it's too late.

[Knock on door]

Bo: This stays between us. Dr. Haver. Come on in.

Stephen: Sure. Agent McBain, here's the notes that you were asking for on my sessions with Troy MacIver.

John: Oh, thank you, Doctor, maybe there's something in here about his contacts that can help us or something.


Jessica: I couldn't hardly wait to tell Antonio, but it looks like I'm going to have to wait.

Rae: Aw, you know, you could tell me, maybe. I would love to hear.

Jessica: Okay.

Rae: Okay.

Jessica: So Dr. Haver asked me to be his research assistant for this new book he's writing.

Rae: Really? Oh, honey, that's so good.

Jessica: Yeah.

Rae: Dr. Haver is an up-and-coming scholar, you know.

Jessica: And he's brilliant.

Rae: Not bad to look at, either, huh?

Jessica: Interested?

Rae: Oh, no, not me. But I bet a lot of the coeds would love to be in your shoes. In fact, I'm surprised someone hasn't scooped him up yet.

Jessica: Well, I don't know, maybe nobody can live up to his mother.

Rae: Oh.

Jessica: I mean, the way he talks about her, she's a pretty fine lady.

Rae: Oh, look. Hey.

Antonio: Hey.

Jessica: Hi.

Antonio: What are you doing here?

Jessica: I was waiting for you. I was going to go back to campus, and since you won't let me go anywhere by myself --

Antonio: No --

Jessica: You can come with me and I'll tell you the news on the way.

Antonio: Sounds good. Hey, Doc.

Jessica: See you in the morning, Dr. Haver.

Stephen: I'll look forward. See you.


John: Even if Haver's notes reveal nothing, we can still use MacIver to amp our story, say he and Flash both told us who the killer is.

Bo: All right. Do whatever you think will work, all right, as long as there are no more victims. Flash is the last one.


Riley: I will see you back here real soon, Flash, okay?

Cord: You bet you will. Honey, we need to go. Asa's waiting at the jet.


Troy: He's coming! He's coming!

Nurse: Who?

Troy: He's coming!

Nurse: Who?

Troy: He's -- he says he's my friend, but he's not. He's not my friend, he's the killer. He's the killer. He's the killer! Get me out of here!


[Phone rings]

John: McBain.

Man: [Disguised voice] Agent McBain. I know who you are, but you still don't know me. 10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.

Stay tuned for scenes from the next "One Life to Live"


On the next "One Life to Live" --

Natalie: I'm glad you're staying in Llanview.

John: Really?

Kelly: I have no intention of allowing you to interfere in my marriage.

David: You want to nail Todd Manning? I can help.

Todd: Starr, you have to stop getting in trouble to force us back together.

Evangeline: Marty Saybrooke? How do you know her?

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