OLTL Transcript Monday 1/26/04

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 1/26/04

By Eric
Proofread by Boo

[Rex whistles]

Lindsay: Hey. You coming or going?

Rex: Going. But reconsidering, now that you're here.

Lindsay: You got a minute? I got something for you.

Rex: For me?

Lindsay: Mm-hmm?

Rex: Anything.

Marcie: Ok. Hey.

Young man: Hey.

Marcie: How are you?

Young man: Good.

Marcie: Good. All right, here we go. Let's get settled and let's -- oh, hey.

Al: Hey.

Marcie: What are you doing here?

Al: I'm here to wish you luck. I hope you stick it to Professor Barnes.

Marcie: I can't even believe that you know about him.

Al: Yeah, I was at the Bedford Library and the kids were talking about your show. And they say -- what is it -- 'Sexual Harsmsment On Campus,' right?

Marcie: Yeah.

Jen: They mentioned Professor Barnes?

Marcie: Jen, relax.

Jen: They're going to know that we're talking about him.

Marcie: No. Ok, listen, just relax, all right? As long as you do not say his name, then there is nothing that he can do.

Jen: Ok.

Marcie: All right, listen, listen -- listen to me. You're not going to be alone, all right? Jessica Buchanan is going to bring a girl here. Her name is Tammy Sanchez, and she went through everything that you experienced with Professor Barnes. So just relax and calm down, all right? It's going to be all right.

Al: You know what? I should probably take off and let you guys get set up. You know what I mean?

Marcie: Sure.

Al: All right. I'll see you later.

Marcie: Thanks.

Al: Ok.

Jessica: Marcie, hey. Do you want to come here? We kind of have a problem.

Marcie: Oh, ok. I'll be right back, all right? Tammy? Are you ok?

Tammy: I'm sorry. I can't be on the show.

Antonio: He's taking some time. They're dedicating a garden at the park for Gabrielle.

John: Just wanted to say goodbye.

Antonio: Goodbye? Now?

John: The bureau has ordered me back to New Jersey.

Antonio: Wait a second, what about all that -- what about all those numbers on your wall? The music, all the other stuff? He's still out there, John.

[Phone rings]

John: I tried to buy time to follow up. But as far as the bureau is concerned, it's a local police matter now.


Antonio: Vega. No, no, not yet. Yeah, look, keep trying. Uh -- no, no, I'll -- I'll look for him myself. Yeah. Ok. Parish -- the police officer assigned to Flash -- hasn't checked in since late last night.

[Doorbell rings]

Riley: Hi, I need to see Asa Buchanan. It's important.

Maid: Mr. Buchanan is in the living room.

Riley: Mr. Buchanan, is Flash here?

Asa: I thought that she was supposed to be shacked up with you at that flophouse Nigel calls a hotel!

Riley: So she didn't stay here last night?

Asa: Wait a minute -- how come you don't know where the hell she is?

Riley: We had an argument last night, and she ran off and never came back.

Young woman: Get off me! Somebody -- ah! Let me go!

Young man: No. I gotcha.

Young woman: So what are you going to do with me now?

Young woman: I have class.

Young man: What is it?

Young woman: Oh, my god. Is that --

Young woman: Oh, my god. Help! Help! Help!

Asa: Look, I just wan to speak to Bo Buchanan. Well, where the hell is he? Witch put me on hold again.

Riley: Well, listen, I can just go down there, and if they tell me where the officer is who's with her, then I can just go to talk to her.

Asa: Never mind the talking. Just get that gal and bring her back here.

Kelly: Hey, hey, what's going on here? What's wrong?

Asa: Sarah's gone, and no one will tell me where the hell she is.

Kelly: How long has this been?

Riley: We had an argument last night and Flash ran off somewhere.

Kelly: Well, doesn't she have a police officer with her?

Riley: She's supposed to.

Asa: Well, why don't you make sure. Now!

Kelly: Look, flash had a fight with her boyfriend. She probably just wanted to find someplace to be so she could cool off.

Asa: It is plenty cool in this house, Kelly.

Kelly: She's not alone. I know you don't like the idea of her being out all night long, but she has an officer with her. Troy MacIver is in prison where he belongs. She's fine. Don't worry.

John: Thank you.

Officer: I need a couple more back here to the left.

Second officer: All right.

First officer: And follow close behind.

John: How's she doing?

Young man: She's all right. Can I take her home now?

John: They're going to need you to come down to the station later for an official statement. And if you happen to think of anything in the meantime -- anything at all -- please, don't hesitate to give me a call at this number, ok?

Antonio: I found Parish bound and gagged in a maintenance shed behind the student union. Somebody clocked him over the head.

John: How's he doing?

Antonio: Looks pretty bad. We'll see. I don't get it. You figured Flash would be next. We were on her 24/7.

John: He's showing us how close he can get, rubbing our faces in it.

Antonio: Yeah, and doing a damn good job of it. The commissioner is at a service for Gabrielle. First his fiancee, now his niece. You know, maybe we should hold back on releasing Flash's name until we notify her parents.

John: You going to call Bo?

Antonio: Yeah. I'll wait till after the service. Did I speak Russian? What is this, a party? Back them up!

Al: You know, I think you should do the show with or without Tammy.

Marcie: Yeah.

Jessica: Yeah, if somebody doesn't stand up to Professor Barnes, he's just going to do it over and over and over again.

Marcie: I know, but I can't really make a big case out of the sexual harassment if we only have one person who's actually willing to stand up and speak out about it.

Jessica: Maybe we can. We can use that to our benefit. We can discuss how hard it is for students to come forward against their professors, how it's scary.

Jen: Yeah, I can vouch for that.

Al: Well, you're going to be great. I'll -- I'll see you after the show.

Marcie: Thanks. Thanks. That's a good idea.

Rae: Hey, everybody.

Marcie: Hi.

Rae: Listen, I brought those notes.

Marcie: Oh, great.

Rae: You wanted to see them?

Marcie: Yeah, come on, let's get started. Come on.

Jessica: Hi, Dr. Haver.

Stephen: Well, hello. How are you?

Jessica: Very well.

Stephen: Good. How's the article going? Are you ready to name the real serial killer?

Jessica: Well, I'm going to leave that to the experts.

Stephen: I see. Well, just so you know, Rae and I have been discussing that whole situation.

Jessica: And does she think that Troy's the killer?

Stephen: Well, she still has a lot of questions.

Jessica: And no answers.

Stephen: And as long as there aren't any answers, you have to ask yourself -- maybe the real killer is still out there.

Marcie: You know, I just -- I wish Tammy hadn't backed out.

Rae: I know, but, Jen, I think you're going to be very effective. You know what I wish? I wish you could just go out into the streets and scream about this. But you know, honey, legally, you're going to have to protect yourself. You can't mention Professor Barnes' name.

Marcie: Yeah.

Jen: I don't -- I don't think this is actually a very good idea.

Rae: Jen --

Marcie: Well, no, listen -- listen, Jen, ok? This is your decision, all right? I want you to do whatever makes you comfortable. I'm behind you 100%, all right? Whatever you want.

Rex: Cool.

Lindsay: You like it?

Rex: Well, not that I know damn thing about art, but, yeah. It's great.

Lindsay: Good. Consider it a thank-you gift.

Rex: For what?

Lindsay: For being supportive.

Rex: The police ever find out who left the message at the gallery?

Lindsay: No, and because it was gone by the time we got there, they thought I was hallucinating.

Rex: Cops. They make you feel real secure, don't they?

Lindsay: I don't care because at least my daughter is safe.

Rex: Yeah. No one's going to get to Jen now, not since she got herself a bouncer for a roommate.

Lindsay: Oh, come on. Marcie was only doing what she thought was right.

Rex: Don't you hate people who always think they know what's right?

Lindsay: You still care about Jen.

Rex: She's moved on. So have I.

Marcie: Welcome to "Bridge The Gap." I'm Marcie Walsh, your host, and on today's show we're going to change the format a little. We're not going to have guests representing different sides of a campus issue, as we usually do. Instead, we have a panel of guests who will be giving us various insights into today's topic, which is 'Sexual Harassment on the L.U. Campus. And I am pleased to welcome two very special guests with me here today. From the Llanview university psychology department, we have Dr. Rae Cummings and Dr. Stephen Haver.

Stephen: Hello. Good morning.

Marcie: Good morning, hello. I'd actually like to start with you, Dr. Haver. You know, a lot of people still joke about the problem of sexual harassment, but it actually is a very serious problem here currently on campus.

Stephen: Well, my question is, if it is a joke, who's laughing and why? Sexual harassment in an academic setting is just -- it's a nightmare waiting to happen. The symptoms are psychological and physical for the victims. Insomnia, loss of self-esteem, depression.

Marcie: And some of the examples of sexual harassment can be a sexist comment or another student coming on to a student in a way that is unwelcoming. Or even, let's say, a professor who offers a good grade in exchange for a sexual favor.

Stephen: At the same time, it's important not to create an environment where the professors are so worried about sexual harassment that they feel they can't express their concerns about a student's well-being, or -- or express an interest in their work.

Rae: Exactly. You know, relationships can be so easily misconstrued. Sexual harassment charges can absolutely destroy a person's career and even their life. That's why, at this university, we take this all very seriously.

Marcie: Exactly. This is actually a really good time to bring someone else into the -- into the discussion. I would like to introduce Jessica Buchanan. You are a senior here at L.U., and you're actually the campus reporter for "The Banner." And Jessica has written some really wonderful, amazingly insightful, interesting articles --

Jessica: Wow.

Marcie: About sexual harassment and the problem that we're having here on campus. You actually spoke to a number of undergraduates who say that they have experienced this firsthand.

Jessica: Yes, I spoke with four different woman who all have said that they've been propositioned by the same professor who has been offering grades in exchange for sexual favors.

Marcie: Well, why haven't they brought up the charges?

Jessica: Well, most of the time they're terrified. They don't want the publicity, they don't want to labeled as troublemakers. And most of all, they're afraid nobody's going to believe them.

Marcie: Well, actually, one of those women is here with us today, and she is a senior here at L.U. She's a film major. And I want to thank you for coming. And without telling us what the professor's name is, could you just tell us what happened? It's ok.

Jen: I -- I -- I can't. I'm sorry, I just -- I can't do this.

Marcie: Listen, I know that this is really hard for you to talk about, ok? But if you do this, then you're going to put this professor on notice that he cannot get away with doing this to other students.

Jen: I was having huge personal problems, and I couldn't keep up with my classes.

Rae: Did you -- did you tell anyone about that? I mean, did you go to a professor or to a dean?

Jen: Well, I wanted to, but I was embarrassed. So when I didn't turn in my paper, this professor asked me to stay after class, and he told me that I would fail his journalism course, and that was my minor.

Rae: Jen, um --

Marcie: Well, why don't you just --

Jen: But the public has a right to know! I learned that much in journalism.

Marcie: No, of course. Well, why don't you just tell us exactly --

Jen: And anyway, it's no big secret. Any woman who takes one of Professor Barnes' classes knows that he hits on all of his students.

Marcie: Ok, is that what happened to you?

Jen: I asked him for an extension on my paper, and he told me that I could get an 'A' without even writing the paper. And then he asked me to come over to his house to discuss it. I asked him what he meant, and he sort of winked at me and told me he wasn't too kinky. He told me if I gave him an A-plus performance, then that's the grade that he would give me.

Stephen: Owen.

Young man: Wait, you can't come in here.

Stephen: Owen --

Rae: Owen, what are you doing?

Owen: This is Professor Owen Barnes. And I'll be joining this little panel right now. What? You didn't think that I heard the buzz on campus all morning? If they're going to destroy my reputation and accuse me of a crime, I have a right to defend myself.

Rex: You'll have to help me pick a place for the sculpture. It's the only thing in here I like.

Lindsay: You could use a few well-chosen pieces in here, and I could help you with that.

Rex: When can we start?

Lindsay: Well, you could start by getting rid of all the stuff that Troy left in here for you.

Rex: Yeah. Well, I could sell it on the internet. People pay big bucks for serial killer memorabilia.

Lindsay: God, Rex, that's terrible.

Rex: I'm kidding! Joking. No, I just have his stuff lying around because I bought it with the place and haven't had time to get anything on my own. But you're going to -- is that that good?

Lindsay: Do you have any milk?

Rex: Uh, yeah, well -- will this do?

Lindsay: No, I'll drink it black.

Rex: I'll buy some real coffee. What do you like?

Lindsay: Anything not in a can.

Rex: You can tell I learned a lot about good taste growing up, huh?

Lindsay: It's all right. It's never too late to learn.

Rex: Well, I have a head start with the women I go for. First class.

Kelly: All right, Riley is going to go look for Flash on campus. The police aren't really telling him anything.

Asa: Sarah should have stayed put. Isn't that what I told her? No one -- no one in this family ever listens to me. That damn fool husband of yours -- he's flushing his career right down the toilet.

Kelly: Kevin thought that resigning was the best way to go.

Asa: A Buchanan doesn't just quit because things are getting a little rough.

Kelly: Asa, I'm sorry. I know you were hoping for a career in politics for Kevin.

Asa: Ah, it's that damn Blair. It's all her fault. Look, I'm going into -- into my study. You call me if there's any word about Sarah, please.

Kelly: All right.

Riley: What's going on?

Young man: Music box killer. Some girl got whacked.

Riley: Some girl? Who?

Young man: No idea.

Officer: Hey, keep behind the tape!

Riley: Who got killed?

Officer: You need to back up now!

Riley: Please just tell me --

Officer: Get back now!

Riley: I need to know!

Officer: Now! Wait!

Riley: This belongs to Flash!

John: Riley, this is a crime scene. You need to back up.

Riley: Where is she?

Antonio: Take it easy.

Riley: Listen, I know this is hers! Can you just tell me where she is?

Owen: I am a full professor with an unblemished record at this institution. Ms. Buchanan's claim is completely unfounded.

Rae: You know what, Owen? This is -- this is really out of place here. Can't we take this outside and talk about it?

Marcie: Are you actually saying that you have never, ever offered a student a good grade for a sexual favor in return?

Owen: I remember my conversation with Ms. Buchanan most vividly. I did ask her why she didn't turn in her paper, as I would any student. I was concerned. She said that we could make "special arrangements" so that she could fulfill the course requirements.

Jen: What? That is not true!

Owen: She said she would do anything for an A, and then she got more specific --

Jen: No!

Owen: And quite graphic.

Jen: You are lying!

Owen: Am I? Perhaps Dr. Haver here could explain that your complaint should go to the harassment grievance board, if you think your character can withstand the scrutiny. Now you know my side of the story. I assure you, I will be vindicated.

Young man: Marcie --

Marcie: Oh. Uh, I -- listen, I'm sorry about that. I think it's time for a break because I know I need one. So we'll be back after these community announcements.

Young man: And we're out.

Marcie: Jen, I am so sorry about --

Jen: I'm the idiot that named him.

Marcie: No, no, he's not going to get away with this. I'm sorry. This is ridiculous.

Rae: In fact, Dr. Haver is not only on the board -- the grievance board -- but he chairs it.

Marcie: Exactly.

Stephen: Listen, maybe now that you've come forward, other young women will come forward, too.

Jen: Yeah, maybe. You know, I'm done. I'm done here.

Marcie: No, no, Jen, listen the show's not over yet.

Jen: There's nothing else I can do.

Marcie: Jen, come on, wait! Listen --

Rae: You know what, Marcie? I'll go after her, all right? Ok, see you guys later.

Jessica: Thanks.

Marcie: Thank you. I just -- I don't know what else -- I don't know what else to do. What now?

Stephen: I'll be blunt. We need to find at least one more woman to testify against Professor Barnes.

Radio announcer: And you don't want to miss this. Midnight Logic will play a free concert --

Al: Tammy -- Tammy, wait.

Tammy: I have to go.

Al: Listen, you heard what happened on the show. You have to go on the air and talk about what Barnes did to you.

Tammy: I just -- I just don't know.

Al: Come on. You have a lot of people on your side. You can stop this guy!

Marcie: If you were with us before the break, I'm really glad you're still listening. This is obviously not the place for a hearing on any individual case of sexual harassment. But if you have heard our discussion so far, you realize why it would be really hard for a victim to report it. Dr. Haver, you are actually the chair of the harassment grievance board here on campus, and that is where a student should go to make a complaint about sexual harassment.

Stephen: Yes, Jen Buchanan should bring her complaint to the board, and we'll give it a full investigation. Of course, our mandate is to remain fair and impartial. But I'll tell you from experience, most upstanding people in public can have deep, dark secrets in private.

Marcie: Well, quite frankly, this is one secret that has been on this campus for way too long. You know, I have talked to many young women who have had the same experience as Jen.

Jessica: Yes, Marcie, but students have to go on the record. I mean, it's a teacher's life and career on the line. The committee can't just rely on gossip alone.

Marcie: Yeah -- no, no, I completely hear that point. And, you know, you are right, but I just don't see why this has to go on. You know, if we can find one -- at least one other person who is willing to back up what Jen said, it would make a huge difference.

Tammy: I will.

Antonio: When did you last see Flash?

Riley: Last night. She never came home.

John: Riley, look at me. Are you sure this is Flash's?

Riley: Look, I know her stuff and I know something is wrong, so just tell me!

Antonio: She was murdered last night.

Kelly: No one's called, right?

Asa: No. Where the hell is Kevin?

Kelly: He went for a walk, and apparently he's turned his cell phone off. He's upset.

Asa: He's upset?

Kelly: Look, can we talk about his resignation? He's hurting as much as you are.

Asa: Well, what's he going to do with himself?

Kelly: He's going to go back and edit "The Banner."

Asa: He was meant for bigger things than that, Kelly.

Maid: This was just delivered, Mr. Buchanan.

Asa: Thank you.

Asa: Ugh.

Kelly: What is it?

Asa: "Philadelphia Post," early edition. That damn Dawes wants to make sure that Kevin goes down in flames.

Lindsay: You know what, I don't think that this is such a good idea.

Rex: Oh, it's a great idea. We're both consenting adults, aren't we?

Lindsay: Yes, but --

Rex: And are we hurting anybody?

Lindsay: What about Jen?

Rex: She doesn't give a damn.

Lindsay: I think she does.

Rex: You know, let's talk about something more interesting. I want you to teach me everything.

Lindsay: About what?

Rex: About food, wine, clothes, coffee -- the good life.

Lindsay: I could do that. You do know that there's absolutely no chance whatsoever of me falling in love with you. I do know better than that.

Rex: No, you're in charge. I'm just the student.

[Knock on door]

Jen: Rex! I really need to talk to you!


Marcie: So when Tammy told her story on the radio, the phone lines just started ringing off of the hook. All these other undergrads started calling in and saying that they had the same bad experiences with Professor Barnes, and they're all willing to testify at the H.G.B.

Al: I got to tell you, the show was terrific. I've never seen so many college kids gathered around a radio before.

Marcie: It really turned out great. I mean, I have got to find Jen and Rae because they were really worried about how it was going to turn out, especially Jen.

Al: Yeah, she'd probably be pretty happy to find out that Tammy showed up, huh?

Marcie: Tammy told me that you convinced her.

Al: I gave her a little push in the right direction.

Marcie: Hmm.

Al: You know what, she only did what she wanted to do from the very beginning anyway.

Marcie: Well, I want to thank you for that because I really appreciate it.

Al: Well, congratulations. You really kicked butt.

Jessica: So,  you think that Professor Barnes is going to resign even though he's tenured?

Stephen: Well, I'd say Professor Barnes wants the university to fire him so he can sue the university, but it's pretty much a done deal. I'd say he's on his way out, and we all have you to thank because it was your article in "The Banner" that set this whole thing into motion.

Jessica: Well --

Stephen: Congratulations.

Jessica: Really, it was Marcie's show that brought the whole thing together. I don't know -- I really felt that we did something today, something really important.

Stephen: I think you did something today.

Jessica: Oh, you did it, too. I mean, how great was it that you were on Marcie's show?

Stephen: I'm the chair of the H.G.B. I should be doing that show more often. Now, you tell me -- you tell me your next big cause and point me in the right direction and I'll be there with bells on.

Jessica: Well, really, I guess my next big cause is getting rid of this psycho that's terrifying everybody.

Stephen: You know, I asked you before about your article and you didn't tell me how it was going, so tell me now.

Jessica: I'm just -- I'm procrastinating. I -- I'm writing about everything but the murders.

Stephen: Well, murder is a very difficult thing to deal with, whether you're writing about it or anything else.

Jessica: How do you deal with it?

Stephen: I -- I just focus on the -- the psychosis of it, and I don't really focus on the personal side of it, that's all.

Jessica: It's just I'm trying to be this super investigative reporter, and I just -- I can't deal with thinking about those women and their lives being snuffed out. Every time I look at my uncle, I can only think about Gabrielle.

Stephen: His fiancee, yes. It's very sad.

Jessica: The first article that I wrote about this for "The Banner," it was more of a recap of the murders, you know, with a couple of things that you told me about what drives serial killers, but I just really wanted the second article to be better, with more insight, you know?

Stephen: Right, so you're saying if it isn't original, you -- you just don't want to go there? That's -- that's what you're kind of saying, right?

Jessica: Uh -- yeah, I guess.

Stephen: So don't go there. Follow your instincts. Do something original. Write how you feel.

Jessica: You mean fear?

Stephen: Fear, yes. If that's how you feel, then write it. Admit to yourself that this guy scares the hell out of you and start writing. Just see what comes out.

Jessica: Maybe, yeah.

Stephen: Rae.

Jessica: Rae. Hi, did you find Jen? What's the matter?

Rae: There's been another murder, a student at the university.

Antonio: Yeah, Mr. Colson. Detective Vega. Give me a call as soon as you get this.

Antonio: Can't reach his father. He's probably on a plane.

John: Hey, Riley, I know this is difficult, but you said you and Flash had a fight. What about?

Riley: Our band. Our band. She wanted to go on the road and I didn't want to go with her.

John: Then what happened?

Riley: She took off. I didn't see her again after that.

Antonio: What about you? Where did you go?

Riley: Home.

Antonio: Look, Riley, I know this is going to be tough but we need to contact her parents.

Riley: Cord Roberts is -- is her father. He lives in London. I don't know his number but it's in her address book. No one knows where her mother -- where her mother is. Look, why didn't I just go -- go with her on the damn tour?

Antonio: You can't think like that.

Riley: Can I go?

John: Yeah, we're done. Riley, you can't mention this to anyone, not until we've notified next of kin.

Antonio: Where are you going to be?

Riley: I don't know.

Antonio: Riley --

John: It's ok.

Antonio: Look, your father should be checking his messages any minute. You sure you don't want to hang here?

Antonio: He blames himself.

John: I blame us.

Jen: God, why did I have to say his name?

Lindsay: Marcie should've never put you in that position.

Jen: Marcie didn't do anything wrong. We all want to stop Barnes. He's a complete creep.

Rex: Yeah, but Marcie shouldn't have expected you to come in alone, not after that other girl bailed.

Jen: She didn't hold a gun to my head. She actually gave me an out. I just wanted to do the right thing for once, and of course I screwed it up. What if Barnes tries to sue me?

Lindsay: Well, we'll have to get a lawyer and prove he's a liar.

Jen: Yeah, that will bring up all the horrible things I've done in my past. That ought to be fun.

Lindsay: Well, he knows he's guilty. He's not going to want to see this played out in a court of law.

Jen: Maybe you're right. What are you doing here, anyway?

Lindsay: I -- I brought the sculpture to -- it's a thank-you to him for helping me out last night.

Jen: Helping you? How?

Lindsay: Well -- he came over and was very supportive, which I appreciated because the police thought I was out of my mind.

Jen: You didn't tell me that he came over last night.

Lindsay: Oh, I'm sure I -- I think I did.

Jen: Um, I think I would've remembered that.

Lindsay: No, I'm pretty sure I did. I guess I must have a lot on my mind.

Jen: Well, I'm taking off. You are coming with me, right, mom?

Lindsay: Oh, yeah. Oh -- thanks again.

Rex: No problem. I love the sculpture, but it's -- well, it's way too much. I really need to pay you back somehow. Maybe dinner.

Jen: Leave her alone!

Rex: Hey, she came to see me just like you did!

Lindsay: Ok.

Stephen: They won't tell me anything.

Jessica: Did you tell them who you were and that you're helping with the music box murder investigation?

Stephen: Until they notify the families, they won't tell anybody who the victim is.

Jessica: I can't believe this is happening again.

Stephen: I know. It's all right.

Asa: Are you ok?

Kelly: Yeah, we knew that was coming. We'll have to deal with it.

Asa: Ah, what the hell. What's done is done. Why don't you see if, you know, you can find Kevin? Right now all I care about is Sarah.

Antonio: Yeah, it's Detective Vega. Have her call me as soon as she gets in. It's urgent.

John: Come on, man, I need whatever you can get. Come on, give me an hour. Ok, good. Thanks. What do you got?

Officer: They sent it up from the ambulance, found it on the body.

John: Thanks.

Officer: Sure.

John: Code. It's a message.

Singer: Breathe, trust, bless me and release climb hard never be seen closed off rescue to free hold my breath till you rupture! Three days aside your rebirth can't hurt branch out behind pride like a leech hold on as if we belonged to some precious pure dream cast off you see what's beneath now fail me! Faulty closure faulty closure faulty closure closure has come to me, myself you will never belong to me


[Man plays "Romeo & Juliet"]

Marcie: Hey, Michael.

Al: Oh, my god. I have been looking everywhere for you.

Marcie: I thought I told you I went back to the radio station. I wanted to call Jen.

Al: Yeah, I know. I checked there for you, too.

Marcie: Well, I actually also went to the dean's office. You will never believe this. Professor Barnes -- he resigned.

Al: That's great.

Marcie: What's wrong?

Al: A student was murdered last night.

Marcie: What?

Al: They found the body during your radio show.

Marcie: Do they know who it is?

Al: No, the police haven't released a name yet.

[Man plays "Romeo & Juliet"]

Rex: Look, I know you didn't find anything over at the gallery, but before you write off Lindsay Rappaport as nuts, you better take a look at this bag.

John: You sure it's the same as the one on the docks?

Rex: It's a clone. It's got to be Troy MacIver's, which means the other bag belonged to the real killer. Look, that psycho is still out there and he's gone after Jen before.

John: Cops are going to send over a forensics team. You stay put.

Rex: Yeah, I'll do that.

[Phone rings]

Rex: Come on, Lindsay, pick up.

John: Hey, Johnson. Do me a favor -- go over there. There might be some possible evidence in the case. Get it back here as soon as possible.

Officer Johnson: On my way.

John: Thanks. Hey. How you doing? You got anything?

Antonio: The same code as before. You got a pen?

John: Yeah.

Antonio: C.

John: C, that's -- that's F.

Antonio: Yeah. A over c two, twice. E over c two, then e over C. Ready? And then d over c, then d over c four, a over c two --

john: Slow -- slow up. Do that again?

Antonio: Then d over c, then d over c four, a over c two, g over c three.

[Man plays "Romeo & Juliet"]

[Phone rings]

Asa: Hello. About time. Where the hell is Sarah? No. No! Oh. Oh, god.

Stay tuned for scenes from the next "One Life to Live."

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Roxy: What kind of woman would fool around with a kid half her age?

Rex: Oh -- [Whistles]

Roxy: Shut up! Don't answer that.

Marcie: Do you want to know why I like you? I like you because of all the ways that you remind me of Al.

Daniel: We still have a serial killer out there.

John: This guy has already picked out his next victim.

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