One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 10/14/03

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 10/14/03

By Eric
Proofread by Melissa Dann

Jessica: Hey, Joey. Are you free on Friday?

Joey: Yeah. Why?

Jessica: Where's Jen? She should be here for this, too.

Joey: She's home. She said she wasn't feeling well.

Jessica: Oh, she's got to be better by Friday.

Joey: OK, what's going on?

Jessica: Where are they?

Joey: You just called them. They can稚 beam themselves over here.

Jessica: Why not? Today anything's possible.


Antonio: I forgot there was so much paperwork when someone gets released.

Evangeline: Are you complaining?

Antonio: No. No. It just feels -- it feels kind of weird, the reason I was in here -- what Keri did to herself.

Evangeline: She was obviously a very unhappy and tortured young woman.

Antonio: And I was responsible for that.

Nora: But not for what happened after that.

Antonio: If it weren't for you two and for -- and for Jessica, Keri might have taken me with her.

Nora: Well, then there was R.J. helping out, too.

Antonio: Yeah, that guy --

Nora: Don't even go there.

Evangeline: And remember, we have one hurdle left with R.J.

Antonio: Getting Jamie back.


R.J.: Oh, no, no, no, friends. That's never going to happen.

Carlotta: I can稚 believe it! They just -- they just let him go, just like that?

Cristian: Yeah. They had proof he didn't do it.

Carlotta: Oh --

Cristian: And R.J. admitted that he lied.

Carlotta: Oh, I prayed on my face about this.

Gracias. Now we just have to get Jamie back.

Cristian: Yeah, and we will. Just keep praying.

Carlotta: If only Keri had had faith, things would be different.

Cristian: Yeah.

Carlotta: She would be alive now.

Cristian: Maybe.

Carlotta: What I will never understand is how a mother can take her own life, leave a child no lo puedo comprender.

Cristian: Yeah, I don't know, Mom.

Carlotta: Your wedding! Cristian, you and Natalie can get married now!


Viki: Jessie! Hi, Joey, darling. Honey, is everything all right?

Natalie: Is it Antonio? More bad news?

Jessica: No. It's great news. The charges against Antonio have been dropped.

Natalie: Oh, my God!

Viki: Oh, that's wonderful!

Natalie: What happened?

Jessica: Well, R.J. Gannon admitted that he'd lied and covered up evidence that showed that Keri's death was an accident.

Natalie: And you got the evidence.

Jessica: Yeah, just don't ask me how.

Viki: Why? What'd you do?

Joey: When does Antonio get out?

Jessica: Soon. He's at the police station signing some paperwork, and the good news is you and Cristian get your wedding all planned out! How's Friday?

Natalie: This Friday?

Joey: Friday's great with me.

Viki: Oh, excuse me. How do we put together a wedding by Friday?

Jessica: Mom, you know, most of it's already put together. We just have to work like crazy. We can do it!

Joey: Yeah, we can totally do this.

Jessica: I mean, it's not going to be your dream wedding, but --

Natalie: Yeah, but it's a wedding, and you know what? Hey, I got the dress already.

Viki: Are you sure about this?

Natalie: Well, not if you say no.

Viki: No, darling, it's not up to me. It's up to you.

Jessica: So what do you think?

Natalie: I think I値l say yes!

Joey: I値l take care of everything for the ceremony.

Jessica: Oh, this is so exciting!

Natalie: You know, I've -- I've got to go to tell Cristian. This is going to blow his mind. Except for I知 going to have to cancel that Vegas tournament.

Viki: Why? You don't have to do that.

Natalie: Yeah, well, the warmup session's on Friday, and instead, I think I知 going to be getting married.

Jessica: Well, can稚 you just fly out on Saturday, then?

Viki: Yeah, you could honeymoon in Las Vegas.

Natalie: Uh -- I don't know.

Jessica: Well, I壇 hate to see you give up something that means so much to you. I mean, you could be the U.S. Amateur pool playing champion.

Natalie: As if I壇 go all the way.

Viki: You might. You absolutely could. Why don't you see if there's a way you could do both?

Jessica: I mean, if the wedding's doable, the tournament's doable.

Viki: Right.

Jessica: Come on.

Natalie: You know, John McBain is going to blow a gasket. You know, who cares? Who cares? I知 getting married -- I got to go tell Cristian. I知 so excited! Bye.

Joey: Church is all set.

Natalie: Great!

Viki: Are we all thinking the same thing?

Joey: Yeah.

Viki: Let's give her the dream wedding by Friday.

Jessica: Well, I got to go home and call the caterer and then rehire the band.

Joey: I値l reinvite the guests.

Viki: Come on. Clint! Hi. It's Viki. No, no, I知 fine, I知 fine. How are you? Good. OK. I知 calling because you're going to have walk our daughter down the aisle just a little sooner than expected. This coming Friday. Can you make it?


Al's voice: Listen for me. I値l be in the wind that moves the clouds across the moon when you look out your window, the wind that rustles the gold leaves across the sidewalk as you walk to class.

Al: Marcie.


Asa: Roxy --

Roxy: Hmm?

Asa: By the time you finish, I知 going to need another haircut.

Nigel: Oh, please. Ms. Roxanne is a tonsorial artiste.

Roxy: Yeah, that's what I am. I知 an artiste. And as an artiste, I cannot be rushed. That's what I learned from Cristian, so you better listen to Nigel.

Asa: You think I don't know what you two are trying to pull? You're stalling so you can have a little more time with your friend Roxy.

Roxy: And where'd you get that cockabally idea from?

Nigel: Sir, Ms. Roxanne is merely trying to make you look more distinguished.

Asa: In a pig's eye.

Roxy: Oh, well, excuse me, but before you go, I believe that you owe me for a haircut and a tip.

Asa: Well, I believe, Roxy, I built this damn place and my haircut should be complimentary.

Roxy: OK, I値l give you a compliment -- you look like a dream. Now pay up.

[Roxy laughs]

Nigel: Might I have the night off, sir?

Asa: For what? So you can be with cutie-pie here, hmm? Oh, you two, I swear, I mean -- oh, do whatever the hell you want. Damn nonsense.


Renee: This Friday?

Viki: Uh-huh, so I need your help, desperately.

Renee: I bet!

Viki: The thing is we're still in the process of compiling lists of things that we have to do. Natalie really wants a dream wedding, and we'd like to try and give it to her.

Renee: Well, count me in.

Viki: Oh, bless you. Thank you so much. Oh, it has to be a surprise, OK, because she thinks that we're having a very simple, just family wedding, bare bones.

Renee: Viki, what a lovely gift, and romantic.

Viki: I hope so. I so wish that Ben could be here.

Renee: Yeah. Me, too. You know, sometimes I wonder if maybe that's why Asa and I haven't made any wedding plans.

Viki: I learned something recently. Since Ben's accident, I haven't really lived, you know? I've just been going through the motions, because in the back of my head, I think he's going to get better. But I know he's not.

Renee: I know. Asa won稚 let him go. He'll wait forever, and we don't have forever.

Viki: He asked you to marry him months ago. You turned him down.

Renee: Viki, he didn't ask me. He announced it, remember?

Viki: Yeah.

Renee: And I told him that I just want to take it slow.

Viki: So it is Asa who won稚 let Ben go, or is it you?


Antonio: After everything that's gone down, now you want to keep Jamie from me?

Nora: R.J., we knocked ourselves out negotiating your immunity deal, a deal that wasn't just to keep you out of prison. Keri's last wish was that Jamie could live in a world where her father and grandfather would not hate each other. Now's the time to make that happen. Please, R.J., stop this war.

R.J.: Now, I know my part in all of this. But, you -- you hurt my daughter so much --

Antonio: I know. And I知 sorry.

R.J.: I thought you would keep hurting her. That's why I did what I did. I saw that there was something wrong with her. I should have gotten her some help, but I thought that I could help her. But I just ended up hurting her as much as anybody else. And I don't want to hurt Jamie. So, look, she's your daughter. I知 not going to fight, no court. She's yours.

Antonio: Thank you.

R.J.: But if you're going to be a bigger man than either of us have been, I hope you can find a way to keep me in Jamie's life.

Antonio: Of course I will. Look, R.J., we both lost Keri. It's about Jamie now. She's our future. Together, we can make sure that Keri's death wasn't for nothing.

Evangeline: R.J., if there's anything I can do, anything at all, I --

R.J.: There's nothing. I知 sorry. I just -- I -- I can稚 deal with you right now.

Evangeline: All right. Maybe some other time.

R.J.: We'll see.


Gabrielle's voice: You've reached Bo and Gabrielle. We aren't able to take your call, so please leave a message and we'll get back to you.

[Answering machine beeps]

Bo: Hi. If you're there, please pick up the phone. Look, there's no pressure. I知 just talking about dinner. I really need to talk to you.


Max: OK, God, what do I have to be thankful for? I知 thankful for my kids, and I知 thankful that Frankie and Leslie are living in a place that Luna loved. It's almost like she's there with them. And seeing Leslie's smile and hearing that cute little laugh of Frankie's, she's living on in them. How is Al going to live on? Oh.

Gabrielle: You want to know how he's going to live on? He's going to live on in you, and he's going to live on in me, and he's going to live on in all that music that he played at night and all the hope that he gave to all those people who listened to him, and in Marcie. Al's memory -- Max, it's never going to die.

Max: You're right. Where's your ring?

Gabrielle: I gave it back to Bo.

Max: What?

Gabrielle: I cannot think of anything except Al. Nothing, nothing else matters.

Max: Oh, Gabrielle. Bo loves you. And you love him. You can稚 give up on that. I mean, to choose to be alone after losing Al is so -- so -- know that little voice...


Carlotta: You have to study hard in school, Adriana. Yes, I知 sure you do miss River. But this is how it has to be. In time, you'll forget him, I promise. Dame un minuto.


Cristian: So, wow, we're going to get married this Friday, huh?

Natalie: Yeah, this Friday. You don't have a problem with it, do you? Because if you do, speak now or forever hold your peace.

Cristian: No, no, no problem. Now, what about all this fancy stuff you wanted?

Natalie: Skip it.

Cristian: So we're finally going to be Mr. and Mrs. Vega.

Natalie: Mm-hmm.

[Door opens]

[Man clears throat]

John: Hey. How are you two doing?

Cristian: How's it going?

John: Good.

Natalie: John, actually, I知 glad to see you.

John: You are?

Natalie: I have some really, really good news. Cristian and I are getting married on Friday.

John: Oh. Which Friday?

Cristian: This Friday.

John: You'll be in Vegas. There's a practice session that --

Natalie: Yeah, I know, and I知 going to miss the practice session.

John: But I致e already bought the plane tickets.

Natalie: And we're going to use them, but we'll use them Saturday morning.

Cristian: When we'll both be on our honeymoon.

Natalie: Mm-hmm. And I am going to win this tournament for my new husband.

John: Yeah, OK. All right, well, I値l just -- yeah, I値l change the tickets around, then, OK? Congratulations.

Cristian: She's never going to believe this.

Viki: Oh, Sarah, thanks so much for coming by.

Flash: You'll never get used to calling me Flash.

Viki: Oh, I知 used to it. I just prefer Sarah.

Flash: All right, so what's up?

Viki: How would you like to sing at your cousin Natalie's wedding on Friday?

Flash: You mean, like, in a church?

Viki: Oh, serious church. At St. James. I thought maybe a folk song or, if you'd like, a hymn. What would you think?

Flash: Yeah -- great, yeah. Hey.

Asa: How's your voice, sweetheart?

Flash: Rocking, thanks, big guy. Hey, did you hear about the big wedding plans for Natalie?

Asa: Yep, I heard. Are you going for this? What about Ben? Maybe we could wait.

Viki: Asa, we've talked about this, OK? The doctors have told us all the coma's irreversible. Ben is not going to get any better.

Asa: You don't know that.

Viki: I've made peace with it. I think you and Renee should, too.

Asa: Well, what am I supposed to do, Viki? Give up on my son?

Viki: No. And I知 not saying that you should. It's just that none of us have really been living for over a year now, and Ben would not want that. What happened to him was tragic. I miss him every day of my life, and I壇 give anything to have him back. But in the meantime, we have to go on, Asa. You know, we have to grab every chance we have at laughter, at happiness, at joy --

Flash: At love.

Viki: Yes, Sarah, at love, because if we don't do that, then Ben's life meant nothing. We can稚 wait for tomorrow because tomorrow might not happen, and Ben knew that. And I think that you and Renee should know that, too.


Joey: Yeah, Friday.

Jessica: It's at St. James Church. Great. See you then.

Joey: Good. See you then. You're pretty awesome. You know that?

Jessica: What'd I do?

Joey: Well, for starters, you stuck by a man who a lot of people thought was guilty. And then you saved the day at the last minute by turning into Ms. Columbo.

Jessica: Oh, please.

Joey: And now you're planning a dream once-in-a-lifetime wedding for Natalie.

Jessica: Well, she postponed her happiness for Antonio, so --

Joey: Jess, once all the evidence was in, was there ever a time, even for a second, that you thought maybe Antonio did kill Keri?

Jessica: He gave me his word.

Joey: And you never doubted it?

Jessica: That's what love is. I mean, you feel that way about Jen, right?

Joey: Yeah, yeah. I mean, we haven't gone through anything like you two have, but if we ever did, I hope that we have as much faith in each other as you have in Antonio.


Antonio: Mami.

Carlotta: Oh, mijo! Oh! Oh, how could I have ever doubted you? You promised me that you壇 be -- you'd be free. I just was stupid. I知 so sorry for all the stupid things that I did! Antonio, I知 so sorry.

Antonio: No, no. Mami, it's OK. Today, everything's OK.

Carlotta: So, now -- now what are we going to do? Do we have to go back to court to get Jamie?

R.J.: Hey, little one. Now, you're going to remember, Granddaddy loves you, right? Here you go. Most of her things are in here, her toys. Right now the blue shark is a big favorite, but, you know, it changes all the time.

Antonio: R.J.?

Carlotta: Hi.

Antonio: Listen, I meant what I said. You want to see your granddaughter? Anytime.

R.J.: Thanks, man.

Antonio: OK.


Marcie: Is it -- is it really you?

Al: In the flesh. Well, not exactly in the flesh. You can稚 touch me. But it's me.

Marcie: How?

Al: I知 all the things that you loved about me, all the things you held inside, the same way I always keep you inside of me.

Marcie: I've missed you so much. What am I supposed to do without you?

Al: I miss you, too, Marcie.

Marcie: Please don't leave me. Please, stay.


Joey: I know it would mean a lot to them if you could.

Jessica: I know it's last minute, but, I mean --

Joey: That's wonderful. Thank you very much.

Jessica: Really? Oh, that's great.

Joey: No, thank you.


Renee: The choice is to do as many of these things.

Viki: Oh, that's a good idea. Yeah, that's a terrific idea.

Harrison: All right, ladies, what are you all cooking up?

Viki: Oh, Harrison.

Harrison: Hi.

Viki: Hello. Actually, my family and I are planning a very large and rather precipitous wedding.

Harrison: Ooh. Well, if the commonwealth of Pennsylvania can be of any assistance --

Viki: Oh, God, I guess we just say the magic word.

Harrison: That's it.


Flash: Grandpa, I think that you should listen to Aunt Viki. Life's short. I mean, sometimes you just have to hop on and keep on riding.

Asa: You are family, all right.

Flash: Well, everybody just wants you to be happy.

Asa: Well, you just stick around. Oh, Renee. We have got to be two of the most stubborn people in this world. We could hold off a marriage till whenever the cows come home. But since Sarah came home and Natalie pulled off a wedding in four days, I mean, it doesn't get any better than that. Let's do it, right now.

Renee: Do what right now?

Asa: I've been carrying this damn license and ring around for months.

Renee: Asa, there is so much going on right now. There's a benefit tonight and Natalie's wedding and -- why don't we talk about things when it's a little calmer?

Asa: It's Ben, isn't it?

Renee: Asa, a mother never gives up on her child. The day that I say that Ben is not going to wake up is the day that my only child is dead.

Asa: Renee --

Renee: I知 not ready to do that, Asa.


Daniel: So, did it all turn out the way you hoped?

Nora: We should have been hoping for the same thing. Innocent man goes free, grieving father doesn't get punished -- truth, justice, the American way.

Daniel: Yeah, but a pretty underhanded way to get to the truth, don't you think? Using one mistake from my past against me?

Nora: You know Daniel, I don't think I would have been able to hand that D.U.I. in to the press.

Daniel: You bluffed?

Nora: What does it say about a man when takes that kind of threat to make him back down?

Daniel: I thought Vega was guilty. You know, you haven't given me a chance since the day we met, which is kind of strange, considering you don't know anything about me. You don't know why I practice law. You don't know if I have a heart. I mean, hell, you've been accusing of not having one. But I do, and a conscience. And I知 not a bad softball player, either.

Nora: Well, good for you. Tell me something -- can you stand back and look at yourself in the mirror?

Daniel: Meaning?

Nora: Daniel, you're 15 points ahead of me in the polls. And yet you were still so determined to win this election you tried to send an innocent man to death row.

Daniel: I give up. I have work to do.

Bo: You did good today.

Nora: Thank you.

Bo: Is he really 15 points ahead in the polls?

Nora: Oh, he's 16 points ahead, actually. I hate the fact that he's probably going to beat me, but I知 glad Antonio's free, he's got Jamie back, and I can stop wondering what it's going to be like if someone took Matthew away from me.

Bo: Especially now.

Nora: How are things going with Gabrielle?

Bo: Not good.


Max: So I知 sitting in Angel Square in front of the statue, and Luna appears to me.

Gabrielle: What?

Max: She -- she came to tell me Al was OK.

Gabrielle: OK?

Max: That he痴 with her.

Gabrielle: Wow. Was that -- that must have been comforting. Was it comforting?

Max: It was. I mean, I still miss him like hell, but -- oh.

Gabrielle: Max, do you think that us losing Al like this is God's way of showing us that we have to pay for the atrocious lives that we've lived?

Max: No. No. I don't think God is that unfair.

Gabrielle: But what if that is the way all this works?

Max: No.

Gabrielle: If it is, then I don't deserve to be --

Max: Gabrielle --

Gabrielle: And I don't deserve Bo.

Max: No, don't, stop, stop. If you start thinking that way, you're going to regret everything you've ever done.

Gabrielle: But I do, Max. Dear God, I do.

Max: Think of what Al did for us.

Gabrielle: Mm-hmm.

Max: He made us better people. I know when you and he came back to Llanview, I finally got my act together, and God knows you did, too.

Gabrielle: Yeah. I did, didn't I?

Max: Yes, you did, so remember that. And you need to remember that you are the woman that Bo loves and the woman that Bo wants to marry, because of Al.

Gabrielle: Well, I知 going to do everything in my power to live the rest of my life in a way that Al would be proud. I am.

Max: Good.

Gabrielle: I don't know about staying here in Llanview, though, because it is so painful. Max, it is so painful here. And Bo is -- God, he's wonderful, but I don't know if I can stay with him, either.


[Nigel chuckles]

Nigel: I should be departing soon.

Roxy: One more round, maverick.

Nigel: Oh. You must have bookings.

Roxy: Oh, not till later, way, way later. Hey, you're back early. I thought you had your after school reading program.

River: I blew it off. Reading sucks.

Roxy: Oh, I agree. It's way overrated. I think he's having a little chickee problem. You ought to go talk to him, man to man.

Nigel: Is it about the young lady, sir?

River: Yeah. My grandmother and Mrs. Vega basically kidnapped Adriana.

Nigel: Oh, sir. Why?

River: Carlotta caught us. It's stupid. How do people do this? -- I don't know -- wake up every morning knowing that your girl's a thousand miles away. I feel like I知 never going to hold her again or kiss her, you know? They keep telling me to forget about her, but she's on my mind, like, every second.

Nigel: So Romeo and Juliet.

Ro: Uh-uh. So Pamela and Tommy Lee.

Nigel: Where is this miss Adriana now, sir?

River: Puerto Rico, I think. I just want to see her again, that's all, just one more time.

Roxy: You know, I got a great idea. I知 doing the wigs and the whiskers for a community theater project of "Cats," and they paid in advance, so why don't you --

River: Oh, no, no, no --

Roxy: No, no, go ahead, take this.

Nigel: No, I would only be too happy to contribute the other half.

River: You guys would really do that? You guys would pay for my ticket?

Nigel: Well, a love like this cannot, must not be denied.

Roxy: Because when you're hot, you're hot. So go for it, honey.


Jessica: Hey.

Antonio: Hi.

Jessica: Hi. Hey, sweetie.

Antonio: You know, I never thought I壇 have her in here again. Thanks to you, here she is.

Jessica: Just let me be there when you win father of the year plaque, OK?

Antonio: OK. So long as you don't break into any more apartments. You understand me?

Jessica: I had to get evidence to prove that you were innocent. It worked, right? And I壇 do it again. I love you.

Antonio: So, I understand Friday's D-day. Thank God I have my best man list all prepared, huh?

Jessica: Yeah.

Antonio: I got my tux rented, got the rings in the drawer.

Jessica: Well, Cristian and Natalie think it's just going to be a small wedding, but Mom and I are surprising them with a big wedding. It's going to be so nice.

Antonio: Well, hey, why don't you sit down, stay a while, relax.

Jessica: I can稚. I have so much to do. I have to decorate the church.

Antonio: Yeah?

Jessica: I just came by to say hi.

Antonio: OK.

Jessica: See you.


Nora: Hey. Any luck getting Gabrielle?

Bo: The answering machine. I could end up taking the answering machine to the benefit. I don't want to go alone.

Nora: Well, that's a coincidence because I知 going, too, and I知 taking my answering machine. Don't you hate going to those things by yourself? You walk in and you feel lonelier than just being alone.

Bo: Yeah.

Nora: So I値l tell you what. You know, if you end up going by yourself and you start feeling lonely, come find me. I値l be the one with the answering machine, and I値l keep you company.

Bo: Good, I値l do that.

Nora: There's a nice smile.

Bo: Yeah, it feels good to smile.

Nora: How many times have we rescued each other at these dull and boring soirees?

Bo: I wish I had a nickel for every fancy soiree that we've been to together.

Nora: Yeah. Some of them were really bad.

Bo: Yeah, but some were really great.

Nora: Most of them, actually.

Bo: Most.


Max: In the spirit of good deeds and in Al's name, I -- I picked up a couple tickets for that benefit tonight.

Gabrielle: For the new children's wing at the hospital? Al loved those kids, didn't he?

Max: Yeah. Yeah, I was just wondering if you might do me the honor.

Gabrielle: Max, no, I知 not up to it, and Bo would most certainly be there, and I壇 probably knock down several hundred people running into his arms. I don't think so.

Max: So that could be a good thing.

Gabrielle: I don't think so.

Max: Please. I really think it would be good for us to spend some time around people that are happy.


Al: Someday, I値l get to hold you in my arms forever. But not today.

Marcie: No, don't leave me. Please.

Al: I won稚. I知 always with you, kid.

[Marcie laughs]

Al: I love you so much, Marcie.


Harrison: That penguin suit is upstairs in my suite, so I値l see you at the ball in about an hour, huh, Cinderella?

Viki: An hour? Oh, my God, I've been so busy with the wedding, I have to go home and change.

Harrison: You know, you can go anywhere in the world dressed just like that.

Viki: That's very sweet of you to say. Thank you.

Harrison: Viki, are you comfortable with me escorting you to this shindig?

Viki: Yes, I am.

Harrison: Good. I know how difficult it is to make a family plan and your spouse can稚 make it.

Viki: Oh. Listen, Natalie is very, very happy. That's going to make it a lot easier. I pray to God this wedding is perfect.


Cristian: I知 going to go run in and see if they altered the tails.

Natalie: OK. I値l wait here.

Cristian: Bye.

Natalie: What's up?

John: You must be feeling pretty confident, missing practice day in Vegas.

Natalie: Yeah.

John: This is a make-or-break tournament. The stakes are higher than you think.

Natalie: What are you getting at, McBain?

John: Let's put it this way, kid -- you go along with everything I say or you will be sorry.


[Phone rings]

Roxy: Foxy Roxy's hair haven. Yeah, hey, Rev. Donkey shine. Cristian is finally going to make Natalie an honest woman, and I got ring-side seats!

Nigel: Oh, felicitations!

Roxy: Yeah. Gesundheit. Oh, I知 going to make it up to her, somehow. I mean, I was a bad mother. I mean, I really was. I was a rotten role model, but I am going to make it up to her.

Nigel: What exactly have you got in mind?

Roxy: A surprise that Natalie ain't never going to forget.


Antonio: Hi.

Jessica: Hi. Hi.

Gabrielle: How you doing?


Marcie: I知 OK. How about you?

Gabrielle: I've been better.

Carlotta: Somebody wanted to say hello to you. Jamie, this is Gabrielle and Marcie.

Gabrielle: Oh --

Carlotta: But I think she's falling asleep.

Gabrielle: Yes, she is. Hello, beauty. Oh. She's precious.


Cristian: All right, tuxes are done. What's wrong?

Natalie: Nothing. What could be wrong? I mean, we're getting married on this Friday. I mean, everything's going to be perfect.

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