OLTL Transcript Thursday 1/8/04

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 1/8/04

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Singer: Don't ask me to love you

[Knock on door]

John: Yeah?

Al: Hey, John, it's me, Mike!

Singer: If you had your way now you say you'll never let me get away

John: Michael, everything okay?

Al: Yeah. I got good news, big bro. I'm moving in.

Singer: Don't ask me to love you \


[Knock on door]

Marcie: Who is it?

Jen: It's Jen.

Marcie: Oh, Jen, I'm sorry. Gosh, I've just been so security-minded. Jen -- Jen, what is it? What's wrong? Come on. Come on. Just sit down, it's all right. It's going to be okay. Tell me what happened.

Jen: Joe. He sent this back.


Troy: Get up against the wall. Go! You too, Jessica, join her. Hurry! Get over there!

Lindsay: Troy, it's not too late to work this out the right way.

Troy: Oh, believe me, Lindsay; it's way too late. If the cops find me here, they're going to kill me! They're going to kill me! They think I killed those women, Lindsay!

Lindsay: But you didnít. You didnít.

Troy: No, I didn't kill anybody!

Lindsay: I know that. And -- and we just have to make them understand. We'll tell them the same thing you told me -- that you're being set up. We can tell them that.

Troy: They're not going to believe me.

Lindsay: Troy, I believe you.

Troy: What are you doing? What are you doing?


Marcie: He just sent the ring back?

Jen: With a letter.

Marcie: "I know why we rushed into marriage. It felt right at the time, but it was impulsive. We both need to be free to understand why we -- it was a mistake for both of us. What I wish for is that you learn what you've -- who you really are and what you want from your life. I'll be doing the same."

Jen: How could he say it was a mistake?

Marcie: I thought that you agreed with that, Jen.

Jen: No, I love Joe! He's everything I've ever wanted in life.

Marcie: Jen Ė


Flash: Yeah, I'm safe. Oh, whoa -- what about you? When's the last time you got a city inspector to check these stairs?

Riley: About the same century they installed the plumbing. But you know what they say --

Flash: Mm-hmm.

Riley: Ah -- "Home Sweet Hotel."

Nigel: Yes? Oh, hello! How are you bearing up?

Flash: I am great, but Asaís pretty ticked. If you see him, you should cross the street.

Nigel: You haven't told him --

Flash: No, no, no. All he knows is that you're taking way too much time off. I didn't tell him you bought this old hotel.

Nigel: Oh, thank you.

Flash: You're welcome.

Nigel: I trust everything's to your satisfaction, Sir?

Riley: Except this.

Nigel: And this would be?

Riley: Would be my bathroom sink.

Nigel: Oh, dear.

Riley: It should be overflowing down the stairs any minute, except I turned off the valve for you.

Nigel: Oh, thank you. I'll send up the hotel plumber immediately.

Riley: There's a hotel plumber?

Nigel: Of course. Now, I apologize for any inconvenience.

Flash: Uh -- I love this place. I can't wait to move in with you, as soon as I know that somebody won't follow me into the room with a music box.


[Music plays]

John: You're moving in?

Al: Don't worry, John. I'm not moving into your room, I'm just moving into the hotel.

John: Oh. Well, wouldn't The Palace maybe be more your style?

Al: Um -- have you ever seen a resident's paycheck, John? Now, that's something that the F.B.I. should be looking into. It's slave labor, buddy, I'm telling you. Anyway, Ronnie Walsh -- he's got a suite here, so I thought, you know, the two of us could split the expenses.

John: Ron Walsh?

Al: Yeah.

John: Wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that he's Marcieís brother?

Al: No. Well --

John: "Well," what?

Al: Well, she won't give me the time of day, man.

John: Why could that be?

Al: Uh -- I don't know. Maybe it's my uncanny ability to say the exactly wrong thing at exactly the right time.

John: Hard to believe. Oh. My God. Michael? Michael?

Al: Hmm? Oh. Man. You know, sometimes life just doesn't turn out the way you thought it would.

John: And, what, somehow this is news to you? Like some kid unloading his gun into Dad? Or some surgeon being so wasted he lets the old man die on an operating table?

Al: I got to make it right. I got to connect with Marcie, you know? But I don't know how.

John: Well, maybe you want to, you know, ease up on the stalking technique.

Al: Okay. Yeah, I know, okay? I screwed up. I keep screwing up. It's just that I can't stand the thought of her being alone right now, you know? Not with that guy out there.

John: Yeah. Me, too.

Al: I mean, you guys know that it's this MacIver guy, right? So it's only a matter of time before you pick him up.

John: Just a matter of time.

Al: It's so bizarre.

John: What's that?

Al: Well, this guy's a doctor, right? I mean, he's trained to save lives. He knows how hard that is. In every crisis situation, you are this close to losing your patient. So how does a guy who's trained to save lives end up taking them?

John: That's a good question, Michael.


Natalie: Jessica?

Jessica: Oh, God, I can't -- I can't take this! It's just like Mitch! Oh, God, I'm going to be sick! Oh --

Natalie: Oh, my -- how could you do this to her? You're making her sick! How could you be so cruel?

Troy: I -- I'm -- I'm not the cruel one! I'm not the Music Box Killer! I'm not --

Natalie: Oh, you're not the Music Box Killer? Then why are you waving this gun on us?

Troy: I didn't -- I just -- I got to think. I got to think. Just give me a -- what are you doing? What are you doing? Where are you going?

Jessica: I just -- I just have to lay down. I just feel really sick. I have to lay down.

Natalie: Would you move, please, so she can lay down?

Troy: She can lay down right here! Just lay -- lay down. I just -- I need to think. I need to find a --

Natalie: It's okay.

Lindsay: Please don't say anything to upset him. He's very nervous right now.

Troy: Lindsay?

Lindsay: Yes?

Troy: Lindsay, come here.

Lindsay: I'm just worried about them.

Troy: I just --

Lindsay: I know, I'm worried about you, too.

Troy: I know.

Lindsay: I am trying.

Troy: I don't know how this happened.

Lindsay: I want to help you prove your innocence.

Troy: I don't know -- I don't know why --

Lindsay: I want to help you, but it's hard when you wave that gun around.

Troy: Okay, just --

Lindsay: Just put the gun down, okay?

Troy: Everybody needs to be quiet, okay? I just need to think. I just need to think, all right? Just shut up! I just need to think for a second! Just be quiet! Everybody, just -- everybody, just shut up, okay? I don't know why this is happening. I don't -- Jessica.

Troy: I'm sorry that I frightened you. Get her some -- get her something to calm her stomach -- ginger ale, something, anything, please. Just -- just go, please.

Natalie: Please just let us go, please. Please.

Troy: I want to let you go. I want to let you go. I do. But you see, if I let you go, then you're going to go to the cops, and the cops are going to come find me, and they think I killed those women, and I didn't kill those women! I didn't kill them! I didn't do it! I'm not -- I'm not guilty! I'm not guilty.


Antonio: Hello?


Marcie: Listen, I know how much you love Joe. But I want you to take a moment and I want you to think about how it was.

Jen: I know how it was. He was always busy with his church business and not with me.

Marcie: No, but you were always running off and talking to Rex.

Jen: Because he had time for me, he paid attention to me. You know, he wasn't off with 8,000 parishioners instead of me.

Marcie: You know, Jen, Joe wasn't saying that. Look, he was saying that that was part of the problem --

Jen: But the bottom line is you think it's my fault, right?

Marcie: No, no, I am not saying that!

Jen: You're thinking it! You're thinking Joe was this perfect saint and I'm just another loser!

Marcie: I am not saying that or thinking that. It is complicated --

Jen: You're supposed to be my friend!

Marcie: I am your friend! Jen --

Jen: You're just like everbody else.

Marcie: I am not -- Jen, just listen to me! Will you stop and talk? Come on, Jen! You're being ridiculous. Will you just wait up? Jen!


Flash: Hey. Your New Yearís Eve bash got a great write-up in "Llanview Weekly."

Rex: Oh. Did it mention that Midnight Logic had a total meltdown?

Riley: No, it didnít.

Flash: It actually just said it was a great hang, Rex.

Rex: Well, yeah. Things went pretty well, considering. But it'll be a lot better next year without all the undercover cops.

Aaron: Ahem.

Rex: I am so glad that nobody killed you.

Riley: Wow, you're all heart.

Rex: People keep telling me that!


[Knock on door]

Antonio: Lindsay? Jessica?

Troy: Get rid of him. Go!

Antonio: Hello?

Lindsay: Antonio?

Antonio: Yeah, hey. What's going on? You okay? Why is the door locked?

Lindsay: Um -- I -- I'm fine. Everything in here is good. It's just -- uh -- Natalie and Jessica already left with Cristianís paintings.

Antonio: Well, that's strange. I was supposed to pick her up here. Do you know where they went?

Lindsay: No, I donít.

Antonio: You sure you're okay?

Lindsay: Yeah. Yeah, everything's fine. I was just cleaning and I'm about to jump in the shower, so --

Antonio: Okay. I'm sorry I disturbed you.

Lindsay: No problem.

Antonio: No worries.


John: To the McBain brothers living under the same roof again.

Al: To the roof.

John: Who knows? Maybe this time we'll actually get to know each other.

Al: Stranger stuff has happened.

John: Yeah.

[Knock on door]

John: Yeah?

Ron: Uh -- Agent McBain? It's Ronnie Walsh. I'm looking for your brother.

Al: Oh, it's Ron.

John: No -- shh. I don't want him seeing the wall, okay?

Al: All right.

John: All right. Hey, Ron.

Ron: Hey.

John: He's -- he's all yours.

Ron: Good. We were about to move some furniture when he disappeared on me.

John: Oh, he disappeared? Well, that's -- that's an old trick of his.

Ron: Oh, really?

Al: You want a beer, Ron?

Ron: No, no, I want to move some furniture. You coming or what?

Al: Yeah, I'm coming, all right.

Ron: So, look, tell me, is this a pattern with you -- you get soft when there's, you know, hard work to do? You bail out?

Al: No, no, I'm good.

John: You drink your beer, too.

Al: I do windows and everything. Come on.

John: Hey, don't be a stranger, Michael.

Al: Later on, bro.

Ron: Let's go, let's go.

[Phone rings]


John: Yeah, what is it, Vega?

Antonio: Get down to Lindsay Rappaportís gallery -- 14 Memorial Street. MacIverís here. He's got the girls.

John: Antonio, listen to me, do not do anything till I get there with backup, okay? I am on my way.


Rex: I was just thinking about you.

Jen: Really? Here I am. You going to pour me something?

Rex: I mean it, Jen. I was worried about you. You went nuts on me on New Yearís.

Jen: You call that nuts? You ain't seen nothing yet.

Rex: Jen, you're going through a rough time. Let me help.

Jen: The only way you want to help me is to get me into your bed. You really want to help? Take my makeup exams from history.

Rex: Trust me, that wouldn't be helpful.

Jen: Better than not showing up.

Rex: What, you mean the exams right now?

Jen: Oh, don't tell me that it's so important that I get a proper education.

Rex: No, never. I dropped out and I'm doing fine. What do I care? But -- well, your mom and dad were so into you getting a --

Jen: My dad's dead, and my mom has problems of her own, so no one's going to cry when I flunk out. Anyway, I'm nothing but a party girl. That's what you said, right?

Rex: I say a lot of things. Look, nobody loves your wild side more than I do, but you're freaking me out a little.

Man: Hey, Rex? Big Rex. Your friend Karen -- is she around?

Rex: Karen Reeder?

Man: Yeah. The entertainment for my cousin's bachelor party got herself arrested. I need Karen.

Jen: I'm just guessing, but you're not really up on the local news, are you?

Man: What?

Rex: The Music Box Killer. Karen was one of his victims.

Man: Nah. Really? Karen's --

Jen: Yep. She got herself killed, and I had a ringside seat. Lucky me. Only I wasn't exactly conscious at the time.

Man: Are you a friend of hers?

Jen: We partied.

Man: Right. Oh. So how about you?

Jen: What about me?

Man: Well, you look like maybe you could use some work -- a little sexy dancing, a bunch of easy money.

Roxy: Nigel! Nigel. Hello, gorgeous. Hey, Nigel. Nigel!

Nigel: Roxanne, what is it?

Roxy: What happened to you? You get mugged by a farmer?

Nigel: Farmer? I'm a plumber. I'm plumbing.

Roxy: You plumb?

Nigel: Well, I'm learning. Oh, this place needs more improvements than Mr. Buchanan at his worst. I don't even know when I'll get to the renovations.

Roxy: Why would you change this place?

Nigel: Well, it's so drab. I see it reborn with an understated elegance. A grand hotel --

Roxy: Hey, hey, wait a minute. Are you crazy? This place is so hip, it's so retro, it's so art demo, man.

Nigel: Art deco. M ah, and the first thing to go is that thing. I'm sure it has fleas.

Roxy: This thing? I love this thing, so de-fleece it. Hey.

Ron: Hey.

Roxy: What do you guys think of this lobby?

Ron: I think it's great.

Roxy: Right. And Morris?

Ron: That's his name?

Roxy: Yeah, he reminds me of an ex-boyfriend of mine -- really bad underbite, really great kisser.

Al: Well, he's a great concierge, if it's actually a he.

Ron: Yeah, that's -- that's a good point. But I got to tell you, Morris is how I knew this place was definitely for me.

Al: Yeah, it's got great ambiance.

Roxy: See, Nigel? This place is perfect just the way it is.

Ron: Yeah. I mean, come on. This town already has The Palace, right? Why do that again?

Nigel: But I'm so --

Roxy: Nigel, just shut up. All you got to do is, you know, clean it, dust it -- you know, fluff it, buff it, puff it? You know, that's all you have to do.

Ron: Definitely. No redecorating. Keep the place just like it is -- no changes.

Roxy: See? The people have spoken.


John: I could use your help.

Antonio: What do you need?


Troy: They planted that red leotard. They must've. They planted it in my cell at Statesville. How would I -- how would I get -- how could I get --

Jessica: Antonio must not have seen the note. It's been too long.

Troy: They killed her.

Natalie: Maybe -- maybe we could just go to the back and send -- send some sort of signal or something, you know?

Troy: Now she's dead. They're going to blame that on me, too.

Lindsay: Troy -- Troy, the only way that you're going to prove your innocence is by turning yourself in.

Troy: What are you doing? What are you doing?

Natalie: I'm going to the bathroom --

Troy: Sit down!

Natalie: She's sick!

Troy: Sit down! Get over here, sit down! What are they doing? Why are they doing -- why is everybody doing this to me? Just --

[Knock on door]

Troy: What?

Antonio: Lindsay? Lindsay, I --

Troy: Make him go away.

Antonio: You told me the girls took Cristianís paintings.

Troy: Make him go away!

Lindsay: Shh.

Antonio: You know, I've been trying to call them, but I can't get through to them. I was wondering maybe --

Lindsay: Antonio, I don't know where they went.

Antonio: Well, you know what? Maybe I could come inside and use your phone. My cell phone battery is ready to die.

Lindsay: I'm sorry, Antonio. I don't know where they are.

Antonio: Lindsay, I'm really worried about them. Can you please just open the door?

John: Drop it, MacIver! Drop the gun!

Troy: I'm not the killer. I didn't do it.

John: I said drop it, man!

Troy: I didn't do it! I'm not the killer! I know I'm not the killer!

[All yelling at once]

Troy: I didn't do it! I didn't do it! I didn't do it! I'm not the killer! I didn't do it! I'm not -- I'm not the killer. I'm not the killer! It wasn't me!

John: Consider yourself under arrest.

Troy: I'm not the killer!

John: All right, get him up. Read him his rights in the van. Then when you get him back to the station, read them to him again, this time on videotape.

Troy: I'm not the killer! I'm not the killer! I didn't do it!

John: Get him out of here!

Troy: I didn't do it! I didn't do it. I'm not the killer! I didn't do it! I'm not the killer. I'm not the killer! I didn't do it! I'm not the killer. I didn't do it. I didn't do it!


Al: Hey. Have you seen my brother?

Roxy: Uh-uh.

Nigel: I'm afraid I was otherwise engaged, for all the good I did.

Ron: I saw him, but he cut out of here like a bat out of hell.

Al: Really? Maybe they got a new lead on the killer.

Roxy: Maybe there was another victim.

Ron: Nigel, what are you doing there with that faucet and hammer? What are you doing there?

Nigel: I am afraid this little gizmo and I had something of a difference of opinion.

Ron: All right -- here, give it up. I'll take a look at that for you.

Nigel: Oh, you're a saint.

Ron: I'll let you know how it goes.

Al: Hey, Ronnie -- I'm going to take off, all right? I got something to take care of.

Ron: All right, I'll see you later.

Roxy: Oh, with that face and body, he could just about fix anything. And that Michael McBain -- he's a hottie, too. You know, this place is turning into tostesterone central, so I think we should give it a new name. What do you think?

Nigel: Absolutely not.


Jen: How much money are we talking?

Rex: Jen, I don't know if this is such a good --

Jen: Hey, I'm not talking to you. What kind of money?

Man: 800. Okay, okay, what'd you have in mind?

Jen: More.

Man: Hmm. 875. Okay, wait, wait, wait, wait. 1,000.

Jen: Upfront.

Man: Darling, you'd better be worth this.

Jen: A bargain at twice the price.

Rex: Jen, this really is not a good plan.

Jen: Why? Just because you only want me to dance for you? Money upfront.

Man: I look forward to seeing the rest of you later. Bring your own music, and there will be about 20 of us.


John: I was wondering maybe -- maybe you could use your history with MacIver, see if you can't get a confession out of him.

Rae: That's not exactly my role as the department psychologist, John.

John: I know. I know what I'm asking. But I want this to be over.

Rae: John, come on. This isn't as cut-and-dried as ballistics, you know that.

John: MacIver did this. A confession will save this town a long trial. They've been put through enough already.

Rae: I know. Well, after you called me, I put a call in to Stephen Haver. He's on his way over. I hope that's all right.

John: Whatever you think is best.

Rae: Well, he seems to feel that he's got a rapport with him. You know, I think it could help. I do.

Stephen: I hope so.

Rae: Oh, Stephen, hi.

Stephen: Agent McBain, how are you?

John: Fine. Thank you for coming, Dr. Haver.

[Intercom buzzes]

John: One moment.

Stephen: Mm-hmm.

John: Yeah, bring him in.

Rae: John was saying that he thinks Troy is still pretty agitated.

Stephen: Violent?

John: No, he just -- being loud about being innocent, being framed, all those kind of things. I was thinking maybe you two could talk to him. Our -- our traditional methods of questioning are getting us nowhere.

Stephen: That sounds like a good idea. You have anyplace a little more neutral than the station?

John: Can't do it. I can set you up in the commissioner's office. It's the best I can do on this notice.

Stephen: That should be homey.

Troy: Look, everybody's here, huh? Huh? Well, you're all wasting your time because I told you I didn't do it! I didn't do it. You came here to question the bad guy, but I'm not the bad guy! I told you I didn't do it. I'm being framed here! You need to go out and look for the guy who did do it!


Marcie: Jen, what are you doing?

Jen: I'm just trying to earn some money.

Marcie: Stripping for perverts?

Man: Oh, who are you, her agent?

Marcie: Who are you? You know what, I already who you are. You're a suit.

Man: Excuse me?

Marcie: Well, you dress in $2,000 suits, and you think that you can buy and sell anything that you want.

Man: This is between the young lady and me.

Marcie: Well, you can't because she is my friend. Why didn't you stop this, Rex?

Rex: Oh, hey, don't blame me if Jen wants --

Marcie: Do you think he really cares about you?

Rex: How would you know, Marcie?

Marcie: Because you treat her like dirt, Rex!

Man: Okay, loudmouth, if we don't have a deal, I want my money back.

Marcie: Oh, you want your money back? All right, start stripping.

Rex: Oh!

Man: It's my money.

Marcie: Well, it's in my hand.

Man: Give it to me.

Marcie: I think that the cops are going to want to know why you gave Jen all this money, is what I think.

Rex: Okay, you know what? I really don't think you want to make a mistake here, okay, buddy? All right?

Marcie: Take the stupid money.

Rex: Oh --

Jen: You didn't have to go off like that, Marcie.

Marcie: Somebody had to. Jen, what were you thinking?

Jen: I wasn't, okay? It's no big deal.

Marcie: Yes, it is. You were about to make a huge mistake, and I am not going to stand here and let my friend make that kind of a mistake.

Jen: How can you even stand to be friends with me, anyway?

Marcie: Because we are friends. That's what friends do, they stick together. Even if you say something stupid?

Jen: You didn't do anything wrong. I'm sorry. I didn't want to do that. I just -- God, I just do everything wrong.

Marcie: No, you donít. You really donít.

Jen: Don't start crying because I'm going to start crying. You're so great. Thank you.

Marcie: For butting in?

Jen: And for everything else.

Marcie: Jen Ė


Nigel: As a rule, I welcome input. But with certain matters, I give no ground!

Roxy: You know, you are making such a big mistake because this is a golden opportunity.

Nigel: Alas, poor me!

Roxy: Okay, I'll make you a deal, all right? You don't change the lobby, I don't change the sign.

Nigel: What sort of deal is that? I've got a lobby that looks left over from some old movie, and a porcupine out of some taxidermist's nightmare. What happened to my dream of a small, elegant hotel?

Roxy: Elegant, schmelegant. Who cares about elegant, you know? If you change this place, you're going to have to go crawling back to Asa on your hands and on your knees to hire you back.

Nigel: I technically am still in Mr. Buchanan's employ.

Roxy: You're what?


Troy: I remember you.

Stephen: Good. That's good. Do you remember my name?

Troy: No. I donít. I'm sorry. Things have been a little crazy lately.

Stephen: Stephen Haver. We met out at Statesville when I was interviewing you for my book. You know, I believe we met in the visitation room, remember?

Troy: You got to get me out of here. Rae, I'm being set up. You got to get me out of here. Please, Rae.

Stephen: It's all right. Troy --

Troy: Please --

Rae: You are entitled to a lawyer. You understand that, don't you?

Troy: No, I don't need a lawyer, Rae, because I'm not guilty!

Stephen: Troy, it's all right. It's all right.

Troy: You got to --

Rae: Troy, listen, why don't we sit down? Come on; let's sit down. We can talk. Come on, please. Come on.

Troy: Listen --

Stephen: It's okay.

Rae: Sit down.

Stephen: Listen, it's okay.

Rae: All right, now. Can you tell us about the passes that you got from Statesville? How did you get them?

Troy: I -- I was better. I was doing better, Rae.

Rae: Do you know that the six passes you got coincide with the six murders?

Troy: That's what I'm saying! That's exactly how I know I'm being framed, Rae! The timing is way too perfect. What other explanation is there?

Stephen: That's what we're trying to understand. We're hoping you can help us.


[Marcie laughs]

Jen: It seemed like you were about to explode.

Marcie: Oh, my God, I couldn't help it. He just got me so angry. That creep -- he just made me so mad.

Jen: Marcie, thank you so much. I don't know what I was thinking. I don't even know what I'm doing half the time. I don't even know who I am anymore.

Marcie: Listen, I know who you are, and you're not someone that needs to strip for money or go dancing in one of those clubs, you know? I'm serious about this. Jen, you could've went off with someone who could've been the Music Box Killer.

Jen: God, my mom was so freaked out that they would just let Troy walk out of prison like that.


Jen: Wait -- are you crazy?

Marcie: Who's out there?

Al: Uh -- I'm sorry, it's me.

Marcie: Well, what are you doing?

Al: Um -- I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you.

Marcie: Are you going camping?

Al: Sort of. Listen, I know that you think that I'm, like, a crazy stalker or something, but I just wanted to make sure you were all right. You know, I didn't even want you to know. I just wanted to make sure you weren't all alone -- you know, not with everything that's going on.

Marcie: Were you going to sleep out here?

Al: Well, yeah. I still am.

Marcie: No, no, no, no. No, I am fine. I am okay. I have company.

Al: Oh. So I guess you don't need me.

Marcie: Nope.

Al: All right. Well, see you.

Marcie: Bye. What is the matter with him? God, he's such a creep! My God, sometimes he's just -- he's such a jerk, and then other times he winds up doing something that's just sweet and protective.

Jen: Yeah, sleeping outside your door -- that is sweet and protective. And weird.

Marcie: Oh, yeah. But it's something Al would've done.


Roxy: Wait a minute, wait a minute! You didn't quit Asa?

Nigel: Well, I was rather hoping if I took enough time off, he'd fire me, spare me the indignity and trouble of resigning my position.

Roxy: Where are you living, man, in Fantasia? He can't even lace up those little bootees without you. Why do you think he would let you go?

Nigel: Out of pity or rage.

Roxy: Let me tell you something -- if you go there and quit, you better be wearing full body armor because that man is going to go berserk.


Troy: It was Colin. It was Colin. Colin -- Colin is the bad one. He -- he was the one that would hurt people, not me. No, I was the good twin. It was Colin. He would hurt people. I just looked like Colin.

Rae: You killed Claire Baxter. Even if you were delusional, you almost killed Nora Buchanan.

Troy: No.

Rae: And Gabrielle Medina you left in the morgue to die.

Troy: No, no, no, no, Rae! I was the one that told Nora about Gabrielle! I was sick, Rae. I wasn't myself.

Stephen: When you say "sick," do you mean the way that your brother, Colin, was sick?

Troy: I don't know. I guess that I was Colin for a while. But then I was getting better. You can ask the nurses. Ask Nurse Craig. She's the one who gave me the passes because I was doing better.

Stephen: The psychiatric nurse at Statesville?

Troy: Yes, Nurse -- Nurse -- Nurse Craig. She's dead.

Stephen: She was murdered.

Troy: Oh. I didn't do it. I didn't do it. I didn't do it. I didn't do it, Rae. I didnít.

Stephen: I'm not saying you did. Look, I'm confused. Why did she give you the passes?

Troy: Why is that so confusing? It's because I am better now!

Stephen: Okay, all right. I believe you. But try to be more specific. Did she tell you anything?

Troy: I don't remember. I don't remember her telling me anything. I just remember -- I just remember being happy to be out. I really thought I was -- I was doing better, Rae.

Rae: And you felt that you earned those passes, right?

Troy: Yes.

Rae: And that you certainly weren't a threat to anyone.

Troy: No.

Rae: And you were given passes because you were doing better.

Troy: Yes.

Rae: Because you deserved them.

Troy: Exactly.

Rae: Not because you were framed.

Troy: No, Rae. No, it was both. It was because I was framed and because I was doing better. Why is that so hard to believe?

Stephen: All right, here's something else. Can you tell us what you did when they gave you the passes and you got out of Statesville?

Troy: Of course. I don't know. I just -- I remember being happy to just --

Rae: What did you do exactly? Can you remember exactly?

Troy: I used to go to this one bar.

Rae: Uh-huh.

Troy: I liked it there because I could think there, and no one would bother me. It was out of the way. I saw Gabrielle there a few times.

Rae: When you were out on your passes --

Troy: Yeah?

Rae: Was there ever a time that you remember exactly what you were doing for the whole time?

Troy: Yeah --

Troy: I don't know. I don't -- I just remember I -- I would wander around sometimes and I would just lose track of time.

Stephen: What exactly do you mean by that? Tell me, did you ever find yourself someplace that you didn't remember getting to?

Troy: A couple times, yeah. Yeah. But that's -- that's because I was thinking. I was thinking, all right? I would just walk and think, that's why.

Stephen: Is it possible that you just blacked out?

Rae: You said before, Troy, that you were your brother for a while. Now, is it possible -- just possible -- that that could have happened again and you weren't conscious of it? Colin took over and you just didn't know?

Troy: You think I might have killed those women without knowing it? Is that what you're saying?

Stephen: Is it possible?


Jessica: It's just so bizarre how Lindsayís just so sure that Troy's not the music box murderer.

Natalie: Yeah, I don't -- I don't get that. I mean, after everything he's done to her and especially after tonight?

Officer: We got all your statements and contact information. We'll be in touch if we need to get ahold of you.

Natalie: Thanks.

Jessica: Thanks.

Antonio: Thank you.

Jessica: Let's go get Christianís paintings.

Antonio: Yeah, good idea. Well, I'm glad everyone's okay. Mind if I ask you one question, Lindsay?

Lindsay: What do you want to know?

Antonio: Well, I understand that you don't think MacIverís the Music Box Killer. I was just wondering why.

Lindsay: You mean, you want me to give you a reason? I canít. I don't know why. I just believe him.


Rae: Hey. Well, he's talking pretty freely. He's aware of his -- of his conflict between his delusions and the facts.

John: Is he going to confess?

Rae: Oh, John, come on. It's what I told you before -- this isn't ballistics. I don't know. But you know what? I think there's a good chance.

John: Then take all the time you need.

Rae: Thank you. Thank God he's off the streets. He can't hurt anybody else.

John: Yeah, but too many women had to die. Way too many.

>> Stay tuned for scenes from the next "One Life to Live"


>> On the next "One Life to Live" --

Babe: You know what's going on. I need your help.

Blair: He raped me, whether you want to believe it or not.

Kelly: You think Kevin got Blair to accuse you of rape?

Troy: I didn't do anything to Gabrielle. I'm not the killer!

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