OLTL Transcript Wednesday 12/31/03

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 12/31/03

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[Music plays]

Rex: Hey, listen, I haven't seen you around here before. If you'd allow me, the first couple of drinks are on the house.

Woman: Sightlines from the rear exit are not optimal.

Rex: Ahem. All right, listen; half the crowd is cops, okay? Even the plainclothes, you can spot a mile off. They are going to creep out this whole crowd, so --

Flash: If the party's any good, nobody will notice the cops, hmm?

Riley: Well -- or maybe she'll improve your mood.

Flash: Maybe.

Rex: I didn't think you'd show.

Jen: I'm here. I went by Mom's party, but she's a little nervous, so I thought I better not be there if, you know, things didn't go well. But I didn't want to be home alone.

Rex: So you came here. Smart move, especially with that music box wacko on the loose.


Lindsay: Hey. How are you?

R.J.: What about you? I mean, now that Troy MacIver is the lead suspect in this Music Box Killer thing?

Lindsay: Oh, please, just throwing this party and hoping people will show up is enough drama to put me into the New Year.


Natalie: Oh, she has been no trouble at all. Jamie is great.

Jessica: Well, that's only because you're the coolest aunt in the world. How many nights in a row have you been baby-sitting?

Natalie: Not enough. And besides, Carlotta’s coming to pick her up soon.

Jessica: And then?

Natalie: I'll go home.

Jessica: Well, why don't you meet us at Ultraviolet?

Natalie: No, I -- you know, I'm not just -- I'm not in the mood. You guys go, have a good time.

Jessica: Well --

Antonio: Tell her I said thank you.

Jessica: Okay, Antonio says thank you, and I say thank you, and -- okay, see you later. You, too. Well, so much for getting John and Natalie at the party together.

Antonio: Let me guess -- you're thinking we should go hang with her? I'm thinking maybe we should come up with a reason for her to come out with us.


John: I'll be pretty busy tonight, so I just -- well, I wanted to call and wish you a Happy New Year when I got the chance. Mom, I grew up with you working every holiday. Why would I mind doing it myself? Well, next year will be better, right? Yeah. I love you, too. Happy New Year.


Todd: All right, get Starr and Jack. You're coming home with me. We're spending the New Year together.


Kelly: Hey, hey, hey. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. I want to go with you.

Kevin: No, no.

Kelly: Oh, come on. We should spend New Year's together. You look so handsome.

Kevin: No, listen, listen. I'm just going to make an appearance at Lindsay’s party. It's political. You don't want to go.

Kelly: Oh, what makes you think I don't want to go? Look at me; I'm all dressed up.

Kevin: You're acting like nothing's happened here. I mean, are you serious? You fake a message from a serial killer, making it look like you're next, and I'm supposed to act like nothing's happened? I don't think so, Kelly.

Kelly: Kevin, do you really think I would do something like that?

Kevin: Kelly, I already called Bo and told him, all right?


Nora: No tips?

Bo: No, no. Three days of pleading with the public for information about MacIver, and we get nada, zero, zip. Maybe John got something.

John: I got nothing. That lead out by the old Llantano bridge -- it didn't pan out.

Nora: Well, we knew that was a long shot.

Bo: Let's just hope that MacIver doesn't try to ring in the New Year with another murder.


[Music plays]

Jen: No, I just want a soda.

Rex: Come on, have a good time. Joe's in London. What?

Jen: I'm not getting wasted. Not anymore.

Marcie: Hey, Jen. I'm glad to see you. Jen, this is Greg. Greg, this is Jen.

Jen: Nice to meet you.

Greg: Hi. Nice to meet you. What can I get you ladies from the bar?

Marcie: I'll have an orange juice.

Greg: Okay?

Jen: I'm good, thanks.

Greg: All right, orange juice.

Marcie: Yes. So, how are you doing?

Jen: What, with the collapse of my marriage?

Marcie: Oh, I guess not so great, then?

Jen: No, I'm hanging on by a thread. I mean, now that Joe’s left for Kondon, everything is just kind of starting to unravel.

Marcie: Yeah? I know how that is. It's how I felt after Al died -- unraveled.

Jen: What about that guy?

Marcie: Greg? Well, he's a nice guy.

Jen: But?

Marcie: Well, that's just it. He's nice, you know, and that's -- that's all it can be for now.


Al: She's beautiful, isn't she?

Luna: Like a spring flower in a parched yard, Honey.

Al: Yeah, I couldn't wait for New Year's to come when I was alive. I mean, when I was still Al.

Luna: Right, right.

Al: I was going to ask Marcie to marry me, you know, right at the stroke of midnight.

Luna: Well, Darling, you can still do that, next New Year’s. You just got to convince Marcie that you're inside Michael by Valentine’s Day.

Al: She is spending New Year's with him.


Bo: Vallas says there are more plainclothes cops at Ultraviolet right now than there are patrons.

Nora: Well, the kids don't start their evenings until much later, so --

Bo: Yeah.

Officer: I'll check it out.

Nora: Here, too?

Bo: I don't think that MacIver would risk showing up here, but, you know, you and Lindsay both -- you could be targets.

Nora: What about that -- what about that note that was slipped under Kelly’s door?

Bo: Yeah, that note was in code, and it did spell out "Kelly," but it wasn't from MacIver.

Nora: Not a copycat?

Bo: It was a hoax.


Kelly: I can't believe you would do something like that. I didn't just make this threat up.

Kevin: Okay, look, you have been under a lot of pressure the last few months. It's obviously taking its toll.

Kelly: I get it -- you think I'm crazy.

Kevin: Look, I blame myself for this, okay? I've put you under a lot of pressure. I just -- I want to do whatever I can to help you.

Kelly: And you think by going to Bo and telling him I forged that note -- that's helping?

Kevin: I just want you to tell the truth.

Kelly: I did.

Kevin: Look, I have to go talk to Bo before the party. I'm just hoping that I can fix it so you're not charged with falsifying evidence and impeding an investigation.

Kelly: Oh, okay, so you're just going to announce to the whole world that your wife is a liar. Do you really think that's a bright idea, Kevin? What's the press going to do with that?

Kevin: I just want to do -- I just want to do what's right for you, Kelly --

Kelly: What's right is for you to take me to this party tonight. What's right is for you to be a husband to me.

Kevin: Oh, I am so tired of this. You know what? It's over, okay? I was going to wait until after the holidays, but obviously you need this so you can believe it. It's real. Look at it.

Kelly: You are not doing this to me tonight. You're not giving me divorce papers on New Year's Eve!

Kevin: You know what? I'm going to go talk to Bo.

Kelly: Oh, is that right? Are you talking to Bo, or are you going to see Blair?

Kevin: Oh, that's just perfect.


Blair: I am not going home with you.

Todd: Yeah, you are.

Blair: No. Go home now, Todd! No!

Todd: Why can't you see that I've changed? I mean, I know I screwed up. I screwed up trying to convince you that I someone else, but I am different.

Blair: And you're saying the same things. "I'm different." "I've changed." Well, you may have a new face, but you cannot change your past, Todd.

Todd: You can't let a man lose his family.

Blair: Oh, you should have thought about that before you did all the things that you did!

Todd: This isn't just some plastic surgery and a new name. You fell in love with Walker. Well, that was me. I can show you I'm still that man. Come home with me. We'll start a New Year together.

Blair: We had some wonderful New Year's, didn't we?

Todd: Yeah. Let's make this one the best ever.


Antonio: Work never ends, does it?

John: There's -- there's been a few developments.

Antonio: You think Troy's still out there?

John: Yeah, I think he's still out there. He can't help himself. I got to go see Flash at Ultraviolet. What are you guys doing?

Antonio: We were thinking about doing the same thing, except that we're a little worried about leaving Natalie by herself.

John: For her own safety, maybe you can convince her to come along.


Jessica: You know, I have some reservations about doing a feature article on these murders. You never want to feel like you're fanning the flame.

Stephen: I agree, but ultimately making sure the public's aware is the most important thing for everyone involved.

Jessica: I know you've done a lot of research on homicides such as these, and I was wondering if I could run some ideas past you.

Stephen: Sure. Call me at my office.

Jessica: Great. And, you know, I really am enjoying your lectures a lot.

Stephen: Good, good. I'm glad to hear that.

Rae: Happy New Year, Jessica.

Jessica: Happy New Year.

Stephen: Rae.

Rae: Oh, hi, Stephen.

Jessica: Excuse me; I have to go.

Stephen: See you. Happy New Year.

Antonio: Dr. Cummings.

Rae: Oh, hi. So, I've been meaning to ask you, has Bo Buchanan asked for any more profiling help in the Music Box Killer?

Stephen: Not since you and I were there together.

Rae: Really?

Stephen: Seems they're focusing on one suspect now, though.

Rae: Oh. You -- you do know Troy MacIver? I mean, fairly well, right?

Stephen: Well, I've interviewed him several times at Statesville for my new book, but -- he's fascinating, really. Borderline but isolated psychosis, especially about his twin brother, the bad doctor.


Bo: John McBain and I weren't convinced that that note was real. But I appreciate you calling to tell me when you figured it out.

Kevin: She left the pad that she was using on the desk in the living room. You know, I noticed that the paper was exactly the same, and I did the old graphite technique or whatever. You know, I figured it out. Listen, I'm so sorry about this, Bo.

Bo: What was she thinking?

Kevin: Well, she's over-stressed. I hope she didn't cost you too much.

Bo: No, we put in a little time, a little energy. But, you know, you did call last night, thanks.

Kevin: Listen, it's my fault, okay? I take full responsibility. I want a divorce. She won't let go. You know, she's trying to hang on to me by putting herself in danger, I guess, I don't know.

Bo: I'm sorry, Kev.

Kevin: Yeah, me, too.


Dorian: Kelly, your message -- oh, Honey, what's wrong?

Kelly: He left. He -- he left. He wouldn't listen to reason. He just -- he left. He's gone!

Dorian: What happened?

Kelly: I did something so stupid, and -- it was so stupid! I can't believe I did it!

Dorian: Don't talk about yourself that way. What did you do?

Kelly: I -- I faked a letter from the Music Box Killer. And it was so stupid, but, look -- look what he did.

Dorian: What -- paper -- he served you with divorce papers on New Year's Eve? How typical of that rat! Of course he would never acknowledge that everything that's gone wrong in your marriage is his fault.

Kelly: I've tried so hard to keep this marriage together.

Dorian: Oh, Honey, Honey, I know you have, but the fact is it's made you sick. That's -- he's the one who drove you to do this.

Kelly: I can't believe I did something like that.

Dorian: Well, I'm not going to stand by and watch him destroy you.

Kelly: There's nothing you can do.

Dorian: No, there's nothing I can do, but there's plenty that you can do. Anyone who hurts a Cramer woman this badly is in for the fight of his life.


Blair: And then the year before last.

Todd: Starr put that party hat on Jack's head.

Blair: You gave her some sparkling cider so she could help us celebrate the New Year.

Todd: I remember us sitting on that couch, and I remember us all being very happy.

Blair: That was the year you promised to be a good father and to be a good husband. And that was the year that you let me continue to think that my baby was dead. And then last year, you locked me up away from the mob. You said that Suzanne was dead. You said. And now this year, what did you do? You rise from the grave with a whole new face, no fingerprints, and a whole new being. What sick, cruel, unforgiving lie are you going to tell me this time, Todd?

Todd: I don't know what to say to you. Except that I have changed, inside and out. I am different. I am the man you always wanted me to be.

Blair: You're still Todd Manning, and I do not want Todd Manning. Not as a husband and not for the father of my children.


Flash: We have a request. This next song is for Marcie from Greg.

Marcie: I'd love to.

Flash: Ooh

Al: I can't watch this. I'm sorry, this is awful.

Luna: Al –


Bo: I'm going to go pick up Gabrielle.

Nora: Oh, aren't you working the party?

Bo: Well, yeah, yeah, but I'd feel better if she's with me and she's safe. Till we pick up MacIver, I'll keep her close. Aiken, I want you to keep your eye on Ms. Buchanan. She's willful, she's uncooperative, so you have the authority to handcuff her to a chair if you have to.

Nora: Thank you. Gee, I'll miss you.


Jordan: The -- the corner office, right? The salary -- believe me, it is a huge salary. The partnership? She gave it all up.

Evangeline: To train dolphins?

Jordan: Ah-ah -- rehab. Not training. You know, they're free to leave at any time.

Evangeline: Get out of here.

Jordan: I'm not kidding. But, seriously, my sister is happier right now making 18,500 a year than she ever was at the firm raking in all that dough.

Evangeline: Well, good for her.

Jordan: Well, good for her, good for you. Get your snorkeling gear together. I got flippers for you.

R.J.: Ahem.

Jordan: R.J.

R.J.: Doctor.

Jordan: How are you?

R.J.: I'm all right. Evangeline, can I talk to you for a second over here?

Evangeline: Excuse me.

Jordan: Go ahead.

R.J.: Sorry about that.

Jordan: No problem.

R.J.: So --

Evangeline: So --

R.J.: I thought you were hooking up with some old friends, going to do that traditional thing.

Evangeline: When did you get here?

R.J.: I've been in the ballroom for a little while now. So? What happened to these old friends?

Evangeline: Well, we were meeting here for drinks, and then we were going to meet them. But why am I explaining myself to you? I invited you here first and you turned me down, so I made other plans.

R.J.: Yeah. Looks like big plans.

Evangeline: Trust me or leave me out of it, R.J.

R.J.: Trust, trust -- that's easy. I mean, my prize employee didn't force my daughter to jump off --

Evangeline: R.J., Don't start, please. What is going to on with you tonight?

R.J.: I guess New Year's just brings out the worst in me.


David: I can't believe those Carlivatis were forgeries. I feel awful about that.

Lindsay: Yes, I'm sure you do.

David: And I take full responsibility, also. In fact, I feel that -- I feel that I should pull out of the gallery altogether, just to ensure that something like this just doesn't happen again.

Lindsay: You do?

David: Look, my lawyer's drawing up papers for a dissolution right now, and our partnership will be officially dissolved as soon as those are signed and you just give back my buy-in money, that's all, so -- what? What?

Lindsay: I was a really easy mark, wasn't I?

David: Mark? What are you talking about?

Lindsay: Well, I mean, you couldn't have found a bigger sap.

David: Lindsay, I never considered you --

Lindsay: Don't whip yourself over it. I mean, really, I got to thank you because I'm actually much stronger having gone through it.

David: Well, I'm glad I could help. I got to tell you, you look absolutely stunning tonight.

Lindsay: I wonder what Dorian would have to say about that?


Dorian: Honey, I've seen you through worse than this, and you have always risen from the ashes like a magnificent phoenix. And you're going to do it again this time.

Kelly: I don't know about that.

Dorian: Of course you will. You are going to show everyone -- but most especially yourself -- that Kevin isn't taking anything from this marriage except his rotten self. Certainly not your soul and not your spirit.

Kelly: I let him do this to me, Aunt Dorian. I let him.

Dorian: True. But you're just going to have to pretend you're all right if you need to. Assume the position.

Kelly: I don't know how anymore.

Dorian: Oh, it's not so difficult. I've done it a thousand times. Yes, you pretend that you're all right, and then eventually you get so good at it that you forget how afraid you are.

Kelly: But it always comes back.

Dorian: Yes, it does, Darling. It always does. But then you go back to the charade, and after a while, it's not a charade at all. Just act happy and you'll be happy.

Kelly: I don't know if I can.

Dorian: Of course you can. And you will -- starting now. Come here.


Blair: Shouldn't you be gone?

Todd: I'm not leaving without you.

Blair: All righty, then.

Blair: Kevin? I changed my mind.

Kevin: You did?

Blair: Yeah, I'll meet you at the party after all.

Kevin: Well, I'm here right now. I'll -- I'll look for you.

Blair: Great. I'll look for you, too. Yeah, me, too.

Blair: You try and say you're a changed man? That's almost funny. You ever a lay a hand on me again –


Nora: Oh, hey, could you hold for just a second? I see some friends I just want to say hi to.

Ofc. Aiken: I'll keep you in sight.

Nora: Thank you so much.

Evangeline: Hey.

Nora: How are you?

Evangeline: How are you?

Nora: Good to see you.

Evangeline: Good to see you. Do you know Dr. Jordan Kingsley?

Nora: No. Buchanan. Nice to meet you .

Jordan: Nice to meet you, too. How are you?

Evangeline: We were just going to meet some friends in the restaurant.

Nora: Oh, good.

Jordan: I think one of them said he knows you -- a Robert Ward?

Nora: Oh, yes. Oh, yeah.

Evangeline: Oh, you should join us.

Nora: Oh, thank you, I really can’t.

Jordan: You sure?

Nora: Say hi to him for me, will you, please? No, I've actually got a very, very young man -- a very short, young man -- waiting for a phone call from me before midnight. My son.

Jordan: Gotcha.

Evangeline: Actually, can I meet you in there?

Jordan: Yeah, sure.

Evangeline: Okay.

Jordan: It's a pleasure meeting you.

Nora: Nice to meet you, too.

Jordan: Happy New Year.

Nora: Happy New Year.

Evangeline: I am -- well, I'm actually glad I ran into you. You have got some real serious chutzpah, let me tell you. I cannot believe you tried to lure the Music Box Killer into the open.

Nora: Well, you know, if it was about me, then I wanted him to focus on me and not the other women.

Evangeline: Well, I was really worried about you, so I -- I must admit, I'm glad that it didn’t.

Nora: Yeah, we just got to get our hands on Troy, that's all.

Evangeline: They'll find him.

Nora: I hope so. I really, really hope so. How are you? I saw you talking to R.J. earlier. Come on.

Evangeline: Yeah.

Nora: Yeah, it was a pretty intense conversation. So, is he okay? Are you okay?

Evangeline: Oh, God, Nora, I -- I don't know how to deal with him. I may be a lawyer, but I like my life straightforward and honest.

Nora: Yeah, I get that.

Evangeline: But with Jordan, everything is easy. It's upfront and --

Nora: Not with R.J.? That's just shocking.

Evangeline: I don't know where we stand. I mean, I don't know where he's at. One minute he's so loving and thoughtful, and two seconds later he is vindictive and he's possessive and withholding.

Nora: I've known R.J. half my life, and there have been many times we couldn't even bear to be in the same room with each other. And then the spell breaks, and there's this kid in him that I always knew, this smart, ambitious, enormous heart, just this ability to understand other people. It's amazing. You know, he'd be the world's most loving man if he wasn't busy chasing all those demons.

Evangeline: Which demons, exactly?

Nora: Exactly? Oh, well, the biggest one is Hank, his brother.

Evangeline: Hank loves R.J.

Nora: Hank casts a very long shadow, and R.J. finds ways to get mad and stay mad.

Evangeline: Well, then R.J. is his own worst enemy.

Nora: Yeah, but if you ever get through those defenses, the most incredibly loving man.

Evangeline: That's not what I wanted you to say.

Nora: It's not? Oops. Okay, let me try again. What is it you want me to say?

Evangeline: I wanted you to say, "Walk away from him."

Nora: Oh.

Evangeline: "R.J. is a lost cause."

Nora: Yeah, that's not what I'm going to say. I never could say that.


Jessica: Hi.

Natalie: You just missed her.

Jessica: Who?

Natalie: Carlotta and Jamie.

Antonio: Oh, no, we saw them downstairs.

Natalie: So, what's your hurry?

Jessica: You are.

Natalie: Excuse me?

Antonio: Yeah, we thought you should come out with us tonight.

Natalie: Guys, no. I -- really, I'm not in the mood to go out. I'm going to stay home and watch the ball drop.

John: Well, maybe it's not about you. Maybe it's about us.

Antonio: Yeah, and we don't think we could have fun unless you're there.

Jessica: And that's a promise. I mean, Rex has big-screen TVs at Ultraviolet. You can watch the ball drop there.

Natalie: You know, I'm just -- I'm not into the whole Ultraviolet crowd tonight.

John: Well, I don't want to go to this thing, either, but I have to work it.

Natalie: And I don’t.

John: Well, maybe it wouldn't seem so much like work if you came.

Antonio: That's a good line.

John: Thanks. And we'd be able to keep you safe.

Jessica: He is good.

Antonio: Yeah, damn good.

Natalie: So, I can hang out with you guys here and watch the ball drop. Or I can go with you there and watch the ball drop.

Jessica: Let's go.


Flash: Thank you. You're the best.

Riley: I think the normal people are finally starting to outnumber the cops.

Flash: Great.

Riley: You know, Rex said some of the wait staff are feds -- all here to keep their eye on you.

Rex: Hey, I heard you guys are taking requests tonight.

Flash: Yeah. Why?

Rex: Great. Here's mine -- back to work!


Jen: I have no clue how to be alone.

Marcie: Well, until I met Al, I was alone most of the time. You get used to it.

Jen: Teach me how to do it. How do you stand it?

Marcie: I don't know if I can teach you how to do it. It's -- you know, I kind of did it out of necessity. You kind of get used to it. You learn to be content with who you are, which is not the same as, like, being comfortable or happy. You have to figure it out for yourself, Jen. I can't teach you.

Greg: Marcie, can I introduce you to some friends?

Marcie: Yeah. Sure. Bye.

Flash: We have another request -- for Jen from Rex.

[Music plays]

Jen: No. No. I'm sorry.


David: Kevin, Kevin, Kevin. Where's Kelly? You didn't actually leave her alone on New Year's Eve, did you?

Kevin: Where Kelly is, is none of your business.

David: Or yours, either, I guess. The woman that I believe you're looking for -- rather conspicuously, by the way -- she just arrived. So what does Kelly really matter, anyway, right?

Kevin: Your mom must be so proud. Blair, hey. What is it? What happened? Are you okay? Come with me.

Kevin: All right, tell me what's wrong.

Blair: Todd.

Kevin: Did he hurt you? Blair, come on, what happened? It's okay. Just -- just let it go. It's okay. Just tell me.


Antonio: New Year resolutions?

John: Catch a killer.

Antonio: Personal?

John: I'd like to be a better son. I'd like to be a better brother. And I'd like -- I can't bring Cris back, but I'd like to find some small way that I could even things with us and somehow find a way to help Natalie through this.

Antonio: Wow. You look absolutely beautiful.

Jessica: Thank you.

John: As far as dresses go, that's a good dress.

Natalie: Thanks. Can you get this?

John: Sure, I'll try. All right?

Antonio: You guys ready?

John: Yeah.

Antonio: All right.

John: We're ready.

Antonio: Listen, ladies, just make sure that this evening that you either stay together or with one of us, okay? I want to make sure that you're always safe. Okay?

Jessica: Okay.

Antonio: All right. Don't forget your coats.


Gabrielle: I didn't think I would be able to handle this. But I have to admit, it feels good to be part of the living again.

Bo: Oh, it feels so good to have you back.


Dorian: Laugh and the world laughs with you. Cry and --

David: Oh, thank goodness. Breathtaking, both of you.

Dorian: Thank you, David.

Kelly: I need a drink.

David: Yeah? So, how was Pine Valley? I was terribly lonely while you were gone, by the way.

Dorian: I found out some very interesting news about Paul.

David: Yeah?

Dorian: You know that flower that you saw him with? The beauty?

David: Yeah, Babe.

Dorian: Babe, Babe, Babe, yeah. Well, anyway, it seems as though he has known her for a long time, and Adam Chandler says he doesn't trust her at all.

David: Hmm. Speaking of the filthy rich, you appear to be wearing the Badhra in its newest incarnation.

Dorian: Well, it just came back from the diamond cutter's in Malaysia, and I couldn't bear to leave it at home. Oh, besides, there's hardly going to be anyone from the insurance company here tonight.

David: Well, I hope not. Hey, I got something for you. Lindsay agreed to give me back my investment on the gallery, and I intend to use that money to start a new business for us.

Dorian: I think you're giving me the business. I need a drink.

David: Don't leave me alone with all these stiffs.


Todd: Hey.

Lindsay: Oh --

Todd: Have you seen Blair?

Lindsay: Yeah, she's -- I --

Todd: Was she with Kevin?

R.J.: Excuse me.

Lindsay: I don't know.

R.J.: Lindsay, can I talk to you just for a second?

Lindsay: Yeah, I'll be right back.


Blair: Take me -- take me where we can be alone.


[Music plays]

Jessica: Good job getting Natalie to come here tonight.

Antonio: I didn't do anything.

Jessica: You are very, very sweet.

Antonio: Yeah? I like to think so.


Jen: I'm sorry about before -- not dancing with you.

Rex: What's up with that?

Jen: I don't want to need you.

Rex: Need me?

Jen: Yeah, I have to learn how to be on my own.

Rex: Why? I'm here. I'm nuts about you. It's New Year's Eve. There is nobody I'd rather spend this night with than you.


Al: I thought about it.

Luna: Yeah? And?

Al: Well, what's the point of me being in Michael’s body or even here on earth at all if I don't do everything possible to get Marcie back?

Luna: Now, that is good. That's the way you need to think.

Al: Yeah.

Luna: I just don't think tonight's a real good idea, though.

Al: You know what?

Luna: Hmm?

Al: I'm going to go cut in.

Luna: What?

Al: Have a dance with Marcie.

Luna: Did you hear what I just said to you? It is not a good -- oh, Lord.


R.J.: Lindsay, look, I thought I was going to be able to make it through tonight --

Lindsay: I know it's hard.

R.J.: Well, I'm fine one minute, but the next I'm jumping down someone's throat about something we thought we settled a long time ago, but it just keeps coming up.

Lindsay: I'm sorry.

R.J.: I know I promised I would come tonight. I gave it my best shot --

Lindsay: And you have no idea what it means to me. You have no idea. And if you think you've had enough and can't take any more, I will completely understand.

R.J.: Thank you.

Lindsay: And when you're feeling better, I have little bit of a business proposition for you.

R.J.: Hmm. Well, that sounds appealing. Whenever you want to talk.

Lindsay: Okay.

Dorian: Lindsay, what a lovely party. Happy New Year.

Lindsay: Excuse me for a minute.

Dorian: Yes. R.J., Happy New Year. You certainly deserve it.


Todd: Kelly.

Kelly: What are you doing here? Stalking Blair?

Todd: What, are you -- what, are you tailing him?

Kelly: Have you seen Kevin?

Todd: No, but I heard Blair say she was going meet to him here, so where are they?


Kevin: All right, all right, all right.


Kelly: If my husband and your wife want to be together, there's nothing either of us can do about it.

Todd: So you're just going to roll over? Fine. I won’t.


Lindsay: I'll see you at the gallery.

Man: I hope so.

Lindsay: Okay.

David: Lindsay, I'm sorry, do you have a second?

Lindsay: Yes.

David: Who was that guy? He looks vaguely familiar.

Lindsay: Well, that was Nelson Hargrove. He does all the appraising for our artwork for the Stonewall Insurance Company.

David: Uh-huh.

Lindsay: He also happens to be one of their special investigators.

David: Oh.

Lindsay: Excuse me.

David: Oh, boy. If that guy sees Dorian's necklace, she could go to jail for the rest of her life.


Bo: Rae?

Rae: Yeah?

Bo: Did you see Nora come in?

Rae: Yes, she was in the bar. Have you checked that?

Bo: I saw her earlier.

Rae: Yeah, go there. If I see her, I will tell her. Will you excuse me?

Bo: Yeah, thanks. You know what my New Year's resolution is going to be?

Gabrielle: Hmm?

Bo: I am not going to stop looking at you until next New Year’s.

Gabrielle: Oh, Bo, what did I ever do to deserve you? You know, Commissioner, you look mighty handsome yourself. And I have another question -- what was I ever thinking when I thought I could live without you?

Bo: I don't have a clue.

Gabrielle: I couldn't do it, not without that smile. You know, I know this is a rather odd place and time to bring it up, but --

Bo: What?

Gabrielle: Well, if you still really want to marry me --

Bo: What, are you kidding me?

Gabrielle: We could set a little --

Bo: No, no, we'll set the date tonight, okay?

Gabrielle: Tonight?

Bo: Yeah, as a matter of fact, we're going to make an announcement to all these people tonight.

Gabrielle: I just don't want to waste any more time. I've wasted too much time.

Bo: I know, I know. And you know what? I just happened to pick this up today -- all clean, all polished and sparkling, just like your beautiful eyes.


Nora: I think I can do this by myself. No, really, I can. It's a ladies' room, and you're not a lady.

Ofc. Aiken: I don't mean to be rude, but I got to --

Nora: Give me a break, okay? Just a break by myself. Please. I'll be fine. Thank you.

>> Stay tuned for scenes from the next "One Life to Live"


>> On the next "One Life to Live" --

Marcie: I came with Greg and I want to dance with Greg, so you're just going to have to find yourself another partner.

Todd: Is it Kevin? Is he with Blair?

Blair: Make love to me, Kevin.

John: Better get over here. We just found a music box.

Troy: I have to make you see who I really am.

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