One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 10/22/03

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 10/22/03

By Eric
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Max: Excuse me.

Attendant: Yes.

Max: Are we still expected to arrive on time in Philadelphia?

Attendant: It looks that way, sir. Can I get you a magazine or a blanket?

Max: No. Nothing. Thank you.

Attendant: All right.

Luna: Oh, Max. Darling, it's time for you and I to have a little heart-to-heart.


Viki: I was so tense I wasn't even breathing.

Kevin: Who knew pool could be so exciting, right?

Viki: I know.

Kevin: Just think -- Natalie Vega, amateur pool champion of America.

Viki: She must be on top of the world. A very unusual honeymoon, I壇 say.

Kevin: I壇 say so.

[Phone rings]

Kevin: Oh, excuse me. Yeah. Hello. Oh, yeah, hold on. Just be a sec.

Viki: Sure, darling.

Kevin: Are you tailing Walker? Yeah, where is he? Which casino? All right, listen to me. Here's what I want you to do. You know what? I changed my mind. Just -- just forget about it. I don't care what he does anywhere -- Vegas, whatever. Just -- you know what? Forget it. No, I -- yeah, I知 sure. Thanks.

Viki: Big government secrets, huh?

Kevin: Just closing down some loose ends.

Viki: Everything OK?

Kevin: I hired a private detective to tail Walker Laurence in Vegas. I just fired him.

Viki: Because?

Kevin: Because, Mom, I just -- I've got to stop this thing about protecting Blair against Walker. You know, it's her business. It's her life. It's not mine. So I -- end of story, that's it.


Todd: Hey!

Blair: Hey!

Todd: Hey. Talk about a surprise.

Blair: Mm-hmm.

Todd: Well -- Starr must have gotten better awfully fast.

Blair: Uh-huh. She wasn't sick.

Todd: She had a fever.

Blair: Yeah, that's because she put her thermometer in a cup of hot tea.

Todd: Oh, you're kidding me.

Blair: No.

Todd: She's such a pistol.

Blair: Yeah, she is.

Todd: Why would -- why would she pretend to be sick?

Blair: I don't know, Walker. See, I was hoping you could answer that for me.


Cristian: I知 starting to worry, Antonio.

Antonio: Take it easy, Ma.

Cristian: Yeah, but I still haven't found Natalie. She wouldn't have left without saying anything.

Antonio: Look, maybe she's off somewhere having her picture taken with the grand prize.

Cristian: No, she would have said something.

Antonio: Look, I don't see Jess, either. Maybe they're in the ladies' room or something.

Cristian: Have you seen this guy Johnny McBain?

Antonio: No. Why?

Cristian: Because I値l bet you everything I just won on Natalie that this guy is in the middle of it. What? Do you know something about McBain and Natalie?


Jessica: Security! Security!

Arthur: Where do you think you're going?

Jessica: God, let go of me! Let go of me! Ugh!

Arthur: You hit me again, I知 going to rip your arm right out of your socket!

Jessica: Security, help!

Arthur: You keep --

Jessica: Help!

Arthur: Nobody's going to hear you. You're on the top floor here.

Jessica: Ugh!

Arthur: You're worse than your sister. Boy, you got a temper. But she picked the wrong guy to double-cross.

Jessica: Double-cross? What are you talking about?

Arthur: She was supposed to throw the final game! She was supposed to lose. My boss dropped a bundle on the fix. Let me tell you, you keep this up, I知 going to break your damn neck!


Natalie: Walker, what in God's name are you doing here?

Flynn: Shh.

Natalie: What's this --

John: You were given very clear instructions, Natalie. Why didn't you follow them?

Flynn: Jonathan -- you didn't throw that match. And now I am out $500,000.

Natalie: Why would you want me to lose? Walk - --

Flynn: Natalie! I want you to listen very hard to me. One, shut up, two, I知 not the man you think I am, and, three, I知 a very nasty, nasty man.

John: Why didn't you just do what I said? All you had to do was miss one shot.

Flynn: He told you what would happen, didn't he?

Natalie: He said people would get hurt, like me.

Flynn: Then why be stupid? Why win the damn game?

Natalie: Because maybe I知 not like you. Maybe I work hard to get where I am. Maybe my family and my husband actually believed in me and I thought that I壇 do my best for them and for me. So I did the right thing.

Flynn: Did you hear that, Johnny? She did the right thing. Let me tell you, my love. This is what I do when someone is too proud to lose.


Todd: So your mom痴 here with me in Vegas, and listen to me. No more playing sick, all right? We'll be back in Llanview soon. Bye.

Blair: You really didn't know anything about all of this?

Todd: About Starr pretending to be sick? Of course not. Why would you even ask that?

Blair: Because, Walker, you two are as thick as thieves and it's not the first time you tried to pull something over on me, you two.

Todd: Blair?

Blair: What?

Todd: I want you to take a deep breath. I want you to be here. Why would I help Starr keep you from coming?

Blair: Well, why would she do something like that?

Todd: To get back at us.

Blair: For what?

Todd: For stopping the wedding.

Blair: That's silly.

Todd: Before it was fin-- she's crazy about me, yes? Who wouldn't be? And she really wanted that wedding.

Blair: Well, she was disappointed.

Todd: That's right, she was. And, first, we tease her about having a new family, and then we jet off to Vegas.

Blair: So you think she just did all that just to mess with us?

Todd: Yeah, I think she succeeded.

Blair: Now you're making fun of me.

Todd: No, hey -- hey. OK.

Blair: What?

Todd: It's over. We're together. Hmm?

Blair: Mm-hmm.

Todd: We're going to have some fun.

Blair: And what about your brother?

Todd: What about him?

Blair: "What about him?" He called, he needs money, he's in trouble.

Todd: You know what?

Blair: What?

Todd: Don't worry about him. Let's go.

Blair: No. You should worry about him. He called right after you left, and he was upset. I知 talking really, really upset.

Todd: What did he say?

Blair: Well, he hung up as soon as he found out you were on your way here.

Todd: There you go. No problem.

Blair: Walker, really --

Todd: All right. He needs money, and I have to give it to him. But after I give it to him, I知 through with that guy, all right? Forever.

Blair: You think the money is for something illegal?

Todd: Probably. But after I give it to him, I promise you, he's out of my life, and he knows that.

Blair: I tell you what. I値l go with you, I値l go with you to give him the money, and then we'll go catch that floorshow.

Todd: I got a better idea.

Blair: What?

Todd: Why don't we forget about him and his damn money? Let's forget about everything but you and me. Let's get a room.

Blair: Mmm. I like that.

Todd: All right.


Kevin: It's one of those things that started eating at me. And before I knew it, you know --

Viki: Kevin, let me ask you something. Why would you feel that it is your job to protect Blair?

Kevin: It's more about Walker than Blair, really. I mean, look, the guy just -- he pushes my buttons, you know he gets under my skin. And you know how competitive I am, Mom. I just -- what can I say? I -- but you know what? It's over. It doesn't matter.

Viki: Well, I知 glad.

Kevin: Yeah, my marriage is too important here. I don't want to mess things up with Kelly and me.

Viki: Why? Are things any --

Kevin: No, no, no. I mean, everything's better and better all the time. This adoption thing is exactly what we needed, really.

Viki: Good, because you two have been under a lot of pressure, and frankly, sweetheart, it's starting to show.

Kevin: Yeah, I know, but it's mostly because of this kick I was on with Walker. You know, Kelly felt threatened.

Viki: But now it's over?

Kevin: It's over. It's history. There's one thing left to do.

Viki: What's that?

Kevin: Go see Blair and apologize.

Viki: And you really think that's a smart thing to do?

Kevin: It's something I should do, Mom. I want a clean break. Thanks for listening. Oh, same time next week? Hey, did I ever tell you how great you are?

Viki: Flattery will get you everywhere. Always has.

Kevin: I値l see you.

Viki: Gabrielle.

Gabrielle: Hi, Viki.

Viki: How did things go in Argentina?

Gabrielle: Fine. Actually, burying my son was the hardest thing I've ever done in my life.

Viki: I知 so sorry.

Gabrielle: Thank you. I don't think I could have got through it without Max.


Luna: Max -- honey, don't make them think you're nuts. Nobody can see me.

Max: I am nuts. I知 talking to a damn angel.

Luna: Nobody can hear me, either.

Max: Yeah, whatever you say, hon.

Luna: You are not the least bit surprised at all, are you?

Max: No. You mean surprised that you're here? No, no, I知 -- I -- I expected it. In fact, I know exactly what you're going to say. I went flying off to Vegas to help Natalie win that tournament, and I was just trying to find a way to not deal with my grief, the loss of Al.

Luna: That is just about the silliest thing I've ever heard of. That is not why I知 here at all. Of course, you never were very good at figuring out my spiritual messages, were you?

Max: No, I wasn't, so why don't you just tell me.

Luna: I will, as soon as you wipe that grumpy old frown off your face. Aren't you the littlest bit happy to see me?

Max: You know I am. It's just --

Luna: I知 not here to stay, right?

Max: No.

Luna: Darling, you got to practice living in the moment. I知 here right now. That's all that matters.

Max: It's a good thought.

Luna: Darling, what you did for Natalie was wonderful. You were kind and strong and supportive. You acted without thinking of yourself -- everything a good father should be.

Max: Thank you.

Luna: The only problem is you're not Natalie's father. Natalie's got a family of her own, honey, and so do you.


Cristian: Want to know now, Antonio. What's this guy up to?

Antonio: All right, look, Cris, I don't know everything, but I got a friend of mine in Llanview who put me in touch with his contact here in Las Vegas who tells me that Natalie was supposed to throw that last game.

Cristian: What?

Antonio: Apparently, McBain set it up.

Cristian: Well, what are you talking about?

Antonio: Some people had a lot of money riding on that tournament. Natalie won when she should have lost.

Cristian: No, no, Natalie would have never gotten involved with something like that. She would have never thrown a game. Come on!

Antonio: Cris, from the sound of it, she knew the score from the get-go.

Cristian: No. No way, man. Well, McBain got her involved. Antonio, he got her involved in a dangerous situation. What is that? Illegal gambling? Racketeering? She could get hurt.

Antonio: She's not going to get hurt.

Cristian: Well, how do you know that?

Antonio: Because McBain's not who you think he is.

Cristian: Who is he?

Antonio: He's F.B.I.


John: Don't do it, Flynn. The last thing we need --

Flynn: Back off, McBain.

John: Look, you gave me your word that the girl would not get hurt.

Flynn: I said there would not be any unnecessary violence. This is necessary.

Arthur: Get in there!

Jessica: Ah!

Arthur: Get over there!

Jessica: Ugh.

Arthur: That one's her sister. She's even more trouble. She bites!

Flynn: Thank you, Rack 'Em. Go wait outside. No one else comes in.

Arthur: You got it.

Jessica: Walker?

Natalie: Jess -- OK -- I was supposed to throw that last game, I was supposed to lose, and -- and I didn't. Walker had a lot of money riding on it, and -- and I blew it.

Jessica: No -- no, you didn't. Walker, what is going on here? You're gambling and you're using Natalie? I don't --

Flynn: That's better. You really are sisters, aren't you? Yap, yap, yap, the both of you. Listen -- Jessica? My name is not Walker! Walker Laurence, Walker Laurence -- oh. My name is Flynn. That's all you need to know about me or anything else.

Natalie: Are you going to kill us both?

Flynn: No. Johnny is. I counted calories, and check it out.


Kevin: Hey. Addie.

Addie: I know you. You're Viki's little boy.

Kevin: Yeah. Kevin. Can I come in?

Addie: Sure.

Kevin: Is Blair here?

Addie: You want to see Blair?

Kevin: I owe her an apology.

Addie: Well, Blair's not home right now. There's just me and Wanda. She's my nurse. And Hedy and Starr and Jack. They're all upstairs.

Kevin: OK, well, do you know when she'll be back?

Addie: I知 not sure. She went off to see Todd.


Todd: Mmm.

Blair: Oh --

Todd: Hey. Do you remember those assignments that you gave me to complete before you'd marry me?

Blair: Mm-hmm.

Todd: Well, why don't we use this afternoon and this bed for the slow, easy --

[Blair giggles]

Todd: Getting-to-know-you part?

Blair: I like that. Wait, wait, wait. Don't you think you should get that money to your brother? I mean, he seemed pretty tense on the phone.

[Todd groans]

Todd: Yeah, I guess I should. But you must wait for me.

Blair: I must?

Todd: Mm-hmm. Perhaps slip into something more comfortable?

Blair: I didn't bring anything like that.

Todd: Neither did I.

Blair: Well, I guess then we'll just have to improvise.

Todd: I guess we will. God!

Blair: What?

Todd: I am a lucky man.

Blair: Mmm. How so?

Todd: You. Look at this. I will wait as long as you need me to wait to get married.

Blair: Then we're both lucky.

Todd: Hmm. I知 not going to let anything spoil this.

Blair: Do you have any other secret brothers hiding around somewhere, maybe under the bed or --

Todd: Don't think so.

Blair: Oh, I hope not.

Todd: And listen to me.

Blair: OK.

Todd: After I give him the money --

Blair: Mm-hmm.

Todd: That's it. He's out of my life for good. OK. OK, I got to go.

Blair: OK.

Todd: Mmm. I --

Blair: Ooh, ooh, hurry back.

Todd: Will be back very soon.

[Blair giggles]

Todd: Whew. Au revoir.

[Blair chuckles]


Cristian: How did you let this happen, Antonio?

Antonio: Because I had no choice. McBain's F.B.I.

Cristian: You're my brother. You should have told me this.

Antonio: Don't you think I wanted to? It was too much a risk.

Cristian: Antonio, these guys are dangerous. Natalie could get hurt.

Antonio: Look, McBain's got it covered.

Cristian: Oh, great. That makes me feel a lot better.

Antonio: Do you trust me? Do you trust me?

Cristian: Look, if anything were to happen to Natalie --

Antonio: Look, I will find Natalie and Jessica, and I will find McBain. But I need you to trust me.

Cristian: Antonio, I --

Antonio: Sit tight, OK? I知 not going to let anything happen to her. I promise.

Cristian: Sorry, Tonio.


Natalie: OK, just -- just give me another chance, Mr. Flynn.

John: Get up here now. Where are you?

Natalie: Let me make it up to you. You could throw another tournament.

Jessica: My family and I -- we'll bet thousands. The odds would be in your favor.

Natalie: Yeah, you'll make so much more money than what you lost.

Jessica: Well, why would you throw up an opportunity like that?

Flynn: Jonathan, are you going to shoot these two or not? Because if you don't, I will, just to shut them up. If there's anything I hate, it's squeaky women -- ah! -- Yammering away like that.

[Flynn sighs]


Arthur: Hey, boss, what are you doing out here? I just left you in there.

Todd: Get out of my way.

Arthur: Whoa, whoa, whoa, what -- what's the matter? What do you look so different for? Where's your glasses? What's going on?


Antonio: Sorry, buddy. I致e got problems.


Viki: Are you really sure you want to break it off with Bo? I mean, maybe if you just give it some time --

Gabrielle: No. No. Viki, Bo has made me blissfully happy. But I don't want to hurt him. But I don't feel anything right now. I am empty. I can't love anyone right now.

Viki: But that's just now.

Gabrielle: No. You see, the thing is, Viki, just Bo loving me hurts. It hurts.

Viki: Well, obviously, it's important that you have to get past all this pain, but you mustn't do it alone, you know? If it's not Bo, is there someone else you can talk to?

Gabrielle: Oh, there's Max. You know, he's been pretty good. He knows what I知 feeling, because he's feeling it, too, you know.

Viki: Well, of course he is. You two share a very special bond. I mean, you're the mother and the father.


[Max growls]

Luna: Are you finished?

Max: Why can't I open the damn peanuts?

Luna: Because they're not a part of our world right now. But if you'd rather fool around with opening bags of peanuts instead of facing your problems, I can wait an eternity. I mean that.

[Luna laughs]

Max: Sorry.

Luna: Oh, darling, sometimes things hurt too much, don't they?

Max: Yes, they do.

Luna: Losing Al was the worst thing that ever happened to you.

Max: Oh, Luna, I haven't cried like that since -- since you.

Luna: I know. But, darling, right now you got to concentrate on -- on your kids -- our kids. Honey, Frankie and Leslie -- they need a daddy, too, you know.

Max: Oh, Luna, I haven't been much of a father to them. I haven't been much of a father to Al either. No, I think Frankie and Leslie would be much better off if I just keep my distance.

Luna: Good God -- that is just pure horse pattootie, and you know it. If you could have seen them this last time after you left them -- oh, honey, they missed you so much. And Frankie -- he idolizes you.

Max: What?

Luna: But don't you let him know that you know that, though. Oh, honey, Al loves you so much, too.

Max: Yeah, well, he certainly helped me get my act together enough times.

Luna: Well, that never mattered to him. You know it didn't. But, darling, he's with me right now, and I知 helping him with the change. And I got to tell you, he's a toughie. Honey, all he talks about is Marcie Walsh.

Max: She loved him so much.

Luna: I know she did, honey. It was so sweet. But Al's going to help her. He's going to help her get through it, so don't -- don't worry about her, OK?

Max: Good.

Luna: All you got to concentrate on right now is yourself and your family.

Max: So, what you're telling me is --

Luna: Oh -- I am not here to tell you what to do! All right, I take that back. I am here to tell you what to do, but, honey, it just so happens what's best for our kids just happens to be best for you, too.

Max: I think


Starr: My grandma gets mixed up. Just leave her alone, OK?

Kevin: But why does she think that Blair went to be with Todd?

Starr: Grandma, Hedy and Jack need you really bad upstairs, OK?

Addie: They need me?

Starr: Yes, they do.

Addie: Do they need me to draw a picture?

Starr: I知 not sure.

Addie: I知 coming!

Kevin: Starr, answer the question.

Starr: I知 really busy right now.

Kevin: No -- has Todd come back?

Starr: No.

Kevin: Then why would Addie say that Blair went to be with him?

Starr: OK, my grandma lives on another planet, OK? My mom is with Walker. Just -- just get used to it.

Kevin: OK, Blair's with Walker, but why does Addie think she's with Todd?

Starr: I don't have time for this, OK? You know your way out! Just leave me alone and goodbye!

[Phone rings]

Kevin: Yeah, it's Buchanan. Well, sure, I can call him. Just give me his number. Hold on a second. Oh, crap -- let me get a pen. Go ahead. Yeah. All right, I got it. Thanks.

Kevin: My mom said that Victor Lord gave this ring to Todd. So what's it doing in Walker's desk?


Todd: Blair, this thing with Kevin --

Blair: This thing --

Todd: Is it --

Blair: With Kevin -- it's a game, Walker, because it's easier for me to lead him on than it is for me to have my heart drag me to someplace I don't want to go.

Todd: But going ahead when you're scared isn't always such a bad thing.

Blair: Well, that may be easy for you to say, but I知 scared to death.

Todd: Blair, fear -- what's that -- that saying? Fear -- it only tells you where you are, what you need to look out for, but it doesn't tell you you have to hide in your house and lock the doors. What do you say you and I take a big leap together?

Blair: What kind of leap are you talking about here, Walker?

Todd: Marry me.


Arthur: Don't give me that. I know you're not the real guy, because you don't even sound like him.

Todd: Would you just get the hell out of my way?

Arthur: Hey, you try to pull a fast one, you're going to end up at the deep end of the river!

Todd: Hey, if you're looking for trouble, tough guy, you're going to get it.

Arthur: Well, "tough guy" -- you know what? I know you池e not my boss, because he don't think I知 a tough guy. What do you think we go inside and we figure out where and how deep I知 going to drop you? Let's go.

Cristian: Look, I知 looking for Natalie. Have you seen her?

Todd: No idea. And considering what just happened, I知 not going anywhere near that room.

Cristian: This


John: You really want to splatter D.N.A. all over a room registered in your name?

Flynn: Well, then take them out in the desert. And don't come back with them. Do it there. What the hell is the matter with you, McBain? Stop stalling! You know, you came with a reputation a mile long. They said you were the hit man with brains! Use them. I want this problem solved. I want this problem solved right now.


Starr: Give me back that ring! You have to get out of my house, or else I am calling the police.

Kevin: Go right ahead.

Starr: Oh, what are you doing?

[Phone rings]

Viki: Hello.

Kevin: Mom, it's Kevin. Listen, did you give Starr Manning or anyone else, for that matter, Grandpa Victor's ring?

Viki: No. Why?

Kevin: Well, what happened to it?

Viki: Frankly, darling, I think it was stolen. I used to have it in the desk drawer, and then I went to look for it a few months ago, and it was gone. Why? Does Starr have it?

Kevin: I値l explain later. I just needed to know that. Thanks. Starr, who stole this? You or Walker? My bet it was Walker. But why would he steal something that belonged to Todd?


Blair: Hi.

Todd: Yeah, hi.

Blair: Yeah. You're back.

Todd: Yes, I知 -- I知 back.

Blair: Did you get your business taken care of with your brother?

Todd: He wasn't there.

Blair: Oh.

Todd: And I couldn't wait because I knew there was something I had to be back for.

Blair: It's still daylight. Are you going to be OK with that?

Todd: Well, if I知 not, I値l let you know.

Blair: OK.


Flynn: Get some tape, tie them up, shove something in their mouth! Then put them in my van. They're --

John: Take a moment, think about what you are doing.

Flynn: Oh, I知 done thinking! Done thinking.

Antonio: Freeze! You move one muscle and you're dead! Jessica, Natalie --

John: Drop it. Put it down. Drop it!

Flynn: For God sakes, McBain.

John: What? You think I知 going to help you out? No, you see, right now this guy's helping me out.

Flynn: He thinks you're going to take over my operation?

John: No. I知 taking you down. Since you've been in Vegas, every word you said has been recorded -- every bet you place, every event you rigged. Get over there!

Flynn: Are you Gaming Commission?

John: A little higher up in the food chain. F.B.I. Consider yourself under arrest, Flynn.

Antonio: What the -- his name's Flynn?

John: I値l explain later. What the hell are you guys doing? Get up here!

Natalie: No, you bastard! How could you do this to us?

John: What are you doing?

Natalie: You put my family --

Antonio: Stop!

Cristian: What the hell's going on here?

Natalie: Ah!

Flynn: That's it! Back off! Back off. Nobody move. Anyone does anything stupid, I cut this girl's throat.

Max: Thanks.

Flynn: You, over with them. Very good.

John: Don't do this, Flynn. There's a dozen agents on their way up here right now. Don't be dumb, man. Don't be dumb. It's over.

Flynn: Well, then, if it's over, I have nothing to lose. Please to put your guns down. Please.

Arthur: Who are these guys?

Cristian: Put your gun down. It's --

Arthur: Drop your guns!

Antonio: Put it down, McBain.

Flynn: OK, grab my gun, please. Thank you. Call Redmon, Arthur. Tell him to bring the van around. We're leaving now.

Cristian: Don't fight him, Natalie. We'll get you out of this.

John: It's a dead end, Flynn.

Antonio: Look, take it easy, Flynn, all right? Leave Natalie out of this.

Flynn: Did you hear that, sweetheart? They said I should leave you out of this. Are they always this stupid?

Cristian: Just let her go, man.

John: Flynn, think about what you're doing. Come on, we can still make a deal.

Flynn: Yeah? Deal with this.

[Natalie screams]


Blair: Well, I love you, Walker Laurence.

Todd: I love you, Blair Manning.


Starr: Fine. Do you want to know who stole the ring? I stole the ring. I might not be proud of myself, but I did, and Aunt Viki had no business having that ring.

Kevin: So you broke into the safe at Llanfair, huh? Well, that took some doing.

Starr: It's not all that hard. My dad taught me the code. So could I just please have the ring back?

Kevin: The ring wasn't in a safe, Starr. It was in a desk. I think Walker stoIe it. But why would he steal the ring that belonged to Todd?

Starr: Why don't you just leave Walker alone? He never did anything to you. Go home.

Kevin: Why are you so upset?

Starr: I知 not upset. You just keep asking so many questions, you're making me dizzy!

Kevin: Well, why are you sticking up for him?

Starr: Stop it! I hate you! And I won't let you say bad things about Walker, either!

Kevin: But why are you sticking up for him?

Starr: Because he's marrying my mom.

Kevin: Do Walker and Todd have some sort of connection? Did they know each other?

Starr: No!

Kevin: Are you sure?

Starr: No!

Kevin: Tell me, Starr --

Starr: They don't know each other, OK? My dad left way before Walker even came here!

Todd: You want to know who I am?

Kevin: Yeah, I want to know. You're certainly not who you claim to be.

Todd: And who is that?

Kevin: A reporter, loner, Mitch Laurence's brother. But wait -- wait a minute. Wait a minute. How do we know our guy isn't the real Walker Laurence? "All injuries incurred immediately prior to admission for treatment at this facility." And when exactly was it that Walker Laurence got himself beat half to death? Less than a year ago. What are you telling me? You telling me that Walker Laurence doesn't have fingerprints?

Todd: And you deserve to get some, Kevin. I've had way too much of you for too many years.

Kevin: My God. Could that be it? Could Walker be Todd?

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