OLTL Transcript Wednesday 11/19/03

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 11/19/03

By Eric
Proofread by Melissa Dann

David: This is never going to work.

Dorian: Yes, it will.

David: You look like you're auditioning for "Sunset Boulevard."

Dorian: You look like you're auditioning for the Village People. Keep pushing, macho man.


Viki: I think that sounds like a very nice idea.

John: Yeah?

Viki: Mm-hmm.

John: Glad you feel that way.

Viki: Yeah.

John: Thank you for your time.

Viki: Oh, sure. No problem. Bye-bye.

John: Bye-bye.

Jessica: What sounds like a very nice idea?


Joey: Hey, Natalie. You mind if I leave some of these here?

Natalie: Why, sure.

Joey: Have you seen Jen?

Natalie: Ask Rex.

Joey: What's that supposed to mean?

Roxy: She said go ask Rex.

Joey: What do you mean by that?

Natalie: Joe, every time I have seen your wife, she's been hanging around her ex-husband.


Rex: Having fun?

Jen: Rex, what are you doing here? You dropped out, remember? School wasn't cool.

Rex: I did not drop out. I left to pursue a business venture, which is now the most successful club in eastern Pennsylvania. But, of course, you know that.

Jen: Quit hassling me.

Rex: I'm not.

Rex: I'm short-handed, and I didn't know you'd be here.

Jen: I mean it. Leave me alone.

Rex: What if I can't?


Todd: Yeah, it's got to be tough, Commissioner, not having a suspect behind bars. Of course, it might be easier next time if you had the guy that really did it.

Evangeline: You're getting out. Why don't you just leave it at that?

Bo: You know, if your client's smart, he's going to listen to you, because I'm not sold on his alibi. He's still a suspect. I could lock him up in a cell right now. And you cannot believe just how much Walker here hates to be locked up.

Evangeline: What are you trying to say?

Bo: Ask your client.


Jessica: A nice idea? Mom, I don't know.

Viki: Well, agent McBain is trying to do a nice thing, and I'm going to support that. Ok?

Jessica: Well, I hope it works out.

Viki: Mm-hmm.

Jessica: But there was something that I was going to talk to you about. There's something going on at the university, but -- you know, it's going to take a long time.

Viki: Baby, I'm running very late. How about if I call you from Saranac? Is that ok?

Jessica: For sure. Yeah, that's great. You know what? I'll talk to you about it when you get back.

Viki: You sure?

Jessica: It's fine. No, you wonít be gone for long.

Viki: No, I wonít. Ok. Mmm. I love you.

Jessica: I love you, too.

Viki: Do me a favor, please. Check up on Natalie. Call me and let me know she's ok.

Jessica: Sure.

Viki: Oh, and if you see your brother Joey, would you find out what he's been up to? Because you know what? I haven't seen him in days, all right?

Jessica: You got it. No problem.

Viki: Great. Thank you, sweetheart.

Jessica: And do you need help?

Viki: Just open the door for me, that's all.

Jessica: Ok.

Viki: Ok. Ok. Heavy, heavy, heavy.

Jessica: Mom --

Viki: What?

Jessica: Where's your warm coat?

Viki: My warm coat is packed in my suitcase. Bye, darling.

Jessica: Ok. Bye.


Joey: Natalie, you are way out of line.

Marcie: Yeah.

Joey: Whatever you think you may have seen, you're wrong.

Marcie: Jen would never cheat on Joe. She loves him. Besides, she doesn't even like Rex.

Natalie: Yeah, well, Rex sure likes Jen. And she's sucking up the attention like a vacuum hose.

Joey: What the hell kind of comment is that?

Roxy: Hey, Natalie, you know, once the balls get rolling, someone's going to get hit upside the head.

Natalie: Yeah, well, my brother has every right to know what's going on in his marriage, ok?

Joey: Yeah, I do. And the person I should be talking about this with is my wife.

Marcie: Jen didn't do anything, ok? If there's a problem here, it's Rex. He never wanted them to be happy.

Natalie: Yeah, that's because Rex is in love with Jen -- God only knows why. But instead of acting like a decent human being and cutting him off, she's just stringing him along. How nice.

Roxy: You know, unless someone starts drawing blood, I'm going to skip this one.

Ron: Yeah, I'm with you there, for sure.

Roxy: Hmm.

Ron: So, tell me, how's that leg doing?

[Roxy laughs]

Ron: Come on. Let's see it. Whoa! Oh, that's pretty good. That's pretty good.

Roxy: After that shihtzuing, no pain, man.

Ron: So the shiatsu -- so it helped, right? That's good.

Roxy: Yeah. Where'd you learn how -- where'd you learn how to do that?

Ron: A massage therapist I knew showed me a few moves.

Roxy: You know, I got a full-body thing. You know, 12 hours on my feet at Foxy Roxy's, I'm a little creaky.

Ron: Yeah, yeah, success is killing you, huh?

Roxy: Yeah. But what a way to die, man.

Ron: Yeah, tell me about it. I've been busting my butt here doing all this construction, driving back and forth to Jersey a couple times week, just checking on my business. It's tough.

Roxy: Yeah, I know. Work is hell. We should be dancing all day long.

Ron: Yeah. I could live with that.

Roxy: Yeah, what a life that would be -- dripping in dough, we could do nothing, we could do anything at any time we wanted.


Paul: Good evening, Aunt Betsy.

Betsy: The market is down, young man. Nothing's good about that.

Paul: Yeah, yeah. My stocks tanked in a major way, too.

Betsy: You're in the market?

Paul: I bought a few shares when I was in the navy.

Betsy: Manage that investment well, you may find yourself a very rich man.

Paul: It's a small portfolio. I mean, we're talking really small.

Betsy: Let me tell you -- I had practically nothing when I went into the market. Today, that tiny amount is worth $30 million.

Paul: You know what? Not everyone can do what you did, ok?

Betsy: I simply am a careful manager.

Paul: Or a financial genius.

Betsy: I wonít be taken in by insincere flattery. It certainly will not get you into my will.

Paul: You know, I was just making an observation, ma'am. I mean, you said yourself you're not leaving your money to a man, anyway.

Betsy: The females in this family have enslaved themselves to marriage and child-rearing, repressive practices I am not about to reward. What alternative do I have? I have to consider a male Cramer to inherit my fortune.

Paul: So, you mean, now I qualify?

Betsy: You and Jack Manning, but he and his sister are the spawn of that hideous criminal Todd Manning.

Paul: Well, you know, it's not their fault.

Betsy: It might be an accident of birth, but they share his tainted blood. I don't care whether their father is dead or alive, but those Manning children are never going to get one cent of my money.


Todd: I believe we had a deal.

Evangeline: Someone let me in on whatever the big secret is?

Bo: Forget it. Why don't you go ahead and take care of the rest of his paperwork before I change my mind. Manning, I swear --

Todd: Shh! Keep your voice down. Please. Don't call me that, please.

Bo: You're still a suspect. You better stay out of trouble.

Todd: It's my mission in life, really.

Bo: Get out of here.

[Todd chuckles]

Todd: I'm a changed man, Commish.

Nora: Excuse me. Another satisfied customer?

Bo: You're not going to like this one.

Nora: Ok.

Bo: Walker Laurence --

Nora: Yeah?

Bo: Sit down. You are really not going to like this one.

Nora: Ok, fine, I'm not going to like it. Just fess up. Tell me, what did he do? He did -- what? He committed a crime? Murder, theft -- what?

Bo: Identity.

Nora: What?

Bo: Walker Laurence --

Nora: Yeah?

Bo: Is Todd Manning.


Al's voice: Ok. Now be cool. You love her. Don't do anything stupid. Just -- just be cool.

[Phone rings]

Al: Hello. Dr. McBain.

John: It's me. I need you to meet me at the police station, right now if you can.

Al: No, John, it's a really bad time right now.

John: You at work?

Al: No.

John: Then help me out. I need an opinion.

Al: Fine. It's going to have to be quick.

Al's voice: Oh, man. She is so beautiful.


Marcie: You got to believe me. I know why you don't like Jen. But she's different now. She would never risk what she has with Joe by running around with Rex.

Natalie: Marcie, you would stand by Jen no matter what she did.

Marcie: No, you -- what -- I'm saying that I understand why you're mad.

Natalie: Yeah, because I don't want her to ruin Joe's life or Rex's.

Marcie: No, no. I think it's because of Cristian. Listen, I know how you feel. I did lose Al.

Natalie: This has nothing to do with Cristian's death. This has everything to do with Jen.

Marcie: Exactly. Jen caused a lot of problems for you and Cristian. Natalie, she's trying real hard to be a better person. Why can't you just give her this chance?

Natalie: I'm sorry, Marcie, but I'm not like you. Ok, what, do you think that people can just be good just because they want to at the time?

Marcie: Why not?

Natalie: You know what? Some people just can't.

Marcie: Natalie --

Roxy: Hey, Marcie, who won?

Marcie: Nobody. I'm going to head over to the campus.

Ron: All right, I'll walk you over.

Marcie: No. No, you stay.

Ron: Yeah?

Marcie: Yeah. It's a five-minute walk. Enjoy.

Roxy: Yeah, stay a while, hang out.

Ron: Ok, well, I was actually thinking about a big fat juicy burger. You?

Roxy: Yeah, I was thinking about a hotdog.

Man: I got a delivery for a Natalie Vega.

Natalie: That's me. Could you bring it around back for me?

Man: I already tried. It wonít fit in that door.


Jen: Don't do it, ok? Just quit jerking around. Like you even care about me at all.

Rex: You don't believe that I can be serious about anything?

Jen: I'm serious. We have to stay away from each other. The last thing I need is to run into another one of Joe's family members.


Jessica: Excuse me. Hi. Have you seen Elyanne Falk around anywhere?

Woman: Haven't seen her.

Jessica: Well, I was wondering, are you in any of Professor Barnes' classes?

Woman: Sorry. And from what I hear about him, I don't want to.

Jessica: Oh. Ok, thank you. See ya.


Dorian: Go, go, go. See, I told you this would work.

David: We're not on the plane yet, Ms. Desmond.

Dorian: Ha!

Pilot: Oh, excuse me. Just a minute there. You're going the wrong way. This is a restricted area.

[Dorian coughs]

David: [Southern accent] Are you piloting the governor's craft?

Pilot: Yes.

David: Excellent. Mrs. Van Etten?

Dorian: Huh?

David: This nice man's going to fly you to Saranac!

Dorian: Oh!

David: Poor woman. Her plane is experiencing mechanical difficulties -- again. Thank you so much for letting her ride with you.

Pilot: You know, I can't allow an unauthorized passenger on the plane.

David: Unauth-- no, no. Oh, no. They told us someone would be in touch.

Pilot: Well, no one told me anything.

[Dorian coughs]

David: This is Eleanor Van Etten. Widow to Horace Van Etten. She's only the biggest campaign contributor to the governor. Between you and me, she's just a doddering old dirigible. But to the governor, she's been bankrolling his career ever since he was a young public advocate.

Pilot: Well, maybe I have seen her picture in the paper.

David: No, no -- you know what? I'm sorry. I understand. Orders are orders. I'll just have to tell her that she's not going to be able to hear the lieutenant governor speech because of you said so. Now, what's your name?

Pilot: Well -- no, you don't have to do that. I'm sure the governor wonít mind if she flies with us.

David: All right. I'm sure he'll be very appreciative. Isn't that right, Mrs. Van Etten?

Dorian: Ooh-hoo-hoo! Ahem, ahem.

David: Listen, you just park her in a corner, give her some crackers, she wonít give you no trouble at all.

Dorian: Now I can get up there and I can rescue Blair from that monster. I hate to admit this, but sometimes, David, you are as good as you think you are.

David: [Normal voice] You know, we've never tried role-playing before. I think I'm a little aroused.

Dorian: Oh -- oh!


Nora: This is just Ė

Bo: A whole lot to take in.

Nora: Well, Todd Manning coming back, there's no shock there, but as Walker Laurence? I -- are you going to tell Blair?

Bo: No. And don't even think about calling her.

Nora: Don't you think she should know about her husband?

Bo: Yeah, yeah, she will. How many times has that relationship blown sky high?

Nora: Oh, well, who could say?

Bo: Yeah, because it's happened so many times nobody even knows. But what happens after Blair throws Todd out every time?

Nora: She forgives him and takes him back.

Bo: Exactly. So eventually she's going to find out and then she's going to have to decide what she's going to do herself.

Nora: But this is Todd Manning we're talking about here.

Bo: Yeah. Don't worry. Look, if he steps out of line, I'll be there, and he'll regret it.


Antonio: What, are you working here now?

Evangeline: Yeah. Tonio, what's going on?

Antonio: Well, we might have a possible link between victims. Two of the girls took ballet classes, one of them took a modern jazz class.

Evangeline: What about the fourth?

John: I got something on Elyssa Collins. She took two classes, one in accounting at Groodon Community College and the other in classical dance at a studio on grove street. Huh.

Evangeline: Well, what's that about?

Antonio: Yeah, what?

John: No, it just -- it reminded me of something Natalie said at dinner tonight about how, you know, even strippers have bigger dreams about dancing.

Antonio: All right.

Evangeline: So all the victims were in some sort of formal dance training?

John: I don't know.

Al: John, can we make this quick? What's up, Antonio?

Antonio: I'm sorry. Have we met?

Natalie: This is the pool table from Crossroads.

Man: Yeah, I drove over there, picked it up, and brought it back.

Natalie: Ok, but who told you to do that?

Roxy: Hey, honey, it's bad luck. Never look a Trojan horse in the mouth.

Man: We were hired by a Mr. John McBain.



Al: Uh -- I don't think that we've met.

Antonio: You said Antonio.

Al: Did I?

John: Yeah, you did.

Al: Funny -- I don't know --

Antonio: It's nothing, forget it.

John: This is my brother, Michael McBain. This is Evangeline --

Evangeline: Williamson.

John: Williamson.

Evangeline: Nice to meet you.

John: And Antonio Vega.

Al: Yeah, hi.

Evangeline: Excuse us. Do you mind stepping out with me so we can --

Antonio: No. Let's go. I'll see you later.

John: See you later.

Al: So, are we going to get this thing done or what?

John: Yeah. You sure you don't want some coffee?

Al's voice: Why is this guy getting under my skin? He's Michael's brother. Give the guy a break.

Al: You know what? I'm going to have that coffee. Straight and sweet.

John: We only got it one way.

Al: So you said there was something about a case?

John: Yeah -- serial killer. The first victim, Susan Gelman. Here's an autopsy report on all four.

Al: Hmm. Oh. Strangulations, all four. You see this? The hyoid bone is unbroken in this one.

John: What does that mean to you?

Al: Well, there's some ocular hemorrhaging, which is pretty standard with strangulation cases. But I'd say in this case with everything you got here, the last girl put up one hell of a fight, man. I really hope you catch this guy.

John: Yeah. Hey, thanks, Michael. It was -- it was a help.

Al: Listen, you know anything about the medical personnel around here? I mean, is there anybody competent? I mean, just because they have a degree doesn't mean anything. I mean, remember what happened to Dad.

John: You're talking about after he was shot.

Al: Yeah. And the guy who killed him -- I mean, he had a bustling surgical practice. Didn't mean anything, did it?

John: Yeah. I'd have to think that some of those people, the other doctors and nurses, they had to know that guy was drinking on the job.

Al: Nobody did anything in time to save our pop. I got to go. I'll see you.

John: I'll see you, Michael.


Jen: Every time I turn around I run into a Buchanan.

Rex: Well, that's what happens when you marry one.

Jen: I mean, first, Natalie's yelling at me because I wanted to go to Cristian's memorial, and then Jessica's just standing there talking about what a terrible person I am.

Rex: What do I keep telling you?

Jen: I'm just glad Jessica didn't see us together when she came back.


Paul: What is it about men? I mean, why do you hate us so much?

Betsy: You're liars or cheaters -- usually both. It's in your nature, and you couldn't help it even if you wished.

Paul: No, not me. Ok? You know, I don't like to make it a habit of lying. I know I'm not perfect --

Betsy: Hmm.

Paul: But I don't cheat. I mean, I had a girlfriend that did, though. And it hurt. I was in really bad shape for a while. That ever happen to you?

Betsy: Of course not. Why would you ask that?

Paul: You're not a mean person, so I figured you got hurt. It's ok. It's ok, you can tell me. It's ok.

Betsy: There was someone. I was only 19, and we were in love -- at least I thought we were.

Paul: What happened?

Betsy: The wedding day -- he didn't show up. He'd gone off with someone else.

Paul: It's ok.

Todd: Where the hell is Dorian? What are you guys doing?

Betsy: You are about the rudest, the most vile man --

Todd: And you are the most useless, oldest, worth--

Paul: Hey, watch your mouth.

Todd: Do you know where Dorian is?

Paul: She said she was catching some plane or something --

Todd: What plane?

Paul: I don't know. She didn't say.


Viki: Dorian? Well -- what -- what are you doing here?

Dorian: Ah -- hello, Viki. Well, I'm actually getting ready to take off. Sit down, buckle up. We're running a bit late.

Viki: Dorian, does Governor Brooks know that you're on his plane?

Dorian: Actually, I'm a surprise guest. I couldn't get a seat on another flight, and there's an emergency. I -- I have to go and see Blair.

Viki: Is Blair in Saranac?

Dorian: Yes.

Viki: Oh, well, then, they must be on their honeymoon. Is she all right?

Dorian: She isn't going to be unless I can get up there and talk to her.

Viki: Why?

Dorian: Because, Viki, there has been a terrible fraud perpetrated -- well, on all of us, really, but it's absolutely the worst for Blair and her two dear children.

Viki: What are you talking about?

Dorian: The man that Blair has married, Walker Laurence -- well, this is going to be a terrible shock to you, Viki, but he's your very own brother, Todd. Yes, Viki. Todd's alive.

Viki: Where did you get this from?

Dorian: It's true. I mean, Todd obviously had a whole series of plastic surgeries to turn himself into Walker, but -- , no, no, no, he's Todd. I'm absolutely certain of it.

Viki: Well, your "absolutely certain" is not proof.

Dorian: I really did think that you would have a bigger reaction.

Viki: Why are you so positive?

Dorian: Of course, you would never take my word for anything so important. Do you agree at least that Blair should be told?

Viki: Well, if -- and this is a big if -- if, in fact, Todd is alive, then I would think it's up to Todd to tell Blair.

Dorian: Of course, blood is thicker than -- naturally, you would take Todd's side.

Viki: Dorian, if you want to destroy, ruin their honeymoon, that's your decision.

Dorian: Wonderful. Thank you. Sit down. Let's take off.

Viki: However, I don't have to provide you with the transportation, even if this were my jet to offer -- which it is not. And given that you are a surprise guest -- yes, Captain, this is Victoria Davidson. I'm afraid I'm going to need security back here.


Marcie: Hi, Jen.

Jen: Hey, Marcie. I'm just taking a study break.

Marcie: Rex.

Rex: Marcie. Hey. Look, the next Search-and-Destroy. Come, but don't enter. Let somebody else win, ok?

Jen: Rex --

Rex: Well, everybody will think the fix is in if you sing again. In fact, why don't you be our judge?

Marcie: Oh --

Jen: Yeah, why don't you just go pass out your fliers?

Rex: You'll be there, right? See you then. Marcie.

Marcie: Rex. Do you want to talk about Rex?

Jen: Rex? Why?

Marcie: Well, no, I was -- I was just thinking, you know, it looks like he was bothering you.

Jen: He always bothers me. Doesn't he bother you? That's just Rex, right?

Marcie: Yeah, but you're ok with that?

Jen: I don't really think about it. I just laugh at him. That's what you should do, too.

Marcie: Yeah, I guess. You know, I saw Joe a while ago at Rodiís. He was looking for you. Maybe he's still there.

Jen: I guess I should go check on him.


Natalie: Hey.

Joey: Hey.

Natalie: Anything look different in the place?

Jessica: Yeah. This is John McBain's nice idea.

Natalie: You knew that he was going to have it brought from Crossroads over here? What? Did Mom sell it?

Jessica: I don't know. They must have some deal worked out with Rodiís. But, Natalie, he feels really, really bad, and he doesn't know what to do. He's just -- he's trying to be nice.

Natalie: I got to go.

Antonio: Hey, Natalie. Bye, Natalie. Something I said?

Jessica: No, no, it's not you. It's John McBain.

Joey: It's from Crossroads. He had it brought over here.

Jessica: He was trying to be nice, and Natalie really didn't see it that way. You know, I should really go and see her.

Antonio: No, you shouldn't.

Joey: Let Natalie work out this one.

Antonio: Yeah, because I'm taking you home.

Jessica: Good night, Joe.

Antonio: Yeah, good night, Joe.

Joey: See you.


Nora: Ok, if you think this is the way to go, then I'll keep the Todd Manning situation under wraps.

Bo: Great.

[Knock on door]

Bo: Come in. Hey.

John: Got a minute? You'll want to look at that. Elyssa Collins had a lot of clients in Atlantic City, including a big insurance company. She once investigated a strip club owner for fraud. She went undercover as a lap dancer.

Bo: Did she help bust the guy?

John: There were no charges filed, but the guy's got a pretty airtight alibi. I've ruled him out.

Bo: So maybe the killer was a customer, saw her at the club.

Nora: Well, this definitely connects Elyssa to the other women.


John: Yeah, and all in dance classes --

Natalie: I'm sorry, but you have to hear this. Stay out of my life.

John: Would you excuse me for one moment? Could you calm down, maybe?

Natalie: How could you do this?

John: What?

Natalie: The pool table.

John: I was planning on being there when it arrived.

Natalie: Yeah, well, thanks, because I haven't even gotten a chance -- I couldn't even say no and send it back because you told my boss, and, of course, he's thrilled -- it's a free pool table.

John: Well, hey, you know, I enjoy shooting pool myself to unwind, and now that Crossroads is closed, I thought --

Natalie: Look, Rodiís is a public place, and I cannot stop you from playing pool there, but don't think that you're going to get to play again.

John: Natalie, it's not all that.


Jessica: Maybe you should talk to John.

Antonio: Who?

Jessica: John, and tell him to give Natalie a little more space.

Antonio: I think we should listen to your brother. Natalie can handle it on her own.

Jessica: Yeah, but, you know what? Joey doesn't know all the answers all the time, and he's got his own stuff to deal with. I mean, he's married to Jen.

Antonio: Yeah. So?

Jessica: Yeah. So -- listen, Natalie thinks that Jen is out to hurt Joey.

Antonio: Well, Natalie's got a lot of reasons not to like Jen.

Jessica: That's true. But, you know, lately, it just seems like Jen being in Natalie's presence just sets her off. I mean, Jen's not really being understanding about that, either.

Antonio: Yeah? Well, maybe Natalie just needs to let off a little bit of steam.

Jessica: Well, at Jen's expense?

Antonio: Well, maybe it's up to Jen.


Marcie: Michael. What are you doing on campus?

Al: Actually, I was looking for you.

Marcie: Why? A single daisy. That's what Al used to give me.

Al: Listen, I want to apologize for anything that I may have said that might have upset you, especially that comment about your brother Eric. It was stupid, and I didn't mean it. I didn't mean a lot of the stuff I said that night.

Marcie: Ok.

Al: I hope you believe me.

Al's voice: Man, it's late. This guy's supposed to be doing rounds at the hospital.

Al: I got to go. I'll see you around?

Marcie: Sure.


Betsy: That man's an utter brute. We should have called the police on Walker Laurence.

Paul: No, don't, all right? He's gone. Don't waste any more time thinking about him. He's not worth it.

Betsy: Oh --

Paul: Ok.

Betsy: Thank you.

Paul: I didn't do anything.

Betsy: You helped me make my decision. I'm going to call my attorneys and have them draw up papers right away. I'm going to leave all my money to someone who's kind and who cares. That's you, Paul.


Dorian: Viki -- she's such a control freak.

David: I told myself, "don't answer the phone. Just let the answering machine pick it up."

Dorian: She makes up her mind, and then, of course, everybody else's decision is made for them.

David: But in that last split second right before the final ring, I can't listen to myself. It's like driving by a car accident -- you just have to turn your head at the last second and look.

Dorian: What are you blathering about? Come on! I need you to think! Think, help me get on that plane before it's too late!

David: Would you please just let that plane go, all right? I tell you what -- I'll even let you take me to dinner. Maybe afterwards, we can try a little bit more of that role playing. Come on, I'll carry your bags for you.

Dorian: Wait a minute. I think I know.

David: Where youíre taking me to dinner?

Dorian: How I can get on that airplane.

Todd: The last flight to Saranac. Dorian Lord is her name. Just tell me of she was on it.

Agent: We're not supposed to give out the names of passengers, sir!

Todd: You got to do this for me. It's her little niece. She's in the hospital.

Agent: I can't help you, sir!

Todd: She's --

Agent: Flight 23 left 30 minutes ago. There was no Dorian Lord on the flight. I'm sorry.

Todd: All right, thank you. Will you tell me when the next flight is, please, to Saranac?

[Jet engines rev]


Jessica: And then -- well, Elyanna Falk -- she turned him down, and Professor Barnes failed her on her exam, and -- she's one of the most talented people in the journalism department. I don't think that she deserved to fail.

Antonio: Yeah, well, I'm sure she's not the first person that your professor's gone after.

Jessica: No. Jen said that he hit on her, too. I just wish my mom could get him fired. But it's difficult. He's a full professor. I mean, he's -- I mean, he'd probably have to murder somebody. Whatever. It's just ridiculous how he's using his power to get women to sleep with him.

Antonio: The university has got an ethics committee.

Jessica: Yeah. You're right.

Antonio: You know what? Your mom's going to be home soon, and she will handle it.


Jen: Marcie said you'd be here.

Joey: Yeah, well, I was just leaving.

Jen: Wait, can't we just talk about this? Look, I'm sorry I lied to you. I wish I could take it back. I should have known you'd understand about the birth control pills and why I took them, so I should have just talked to you about it.

Joey: Yeah, you should have known. Hey, you know, the next time you feel like lying to me, just don't.

Jen: I know, ok? I'll remember, I promise.

Joey: And there's something else we need to talk about.

Jen: What?

Joey: I heard that you've been hanging around a lot with Rex.

Jen: You heard? And who told you?

Joey: That's not important.

Jen: No, I think it is. I think I need to know who's spreading lies about me.

Joey: So it's not true?

Jen: Oh, you've got to be kidding me. I'm not going to report where I go or who I see every minute of the day, not to you or anybody.

Joey: I didn't realize that's what I was asking you to do.

[Phone rings]

Rex's voice: I'm not answering the phone right now. Please leave me a message, and I will try to call you back.

[Answering machine beeps]


[Music box plays]

John: So we have ballerinas, and we have strippers.

Bo: Yeah. Classical music, classical dance. Yeah, maybe this -- the killer is using these music boxes to make a comment about what the victims do for a living. And, you know, they all play the same tune.

[Music box plays]

[Music box plays]

Stay tuned for scenes from the next "One Life to Live."


On the next "One Life to Live" --

Rex: Now's not really a good time.

Jen: Why? You got company?

Lindsay: Who was that?

Todd: Relax, Todd, there's no way Dorian can get to Blair first.

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