One Life to Live Transcript Monday 10/6/03

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 10/6/03

By Eric
Proofread by Melissa Dann

Antonio: Hey.

Evangeline: Antonio. Did you get my message?

Antonio: Did you get mine?

Evangeline: I've been here trying to make headway with the district attorney.

Daniel: I see you've heard the news.

Antonio: Somebody want to tell me what's going on?

Daniel: The indictment's been handed down. It's official. You've been charged with capital murder, pal.

Jessica: Wait. Antonio's innocent. I have proof.


Lindsay: Hi, Rex.

Rex: Hey!

Lindsay: Just wanted to say I'm sorry about what happened with your friend's father the other day.

Rex: No, I'm the one who's sorry, Lindsay. Trust me, if I had known that the guy was a sleaze --

Lindsay: It's not your fault. How could you know that the guy was only after one thing?

Rex: Yeah. Go figure, huh?

Lindsay: But you were right. I do need to meet -- I need to meet new people.

Rex: Well, anything I can do. But next time Iíll get references. Listen, I'm really glad that you don't hold things against me. I could sure use a friend these days.

Lindsay: You missing Jen?

David: Hello, there. Iíll have what the lady's having.

Rex: We're not open yet.

David: Oh, well, what do you say you and I go someplace that is, then?

Rex: No, OK, stay. Iíll find the bartender.

Lindsay: Are you following me?

David: Not so much following as catching up, really. I saw you leave the gallery.

Lindsay: And you thought you'd come put the squeeze on me to take you on as a partner.

David: No, no, not exactly.

Lindsay: Don't tell me you're giving up.

David: No, I'm still interested in your gallery, but right now I'm more interested in you.


Joey: This is the number of the adoption agency St. James uses.

Kelly: Great.

Joey: She'll be expecting your call.

Kelly: Thank you so much. You know, every agency that I've talked to has said it could take years to get a baby, so maybe this one will be faster.

Joey: Hey, I'm just glad you changed your mind about getting pregnant.

Kelly: Joey, you know I've always wanted kids. I just canít believe I'm not going to have them on my own.

Joey: You will. And you're going to love them every bit as much as if you'd given birth.

Kelly: It's not the same. It's not the same as creating a new life, half mine and half Kevin's.

Joey: I know, but it's too dangerous for you, Kelly. Besides, Kevin and I are adopted. In a way, it's sort of right.

Kelly: You know, you should be a spin doctor.

Joey: You're going to be a wonderful mother.

Kelly: Oh. So, is this child of mine going to have cousins?

Joey: Definitely. Really, I want a big family.

Kevin: Listen, meet me at the Palace restaurant. Bring me everything else you have on Walker Laurence. All right.

Asa: When are you going to give up on this character Laurence? Just give him Blair.

Kevin: You were at my press conference. I pledged to rid the state of fraud. That's what I'm doing.

Asa: And that's bull. You just keep trying to make sure that Blair's going to dump him.

Kevin: Why is this any of your business?

Asa: Well, Iíll tell you why. I gave him my word Iíd keep you away from that she-devil.

Kevin: What? Why the hell are you promising him anything?

Asa: Well, we just found out that you're the one who set up Dawes with a hooker, and that's going to be tomorrow's headline.

Kevin: No, you set up Dawes, not me.

Asa: What difference does it make which Buchanan does it?

Kevin: Oh, for God's sake.

Asa: Hey, Kevin --

Kevin: This is insane.

Asa: Ever since you were knee-high, you wanted to be president.

Kevin: No, no, you wanted me to be president.

Asa: And we spent all this time getting you into position.

Kevin: We?

Asa: Yes, we. And now this Walker can take it all away from us.

Kevin: Don't worry about Walker. I can make sure he doesn't get anything he wants, and he won't be able to touch me.


Todd: Get a load of this.

Blair: And what is this?

Todd: Our marriage license.

Blair: Our marriage license.

Todd: Those guys down at city hall will do anything if you give them the right present.

Blair: Wow, wow, wow.

Todd: And this.

Blair: And this?

Todd: What do you think?

Blair: Oh, Walker. They're great.

Todd: Good. Hedy!

Blair: She's upstairs with Jack.

Todd: All right, excellent. That means we've got everything we need -- the rings, the license, a witness. And now we just need a minister, and I know where they keep those. Blair, let's do it. Let's get married today.


Roxy: Red queen on a black king.

Nigel: Oh, don't tell me.

Roxy: Oh, I'm sorry, man. I'm exhausted. I've been doing makeovers on bridesmaids who are hammered. You know what it's like to do a wash and set on a debutante who's got the spins?

Nigel: Tonsorial overload?

Roxy: Ooh, no way. I've had mine surgically removed. Would you mind if I got a drink while you play with yourself?

Nigel: Uh Ė


Kevin: I don't want you making any more deals on my behalf. When are you going to let go? Just let me live my life, OK? Let me run my own career.

Kelly: I have got news. Joey's got an in at one of the agencies. Hi, Asa. How are you?

Asa: Well, a lot better now that you're here.

Kelly: Hmm. Well, thank you. Listen, why don't you and I have dinner, and Iíll fill you in on the details?

Kevin: OK.

Kelly: All right? All right, I got to go. Bye.

Asa: Now, that's a good woman. I've said it before --

Kevin: Stop saying it over and over again.

Asa: You don't get it, do you? A good woman like Kelly will take you straight to heaven. A bad woman like that she-devil Blair could drag you through hell with your boots off.


Blair: OK, Walker, you know what? Here, take this back. We just got engaged.

Todd: So what? We want to be with each other. Why not do right now?

Blair: "Why"? "So what"? It's not rational, that's what.

Todd: What do you want me to do, get down on my knees?

Blair: No. No, I don't. That's what Todd would do. He would try to railroad me into marrying him, and it was the worst day of my life, OK?

Todd: Sorry.

Blair: You didn't know.

Todd: I want to ask you something.

Blair: OK, go ahead.

Todd: Todd loved you.

Blair: Hope so.

Todd: You loved him?

Blair: More than anything.

Todd: Was everything he ever did wrong?

Blair: That's three questions. But no.

Todd: Well, I happen to love you. We have that in common, Todd and I. I canít help it.

Blair: I want to marry you, and we did decided that we were going to keep it small.

Todd: Just the four of us.

Blair: And Hedy. OK.

Todd: OK, what?

Blair: Call me crazy, but let's do it.

Starr: Yes, yes!

Todd: All right, don't go anywhere. Iíll be right back. Get dressed.

Blair: Get dressed?

Todd: Yee-ha!

Blair: What am I doing? Oh, my God, what am I going to wear? Starr! Starr!

Starr: I canít help it. I was listening the whole time. OK, I'm probably going to wear my green dress. What are you going to wear? Maybe that white dress like you always wear.

Blair: Oh, you've given this a lot of thought, haven't you, young lady?

Starr: Maybe you should wear your hair in an up do.

Blair: I don't have time to do all that. I'm getting married today.

Starr: OK, so we have a lot to do.

Blair: No, I'm getting married today!

Starr: Are you OK?

Blair: Oh, God, I'm getting married today. Am I OK? Starr --

Starr: What?

Blair: Walker's going to be back any minute. We really do have to get dressed. Let's go! Come on! Hurry, hurry, hurry!

Todd: Rev?

Joey: Hey.

Todd: Marry Blair and me today.

Joey: What?

Todd: You heard what I said. We want you to marry us today.

Joey: Absolutely not.

Todd: Blair is a member of St. James. You've got the collar, I've got the license. What's the problem?

Joey: Well, for starters, I do like to talk to a couple before I marry them.

Todd: About what, the weather? Let's go! Let's get this thing on the road.

Joey: Listen, Walker, you got to plan things like this in advance.

Todd: How long does a wedding take? Now, listen, I know what kind of gift I'm supposed to get the minister if that's your problem.

Joey: OK, level with me. What's the big rush?

Todd: Oh, you know how things are these days. You never know. Take Al Holden. Here one minute --

Joey: Why do you want to marry her?

Todd: I love her. I want to spend the rest of my life with her, whether it's two days or 200 years. And I figure every day I'm not married to her is wasted.

Joey: Well, believe it or not, I do understand that.

Todd: Ah. Then help me out.

Joey: I'm just not sure if I'm comfortable with this.

Todd: Hmm. Didn't you and Jen get married in a hurry? Do you have any regrets?

Joey: No.

Todd: Well, neither will we. Blair and I deserve to be together just like you and Jen.


David: I don't know if the -- if that particular showing made it all the way to this part of the country.

Jen: Mom?

Lindsay: Oh, hey, honey.

Jen: What are you doing here?

Lindsay: Do you know David Vickers? This is my daughter, Jen.

David: Hi, how are you?

Jen: Hi. Nice to meet you.

David: You, too.

Lindsay: Why aren't you on campus?

Jen: Class was canceled. I just came by to see if Rex would make a donation for the community center.

Lindsay: Oh. Jen just married Joe Buchanan. He's the curate at St. James.

David: Oh, well, congratulations, Mrs. Buchanan.

Jen: Where's Rex?

Lindsay: Oh, I don't know. He's back there doing something.

David: She inherited your good looks.

Lindsay: I think you should know that I am immune to lines like that.

David: I think you should know that was just a genuine observation. You and I are discerning, single art lovers. I've got a feeling that you and I probably have a lot more in common, too.

Rex: So, what's your mom doing with the creep?

Jen: At least she's not hanging out with you.

Rex: You're hanging out with me.

Jen: I just needed to get out of the house.

Rex: What's wrong?

Jen: Nothing.

Rex: OK. Fine. Drink?

Jen: Sure. Soda. Just -- no, just a soda, OK?

Rex: What's up with that?

Jen: My stomach -- it's just a little upset.

Rex: Huh. Moody, nauseous, laying off the booze. If I didn't know any better, Iíd say that you were knocked up. Oh, my God! You are. What you going to do about it?

Jen: What do you think I'm going to do about it? In eight months I'm going to have a baby. Just don't tell anybody, OK?

Rex: So you haven't broken the news to superpriest?

Jen: I just found out about it.

Rex: Hmm. And you came straight here, huh?

Jen: I should've known you'd be a jerk about it.

Rex: Just hang on, hang on.

Jen: Why canít you just be happy for me or something?

Rex: Well, you don't seem too thrilled.

Jen: Well, it's just -- it's kind of sudden, you know?

Rex: Isn't this what you wanted? A husband who's a pillar in the community, nice house, picket fence, a bunch of little brats running around, puking all over the face.

Jen: You make it sound pretty awful.

Rex: I'm sorry. I'm sure it'll be great. Lots of new friends.

Jen: Get lost.

Rex: You know, all those stroller pushers in the park. "My baby said 'dada.' My baby said 'pee-pee.'"

Jen: Shut up!

Rex: Listen, a kid changes everything. Wrecks your body, takes your time. It's the end of fun.

Jen: Not forever.

Rex: No, just the first 18 years. Problem is, is by then you're droopy, saggy, and old.

Jen: I don't even know why I came here.

Rex: You always come to me when you're upset.

Jen: I don't know why.

Rex: Because I know how to help you.


Roxy: You know, the crazy thing is, I should've been doing Natalie's hair for the wedding. I mean, the kid's not going to admit it, but she's very upset that the wedding was put off.

Nigel: I've got a natural.

Roxy: 21 again?

Nigel: Uh-huh.

Roxy: You know, if I didn't know better, Iíd think you knew how to count cards.

Nigel: Um --

Roxy: Do you?

Nigel: I am a manservant of many talents.

Roxy: Holy -- we got to go to Atlantic City and hit that blackjack table. You're better than rainman.

[Tango music plays]

Nigel: Listen. Remember when we used to find that tune irresistible?

Roxy: Yeah.


Renee: Asa, what were you and Kevin arguing about?

Asa: You ever been on a cattle drive, Renee?

Renee: No, I'm sorry to say that I never have. What have I missed?

Asa: All the hands have got to work together or you're just liable, maybe, to lose half the herd.

Renee: I take it that this is a metaphor?

Asa: I'm trying to help Kevin ride herd on his livestock.


Kevin: That was quick.

Elyssa: You're the boss. What's this?

Kevin: Severance. I won't be needing your services anymore.

Elyssa: Did you find out something by yourself?

Kevin: No, I don't need to. This investigation's over.

Elyssa: You're not the kind of man who gives up like that.

Kevin: Look, I know that Walker Laurence is a fraud. A certain someone needs to find out for herself.


Kelly: Blair?

Starr: Oh, hi.

Blair: Starr, who's at the door?

Kelly: Blair -- hey, listen, Kevin -- wow. What is going on?

Todd: All right, we're all set. We got a minister. The wedding's in 10 minutes.

Kelly: Wedding?

Joey: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. I said Iíd come over and talk. I didn't say anything about marrying you two.

Todd: What the hell is your problem?

Joey: My problem is the rush that you're putting on this.

Kelly: Would somebody tell me what is going on?

Starr: Shh!

Joey: Listen, I don't know why there isn't time for us to just talk for a minute.

Todd: We're not waiting. We canít.


Daniel: OK, you're telling me this vagrant witnessed Keri Reynolds' death?

Bernie: "Oh, woe is me to have seen what I have seen."

Daniel: Enough, enough. Just shut off the poetry.

Jessica: It's not poetry. It's Shakespeare. I think that he used to be an actor.

Daniel: An actor?

Bernie: "How now?"

Daniel: Oh, for the love of Ė uh, please, sir, tell me exactly what you saw.

Antonio: He saw Keri Reynolds fall off the balcony.

Evangeline: OK, Antonio --

Jessica: And then he saw R.J. Gannon take a note out of her pocket that could have been a suicide note.

Daniel: OK, could we just let Mr. --

Jessica: Hopper. Bernard -- Bernie Hopper.

Daniel: Bernard, I'm sure, when it was up on the marquee.

Evangeline: OK, that's out of line.

Daniel: Oh, my deepest apologies. Now could we just let the witness speaketh for himself? Bernie, how did you know the victim, Keri Reynolds?

Bernie: "Death lies upon her like an untimely frost upon the sweetest flower in all the field."

Daniel: Well, good, good. Did you ever speak to her?

Bernie: Yes. She knew that death was nigh. She told me so.

Antonio: "Death was nigh"? Death was near? Why would she say that?

Evangeline: OK, let the district attorney do the questioning. Go ahead, Mr. -- Well, Bernie. Answer Mr. Colson's questions.

Daniel: Bernie, why did Keri Reynolds think she was going to die? Did she think Antonio Vega was going to kill her?

Evangeline: Wait, wait. Don't put words in his mouth.

Daniel: Was Keri Reynolds afraid?

Bernie: Not of me.

Antonio: Bernie, tell him about the note.

Bernie: He took it. The moor.

Daniel: Is this some kind of joke?

Jessica: He means Othello. He's talking about R.J.

Daniel: Bernie, Bernie, do you know R.J. Gannon? You know, you guys are wasting my time. This isn't evidence of anything.

Bernie: "Oh, villain, villain, damned smiling villain!

Jessica: Bernie, Bernie, could you just please tell the D.A., Daniel Colson, what you told us yesterday?

Evangeline: You know what, you have an obligation to hear him out.

Daniel: Sure. Bernie --

Bernie: Hmm?

Daniel: What were you doing at the Palace that night?

Bernie: I was cold. I slept in the stairwell. I didn't take anything.

Evangeline: No one's accusing you.

Daniel: Yet. Bernie, the victim made a 911 call the night before she died. She said somebody was trying to break into her room. Do you know anything about that?

Bernie: I was there.

Antonio: Bernie, do you know who it was that was trying to break -- was trying to break into Keri's hotel room?


Walker: It's like I told you at the church, anything can happen! What if Blair and I die without ever becoming happy?

Kelly: Walker, Blair will be happy as long as she doesn't make another mistake like Todd manning.

Starr: My dad was not a mistake!

Blair: He was not a mistake, of course not. He gave me you and he gave me Jack, didn't he? And I am not making a mistake.

Walker: You see?

Kelly: Oh, it's just like deja vu all over again.

Walker: Blair and I love each other. We want to make it official before G..

Joey: Well, God probably already knows.

Starr: OK, then I don't see what's the big deal here or why we're being held up.

Walker: Doesn't the Bible say we should listen to small children?

Joey: Cute. Yeah, and that's exactly what I want to talk to you about. I mean, have you given thought to children?

Walker: We have children! Well, Blair has children. I'm crazy about them.

Starr: And vice versa. Me and Jack are crazy about Walker.

Joey: That's wonderful that you like Walker, but that's not enough to --

Walker: All right, just let me know when it's time to say "I do."

Starr: Come on! I decorated the whole living room. I even changed my dress to match.

Joey: Blair, let me ask you --

Blair: What?

Joey: Have you thought about the future? Have you talked about plans?

Blair: Oh, come on, Joey. Like there's been time?

Joey: That's exactly what I've been worried about.

Walker: How many times do I have to go through this? First Andrew, now Joey. Nothing changes.

Kelly: Well, maybe Joey is right. Marriage is a huge decision. It's not something that should be rushed into.

Blair: Oh, and like, right, you're the expert.

Kelly: All right, I donít have to be an expert to know that you need to share a common goal.

Blair: What is that? Like make Kevin president?

Kelly: Oh, OK.

Walker: Are you finished? Are you in or out?

Joey: Walker, I'm sorry, but I cannot marry you today.

Walker: OK, fine. Since God knows how we feel, we'll go to a Justice of the Peace.

[Phone rings]

Blair: Oh, the machine will answer that. Look, Walker --


Blair: Maybe Joey's right.

Blair's voice: Hello, we canít come to the phone right now, but if you leave a message, we'll get back to you.

[Answering machine beeps]

Kevin: Yeah, Blair. Kelly tells me you and Laurence are engaged. I mean, it's a joke, right? You canít seriously be planning on marrying this guy. Call me back.


Renee: Iím just concerned that you're getting all worked up.

Asa: That grandson of mine is ruining his life.

[Phone rings]

Asa: Excuse me. Hello? Oh, hey. Hi, darling. How's that producer treating you? Oh, that's good, good. Well, you keep me posted. I mean, if he tries -- bye-bye, honey.

Renee: Let me guess -- Sarah.

Asa: Yep. That producer I hired is promoting the hell out of Midnight Logic, and right now they're making a video.

Renee: I think that that girl is the best medicine in the world for you -- after me.

Asa: I don't need any medicine.


Nigel: About that --

Roxanne: Yeah, about that. You canít say we didn't try, man.

Nigel: Oh, indeed. But no chemistry left, I'm afraid.

Roxanne: Yeah, especially in the lip department.

Nigel: At least now we know we're not star-crossed lovers. I mean, it was the hypnosis.

Roxanne: Yeah, but can we be friends?

Nigel: Oh, bosom friends.

Roxanne: Hey, ix-nay on the est-chay, Charlie.

Nigel: Bosom buddies, compadres, pals.

Roxanne: Oh, yeah, plutonic.

Nigel: Yeah. Hit me, pal. Vingt-et-un.

Asa: Nigel, stop wasting your time playing cards. We've got important business to take care of. Roxy.

Nigel: Goodbye, friend.

Roxanne: Back at you, buddy.


Renee: Kevin, I don't know what you and Asa were arguing about. But for what it's worth, it might help if you listen to him every once in a while.

Kevin: Oh, really? The way he listened to me when I told him to get you to the altar before he lost you?

Renee: I'm not joking, Kevin. You know, there's a little bit of bluster in Asa.

Kevin: Just a little.

Renee: But there's a whole lot of hard-earned wisdom in that man. As much as I don't like to admit it, when it comes to power and politics, nine times out of 10 he knows what he's talking about.

Walker: Don't you want to marry me?

Blair: Of course I do. It's just that we have a lot of things that we really need to talk about, and there are other people that I think would like to be here when --

Walker: No, we're keeping it small.

Blair: Have you ever met my aunt Dorian? She would be furious. Actually, she would never forgive me if we got married without her here.

Starr: Yes, she would.

Blair: No, she would not. You know that. I'm really happy that you like Walker.

Starr: You're still going to marry him, aren't you?

Blair: Absolutely.

Starr: Soon?

Blair: Very soon. It's just -- there are things that we do need to talk about. But you know, look, hey, I do need a dress.

Walker: Well, no, you look great. Who cares? You're perfect.

Blair: We haven't even decided where we're going to live.

Starr: Penthouse.

Walker: That works for me.

Blair: You guys. You know, I appreciate you wanting to help and everything, but Walker and I really do need to talk about things -- each other. We need to work things out.

Walker: No. Now, Starr is a member of the family. She gets a vote.

Starr: Two votes. I know what Jack wants.

Blair: OK, OK, now you two are ganging up on me. I don't like to feel pressured into getting married. You know, Todd did that right before I found out he was keeping some big secret.

Walker: You know all my secrets.

Blair: I know.

Walker: All right, just how long of an engagement are we discussing here?

Blair: Um -- two weeks.

Walker: Two weeks? I can live with that.

Starr: Me, too.

Walker: All right. Hey, Rev, can you work us into your schedule in two weeks?

Joey: Are you sure that two weeks is long enough to --

Starr, Walker, and Blair: Yes!

Joey: All right, all right. If you come to counseling and we talk and everything goes well, then two weeks it is.

Walker: I got to go.

Blair: Where you going? Hey.

Walker: Well, I've got to arrange the perfect wedding.

Kelly: Blair, are you sure that this is what you want to do?

Blair: I have never been more sure of anything.

Kelly: Oh, well, I've never heard you say that before.

Starr: I'm sorry, Dad, but two weeks isn't that long. I'm going to go.

Walker: OK.

Starr: Bye.

Walker: A lot can happen in two weeks.

Starr: Walker likes reptiles and snakes.

Kelly: Oh. Starr, do not grind the petals into the carpet. Dorian will have your head.

Starr: Who cares? She blames me for everything anyway, doesn't she?

Blair: Starr.

Starr: She just calls the cleaning lady.

Blair: Starr, you need to go change clothes, beauty head.

Kelly: She really likes Walker.

Blair: She does, but she didn't at first. And I thought she was never going to accept anybody that I was even dating. But I donít know, she and Walker have a very kind of special relationship.

Kelly: Lucky you.

Blair: Mm-hmm.

Kelly: That stepfamily stuff can be pretty tricky.

Blair: Talking about Duke?

Kelly: Uh-huh. He and I don't get along as well as I had hoped. Who am I kidding? We don't get along at all.

Blair: Well, have you tried bribery?

Kelly: First thing. Nothing. And now with Kevin and I expecting to have a child of our own --

Blair: You're pregnant?

Kelly: No. The whole adoption thing, remember?

Blair: You know, Kelly, look at us. We are about to have everything we want -- both of us.

Kelly: And are you sure that this is the man that you want to spend the rest of your life with?

Blair: Did I show you my ring? Yes!

Kelly: Wow. Well, OK, yeah. But, I mean, getting married changes everything between two people, and if you make a mistake, it's very hard to change --

Blair: Wait a minute, time out here. Are we talking about you and Kevin, or are we talking about Walker and me?

Kelly: Hey, I'm just trying to be all grown-up and maternal.

Blair: Really?

Kelly: Mm-hmm.

Blair: Hmm.

Kelly: Come on, seriously. I'm happy for you.

Blair: Thanks. I hope everyone else will be, too.


Kevin: I value Asa's opinion. I just wish he valued mine. He needs to slow down anyway. You've been trying to get him to take it easy.

Renee: I'm worried about his heart.

Kevin: Well, there you go.

Renee: But that man is sharp as a tack, and the day he feels that he has nothing to offer is the day he dies.

Walker: Excuse me, Renee. I need to book the honeymoon suite. You know, the best champagne, top-of-the-line caviar.

Renee: Someone's getting married?

Walker: I am, to Blair, two weeks from today.

Renee: Well, Iíll go to the office and make out the papers, and see me before you leave.

Walker: Game over, my friend. I win.

Kevin: Oh, congratulations. You'll need it.

Walker: Thank you.

Kevin: You're very welcome. Your marriage is headed for disaster, my friend.

Walker: Well, Blair and I are that kind of couple who are faithful to each other.

Kevin: Really? Fidelity, huh? What about honesty? You're not who you say you are.

Walker: You sound like one of these guys who says things over and over and over --

Kevin: That's very funny, Walker. You know, when Blair finds out you're a liar, your marriage is going to crash and burn.


Rex: All right, that's the number to the doctor's office. Just give him a call, set up an appointment. He will meet you at the hospital. End of problem.

Jen: Do you really think I should do this?

Rex: You knew that's what I would say. Isn't that why you came here?

Jen: I wasn't going to tell you.

Rex: Jen, you're doing the right thing, OK? Having a baby now, your life would be over before it even started.

Jen: I don't care about me.

Rex: Since when?

Jen: Iíd be a horrible mother. See you later, Mom.

Lindsay: Bye. Call me.

David: Lindsay? Lindsay?

Lindsay: Huh? I'm so sorry. Where were we?

David: I think I was trying to talk you into --

Lindsay: Having you as my partner.

David: Look, I'm not going to give you the hard sell here.

Lindsay: Oh, I think it's a little late for that.

David: Well, just hear me out, OK? I have a very good friend who is an art collector.

Lindsay: What's he collect?

David: Modern works. He's interested in selling six pieces, and I canít handle this on my own. I need a gallery.

Lindsay: Mine.

David: If you're willing.

Lindsay: Oh, you know, it has been a little bit stressful.

David: Mm-hmm.

Lindsay: And if you actually have the money --

[David laughs]

Lindsay: Maybe taking on a partner isn't such a bad idea. Maybe it's just what I need.

David: Terrific. So then --

Lindsay: Welcome, partner.


Daniel: Who was it, Bernie? Who tried to break into Keri's room?

Bernie: He didn't mean any harm.

Daniel: Answer the question!

Evangeline: Back off, Colson.

Antonio: Bernie, was it R.J.? Did he have dreadlocks, Bernie?

Evangeline: Antonio just give him a second.

Jessica: Bernie, Bernie, it's really, really, really, very important.

Bernie: I know.

Daniel: Bernie, Bernie, did you really see somebody? Was it this man? Antonio Vega?

Bernie: Yes.

Antonio: Bernie, that's a lie, and you know it. I never tried to break into Keri's room.

Daniel: So, anything that might help is the truth, but a damning statement from the same witness is a lie

Antonio: Why didn't you say anything in Atlantic City?

Bernie: You didn't ask me.

Daniel: Wait a minute, wait. You went to Atlantic City? When?

Evangeline: OK, not another word, Antonio.

Bernie: He took me home in his car.

Evangeline: This man doesn't know what he's saying.

Daniel: Nice try, Counselor. Your client left the state. Bail is automatically revoked.

Jessica: No!

Daniel: I hope you brought your toothbrush, Mr. Vega. You're going to be locked up until your trial.

Jessica: You canít do that.

Daniel: Your boyfriend did it to himself. Ms. Williamson?

Antonio: It's OK. Itís OK. Iíll be fine.

Jessica: OK, well, it won't be for long. I mean, we know R.J. is hiding something, and I'm going to find out what it is. I'm going to get you out of here, OK? I promise.


Woman: We can barely make ends meet now. With a Toddler at home and a baby on the way, I canít work. I canít do anything.

Joey: A child is a gift from God. He doesn't care what kind of clothes we can buy or what kind of toys. All he expects is that we give that child love, protection, and support.

Woman: I can do that.

Joey: Then your child is going to be blessed. And be patient. Your time will come.

[Phone rings]


David: Cheers.

Lindsay: I think you're really going to enjoy the gallery once you settle in.

David: And I think that you're probably right. You know, I should probably call Herr Manheim and let him know.

Lindsay: Who?

David: The collector I mentioned -- the one with the six Carlivatis?

Lindsay: Six Carlivatis?

David: Oh, yeah. Didn't I mention that? Yeah, they're from his aggressive period. I figure they're worth probably $2.5 million, maybe even $3 million. And we get the commission on that, not to mention the publicity. What do you say you and I go someplace classy and celebrate, huh?

Lindsay: Yeah, great, but I -- I'm going to go call my lawyer because I want to get these partnership agreements drawn up, OK?

David: OK.

Rex: How are you? I'm really good friends with Lindsay Rappaport.

David: Good for you.

Rex: OK, I don't know you, but your vibe is seriously oily, and although Lindsay Rappaport may fall for it, I don't. I'm not going to let you mess with her.

David: You're way out of your league, little fish. Stick to mixing drinks.

Lindsay: I'm all yours.

David: Shall we?

Lindsay: We shall.


Walker: Thanks for handling the arrangements. I want our wedding night to be perfect.

Renee: Iíll do what I can.

Kelly: Walker, hey. Hey, hey, hey, wait a minute. I hope you're going to be making Blair happy.

Walker: I intend to.

Kelly: Good. I want all her focus on you.

Walker: That's the plan.

Kelly: OK, good. Because I'm not going to let anyone ruin what I've worked so hard for.

Kevin's voice: You canít seriously be planning on marrying this guy. Call me back.

[Answering machine beeps]

[Doorbell rings]

Blair: Aha. Don't even start. The wedding has been set. Two weeks.

Kevin: Well, congratulations. I got you an early wedding gift.

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John: Look, Iíll admit I -- I kind of like you.

Kevin: I just don't want you to get hurt.

Blair: Why do you care so much anyway?

Todd: She said yes. Viki, she said yes.

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