OLTL Transcript Tuesday 12/2/03

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 12/2/03

By Suzanne
Proofread by Melissa Dann

Officer: Here you go, Lieutenant Governor.

Kevin: Thanks, Bill. I値l take it from here.

Bill: Yes, sir.

Kevin: Are you going to cooperate now?

Todd: We agreed I壇 stay and do this.

Kevin: No, you agreed. The last thing we need is an amateur up there jeopardizing the operation.

Todd: An amateur? At least I was actually searching instead of trying to sleep with someone's wife!


Starr: Mom, what's going on?

Blair: Nothing, sweetheart. You know what, as long as you are here safe, warm, and cozy in this house, absolutely nothing is wrong.

Starr: Actually, I知 going to go to the opposite of that because Aunt Betsy is messing everything up.

Blair: I知 going to go see Jack.

Starr: No!

Blair: Look, it'll only take a few minutes.

Starr: He's not going anywhere!

Blair: Just a couple of minutes, all right?

Starr: You are really freaking me out right now. Where is Walker? Did you guys get in a fight?

Blair: No, sweetheart. Everything is fine with Walker. He's out actually looking for Aunt Dorian and Viki. We survived a blizzard --

Starr: Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait! Nobody can find Aunt Dorian and Aunt Viki?

Blair: No, they haven't found them yet, not yet.


Viki: Dorian? Dorian, can you hear me? Dori-- oh -- Dorian, are you ok? Dorian, for God's sakes, talk to me! Talk to me, Dorian! Wake up!

Dorian: Where are you?

Viki: I知 right here. My hand is here. I can稚 reach you, but my hand is here.

Dorian: I need help. Where --

Viki: Dorian --

Dorian: Where am I?

Viki: Dorian, listen, you're --

Dorian: Oh, God!

Viki: Oh, Lord --

Dorian: Oh, God, no!

Viki: No, no, no. Dorian, please don't panic.

Dorian: Viki, I知 --

Viki: I知 going to get you out.

Dorian: I知 trapped in here!

Viki: No, you're not trapped. I知 going to get you out, I promise you. Take my hand.

Dorian: Viki, please, please!

Viki: No, Dorian --

Dorian: I知 frightened! I知 afraid I知 going to suffocate in here!

Viki: Please calm down! Please!

Dorian: Oh, God, it's my worst nightmare!

Viki: Dorian, I will get you out! Listen to me!

Dorian: I知 really buried alive! I知 going to die!

Viki: Dorian, listen -- listen to me! I am going to get you out! You are not trapped! I知 not going to let you die! Do you hear me? Dorian, calm down! I will get you out!

[Dorian screams]


Kevin: You know what? Only a degenerate like you would even believe that Blair and I were thinking about anything except finding my mom and Dorian.

Todd: And that's why you were in bed together?

Kevin: We were on a couch! I had a fever! She was trying to -- go to hell. I don't have to give you an explanation. I値l tell you one thing -- I was thinking about more than just the search. I was thinking about telling Blair that she was married to Todd Manning.

Bill: Lieutenant Governor?

Kevin: Yeah?

Bill: Your wife's on the phone.

Kevin: Tell her I値l call her back when I have a minute, ok?

[Todd laughs]

Todd: You know, I bet you'd take that call if it were Blair.

Kevin: If it was Blair, she'd be looking for you. She loves you. I don't know why. But, you know, if she knew that you were here in a jealous rage, accusing her of cheating, how do you think she'd feel?


Starr: And Walker will find them?

Blair: Positive.

Starr: And everything will be ok?

Blair: Positive.

Starr: But old Aunt Baggy Face and that $30 million --

Blair: Ok, ok, you know what? I知 going to go check on your little brother.

Starr: Wait! He's sleeping! What's there to check?

Blair: Starr, two minutes -- two minutes, sweetie. Two minutes.

Starr: Mom, Aunt Betsy is going to stiff me from her money!

Blair: You didn't even know about that money a month ago. Stop.

Starr: What's your point?

Betsy: You had a horrible, awful, dreadful, horrible father!

Starr: You said "horrible" twice.

Betsy: I知 giving my money to that fine, upstanding, young Paul Cramer!

Todd: Old bag. New bag.

Starr: Thank you, Daddy.

[Birds chirp]

Blair: "Daddy"?

Todd: Yep. I知 Todd. Starr's known all along. You mad?

Blair: Well, how could I be? I love you, Todd! Oh, I am so happy!

Starr: I知 so happy!

Todd: Yeah, me, too! Well, you know, about as happy as I can get.

[Doorbell rings]

Blair: Oh, no, no, no. Please, princess. No, I値l fetch the door for you. Please don't get up. I wouldn稚 want you to break a nail.

Kelly: Hi.

Blair: Hi, Kelly.

Kelly: Look, I know Kevin is tied up with the rescue team and everything, but I haven't been able to get a hold of him since you and I got back. Have you heard from him?

Blair: No, no, and, you know, Walker's with him. And why would Kevin call me? You'd be the first person he would call. I mean, not your cousin. Right?

Betsy: Good.

Kelly: I guess.

Betsy: You're here.

Blair: Yes.

Betsy: Dorian?

Blair: Missing.

Betsy: Still? Ugh -- so irresponsible.

Kelly: What?

Betsy: Starr, go and fetch your cousin Paul.

Starr: Go fetch him yourself.

Blair: Starr. Aunt Betsy, what's going on? Hmm? Aunt Betsy?

Betsy: I have revised my will. My lawyer --

Woman: Maureen Donnahur.

Betsy: Ms. Donnahur, has drafted it, and you will all witness it.

Starr: That's what I致e been trying to tell you, Mom. She's giving away her money to Paul.

Betsy: Will someone silence this unbearable child?

Blair: Hey! You're the one that needs to be silenced. You got that? And don't talk to my daughter like that. You can keep your money because all we care about right now is finding Viki and Dorian.


Viki: I swear to you on my life --

Dorian: No!

Viki: I知 going to get you out of here, ok? I知 not going to let you die. I知 just not going to do that. I need you to help me, though. Talk to me, ok? Are you --

Dorian: What, what, what?

Viki: Are you in any pain? Is anything broken, do you think? Your legs? Your arms? Does your head hurt?

Dorian: I知 fine, Viki! I知 fine, considering a mountain has just fallen in on top of me! I知 just dandy, except that I知 buried in this dark, airless --

Viki: No, no, no, there's a lot of air.

Dorian: Hole in the earth!

Viki: Look at this, it's all air, Dorian! I知 going to get you out, and I have plenty of time to do it. Now, listen, can you move anything at all?

Dorian: I can稚.

Viki: Ok.

Dorian: I can稚.

Viki: All right, just stay there. I値l be right back.

Dorian: The only air that I can --

Viki: You have to breathe, Dorian, just keep breathing. Deep -- deep breaths, calm, all the way from the bottom of your lungs, ok?

Dorian: And you --

Viki: Ok --

Dorian: No, no, no! Don't -- don't leave.

Viki: I知 not leaving. I知 right here.

Dorian: No, no, it makes me feel good to know you're outside.

Viki: I know. I知 not going anywhere, I promise you.

Dorian: And you're somewhere where you can move, you can move where you are.

Viki: Yes, I知 going to try and move some of these big rocks, ok?

Dorian: Please, please don't leave.

Viki: I only have one arm to do it, so I知 going to need this hand.

Dorian: Yes, your arm, your arm.

Viki: Dorian --

Dorian: How's your arm?

Viki: Just be calm. I知 right here, and I promise you I知 not leaving you.

Dorian: Ok, ok.

Viki: All right?

Dorian: Ok, ok.

Viki: Ok.

Dorian: Ok, I知 letting go of your hand.

Viki: Ok, and I知 right here.

Dorian: I got --

Viki: Ok? I just need my --

Dorian: I believe you.

Viki: My arm, ok?

Dorian: I believe you.

Viki: I知 going to try to move this rock.

Dorian: No, no --

Viki: I知 still here, don't worry about it. It's coming, it's moving. It -- it --

Dorian: Viki --

Viki: Ok.

Dorian: Can I have your hand back, please?

Viki: Yes, I知 right here. I知 right here, ok? I知 right here.

Dorian: Oh, God, you must think I am so, so -- it's this stupid claustrophobia. You just must think I知 so stupid and weak.

Viki: No, no, I don't think that at all. Believe me.

Dorian: It's just I致e been like this ever since I can remember, so --

Viki: I know that. I know something --

Dorian: Oh, damn it!

Viki: Terrible happened to you when you were a child.

Dorian: When I was a child? How about my whole childhood? Oh, God.

Viki: Can you talk about it, Dorian?

Dorian: It still -- it still --

Viki: Can you talk about it, Dorian?

Dorian: I know, I know -- do something, keep talking and things don't -- my mother, you know, used to beat us all. My sisters, Addie and Melinda, would cry, and I was -- I wouldn稚. I just wouldn稚. It upset me so, and they would. Sometimes if something was wrong and my mother would get really crazy, I壇 say I did it, I did it, just so that she wouldn稚 go after Melinda and Addie. And then, you know, she'd lock me up in this -- this garden shed that smelled of compost and -- and mold and stuff. But when she'd let me out, I wouldn稚 give her the satisfaction! No, I壇 look her straight in the eye, and -- and she'd say, "you're so defiant! Yeah, I値l teach you!" So one time she took me up into the attic and she said, "I致e got your number, Missy." And she put me inside a -- a trunk.

Viki: Oh, God.

Dorian: And I could barely fit into it. She slammed the lid down and I heard the latches. And -- and then she left me up there in the attic.

Viki: How -- how did you get out?

Dorian: I don't know.

Viki: Come on, Dorian. You got out. How did you get out, Dorian? Tell me how you got out. Think. Try and think.

Dorian: Wait --

Viki: You got out.

Dorian: I did.

Viki: Yes, you did.

Dorian: I I remembered that I had a barrette in my hair, and I -- I took it out and I -- I must've been so hysterical -- could pry the hinges off from the inside -- of course, I could barely reach it and the barrette broke. And then suddenly there was light. This beautiful, wonderful light. And I thought, "oh, this is what heaven looks like." Only then I saw my sisters' -- my sisters' faces -- Melinda and Addie -- and they'd come to rescue me. Isn't that incredible? They rescued me, and it was very brave of them because we all got punished.

Viki: Do you know something? It's probably very, very good that you remembered it now, because it just will remind you that you can get out of anything. You are strong and you're tough, and no matter how horrible the situation is, you can get out. Ok? Now, you're going to be strong, and I am going to get you out.


Blair: You do what you want with your money, Aunt Betsy. The people we love are in trouble, and your money is not going to fix that.

Betsy: My limo is packed. I am as eager to get out of this madhouse as you are to be rid of me. However, I will not leave until I do what I came for.

Kelly: Oh, wait, I値l go see if Paul's around.

Blair: Yeah.

Starr: Mom?

Blair: Hmm?

Starr: We can稚 let old baggy face give the money to Paul.

Blair: Starr, please, just --

Paul: Hey, Blair. I didn't know you were back.

Starr: Well, she is.

Paul: I got an urgent message. Is there word on Dorian?

Blair: Kelly!

Kelly: Yeah?

Blair: Found Paul.

Kelly: Oh, good.

Blair: Ok, everybody, Aunt Betsy has some news.

Starr: Ok.

Paul: Ok.

Blair: I think it's best if you stay out here. I値l fill you in on everything, ok? You just stay here. All right, Aunt Betsy, I guess you have something that you want to say?

Betsy: Since coming to Llanview, I have met with nothing but pigheaded resistance from insolent and rude relatives. My only allegedly sane niece ran off, crashed into the side of a mountain.

Blair: Ok --

Kelly: Hey, you don't even know Dorian.

Blair: Really, you don't know her.

Betsy: I know this. The only person who's shown me any consideration is a relative who knew all along that he was not, didn't meet the criterion for my heir, and therefore there wasn't going to be any advantage in bootlicking.

Paul: You know, ma'am, I think you're being a little too hasty, you know? These are good people.

Betsy: Bull! No, I致e decided. There was a brief moment when -- when I thought that young Starr might be suitable, being female and unmarried. Sadly, I have since learned that her father's a vile -- was a violent felon and a convicted rapist, and I cannot in good conscience leave money to the demon seed of that demon seed.

Blair: Excuse me, Aunt Betsy, but didn't I make it perfectly clear about your opinions of my daughter?

Betsy: Mm-hmm. Paul -- I have investigated your past. I知 satisfied that you've never been married. And I壇 better not find out otherwise, in this life or the next. Marriage, either prior to or subsequent to this will, would void the inheritance. You'd forfeit every last dime.

Paul: I知 not the marrying kind, ma'am.

Betsy: Yes, the codicil -- it's very specific. My death -- it will not release you from the terms of the agreement.

Paul: So you're saying that --

Betsy: You seem to be a decent man and a patriot. You are my sole beneficiary.

Blair: What?

Paul: I -- I don't know what to say.

Blair: Well, I do. I have a few things that I would like to say about the person that you called a demon that spawned my daughter. Todd is a better person than you -- any old, malicious, old, money-pinching bag -- will ever be!

Starr: You tell them, Mom.


Todd: You can稚 stop me from searching for Viki.

Kevin: Oh, I can, and I will. I値l just tell the state trooper to hold you here.

Todd: Don't be an idiot. You need my help to find her.

Kevin: Oh, what about Dorian? I thought you'd be more concerned about your wife's missing aunt.

Todd: I知 concerned about both of them. You know what, I don't owe you any explanations.

Kevin: Oh, come on, Todd. I want to hear you say that the reason you're searching for my mom is because you池e her bastard brother.

Todd: God, I am so sick of your holier-than-thou attitude!

Kevin: What's the matter? You can稚 own up to the truth?

Todd: Oh, Kevin Buchanan's issued the truth? My God, what a revelation!

Kevin: Hey, I have always been honest about who I am and what I致e done! Obviously, you can稚 say the same. Now, come on, say it. Say that you're Uncle Todd. Come on, just tell me.

Todd: God, it's just like the college days -- you got to rat me out! You know that?

Kevin: Yes!

Todd: You're going to cut deals --

Kevin: Just say it!

Todd: Fine, I知 Todd! Now, we can go find Viki, please?


Dorian: I知 sorry, I can稚 believe I fell apart like that.

Viki: Don't be stupid.

Dorian: No, no, no. What's stupid is my telling you all these stories about my miserable childhood. Where are the violins when you need them?

Viki: No, no, no, Dorian, no, no, no. Come on, you must be feeling a bit better, right?

Dorian: Yes, but --

Viki: Ok.

Dorian: Just -- just don't go away.

Viki: No, I知 not going anywhere. What I want to do is just try and move another couple of these rocks, ok? I -- the thing is I need my hand to do it, all right, because the other hand is brilliantly wrapped up by you.

Dorian: Oh --

Viki: So if -- you'll be all right if I just take my hand away for a minute?

Dorian: Ok, ok, ok.

Viki: Ok. You know, what you just said -- the story you told me -- it might be a very -- a good thing you did -- you know, some sort of step forward for you psychologically, you know, about your claustrophobia. Ok.

[Dorian laughs]

Viki: What? What?

Dorian: You are such a Pollyanna.

Viki: Dorian --

Dorian: I知 sorry.

Viki: It's not real, you know. It's just my reputation.

Dorian: Oh? What's the truth?

Viki: You and I both know that I have been to hell and back a whole bunch of times. And I know perfectly well that life can be so full of darkness and misery. But you know what? It doesn't make the good any less wonderful, and I think what you have just done for yourself is something really good.

Dorian: My sisters, Melinda and Addie, have been in and out of mental institutions all their lives. My -- my daughter, Cassie, is so fragile and complicated. And Blair and Kelly -- I worry about them all the time. I mean, these are the Cramer women, we call ourselves. I mean, my mother was a monster.

Viki: Your mother and my father. But you know something? They're the people who gave birth to us and raised us. And in spite of it all, Dorian, we came out ok.

Dorian: Where do you get your strength?

Viki: I don't know. Where do you get your confidence?

Dorian: No. That's just bravado. It's a facade made of cardboard and full of holes.

Viki: I don't believe there's a single bit of you that's cardboard. And as for holes -- well, I致e plugged mine up with a lot of different personalities.

Dorian: But that's over for all those alters. I can稚 say I知 going to miss any of them, especially not Tommy.

Viki: I知 sorry. I知 just glad I finally got the help I needed, thank God. But you know, to this day, I知 absolutely devastated when I remember what my father did to me. And you know what's worse? He never, ever, ever admitted it. Even when I had another chance and I saw him again, he never owned up to it. Not to his dying breath would he own up to it.

Dorian: Would it have made a difference?

Viki: Oh, yeah. Yeah, it would've made all the difference. Never mind. He's dead, and it's -- it's over. It's gone.

Dorian: Maybe not.


Blair: No matter what you have faced in your long, long life, Aunt Betsy, and no matter what you will face for the rest of it, you will never come close to what Todd had to endure and overcome.

Betsy: Mm-hmm.

Blair: He at least tried to be a good man, and you know what, he became one. And he built a family that he loved -- loved deeply. And he risked his life over and over again to protect us.

Starr: Give it to them, Mom.

Blair: You know what? He made some mistakes. He made a lot of terrible mistakes. But Todd is gone, and I don't want to hear another nasty word out of your mouth about him. Do you hear me?

Betsy: That's very nice -- like mother, like daughter. Aren't we done yet?

Blair: Listen to me, Aunt Betsy! Todd died a lot younger than you ever will. But he lived his life with passion, courage, and more feeling than you ever will until you live to see the next millennium.

Betsy: May we move on?


Kevin: Hey, let's wait for the others.

Todd: I知 not waiting for them. It's not your sister who's trapped. I think the cave is over there.

Kevin: No, come on, let's wait, man, for search and rescue. The last thing we need to do is stomp around up there and cause another avalanche.


Viki: You ok?

Dorian: Viki, do you remember those -- those papers of your father's that I found at Llanfair?

Viki: Oh, the ones that Mitch hid. Yeah.

Dorian: The ones that I took with me when you threw me out?

Viki: Ok. What about them?

Dorian: There was something -- uh -- very special amongst the papers that I never told anybody about.

Viki: What?

Dorian: It was a letter to you from your father.

Viki: From my father?

Dorian: In it, he apologizes. He confesses to everything.

Viki: He -- he admitted it?

Dorian: Yes. Everything that happened in your bedroom and --

Viki: Um -- where's the letter? I mean, I壇 -- I壇 really like -- I壇 love to see that. I need to know that --

Dorian: Viki, this is really -- um -- well, it was inexcusable of me and petty and -- but at the time, I was so angry because you had thrown me out of Llanfair again, and --

Viki: What'd you do, Dorian?

Dorian: I知 so sorry, but I burned the letter.

Viki: You made it up. There was no letter. You didn't have to make that up, you know.

Dorian: I swear I didn't make it up. No, there really was a letter, and it's exactly what you -- you said you wished for. He begged for forgiveness. He was remorseful and confessed to everything. Do you want me to quote you details?

Viki: No, no, no! Dorian, is it really, really true?

Dorian: Yes, Viki.

Viki: Ok. Well, we're getting you out bit by bit here. You're going to have to try and, I don't know, wriggle your way up so that -- I知 going to move these rocks, and you're going to have to climb over these, ok? Because we can稚 move this one.

Dorian: Anything to get out of here.

Viki: Ok.

Dorian: No problem.

Viki: Tell me something, though, in the meantime. What do you think it would take to make you really secure?

Dorian: Is this a game or a serious question?

Viki: No, this is a serious question.

Dorian: Money. Money.

Viki: Oh, come on! I said it's a serious question.

Dorian: That's it, that's it. That's the answer -- money and lots of it.

Viki: You know what? We both know that material things do not make you secure. That has to come from inside.

Dorian: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. That, too. But if I had lots and lots of money, then I would know that I would always be able to take care of my family.

Viki: The way that nobody ever took care of you.

Dorian: Yeah. I値l -- I値l give you that. But I値l tell you -- I have -- I have a pretty good shot at it because there's -- there's my Aunt Betsy. You know, my father's sister? And she's got this will where she's going to -- um -- $30 million, she's going to leave one of us. Of course, it's -- you know, it's just -- it's impossible because she's got a heart of stone and she's got a list of requirements for the heir that you just wouldn稚 -- Starr doesn't fulfill the -- no, no, no, no. No, no, because, you see, Starr is carrying the blood of your dear, not-so-departed, brother, Todd.

Viki: You know what you need? You need a long-lost daughter that you never knew you had to drop in on your doorstep, just like Natalie did.

Dorian: That's it.


Kevin: Look, I want to find my mother as much as you do, but I知 trying to stay rational here. The searchers know these mountains. They know how to handle an avalanche.

Todd: Fine. I値l see you back here, then.

Kevin: This is not your call.

Todd: Lay off me!

Kevin: Listen to me, Todd --

Todd: No, you listen to -- you listen to me. Viki's probably scared half to death out there while we're sitting here doing nothing. And if you call me Todd again, I swear I知 going to kick your ass.

Kevin: Well, then stop pretending to be someone else.

Todd: I am someone else.

Kevin: You know what, if Blair ever finds out that you lied to her again, you know what she's going to do?

Todd: You're amazing, you know that? Your mother could be dying out there right now, and all you can care about is getting back to Llanview so you can tell Blair your big news -- "he's Todd, leave him."


Blair: I don't know where Starr is. You seen her?

Kelly: No. You know what?

Blair: What?

Kelly: I値l bet that she's letting the air out of Aunt Betsy's limo tires right now.

Blair: That's what I知 afraid of.

Kelly: You know what? I値l help you find her before she finds a tire iron and starts smashing her windshield. Where is Aunt Betsy?

Blair: I don't know, probably saying goodbye to your new, extremely rich brother, hmm?

Kelly: Yeah. I probably should've been nicer to him, huh? Yeah.


Paul: You know, Aunt Betsy, I -- I don't know how to thank you. I won't disappoint you.

Betsy: It's not disappointment. It's disinheritance. You so much as apply for a marriage license --

Paul: You've -- you've made that pretty clear.

Betsy: Think about how it would feel to lose $30 million. You think about that on a daily basis. That'll keep you out of the chapel.

Paul: Well, I don't think I致e ever met a woman as admirable and as principled as you, ma'am, so I hope to get to know you better.

Betsy: You may visit me in Columbus if you wish. You'd better not take too long.

Paul: I won't, I won't.

Betsy: Oh -- don't see me out to the limo. I can稚 bear maudlin farewells.

Betsy: Ow! Oh! You kicked me, you -- oh, how dare you!

Starr: Don't you dare talk about my father that way! He's good!

Betsy: Oh!

Starr: As a matter of fact, he's great!

Betsy: Not by any accounts that matter.

Starr: He's different now.

Betsy: Oh, yes. In the fact that he's dead, yes, he is.

Starr: He's not dead! He's alive! And if he knew you, you would wish you were dead.


Viki: Here you go. Oh, thank God you are out. You're out. There you go.

Dorian: Thank you. Thank you.

Viki: Oh, you know what?

Dorian: Thanks, Viki.

Viki: It was my pleasure. So, what did you mean before when you said "that's it"? What's it, huh?

Dorian: Oh. I was just thinking of a possible solution to an impossible problem.

Viki: Oh, Dorian, you never give up. Look, there's light. Look, Dorian. Yes, there is. There's light! Look! Look, there is light! There is light coming through a crack in the rock! There's light!


Paul: Oh.

Blair: Congratulations, Paul. What, you just waltz right into the family, out of the blue, before we have a chance to find out if you're allergic to strawberries or you can speak fluent French, and you collect $30 million. You ace out my mother's generation, my generation, and my daughter's. Hmm.

Paul: You know, I知 sorry for the way Aunt Betsy treated Starr. I -- I thought it was shocking.

Blair: Hmm, that's mighty big of you.

Paul: Well, I also respect what you said about your late husband. I mean, even if Aunt Betsy were right about --

Blair: Ok, you know what? You can stop talking now. Because I知 not buying any of it.

Betsy: What do you mean? Todd Manning died a well-deserved death at the hands of that madman Dorian married!

Starr: He did not! He's alive!

Kelly: Starr! Starr, do not talk that way, ok? Imagine how upset it would make your mother and how bad it would make Walker feel. Now, your mother was looking for you. Why don't you go find her?

Betsy: That child kicked me! Oh! She's a damned strong little beast.

Kelly: Does -- does Starr know that Walker is Todd?


Kevin: Hey, the only reason that I didn't tell Blair is because I thought I壇 give you a chance to be a man for once.

Todd: Gee, Kev, I don't think you're one who can preach about being a man.

Kevin: Gee, Todd, I didn't know I had to rape someone to be a man. Marty Saybrooke -- you remember her, huh?

Todd: Yeah, I remember her, and I致e done nothing but try to change since then. But what have you done, huh? What have you done to try to become more honest and decent? Nothing. You're too busy trying to steal my wife.

Kevin: You better tell her. Soon. It's your last chance.

Todd: You won't tell her.

Kevin: You know what, it's not because of what you know about my wife in Houston. That's not what it is. The only reason I haven't told Blair is because I care about her.

Todd: Ugh --

Kevin: Because I don't want her hurt --

Todd: Right.

Kelly: You know what, I知 going to find --

Todd: Do you really want the world to know your wife is a whore?


Dorian: That hole is really very small. I tell you what -- if you can climb out of that little pinhole, I promise you I値l follow you. Hmm?

Viki: Dorian, we have dynamite, courtesy of our friend Mr. Convict! We're going to plug that hole with the dynamite and make it bigger!

Dorian: Really? Who's going to have the honor of lighting it?

Viki: Well, I mean, obviously, we have to make a fuse.

Dorian: Well, I致e always had a rather short fuse, so you win. Ha-ha.

Viki: Oh, I got it! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. We're going to use the money. We're going to make origami-money fuse.

Dorian: Oh -- you with the money! I mean, really -- I致e just had a glimpse into the future. Yes, we're in the 24th century, and a team of archaeologists has just entered this cave and found our bones in it.

Viki: Are you going to help me with this or not?

Dorian: You don't care how you spend my money, do you?

[Viki laughs]

Viki: You know what? You got your wish. You've got money to burn.


Blair: You kicked Aunt Betsy?

Starr: Really, really, really hard.

Blair: Oh, Starr.

Starr: Are you going to send me to bed without supper?

Blair: Starr --

Starr: What? I really want that $30 million.

Blair: I know you do. You know what I think? I think Aunt Betsy used to be young.

Starr: You do?

Blair: Mm-hmm. A long, long, long, long time ago when she was nice -- before she got the money. Before she turned into that mean, old witch that you just kicked as hard as you could out there.

Starr: So, where did flyboy go?

Blair: Paul? I don't know.

Starr: You think maybe I could trick him into making him feel guilty for this? And then he'll give me all of his money. Ok, half of his money.

Blair: I think he's already bonded with that money. But you know what? Hey, if you feel that you can do that and you need to do that, you go ahead.

Starr: Well, I do feel.

Blair: Ok.

Starr: And that will do.

Blair: Oh, man.

Kelly: Whew! Whew, she is gone.

Blair: Thank goodness. Now if we could only hear from Viki and Dorian, I think we'd be ok.

Kelly: Yeah. Hey, you really got worked up when you talked about Todd. You're still in love with him, aren't you?

Blair: I think that I will always love the memory of Todd -- you know, the good stuff? But I love Walker.

Kelly: Yeah, you say that now.

Blair: What do you mean?

Kelly: Nothing. Never mind.

Blair: "Nothing, never mind, never mind"? What are you -- you always do that when you're dying to tell me something. What?

Kelly: I just --

Blair: What?

Kelly: What were you doing in that cabin with Kevin?

Blair: Well, what do you think, Kelly? Come on, say it! I know you're dying to ask me. Ask me.


Viki: Ok. All set?

Dorian: I don't know how anybody could be -- could possibly be set for something like this, but --

Viki: You know what? If anybody can, you can.

Dorian: Fine, I知 set.

Viki: Ok. Here we go.

Dorian: Wait a minute. Please, I --

Viki: What?

Dorian: Just -- just hold my hand, would you please? I知 scared --

Viki: Dorian --

Dorian: No, really, I知 feeling very insecure. Just let me have your hand.

Viki: Dorian, there's only one hand, and it's attached to a fractured arm.

Dorian: I値l do the match.

Viki: Here you go.

Dorian: Ok, give me your hand. Here we go.

Viki: Go ahead, light it.

Dorian: All right.


>> On the next "One Life to Live" --

Viki: What do you think will happen when you die?

Kevin: We're finally free to be together.

Paul: I can稚 even imagine making love with you.

Jessica: You're not going to have to imagine.

Natalie: You're so young. Are you sure you want to do this?

David: My goodness you're pregnant!

Kelly: Ow!

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