OLTL Transcript Friday 11/21/03

One Life to Live Transcript Friday 11/21/03

By Suzanne
Proofread by Melissa Dann

[Music plays]

John: So, F.Y.I., we're going to take a pass on Walker Laurence as a suspect in Elyssa Collins' murder.

Evangeline: Kevin Buchanan wants this case solved and closed yesterday.

Antonio: Yeah, and Dan Colson's busting everyone's butt down at the department.

John: Yeah, well, they can all just back off and let us do our jobs.


R.J.: Give me a martini, very dry, with a twist.

Natalie: Very dry it is. Be ready in a few minutes.

John: He's still out there. He's ready to strike.

Jen: At Valley Inn! No way!

Karen: Oh, my God!

[Jen and Karen giggle]

Jen and Karen: Whoo!

Karen: Close the door.


Kelly: I can't believe I couldn't get a flight to Saranac. You know, I should have just gone with Kevin in the first place. It's the biggest speech of his life.

Joey: Just keep checking with the airport. Maybe they'll start flying out soon.

Kelly: Yeah. You know, you don't have to stay here and babysit me.

Joey: No.

Kelly: I know you really want to go see Jen.

Joey: Oh, we have a couple of things to work out. Besides, she's not answering her cell.

Kelly: Oh.

Jessica: Joey! Thank God I found you.

Joey: What? Is something wrong?

Jessica: Well, I got some news. It's about Mom.


Todd: Are you absolutely sure?

Harrison: Yes.

Todd: That she was definitely on that plane?

Harrison: They could have made an emergency landing and everything is fine. There's a search party out there right now.

Todd: And how are they going to find her in this snowstorm?

Harrison: Look, they're doing the best they can.

Todd: That's not good enough. Not only is my s-- is Viki out there, so is my wife.

Harrison: She's not alone. She's with Kevin Buchanan.

Todd: Is that supposed to make me feel better?


Kevin: Hey -- hello?

Blair: Hello?

Kevin: Hello?

Blair: Anybody here? Hello? Oh! Oh, we are so lucky that we found this place.

Kevin: They must have taken off as soon as the snowstorm began.

Blair: Oh, gosh.

Kevin: Look, I don't know how we're going to get that car out of the snow bank.

Blair: Oh, like --

Kevin: We're going to get a tow or something.

Blair: We really have to worry about that now? I don't think so.

Kevin: Oh, man, look at this. It's getting worse out there.

Blair: Yeah.

Kevin: My mom better get found soon.


Viki: Dorian, I've got it now, ok?

Dorian: Please, Viki, hurry up! I don't know how much longer I can -- oh!

Viki: Are you ok?

Dorian: Thank you! Oh, yeah. You know, I always seem to -- I got pinned back here.

Viki: Here, give me your hand. Let me help you.

Dorian: Wait a minute -- whatever you do, just don't pull, ok? Because I don't --

Viki: I won稚.

Dorian: Know what --

Viki: Are you hurt?

Dorian: Ah!

Viki: Are you hurt?

Dorian: I don't know at this point.

Viki: Ok.

Dorian: Let me just pull myself out a little bit.

Viki: Ok. All right.

Dorian: Yeah. Ok.

Viki: Are you ok? Can you walk?

Dorian: Ow! Yeah. Ooh. Ouch. Ooh. Hold on.

Viki: Come on. Come on.

Dorian: Oh, thank God.

Viki: Come on. Come on. Come on.

Dorian: Just a minute, just a minute.

Viki: Come on.

Dorian: Ow! Just a minute!

Viki: Come on, Dorian.

Dorian: There --

Viki: Be careful. There's a rock there. Be careful.

Dorian: Ok. A rock.

Viki: Come on, we got to get out of here.

Dorian: Oh!

Viki: This could blow, you know?

Dorian: Oh, my -- what?

Viki: All right. I don't know! We have to get out of here!

Dorian: How did you get out of the plane?

Viki: I was thrown --

Dorian: Oh, my God!

Viki: And the plane split apart.

Dorian: Look at all of this.

Viki: Just follow me. Give me your hand, for heaven's sakes.

Dorian: I think I知 better off on my own.

Viki: No, you're going to fall, because you're wearing heels.

Dorian: Oh, my --

Viki: Just follow me, ok? Just follow me! Are you ok?

Dorian: I知 fine. I知 fine --

Viki: Ooh -- ok. This goes -- just put your feet in my footsteps, all right?

Dorian: I know how to walk, Viki!

Viki: Don't holler.

Dorian: Oh, my --

Viki: This is a step down.

Dorian: Viki, I don't know -- I知 kind of starting to get a little dizzy.

Viki: Oh, stop it!

Dorian: No, I --

Viki: You can't get dizzy now!

Dorian: Ok. Just --

Viki: Just hang on, Dorian, hang on.

Dorian: Oh --

Viki: Dorian --

Dorian: Viki --

Viki: Keep going.

Dorian: I --

Viki: No, no, no -- keep going, keep going. Come on, I値l talk to you.

Dorian: Agh!

Viki: There's a slope down here, Dorian!

Dorian: Oh!

Viki: Dorian? Dorian? My God -- Dorian! Dorian, you have to wake up! Dorian, please, you have to wake up! Dorian!


John: I think she cheats.

Antonio: Ok, you play her next time.

Evangeline: Excuse me, gentlemen.

John: You go down there, don't come back.

Antonio: Bring beer.

John: Many beers.

Antonio: No fibers, no prints, no nothing. Except his calling card.

[Phone rings]

Antonio: Unless there's something you're keeping from me.

John: I知 sorry. I got to take this. Yeah?

R.J.: Please, don't feel obligated to keep me company. I would not want to interrupt your fun with Vega and company.

Evangeline: He's working for me.

R.J.: Hmm.

Evangeline: And he's good at it, in spite of what you think. So, you here for the ribs or are you just avoiding Capricorn?

R.J.: I was thinking about selling it.

Evangeline: Because of Keri?

R.J.: And my shares in Ultra Violet, too.

Evangeline: Why?

R.J.: All parts of the same thing.

Evangeline: Don't want to be reminded?

R.J.: I知 thinking about just completely severing ties with that part of my life.

Evangeline: Does that include me?


Jessica: Mom's plane -- it dropped off the radar, and they're looking for it now. They haven't found it. I don't know. That's all I know.

Kelly: You know what? Let me call Kevin. I値l bet he knows more.

Jessica: I tried already, but I didn't get through. Maybe you'll have better luck.

Joey: We should tell Natalie.

Jessica: I don't know how she's going to be able to handle this, though, after what happened with Cristian and everything.

Joey: Ok, we'll wait, but just until we know Mom's ok.

Roxy: Everybody, did you hear the news? Viki's plane took a nosedive in the middle of nowhere. They don't know whether she's dead or alive.


Viki: Oh, my God! Dorian, now, listen, you have to wake up, ok?

[Dorian coughs]

Viki: Dorian, can you please wake up?

Dorian: Stop!

Viki: Come on, Dorian, can you sit up?

Dorian: What?

Viki: Sit up.

Dorian: What is --

Viki: It's me, ok? It's me.

Dorian: Viki?

Viki: Yes!

Dorian: Where are we?

Viki: The plane -- the plane crashed, all right? Now, we seem to be ok, but I -- look, the pilots didn't make it. It's cold!

Dorian: What? Are you sure?

Viki: Yes, I知 sure.

Dorian: Maybe we should go and check --

Viki: No, believe me, I知 completely sure.

Dorian: No.

Viki: Come on, I got to get you up. You can't just sit on the ground like this.

Dorian: Ok, ok, I知 so -- ouch! I知 sore! Stop it! I値l get up.

Viki: Oh, God, it's just so cold! Oh! Are you ok?

Dorian: Yes, yes.

Viki: Can you move?

[Dorian coughs]

Viki: All right, you know what? I知 going to try and get some help.

Dorian: You've got a phone?

Viki: Yes.

Dorian: Oh, great. Is it working?

Viki: It's working, but it looks like the battery's dying. Well --

[phone rings]

Kevin: Getting a signal? It's my mom! Hello? Hello?

Viki: Kevin! Oh, thank God!

Kevin: Mom?

Viki: Yes, darling, it's me!

Dorian: Let him know I知 here.

Viki: Yes, and I知 with Dorian!

Kevin: Dorian's there?

Blair: What's Dorian doing there?

Kevin: I don't know. Mom, where are you?

Viki: I don't know, honey. The plane came down in the storm. I don't know where we are.

Kevin: Well, are you ok?

Viki: Yes, I think we are ok.

Kevin: Just tell me where you are and I値l come get you.

Viki: Baby, I don't know where we are, ok? We're on a mountainside --

damn it!

Kevin: Mom? Mom, are you still -- mom, are you still there?

Dorian: Do you think he heard you?

Viki: I know he heard me. I have to try and get him back. Oh, my God! The battery's dead!

Dorian: Oh, wonderful! Wonderful! Now -- now nobody knows where we are!

Viki: Well, I知 very sorry, ok? The battery died. Where's your phone?

Dorian: My phone?

Viki: Where's your phone?

Dorian: I think it's in my purse, but who knows where my purse is? Oh, Viki, what are we going to do?

Viki: Look, I don't know what we're going to do, ok? But we will figure it out, all right? Listen, it's not as if it's the first time we've ever been in trouble together.

Dorian: We've got to get out of here, Viki!

Viki: Well, you should have thought of that before you trapped us here, shouldn't you? Help!

Dorian: Help!

Viki and Dorian: Help!

Viki: And we've always managed so far.

Dorian: In a manner of speaking.

Viki: Ok, the first thing we have to do is get out of this weather. We have to see if we can find someplace where we can shelter. Maybe over here behind the bushes.

Dorian: Behind the bushes?

Viki: Well, you know, you got a better idea?

Dorian: How about a motel with room service?

Viki: Dorian, look! Look! Look! There's a hole in the rock here. We can go in here.

Dorian: A hole in a rock? Do you really think I知 going to go crawling in some hole in a rock? You're out of your mind. No! What if there are wild animals in there?

Viki: Well, if there are wild animals in there, they're probably asleep!

Dorian: Oh! Viki! Don't go in there! I知 not going to go in there with you, I知 telling you that!

Viki: Fine! Stay here and freeze!

Dorian: Viki, wait up. Viki? Ok, Viki! Gosh. Oh. Oh.


Harrison: Keep me posted. Ok, Viki's all right. We don't where she is except that she's south from here.

Todd: What about Kevin and Blair? Where are they?

Harrison: In a cabin on the route that the search squad took.

Todd: Are they alone?

Harrison: It looks that way. You know, there's been a state of emergency declared. You can't even get on the roads and -- that's it.

Todd: Can helicopters get up there?

Harrison: Grounded.

Todd: Then no one's looking for Viki!

Harrison: I've been in touch with the local authorities. They'll alert me when it's ok to start the rescue up again. In the meantime, everyone stays put.

Todd: Oh, like hell.


Blair: What in the world was Dorian doing on the flight with Viki?

Kevin: I don't know. I suppose we'll find out soon enough.

Blair: I知 just glad they were both ok, and --

Kevin: Yeah.

Blair: I知 glad you let me come with you.

Kevin: Are you?

Blair: Well, my aunt, your mom. We're in this together, Kevin.

Kevin: Yeah, together.

Blair: I知 going to see if I can get Walker.

Kevin: Well, don't you think he could have done that for you? Called you, let you know why he wasn't coming up here? I mean, you know, you did just get married. Must be a big reason, right?

Blair: Well, maybe he realizes there's no sense to worry or be jealous with me being alone up here with you.

Kevin: Well, good, because it looks like we're going to spend the night together.


Viki: Are you ok now?

Dorian: I知 fine.

Viki: Do you want my coat?

Dorian: No! I don't want your coat! Huh, and have you die of hypothermia and then I get blamed for it, the way I get blamed for everything? No -- that is, if we ever get out of here.

Viki: Dorian, we will get out, ok? I知 sure there's a rescue party looking for us right now.

Dorian: Oh, sure, oh, sure, and when are they going to find us? It could take a couple of hours in this storm, or even days!

Viki: Well, ok, then! If it's days, there's got to be a lot of stuff on the plane that we can use. I know there are blankets and pillows there -- all kind of stuff. I知 going to go and look.

Dorian: Have you taken leave of your senses? That wind could blow you right off this mountain.

Viki: Well, I知 sorry, but it's a lot better than dying of the cold in here. I知 going to take my chances, and you're welcome to join me.

Dorian: You have lost your mind! Now, I insist you get a grip on yourself, and right now! I don't want you having some sort of psychotic break, and -- and bringing up one of your alters, who I値l be stuck with in this cave! No, thank you!

Viki: I do not believe you! Why would you bring that up now?

Dorian: "That"?

Viki: "That"!

Dorian: What "that" are you referring to? Could it possibly be that time when you tried to kill me? You --

Jean: I had this room rebuilt exactly as it once was just for you.

Dorian: Let me out of here. Let me --

Jean: This is Plexiglass. You can't break it, so don't try. Get used to your new home, because you're never leaving here.

Viki: Ok, I am not the enemy now.

Dorian: No, you're not this time.

Viki: For once we're on the same side. Now, are you coming with me or not?

Dorian: Not.

Viki: Fine! I値l go alone!

Dorian: Bye. Viki?


Kelly: All right, thanks, bye. It seems the information was released before you could be informed.

Natalie: Yeah, well, it seems like everybody knew what was going on except me.

Jessica: Natalie, I知 sorry. We just -- we didn't want to upset you until we knew everything.

Natalie: Well, you know, I just really wish people would be straight with me, because, you know, Cristian might still be here if I was in the loop.

John: Look, I知 going to make some calls, see what I can find out about your mom's plane.

Evangeline: This has got to be horrible for them, not knowing.

R.J.: It's not as bad as knowing the worst.

Evangeline: Oh, and throwing everything away makes it better?

R.J.: Nothing does that.

Evangeline: You know, there are people who care about you that want to help.

R.J.: You are helping. Really. If it weren't for you and Jamie --

Evangeline: You don't even have to think about that. I would like to do more.

R.J.: Hmm? You going to fire Antonio?

Evangeline: No. Actually, I had something better in mind for tonight.

Rex: Hey. What's up?

Roxy: Viki might be -- doing "Survivor: The Adirondacks."

Natalie: She was -- she was in a plane that went down in the storm.

Rex: My God, Natalie, I知 sorry.

Kelly: It's so weird for me, seeing her with them. I mean, I know that's the family that she grew up with, but I've always known her as a Buchanan.

Joey: Well, they love her. Times like this you can use as much family as you can get.

Kelly: Yeah. Hey, do you want to try calling Jen again? Or if you want, we could just try and find her.

Joey: If I knew where she was.

Kelly: Well, do you think Rex might know?

Joey: No. She's just hanging out with some friends. Hey, at least she's not with Rex. I mean, that's a plus.


Jen: I've never been to one of those clubs before. That was wild!

Karen: Oh -- oh, my God. You -- you -- you could have had some serious action tonight if you wanted.

Jen: No, wait, wait, I was just having fun. God forbid. Oh, I should get struck down, shouldn't I?

Karen: Oh, no.

Jen: What if the old church biddies heard me?

Karen: Oh, my God.

Jen: I didn't say that, I didn't say that.

Karen: No, you didn't. And I don't know how you deal with that -- deal with those straightlaces. They're crazy. Oh!

Jen: I知 the minister's wife. I知 the queen of the straightlaces. Didn't you know that?

Karen: Yeah. You definitely look it.

Jen: If I wore what you wore, they'd have a cow.

Karen: You want to give them one?

Jen: No, I couldn't do that.

Karen: Yeah, come on. Oh, yeah, it'll be fun. Come on. Let's check it out and see what you'd look like.


Dorian: Viki, shine that flashlight back inside the cabin. There may be something we missed.

Viki: Dorian, this is all we can carry for now. Oh, my God --

[Dorian screams]

Viki: Ok, we have to get out of here.

Dorian: All right.

Viki: Follow me, all right?

Dorian: I can't -- I can't see the flashlight.

Viki: Well, for heaven's sakes, how am I supposed to -- all right, you know what? You go -- go ahead, go ahead of me.

Dorian: What do you mean?

Viki: Be careful! I知 going to try --

Dorian: Well, shine the flashlight ahead of us, then.

Viki: Yes, yes, right at -- Dorian --

Dorian: Ok, ok, ok, ok, ok.

Viki: Can you see?

Dorian: Ok. Are you all right?

Viki: Yes.

Dorian: I don't want to drop any of this water. It's precious stuff.

Viki: Oh, be careful! Can you see?

Dorian: Yes! I can see.

Viki: Ok.

Dorian: Ugh!

Viki: Ok.

Dorian: Oh.

Viki: Are you ok?

Dorian: Yes. Be careful. Blankets, water, precious water. Oh, oh, oh. Oh, I am glad I have my cosmetics case. You have no idea moisturizer's going to come in handy.

Viki: Right, so glad you saved the important stuff.

Dorian: Yes, yes, yes.

Viki: Give me your phone.

Dorian: Ok, one minute. Here we go.

Viki: Ugh, it's cold!

Dorian: Ok, Mr. Phone -- here it is. There you go.

Viki: Thank you. Oh, bloody hell, no signal. Well, we'll have to try again later.

Dorian: Hey, look what I found.

Viki: Oh, good.

Dorian: Matches. They have them for some courtesy cigars that were on the plane. Gee, I hope Jean's not going to mind. I left the cigars behind.

Viki: You know what, Dorian? Don't push me, because I might just let Jean out! And if you recall, she doesn't like you very much. Why don't we just build a fire?


Blair: The storm doesn't look like it's letting up anytime soon. And I wish I could get a signal. I'd call Walker because I know that he's probably, you know, worried. Kelly, too, probably, huh?

Kevin: Yeah, maybe.

Blair: You know, I knew that something was wrong with the two of you when you showed up here in Llanview without her.

Kevin: Well, we tried, you know? When we stayed busy, it was ok. Well, with her charities, me, my politics.

Blair: Made a good team.

Kevin: Yeah, that's what it looked like.

Blair: Was it really, really that bad, Kevin?

Kevin: Yeah, we loved each other so much, you know. And I didn't think that anything could change that. You remember that day we went horseback riding?

Blair: Hmm. We went horseback riding?

Kevin: Yeah.

Blair: See, I remember that I went horseback riding and --

Kevin: Ok.

Blair: You followed me. Yeah, that's -- I remember that day.

Kevin: Ok, well, maybe I was a little out of line.

Blair: You admit it.

Kevin: You challenged me that day, that if I would leave Kelly you would be with me.

Blair: I was testing you, seeing if you were really loyal to Kelly.

Kevin: Well, I passed the test. But, you know, not a day goes by that I don't think what if? What if I would have said yes instead of no? Would you and I be together now?


Dorian: Oh, my God, this is a nightmare! I mean, when I think I could be enjoying the fire in my own home, my dear, beloved Laboule.

Viki: You actually could if you hadn't been so desperate to get to the governor.

Dorian: I was not desperate to get to the governor. I was desperate to get to Blair to save her from that monster.

Viki: Dorian, just put a sock in it! You should at least be grateful that you're not alone. As I recall, you don't do very well in snow.

Dorian: What are you talking about? Oh, God! I知 going to die in this car! Oh, no. Oh, no, I am dying. I知 starting to hallucinate. I知 seeing a woman walk towards me. It looks like Lara in "Doctor Zhivago." Oh, this is worse than I thought. I知 already dead and have gone straight to hell.

Viki: Snow?

Dorian: Snowstorm.

Dorian: So it's five packets of food for me, five packets for you. We're going to have to ration these things out very carefully. And we will share this bag of peanuts. Of course, who knows what we're going to do when -- if -- oh, dear -- if the fire goes out, and then the temperature suddenly drops.

Viki: I知 going to see if I can fix this radio.

Dorian: You know how?

Viki: No! Do you?

Dorian: I don't even know how to program my V.C.R. I really do feel that we would be better off conserving our energy just staying warm.

Viki: I still do not know how you managed to stow away on Harrison's plane. Why?

Dorian: Well, what difference does it make? The point is we're stuck here together. And we're going to die together -- that is, if we don't kill each other first.

Mitch: Think of all the years of resentment between you two. This is your chance to wipe all that out.

Viki: Well, we haven't killed each other yet.

Dorian: We've been lucky. But what if our luck has run out?


Kelly: I still can't get through to Kevin.

John: Ok, the plane definitely did go down, but apparently Mrs. Davidson was able to call Kevin.

Joey: So she's alive?

Jessica: Is she ok?

Natalie: Where is she?

John: She said she was fine. Before she got to say where she was, she got cut off. She did mentioned something about a Dorian Lord being with her.

Kelly: Dorian's with her?

John: The information's sketchy because your husband and that Blair woman -- well, they took off searching, and apparently in the process, they themselves have found themselves stranded in a cabin somewhere. Sorry.

Natalie: Hey. Thank you. You're a big help.

Rex: Well, it looks like Joe's still pretty tight with his ex.

Roxy: Don't be getting any crazy idea.

Rex: Oh, I知 just asking, where's Jen? Shouldn't the good reverend be with his current wife instead?


Karen: Oh, you're definitely not the preacher's wife.

[Karen and Jen laugh]

Karen: Too little to waste.

Jen: Hit me.

[Jen screams]

Jen: I said hit me, not spritz me!

Karen: Oh, I知 sorry. Oh, oh, I知 sorry, I知 sorry. Gosh, ok, we got to get you out of those clothes, ok? Let's get you into something else.

Jen: Oh, oh, I don't feel so good.

Karen: No, what's up? What's the matter?


Blair: Yummy! I think we have the best food in town right here. We're not going to starve, that's for sure.

Kevin: Listen, are you going to answer my question, or are you going to avoid it the rest of the night?

Blair: There is no reason to answer that question because you didn't leave Kelly and I married Walker.

Kevin: The only reason you got involved with him is to stay away from me.

Blair: Maybe. Maybe at first.

Kevin: Hmm.

Blair: But then I got to know him, then we got close. And the closeness is very real.

Kevin: How much do you even know about him, seriously?

Blair: Enough to fall in love with him. Oh, you know -- you know, I didn't know him all that well. But I know his heart and I know his soul. And I know that he is the man that I want to spend the rest of my life with.

Kevin: So I had my chance and I blew it.

Blair: You might have.

Kevin: "Might have"?

Blair: You did. You -- you -- Kevin, it was just one of those "wrong place at the wrong time" kind of things.

Kevin: Well, you never know. Maybe there will be a right time and a right place.


Evangeline: Restaurants like this are popping up all over New York and L.A., and they are a gold mine. Llanview needs something like this.

R.J.: Well, I do know this place over on Rockland. I mean, it needs a little work -- you've got -- you are good.

Evangeline: It could be your fresh start.

R.J.: Hmm. Well, you know, I would need a lawyer.

Evangeline: I値l recommend one. Let's keep us strictly personal. Ok?


Jessica: Do you want me to stay with you until Mom and Kevin get back?

Natalie: Thank you, but there's no need.

Jessica: Well, you really shouldn't be alone, Natalie.

Natalie: Actually, I won稚. Roxy moved in.

Jessica: Are you serious?

Natalie: It's ok, really. Roxy gets me. It happens when people come from the same place.


John: I sent in that report this morning. Well, the fax cleared. Hey, listen to me, I am working -- yes, I would like to get a break in this case, too. Well, you know what? I値l call you later.

Antonio: Bureau?

John: Boss.

Antonio: So you're not telling him much either.

John: All of the victims were at least part-time college students. And all had their student I.D.s missing amongst their effects. It seems our serial killer is collecting souvenirs.

[Music box plays]


Jen: Oh, my head. Karen? Karen, do you have any aspirin? Ugh.

Jen: Karen?

[Phone rings]

Joey: Hello? Hello? Is anybody there?

[Phone rings]

Rex: Yep?

Jen: Rex, please, I need -- I need you. You're the only one who can help me right now.

Rex: Yeah, ok, calm down. I知 on my way. Got to go.

Roxy: Does hubby know? You don't think I知 brain-dead? Jen snaps her little fingers and you go running.

Rex: It's just something I have to take care of.

Natalie: Have a beer.

John: Thanks. You still working?

Natalie: Yeah. It beats doing nothing. I can't -- I can't handle that.

John: Yeah. I知 the same way. Hey, listen, when you leave here tonight, you be careful now, ok?


Viki: Hello? Hello?

Dorian: Stop! Give it up, will you? It's dead! Like we are going to be!

Viki: Ok, you have to stop this now, and I mean it! You cannot do this, Dorian! You just -- you have to suck it up and be strong!

Dorian: Oh, "suck it up"? Oh, that's easy for you to say! We're stuck here! I can稚 take it anymore! It's small! It's dank! It's damp! We're freezing cold.

[Dorian whimpers]

Dorian: We're never going to get out of here!

Viki: Dorian, we're going to get out, ok? We're not trapped, we're not stuck. There's a way out, the same way we came in. Ok, we're not trapped, all right? And I promise you, as soon as the snow stops, we will leave, ok? We will leave.

Dorian: Sure, sure. We are on a mountain in the middle of nowhere, Viki. Who's going to find us?

Viki: Look, Kevin knows we're alive. He's sent a search party for us, I知 sure. And they will find -- for heaven's sakes, Dorian, there's a bloody great airplane shoved in the side of a mountain. Somebody's going to see that! And they will find -- I promise you, they will find us. But we have to hang on, ok? We have to hang on.


Kevin: I tell you what, when we get out of here, I知 going to send these people a year's supply of wood. Blair?

Kevin: Blair?

Kevin: I love you so much. I love you more than Todd would ever love you.

Blair: Kevin?

Kevin: Hmm?

Blair: You should get some sleep. Nothing's going to happen tonight.

[Music plays]

Todd: Damn it! I got to get to Blair! What?

[Tires screech]


>> On the next "One Life to Live" --

Rex: There's a killer out there, Jen. You got to do something!

Paul: What are you doing here?

Babe: Is that any way to talk to the girl you married?

Luna: Didn't she have a crush on Joey Buchanan?

Al's voice: But that was before she met me.

Dorian: Viki, are you all right?

[Viki screams]

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