OLTL Transcript Wednesday 1/14/04

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 1/14/04

By Suzanne
Proofread by Melissa Dann

R.J.: Van. Uh, happy New Year. I think that's the one thing I didn't actually say to you the other night.

Evangeline: Oh. Well, I appreciate that. Happy New Year to you. What brings you here?

R.J.: I知 filing papers. Turns out Keri started a trust fund for Jamie's education.

Evangeline: So young?

R.J.: Yeah, well, I wasn't around to contribute, and I guess Keri had to work two jobs all the way through college, and that's something she wanted to make sure her daughter never had to do.

Evangeline: I知 so sorry she never had a chance to see that through.

R.J.: Yeah. Well, I will. I知 here now. Least I can do is make sure that Jamie never forgets her mother.

Evangeline: Well, I知 going to --

R.J.: Yeah. See you.

Evangeline: Ok, see you.


Jessica: Hi, Grandpa.

Man: I'll see you at the courthouse, Asa.

Asa: Right. Sit down.

Jessica: What's going on?

Asa: Oh, some S.O.B. is suing Buchanan enterprises. We will bury him, along with his whole damn company.

Jessica: Is there any word on Matthew yet?

Asa: No. I love that little guy. I swear, if anything happens to him --

Jessica: Well, they say that -- that he's going to be ok.

Asa: What's with Vega? What are you, his nursemaid?


Viki: Knock-knock.

Todd: It's about time.

Viki: I got here as soon as I could.

Todd: Thanks.

Viki: So, I heard about what happened last night. You could've escaped.

Todd: Yeah, but I didn't. Dumb, huh?

Viki: On the contrary, very smart. Are you ok?

Todd: No. Starr planned the whole thing. She could've been killed. Her life passed before my eyes.

Viki: Yeah, well, little Matthew Rappaport is still missing. At least Starr is all right.

Todd: For now. But what happens when she does something really crazy again?


Blair: Oh, I did not sleep at all last night. You know, I知 thinking that maybe Todd's right, that maybe -- maybe it's not worth it if Starr gets hurt.

Dorian: Blair, he raped you, and you're not going to let him get away with it.

Blair: I know, Dorian, but maybe we should just drop it all.

Dorian: Over my dead body.

[Door creaks]

Blair: Hey, good morning, sunshine! And where you off to this morning?

Starr: School. Got a problem?

Blair: No, there's no school today. You have been subpoenaed to appear in court.

Starr: Why? What did I do wrong?

Blair: Well, you stopped a police van by fraud, you tried to break your father out, and then Matthew Rappaport -- well, he wouldn't have been kidnapped if it weren't for you. So you are now to appear in front of a juvenile judge, and you know what? There may be some charges.


Matthew: Dr. Troy, didn't you sleep?

Troy: No, Matthew. I didn't. I知 trying to figure out -- I知 trying to figure out what's happening here, Matthew. They say I killed a lot of women, but I didn't do it. But I said I did and I don't know why, Matthew.

Matthew: Can I call my mom?

Troy: No. I知 sorry, Matthew, you can稚 call your mom right now.

Matthew: I thought you were my friend.

Troy: I am your friend, Matthew! You're my friend, too, right?

Matthew: Well, I don't know. You won't let me call my mom. Maybe --

Troy: "Maybe," what?

Matthew: Maybe you are bad.


John: We think MacIver's still in the area. We've got search parties deep into the woods. We got roadblocks at all the major arteries.

Nora: Why hasn't he called?

John: He will. Matthew is his bargaining chip. Hey, look, can I get you something? Some coffee or something?

Bo: No, thanks.

John: All right. Well, look, Dr. Haver is on his way in and he's going to help us with handling MacIver when he does make contact. I知 going to go check and see where he is.

[Phone rings]

Nora: Hello?

Matthew: Mom?

Nora: Matthew! Matthew, honey, are you ok?

Matthew: I知 with Dr. Troy.

Nora: Has he hurt you, baby?

Matthew: No, I知 ok.

Nora: I love you. I love you very much.

Matthew: I love you, too.


Blair: All right, Starr. Oops, there you go. Here's your breakfast. Got it?

Starr: Mm-hmm.

Blair: Now, as soon as you finish that, I want you to head upstairs and -- don't spill it -- and get something on a little nice before you see the judge, ok?

Starr: Maybe I知 not in trouble. Maybe she's just heard my side of the story and she knows that it's true.

Dorian: Starr, what you did was very serious, and you're going to have to face the consequences.

Starr: I didn't mean for Matthew to be kidnapped.

Blair: I know, sweetheart, and I know that you're upset.

Starr: You don't know everything, ok?

Dorian: You know, if you talk that way in front of the judge --

Blair: Dorian, just stop, please.

Starr: Why won't you just let Dad go?

Blair: You know what, Starr? If I decide to drop the charges, it won't be because you told me to! It'll be because I do what is right. Now, I知 going to go upstairs and I知 going to get ready for court.

Dorian: I知 going to stay here and keep an eye on Starr.

Starr: I知 not going anywhere. I want my day in court.


Todd: Nothing scares Starr. She'll run away again. And it's not even Blair's fault. She ran away when I was around.

Viki: She's actually been ordered to appear in juvenile court this morning.

Todd: I have to be there.

Viki: Well, I知 sorry, you can稚. I spoke to Bo. He said it's not possible.

Todd: Speak to him again. It's my kid!

Viki: I understand. Look, I've been subpoenaed to appear, so I'll be there.

Todd: Tell her that I知 thinking about her, that I love her.

Viki: Of course I will, but she knows that.

Todd: Don't let them take her away from her family.

Viki: I will certainly do whatever I can. You know that. In the meantime, Todd, you're kind of avoiding the real issue. What are you going to do about the rape charge?


Bo: Keep him talking, keep him

Nora: Is it very cold where you are?

Matthew: Yeah, and it snowed.

Nora: It snowed? How -- how deep is the snow, sweetie? Is it -- is it like when we went skiing in the mountains with Grandma and Grandpa?

Matthew: I guess so.

Nora: I知 going to ask you some questions, sweetheart, and I just want you to answer yes or no, ok?

Matthew: Ok.

Nora: Do you remember when we talked about road signs?

Matthew: Yeah.

Nora: Well, when you were driving -- well, did you see any big, green signs that -- you know, road signs, route signs? Just answer yes or no.

Matthew: Yeah. 17 N for north.

Troy: Damn it, Matthew!

Bo: He's all right. Look, he sounded good.

Nora: Not too scared, right?

Bo: No, no, no, he's a brave little guy. Look, plus he gave us something to go on.

Nora: Yeah. Yeah, but Troy -- what if he snaps, you know, with him?


Troy: Why did you tell her about the road sign? Huh?

Matthew: She asked me. I知 not supposed to lie. Lying's bad, right?

Troy: I don't know, Matthew. I used to think so. But now people are telling lies about me, you know? Bad lies, that I -- that I did bad things.

Matthew: Did you?

Troy: I don't know. But I said I did.

Matthew: Why?

Troy: I don't know. I don't know, Matthew, I got confused. I just -- I don't know, I can稚 remember. But I should remember, but I don't know why I don't remember! Why can稚 I remember, Matthew?

Matthew: I don't know.

Troy: Matthew, you got to help me. Please, you got to help me before it's too late.


Jessica: Grandpa, Antonio and I are partners.

Asa: I tell you what -- you look like a free nanny.

Jessica: It's not like that. This baby has had a hard life since the beginning. She lost her mother, she lost her grandmother. She's been bouncing around from place to place, and, you know, she could use a family.

Asa: Where the hell are they?

Jessica: They're right here. Grandpa, Antonio and I are going to be together for a long time, maybe forever.

Asa: Did he ask you to marry him?

Jessica: Gramps, that's between Antonio and me. And if you can稚 deal with this, I don't know if I can deal with you. That's how important this is to me.

Asa: Hold it. I知 sorry, Jessie. I was just thinking of Matthew and Bo, Kevin. Nigel just quit me. Remember the time I bought you a prom dress?

Jessica: Yeah, I'll never forget it.

Asa: Oh, Jessie. I just don't want you saddled with somebody else's baby.

Jessica: Gramps, it's not like that. She's wonderful. She's brave, she's strong, and she's kind of like a Buchanan.

Asa: Let me try something.

Jessica: Hmm.

Asa: All babies love pretty things. Turn her a little bit here. See? Hey, hey. Pretty. You know something? All women -- they just love money.


Todd: I already told you what happened on New Year's. God, I love Blair. I知 never going to stop loving her.

Viki: I know that.

Todd: You know I didn't hurt her. I didn't rape her! I swear.

Viki: The thing is that there are gray areas in your story, and that's what worries me.

Todd: It's not gray to me.

Viki: Ok, look, I知 on your side, Todd, and I know how hard you have fought to get past what you did to Marty Saybrooke.

Todd: I can稚 change my past. I can change my face, I can change my name, but no matter what I知 a rapist, and I知 the son of Victor Lord.

Evangeline: I知 sorry to interrupt, but I need to speak with my client.

Viki: Yes, sure. I will do whatever I can for Starr. I promise you that, ok?

Todd: Well?

Evangeline: There's a way out of this, and it'll be a lot easier on your daughter.


[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: Starr Manning's day in court! Bring the witness!

Starr: Todd Manning -- innocent or guilty? Innocent! He didn't do it!

Dorian: Don't listen to her! That animal is guilty!

Starr: Let me talk!

Judge: Gag order!

Starr: My dad loves my mom more than anything! He tells lies sometimes, but only because he wants us to be a family again. This is a family court, right? The only thing my dad did wrong was making my mom fall in love with him when she thought he was somebody else! The only thing he's guilty of is love! And if that's a bad thing, put me in prison, too! Because if love is a crime, we should all be in jail!

Judge: Has the jury reached a verdict?

Blair: Not guilty, Your Honor.

[Cheers and applause]

Starr: Let's go to court.


John: The phone company checked the cell phone that MacIver used. It belonged to one of the guards. He must've swiped it from the van.

Bo: Does it have a locator chip?

John: Yeah, but he got off the phone before we could get an exact location.

Bo: All right, Matthew said 17 North.

John: Yeah, and that would be consistent with what the signal gave us. We've narrowed it down to this area right here. I'll call weather service to see if we could get some information about snowfall.

Bo: Yeah. Matthew did good, huh?

John: Oh, he did real good. We're bringing him home, Bo.

Bo: Yeah.

Stephen: It's not likely that Troy is going to hurt Matthew.

Nora: Likely?

Stephen: No, no. His hostility is aimed at women, not children.

Nora: By "women," do you mean me?

Stephen: No, no. His hostility predates you, although he certainly is fixated on your rejection of him.

Nora: What if he takes that out on Matthew?

Stephen: Matthew is his direct connection to you. But also, the most positive feelings he has for you -- that's going to keep him safe. He's already reached out once. That's a very good sign he's going to do it again.

Nora: He is? When? When is he going to do that?

Stephen: Soon. Like it or not, you are his lifeline. What's that?

Nora: Scout badge. His awards dinner was last night. He was supposed to go. He was so excited. He didn't make it, so his troop leader came by and dropped it off.

Stephen: Really?

Nora: Mm-hmm.

Stephen: You know, my brother was a -- he was a scout.

Nora: Was he?

Stephen: Yes, yes. He was a scout and he had all those badges. I never knew what any of them meant, but -- but I知 sure you do. Tell me, what's that one about?

Nora: Uh -- orienteering.

Stephen: Orienteering?

Nora: Yes. He's very good at it, actually -- you know, maps and globes and -- taught himself to read a compass. I don't think I could've done that. He could find the longitude and latitude of any point on this earth. It's nice because he'll never be lost.


Matthew: You remember the Chinese place where you taught me how to eat spare ribs?

Troy: Wong Foo's. That's where your mom and I had our first date.

Matthew: And last Thanksgiving my mom said she made the turkey, but she really bought it?

Troy: Yeah. Your mom always hated to cook.

Matthew: And we made those pictures after, and we hung them up in the shower to dry?

Troy: Yeah, I remember. Those were good times, Matthew.

Matthew: See, you remember. Will you take me home now?

Troy: I would come and watch you play soccer. I was there when you got your trophy.

Matthew: Maybe you just remember good stuff.

Troy: No. No, because I remember your mom and I having a fight, and that was the worst thing that ever happened to me until now. Matthew, I didn't kill those women.

Matthew: My mom sounded real upset. Will you please take me home?

Troy: I can稚, Matthew. You're the only leverage I have.


Todd: I was hoping you'd bring me some good news about Matthew. I should've stopped Troy.

Evangeline: The guards said you tried, and they put in a good word for you with the D.A.

Todd: Nora must really hate me now.

Evangeline: She's offering a deal. Right now the charge against you is rape. That's a first-degree --

Todd: I didn't rape her!

Evangeline: It's your word against Blair's, and depending on who the jury believes, you could be looking at 20 years. But the state is willing to let you plead guilty to sexual assault.

Todd: Assault?

Evangeline: You'd do a minimum of five years, 10 max.

Todd: Are you saying you can稚 win this case?

Evangeline: No. But it's not looking good.


Starr: I feel really bad about what happened to Matthew. I was just trying to get Dad free. The judge will understand.

Viki: Hello, Starr. Ahem.

Starr: Hello.

Dorian: Viki, what are you doing here?

Viki: Well, I知 not entirely sure. I was subpoenaed to appear. That means the judge told me I had to show up. Obviously, I would like to help in any way I can.

Blair: Thank you, Viki.

Viki: Right. Just came from seeing Todd.

Starr: You did? Are they being mean on him in jail?

Viki: No, honey, they're not. He is absolutely fine, he misses you, and he is really, really upset about what happened yesterday.

Starr: He knows why I did it.

Viki: Yes, but you scared him half to death.

Starr: Did he tell you he was innocent?

Viki: I壇 actually like to speak to your mother about that, if I may, ok?

Dorian: There is nothing to say.

Starr: I have to go to the bathroom bad.

Dorian: Todd did unspeakable things to Blair, and for you to suggest otherwise is just plain insulting.

Blair: Dorian, please, just go with Starr. I hate what this is doing to my daughter. But what Todd did to me -- I can稚 let that go, Viki.

Viki: Blair, are you 100% certain about what happened on New Year's Eve? I mean, are you really sure that Todd knew that you did not want to have sex?


Jessica: Oh, look, Jamie -- she's sleeping, but -- it's your grandpa.

R.J.: Hey, little one.

Asa: Jessie said I should set myself and get ready to be a -- a grandpa to that little baby. She is a doll.

R.J.: Yeah. Yeah, she is. You know, I知 surprised you can see it, though. I mean, she's no relation.

Jessica: R.J., we just, you know, thought that she could use all the love that she can get.

R.J.: Well, I wonder how Keri would feel about you Buchanans trying to buy her baby.

Asa: How about grateful, R.J., huh? And she'd be very happy to have Jessica watching out for her.

R.J.: I thought I left Jamie with Antonio this morning.

Jessica: Well, Antonio had to work, and I didn't have any classes and I thought I壇 give Carlotta a break. I hope that's not a problem.

R.J.: As long as you had a good day. She looks like she did.

Jessica: Mm-hmm.

R.J.: Yeah. Come here, little one. Yeah.

Asa: I have to go to the courtroom.

Jessica: Ok.

Asa: Don't let him give you a hard time.

Jessica: Ok.

Jessica: I know you miss Keri.

R.J.: Yeah. Well, so does Jamie. But she's not going to forget her mommy, hmm?

Jessica: I just want you to know that I知 not trying to replace her. Antonio and I just want the best life for her --

R.J.: Look --

Jessica: Same as you.

R.J.: I just want Jamie to know where she comes from.

Jessica: What's that supposed to mean?

R.J.: I think she needs to spend time around people who need to work for a living.

Jessica: Antonio and I work very hard at what we do, R.J., and I really love her. I treat her like she's my own.

R.J.: Yes, well, she's not. You're just a babysitter. Remember that, because I am going to make sure that Jamie never forgets it.

Jessica: I should go. She obviously needs to be put down for her nap.

R.J.: Easy, little one.

Jessica: Ooh, hi, sweetie. Shh, shh, shh. Goodbye, R.J.

R.J.: Yeah. You take care.


Todd: I didn't rape Blair! We had sex -- it was intense. Maybe it was a little rough, but she wanted it that way.

Evangeline: She what? Are you serious? I知 warning you, don't you let anyone else ever hear you say that. Now, how did she get the bruises?

Todd: Afterwards. She couldn't handle what we had done. She ran off, I tried to reach for her, she tripped over something. She hit her head. That's how she got the cut. It was an accident.

Evangeline: Unfortunately, you have no proof of that.

Todd: She's mad at me for pretending to be Walker Laurence. She feels guilty because she slept with Kevin, and she's got to do this thing. Otherwise she'd have to admit that she still loves me.

Evangeline: I知 warning you, Todd, they are going to rip you to pieces.

Todd: Whose side are you on?

Evangeline: Yours. And I actually believe you're telling the truth, but the truth doesn't matter if you can稚 prove it.

Todd: Well, that's on Nora. Aren't I supposed to be innocent until proven guilty?

Evangeline: You know, I was looking over your record last night. You have a prior rape conviction. You threatened Nora's life.

Todd: Is that admissible?

Evangeline: Only if I put you on the stand, and I知 not putting you on the stand because your record goes on for pages, and as soon as you open your mouth it's all in play.

Todd: Oh, I think I can -- I can prove to a jury that I still love Blair. And why would I rape her?

Evangeline: Because she had sex with Kevin Buchanan and she said she loved it.

Todd: Shut up!

Evangeline: She said it to you the night that you --

Todd: Quit saying that!

Evangeline: Look, the prosecution is going to be saying that to you over and over and over again until you lash out, case closed.

Todd: Well, then I won't lose my cool.

Evangeline: One wrong word, and you lose the next 20 years of your life. By the time you get out of prison, Starr will be 30.

Todd: All right!

Evangeline: Take the deal. It's your best shot.

Viki: I know that Todd has done unspeakable things, and I know you feel betrayed -- you have every right to. He lied to you, ok? But I also know he loves you more than anything else on this earth, and if he felt that he had hurt you -- especially in that way -- he would be destroyed. He swears that he's innocent.

Blair: Well, he's lying.

Viki: The thing is, Blair, in the past whenever Todd has done anything that's, you know, beyond the pale and been caught, you know how he behaves. He over explains, he sidesteps, he manipulates. He's not doing any of that now. I mean, I've never seen him this way.

Blair: Well, he thought that he had changed. Now he knows he hasn't.

Viki: He really thinks that what happened that night was consensual. He thought you were a willing participant.

Blair: I wasn't, Viki.

Viki: Did you actually ask him to stop?

Dorian: All right, it's time.

Starr: Let's get this show on the road.

Dorian: Don't let Viki make you doubt yourself.

Blair: Let's go.

Blair: Excuse me.

Bailiff: Case number 8355-A -- Starr Manning.

Judge: Is miss Manning here?

Starr: Yes, that's me, Your Honor.

Judge: Have a seat. Young lady, this is a special court just for children.

Starr: Yes, I know, and I have something to say. My dad is innocent and he loves my mom.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: Order! Miss Manning, you have not been asked to speak!

Starr: I thought you said you wanted to hear my side of the story.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: Not another word!

Starr: Am I going to jail?

Judge: No. But if you don't change your behavior, you could be sent to Juvenile Hall.

Starr: Is that some type of reform school?

Blair: Uh, Your Honor, my daughter -- she didn't mean to cause any trouble. See, her father and I are having some problems and she's very upset.

Judge: I've read the file. Take a seat. This isn't the first time you've run away, is it?

Starr: No, and I'll do it again.

Judge: Well, if you do, the court can remove you from your mother's custody and place you in a facility for delinquent minors. Do you understand?

Starr: Yes, Your Honor. I just want to be with my dad.

Judge: Apparently. Frankly, I知 astounded at your behavior. You engineered the escape of a dangerous prisoner, caused the kidnapping of a little boy named Matthew Rappaport, and endangered the lives of two officers of the law.

Starr: I知 sorry.

Judge: I hope so. But you need to learn that there are serious consequences.

Blair: Dorian, sending Todd to jail -- I mean, is it worth all this?


Roxy: You've got it. That sweet little mess of a hotel is all yours, signed, sealed, and all the debt you can carry.

Nigel: Do you think I made a mistake?

Roxy: Hell, no! You're living out your dream, and I知 proud of you.

Nigel: Oh -- hello, sir. Roxanne and I were just -- uh --

Asa: Buying a fleabag hotel in Angel Square?

Nigel: That's not how I would put it, but --

Roxy: Hey, Asa, aren't you happy for him?

Asa: I壇 be a lot happier if he told me himself.

Nigel: I didn't want you to talk me out of it. This truly is my fondest dream, although I知 awfully sorry to be leaving your employ. I'll miss you a great deal.

Asa: You're the one that's leaving.

Man: Mr. Buchanan? Court's almost ready to hear our motion.

Roxy: I think that big cowboy took it rather well.

Nigel: On the contrary, when he's quiet like that, things have a habit of getting very bumpy.


Judge: And finally, I expect you to stop by the commissioner's office and apologize to Matthew's parents. I want you to stay out of trouble. Can you do that?

Starr: Yes, Your Honor.

Judge: Well, to help you remember our little talk, I知 assigning you 50 hours of community service. President Davidson?

Viki: Yes, Your Honor?

Judge: I see here that you took over Starr's care some time ago under a court order. I think the child would benefit from your continued good influence. Therefore, I壇 like you to oversee her community service.

Dorian: Objection, Your Honor!

Blair: Dorian, stop.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: Be silent. Young lady, you're dismissed. Mrs. Davidson, if you could join me in chambers to go over the paperwork?

Viki: Yes.

Starr: Let's get out of here.

Starr: I would rather go to reform school than live with you.

Blair: Starr --

Dorian: I told you -- "spare the rod --"

Blair: Dorian --

Dorian: Starr!

Asa: How dare you cry rape? You and Manning belong together.

Blair: This is none of your business, Asa.

Asa: None of my business?

Blair: No!

Asa: If this goes to trial, my grandson will be dragged through the mud. He happens to be the lieutenant governor, and I don't want that to happen.

Blair: Yeah? And what are you going to do about it, old man?

Asa: If you know what's good for you, Blair, you'll drop the charges and stay the hell away from my family.


Todd: I want my day in court and I want it soon. They're stealing my life from me.

Evangeline: You need to think long and hard before you make this decision.

Todd: The decision is made. Blair's going to tell them what really happened. I知 going to get off, I知 going to get my family back together. You're going to tell me something right now, honestly. Do you think you can beat Nora?

Evangeline: Yes. I can.


Nora: What the heck is he doing? Why hasn't he called?

Stephen: My best guess? He's upping the ante. The more desperate you are, the more leverage he has.

Nora: Well, that doesn't sound very crazy to me.

Stephen: No, no, no. He's very, very smart. Plus, he knows and understands how you work.

Nora: Yeah, well, whatever Troy is doing, it's working. I知 calling him right now.

Nora: Phone's turned off.

Stephen: That way he retains control. The important thing is when you do talk, you have control.

Nora: Ok, how do you suggest I do that?

Stephen: I think you should ask to see him.

Starr: Mrs. Buchanan?

Stephen: Go ahead, you have company.

Nora: Thank you. Hello, Starr.

Blair: Go ahead, Starr.

Starr: I知 really sorry about what happened to Matthew. I liked Dr. Troy. I saved him on the wheel and he was really nice to me. I didn't think that he was going to take Matthew away. I truly don't think that he's going to hurt Matthew. I feel really, really bad about what happened.

Nora: Thank you. Thank you very much.

Starr: I really hope he comes home soon.

Nora: Me, too.

Starr: Well, I have to go apologize to the commissioner.

Nora: Ok.

Dorian: Ok, Blair.

Blair: No --

Dorian: Now -- now, don't let Asa intimidate you, bully you. Tell her what happened.

Blair: It can wait, Nora.

Nora: I am doing nothing but waiting. So what did Asa do?

Blair: Dorian's right. He's trying to pressure me into dropping the charges against Todd.

Dorian: Mm-hmm.

Nora: Why?

Dorian: For his precious Kevin's sake, of course.

Blair: No, this is my fault. If I hadn't pressed charges in the first place, then Matthew would -- would be safe. He wouldn't be in danger. None of this even would've happened.

Dorian: Blair, that's ridiculous! You didn't make Starr run away, and Todd is the one who criminally attacked you.

Nora: That's right. Now, she's absolutely right. Starr will understand, she will. You -- you have to do this for yourself, and you have to show her that you have to do this.

Blair: I am turning her against her own father.

Nora: Blair, if you drop the charges now, Todd will be free to rape again, and that would be a crime.

Blair: I hate that he's doing this to me!

Nora: I know. I get it, ok? And when this is all over, when Matthew comes home, I promise you, I swear I will do everything I can to make sure that Todd never hurts another living soul for a long, long time.

Blair: I want that, too.


Todd: What's this?

Guard: Do you want it or not?

Starr's voice: "Dad, I知 at the police station. I had to go to court today. The judge was really mean. She wouldn't let me talk. But I have a new plan. Don't worry. I'll get you out. Love, Starr."


Blair: Ok! Well, it has been a very long morning, hasn't it? So how about I get you something to eat? Let me take your jacket.

Starr: No. Unless you take everything back that you said and get dad out of jail, I知 never eating again.

Blair: Starr, I really wish that I could change what happened, but I can稚. Your daddy hurt me, and I cannot let that happen again. And I hope someday when you're older you will understand. But please, sweetheart, right now just let me help you.


Matthew: When I see Starr, I知 really going to yell at her.

Troy: Matthew, I didn't mean for this to happen. I don't even know why I confessed when I didn't do anything wrong!

Matthew: I知 cold and I知 really hungry.

Troy: Ok, buddy. All right. There's got to be some food in here somewhere. I知 going to find you some food, ok?

Matthew: I was supposed to get a merit badge last night and I missed it. I知 missing everything! I want to go home!


John: Prison van was abandoned out route 17.

Bo: That's where Matthew said they were.

John: Yeah. It's a pretty remote area. They couldn't have gotten far on foot. I got every available agent combing the area, but it's pretty dense. It's going to take some time.

Bo: How much time?

John: We're not going to let Matthew get hurt.

[Phone rings]

Nora: It's Troy! It's Troy.

John: Are you ready? Answer.

Nora: Hello?

Troy: Nora, it's Troy. Look, I want you to know that Matthew's fine, ok? He's eating right now. You know I would never hurt him, Nora.

Nora: I know you won't. You're a good man, Troy.

Troy: Nora, I didn't do the things they said I did.

Nora: Tell me where you are.

Troy: I can稚.

Nora: Yes, Troy. I'll -- I'll come there so you can explain everything to me in person.

Troy: Nora, I知 not the killer. I don't know why I confessed.

Nora: I can help you. Just tell me where you are, and I'll be there.

Troy: No cops, Nora.

Nora: No cops.

Troy: You got to swear to me on Matthew's life -- no cops.

Nora: On Matthew's life, I swear I won't do anything stupid.

Troy: I don't want to hurt him, Nora. But I need your help.

Nora: Just tell me where you are. Ok. Ok. Ok. Can -- can I talk to Matthew?

Troy: Go ahead. It's your mom.

Matthew: Hi, Mom.

Nora: Hi, sweetie. Your daddy's right here.

Bo: You ok, buddy?

Matthew: Yeah, Dad. Troy gave me some beans. They're not real good. But I want to come home.


>> On the next "One Life to Live" --

Antonio: Well, I wanted you to be the first to know. I've been offered my old job back.

Kelly: If I don't start showing soon, then everyone's going to know that I知 not pregnant, including Kevin!

Troy: I can稚 give you back now, not yet. Not until I can prove that I didn't do anything wrong.

Matthew: How are you going to do that?

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