One Life to Live Transcript Friday 10/17/03

One Life to Live Transcript Friday 10/17/03

By Eric
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Natalie: Mom! Jessica, Mom!

Viki: What's the matter? What's wrong? What's wrong?

Natalie: I left my lucky quarter at the cottage and --

Viki: I wasn't aware you had a lucky quarter.

Natalie: Well, I -- it was the first money that I ever won playing pool, and I wanted to sew it in the hem of my dress.

Jessica: OK, I値l go get it. But first --

Natalie: Oh. Thank you. They're beautiful.

Jessica: Well, Grandpa gave them to me for my 16th birthday, and they were his mother痴. It was her only piece of jewelry.

Natalie: Our great-grandmother? So I have something borrowed and something old.

Viki: And here's something new.

Natalie: What is it?

Viki: You wait and open it with Cristian.

Natalie: Not before the wedding?

Viki: Oh, no. No, no. That's much too risky.

Jessica: Well, let's -- let's see the earrings.

Natalie: What do you think?

Viki: Oh, they're gorgeous. So lovely!

Natalie: Thank you.

Jessica: Now, all you need is something blue.

Roxy: I got it, I got it. Roxy to the rescue.

Natalie: Oh, my!

Jessica: Look at you.

Natalie: Thank you. Oh, God!

Roxy: Honey, how could you do that? You know, you could have a bunch of years of bad luck.

Carlotta: Oh!

Cristian: Mami, you're not going to have any tears left for the ceremony.

Priest: I always carry these for the mothers.

Carlotta: Thank you.

Joey: Everything all right in here?

Cristian: Yeah.

[Carlotta cries]

Joey: Dorian, it's Joe. I知 assuming since I didn't get your RSVP, that the invitation didn't come in time. I hope you can make it to the wedding. It would mean a lot to Carlotta. The ceremony takes place at St. James and the reception will be at Llanfair.


[Phone rings]

Dorian's voice: You've reached the Cramer-Lord residence. Leave us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

[Answering machine beeps]

Woman: Ms. Lord, this is Annette Hamilton from South Pines Academy. Your grandson River's grades have declined sharply over the past few weeks. I've spoken with his father, and I壇 like to meet with you both at your earliest convenience.

Dorian: Riv, did I hear the telephone?

River: No, I didn't hear anything.

Dorian: Oh, darn. I put an ad in the paper to find you a tutor.

River: Oh, good. Tutors don't work. The only thing that would work is Adriana.

Dorian: River, Adriana is gone.

River: Do I get a say in it?

Dorian: No.

River: OK.

Dorian: Let me check to make sure they printed my ad. I知 going to be most irritated if they -- I don't believe this. Natalie Buchanan and Cristian Vega are getting married today? And I wasn't invited? I mean, I practically raised that boy.


Addie: You look so happy.

Blair: I am happy.

Starr: Hey --

Blair: Oh, don't you look handsome? You look perfect. Perfect. Here you go, Mama. Let me fix your hair in the back.

Addie: Don't you love Todd anymore?

Blair: Mama, Todd is gone, OK? And he gave me Jack and Starr, and I will always love him for that, but I知 going to be with Walker now, and I -- I've given him my heart. And he won't break it, like Todd did.

Addie: They both love Walker so much.

Blair: Yeah, they do. And you know what? I think he really loves them, too.

Todd: Now, what am I missing?

Blair: I don't know.

Todd: I got the licenses, I've got the justice of the peace.

Blair: You got your bride.

Todd: Yeah.

Addie: What about the rings?

Blair: The rings!

Todd: Damn it!

Blair: Oh, no!

Todd: I took them back. I thought we were going to have two weeks.

Blair: Oh --

Starr: You don't need to have rings.

Addie: I値l make them. I learned how in arts and crafts.

Blair: Mama, that's a great idea.

Addie: Do you have any paper clips?

Blair: Paper clips? Only the best for us. Let's see. Wait.

Addie: Oh.

Blair: This is Victor Lord's. He gave it to Todd when he was on his deathbed. What are you doing with it, Walker? 

Starr: That -- Aunt Viki gave it to me. I wanted something of Dad's and she said that I could have it.

Blair: So you put it in the drawer?

Starr: Is that so bad?

Blair: No, sweet -- no -- no, it's fine. I just -- it just surprised me, that's all.

Starr: You know what? I知 going to go get dressed. I didn't even get dressed yet.

Addie: Why don't you use that ring for your wedding?

Blair: Oh, no -- no, Mama, I don't think that's a really good idea. See, that ring was a reminder for Todd, I think, that -- so he would never forget all the evil he inherited from his father.

Todd: Evil isn't genetic. People can change if they want to.

Blair: Well, a lot of people try. Todd tried, but he never could.

[Phone rings]

Todd: Yeah? OK, thank you. The justice of the peace is on his way up.

Blair: Oh, I知 not even dressed! Oh!

Addie: Don't you come up. It's very bad luck.


Dorian: I should be invited to the wedding! I mean, I知 practically family!

River: What?

Dorian: Carlotta worked for me for years. I -- I bent over backwards to help her with those boys.

River: Well, looks like Mother Vega gave us both the shaft, didn't she?

Dorian: River, isn't it time that you left for school? Good.

River: Yeah.

Dorian: Now, have a good day.

River: Yippie.

Dorian: I don't understand. How dare Viki do this to me? Wait a minute. Dorian, you know better than this. Don't get mad, get even.


[Organ music plays]

Nora: Hey. What's going on? How's it going?

Max: Al should be here.

Nora: Well, maybe he is, Max. You know, if you ever need anybody, just want to talk -- whatever -- lean on me. We're here.

Max: Actually, I知 thinking about leaving town. There's really nothing to keep me here now.

Bo: Hello.

Nora: Hi.

Bo: Mind if we join you?

Nora: Do you mind?

Max: No, not at all. I知 glad you could come.

Gabrielle: I知 glad that Bo convinced me. If you'll excuse me, I知 going to go and light a candle for Al.

Bo: Excuse me, too. I値l be back.

Nora: OK.

Kevin: Thanks for making time for this.

Harrison: Well, I wouldn't miss it for the world.

Kevin: Thanks.

Joey: Everyone's here. We need to get started.

Viki: Darling, I知 sorry, but you have to stall for another minute or two, OK? He's on his way. Sorry. Thanks. Oh. Oh, my.

Natalie: I知 getting married!

Viki: Yes, you are! Oh, baby -- oh, my. OK, Joey said that -- that everything's just about ready inside, so -- are you ready?

Natalie: I can稚 walk down the aisle without Uncle Bo.

Clint: Nonsense.

Natalie: Dad! What are you doing here?

Clint: Do you really think I壇 let you walk down the aisle without me?

Natalie: Oh, this is the best wedding present ever. Thank you.

Clint: Well, wild horses couldn't keep me away.

["Pachelbel's Canon" plays]

Clint: Are you ready, honey?

Natalie: I think I've been ready since the first time I kissed him.

["Wedding March" plays]


Todd: Blair?

Starr: Hold your horses, everybody, she's coming.

Man: We need two witnesses, don't we?

Todd: There's one.

Starr: And I知 two.

Man: You're underage, dear.

Starr: I look older in heels.

Todd: You know women.

Man: Not really.

[Music plays]

[Blair giggles]

Singer: You say you love me, something's real it's anything you touch and feel

Joey: Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today in the eyes of God and in the face of this congregation to join together this man and this woman in holy matrimony.

Man: So you two want to get married?

Starr: Well, that's the idea.

Joey: Will you, Natalie, have this man to be your husband, to live together in the covenant of marriage? Will you love him, comfort him, honor and keep him, in sickness and in health, and forsaking all others, be faithful to him as long as you both shall live?

Natalie: I will.

Man: Blaine?

Todd and Blair: Blair.

Man: Blair --

Blair: Yes?

Man: Do you take Warren --

Blair: Walker.

Todd: Walker.

Man: To be your husband, to live together in marriage?

Jack: Yeah, yeah --

Joey: And will you, Cristian, take this woman --

Man: To be your wife, to live together in marriage?

Todd: Absolutely.

Starr: You're supposed to say "I do."

Todd: Oh, I mean --

Cristian: I will.

Man: Well, will the witnesses please step forward, please? I seem to have forgotten my pen.

Starr: I have a pen.

Man: Thanks.

Jack: Can you please look for a crayon?

Blair: Here, you want a crayon?

Starr: Here, you --

Addie: I use this one.

Blair: That's good, Mama.

[Blair laughs]

Jack: Can I have a blue one?

Blair: Jack wants to sign it, too.

Jack: A blue one.

Man: OK. Blaine and Warren --

Starr: It's Blair and Walker, OK? Get the picture?

Todd: Hey.

Blair: Shh.

Starr: What? If he doesn't say it right, then it won't count. Come on, go. Let's get this show on the road.

Blair: Starr!

Man: Do you want to say something to each other?

Todd: Um --

Blair: I -- I didn't -- I didn't prepare anything.

Natalie: I've thought about this day since I was a little girl. But I never imagined a man like you, who can make so many dreams come true that I didn't even think of. I love you, Cristian, with all my heart and soul. You help me to be me. And you make me proud to be me. And I知 going to spend the rest of my life trying to make you as happy and as proud I am today.

Blair: You taught me to love again. And I am going to spend the rest of my life making you glad you did.

[Todd chuckles]

Starr: Walker.

Cristian: And I love you, Natalie. I always will. You're not like -- you're not like anyone I've ever known.


Cristian: You're strong, but you also need people. You're sure of yourself and always ready to learn, free-spirited and kind of old-fashioned. You're everything to me. And I知 going to spend the rest of my life making you as happy and as proud as I am today.

Todd: Um -- I知 the luckiest -- I知 the luckiest man in the world. Um -- I made a lot of mistakes -- bad mistakes. And I've gotten more chances than -- than any man ever deserved. But this is the -- the only one I知 ever going to need again, because this is it. This is -- you and the kids -- it -- you're my life. And I値l be damned if I let anything or anyone take you away from me ever again.

Cristian: I give you this ring as a symbol of my vow, and with all that I am and all that I have, I honor you, in the name of God.

Todd: With this --

[Blair and Todd laugh]

Blair: Ring?

Todd: Ring -- beautiful ring, I am going to wed thee.

Starr: Here.

Blair: OK. And with this beautiful ring, I知 definitely going to wed thee.

Joey: This marriage isn't just a union between two people, but also between many different cultures. Father Gregory?

Roxy: Ka-ching, ka-ching.

Father Gregory: Natalie, keep these coins with your treasures, to ensure good fortune and prosperity in your union.

Joey: Natalie and Cristian, I now pronounce you husband and wife. Those who God has joined together, let no one put asunder.

Father Gregory: Bless this man, this woman, and this union, now and forever. In the name of the father, the son, and the holy spirit, amen. Go ahead, Cristian, kiss your bride.

[Wedding music plays]

Man: With the power vested in me by the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, I now pronounce you --

Blair: I can稚 do it! I -- I -- look, I -- I -- I can稚 do it.


Dorian: Ta-da

River: Wow. Where are you going?

Dorian: I知 going where I知 not expected or wanted.

[Dorian chuckles]

Dorian: So, you do your homework, OK? If the phone rings and it's a prospective tutor, take a message.

River: OK.

Dorian: Bye-bye.

River: "Adriana colon. They can稚 keep us apart. Call, please."

River: Hey, is this where I place a personal ad?


Starr: Mom --

Addie: Starr, let's go in the kitchen, make some cookies.

Starr: No --

Man: I don't know how to make cookies.

Addie: I値l show you how to make cookies.

Todd: What's the matter?

Blair: If you love me --

Todd: How many times do I have to tell you I love you? I love you more than anyone's ever loved you, Blair.

Blair: Then you will love me next week. You will love me next month, you will love me next year.

Todd: Yes.

Blair: I -- I need to be sure. There are things that I want -- that I need you to do.

Todd: What? What do you want me to do? I値l do anything.

Blair: I want you to get to know Mama.

Todd: Oh, well, we've -- we've bonded.

Blair: No, she's confused. She thinks that you're Todd.

Todd: OK. What else?

Blair: Spend a day with the kids.

Todd: That's a cinch.

Blair: Well, a whole day. Just you and Jack and Starr, and if you spend a whole day and you don't want to send them off to boarding school --

Todd: Then you'll marry me?

Blair: I want you to make love to me.

Todd: Hmm, well, that's --

Blair: With the lights on, slowly. Walker, I have spent my life trying to outrun being scared, trying to outrun being poor and lonely and I just -- I can稚 take it anymore. I -- I want to stand still. And I want a man that's strong enough to stand still with me. And if you can do that, if you can prove to be that man, I値l marry you.


Clint: Sarah, you little rascal. It's good to see you again.

Flash: It's good to see you, too, Grandpa.

Clint: I saw your father a few days ago and he's kind of worried about you.

Flash: Just tell him not to worry because Asa's going to make sure I don't get in any trouble.


Rex: Boy, the Buchanans sure go all out for their kiddies. But you already know about that. I guess your wedding was just like this. Of course, I wasn't invited.

Jen: I知 going in.

Marcie: Hey.

Jen: Hey.

Marcie: You having fun?

Jen: Sure.

Rex: Marcie.

Marcie: Rex. Al? Al?

Al: I知 right here.

Marcie: I knew you were close by.

Al: I知 watching out for you.

Marcie: The wedding was really beautiful, but I kept imagining that it was us.

Al: Well, our souls are married. They always have been, always will be.

Gabrielle: Oh, I知 sorry, I -- I didn't realize there was anybody out here. I知 sorry. Whoops.

Natalie: OK! I need all the single ladies, front and center!

Dorian: Am I late?

Viki: Dorian! Good -- I知 glad you could make it.

Dorian: I値l just bet.

Gabrielle: Al's gone and I -- you know, Marcie, how do join back in again? You're joining back in? I can稚. I just can稚.

Marcie: Why can稚 she see you?

Al: I don't know. Maybe it'd make things harder for her.

Marcie: For me, it makes it bearable.

Al: I知 always going to be here, Marcie.


Dorian: Harrisburg is a lovely city.

Harrison: Yes, it is, although, I知 afraid that's not a very common view.

Dorian: I am not a very common woman.

Viki: What's this?

Max: The keys to Crossroads. I知 going to go away for a while, try to figure out what's next.

Viki: I知 very sorry. I understand, of course. As long as you know that you are always welcome to these. And please remember, wherever you are, that you have friends here.

Harrison: Excuse me.

Dorian: Hmm.

Harrison: Weddings bring out a lot of memories.

Viki: Things are changing.

Harrison: Change can be good.

Viki: Yeah. I guess it can.

[Antonio taps glass]

Cristian: Hey.

Antonio: I知 not very good at this kind of thing. I知 about as nervous as they are, as you can see. Um -- I -- I want to say a few words before I send this beautiful couple off to the airport. I always knew that my brother would find his better half -- his more beautiful half if you ask me.

Gabrielle: Bo, I have to go. I thought I could do this.

Bo: I値l go with you.

Gabrielle: No, you stay.

Antonio: I remember --

Gabrielle: Stay.

Antonio: When this guy was born. I missed out on a few years, but for the most part, I've watched him grow up to be quite an incredible man, and I've never said this to you before, but I look up to you and I admire you. Natalie, since coming here to Llanview, you have turned into such a charming and sophisticated and beautiful young lady who happens to play one hell of a game of pool.

Nora: You OK?

Bo: You know, I want to help her. I just don't know how to get through.

Antonio: They work hard, they play hard.

Nora: Well, how willing were you to let people to help you with Drew?

Bo: Not very.

Antonio: Que tenga muchos exitos, mucha felicidad, y mucha benedicion.

Carlotta: Amor.

Antonio: Here's to Cristian and Natalie. There you are.

Natalie: You know, you are my brother now.

Antonio: Yeah. Welcome to the family, little sis.

Natalie: Thank you.

Natalie: You know, Dad, when we were walking down the aisle today, I -- I finally felt like --

Clint: Like you had a dad?

Natalie: Yeah.

Clint: Sweetheart, you will always be my little girl, even if we did miss a couple of years. And you -- take good care of my daughter, you hear me?

Cristian: I intend to, sir.

Clint: Very good.

Natalie: Bye.


Viki: OK! Go!

Natalie: Bye!

Viki: Bye!

Carlotta: Bye! Love you! Bye!

Roxy: Bye!

Viki: Have a wonderful time. Call us!

Carlotta: Yes!

Viki: Call us!

Carlotta: I love you!

Viki: Right, they're going to call. Oh.

Carlotta: Thank you.

Viki: Oh.


Viki: Oh.

Dorian: Lovely party. And so many photographers, so I suppose your daughter's wedding is going to be featured in tomorrow's 釘anner" -- you with your perfect children, you with your socialite friends, you of course with the governor of our commonwealth?

Viki: What are you going on about, Dorian?

Dorian: You aren't going to be happy until you have the undying devotion of absolutely everyone, and you don't care if you have to steal it from somebody else.

Viki: Oh, give it up.

Dorian: The way you've given up on poor comatose Ben?

Viki: If I have love, Dorian, it's because I give it. If I have friends, it's because I am one.

Dorian: Don't confuse friends with people who are using you because you have wealth, power, and social status.

Viki: This has been a very happy day for me, and I refuse to let you ruin it because I have worked very hard for the happiness in my life.

Dorian: Mm-hmm. Mark my words -- someday, your perfect life is going to come crumbling down around you. I just hope I知 there to see it.

Harrison: Here you are. I was hoping to get a look at the speech you gave. I heard it was a real stunner.

Viki: Oh! It'd be my pleasure. It's in my computer. I値l print out a copy for you.

Harrison: All right.

Dorian: Oh. Governor, it was so good to see you and I hope I will see you again soon.

Harrison: Well, I値l look forward to that.

Dorian: Oh.


Natalie: I can稚 believe that I am actually your wife. Oh! I almost forgot -- Mom wanted us to open this together.

Cristian: Go ahead. Open it.

Natalie: Oh! It's the deed to the cottage.

Cristian: She bought it?

Natalie: This is amazing! You know, I've always loved this place and now it's going to really be our home.

Cristian: Sounds good to me.

Natalie: All my dreams are coming true today.

Cristian: All you have to do is win that tournament in Vegas.

Natalie: Yeah. I wish I didn't have to play on our honeymoon.

Cristian: Oh, come on. You can稚 pass up a chance like this. And besides, we have a whole lifetime to be together.


John: Buchanan girl's in the air, although by now she's probably Mrs. Vega. She'll be here in plenty of time for the tournament.

Flynn: Does she know what she has to do?

John: No, not yet. I didn't want to freak her out. I thought I壇 get her here first before I hit her with our little proposition.

Flynn: It's not a proposition, Johnny. It's a given. I知 going to have over a million dollars riding on your instincts about this girl. They'd better be right.


Natalie: As long as I知 in the zone, I値l be OK. No distractions.

Cristian: You will be. Natalie, every time you play, you get better. You're going to win this.

Natalie: You know, I -- I don't want to jinx anything, but I got to tell you, I am feeling really lucky.


John: This girl -- she's got magic, you know? She's better every day.

Flynn: Hmm. Then get out there and spread the word. By tonight, I want her to be the odds-on favorite.

John: Hey, what more do you want from me, all right? Look, she痴 got looks, she's got the great smile, the fans love her. She's got talent. She's going to roll right through the usual competition in this thing.

Flynn: Johnathan, I want you to remember your girl loses the final match. Your girl throws the championship.

[Door slams]


Dorian: River, please! Don't pretend with me! If you don't feel like reading, don't read!

River: Wow. Rotten night, or what?

Dorian: I値l say. Oh, really, what Viki is trying to do to that poor man.

River: What poor man?

Dorian: Oh. "Oh, feel sorry for me. Admire me." Well, I値l tell you two can play that game. Yeah. I知 going to give Viki a fight for Governor Brooks.

Harrison: Congratulations. I知 sure your daughter and her husband will be very happy. Till we meet again?

Viki: Oh, I look forward to it. Yes, thank you.

Harrison: Me, too.

Viki: Good night, Harrison.

Harrison: Good night.

Viki: What?

Clint: I was just thinking -- good for you, Viki.

Viki: Oh, no, no. We're friends. We're just friends, honest. Harrison --

Clint: Look, I know -- I know you love Ben, and it's a shame that he can稚 be here, but the fact is he can稚 be here.

Viki: I miss him so much.

Clint: Viki, this is your time. And if you ask me, you should just take -- take ahold of it with both hands and hang on tight.

Viki: Thank you. Thank you for everything.


Joey: Hey.

[Joey and Jen giggle]

Joey: What are you doing?

Jen: What does it look like?

Joey: Hey. Anybody could come out here.

Jen: Exactly.

[Joey sighs]

Jen: What's wrong?

Joey: Ahem -- I don't know. It's just lately whenever we make love, it seems like it has to be some kind of game. Why can稚 it just be about us?

[Jen scoffs]

Jen: You didn't think that I was really serious about doing it out here, did you?

Joey: You weren't serious?

Jen: I was just kidding. Let's go home.

Joey: Sorry. OK.


Antonio: It was quite a night, you know?

Jessica: Yeah, it was. Good night.

Antonio: Night.


Natalie: I can稚 believe that John's company paid for all this.

Cristian: Yeah. Yeah, that's a pretty steep investment on their part.

Natalie: I don't know. Maybe they're just hopeless romantics who want to make sure we have the perfect honeymoon.


Flynn: Get out there, Johnathan. Start hyping your little prot馮. I've got calls to make. I知 going to put 1.7 mil against Ms. Natalie Buchanan Vega.

John: Look, she's hungry. She loves to win. I知 I知 warning you, she's not going to want to play ball at first.

Flynn: That's why you're here. See that she does. If she doesn't play ball, it'll be the last mistake she ever makes.


Kevin: Oh, it was a great wedding, wasn't it?

Kelly: Yeah. Yeah, it was.

Kevin: Well, if I were a betting man -- which I am -- I would say that Natalie and Cristian have what it takes to make a long, successful marriage.

Kelly: What exactly is that?

Kevin: Well, they love each other very much.

Kelly: That痴 easy on your wedding day.


Blair: Thank you for not pressuring me into marrying you.

Todd: I知 not going to marry you under protest, Blair.

Blair: It wasn't protest. It was just a postponement. Hey. Why don't we go upstairs right this very minute and pretend it's our wedding night?

[Todd chuckles]

Blair: OK?

Todd: Mm-hmm.

[Phone rings]

Todd: Hello?

Flynn: I知 calling in that favor, Manning. I want you and $500,000 in my hotel suite in less than 24 hours.

Todd: Uh -- or what?

Flynn: Or your fiancee discovers she's about to marry Todd Manning.

Blair: I知 waiting

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