OLTL Transcript Monday 12/15/03

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 12/15/03

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Viki: Did you reach Jen?

Joey: She's still not answering her phone.

Viki: Honey, I am so, so sorry that you had to go through all that at the church tonight.

Joey: Yeah, she was just drunk. She didn't know what she was saying. What? You think she really wants to get a divorce?

Viki: You know, Darling, when one person wants out of a marriage that much, I don't see any point in trying to save it.

Kelly: I thought you were on my side about this.

Viki: Kelly, Honey, I wasn't talking about you and Kevin.

Kelly: Hey. Oh, good. You changed your mind and came home. Thank God.


Blair: Hey, Walker.

Todd: Where the hell have you been?


Marcie: Ron, come on. Don't worry about it, okay? The police, they're going to prove real soon that you're not the Music Box Killer. Then let it go.

Ron: Yeah. Hey. Doc, what's up?

Marcie: Michael. Listen, I want to thank you again. I mean, without you, my brother would have died, and -- gosh, you were just great. Listen, I'll be right back, okay?

Ron: Okay. So, Doc, when am I getting out of here? Please tell me.

Al: Let's see.

Al: Now, breathe for me.


Al: Okay. Again.

Al's voice: Get her brother on your side. That'll clinch it.

Ron: Is something wrong? Doc?

Al: No. No. Looks to me like you're going to be ready to get out of here tomorrow.

Ron: All right.

Al's voice: Come on, Michael. Go for it.

Al: What do you think the chances of me hooking up with your sister are?


Roxy: We are going to put the X in X-mas.

Natalie: Hmm. I have to go over to Asa’s. He's having this big tree-decorating party that he always does.

Roxy: Oh, really? What about me?

Natalie: We'll decorate later.

Roxy: Sure. Go ahead. You know, just push me to the end of the line in back of your new family, with all their bucks, after all this trouble I went to getting you a real live tree?

Natalie: Roxy, it was very, very nice of you, and I promise I will be back later. Okay? We'll do it then.

Natalie: John.

John: I got the -- the cheap rum, but the expensive eggnog.

Natalie: What?

John: Roxy had said that I should bring over the --

Roxy: Come on in. See, you can't go now because we got company. It's so nice to have a big strong guy around while there's a psycho killer out there.


Jen: Somebody, help!


Roxy: I got some more stuff for the Christmas tree up in the attic. I'll be right back.

John: You had no idea I was coming, did you? If you need to go someplace, just --

Natalie: No, and leave you here alone with Roxy? You'd never survive.

John: Yeah, well, I got nowhere else, so -- I don't know, she's kind of a kick.

Natalie: You weren't raised by her. Come on.

John: Okay. So, let me figure this out. You're a Buchanan, but you were raised by Roxy?

Natalie: Yeah. Well, I mean, I always thought that Roxy and Rex were my family until about two years ago. I found out that I was stolen from my real mom.

John: That was Mrs. Davidson.

Natalie: Yeah. And we had a few adjustments to make, but it turns out that Viki was the best mom I could have hoped for.

John: But you live with Roxy.

Natalie: It figures, right? I spent my whole life wishing that I'd have another family. Now I have two.

John: Yeah, well, two's better than none.


[Christmas music plays]

Viki: Sweetheart, I'm so glad you're here. Thank you. All of you. It wouldn't be Christmas without you.

Kelly: This is all I wanted for Christmas.

Kevin: Kelly, listen --

Kelly: Hey, hey, come on. Let's go decorate that tree.

Kevin: Listen to me. I think we should tell the rest of the family about the divorce.

Kelly: You want to make an announcement like that at a family Christmas gathering?

Kevin: No, but we can't pretend it's not happening.

Kelly: We haven't done anything yet. I mean, we haven't filed. We're going to counseling.

Kevin: To deal with the divorce. Look, if I misled you in any way, I'm sorry, but I think this is the best thing for both of us.

Asa: Oh. I tell you, it is real good to see you two back together.

Kelly: We're not.

Asa: Are you out of your mind, Kevin? You're going to throw away everything we worked so hard for?

Kevin: Don't make this any harder than it already is.

Asa: I'm going to make it so hard you'll be begging for mercy. I'm going to start by cutting off your damn cash flow.

Kevin: Oh, I don't give a damn about your money.

Asa: What do you give a damn about, huh? It's not your wife, that's for sure. Not your family. Not even your own damn career. I know what you give a damn about. That witch Blair.


Blair: I went shopping with Kelly. I totally forgot that I was supposed to meet her at Logan’s.

Todd: So you just skipped out without telling me?

Blair: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know that I was going to be gone that long. You weren't worried, were you?

Todd: Well, if you went shopping, where's all the stuff you bought?

Blair: Out in the car.

Todd: Oh. I'll go bring it in.

Blair: No.

Todd: Why not?

Blair: Well, I -- there just might be a little something in there for you. What, you don't believe me, do you? All right, you know what? Go out. Go on and check it out. I mean, you're going to ruin the surprise, but go ahead. What's keeping you? You might even find one of Kevin's ties in there. I mean, that's what that's about, right? You think I've been out for the last 45 minutes with Kevin.

Todd: I don't want to fight with you.

Blair: I don't want to fight with you, either.

Todd: Let's go up to bed then.


[Music plays]

Viki: Have you heard from Jen?

Joey: Not that I expected to.

Viki: Darling, you don't have to stay if you don't want to.

Joey: I do. It helps to be around family.

Viki: Oh, Honey –


Bo: From now on that's your ornament.

Renee: Everyone in the family gets to have their own, Darling.

Matthew: Do I call you Grandma?

Renee: If and when Asa and I get married, again.

Matthew: Could I just get some more cookies?

Nora: How about cider? Just cider. You've had enough sugar, okay?

Renee: Oh, what a Christmas gift. Another member of the family. I still can't get over it.

Bo: I know. I'm still getting used to it myself.

Nora: Yeah, and Asa hasn't missed a beat. Not one beat. Just heard him asking Flash what's the best drum set to buy for Matthew.

Renee: Oh, no, no, no, no.

Nora: Drums. Someone help me. Please? Please, I'm begging you.


Flash: Hey, I heard what Jen did to you tonight, and I'm sorry.

Joey: She was just drunk, that's all.

Flash: I know you don't want to hear this, but I never thought she was good enough for you, anyway.

Joey: I know you two don't get along.

Flash: No, because she doesn't get you. You're an amazing guy. I'm sorry you had to get hurt.


Rex: Hey, why -- Jen! Jen? Jen, answer me. Jen?

[Jen coughs]

Rex: Okay -- it's okay, it's okay, it's okay, I'm here, okay? I'm here. I'm here, I'm here. All right. Yeah, hello. Yeah, I need an ambulance. All right -- well, there's been a break-in, maybe worse. I'm at 445 Front Street. Thank you. Jimmy, I need you in here!

Jimmy: What the --

Rex: Stay with her, okay?


Roxy: Okay, Nat. Power it up. Ah, is that a tree or what? You know, this is really interesting, even though it's not vinyl.

Natalie: You think you have enough lights on this thing, Roxy?

Roxy: I don't know. I'm not sure. But you know what? It reminds me of the boardwalk. Hey, Johnny boy, don't you think so? Hey, Nat, maybe you don't know this, but Johnny and you grew up in the same hood.

Natalie: We know.

John: We know.

Roxy: So that means you got a lot in common. You got lots to talk about. And you should do that while I go get the beverages.

Natalie: Roxy, not too much on the rum, please. She has hypoglycemia, and she has to watch it, even if she doesn't think so. So, ever seen a tree like this one?

John: Well, no. And I've never seen a tree wearing one of these.

Natalie: Hmm. Well, it looks much more natural on a fake plastic tree --

John: Hmm.

Natalie: Pink.

John: Here. So you never had a real tree growing up?

Natalie: Well, once. I begged. I begged Roxy to get me one, and I cried, and she finally caved in. I decorated it. I put popcorn on it, and I put some of my own things on it. It looked really, really good until Roxy came in drunk one night, knocked it over, started a fire. We got it, you know, put out right away, but -- anyway, since then, it's been plastic. How about you?

John: Oh, me? Yeah, we always had trees, you know. Small, but real. Mom did the best she could, but, you know, working in clubs and stuff.

Natalie: Well, you were home alone?

John: She couldn't help it. Like I said before, the holidays are a good time for tips, and when Michael went away to boarding school, he never really came home much.

Natalie: Even for Christmas?

John: Money was tight.

Natalie: I don't get it. How did Michael get to go to boarding school but you didn't?

John: Well, Mike got recruited, you know. He got a full scholarship. My brother, he's real smart.


Ron: Listen, Doc, Marcie was in love with Al Holden, you know. I don't think she's ready to hook up with anybody just now.

Al: You know, I'm sorry. That came out all wrung. I didn't mean that. I just meant that I was thinking of maybe asking her out to dinner or something.

Ron: Well, I think maybe it's just still a little too soon.

Al: Yeah, well, I don't have a lot of time.

Ron: What?

Al: Look, I got to -- I'm sorry, I'm just a little impatient, you know. I really can't wait to get to know your sister.

Ron: Oh, all right, all right, take it easy. Take it easy. You want my advice? Just take it slow, all right? Ask her out for, like, a cup of coffee or something like that.

Al: Cup of coffee?

Ron: Yeah.

Al: I'll do that.

Marcie: Everything all right in here?

Al: Your brother looks great. Seems that he should be ready to go tomorrow.

Ron: So, I'm kind of beat. Maybe you two guys could give me some time to get some rest?

Marcie: Oh. Okay.

Al: Yeah, that's a great idea. Come on, let's go.

Marcie: Excuse me? I'd at least like to say good night to my brother.

Al: Yeah. Sure, go ahead.

Marcie: Thanks.

Al's voice: Yeah, I know, Luna. She sees him, not me. Hey.

Marcie: Hi.

Al: I was about to go on break, and I was wondering if maybe you'd like to get a bite to eat with me.

Marcie: Do you want to talk about my brother? Are you asking me out on a date?

Al: I'm asking you out.

Marcie: Well, then you can forget it.


Asa: You're not even listening to me.

Kevin: I don't want to hear it.

Viki: Excuse me. It's the season to be jolly, not quarrel.

Asa: You or Clint had better talk some sense into that son of yours.

Viki: Asa, if you really want to help save their marriage, then I suggest you butt out, because the more you push Kevin, the further you're going to push him from Kelly.

Asa: Well, Blair Cramer has already done that. She is going to ruin his life.


Todd: What's the matter?

Blair: I think I'm coming down with something.

Todd: You seemed fine when you got home.

Blair: Yeah, it just -- it just hit me.

Todd: You just don't want to go to bed with me.

Blair: No, you know, it's the mall, all those people, and I feel a little tickle in my throat. Ahem. Actually, I feel a little dizzy.

Todd: Let me see if I can find you an aspirin.

Blair: Yeah, okay.

Todd: Hey, Kelly. It's Walker. I need to ask you something.

Kelly: Walker, this isn't a good time.

Todd: Just -- did you go Christmas shopping with Blair tonight?

Kelly: No.

Todd: You sure?

Kelly: Yes, I'm sure. I was not shopping with Blair tonight.


Nora: So, is Gabrielle coming over?

Bo: She said she was going to try.

Nora: Do you think she will?

Bo: I don't know. You know, it's the first Christmas without Al, and it's got to be tough, but we'll see.

Nora: Well, I'm glad we came. So is Asa.

Matthew: Thanks, Grandpa.

Nora: I saw that. Come on. No sugar. What did I tell you about sugar? You've got enough, Sweetie.

Matthew: I'm hungry!

Asa: Nora, it's Christmastime. Let the boy have some fun.

Nora: Hmm. If you're hungry, I'll go make you a sandwich, something healthy. Healthy, healthy.

Matthew: Yeah.

Nora: Oh, my God. Look what he's done to me. I'm talking about healthy food.

[Phone rings]

Bo: Buchanan.

Renee: I saw that.

Asa: So what?

Renee: You have always been famous for spoiling your grandchildren.

Asa: Nothing wrong with that, is there?

Renee: Nothing at all.

Bo: Pa, I got to go. Hey, Matthew, look, I'm going to call you later on, okay?

Matthew: Okay.

Bo: Tell your mom goodbye.

Matthew: All right.

Bo: See you.

Viki: Bo, is something wrong?

Bo: Something came up.

Viki: Is it that serial killer?

Bo: I'll call you as soon as I know something.

Viki: Thanks.


John: Would this be part of your handiwork?

Natalie: Roxy saved such weird stuff.

John: Yeah, well, it must have meant something to her.

Natalie: Wouldn't have known it back then. Rex is actually the lucky one. He got shipped off to an aunt.

John: Yeah, people thought Michael was pretty lucky, too, getting to go away, but I don't know. I'm kind of glad I stayed behind. I liked my neighborhood, and I -- probably would have missed my mom.

Natalie: Well, maybe you were the lucky one then, huh?

Roxy: You two ruminating on A.C.?

John: Excuse me.

Natalie: Oh, that's Roxy-speak for reminiscing.

John: Oh.

Roxy: Yeah, well, whatever. You know, speaking of Atlantic City, Johnny boy, don't you think that she ought to go for the Miss America pageant? Honey, you know, it's your last chance before you get too old and everything starts hanging.

Natalie: Roxy, I'm married. I'm Mrs. Cristian Vega. Come on.

Roxy: Mrs. America, then, because, Honey, you got the equipment. Go ahead; tell her.

Natalie: Roxy --

John: Absolutely. You got the equipment.

Roxy: See, he thinks you're a hottie, too.

Natalie: Please stop.

[Phone rings]

John: Yeah. I'm on my way, Bo.

Natalie: Something wrong?

John: Look, I'm -- I'm sorry. I can't stay.

Roxy: Is that the Music Box Killer? I mean, nobody's safe, are they?


[Phone rings]

Blair: Hello.

Kevin: Blair, it's me.

Blair: Kevin, hi.

Kevin: What the hell's going on?

Blair: What do you mean?

Kevin: Todd just called here to check up on you with Kelly. I mean, when are you going to tell him that you know he's Todd?

Blair: Look, I know what I'm doing.

Kevin: Listen, if he finds out what you're up to -- I can't talk here, so just meet me somewhere.

Blair: Dorian's house. I'll try to get away. It's not going to be easy. He's suspicious as it is.

Kevin: I don't like that you're alone with him, so just get out of there.

Blair: I got to go.

Todd: Who was that?

Blair: That was a telemarketer. Did you get the aspirin for me?

Todd: I couldn't find them.

Blair: Really? Hmm. I know where they are.

[Phone rings]

Kevin: Hello?

Blair: So I took the aspirin. I'm just going to sit down here and let the medicine kick in. So why don't you go on up to bed without me, okay? Ahem. Ahem.

Todd: How does that feel? Does that feel good? Don't you lie to me.

Blair: What?

Todd: That's the third time you've lied to me tonight. No more. You're never going to lie to me ever again.


John: What exactly did you see?

Jimmy: I was just passing by. Mr. Balsom asked me to stay with the girl, then he went out the window. That's all.

John: Okay, thanks.

Bo: How much do you remember, Jen?

Jen: I was asleep and I woke up and I heard something. I thought it was Rex.

Bo: Did you see who it was?

Jen: No, I was -- it was dark. I couldn't see anything, and this guy started choking me.

Bo: Okay, with his bare hands?

Jen: He had some kind of cloth. I tried to fight. I did fight. I got away, but I don't know what happened. I passed out, and -- it was the Music Box Killer, wasn't it? Now you're not going to be able to find him because I can't tell you what he looks like.

Bo: No, no, no, Jen, Jen, Jen, it's okay. Look, you're all right, and that's all that matters.

Paramedic: We've got to head to the hospital.

Bo: All right. Jen, do you think it could have been Rex? Because we can place him at the scene of two other assaults.

Jen: No, it wasn't Rex. He wouldn't hurt me.


Marcie: I'm going to let you get some sleep now, okay?

Ron: Okay.

Marcie: And I'll see you later.

Ron: Bye.

Marcie: You're still here?

Al: Yeah. Well, I was hoping maybe I could get an explanation.

Marcie: About what?

Al: Why won't you go out with me? I mean, even your brother told me that I should go for it.

Marcie: You saved his life. What was he supposed to say? Besides, Ron, he likes everybody.

Al: And so do you. You're a sweetheart. You'd probably give anybody else a chance.

Marcie: Oh, you don't know that about me.

Al: Yes, I do. I can just tell. So, what is it? Are you still mad at me about what I said about your brother being gay? I mean, I'm sorry. It was stupid, okay? Listen, I am totally down with the gays. You know what I'm saying?

Marcie: You're down with the gays? Well, that's not it.

Al: Well, then, what is it?

Marcie: Listen, I don't want to say anything bad about her, but, you know, Madison, she's just --

Al: Madison? This is about Madison?

Marcie: Yeah. You know, she did a lot of terrible things to me. Her and her ex-boyfriend, they threw me in a dumpster, I got sick, Al got the infection, and it killed him!

Al: Listen, the only reason that I went out with her is because --

Marcie: What? I don't want to go out with -- Jen? Jen, what happened? Jen!


Nora: Here you go. There. Nutritious, good, a little sugar.


Joey: Merry Christmas to you, too, Dad.

Viki: You okay?

Joey: Yeah, yeah, I was just talking with Dad.

Viki: Oh. He must have been very happy to hear from you.

Joey: Yeah. Actually, I'm going to go see him in London after Christmas.

Viki: I think that would be nice. It'll be good to get away for a little while.

Joey: It might be longer than a little while. I haven't told you this yet, but Andrew talked to me after the service, and he worked out a deal with the vestry for me to stay, but I have to take a leave of absence.

Viki: Honey, I know how hard this is on you.

Joey: I just feel like I'm throwing in the towel. Not just on St. James, but on Jen, too.

Viki: No, Darling, you're not. You have to face the fact that sometimes other people don't give us a choice.

[Phone rings]

Joey: Hello.

Marcie: Joe, listen, it's Marcie. You've got to come to the hospital. Jen's here.

Joey: Is she all right?

Marcie: I don't know. I don't know. They brought her in here, and they won't let me see her.

Joey: Okay. I'll be right there. Thank you.

Viki: What?

Joey: Jen's in the hospital. I got to go.

Viki: Call me!


Matthew: You're the best, Grandpa.

Asa: I love you. You like all this, don't you? Well, your grandpa has got something much better for you.

Matthew: Like what?

Asa: I had Nigel fix up a room just for you. Big TV screen, all the video games you can think of. Now, why don't you go up and play with them?

Matthew: Can you play with me, Grandmpa?

Asa: You bet I can! Let's go.


Viki: Kevin! Where are you going?

Kevin: Something important came up. I'll see you later.

Kelly: Did he say where he was going?

Viki: No, Honey. No. He said something important came up.


Todd: You lied to me about going shopping with Kelly. I think you're lying to me right now about this sickness so you won't have to sleep with me. And you lied to me about who just called. It was Kevin, wasn't it? Answer me!

Blair: I don't have to talk to you when you're like this.

Todd: You are a liar.

Blair: Huh! Like you haven't lied to me?

Todd: Now, don't turn this around to me! This is about you! This is about you lying to me about Kevin!

Blair: And how many times have I told you, over and over again, that nothing happened with Kevin?

Todd: Well, maybe if you stop running around behind my back I'd believe you.

Blair: Oh, God --

Todd: Where were you tonight? Huh?

Blair: You are so out of line!

Todd: Were you going for a quickie? I don't hear you denying it!

Blair: What do you want me to say, Walker? Do you want me to say, "Yeah, I'm okay. I've had this affair with Kevin. I've been sleeping with him all along." Is that what you want me to tell you? Because that would be a lie!

Todd: I want you to tell me the truth.

Blair: All right, I'll tell you the truth. Here it is. You are a jerk for not believing me! But that's just you, isn't it?

Todd: What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Blair: You think about that.

Todd: Where are you going?

Blair: I'm not staying here, I can tell you that much.

Todd: No, you're not leaving.

Blair: Yeah? You just watch me.

Todd: Blair –


Al: Your friend's okay. Traumatized, but physically she's fine.

Marcie: Do they know what happened to her?

Al: She was attacked. Strangled.

Marcie: Oh, my God. Was it -- it probably was the Music Box Killer.

Al: Well, the police aren't saying anything, but the admitting nurse said that she had the ligature marks all around her neck.

Marcie: Oh, my -- she could have been killed.

Al: Yeah, but she wasn't. She's here, and she's fine. Do you know what this means, Marcie? Well, if this was the work of the Music Box Killer, your brother was here, which rules him out as a suspect.

Marcie: Yeah, you're right. I mean, he couldn't have done it, and then -- and you couldn't have done it.

Al: Yeah, I know you wanted your brother's name cleared. They suspected me for a little while, there. You didn't, right?

Marcie: Well, I don't like some of the things that you do or say, but, no, I never thought that of you.

Al: Thank you, Marcie. You have no idea how much that means to me.

Marcie: Do you think I could see Jen, now?

Al: Yeah. Yeah. I talked to them. Why don't you go in there? She's going to need a friend.

Marcie: Thank you.

Al: Why, huh? Why, Michael? Why did you go out with Madison Kensington, you idiot? If you hadn't done that, I might have a fighting chance here.


Roxy: You're not going out there.

Natalie: Roxy, I told my mom that I was going to be over at Asa’s.

Roxy: Honey, it's not safe.

Natalie: I'll be careful.

Roxy: Oh, great. Then you're just going to leave me alone here with the killer on the loose?

Natalie: Hey, no offense, but all the victims were college girls. I don't think you have anything to be worried about.

Roxy: Yeah, well, Honey, what about you? You know, I'm not going to be able to sleep. Remember, it's like Mitch, you know, when he was out there killing everybody.

Natalie: You know what? It's probably too late to go anyway. I'll just stay.

Roxy: Good. Johnny's going to be real happy to hear that.

Natalie: And, Roxy, please, I'm begging you, stop with the matchmaking.

Roxy: Well, Honey, I just needed a big strong guy to help me with the Christmas tree -- somebody with muscles. And believe me, Honey, he's got muscles. And he's a real gentleman, though. They don't make them like that anymore. So before someone snatches him, you better make a move.

Natalie: Roxy, I'm not interested in anyone. Not now, not ever. Please, will you get that?


John: Did you get a good look at the guy?

Rex: He jumped in the water before I could catch up to him.

Bo: Let's head down to the docks, have a look around.

John: All right. You're coming with us.

Rex: I'm not leaving Jen.

John: I don't remember giving you a choice.

Marcie: It's okay if I see Jen now?

Jen: See, Marcie’s here. She can stay with me.

Rex: Listen, I will be back as soon as I can.

Marcie: Ahem. I'm really worried about you.

Joey: Bo! Is Jen all right?

Bo: Yeah, she seems to be, Joey.

Joey: What happened?

John: Someone tried to strangle her.

Joey: Well, where was she?

Rex: My place.

Joey: This is your fault, Rex.

Rex: Now, that's a stretch, even for you.

Joey: Well, she wouldn't have even been there in the first place if it hadn't been for you doing your number on her.

Rex: You know, I don't think that he should see Jen right now, not with an attitude like that.

Joey: She is my wife, damn it! And you are not keeping me away from her.

Bo: Joey, you can't do stuff like this in front of me. You know that. Come on. Let him go.


Marcie: Listen, I called your mom. I left her some messages about the fact that you're in the hospital, okay --

Jen: No, she's at a gallery opening in Philadelphia. She probably won't even get them till tomorrow.

Marcie: Oh. Okay. You know what? I'm going to leave you two alone.

Joey: Jen, when I heard what happened -- I don't know what I'd do if anything happened to you.

Jen: Please don't do this.

Joey: Hey, I don't care if you were hanging out at Rex's tonight, and I don't care if you were hanging out with that girl Karen Reeder. All I care about is you.

Jen: But that doesn't change anything. It doesn't change who I am.

Joey: I love who you are, okay, and I want our marriage to work. Please, Jen. Just give it another chance. Give us another chance.

Jen: I'm sorry. It's over. I can't change who I am.

Joey: You're not who you said you were in the church tonight.

Jen: You don't even know who I am.

Joey: I love who you are. I know what's in your heart. It's good. I've seen it. I've felt it.

Jen: Then why do I do the things that I do?

Joey: It's not your fault. It's Rex, okay? I mean, you don't even know what you're doing half the time, but it's not because you're a bad person. You don't deserve what happened tonight. Okay? It's Rex's fault. You didn't do anything wrong.

Jen: Don't you get why I was there? I cheated on you. I slept with Rex.


Rex: All right, that's where I saw the guy jump in.

John: Any witnesses? Anybody see you chasing this guy?

Rex: What, you don't believe me?

Bo: Hey, John --

John: Yeah.

Bo: Check this out.

Rex: It was the Music Box Killer.


Nora: Asa?

Asa: Oh.

Nora: Move, Flash.

Flash: Bye.

Nora: I hope you're happy. I just found Matthew completely passed out in that room upstairs with chocolate smeared all over him, surrounded by all these things that you bought him.

Asa: Yep. I am happy.

Nora: Oh, Asa -- okay, how am I supposed to get him home now?

Asa: Well, why don't you let him spend the night at Grandpa's?

Nora: Oh, right. Oh, that will be perfect. What's he going to have for breakfast, a bowl of chocolate? And then what will he do, play video games all day until he just wins?

Asa: Yep. He is a Buchanan.

Nora: Oh, God –


Viki: Joey went to the hospital to be with Jen.

Kelly: I wonder if Kevin would do that for me.

Viki: Of course he would. How could you even doubt that?

Kelly: I can't help it. I would go through whatever Jen's going through right now if I thought it might save my marriage.


Blair: Hey.

Kevin: Hey.

Blair: Sorry to keep you waiting. Thanks for meeting me.

Kevin: All right, tell me what's going on. Why haven't you told Todd you know who he is? Huh? Blair, what kind of game are you playing here?

Blair: One I am going to win.


>> On the next "One Life to Live" --

David: You're not actually going to let that little guppy charm you out of $30 million, are you?

Kelly: It's too late. Kevin doesn't love me anymore. He wants Blair. He's probably with her right now.

Kevin: What is this? What's going on?

Blair: What do you think? I mean, why don't you just stop fighting it?

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