OLTL Transcript Friday 1/23/04

One Life to Live Transcript Friday 1/23/04

By Eric
Proofread by Melissa Dann

[Music box plays]

Ron: Hey.

Jen: Oh, hey, let met take --

Ron: No, I got it. I got it.

Jen: Well, let me help you with --

Marcie: No, I'm good. Jen, this is going to be so much fun!

Jen: I know. Roommates can do so much stuff together.

Marcie: I know. We can stay up late, watch old movies, make popcorn, study, bead -- oh, scrapbooking! Or not.

Jen: Welcome. [Doorbell rings]

Marcie: I'm so excited.

Jen: Hey there, Doc.

Al: Hi. And it's Michael, please. Just came by to see how my patient's doing.

Jen: Come in. You're doing another house call?

Al: Well, you know, I -- I really care about my patients.

Jen: Your patients, or your patients' roommates?

Marcie: Oh, hey -- Jen, where do you want me to -- hi.


Asa: You didnít say anything to Kevin about our powwow with Dawes, did you?

Kelly: No, no, I didnít want to upset him.

Asa: Well, now, I'm not very happy myself. But I'm stuck with the weasel, all because of that damn episode with Blair.

Kelly: Well, I guess it won't really matter after Kevin resigns.

Asa: I donít want to hear any talk like that, hear? You make him come to his senses. Find some way to -- to get the two of you back on track.

Kelly: Oh, weíre doing -- we're doing so much better. We are. We're working things out.

Asa: Well, damn, that's the best news I've heard. And thank God that she-devil cousin of yours is out of the picture.

Kelly: I'll drink to that.

Kevin: We have been through so much together, and I -- you want me to tell you --

Blair: I want you to tell me why you believe that we're meant to be together. Make me understand it and make it make sense to me because it doesn't. All I know is I've been -- I pushed you away. I played on your emotions and that was wrong because you've been nothing but wonderful and strong and steady for me. And I need that, Kevin. I want that. I want you, Kevin.


John: There was the message left at my place while MacIver was under lock and key.

Nora: And Matthew said that Troy kept insisting that he was completely innocent -- the same thing he did with me.

John: MacIver's right. He's being set up.

Nora: Then the next murder is set for today, if it hasn't already happened.

Lindsay: Can somebody help me? Can you help me?

Nora: Lindsay, what's going on? What's the matter?

Lindsay: Somebody left me a message on the wall in my gallery.

John: What kind of message?

Lindsay: It was sheet music written in blood. Written in blood. Donít you see? Donít you see? Troy MacIver is not your -- your serial killer. Your serial killer is still out there, and he's after me. He wants to kill me.

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Kevin: Blair -- we canít do this.

Blair: What are you talking about? Yes, we can, Kevin. You are everything I want in a man. You're good, you're kind, you're strong, and I know that you would never hurt me.

Kevin: No, I wouldnít. I wouldnít. Donít -- I wouldnít ever hurt you.

Blair: Ok.

Kevin: Ever. But I canít do this.

Blair: Why? What?

Kevin: It's -- it's just -- it's too late.

Blair: Kelly?

Kevin: Things have changed for me.

Blair: Because she's pregnant?

Kevin: That's -- that's part of it, you know. I mean, it's not all it. It's -- we've been married for a long time, and, you know, we've been through a lot together -- good times and bad times. But it's just not something you can let go of like that. You know, I donít think you -- you can completely ever let go of something -- someone that you love that much. Do you -- you understand?

Blair: No. No, I donít. But you know what, you're right. You are so right that you and Kelly belong together. Mmm, yeah. I hope that you'll be really happy together.

Kevin: Blair, come on.

Blair: Kevin, leave me alone.


Flash: I'll be right back. It is my great-grandpa. Chill. Ugh. Hey, Grandpa. Hey, Kelly.

Kelly: Hi.

Asa: Well, hi, honey. Where's your -- oh -- where's your guard?

Flash: Right there, unfortunately.

Asa: Well, you keep him close to you.

Flash: Donít worry.

Asa: When I stop breathing, that's when I won't worry, Sarah.

Flash: Great news. Midnight Logic's been asked to open up for the Wired tour this summer.

Kelly: That's awesome! Congratulations.

Flash: Well, donít worry, I will get you all tickets to Philly.

Asa: Well, honey, I donít know if, you know, I'm the kind of guy that could sit in the middle of screaming kids. It's not my cup of tea.

Kelly: Oh, come on. Come on.

Flash: We are going to play that song that I wrote for you at Christmas. It should be a big hit by then. The promoter's really pushing it. And when we're done, we're going to turn you into a real hottie.

Kelly: Hey, Justin Timberlake, watch out.

Asa: Who?

Flash: Donít worry, hottie.

Asa: I tell you, Kelly, the little gal is something.

Kelly: She feels the same way about you.


Stephen: Hello.

Jessica: Hi, Dr. Haver. Thanks for meeting me.

Stephen: My pleasure.

Jessica: Um -- saw you on channel 6.

Stephen: Oh.

Jessica: Your interview -- it was great.

Stephen: Thank you, thank you. No autographs, please.

Jessica: Oh. So, I finished my first draft for my second article on the music box murders, and --

Stephen: Good.

Jessica: It was tough, really, because John and the police aren't really saying much. And I get the feeling that they aren't so sure that Troy is the killer anymore.

Stephen: Well, you know, they are the police, the authorities, and they just have to make sure of everything. It's what they do. But it's good. It's very important.

Jessica: Well, what do you think? I mean, you've interviewed Troy. You know his mental state better, as good as anybody else.

Stephen: Well, the police do have a lot of evidence on Troy, so --

Jessica: But there was also another threat written on John McBain's wall while troy was in jail.

Stephen: Yes, there was.

Jessica: And Troy is always saying that somebody is setting him up. Do you think that's a possibility?

Stephen: Anything's possible.

Jessica: Dr. Haver, what do you think?

Stephen: I think -- well, considering the fact that there's evidence now on John McBain's wall -- a threat -- plus the possibility that the police have the wrong man, I think that the music box killer might be ready to take another victim, and soon.


John: What made you think it was from the music box killer?

Lindsay: Because there's sheet music written in blood, and it's ri-- what happened? But I donít understand. It was hanging right there. It was -- it was hanging right there where that picture is now! You have to believe me! It was there.


Al: Wow, there's a lot of stuff on your brother's truck out there.

Marcie: Yeah, it's pretty amazing how much you can cram into one small dorm room.

Al: Yeah, I know. Hey, you know, I can give you a hand. You know, there's a lot of stuff. You donít want Ron doing all the work, do you?

Marcie: Uh --

Jen: It'll give your brother more time to put those shelves together.

Marcie: Ok. Yeah, I mean, if you want to give me help, I might as well accept it.

Al: Load me up.

Marcie: Ok.

Ron: That guy just doesn't get it, does he? Even after she keeps telling him she's not interested, he still comes around.

Jen: Maybe she is. Some girls like that, you know -- having guys chase after them. She can just treat him like trash and he'll still keep coming back for more.

Ron: Jen, that's pretty warped, donít you think?

[Doorbell rings]

Jen: What do you want?

Rex: Well, nice to see you, too. I need a minute, ok?

Jen: What? What do you -- you want something?

Rex: What, the meter's running?

Jen: I'm busy, unlike some people who do nothing but stalk me.

Rex: Yeah, well, you know all about that. It's what you did to me while still playing preacher's wife.

Jen: Get over it. I have.

Rex: Me, too.

Jen: Then what are you doing here?

Rex: To tell you you donít have to sweat it. I won't be coming around anymore. I've hooked up with somebody else.

Jen: Who? Who is it?


John: Well, if there's evidence, we'll find it.

Lindsay: "If"? What do you -- you think that I'm making this up? Because I'm not. I wouldnít lie about something like this. There's someone out there that tried to murder my daughter, and I want him caught before he goes after somebody else!

Stephen: If Troy MacIver isn't the killer, that means that somebody else is. That means that another person is going to die.

Jessica: Why doesn't he just stop? He's already gotten away with seven murders with the police thinking that Troy did it.

Stephen: That's not what he wants.

Jessica: Well, what does he want?

Stephen: That's the question. What does he want? He's a power freak. He needs to control things right now. He's controlling everything. He's controlling the police, the potential victims, the entire community. But the more out of control he spins, the more he wants to control.

Jessica: So he won't stop killing because --

Stephen: Because he knows that he's smarter than everyone else. He's dropping clues right and left, up and down about who the next victim is going to be. And yet they still canít do a damn thing to stop him.

Jessica: So it's a game.

Stephen: It's a game that he knows he can win. Think about it this way. If Troy MacIver is behind bars and another person is killed, that means that the police are wrong. It means he's outsmarted them all.


Riley: Hi. My God, I was wondering what happened to you.

Flash: Oh, will you stop stressing? I just ran into Asa.

Riley: Well, call next time, will you?

Flash: Ok, I'm sorry. Anyways, who's going to get me with this cop on my butt?

Riley: Well, I still worry.

Flash: Donít. He's got me covered, unfortunately.

Jessica: Hi.

Flash: Hey, cuz, what's up?

Jessica: I was wondering if I could ask you a couple questions on the music box murders, considering that --

Flash: Let me guess -- as in, how does it feel to be a worm on a hook? It bites.

Jessica: Yeah, it must be pretty scary.

Flash: Look, I'm not going to put my life on ice for some psycho freak, not when things are finally getting good.

Jessica: Oh, that's a good quote. "Worm --"

Flash: You get it?

Jessica: "On a hook."

Flash: "Worm on a hook."

Jessica: There you go. Should I use "Flash" or "Sarah"? Thanks. Have a good day.

Riley: So things are good, huh?

Flash: You have no idea. You know the Wired tour? The promoter called and he wants Midnight Logic to open.

Riley: Well, you'd better start looking for a new guitarist.


Kelly: Well, I am glad Dawes didnít stay for dessert. I donít think I could stand another minute of him.

Asa: I'd like to string that weasel up from that big oak tree out back.

Kelly: You know, maybe Kevin's right. Maybe he should resign.

Asa: Donít you ever, ever use that word, do you hear? I will handle Dawes. Now, you just act pretty and pregnant and the beautiful wife standing by her man.

Kelly: Who's acting? That's exactly what I am and exactly what I intend to do. Excuse me for a moment.

Asa: Sure.

Kelly: Hey. How's it going?

Blair: I've been better.

Kelly: Well, I have some good news.

Blair: You and Kevin?

Kelly: Yeah, how'd you know?

Blair: He just told me.


Nora: I'll be straight with you, Kevin. The final D.N.A. test results came back confirming that you had sex with Blair the night of the rape.

Kevin: I already admitted that.

Nora: Yes, but now this is proof the defense can use.

Kevin: Against Blair?

Nora: Oh, yeah, and they're going to do their worst. So, before we do a deposition or make anything formal, I just wanted to warn you. Things are going to get pretty personal.

Kevin: Oh, you mean, as opposed to what they already are?

Nora: Ok. When you were in bed with Blair, was their any behavior that could be construed as rough sex?

Kevin: No, of cour-- of course not. We made love. It was caring and it was gentle, and it was mutual.

Nora: Ok. Because, you know, the defense -- they're going to say that her injuries were caused by you.

Kevin: Oh, come on, that's ridiculous. It was Todd and you know it.

Nora: Doesn't matter what I know. We have to convince the jury.

Kevin: Well, how hard can that be? It's Todd we're talking about. Look what he's already done. He's completely changed his appearance so he could be with a woman that he had to have, a woman who didnít even want him. I mean, he's a psychotic!

Nora: Well, it's perverse to say the least, but that's not what he's on trial for.

Kevin: Yeah, I just -- I should've told her. The minute that I knew that he was Todd, I -- I should have told her. I know what he's capable of, and I was so stupid. Nora, you know I was there. I was at the frat house the night that he raped Marty Saybrooke. And I -- I saw the look in her eyes after it was over. And I see the same look in Blair right now. I told her that she was playing with fire.

Nora: What do you mean? What does that mean? What does that mean, you told her you -- how was Blair playing with fire?


Jen: So?

Ron: Uh -- everything ok?

Rex: I was just heading out. Got to meet someone.

Ron: Well, donít let us hold you up.

Rex: Ok. See you around.

Jen: Wait, wait -- aren't you going to tell me who you're seeing?

Rex: You wouldnít believe it.

Jen: Well, do I know the person?

Rex: What do you care?

Jen: Well, it's just kind of soon for you to be jumping in bed with someone else.

Rex: How long have we been divorced? Long enough for you to mess up a whole other marriage.

Jen: But just last week you told me you were in love with me. What a bunch of bull!

Rex: No, it's not, ok? Look, if I thought for a minute that I had a chance with you --

Jen: What? You'd dump the other woman?

Rex: Just say the word.

Marcie: What are you doing here?

Rex: Hello, Nurse Ratched.

Marcie: Why donít you just leave her alone?

Rex: Actually, I was just about to do that, but she didnít want me to go.

Marcie: Donít even tell me that you're listening to this windbag.

Rex: Oh, yeah! No, listen to your friend here, who's on such a permanent downer, she wants you to wallow in it with her.

Al: Hey, back off!

Rex: Get a clue, pal. She disses you more than me. Be seeing you.

Marcie: Listen, donít pay any attention to what Rex said, ok? Because, um --

Al: Well, that's not true, what he said.

Marcie: Well, yes, but -- I mean, you know, not as much as I did before. You know, because you've been really nice lately. So, thanks. Anyway, I'm so excited that I'm moving in here. Not that I wasn't before. It's just I'm going to make sure that Rex does not bother you anymore, ok?


John: No sign of forced entry.

Antonio: And no evidence of the sheet music you said you saw.

Lindsay: I did see it.

Antonio: Look, Lindsay, you're under a lot of stress right now. Maybe you should call your doctor at St. Ann's and talk to him about it.

Lindsay: And I'd tell him the same thing that I'm telling you. Someone is following me! I know it! I feel it! I think that they -- they followed me to the police station tonight. Come on, you have to believe me.

John: I understand that you're convinced of this.

Lindsay: You canít give me some kind of police protection? Something?

Antonio: Look, I'll -- I'll talk to the commissioner, see what we can do about that, ok? In the meantime, you stay here. Make sure you lock the door behind us. If you hear anything, donít hesitate to call.

[Phone rings]

Lindsay: Hello? Who's there? I know that someone is there. I hear you breathing. Who is this? All right, lock it in!


Ron: Come in, come in.

Marcie: Hey. There are just actually a couple more left, ok?

Ron: Ok, I'll get them.

Marcie: Great, thank you. Are you sure you're ok with that?

Al: Are you kidding me? I bench-press more than this.

Marcie: Oh, well, I donít want you to get a hernia over it.

Al: Well, it's all right if I get a hernia. I mean, I can always repair it myself. I am a doctor.

Marcie: Well --

Al: A little gum, a couple paper clips, I'm good. [Marcie laughs]

Marcie: Well, maybe I shouldn't have put so many books in one box.

Al: Oh, books? That's what this is? Because I was thinking maybe it was your brick collection.

Marcie: Oh, very funny. I get your point. Ok, we can move a couple of them at a time.

Al: Elden Moore?

Marcie: Yeah. It's actually a cross between, like, Phillip Marlowe and St. Thomas Aquinas.

Al: No, I know. I've read the whole series, actually.

Marcie: Really?

Al: Yeah.

Marcie: Well, a friend of mine got me into it.

Al: Was that Al?

Marcie: Yeah. Yeah, he loved those books almost as much as I did. Well, especially the mysteries.

Al: You should read "Time Zone" if you haven't already.

Marcie: No, I've actually been wanting to, but the waiting list at the library is a mile long.

Al: Well, I just finished my copy. You can borrow it if you want.

Marcie: Really?

Al: Yeah.

Marcie: Thanks.

Al: Did you just say "thanks"?

Marcie: Yeah.

Al: Wow. Twice in one day -- that's got to be a record.

Ron: Hey.

Jen: Pizza's here.

Al: Yeah!

Marcie: Yeah!

Jen: Anybody want beer?

Marcie: Oh --

Al: Oh, you know what? I'm on call. I'm fine, thanks.

Marcie: Yeah, none for me. I'm fine.

Ron: Soda's good for me.

Jen: So, what, I have to drink by myself?

Marcie: Well, or, you know, you couldn't drink at all.

Jen: What's that supposed to mean?

Marcie: Nothing, nothing. I -- you know, you just got out of the hospital yesterday for alcohol poisoning, so I was just thinking that --

Jen: So I'm an alcoholic all of a sudden?

Marcie: No, no, I didnít say that.

Jen: It sounded like --

Marcie: No --

Al: You know what? I think she's just trying to help.

Marcie: Yeah.

Jen: Well, you're a doctor. What do you say? Am I an alcoholic?


Nora: Yes. Ok, we're ready for the deposition. We'll be right down. Before we go down there, I'm going to ask you again -- just tell me what you meant. What did you mean when you said Blair was playing with fire?

Kevin: Because of how Todd is. Look, I knew that if she got too close to him that something would happen. Something did.

Nora: That's all?

Kevin: Yeah.

Nora: Ok. Well, I certainly hope so. Because if Blair did anything to goad Todd, the defense is going to be all over it like a cheap suit.

Kevin: It isn't Blair's fault. She doesn't deserve what Todd did to her, and anybody who thinks that can go to hell.


Kelly: When -- when did you see Kevin?

Blair: Earlier.

Kelly: So you guys just -- what -- you ran into each other somewhere?

Blair: Kelly, look, you donít have to worry --

Kelly: I'm not. I'm not worried.

Blair: I know we haven't talked about what happened.

Kelly: Yeah, I donít really want to. It makes me kind of nauseous.

Blair: I know I hurt you, and I'm sorry.

Kelly: Well, I forgave Kevin. I guess that means I have to forgive you, too.

Blair: Can you do that? I mean, this trial, it's going to be out there in the open. It's going to be in your face all the time.

Kelly: It's done, right? It's done.

Blair: Yeah. Your husband loves you.

Kelly: And I love him. I always have.

Blair: How do you do it, Kelly? How do you continue to love a man who rips your heart out and stomps on it, huh?

Kelly: What are you talking about? After everything Todd's done to you over and over again, you keep taking him back.

Blair: Not this time.

Kelly: Do you still love him?

Blair: No. I hate him.

Kelly: Well, I hope you can testify to that under oath because they're probably going to ask you at Todd's trial. If they do, what will you say?


Flash: You know, sometimes I feel like I donít even know you. Can you stop -- we're having a fight here! Can we get some space?

Officer: Oh. I'll check in. I'll be back in five. Donít go anywhere.

Riley: That's what this is, a fight?

Flash: Yeah. You know what? What is up with you? Why do you keep bailing on our band?

Riley: It's just not a good time for me to cut out of L.U.

Flash: The Wired tour is in the summer. It doesn't even mess with school.

Riley: Well, it's -- it's not all about that.

Flash: Ok. Ok. First, you didnít want to do this because of my great-grandpa. Now this is our thing. This is our music. People want to hear it.

Riley: Well, then they can listen to the C.D. we're going to cut.

Flash: What is your problem? Why donít you want to go on tour?

Riley: My dad is in A.A. now.

Flash: Oh, my God! Oh, my God! This is about your father?

Riley: He needs me here.

Flash: Like he was ever there when you needed him.

Riley: He was messed up, ok?

Flash: You know what? And now he's messing you up! And it's taking the rest of us down.

Riley: Well, I've been where he is, remember?

Flash: Yeah! And he was the reason that you got there! Now he's screwing you up again, Riley!

Riley: Come on, would you give me some credit, please?

Flash: You know what? How can I, when you're letting the biggest break of your life go to babysit your old man!

Riley: Damn it, Flash! There are more important things in this world than this stupid tour!

Flash: I thought that I was one of them.

Riley: You are.

Flash: Well, obviously not important enough, right?

Riley: Oh, Flash, come on.

Flash: You know what? Forget it, Ri.

Riley: Flash, come on!

Flash: Leave me alone.

Officer: Where is she? She was supposed to stay put!

Riley: Well, she went out that way.


Rex: This'll help.

Lindsay: Thanks for getting here so fast.

Rex: Well, I was already on my way.

Lindsay: Agent McBain said that they were going to get police protection for me, but I donít believe they will.

Rex: You sure the threat was against you?

Lindsay: Well, it was my gallery.

Rex: Yeah, but this guy seems to be going after college girls. And you have a daughter that fits that description.

Lindsay: Well, you think that it was meant for Jen?

Rex: He already tried.

Lindsay: My God!

Rex: The police sure didnít help. I was lucky I showed up when I did.

Lindsay: We're going over to Jen's, and we're spending the night with her.

Rex: Uh -- I'd better not. I already got kicked out of there once tonight.

Lindsay: You were at her place?

Rex: Yeah. And donít worry about her. Marcie and her lug nut brother over there are standing guard. Even McBain's brother, the doctor, is hanging around. He's trying to cozy up on Marcie. And what that's about, I have no idea.

Lindsay: I donít care. I'm going to her place to make sure she's all right. You lock up after me, ok?

[Rex whistles]


Marcie: This is great. I haven't even moved in fully and we've already had our first fight. Getting off to a great start.

Jen: Hmm. Well, you canít help it if you think I'm a raging alcoholic.

Marcie: No, I donít think that.

Jen: Even your brother thinks so. He was trying to get me to quit drinking the other night.

Ron: Jen, I was worried about you.

Jen: And you think so, too. And you're a doctor. You know the signs.

Al: The signs, yes. But I donít know you. The only thing I know about you is that you had a big problem and you ended up in the E.R. And, listen, binge drinking to the point where you end up in the hospital is not good. But you learned your lesson, right?

Jen: To detox.

Al: And, you know, if you were addicted -- I mean, it'd be all right, you know? I mean, you have Marcie living here with you. I mean, she'd make sure that you were ok. You know? Even if she had to lock you in, you know? Sit up with you all night, tell you stories, read to you, hold your hand. Whatever it took to get you through it.

Ron: Marce?

Marcie: Just leave me alone.

Al: Marcie, I am really sorry.

Ron: I'll take care of her.

Al: I -- I didnít mean to upset her.

Jen: No, it's just the things that you said -- it's what happened to her with Al. You didnít know that.

Al: Right. I mean, how would I?

Jen: But she -- she loved him so much. I mean, she still misses him.

Al: I wish there was something I could do.

Jen: There's not, so you'd better go.

Al: Fair enough.


Blair: After everything that Todd has done to me -- this time, Kelly, he raped me. How do you expect me to ever love him again?

Kelly: It's a question, and I haven't heard the word "no."

Blair: What is all of this about? Are you -- do you want me to drop the charges against Todd? Is that what this is about?

Kelly: A lot of people are going to be hurt if you go through with this.

Blair: "A lot of people." This is all about you. You're afraid of what's going to happen. You're worried that everybody is going to find out that I slept with your husband, right? I told you I was sorry, and I meant it.

Kelly: Donít waste your time worrying about me. I can handle anything that comes my way. Why donít you worry about your children, for a change -- you know, Starr and Jack? Why donít you worry about yourself? Can you handle this?

Blair: You know, I've got such a headache.

Kelly: Well, I got some aspirin. You want some?

Blair: I donít want it. You just keep it.

Kelly: No, you keep it.

Blair: No, I donít want it.

Kelly: I canít have it. I'm pregnant, remember?

Blair: So, you are finally getting everything you want. It's looking up, isn't it?

Kelly: Yeah, things are really looking up for me. And you know what, I hope the same happens for you, Blair. I really do. I mean, we're family after all, right?

Blair: Mm-hmm. Well, I certainly hope you'll feel that way after the trial. Because I'm not going to drop the charges against Todd. I am not backing down.


Asa: Here's the -- here's the deal, Kevin. You play ball with Dawes. You drop the investigation about the highway contracts. Let his man get his piece of the pie, and Dawes' people will back you through the rape trial.

Kevin: I donít need his help.

Asa: What you need is to keep your head up high!

Kevin: Well, I intend to.

Asa: I'll tell you something, you worked real hard to get where you are, boy.

Kevin: Well, not where I am now. Grandpa, I went into politics to do good things.

Asa: And you have.

Kevin: I've done a lot of compromising is what I've done. I swear to God, I donít even know who I am anymore. You know, and whoever this person is right now, I donít like him very much. And I know you donít want to hear that. I know that that's not what you want from me. But I want something else -- you know, something better.

Asa: What -- what the hell could be better, Kevin? You have got a very beautiful wife. You've got a new baby on the way. You are the lieutenant governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, possibly on your way to the oval office.

Kevin: I've made up my mind. I'm resigning in the morning.

Asa: Hold it. You sleep on it. And you give me a different answer in the morning.


Nora: Hey, Blair. Come on, sit down. Thanks for coming down here so early.

Blair: What do you want to see me about?

Nora: Well, we need to go over a few things for a mock trial session, you know? Do you want some coffee?

Blair: Oh, no, thanks. It's not going to do any good.

Nora: You tired?

Blair: I just didnít sleep at all last night. I have a splitting headache.

Nora: Oh, you know what? I think there's aspirin around here somewhere.

Blair: No, you know what, Nora? Donít even bother. It's not going to even help.

Nora: How long have you had this?

Blair: I donít know, off and on. You know, a week or so.

Nora: Have you had it checked out? I mean, you did hit your head pretty hard when Todd raped you.

Blair: It's just stress.

Nora: Go have it checked out, please. Please, for me.

Kelly: Kevin is still talking about resigning.

Asa: Donít you worry, Kelly. With Governor Brooks here, we'll change his mind.

Kelly: I hope you're right.

Harrison: Asa, Kelly. My letter of resignation.

Harrison: You donít have to do this, Kevin.

Kevin: Well, I think it's best. You canít be surprised. I'm sure you've talked to my grandfather about it.

Harrison: Yeah, and we happen to be on the same page, as I'm sure Kelly is, too.

Kelly: Actually, I will support my husband, whatever he decides.

Harrison: Kevin, Kelly, this is a huge mistake.

Asa: You are going to regret this, Kevin, for as long as you live.

Kevin: Well, at least it's something I can live with.

Kelly: I meant what I said in there.

Kevin: Well, this canít be easy for you. You gave up a lot to get me in office.

Kelly: Not as much as you would be giving up by staying.

Kevin: You really understand?

Kelly: We're a team. I'm on your side, no matter what.


[Marcie yawns]

Marcie: Oh, hi. Good morning.

Al: I'm sorry. I didnít mean to wake you.

Marcie: No, it's fine. If you're here for Jen, I donít know where she is. And I haven't seen her since I went to bed last night, so --

Al: Um -- I'm not here to see Jen. I'm here to see you. I brought you ďTime ZoneĒ. I told you that I would.

Marcie: Oh, right. You didnít have to, but --

Al: No, but I wanted to. Listen, I also wanted to apologize for the other night. I mean, if I hit too close to home about Al --

Marcie: No, I -- I just donít know how you could have known all of those things.

Al: Well, Marcie, I'm a doctor. I see a lot of drug-addicted people on a daily basis. And I just -- well, I could tell that you're the type of person who would do those things for someone that they really cared about.

Marcie: Yeah.

Al: You still hate me?

Marcie: Hey, listen, somebody who would move all my stuff in for me like that canít be all that bad, now, can he?


Jessica: Hey, John.

John: Hey.

Jessica: I was wondering if I could ask you a couple questions for my article on the music box murders.

John: It's over, Jessica. The bureau's ordered me back to New Jersey.

Jessica: Even with Antonio back on the force? I mean, I know you two can find this killer.

John: My bosses think we already have.

Jessica: Even though Troy was in jail the night there was that murder threat scrawled on your wall?

John: Even with the writing on the wall.

Jessica: Well, maybe Troy wasn't the killer. But I donít understand. Yesterday was supposed to be the next day somebody was supposed to get killed, and it's come and gone.

John: It doesn't mean no one got killed.

[Music box plays]

Stay tuned for scenes from the next "One Life to Live."


On the next "One Life to Live" --

Rex: I want you to teach me everything.

Lindsay: About what?

Stephen: You have to ask yourself -- maybe the real killer is still out there.

Riley: We had an argument last night. She never came home.

Girl: No! No!

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