OLTL Transcript Wednesday 1/7/04

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 1/7/04

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Troy: What are you doing? You leaving town because of me? Lindsay, I'm not the killer here. I'm being framed. Look, you know me. You know me, Lindsay. You know me better than anyone else. Please, I just need a place to hide until I can prove I'm innocent.

Lindsay: Okay. I believe you.

Troy: Thank you.

Lindsay: I can help you. I can give you money because there's things you're going to need like food and clothes.

Troy: Lindsay, I knew I could count on you. What are you doing?

Lindsay: You must think that I'm crazy.


Nora: Anyway, by the time I left Lindsayís, she was ready to pack up and leave town.

John: How's Bo doing?

Nora: Not great. He hasn't slept since Gabrielle was killed. I doubt he's been eating much, either. He's making arrangements to have Gabrielle buried down in Argentina with Al. And Viki Davidsonís arranging a small service here in Llanview, although at the rate Boís going, I doubt he'll be able to attend that.

John: There's something missing. There's something missing. For the life of me, I can't -- can't figure out what it is.

Officer: The I.D.s.

John: Thanks.

Nora: What are those?

John: Student I.D.s of the victims. We found them behind a grate in MacIverís cell.

Nora: What is it, John? What's missing?

John: I don't know.

Nora: You need to get out of here. It'll come to you what's missing, but you got to get out of here. It's not going to come to you while you're sitting here looking at all of them.

John: Yeah, maybe you're right. Thanks.


TV announcer: Kelly Buchanan, wife of our Lieutenant Governor, made a surprise announcement earlier today.

Kelly: Kevin really wanted to be with me today to share our good news with you. We're going to be parents. We've both been very distressed about the number of negative rumors about our marriage in the press, and we want all of you to know that we're very much in love. We're very committed to our marriage, we've very committed to this new baby, and of course very committed to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Asa: Congratulations, boy.

Kevin: She's not pregnant. It's a lie.


Todd: Okay. Starr's asleep.

Viki: Todd, what is going on?

Todd: How much do you know?

Viki: I heard that Blair has accused you of kidnapping Starr, so I'm very glad you brought her back. Now, have you called Blair and told her?

Todd: I canít.

Viki: Then I will.

Todd: No! Wait. I have to -- I have to prove to Blair how much I love her. How can I do that? She's afraid of me.

Viki: Why is she afraid of you?


Blair: I can't do this, Dorian. Todd has Starr. If he even knows that I'm down here, I'll never see her again.

Dorian: The police are going to find them, and they are going to arrest Todd for rape. Honey, then he won't be able to hurt you or your children ever again. That's what you want, isn't it? To have him finally out of your life?

Dorian: Nora, my niece would like to report a crime.

Nora: What happened?

Blair: Todd Manning raped me.


David: Aunt Betsy.

Betsy: I need to see Dorian. Right away!

David: Well, I'm terribly sorry, but she's not here right now. Ooh, that's terrible.

Betsy: To think that I left this dissolute, lying scoundrel $30 million? I swore I never would leave my money to a man. Now this.

David: I'm terribly sorry. Look, this really isn't my place, but I think I may have the answer to your problem. Would you like to sit down? Come in here.


Asa: What the hell is wrong with you, Kevin? You are going to be a father!

Kevin: No, I'm not. Look, did you two cook up this whole pregnancy thing? Huh?

Asa: What -- what, are you loco? This is as good as it gets, Kevin! You've got power, a beautiful wife, a baby on the way. Can't you just be a teeny bit happy?

Kevin: I can't believe this. What --

Kelly: Hey, hey, baby! Oh, I'm so happy!

Kevin: Look, I saw your press conference.

Kelly: Oh, yeah, yeah, I'm sorry about that. I didn't want you to have to hear about it that way, but I was so excited I just couldn't wait another moment to tell everyone.


Viki: Todd, Kevin implied that something went on between him and Blair on New Yearís Eve. Do you know anything about that? Okay, whatever happened -- is that why you took Starr?

Todd: "Whatever happened"? "Whatever happened"? They had sex. They got a room at The Palace.

Viki: Oh, God, I'm so sorry.

Todd: Yeah. Yeah. Well -- so we got in a fight.

Viki: Yeah, I can imagine.

Todd: But we made up. We made up, kind of.

Viki: Well, that's good.

Todd: Starr heard some things, and -- and she got freaked out, and she was afraid she was going to lose me.

Viki: So you took her away from her mother?

Todd: Well, she was going to run away anyway. She's set on hurting Blair right now.

Viki: Why?

Todd: Oh -- oh -- help me, help me. I got to fix this.

Viki: Okay. You know what? The first thing you have to do -- you have to call Blair. You have to tell her that Starr is okay. Okay?

[Phone rings]

Todd: She's not answering. What could be more important than how Starrís doing?


Dorian: Nora, Todd has to be arrested for rape. And this time you're going to be on the other side of the table, right? Our side. And you're not going to throw the case this time. You are going to send Todd away to prison for the rest of his repulsive life.

Nora: If there are grounds, I will do my best.

Dorian: You'll do better than that.

Nora: First things first, Dorian. Blair, you need to tell me exactly what happened. And remember, whatever you tell me, you have to stand behind it.


Betsy: Don't waste my time, young man! I don't have much left.

David: Dorian has an illegitimate daughter. She was born in Mendorra. I'm not allowed to give the name of the father, so please don't ask.

Betsy: Oh, go on!

David: She paid her maid, Carlotta Vega, to take the girl to Puerto Rico and find a nice home for her. Adriana -- that's her name, Adriana -- she was raised in a convent school. She must be 16 by now, I think. Anyway, the good part is, since she was raised by nuns, they kept her away from men all of her life.

Betsy: Interesting.

David: I tried to get Dorian to tell you this so many times. I mean, after all, Adriana is exactly the kind of girl that you seem to be looking for. She's -- she's sweet, she's pure, and of course she's never been married. And frankly, if you ask me -- and even though I know that you didn't -- she makes Paul Cramer look like Charles Manson.

Betsy: He came all the way to Ohio to spend Christmas with me. And he swore that -- that he wasn't involved with any women, there weren't any women in his life.

David: Talk is cheap, Aunt Betsy. But these photos --

Betsy: What's in it for you?


[Knock on door]

Natalie: John? John, are you in there? John?


John: Hey. What's up?

Natalie: Sorry. I didn't realize you were working.

John: What -- what is this?

Natalie: I brought you some paint. Roxy and I gave a bunch to Nigel, but we still have plenty.

John: Paint?

Natalie: Cristian had it in his studio, and I didn't want to just throw it away.

John: Yeah, look, I'm sorry. Here, let me take that. Thanks. Paint. Why'd you bring this over again?

Natalie: Your walls? Last time I was here they looked pretty shabby, and they're looking even worse now. Maybe this was a bad idea. I'll go.

John: No, wait, I'm -- now that you mention it, these -- these walls do look a little --

Natalie: Run-down?

John: Well, "run-down" is kind of harsh, don't you think?

Natalie: Oh, you are such a guy. Oh, but you can't paint over your work, right?

John: I don't know anymore. I've been looking at this so long, I can't even read it. I was thinking about writing things down just so I'd get a fresh perspective.

Natalie: My God.

John: Hey, Natalie, you shouldn't be looking at that.

Natalie: I'm sorry. I'll go.

John: No, I mean, you don't have to. I mean, unless you want to. You know, I don't know -- things are just -- they're so messed up right now, I can't even think, and -- oh, I just want to think.

Natalie: All right. So why don't you think out loud?


Lindsay: Sit down.

Troy: Okay. It's okay, just take it easy. Lindsay, look, I am being framed here. Now, I know I did some bad things to you, but I'm sorry --

Lindsay: "Did some bad things"? You mean like telling me we were getting married in Paris and then locking me up and breaking my heart and humiliating me? Is that what you mean?

Troy: Lindsay, I am sorry for everything that I did to you. And if I could take it back, I would. And I know this is no excuse, Lindsay, but I was sick at the time. I still have Colin inside of me, and sometimes he just takes over.

Lindsay: Is that what made you strangle those young women?

Troy: Lindsay, you know I'm not a killer.

Lindsay: You mean you're not a killer anymore.

Troy: Please, Lindsay. I thought you of all people would believe in me.

Lindsay: I'm finally over you. Don't come any closer!

Troy: What are you going to do, Lindsay? Huh? You going to kill me? Go ahead. Shoot me. And then when the next young girl gets murdered, at least then you'll know I was innocent.


David: This girl is the spitting image of the father that broke Dorian's heart and then deserted her. Dorian's been taking it out on his child. His child who is beautiful, unique, clever. She's so fun-loving, and she's very independent. Now, can you think of a crueler punishment on a girl like that than cooping her up with a bunch of nuns?

Betsy: Oh, when you hear of a case like that -- well, you'd think we were in the 19th century.

David: What are you going to do about it?

Betsy: I'm putting my will on hold, at least till I can -- can look into this Adrian? Adriana?

David: Adriana, that's right.


Kevin: I need to talk to Kelly alone.

Asa: Fine. Be careful, Kevin. Kelly's in a delicate condition.

Kelly: Oh, Asa. Ahem.

Kevin: There is no way you're pregnant. If you were, you'd be risking your life.

Kelly: Some things are worth the risk.

Kevin: Have you not been listening to me? I have already made my decision.

Kelly: Kevin, are you really going to divorce me now that the entire Commonwealth of Pennsylvania knows I'm carrying your child?

Kevin: God, I cannot believe you have gone this far to keep me. This is --

Kelly: I love you. And all my hopes and dreams are wrapped up with you. I'm not going to let you take that away from me. I wanted us to create a new life -- half you, half me. And now we have. We are going to be so happy once this baby's born. You'll see.

Kevin: How can you even be pregnant? I mean, when was the last time we were together?

Kelly: Oh, you're finally paying attention. As usual, you have no idea what's going on.

Kevin: I -- what is that supposed to mean?

Kelly: I feel a little fatigued. I'm going to lie down.

Kevin: No, listen, you Ė


Viki: Honey, the police are looking for you, and you are in a lot of trouble right now. You must -- you must take Starr back to Blair.

Todd: Blair always said I would kidnap Starr. I swore it, I swore it. I swore I wouldn't kidnap her. Here we are. I don't even know --

Viki: What -- what happened?

Todd: Well, I got mad.

Viki: At Blair?

Todd: Yes. She was with Kevin on New Yearís Eve, and she was rubbing it in! "Kevin's this, and Kevinís that. Kevin's a better man than you." So I yelled at her, and she got scared and ran away.

Viki: From you?

Todd: Yes. I was sorry, so I went after her. Blair, open it!

Blair: Go to hell, Todd! Get out of here! Oh! Oh!

Viki: So then what happened?


Blair: Todd -- he -- he knocked the door down. Stop it! I think he -- he pushed me down. I -- I don't -- he reached for me. Get away from me! I fought him. And I kicked him away for a second, but he couldn't let me go. He grabbed me, picked me up, and then he put me down on the bed.


Todd: I was out of control. We both were.


Blair: Go home! I don't ever want to see you again!


Todd: If I could only get her to look at me just for a second. But she attacked me.


Blair: He kept trying to make me look at him, as if that meant something. And then he pinned me down. I tried to scream "no." He put his hand over my mouth. I could hardly breathe. He tore my clothes and then he raped me.


Todd: And we -- we made love and -- afterwards, I reached out. She looked so -- I wanted to be sure she was okay.


Blair: Then after he was done, all I could do was just lie there.

[Blair screams]

Blair's voice: But he wouldn't leave me alone! He kept going for me like he wanted more. I tried to get away. I was dizzy.

Todd: Where the hell do you think you're going?

Blair's voice: I couldn't stand up, and he wouldn't go. Leave me alone! Get out of here or I'm going to call the cops!


Todd: I didn't mean to hurt her. She tripped, she fell. She hurt her head. I went to help her. She started screaming. She was going to call the cops on me.

Viki: Why? I mean, what had you done?

Todd: I don't know! What -- what can she say? Assault? I didn't do anything. No, she fell, she hurt herself, and I went to her, but -- you know, the look on her face, I -- this was the first time -- this was the first time that we'd been together since she found out I was Todd. She still loves me. That's what scared her. Do you believe me?

Jessica: Mom? Mom, I just heard on the news that Todd kidnapped Starr. What -- how can they say that? Todd's dead. What's going on?


Lindsay: I could kill you right now, and it would all be over.

Troy: I didn't kill those women, Lindsay.

Lindsay: I could do the world a favor. I could finally do something good because it would be a better world without you in it.

Troy: You know me, Lindsay. You know I'm not capable of killing all those women.

Lindsay: I'm not going to kill you because death would be too good for you.

Troy: Lindsay --

Lindsay: I want you to suffer. I want you to suffer on Death Row.

Troy: Lindsay, I am being set up here! What are you doing? What are you doing?

Lindsay: I'm calling the cops!

[Lindsay screams]


John: Gabrielle says she runs into Troy twice at the Bend an Elbow bar out on Route 42. Says he's on a pass.

Natalie: It's a lie.

John: One of those meetings took place on the night Madison Kensington was murdered. How well did Gabrielle know Nora?

Natalie: Well, they were pretty close. And actually, Gabrielle was taking dance lessons from Roxy at the community center. So technically, she fits the profile.

John: And she's the reason why we got onto MacIver. If she hadn't told Bo that she had seen him, we didn't even know he'd gone missing.

Natalie: Don't you think that's a little weird? I mean, a psycho killer escapes from prison, and no one notifies the police?

John: Yeah. I mean, there's something about this scenario that hasn't made sense from the beginning.

Natalie: Need to shoot some pool?

John: No. You know what I need to do? I need to paint.

Natalie: Really?

John: Yeah. What the heck, right? Four new walls -- give this place a bright outlook. What do you think?

Natalie: Sounds good to me.

John: That's a hell of a nice color you chose there. Yeah, it's good. All right. Set that there --

Natalie: Oh, my God.

John: Damn it.

Natalie: You need to retire that shirt.

John: You don't understand. This is my favorite shirt. I'm not -- it's my lucky shirt.

Natalie: Well, Cristian taught me how to get paint out of anything.

John: You want me to trust you with my favorite shirt?

Natalie: Yes, I can take the paint out.

John: No, there's a dry cleaner somewhere that can get this stain. You cannot --

Natalie: I can take the paint out.

John: You can get this out?

Natalie: Yes.

John: All right. Right now?

Natalie: Right now. What's that?

John: I got shot.

Natalie: How?

John: I was trying to save someone.

Natalie: Did you?

John: I lost her.

Natalie: So, all that time that you were telling me you knew how I feel, you really did. I'm sorry.

John: Yeah, well, you -- you had to hate me for a while.

Natalie: It's kind of crazy, isn't it? How you can love someone and just know that you can lose them at any time?

[Knock on door]

Riley: Hey, John, I need your help.

John: Yeah.

Natalie: Hey, Riley.

Riley: Hey.

John: Flash okay?

Riley: Yeah, she's fine, but I think she's going stir-crazy, and I think she's going to try to sneak out of Asa Buchananís and get herself into trouble.


Flash: Will you stop staring at me? Can't you just go wait in the hall?

Officer: Nope.

Flash: This is driving me crazy. I can't take this anymore!

Asa: Hey, old Asaís got the answer to your problems.

Flash: St. Blaze's? Where's that?

Asa: It's an island I own in the Caribbean. I want you out of town until this lunatic is locked up.

Flash: Uh-uh. No, no, no. No way. I'm not afraid of this killer. I'm not going anywhere.

Asa: Ooh. You're stubborn as a mule, huh?

Flash: I'm a Buchanan. Get used to it.


Jessica: So, what are you saying?

Todd: I'm saying that I'm Todd. I know it's weird. But Mitch nearly beat me to death, and so I didn't have many options. I had to have surgery, or I had to have surgery.

Jessica: But why would you lie?

Todd: Blair.

Jessica: Oh, yeah.

Todd: Aren't you glad I'm not dead?

Jessica: I just missed you.

Todd: I missed you, too.

Jessica: Well, don't you go away again because Mom and I really need you.

Viki: Yes, we do.

Jessica: I just want you to be happy.

Todd: Happy? Yeah, me, too. Me, too.


Nora: Are you sure that's exactly what happened, Blair? We have to do this right or Todd Manning walks. Rape is a very, very difficult thing to prove.

Dorian: Wait till the jury sees the bruises on her. Show her.

Nora: I'm afraid the defense will just say it was rough sex.

Blair: Oh, God, I hate this!

Dorian: Of course you do. Look, Todd is a rapist. That's bound to carry some weight with --

Nora: It will for the indictment, but unfortunately, bad prior acts are not admissible at trial.

Dorian: Well, that's preposterous!

Nora: It's the law, Dorian. It's the law. Blair, if we win this, you understand that Todd will go to prison for many, many years. You're ready to face that?

Dorian: Of course she is.

Nora: Dorian. I mean it, Blair. I want to be very clear. Once this starts, once this gets going, you can't come to me in a few weeks and say, "We kissed and made up." Okay? Once this starts, it's going to keep on going to the very end, no matter what. Do you understand that?

Blair: He raped me, Nora. And I want him punished.

Nora: Okay. Okay, we'll go pick him up and put him away.


David: Carlotta? It's David Vickers. Yeah, Dorianís having me do some legwork for her while she's otherwise occupied. She was wondering if you happen to have the name of Adriana's school in Puerto Rico. You do? And what is that? Uh-huh. And do you happen to have the number down there? Great. Uh-huh. Thank you. Si, hola. Is this the academia de nuestra senora? Si? Good. Habla english? Great. Donde es Adriana Colon? I'm look-- I'm looking for Adriana Colon. Are you going to be able to help me out at all? Si, esta -- she's there? Gracias. Muchos gracias.


Paul: Hey, River.

River: What?

Paul: River, come down here, man.

Paul: I called a guy I know who's based down in Puerto Rico. He did some checking around. That's the name of Adrianaís school.


Natalie: You know, I -- I have to get some of Cristianís paintings before it gets too late, so I'm going to go. Tell Flash to hang in, okay?

Riley: Thanks, I will.

John: Hey. Thanks for coming by.

Natalie: Sure.

Riley: I hope I didn't interrupt anything.

John: No, it's okay. You -- you're concerned about your girlfriend.

Riley: You know, if anything happened to Flash --

John: Riley, it seems that Flash was a decoy so the killer could get to Gabrielle.

Riley: Well, at least you can call off Flash's police posse now, right?

John: No. I don't want to call off the guards, and I don't want Flash trying to ditch them, you understand?

Riley: Okay, okay, but I was thinking maybe she could stay with me, at least get a room here or something.

John: No, no. Look, that's a bad idea, all right? Come on, Asa Buchananís place -- it's like a fortress. This place -- it ainít.

Riley: Yeah, but I won't take my eye off of her.

John: She may end up hating you as much as she hates her bodyguards. Look, Riley, you got to do me a favor here. You got to convince her to stay put, all right? Just for a little while longer.

Riley: Okay.

John: Yeah?

Riley: I'll lock her in her room if I have to, okay? But I'm not going to let this psycho get anywhere near her.


Troy: I am not the killer.

Lindsay: Then why are you holding on a gun on me?

Troy: Lindsay, please -- you know me. You know me better than anybody else. Look in my eyes, Lindsay, and tell me that you think I'm capable of strangling all those women. You know I didn't do it.

Lindsay: I don't know.

Troy: Yes, you do, Lindsay. You know. You've seen me at my worst, Lindsay. You know that I'm not capable of doing something that evil. Lindsay, please, I need you to believe me, please.


Paul: Hey, buck up, man. I thought you'd be psyched.

River: Yeah, I finally find out where she is, and I don't have enough money to go see her.

Paul: Well, you can't let a stupid thing like money get in the way. If you love this girl --

River: I do.

Paul: Then find her and marry her before somebody else gets in your way.

River: Hey, you got any cash?

Paul: I got something better.

River: What?

Paul: My officer's uniform should get you to the naval base in San Juan. I'll make a call, make sure you clear security. Hey, there's nothing like a free flight.


Natalie: Hey, Jess? We have to go get Cristianís paintings.

Viki: You go ahead, Honey. We'll talk some more about this later, okay?

Jessica: Okay.

Viki: I'm so sorry you have to go through this.

Natalie: Thanks. Having my family and friends around just makes it easier, a lot easier. I love you, Mom.

Viki: I love you, Honey.

Jessica: I just got some weird family news.

Natalie: What?

Jessica: You know, I'll tell you about it in the car.


Nora: Hey.

John: Tell me something.

Nora: Sure.

John: Everything points to MacIver as the killer, right? But you knew him. You knew him. Is this guy capable of killing all those women?

Nora: I'm sorry. I just had another case land in my lap, and it's kind of brought up a lot of bad memories, so --

John: You all right?

Nora: Yeah, yeah, I am. I just -- I got to deal with this first, so excuse me. John, I'm sorry. I tell you what, some other time, I would be happy to tell you how I almost married Dr. MacIver.


Flash: Hey! Okay, okay, so what did Agent McBain say about us moving in together?

Asa: Whoa. What did you just say?

Flash: I want to move in with Riley near Angel Square.

Asa: Oh. Over my dead body.


Kelly: Hey, what's going on? What's the emergency?

Dorian: I didn't want you to hear this on the news.

Kelly: Hear what? You're scaring me.

Dorian: Blair has brought charges against Todd. He raped her.

Kelly: Oh, my God. What happened?

Dorian: Who knows with that psychopath.

Kevin: What? What happened?

Kelly: Todd found out what you did. He raped Blair.


Viki: Todd, you have to call Blair again. If she doesn't pick up, then you must leave a message.

Todd: I need to know you believe me.

Viki: No! Blair thinks you kidnapped her daughter, and she's going through hell. She needs to know that Starr is okay. Come on.

Todd: Okay. Well, maybe -- maybe if she knows that it's me, she'll pick up.

Viki: Come on.

Todd: Blair.

Blair: Where's Starr?

Todd: Starr's -- she's here, she's fine. I'm sorry. Please call the cops off, and I'll bring Starr home. Just talk to me.

Blair: You think Starr will ever look at you again when she finds out what you did to me?

Todd: What do you mean?

Blair: I just filed charges against you for rape.

[Phone hangs up]


Natalie: Lindsay, it's Natalie Vega.

Lindsay: You have to hide. You have to hide now. Just a minute! Hey!

Natalie: Hey, sorry we're late.

Jessica: Yeah, it was my fault.

Lindsay: Oh, it's no problem. I actually have Cristianís smaller canvases wrapped up. They're coming, and the big ones are over there, but if you don't mind, you'll have to come back for those another time.

Natalie: Oh, no, I can get them. One of these is my favorite.

Lindsay: Natalie --

Troy: Back up. Next time do what you're told.

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Man: You look like maybe you could use some work. A little sexy dancing?

Flash: I love this place. I can't wait to move in with you.

Al: How does a guy who's trying to save lives end up taking them?

Natalie: Please just let us go. Please.

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