OLTL Transcript Tuesday 1/20/04

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 1/20/04

By Eric
Proofread by Melissa Dann

Ron: Somebody help me. This girl needs a doctor.

Al: Get me a gurney, quick! Come on! Get her down here. Ok, what's going on?

Ron: She had too much to drink, she passed out, and I can't wake her up.

Al: Jen! Jennifer! What else did she take? Did she take any drugs?

Ron: No, no, not that I know of.

Al: Ok. Listen, we've got an alcohol overdose here. We need to get her warmed up! I need a glucose, ethanol, anion gap, stat!

[Phone rings]

Marcie: Hello?

Ron: Hey, it's me.

Marcie: Ron.

Ron: Yeah, I'm here at the hospital, Marce.

Marcie: Well, are you ok?

Ron: No, no, I'm fine. Marcie, it's Jen. She's not doing too well.


Lindsay: Thank you for getting me home safe.

John: MacIver's in his cell at Statesville. The guards have a visual on him 24/7.

John: No. I mean, Bo, that paint was wet when I got home. There's no way MacIver could've done this.

Bo: Then who did?

[Music box plays]


Flash: Mmm.

David: Oh. Little Sarah? Oh, if your mother could see you now. Hey, how is that beautiful mother of yours, anyway?

Flash: What do you want, Vickers?

David: David Vickers, Sarah's former stepfather. Well, sort of. Tina and I weren't married that long, were we?

Flash: Goodbye, David.

David: Now you listen to me, you even remotely upset this lovely young lady, you will answer to me, you got it? Hey. So anybody seen Kelly?



Dorian: What in the world is going on?

Kelly: Oh, my God, it's Kevin!

Blair: Stop, Kevin! Please let him go, Kevin! Let him go!

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Dorian: I'm going to call the police. A court order is being filed.

Blair: No, Dorian, please, just put the phone down.

Dorian: Blair, Todd is not supposed to come anywhere near you or the children!

Blair: It is all right, it's all right. It's ok. It's all right.

Dorian: What are you talking -- Kevin, he's a maniac. He nearly killed you.

Todd: I was the one being choked!

Kevin: Manning shouldn't even be here! He's a rapist. Always was, always will be.

Blair: All right, you know what, he brought Starr back.

Kevin: Oh --

Blair: Todd? Go now. Go now, before I change my mind.

Todd: I'm going, but I'm not giving up on you, ever.

Kelly: You ok?

Dorian: Yes, she's just fine. Thank you for asking, Kelly.

Kelly: Well, I guess you should call us if you need anything. Come on, honey, let's go home.

Dorian: Ok, we can still call the police. There were four witnesses here.

Blair: Just -- he brought Starr home, all right? Please just let me go.

Dorian: Blair, is Starr the only reason?


Ron: So what happened with you and Greg tonight?

Marcie: Well, we met up at Rodi's, and then I somehow managed to spill cranberry juice all over myself. So then we had to go back to the dorm room so that I could get changed and, I don't know, I just didn't feel like going to that club. Jen was upset that we didn't make it to Ultra Violet.

Ron: Marce, hey, don't blame yourself for this, ok? I tried to get her to slow down. I should've just carried her out of there kicking and screaming if I had to.

Marcie: No, no, look, I don't even know what to do with her lately. It's just -- it's like she's out to destroy herself.

Ron: What, just because her marriage is breaking up?

Marcie: I think it's because she's hanging out with Rex Balsom again.

Ron: She was talking to him at Ultra Violet. It was pretty tense.

Marcie: Hmm. Yeah. Well, I would bet that Rex is the reason Jen's in the hospital. Joe was so good for Jen. He loved her so much. I just -- I don't understand why she couldn't be happy with him.

Ron: What's good for you is the last thing you want sometimes.

Marcie: Hey. How's Jen?

Al: Her breathing and heart rate are stabilizing, but she was convulsing a little bit ago.

Marcie: Oh, my God.

Al: Not to worry. We have her on medication that's controlling the convulsions.

Ron: But she'll be ok, right?

Al: Well, there still is a lot of alcohol in her system.

Marcie: Yeah, but she's going to make it, right?

Al: We're doing everything that we can. Listen, somebody should call her mother. If you'd like, I can have a nurse do it.

Marcie: No, no, no, listen, you just help her, ok? I'll call her mom. I'll call Lindsay.


[Phone rings]

Rex: Don't answer it, don't answer it.


Lindsay's voice: You've reached Lindsay Rappaport Fine Arts. Please leave a message.

[Answering machine beeps]

Marcie: Mrs. Rappaport? Listen, it's Marcie Walsh. If you get this, I'm in the emergency room at Llanview Hospital. You'd better come down here. It's Jen.

Lindsay: Marcie? Marcie, it's me. What, what's wrong with Jen?


Bo: Took some time to do this.

John: MacIver could've made it happen.

Bo: What, he hired someone?

John: He knew he'd get caught eventually. He made arrangements for someone to mess with us while he was on the inside.

Bo: Hmm. Think he had an accomplice this whole time?

John: Would explain a lot, wouldn't it?

Bo: Yeah, it'd explain how he was able to commit murders hundreds of miles from Statesville.

John: We checked the Statesville records -- the phone logs, the visitation logs. If there was an accomplice, MacIver only made contact on the outside. How the paint samples coming? Yeah, look, it's McBain. Look, I need a list from Statesville. See if there's any convicted sexual offenders, homicide inmates, anybody that was paroled recently that might've contact with MacIver. Check it from the dates of Troy MacIver's first incarceration up until the time of the first music box killings. Thanks.

Bo: You know, prison's a perfect place to meet a partner in crime. But why would MacIver take the fall for all the murders?

John: Hmm. Maybe that was the deal, he takes the rap. Maybe that's whatever bargain he made.

Bo: This guy is counting down the victims, so maybe this relates to that.

John: You know, what's interesting, strange, this space between the three and the other two numbers.

Bo: Hmm. So it's a three and a two-three. Gabrielle was his last victim. He marked her a four. So maybe this three relates to the next victim. 23.

John: What's today's date?

Bo: 20th.

John: What if it's the date of the next murder? The third from the last victim on the 23rd?

Bo: Well, if you're right, then we have three days to stop it.

John: Ok. One of your officers is canvassing the building.

Bo: Is there a security camera?

John: No. Nigel said he didn't see anything, but he also admitted he wasn't at his desk half the time.

Bo: I just talked to Antonio.

John: Yeah? Did he interview MacIver?

Bo: Hmm, yeah. Antonio says that he's out of it. He just keeps mumbling, "the doctor's the killer."

John: Well, he was a doctor. Maybe it's his delusional way of taking responsibility or something.

Bo: You think this could be a copycat?

John: Oh, I don't know, Bo. It's like they'd have to access to our case files to figure out all this.

Bo: Maybe this guy wants to take up where MacIver left off.

John: If that's true, then they've already picked their next victim.

Bo: Or it's still Flash. You know what, I'm going to put a cop on her again.


Flash: Ready?

Riley: What about Mr. Buchanan? If you don't tell him, he'll send out the posse.

Flash: I left him a note. Besides, I need to come back tomorrow to get the rest of my stuff.

Riley: Ok. You've done what you should. Let's hit it.

Flash: Wait a minute.

Riley: Forget something?

Flash: There's something that I should do. I just don't know that I want to.

Riley: Listen, if it has anything to do with moving in with me --

Flash: I am absolutely positive about that, Riley.

Riley: Then what?

Flash: It's just my parents. You know, I've been thinking a lot about what you said about my dad, and it's true. It's been a while since I've seen him since I was in London, and it was just so uncomfortable when I was there. You know, we didn't know what to say, we didn't know what to talk about. He only knows the little girl me.

Riley: Well, why don't you introduce him to the woman? I think he'd be impressed.

Flash: You really think so?

Riley: Well, we can't be sure, but he should be, and damn proud.

Flash: Thank you.

Riley: So? What are you going to do?

[Flash sighs]

Flash: I don't know.

Riley: Listen, listen, listen, when I was trying to make the first step with my dad, I had to think, what's the worst that could happen?

Flash: You did it anyway?

Riley: Yeah. And from what you've told me about your father, he doesn't have half the problems of mine. So, what's the worst that could happen?

Flash: It's a machine.

Riley: Leave a message.

Flash: Hey -- hey, Dad, it's me, Flash. I mean, Sarah.


[River hums]

River: Hey, everybody. How you doing?

Dorian: Oh, River. Welcome home.

River: Thank you.

Dorian: So how was your trip?

River: Oh, it was really good. I am a new man.

Dorian: Yeah, I heard Disney World can do that for you.

River: There's some really great stuff there.

Dorian: Mm-hmm. You know, I'm sorry, I'm forgetting your friend's name. What was it?

River: Uh -- Zach.

Dorian: Zach. I mean to call Zach's parents and thank them for taking you along, but forgot.

River: Oh, me and Zach sort of -- uh went off without the parents. They needed their space and all that.

Dorian: Oh, I can understand that. I often feel like I could use my space around here.

River: Yeah. I'm sorry about the way I've been acting lately. I sort of needed an attitude adjustment before.

Dorian: Well, I'm just so happy to see you so happy.

River: Hey, I have to -- I have to go meet some friends. It was really good to see you. I'll talk to you soon.

Dorian: Have fun.

River: Ok. Thank you.


Kelly: Hey.

Flash: Hey, we are taking off.

Kelly: Ok.

Kevin and Kelly: Good night.

Riley: Good night.

Kelly: Do you want a drink?

Kevin: Yes, please. I tore my shirt -- I'm going to go change.

Kelly: Ok.

[Phone rings]

Kelly: Hmm.


Kelly: Hello?

David: Hey, it's me.

Kelly: Hi. What's up?

David: Hey, you know, I was thinking, if you faked a pregnancy, how difficult would it be to fake a miscarriage, huh?

Kelly: Oh, that's funny, that's funny. Thanks for calling. Bye. Here you go.

Kevin: Thank you. Mmm. That tastes good.

Kelly: You are in knots.

Kevin: That feels good. Uh -- Kelly, you don't have to do that.

Kelly: All right. Look, I know that you -- nothing's changed, that you still feel there's no hope for our marriage.

Kevin: Well, I just -- I just think that too much has happened.

Kelly: You're right. You're right, a lot's happened. And a lot of it's going come out in Todd's trial, and that's why you need me standing beside you, and that's exactly where I intend to be.

Kevin: Why?

Kelly: Because I'm your wife and I love you.

Kevin: Look, when you said that earlier, I --

Kelly: Kevin, we've both been hurt. But I think that we are strong enough to put everything that's happened behind us. I think that we can start from right here, from this moment. Maybe everything that happened with Blair had to happen so that I could understand how much I hurt you when I was unfaithful in Texas.

Kevin: Look, I did not do that to get back at you, to hurt you.

Kelly: I know, I know, I know. It -- we both made mistakes. And I think we can learn from them and it will make us stronger. I am stronger. And I remember how we used to be in the beginning. You remember, too, don't you?

Kevin: Look, I -- I don't know what to say.

Kelly: You don't have to say anything. You don't have to make any promises. Let's just stop overthinking this. It's simple -- you need me and I need you. Let me love you.

Blair: I'm not going to call the police and tell them that Todd was here, and I don't even want to talk about it with you.

Dorian: If you have any doubts about going forward with -- I mean, really, you can't let Todd Manning get away with raping you.

Blair: I'm not going to drop the charges, all right? I'm not.

Dorian: Ok. Because, honey, I know this is very hard on you, but if you just hold on, then you can -- you can get Todd sent to prison, where he belongs, and then, after all of these years, he'll finally be out of your life. And, hey, that's what you've wanted all along, isnít it? Here.

Blair: No, thanks. I'm -- I'm tired.

Dorian: Ok. Have a good night's sleep.

Starr: I just got back from Dad's. I ate over there. He talked me into it.

Blair: That's good.

Starr: I kept telling him how much I hated you, but he told me to stop saying it.

Blair: Well, I really hope you don't feel that way.

Starr: Dad told me that you can't help what you're doing to him and that he forgives you.

Blair: He -- he forgives me?

Starr: Yeah, for trying to put him in jail forever. Now, whatever he did to you, why can't you forgive him?


Al: Jen? Ms. Rappaport? Hi, I'm Dr. McBain. You're in the hospital.

Jen: What happened?

Al: You -- you overdosed on alcohol.

Jen: Oh, my God, what did I do?

Al: Now, listen to me, when you feel a little better, I'd like you to go and get yourself some help. I don't want to see you back here like this.

Lindsay: Where's Jen?

Marcie: She's still in there.

Lindsay: Is she all right?

Marcie: I don't know.

Lindsay: Is she all right?

Al: She's fine.

Lindsay: Thank God.

Al: We're going to keep her until the alcohol has left her system.

Lindsay: Can I see her?

Al: Yeah, I think that'd be ok.

Al: Most people would've just thought she would've slept this off. It's very lucky that you were there. Good thinking, Ron.

Ron: Sure.

Al: Well, I'll see you later.

Ron: Thanks, Doc.

Al: Yeah.

Marcie: Michael? I just want to thank you.

Al: Well, I'm glad that I was able to help. And I am really sorry for spilling that drink on you earlier.

Marcie: Oh, no, forget about it. It was an accident.

Al: Well, actually, that's not true. I didn't mean to spill the drink on you, but I did intend to sort of throw a monkey wrench into your dating plan. I know that makes me a total jerk.

Marcie: Hey, you know what? You saved my brother's life when he had that allergic reaction, right, and you helped me out when Al's mom died.

Al: I tried.

Marcie: You saved Jen's life today. So you can't be a total jerk, right? I think you're a pretty good guy.


David: Guess who. Hmm? Ow!

Dorian: Oh.

David: Ow, for crying --

Dorian: Welcome back, David. So where's Adriana?

David: Why, Puerto Rico was absolutely beautiful this time of year. Thank you for asking.

Dorian: You didn't go down there to enjoy the weather. But evidently, that's all you managed to accomplish.

David: Yeah, well, you try getting your hands on a 16-year-old girl who doesn't want to be found, ok? She's slippery, I tell you.

Dorian: Oh, great, so now she's just still wandering around somewhere.

David: Apparently so, but she's been in contact with the school ever since she left, so we know she's ok. Unfortunately for us, she didn't divulge her location.

Dorian: We're going to have to hire private detectives. But it's worth the expense.

David: For a $30 million payoff? I would say so. However, starting to sour on the whole Adriana plan.

Dorian: What? It was your plan. I told you it was genius.

David: It was a good plan, wasn't it?

Dorian: Mm-hmm.

David: But we don't know this girl. What if she's not so keen on playing heiress?

Dorian: Oh, don't worry about that. Adriana will do what is best for everyone.

David: What does that mean?

Dorian: Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm. All we've got to do, my dear, is find her.

David: For crying out loud, how long could she stay away from that school? I mean, she's got no money, no roof over her head, and no clothes. Except that really cute school uniform.


Adriana: River.

River: Hey.

River: Adriana, I cannot believe that you're here right now, that I'm -- I'm touching you. You understand?

Adriana: Did you speak to your grandmother?

River: Yeah. She's pretty clueless. She thinks I'm over you. That's probably not going to happen.

Adriana: I was so afraid that you'd forget all about me so far away.

River: I thought about you every day. I told you that.

Adriana: I kept dreaming that you came and found me. And then -- there you were.

River: Hey, you have to hear something. All right? Will you?

Adriana: Yeah.

River: Just really quick. I have to show you this. Ahem.

[River plays keyboard]

Adriana: It's beautiful. What is it?

River: It's just something I'm sort of writing. It's called "Adriana." Was hoping I'd get a chance to play it for you. Is there something wrong?

Adriana: I can't stay here with you. I have to go home.

Blair: You remember our talk about action and consequences? There has to be consequences, and your dad -- he just thinks that he can continue to do whatever he was to me even if it hurts me, Starr.

Starr: But he said that he was sorry. He's changed.

Blair: And I believe that he has. But what we're talking about here is something that he cannot change. And you are so young and you don't understand, but I pray to God someday that you will, honey.

Starr: You changed, too.

Blair: Really? How?

Starr: When Dad came back, you just seemed happier and we were all happy. You would do more things with me and Jack

Blair: Well, I -- I didn't know it was your father. See, I thought it was Walker.

Starr: He could still be Walker.

Blair: No, Starr. And you're right. I have changed. I see things the way they really are. I'm so tired. I'm going to go upstairs to bed. Please don't run away again. Please?

Starr: I promised Dad that I wouldn't.

Blair: I love you. I love you so much.

[Blair sighs]


[Computer beeps]


Todd: Three exclamation points. Uh-oh.


Todd: I know what you mean.


Todd: "Promise?"


Riley: Hey.

John: Hey.

Riley: Nigel said you wanted to see me?

John: Yeah, I did. I was wondering, have you seen anyone around here lately, suspicious? Anybody in the last few hours, maybe someone you didn't even know?

Riley: I wasn't here.

Flash: What's going on?

Bo: You're going to have police protection again.

Flash: Why, what, did Troy MacIver escape again?

Bo: No, no, no, Troy's locked up, but we've got some new evidence.

Flash: Like what?

Bo: We just want to play it safe.

Flash: When is this going to be over?

John: Hey, Riley, one more thing. You know, could you have a look at this? I know it's music of some sort. Do you know this melody?

[Riley hums]

Bo: That's "Romeo and Juliet."

John: Yeah, same as the music boxes. All right, thanks.

Riley: Yeah.

John: Thanks.

Bo: So, you two doing a little light housekeeping?

Flash: We are here at the hotel now in Riley's room, and, Uncle Bo, he's not going to let anything happen to me, so if you want to have a cop outside the door, go for it.

Riley: Hey, well, you know, maybe you should go back to your great-grandfather's.

Flash: I'm not doing that.

Bo: Ok. Ok. I'm going to check in with you in a little while, but in the meantime, you don't take your eyes off that cop. Deal?

Flash: Deal.

Bo: Ok.

Riley: You know, if it matters, that sheet doesn't look like a copy. So someone who wrote it must really know music or is used to writing it, you know?

John: Thanks, Riley. Thanks. So the next question is, does MacIver have any musical ability?

Bo: I don't know, but he's full of surprises.

John: So much for packing the bags and heading back to New Jersey.

Al: I'm off duty. I just wanted to inform you guys I've briefed the attending. Her name is Dr. Patterson. Jen is really at in place where she needs some rest right now, so we're only allowing immediate family to visit.

Ron: And you have an early exam in the morning, don't you?

Marcie: Yeah, but I don't want to leave her.

Ron: Marcie, there's nothing you can do, right? I'll stay here if Mrs. Rappaport needs anything.

Rex: Yeah, I'm staying, too.

Al: Your brother's right. Listen -- uh -- I'll walk you home, if you want.

Marcie: Um -- well -- ok. Bye.

Ron: See you later.


Jen: I'm sorry, Mom.

Lindsay: I'm sorry this happened to you.

Jen: It didn't just happen to me. I did it to myself.

Lindsay: Well, you've been through an awful lot lately. The thing about drinking is that you still have to face the problems that were bothering you before in the bright light of sobriety. I'm not -- I'm not trying to lecture you.

Jen: I don't want to do this anymore.

Lindsay: God, honey. I'm here in any way that I can help you.

Jen: I saw Rex out in the hallway. Were you with him when you got the news?


David: Dorian, you of all people should know that the linchpin to any well-constructed plan is to know when to abort it.

Dorian: You really can't expect me to abandon that poor dear girl? What about my promise to Carlotta?

David: What about Aunt Betsy's declining health?

Dorian: Oh, David --

[Door closes]

Dorian: Carlotta.

Carlotta: Got your message.

Dorian: David, could you please, please leave us alone? Thank you.

David: By all means. Excuse me.

Dorian: And, David dear, would you close the doors behind you?

David: Yeah, not your butler.

Dorian: Right.

Carlotta: Is there word from Adriana?

Dorian: I'm sorry but she's still missing, but don't lose hope. I promise you, we are going to find her.

Carlotta: What if someone else finds her first?

Dorian: That isn't going to happen. I'm going down to Puerto Rico myself to supervise the search. I've even hired private detectives.

Carlotta: Really, Dorian?

Dorian: Mm-hmm.

Carlotta: Oh, I don't know how I'm ever going to thank you.

Dorian: Oh, let me find Adriana first. And tell me that you're still in on this.

Carlotta: I think it's best for Adriana to be someone else. At least she'll be safe.

Dorian: Yes, and that's what we care about. Good. Of course, she'll be well-compensated once --

David: What the --

Dorian: Mm-hmm. She'll be well-compensated once Betsy's will is probated.

Carlotta: Dios te proteja.

Dorian: Gracias.

David: When are you leaving?

Dorian: As soon as possible. Maybe in Puerto Rico I can get a little privacy.

David: Ah, you're going to miss me and you know it.

Dorian: Oh, David. I hate leaving Blair. Though I suppose everything's in Nora's hands now.

David: Tell you what, I'll cut you a deal.

Dorian: Hmm?

David: I'll keep an eye on Blair, you tell me what kind of danger Adriana is in.

Dorian: I think Carlotta is just being overprotective. She's afraid the girl will get corrupted by some man.

David: Oh, God forbid.

Dorian: Yes, and we don't want that, either. Adriana can't inherit Aunt Betsy's millions if she ever gets married.


Adriana: I love you. You believe me, don't you?

River: I love you, too.

Adriana: But I don't know, River. I can't live here forever.

River: We're going to get you someplace new. I mean, you've just got to give me some time, please.

Adriana: Everyone must be so worried. Carlotta, the people who adopted me, they were like my real parents. And I just ran off.

River: You've sent letters, right? I mean, I know that Ms. Vega is your godmother, but just --

Adriana: She'd send me back to Puerto Rico, yeah. River, what -- what can we do?

River: There is something. There is something that we can do, and they can't stop us once we do it.

River: Adriana, will you marry me?


Blair: No.

Todd: Yes. I love you, Blair.

Blair: No.

Todd: And I'm going to show you how much I love you.

Blair: No. No, Todd!

Todd: I love you, Blair. And I want to show you how much I do love you.

Todd: I'm never going to give up on you, Blair. Never.


Kelly: What are you looking at?

Kevin: Pictures.

Kelly: Oh. Oh, yeah, we sent those to Asa right after we moved to Texas.

Kevin: Yeah. Was a long time ago.

Kelly: Hmm. We look happy. We look good.

Kevin: Yeah. I could be mistaken, but I think those are smiles. I'm not sure.

Kelly: Those are smiles.

Kevin: Yeah, life before politics. Might get a chance to feel what that's like again.

Kelly: You know, if you have to resign, it may be a blessing in disguise. Especially if we could be that happy again. We might even smile every now and then on a regular basis.

Kevin: Yeah.

Kelly: You know, I remember a few things that used to put a smile on your face.

Kevin: Oh, you do, huh?

Kevin: Kelly --

Kelly: Kevin, shut up.


Lindsay: I ran into Rex at Rodi's.

Jen: He told you that I didn't want to see him again, didn't he?

Lindsay: Yes, he did mention that.

Nurse: I need to check on a few things.


Marcie: Ahem. I want to thank you for walking me home.

Al: Not a problem.

Marcie: What you did tonight? It was great. Night.


Bo: One of my guys just talked to MacIver's sister, Emily. All three kids in that family took piano lessons.

John: So maybe he had the skill to write this, but who'd he get to deliver it?

Bo: Accomplice or not, all the evidence points to MacIver. Now, as long as he's locked up, he's not going to kill anybody.

John: Oh, someone would've had to have gone to a lot of trouble to make him look guilty.

Bo: He confessed.

John: You and I both know that doesn't mean he did it. Bo, I'm beginning to think we got the wrong guy.

Stay tuned for scenes from the next "One Life to Live."


On the next "One Life to Live" --

Jessica: You think that Troy MacIver might not be the killer, don't you?

Lindsay: I am old enough to be --

Rex: To be very, very hot.

Al: You can't leave the country for Valentineís Day.

Dorian: What good would you do me in Puerto Rico?

David: Maybe get married.

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