OLTL Transcript Wednesday 1/21/04

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 1/21/04

By Eric
Proofread by Melissa Dann

R.J.: Lindsay, this creative partnership is going to work. We are going to get our clientele to cross over. People will leave your gallery and walk down for dinner and drinks at Capricorn. Some of my groups can play your openings, we can use their music in the background, and, of course, we can display some of your pieces of work down at Capricorn. We can split the cost of advertising -- what do you think? Lindsay?

Lindsay: Hmm?

R.J.: Iím here talking for five minutes about how great this partnership's going to work out, but where have you been?


Marcie: Jen, listen, all Iím saying is that I just think that you should be a little bit more careful. I mean, what if Ron had decided, you know what? She's just drunk. Iím going to let her sleep it off. You could have died.

Jen: I know, I know. I just -- I didn't realize how much I had to drink. You know, Iím just angry.

Marcie: You weren't angry at Ron, were you?

Jen: No. No, just stuff, everything. I donít know, I just -- I always just kind of mess everything up.

Marcie: No. Jen --

Jen: What is this? Did you have these delivered?

Marcie: No, I didn't.

Rex: Welcome home.


Dorian: Carlotta, it's going to be all right.

Carlotta: But, Dorian, we both know what could be going on.

Dorian: But it isn't.

Carlotta: But how can you be so sure?

Dorian: Because I've put in a call to -- just a moment. I just happened to drop something. One second, ok? I knew it! David, you're listening in on this call, aren't you? Stop it! Knock it off!

David: Iím sorry, were you on this line? That's entirely my fault. I apologize.

Dorian: Yes, you should. Iím so sorry. Carlotta, I donít believe we're going to be able to discuss this on the telephone. But donít you worry, ok? I've got everything handled.

Carlotta: Are you going to Puerto Rico today?

Dorian: Yes, and I've already got a private detective lined up and he's going to help me.

Carlotta: Gracias a dios.

Dorian: Adriana's just infatuated. It'll pass, like with River. I mean, he's absolutely back to his old self. Adriana is just a memory in the past to him.


Adriana: Iím so glad you're here. I donít like it when you're gone.

River: Wow, you miss me that much, huh?

Adriana: Yes. Plus, it's a little weird.

River: Yeah. Iím really sorry it's kind of spooky. I need you to stay here for a couple of days, ok? No going off to Ms. Vega and telling her where you are.

Adriana: I hate that my godmother's so worried.

River: I know, and I hate leaving you here like this. But, hey, look, I got a bunch of candles and fruit and stuff from the house. I think we can make this place kind of cool if we work at it.

Adriana: Won't your grandmother notice these things are missing?

River: No, no. Are you kidding me? After what happened to Blair and her husband? That's all they ever talk about over there.

Adriana: I canít believe a husband would do something like that to his wife.

River: I know. Me, neither. Hey, Paul Cramer sort of saw me shoving these in the bag when I was leaving. I told him some story about how Dorian wanted to send them back or something. I think he bought it.

Adriana: You donít have to lie to Paul. I thought he was on our side. I mean, he fixed it you could go to Puerto Rico.

River: Right, he is on our side, all the way -- I think.


[Knock on door]

John: One minute!

Jessica: Hey. Good, Iím glad I caught you. Iím finishing up my article for The Banner on Troy MacIver and the music box murders, so I was hoping I could get some quotes from you.

John: Oh, Jess, I donít know if Iíd be too good at quotes.

Jessica: Then Iím glad I caught you before you went to New Jersey.

John: Well, to tell the truth, Iím not leaving.

Jessica: Why not? I mean, I thought since the case was solved --

John: Well, something came up.

Jessica: Something about the case?

John: Let's just say the F.B.I. likes to be very thorough.

Jessica: Oh, God, you -- you think that --

John: What?

Jessica: You think that Troy MacIver might not be the killer, donít you? You think the killer's still out there.

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Dorian: Donít you try to deny it! You were listening in!

David: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Dorian: That is so juvenile!

David: You know what? Why donít we just stick to the point here, ok? You ought to be ashamed.

Dorian: Excuse me?

David: For not trusting me. If Adriana is in some kind of trouble, you should tell your partner so your partner can help.

Dorian: Yes? Well, it would have helped if you had found Adriana, partner. Now I have to go.

David: What's Carlotta all worried about, anyway?

Dorian: If I thought it would help for you to know, believe me, I would tell you -- and so help me, if I find out you've been snooping again, I will banish you forever from la boulaie. Now, please do excuse me. I have to go pack.

David: You know, maybe I should pack, too. You know, if you take me with you, it would prevent me from snooping around here.

Dorian: Oh, and what good would you do me in Puerto Rico?

David: That island can be awfully romantic, Dorian. You and I could go down there, we could find Adriana together and, oh, I donít know, maybe get married.

Dorian: Or join the circus.

River: Iím going to get you some real food later, I promise. Did you think about your promise last night?

Adriana: But I wish we weren't making Dorian and Carlotta worry so much.

River: There's a way we can fix that. You know, you said you'd give it all night to think, and you have.

Adriana: River, getting married is so important.

River: Well, if we tell them that we're married, there's nothing they can do about it. We donít have to worry anymore. What the --

Roxy: Hey! Hello, lovebirds! Iím going to turn this dump into something.

River: Wait, wait, Roxy, shh! We're hiding here, if you remember.

Roxy: See, but I gave you a warning. I didn't want to find you in a compromating position, huh?


Jen: How did you get in here?

Marcie: Yeah, if you broke in, Iím going to call the cops.

Rex: Hey! Used to be her husband, used to live here?

Jen: Yeah, you gave me the keys back when we finalized the divorce?

Rex: Oh, forgot the extra set. And you're welcome.

Marcie: Yeah, for her own keys?

Rex: No, for the flowers. I've been checking in with the hospital ever since last night. They told me that you were being released, so I thought Iíd surprise you.

Marcie: Yeah, well, guess what -- the surprise is over, so you can leave now.

Rex: Ok, would you chill?

Marcie: No! Why, so that you can get Jen to do what you want? Pour drinks down her throat, get her drunk, and then get what you want from her?

Rex: You know, having to listen to you would drive anybody to drink.

Marcie: Yeah, well, guess what -- Iím sick of you! Iím sick of everything that you do to Jen, everything --

Rex: Will you shut up --

Marcie: No! Why should I shut up?

Jen: Stop it, both of you, please! Rex, it's time to go.

Rex: What, we canít even be friends now? Miss Moral Mouth says no?

Jen: Iím sorry, but she's right. Every time Iím around you, I just -- look, I donít know how else to say it. My life is a mess right now.

Rex: All thanks to me, of course. Well, there's so much good cheer in this house, who needs flowers? Iíll give them to somebody who cares.

Marcie: That was the right thing to do, Jen.

Jen: I guess so.

Marcie: And listen, your life -- it's not a mess!

Jen: Yes, it is. You know, I almost poisoned myself with alcohol, my marriage is over, Iím going to flunk out of L.U.

Marcie: No. No, you are not. Iíll tutor you. Come on, if Al could pull his grades up, you can.

Jen: Yeah, you did a good job.

Marcie: Yeah. Come on, Iíll come over every day, Iíll help you study. You can do it, Jen. We can do it together.

Jen: You work at the police station. You have all these extracurricular activities. How are you going to have time to come help me every day?

Marcie: What about if I move in? Oh, come on, you've been so lonely anyway, and I am, too. It'll be good for us.

Jen: Really?

Marcie: Yeah. I should have asked you first, but, I mean, if you want me to --

Jen: Yes! Yes!


Lindsay: Jen never laughs anymore. Sometimes when I think of the things she's been through, it scares me.

R.J.: Well, Lindsay, you know, you pretty much lose control of your children once they can get out of the house, certainly by the time they're a teenager, so donít blame yourself.

Lindsay: Ok, so promise me that you're going to spend every minute you can with Jamie in her early years, because, baby, these are the wonder years.

R.J.: Yeah. I know.

Lindsay: Antonio's not giving you a hard time, is he?

R.J.: No, no. No, not at all.

Lindsay: What? What is it?

R.J.: Well, it's just every time I go to drop off or pick up Jamie, Vega has Jessica Buchanan there. She's babysitting, holding Jamie, tickling her.

Lindsay: Is that a bad thing?

R.J.: Look, Jamie needs stability, not Vega's girlfriend of the moment. I donít want her to grow up thinking that Jessica Buchanan is her mother.

Lindsay: R.J. --

R.J.: Look, Jessica Buchanan is a trust fund kid. She doesn't know anything about life or holding a job. Hell, they roll out to London at the drop of a hat. The Buchanans run the town so she can waltz into any position she wants, positions that other people would die for. So, no, no, she's not going to be this. She's not going to be Jamie's mother. She never will be.


Jessica: Your files are all out, you're unpacked. You wouldn't have gotten settled back in unless you thought that you hadn't found your killer.

John: No. Like I said, the F.B.I. Just likes --

Jessica: Likes to be thorough. Right, right. Either that or you're still tying up some loose ends or, you know, you're really in love with this room.

John: Ok. I canít lie to you. I really love the room.

Jessica: Well, so since the case isn't officially closed on Troy, I guess I canít get any quotes from you.

John: All I can tell you is the official F.B.I. position that MacIver confessed to being the music box killer.

Jessica: But he also denied it. So, I -- Iíll let you get to it, then.

John: Ok.

Jessica: You know what really bugs me?

John: I canít wait.

Jessica: How did he get there?

John: Where?

Jessica: I mean, come on, he was at Statesville Prison. Somehow he got out, murdered somebody, and then snuck back in completely unnoticed. And if that isn't weird enough, what about the first three murders? I mean, how did he get all the way to Ridgeview, New Jersey, then get back to Llanview, sneak back into Statesville completely unnoticed again? I mean, that's a little weird, donít you think? And what about Atlantic City?

John: Half an hour. He could have even hitched.

Jessica: And nobody remembers picking him up?

John: It happens.

Jessica: Well, how about the one down in Wilmington Delaware? I mean, come on. Once, maybe. Twice, not likely. Three times? , Not unless he had some help. Do you think that he could have had some help?


David: Admit it, we're good together, plus we suffer from the same affliction.

Dorian: Hmm?

David: An insatiable lust for cash.

Dorian: Oh, that's why you're jumping on the marriage bandwagon. You know Iím going after Aunt Betsy's 30 million.

David: Absolutely not. Now, you may not know this about me because I keep it pretty close to the vest, but Iím fairly high-maintenance.

Dorian: Oh?

David: And so are you. But, hey, we've got Paul frozen out of the deal, right?

Dorian: Right!

David: So we're halfway there.

Dorian: It's the other half Iím worried about. We have got to find Adriana, David. So while Iím down there in Puerto Rico looking for her, you have got to come up with the evidence that will prove that she is my biological, illegitimate daughter.

David: Do you see what I mean? We're perfect together.

Dorian: Oh Ė


Adriana: Ok. Thank you for bringing all these presents, Roxy. They're -- interesting.

Roxy: Yeah, well, Iím going to make this place into the love shack supreme palace.

River: Hey, listen, how about helping me talk Adriana into making this thing legal?

Roxy: Legal? What the hell are you talking about?

River: Well, we think we're going to get married. And she's really worried about staying here.

Adriana: I know my godmother's very worried.

River: We tell them about it, though, there's nothing they can do about it, you understand?

Roxy: Married? What the hell do you want to get married for? Are you crazy? Why donít you wallow around in the romance for a little bit?


John: Well, donít get too sold on the idea that MacIver couldn't have gotten to Delaware or New Jersey to commit those first murders. Even the bus schedule says he could have.

Jessica: Well, I thought you couldn't talk to me about the case.

John: We're talking about bus schedules. Last time I checked, they're public information.

Jessica: Well, why do you think that Troy would have started his concentration here in Llanview? Do you think it's because of the strong connection with Nora Buchanan here?

John: It's possible.

Jessica: You never answered my question before about Troy having some help. Do you think that somebody could have helped him?

John: It happens. And when it does, it's usually someone very close to them.

Jessica: Well, Nora wouldn't do that. But there's always Lindsay.


Lindsay: R.J., Jessica is a nice kid. Why do you have to turn her into the stepmother from hell?

R.J.: Because Jamie doesn't need her playing stepmother, mother, or anything else. Keri is her mother and always will be.

Lindsay: I know that you're still grieving about Keri's death. But you've got to try to be fair.

Rex: Lindsay, you in there?

Lindsay: Hi! What's this?

Rex: Just wanted to say thank you for the terrif--

Lindsay: R.J.'s here. He's visiting.

Rex: Oh.

R.J.: How nice.

Lindsay: Yes. They're beautiful. Thank you.


Marcie: Jamaica?

Jen: Aruba, St. Thomas. I mean, they're all great, and if we're going to turn winter break into a study session, we might as well have fun, right?

Marcie: Yeah, I guess so, but I've never been anywhere but New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. No, I -- it's too expensive. I canít do it.

Jen: No, Iíll find some cheap tickets online. And Iíll handle the money, I mean, just to thank you for helping me, for tutoring me.

Marcie: No. No, no, no, you do not have to pay me for tutoring you. You know, Jen, you're my best friend. I want to do it. You have to stop thinking like Rex. Not everything is about money. You donít have to buy me.

Jen: Ok, well, think of it as me treating my best friend. Will you consider it?

Marcie: Oh -- I donít know. I've just never -- I really want to, but --

[Doorbell rings]

Marcie: Ooh. Hey, listen, no, no, no, no, Iím going to get that, because if that is Rex, he's going to rue the day that he ever wished he came and showed his face again.

Marcie: Oh.

Al: Hey, Marce.

Marcie: Hi. Hi, Michael.

Al: I just came by to check on Jen. I heard you were bringing her home today.

Marcie: Yeah, sure, come on in. That was really nice of you.

Jen: Hey, there, Dr. McBain.

Al: Hi. How you feeling?

Jen: Great, thanks to you.

Al: Well, I was just doing my job. Hey, do me a favor -- lay off the booze, will you?

Jen: Well, I will. I have someone looking out for me. Marcie's going to be staying with me now.

Marcie: Yeah.

Al: Oh, that's terrific!

Jen: And she's going to be tutoring me so I donít flunk out.

Marcie: Mm-hmm.

Al: Excellent. Marcie is a wonderful tutor.

Marcie: How did you know that?

Al: Well, I've heard that you're on the dean's list and --

Jen: Oh, and we're going to turn winter break into a cram session in the Caribbean -- just us, the books, sunblock, and a whole slew of guys on the beach. We are going to turn Valentineís Day into the best day ever.

Al: No. No, no, no, no, no you canít leave the country for Valentineís Day.

Marcie: Why shouldn't we go to the Caribbean for winter break?

Jen: Yeah, it's great down there. And why get all bent out of shape about Valentineís Day?

Marcie: Think he already bought us chocolates?

Al: Well, it's not Valentineís Day, exactly. It's just that -- well, a lot of people get sick on those trips, you know? It's very unsanitary down there in the islands. You're liable to catch just about anything.

Marcie: Michael, please, if you think like that, we might as well spend the whole day in bed.

Al: Yeah. Well, where are you guys going to be for Valentineís Day?

Jen: We donít know yet. Iím going to go check online and see if I can find some deals.

Marcie: Yeah.

Al: Hey, listen, just because we let you out of the hospital does not necessarily mean that you are out of the woods, ok?

Jen: Right, yeah, I am a little tired.

Al: Hey, what do you say I take Marcie out to lunch and let you catch up on some rest?

Jen: Sounds great.

Al: What do you think?

Marcie: Oh -- ok, ok. Sure. Listen, Iím going to go back to my dorm room. Iím going to start packing up some things. Iíll be right back, ok?

Jen: Here -- your keys, roomie. Iím so glad we're doing this.

Marcie: Me, too. Iíll see you later, ok?

Jen: Bye.

Marcie: All right, well, let's get going. It was very nice of you to come by and check up on Jen.

Al: Well, she's your best friend. Iíd do anything for her.


John: Yeah, I heard about Lindsay Rappaport's history with MacIver and how it goes back a long way, all the way back to his brother.

Jessica: Yeah, things got a little twisted.

John: Bo had said something about she shot her husband while trying to kill MacIver or something?

Jessica: Yeah, she was declared insane.

John: You think she was?

Jessica: Yeah, definitely, I think that she was. It jus---- I donít know, it just seemed that some of their old connections were still there.

John: I donít understand.

Jessica: Well, when Troy was holding us at the gallery, Lindsay just seemed overly sympathetic towards him. I mean, he was declaring over and over and over again that he was innocent, and she really seemed honestly to believe him.

John: You know, actually, I forgot. I actually have somewhere I need to be, Jessica. Do you mind if we, you know, pick this up later or something?

Jessica: Well, yeah. Just can I interview you some other time?

John: Yeah. Yeah, sure. You can count on it.


Lindsay: You didn't have to bring me the flowers. I was more than happy to put you in touch with the artist. Rex is thinking about hanging this new big work in Ultra Violet.

R.J.: Oh. Well, you go for it, kid. Just make sure not to spend my share of the profits on it, right? Iím going to go have those partnership papers drawn up and Iíll get right back to you.

Lindsay: Ok, good. Then Iíll be talking to you.

R.J.: Oh, Lindsay, look, watch yourself with this kid. He has a bad habit of taking more than he gives.

Lindsay: It's just business, that's all. It's just art. Yeah.

R.J.: Yeah.

Lindsay: Wow. Iím impressed.

Rex: Well, I wanted you to know what last night meant to me. If that call from the hospital hadn't interrupted us, I think --

Lindsay: That call was about the person that we both love very much -- Jen. And the kiss -- and, yeah, you know, we both just had too much to drink and we were being silly, ok? I am old enough to be --

Rex: To be very, very hot, anytime, anywhere.


R.J.: Aren't you the sweetest little thing in the world, hmm? I think you are. What?

Carlotta: I just never thought Iíd be sharing a grandchild with you or see you be so loving. You're good with her.

R.J.: Well, why wouldn't I be? I know, you ready to make Grandpa the happiest man in the world, hmm?

Carlotta: Dios te bendiga. Have a good day.

R.J.: Ok.

Carlotta: Bye-bye.

R.J.: See you soon.

Carlotta: Mm-hmm.

R.J.: Come on, now. Come on, come on.

Jessica: Hi, baby girl!

R.J.: Sorry, Jessica, we are in a bit of a hurry. See you next time. Come on.

Jessica: Hi. I hope you haven't been waiting too long.

Stephen: No. No, no, no, I just got here.

Jessica: Good.

Stephen: So, who was the man with the baby?

Jessica: That was R.J. He's the grandfather of Antonio's little girl. Isn't she beautiful?

Stephen: Yes, yes. And what's the problem?

Jessica: The problem?

Stephen: Between the two of you.

Jessica: You can tell?

Stephen: Well, I do this for a living, remember?

Jessica: Yeah, right. Wow, it's a long story, believe me.


Paul: David. Hello. Iím looking for Kelly. Is she here?

David: As luck would have it, Paul, since she doesn't live here, no, she's not here. Why are you looking for her?

Paul: Iím concerned. She's been going through a tough time. Iím her brother, remember?

David: Oh, right, her long-lost brother, yes.

Paul: Look, I know you've been trying to make me look like this total scam artist, so --

David: Mm-hmm. I mean, I have?

Paul: Let's cut the bull.

David: Ok, why not? Since it looks like Aunt Betsy isn't too keen on leaving all her millions to you, anyway.

Paul: No, no, not since you showed her the photo of me and your fake bride. But I did point out to Aunt Betsy that the only one around here who's ever been arrested for being a con man is you, David.

David: Wake up. Iím not a Cramer. I canít inherit.

Paul: Yeah, but you are helping Dorian find her so-called daughter Adriana.

David: There's nothing so-called about her, Paul.

Paul: Good for her. You know what, Iíd love to congratulate her. Where is she?

David: Oh, so that's why you're here, huh, to snoop?

Dorian: David? I've got everything except that big bag, if you -- hello, Paul.

Paul: Hello, Aunt Dorian. Where are you going?

Dorian: California.

David: Paris.

Dorian: Venice.

David: Beach.

Roxy: Yeah. Ooh. Hey. Hey, Carlotta, could I get some chicken soup and that tea with the anti-accidents?

Carlotta: Green?

Roxy: Yeah. Yeah, that's the one.

Carlotta: Coming right up.

Roxy: Have you seen River lately?

Carlotta: No, but doesn't he work at your place?

Roxy: Well, he did, but I think he went a little AWOL. He's bummed out about Adriana.

Carlotta: Oh, I doubt that.

Roxy: Oh, you do? Well, after you and Dorian ripped that little girl away, I think his heart is broken. Hey, you know, just call me crazy, but I am still a sucker for true love.

Carlotta: Well, true love has really nothing to do with this. Besides, from what I hear, River's already gotten over Adriana.

Roxy: Oh, you think so? If that's true, then Iím a son of a gun.

Carlotta: Iíll get you that tea.


River: I didn't see you for three whole months. I cannot believe that.

Adriana: I missed you so much.

River: When I saw you walking down that street, your eyes were glowing, your arms were open, I thought I knew maybe what heaven was.

Adriana: And now, no matter what, we'll never be apart again.


Lindsay: Let me go.

Rex: Donít answer it, donít answer it, shh.

Lindsay: I have to answer it. It could be about Jen.

[Knock on door]

Lindsay: In fact, it could be Jen.

John: Mrs. Rappaport, it's Agent McBain. Please open the door. I need to talk to you.

Lindsay: Agent McBain, can this wait? I was just about to take a bath.

John: No, I canít wait. Just open the door.

Lindsay: Hold on! I really think this can wait! Go out the back.

John: There are possible charges against you, Mrs. Rappaport. Why donít you open the door so we can deal with this now?

Lindsay: What charges?


John: Just open the door, lady!

Lindsay: Go, go, go!

Rex: Get rid of him, get rid of him!

Lindsay: Ok, just wait one second.

John: Who were you talking to?

Lindsay: I was talking to myself, and I wasn't saying very nice things about you, believe me.

John: Yeah, well, Iím sorry if I interrupted anything.

Lindsay: You didn't. Iím alone here.

John: Hmm.

John: Just going to have a nice bath, huh?

Lindsay: What do you want from me?


Dorian: Oh, David. I trust Paul enough to let him know that Iím going to Venice, California.

David: I donít know what I was thinking.

Paul: Yeah, you know what, I know David doesn't trust me, but I really hope that one day you'll know that Iím not the type of person that he thinks I am.

Dorian: Donít worry. I know that David only sees the bad in people.

Paul: Thanks. I am surprised that you're going out of town, though. I mean, I know Blair must be leaning a lot on you lately.

Dorian: I -- I hate having to leave, but sometimes one doesn't have a choice in these matters.

Paul: Will you be seeing my mother while you're out in California?

Dorian: Well, of course I want to very much, but I may not have enough time.

Paul: Oh. Well, excuse me. When I moved out, I left some things in the upstairs closet, but have a safe trip.

Dorian: Yes, thank you so much, Paul.

David: He -- he's going upstairs to look through your other suitcase to see where you're really going, you know. He's not going to let you come back here with Adriana.

Dorian: Maybe he's doing exactly what he said. He's going up to his old room --

David: No, no, he is not. Dorian, he is up to something.


Al: I donít know, Marcie. You know, going away for winter break, you might want to reconsider that.

Marcie: Michael, Iím going to get some menus.

Al: Oh, no. I've got to get her to fall in love with me in this body by Valentineís Day or I am screwed.

Marcie: Here's some menus.

Al: Yeah, have I ever told you how many airborne pathogens there are in the cabin of an aircraft? Dangerous. Very dangerous.

Marcie: Michael, you are being ridiculous.

Al: Well, you know, it's going to be fun here over winter break. You know, we're going to be throwing snowballs, doing a little sledding.

Marcie: Snowballs? Do I look like I could throw a snowball? What?

Al: Well, Iím going to miss you.

Marcie: Michael, you donít even know me. Plus you're a resident. You work 36-hour shifts. You're not going to know whether Iím here or not.

Al: No, that's not exactly true. See, I got a good chunk of time off coming up -- right around Valentineís Day, as a matter of fact.

Marcie: Oh, really? Well, I think you should spend it with your mom. You keep on telling me that you haven't talked to her in a while.

Al: That's because my mom is --

Marcie: She's in Atlantic City. That's not really that far.

Al: Right.

Marcie: Oh, hey, listen, I was in the record shop the other day and I came across a record that your mom made. It was really good.

Al: My mom cut a record?

Marcie: Yeah. You didn't know that?

Al: Well, I wasn't around much when I was young.

Marcie: Iím going to have to give you this record. Michael, it is unbelievable. You know what, I think you should take that time and go and see her.


Stephen: So I canít promise you that R.J. will ever accept you.

Jessica: Because he blames me for everything that went wrong.

Stephen: Essentially, yes. He may know what he's doing, he may even know what he's doing is wrong, but sometimes people just canít help themselves.

Jessica: Well, I -- I canít -- I canít stop loving Jamie.

Stephen: Good. Good. You do that. That's what you have to do. Now, what was this you said earlier about Agent McBain not leaving town?

Jessica: Well, just when I was speaking with him, I got the feeling that he thinks that Troy MacIver really isn't the music box murderer.

Stephen: Really? Wow.

Jessica: Or that he had some help.

Stephen: An accomplice. Excellent. That's very good. You know, there are plenty of cases with an accomplice. But I thought that all the evidence suggested that MacIver worked alone.

Jessica: I know, but when I -- I got the feeling that John thinks that --

Stephen: Now, is this John or you?

Jessica: From the questions that I was asking him --

Stephen: Ah.

Jessica: I got the feeling that John thinks that either Troy had help within Statesville Prison or that there was someone on the outside.


Lindsay: I told you it's just an old gun. I keep it in a drawer. I've had it there for years.

John: Hmm. But you're a convicted felon in possession of an unregistered firearm. This is nice.

Lindsay: Well, given my history, I canít very well ask for a permit for a gun, can I?

John: All Iím saying is you'll be charged if you donít cooperate.

Lindsay: What does that mean?

John: You had a close relationship with Troy MacIver.

Lindsay: Yes, I did, very close. Or I thought so. He was just trying to trick me.

John: But you donít think he's the killer, even when he's holding you hostage?

Lindsay: No, I donít.

John: Why?

Lindsay: I donít know. It was something in his eyes, in his voice.

John: In his eyes and in his voice. How far would you go to prove his innocence?

Lindsay: What do you mean?

John: I mean would you come to my room? Would you write things on the wall? How far would you go?

Lindsay: I donít even know where you live. Why would I do something like that?

John: Ok. Ok. I tell you what -- Iíll see to it that you donít get any charges filed against you and you help me out.

Lindsay: Meaning what?

John: Why donít you put some clothes on? Let's go for a drive.

Lindsay: Where?

John: Statesville Prison, the mental ward.


[Door opens]

Paul: Dorian get off ok?

David: Yeah, I just put her in a cab. California, here she comes. Whoa, you donít seem to have all those things you said you left up there in the closet. What a surprise. Well, if you'll excuse me, Iím busy or late for something.

Paul: Iím sure you are.

[Phone rings]

Paul: Hello. Babe, Iím not the one that didn't get our quickie marriage annulled, ok? Donít come crying to me. All right, babe, if your new hubby finds out that you're a bigamist, so be it. Deal with it, all right? I've got my own problems.

River: Hey, Paul.

Paul: Hey.

River: How you doing?

Paul: All right. How -- how's Adriana?

River: What?

Paul: Donít sweat it. Iím on your side, all right? Here's some info, though -- Dorian is hunting like crazy for Adriana. You want my advice? Marry the girl, and do it today.


Jen: Rex, you woke me up. I was trying to sleep.

Rex: I left my gloves here. And we need to get a few things straight.

Jen: Just take your stupid gloves and go.

Rex: So you dumped me. Ok, I got that. But I will not take the rap for you getting so wasted you almost killed yourself. Got that?

Jen: I never said --

Rex: I wasn't even there.

Jen: I never said that any of that stuff was your fault.

Rex: Yeah, well, Marcie did, so set her straight.

Jen: Ok, I will.

Rex: Good. Just so we're clear. Oh, and in case you cared, I found somebody who likes getting flowers from me.

Jen: Who?

Rex: Your mom.

Jen: What? Donít play with her! You know, that's not fair to do that to her.

Rex: Who's playing? She's a great lady.


Al: Listen, Iíll help you with the heavier stuff later if Ron canít.

Marcie: Oh, yeah, thanks. Oh, you know what -- I forgot that record that your mom made.

Al: Well, that's ok. Iíll come by later and pick it up.

Marcie: Ok. I was actually serious about you contacting her. You know, you really should reconnect with her.

Al: Yeah, well, I mean, it is good to connect with people.

Marcie: What are you doing here?

Rex: Gloves!

Marcie: Oh, stay away!

[Rex grumbles]

Marcie: Listen, I have got to get inside, ok?

Al: Yeah.

Marcie: See you later?

Al: Yeah.


Stephen: So --

Jessica: No, please --

Stephen: I insist. Please.

Jessica: Thank you. I get next time, I promise.

Stephen: Mm-hmm. So tell me, you -- you think that Lindsay Rappaport actually helped Dr. MacIver or didn't help Dr. MacIver? Which?

Jessica: I -- I donít know. I donít know.

Stephen: Ok, well, the idea that he had an accomplice is very plausible.

Jessica: Well, it could be that, or --

Stephen: Or it could be what?

Jessica: Dr. Haver, I donít know. I just -- I have a feeling that John McBain has completely changed his mind about this case. Now, either he thinks that Troy MacIver got some help or that he's really not the music box killer at all.


Lindsay: I donít want to do this. Can you think of something else?

John: You think Iím messing with you? I am not messing with you. MacIver may have put a message in my room, and I want to know how he did it. So you get him talking, Iíll be in the hallway, and Iíll listen to every word you say. Understand?

Stay tuned for scenes from the next "One Life to Live."


On the next "One Life to Live" --

Starr: You said Dad did something to you, but he didn't do anything to you. You did.

Vicky: Did she ever say no? Did she ever say stop?

Lindsay: Troy, you said that you didn't have anything to do with killing those women.

Troy: You want to know who killed them?

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