One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 10/8/03

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 10/8/03

By Eric
Proofread by Melissa Dann

Blair: I want to know the whole truth about your secret life, Walker -- I mean, every bit of it, legal and illegal -- or Iím out of here. It's over.

Todd: Listen to us, Blair. Photos, secret files, private investigators -- this is sick.

Blair: No, what's sick is if it's true.

Todd: It has Kevin Buchanan written all --

Blair: Oh, that's not the point!

Todd: He wants what he canít have. He wanted a son, he lost that. Now he wants you.

Blair: Just answer the question, please!

Todd: It's a testosterone thing with him.

Blair: Answer the question.

Todd: Do you really want to be another Buchanan trophy up on a shelf somewhere?


Viki: Iím looking forward to it, as well. OK, bye.

Kevin: Well, Iím glad that you changed your mind about going to this benefit with the governor. It's good to see you enjoying yourself again. Ben would be happy.

Viki: Thank you, you know, for the conversation.

Kevin: I just call them like I see them.

Viki: The lieutenant governor of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania is eating with his fingers? Didn't your mother teach you any manners?

Kevin: I told you Iím starving. What's wrong with this?

Viki: Honey, come on, you just had a sandwich.

Kevin: Well, Iím a growing boy, mom.

Viki: Yeah, well, donít fill up because Kelly's waiting for you at home with dinner.

Kevin: Oh, wait, we never eat together except in a command performance in a great restaurant somewhere or something.

Viki: So is that why you're hanging around my kitchen? Because you donít want to go home to your wife?

[Answering machine beeps]

Kevin's voice: Hey, darling, it's me. Iím going to be late for dinner at the Palace. Something came up.

[Answering machine beeps]

Keri's voice: "To be opened by my father, R.J. Gannon."

[Doorbell rings]


R.J.: Iím -- Iím sorry for your loss.

Max: Me, too, for yours.

[Jamie cries]

R.J.: Hey, little one. It's all right.

[Jamie stops crying]

R.J.: Come on. Oh, yeah.

Max: She's growing so fast.

R.J.: Yeah, like a weed.

Max: She's beautiful.

R.J.: Yeah. Like her mother. She's all I have left now. Iím never going to let Vega take her away from me.


Nora: So do I need to explain a polygraph to you, sir?

Antonio: Thanks, but I think I know the drill.

Nora: OK.

Officer: Excuse me. Evangeline Williamson just called. The technician postponed until tomorrow.

Nora: Thank you. Sorry.

Antonio: Great. Colson steals another day of my life.

Nora: It's not admissible. You know that.

Antonio: Yeah, yeah, I know. So why even bother?

Nora: Because the evidence is so stacked against you, Antonio, Evangeline needs some ammunition somewhere. Come on. Iíll take you down to lockup. Let's go.

Antonio: I need a favor.

Nora: I canít give you special privileges.

Antonio: I haven't heard from Jessica. I've got a really bad feeling.


Jessica: You scared me.

Man: I try.

Jessica: So, did you bring it?

Man: What's a hothouse flower like you going to do with a set of lock picks?

Jessica: It's none of your business.

Man: Iíll let my imagination roam. No cashee, no pickee. Whoa, you learn quick. You donít know how to use them, do you?

Jessica: Show me.

Joey: Jessica? What are you doing here?


R.J.: Easy now.

Max: Youíre very good with her.

R.J.: Well, I haven't spent any time around children. I just try to do what seems right.

Max: You're lucky.

R.J.: Lucky?

Max: You still -- you still have her to hold, kind of like you still have a piece of Keri with you.

R.J.: How are Frank and Leslie?

Max: Not too good. They were pretty young when Luna died. They knew Al, and they loved when he came to visit. It's rough.

R.J.: I guess there's no easy way to --

Max: No. No, there's not.

R.J.: I check on her like every five minutes.

Max: So you're a mother and daddy, too, I see.

R.J.: Yeah. It's not funny. Especially since now Carlotta's trying to invoke grandparent's rights. You know when Vega gets off he's going to come after her, too.

Max: Well, I donít think you can stop him. The judge awarded him joint custody.

R.J.: The hell I canít. Keri left Evangeline a letter in which she says very specifically that if anything ever happened to her, she wants her child raised by me.

Max: Look, R.J., do you really want to repeat what Liz did to you, taking Keri out of your life all those years?

R.J.: Look, Vega is a murderer. There's no way he's ever going to put his hands on my granddaughter.

Max: It's not up you, R.J.

R.J.: Well, sure, it is. If he manages to con this jury into finding him not guilty, I will take Jamie so far away from him he will never see her again.


Man: Thanks for the directions.

Joey: Who was that?

Jessica: Oh, it was just some guy asking for directions.

[Phone rings]

Jessica: Iím glad you're here. One second, OK? Hello?

Antonio: Jessica.

Jessica: How are you calling me? Did they move you? Because Iím on to something.

Antonio: Wait, what -- what are you talking about?

Jessica: I canít hear you.

Antonio: Where are you?

Jessica: Iím in Angel Square. The reception's really, really bad.

Antonio: Honey, donít hang -- damn it.

Joey: Is everything all right?

Jessica: Yeah, yeah, everything's fine. I just -- you know, I got to go.

Joey: Jess -- Jess, wait!


Nora: I said one call, Antonio. Iím sorry, your time is up. Come on, let's go downstairs.

Antonio: Nora, please. Please? We got cut off. Look, Jessica -- Jessica said she was on to something that might help my case. Iím worried about her, Nora. She doesn't know how risky these things can get sometimes.

Nora: Jessica is smart enough to know not to take the law into her own hands.

Antonio: Just one more call. Please. Iíll make it short.

Nora: Two minutes. Two minutes. And tell Jessica to leave the detective work to the professionals.

Antonio: You mean like Colson? He's about as excited as R.J. about sending me to death row.

Nora: Bo and I will make sure that you get justice -- from a jury. Make it quick.

[Phone rings]

Jessica's voice: Hi, this is Jessica. I canít come to the phone right now, so please leave a message.

[Voicemail beeps]

Jessica: I thought I could figure this out.


Kevin: Iím not avoiding my wife, Iím just hanging out with my mom.

Viki: I donít think so. Maybe it's a little bit of both, hmm?

Kevin: Things are great with Kelly and me. Busy, but we like it like that.

Viki: Honey, if you're so busy right now, then maybe you should wait for things to settle down before you adopt a child. I mean, there's really no rush.

Kevin: Adoptions can take forever you know, if we donít start this right now, then we're not going to be able to do it.

Viki: Yeah, but this is the time for you two to focus on each other. Once you have a child, you know, there's no time.

Kevin: Kelly and I are together on this, all right? The wheels are in motion.

Viki: All right, OK. "Butt out." I can take a hint.

Kevin: Well, Iím just saying we have plans, you know? My political future is important to the both of us, and the marriage helps make that happen. We're going to succeed, Mom, no matter what. We are.

Viki: You know that a marriage takes a lot of work, right?

Kevin: Of course I know that, and we're willing to do whatever it takes.

Viki: Why?

Kevin: What do you mean, why?

Viki: Why are you so desperate to make this work? Is it just for politics?

Kevin: No, family comes first. You and Dad drilled it into me.

Viki: Darling, not family for the wrong reasons. Certainly not for a career or for politics or guilt or --

Kevin: OK, you know what? This -- my 15 minutes are up. See you. I got to --

Viki: Oh, no, hang on a minute. Is this all about Joey? I mean, you know that his heart was broken when Kelly left him. Is all this just to prove that it was not for nothing?


Kelly: Thanks.

Joey: Is everything OK?

Kelly: Yeah, yeah. Just a little insomnia, so the doctor prescribed some pills to help me sleep.

Joey: How long have you been having trouble sleeping?

Kelly: Oh, seems like forever. You know, and then when I was trying to conceive, I couldn't take anything for it, so now is the perfect time to catch up on my rest -- you know, before the 3:00 a.m. feedings start when we adopt a baby.

Joey: Kind of looking forward to those.

Kelly: Oh, really? Well, you can come over anytime.

Joey: Why --

Kelly: Joey, they're perfectly safe, OK? The doctor prescribed them.

Joey: Why are you having trouble sleeping?

Kelly: Name it. Trying to conceive, trying to adopt, Kevin's career. We live in a fishbowl these days.

Joey: Nobody expects you to be perfect.

Kelly: Yeah, nobody. Nobody, just the governor and the press, the commonwealth.

Joey: Is it worth it?

Kelly: Of course it is. Besides, we canít go back.

Joey: Even if it makes you unhappy?

Kelly: Joey, this is the life I chose. I can do it. I want to do it, OK? Ken and I have worked very hard to get where we are, and I am not going to be the one to mess it up. You're looking at me like Iím crazy.

Joey: I just want you to be happy.

Kelly: How do you know Iím not? I have everything I wanted, OK? So why shouldn't I be thrilled 24/7, right? The truth is that that is exactly what is keeping me up at night. That, and wondering if Iím going to end up crazy like my mother.


Blair: This isnít about Kevin Buchanan! In fact, Walker, I asked him to leave you alone.

Todd: Oh. Buchanans donít listen to "fillies." It's one of their mindless mottoes.

Blair: This isnít about the Buchanans, either.

Todd: Yes, it is!

Blair: No, it isnít.

Todd: I didn't start this. Kevin Buchanan hired a private --

Blair: Look, I donít care why Kevin did what he did! All I know is that he came over here to give me this file because he thought it was something important enough that I wouldn't marry you!

Todd: It's none of his business.

Blair: Are you going to tell me what's in it? Fine, Iíll just go to Kevin because I know he's dying to tell me what's in this file.

Todd: No. Sit. Sit down. Give me the file. Give it to me, please. OK. Did you know I was burned in a house fire?

Blair: Yes.

Todd: All right. Did you know that my father beat me?

Blair: Yes.

Todd: All right. What else? I was in a car accident last year. A really bad car accident. I had to have a lot of surgery, and I was in the hospital for months.

Blair: Is that why you didn't want to have x-rays at the hospital when you pulled Starr out of the Llantano River?

Todd: Yes. Yes. If they looked at my bones they'd want to go back in.

Blair: But, Walker, what if something is wrong inside?

Todd: It's over. Blair, listen to me. I mean it, it's over. This -- this is bogus. Anybody with a cheap computer could dummy these up.

Blair: Why would they bother, Walker?

Todd: I donít know -- $20. Do you really think Kevin Buchanan is incapable of it?

Blair: I donít know what to think, all right?

Todd: He just put enough real stuff in there to make you believe all of it.

Blair: Oh, the pictures looked pretty real to me.

Todd: Bought and paid for. It's worth a lot to Kevin to make you believe I donít love you, but you know better. I love you. I love you more than anyone's ever loved you. And I make you happy. I make Starr happy. I make Jack happy. Are you willing to throw that away for this? I -- you know, if you care about what's in here, we can go through this page by page. Personally, I think it should go in the fire where it belongs.


Daniel: Hi, Nora. Where's the commissioner?

Nora: Uh, he -- he's not here.

Daniel: So why are you?

Nora: Because I came here to talk to him about- um -- Bernie Hopper.

Daniel: Well, find something better to do with your time, Counselor.

Nora: Bernie Hopper is an eyewitness to Keri's death.

Daniel: The man is a homeless derelict who spouts Shakespeare.

Nora: Oh, Daniel, you recognized it.

Daniel: Yeah, I thought we were supposed to be working together, or have you forgotten that?

Nora: Daniel, Iíd love you to meet justice. I know you donít speak the same language.

Daniel: I would love for Evangeline to put Bernard on the stand. I shall dissect him couplet by couplet.

Nora: You know, "Bernard" may have his eccentricities --

Daniel: Ooh, nice euphemism.

Nora: Bo doesn't think he's lying.

Daniel: Well, Iíll tell you what, Nora -- why donít we leave the commish a note --

Nora: Ow.

Daniel: And see if he can enlighten us, all right?

Nora: Daniel? Daniel Ė


Todd: I donít care about any of that. All I care about is you.

Todd: You can trust me.

Blair: I hope so.

Todd: Hey. We're the same. I donít trust people, either. And they donít want us to be together.

Blair: You mean Kevin.

Todd: I think we belong together, and so does Starr. But I want you to be sure. Iím not going to railroad you into anything. So Iím just going to ask you, will you marry me? OK. Uh, Iíll just -- Iíll go to the Palace and Iíll wait for you there. If you let Kevin Buchanan ruin this, it'll be the biggest mistake of your life.


Kevin: Of course I feel guilty about Joey. I always will. Kelly, too. But that's not why we want to make our marriage work. Look, I've been divorced, OK? I just donít want to be one of those guys.

Viki: What guys?

Kevin: The ones who go from woman to woman, who get married and mess it up and trade her in for a younger model.

Viki: Darling, I never said that you were.

Kevin: Look, I just want a family, you know? I had the best one. Nothing ever came before us with Dad. You know, no matter what, I knew it never would, and we were the most important people in the world to him.

Viki: You still are.

Kevin: I know. You see, that's what I want to have for my kids. I mean, Iím really happy about this adoption because it gives me a chance to take a kid who's been left behind and give him the kind of home that you and Dad gave me.

Viki: So how does Blair fit into all of that?

Kevin: Blair? What --

Viki: Yes, Kevin. Blair.

Kevin: Nothing has happened between us, I swear.

Viki: Kevin Ė Kevin. No, I am serious. Look, we are attracted to each other, OK? Yes, very mucho. And maybe some other time if we would've connected, who knows? But I have never cheated on Kelly, OK? I wouldn't do that. I know how it feels.

Viki: What?

Kevin: No, Iím just saying I know how it feels because I was -- you know, I've hurt people like Cassie, and I donít ever want to do that again. Who told you, anyway, that I was involved with Blair? Kelly?

Viki: No.

Kevin: Was it Dorian?

Viki: No, darling.

Kevin: Well, who was it?

Viki: It was Walker Laurence.

Kevin: Walker -- are you serious?

Viki: Uh-huh.

Kevin: Walker Laurence told you? Why would you believe him? He gives Blair this line, she believes him, then you believe him, everybody believes Walker!

Viki: Why do you hate Walker so much?


Joey: You are not going to go crazy.

Kelly: Why not? My mom is. Addie is. You know what? Iím actually glad Iím adopting. That way I canít pass my crazy gene on to my child.

Joey: There is no such thing. You're not crazy -- except when you left me. That was a little crazy.

Kelly: It's the best thing I could've done for you.

Joey: No. But the only crazy thing you've ever done is say that you'd risk your life to have a baby.

Kelly: Well, you set me straight on that, didn't you?

Joey: Good.

Kelly: Do you remember how I used to be? I had that blue eye shadow all the way up to my forehead, and I used to tease my hair within an inch of its life?

Joey: I fell in love with that girl.

Kelly: You know, I may look like a political asset. But I still feel like a mall rat underneath.

Joey: Everyone feels that way about something.

Kelly: Well, maybe after a good night's sleep, all this will be that much easier to deal with.

Joey: Maybe you should slow down the adoption process.

Kelly: What?

Joey: Just give yourself a break, a couple of months.

Kelly: Joey, the adoption process takes a long time anyway.

Joey: Good. And if you donít feel like always showing up to play Mrs. Lieutenant Governor, then donít.

Kelly: Oh, OK.

Joey: Like you ever listen to me anyway.

Kelly: Oh, come on. I always feel better after I talk to you.

[Phone rings]

Kelly: Oh. Ooh -- Kevin.


Joey: You're not going to answer?

Kelly: You told me I shouldn't put so much pressure on myself. That's exactly what Iím going to do.

Kevin: Uh -- sorry, hon. Mom and I lost track of time. But Iím headed to the Palace restaurant, so Iíll see you then. Listen, do you want to go with us? Iím sure Kelly would love to see you.

Viki: No. No, thank you. Besides, I have someplace I need to go.

Kevin: What, the hospital? Didn't you already go there today?

Viki: Kevin, I really need to talk to Ben.

Kevin: OK.


Daniel: What are you doing, Nora? Giving special privileges to your friends?

Antonio: Iím getting ready to take a lie detector test.

Daniel: By telephone?

Antonio: It was canceled. I was talking to my lawyer, trying to get it rescheduled.

Daniel: Well, Iím afraid you're not going to make it.

Nora: OK, hold on. He is entitled to call his attorney.

Daniel: In the commissioner's office, unattended? You know -- just stay here, both of you. Iíll get a cop to escort Mr. Vega back to his cell.

Nora: Bernie. Hi. You're a hard man to find when you want to be. I was -- I wanted to talk to you about some of the things that Keri said before she died.

Bernie: I told you everything.

Nora: I know, but sometimes things donít -- well, they donít seem important at the time, and they are. She was a friend of mine, you know, Bernie. She lived in my house and she took care of my little boy, and I should've been there for her. If Iíd been there for her, she might've had someone to turn to. I just --

Bernie: "Better three hours too soon than a minute too late."

Nora: Yes, you're right.

Nora: You cared about her, too. How well did you know her?

Bernie: Not well.

Nora: But you were friends? Are you sure it was Antonio Vega that you saw break into her room? It's -- Antonio is the father of her child, and he loves that little girl. You know that if he's convicted, he's going to be sent to death.

Bernie: "When sorrows come, they come not in single spies but in battalions."

Nora: So you understand how important it is for the truth to come out, right? So you're sure it was Antonio Vega you saw? Bernie?

Bernie: I lied!

Nora: OK, why? I mean, are you protecting someone?

Bernie: I wanted to sleep in a bed. I didn't know it was her room, I swear.

Nora: I really -- I believe you.

Bernie: And I didn't lie about anything else. She fell. And the dark man with the long hair? He took the letter.

Nora: R.J. Gannon?

Bernie: And the gold chain.

Nora: What gold chain? You didn't say anything in the police station about a gold chain.

Bernie: I didn't like that man!

Nora: What man? Oh, the assistant district attorney Colson? Yes, well, the feeling's mutual. Look, Iíll protect you, I promise, OK?

Bernie: The dark man --

Nora: R.J.

Bernie: Took the chain from her pocket and laid it in her cold, dead hand.

Nora: Bernie? You saw what happened to Keri. You know how she died.


Elyssa: Ow! Ow -- you're hurting me.

Todd: Shh.

Todd: I want you to tell me everything you told Kevin Buchanan about me right now.

Elyssa: Well, the last time I talked to you, I woke up on the way to Chicago.

Todd: I let you wake up. This time I may not be so accommodating.

Elyssa: Iím off the job.

Todd: Good. What'd you tell him?

Elyssa: That the real Walker Laurence lives in Las Vegas.

Todd: Did you see him?

Elyssa: No. No, he was like a ghost, always one -- one step ahead of me.

Todd: Like that's hard.

Elyssa: Do you want to know about this or not? Ow. I never laid eyes on him! Never! Now, who are you really?

Todd: Not much of a private dick, are you?

Elyssa: Ow. Well, I have the proof that you're a fraud.

Todd: Hmm.

Elyssa: That's all my client wanted.

Todd: Your proof is a pile of ashes now.

Elyssa: Well, I already got paid.

Todd: Good. Because if I find you tailing me again, Iím going to cut off your pretty little head, and Iím going to send it to Chicago, and Iím going to dump the rest of you in the Atlantic Ocean.


Blair: How you doing?

Max: You know, it's amazing how many lives my son touched.

Blair: You want to come in and sit down?

Max: No, no, no. Really, I shouldn't stay. Look, Iíll just -- just for a second.

Max: We buried Al in Argentina. You know, maybe if he never came here --

Blair: Shh -- Max, Max, Max. Donít say something like that. It's not going to change anything.

Max: I had to tell Frankie and Leslie. And I couldn't figure out how to do it, so I just said it. And they cried, I cried, Luna's whole family cried. It's --

Blair: I cried, too.

Max: You know all those times that we were just out to try to get the money?

Blair: Oh --

Max: Oh, I won the lottery. I donít know if you knew that --

Blair: Yeah, I heard.

Max: Yeah.

Blair: That's amazing.

Max: Yeah. Iíd give it all away and sleep in the streets for the rest of my life if I could have him back.

Blair: You know, Max, he knew that you loved him. He changed you.

Max: Did he have to die to do it?

Blair: I donít know.

Max: You know, you'd think I would've learned with Luna, you know? I messed up again.

Blair: Oh, Max --

Max: No, I did. But no more. I am not taking my twins for granted. Iím going to hold on to them no matter what it takes.


R.J.: What the hell are you doing here, hmm?

Jessica: You know Antonio didn't kill Keri. You're just lying just to get your revenge!

R.J.: Your boyfriend is going back to death row! You and he treated my daughter like dirt, and you're going to pay for it. What are you doing here?

Nora: What are you doing here, Jessica?

Jessica: I just came to get the truth out of R.J., but it's useless, so Iím going to go.

Nora: We have to talk.

R.J.: It's not a good time!

Nora: I know how Keri died.


Nurse: Mrs. Davidson. I thought you'd gone home.

Viki: I did. I came back. Maggie, thank you so much. You've taken such good care of my husband.

Maggie: You're welcome. Iíll leave you two alone.

Viki: Thanks. Hello, my darling. I know. I know I've already been here once today, but I -- I came back because I need to talk to you about something. Ben, I think you know that I would give anything -- anything at all -- if I could get you back. You know, when first met you, you told me -- well, you showed me how to get back to myself. How to go back and -- and live my life again. And I came back here tonight because I think that's what you're telling me now.


Nora: Antonio did not kill Keri.

R.J.: He is responsible.

Nora: No, because you made him look that way. R.J., I care about you, but Iím not going to let you railroad an innocent man like this.

R.J.: I thought you cared about Keri. What about that, or was that just some lip service?

Nora: Oh, how dare you.

R.J.: If you loved Keri, you would make sure that Vega suffers for what he did to her.

Nora: He broke her heart. That's not the same thing as murdering her!

R.J.: He forced her off that balcony.

Nora: I came here out of friendship, and as a friend, Iím warning you -- you are guilty of perjury and God knows how many other things.

R.J.: Look --

Nora: If you go to jail, R.J., You will lose Jamie the same way you lost Keri all those years ago.

R.J.: Just get out!

Nora: Iím leaving.

R.J.: "Friend"!


Daniel: Hey, you donít fool me, Mr. Vega. By the time I'm through with you in court, people are going to know you for the cold-blooded killer that you are. Take him away.

Officer: Let's go, Antonio.

Antonio: I loved Keri. We made a child together. No matter how bad things got, I never, ever would've hurt her.

Daniel: But she was taking that child away. You snapped and you pushed her over the rail.

Antonio: No, I didn't. You donít care about the case. You donít care about the truth. You just want to use this case to win the election. Well, you know what? It's not going to work because the truth is going to come out, and Iím going to be back on the force, and you're going to be chasing ambulances where you belong.

Daniel: Get him out of here!

Keri's voice: "Daddy, Iím sorry. I tried. I really did try. But I need Antonio. It's not his fault. I made it impossible for him to love me. Tell Jamie Iím sorry. I donít want to leave her, but I know I won't be a good mother. Maybe through her you can finally make peace with the Vegas. More than anything, I want what Iím going to do to end the hate. Love Jamie, you and Antonio. She is the only thing that matters. I love you, Dad. It's not your fault."

Jessica: Oh, my God. She killed herself.


Blair: You had Al for 22 years, and that's a blessing.

Max: I wasn't a blessing for him.

Blair: Oh, Max, he worshiped you. Ever since he was a little boy, he worshiped you.

Max: And I let him down.

Blair: No. Uh-uh. You were his hero.

Max: He was my hero.

Blair: Then you make him proud. You make him proud, Max, and when you start doubting yourself, you go to your friends. Because you -- you're a very, very good man. And if you doubt that, you come to me anytime and Iíll tell you that, all right?

Max: Thank you. I better get out of here.


Blair: Renee? It's Blair. Walker Laurence there at the bar waiting for me? He is? No. No, no message.

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