One Life to Live Transcript Friday 10/3/03

One Life to Live Transcript Friday 10/3/03

By Eric
Proofread by Melissa Dann

Todd: Blair, there's something important I need to tell you, but I want to warn you first --

Blair: Walker, I know what you're going to say. You are going to say that you are the right man for me, that we shouldn't live in the past, we should just go on and get married --

Todd: No, that's not that's what Iím going to say. Not even close.


Kevin: Look, if the real Walker Laurence is in Vegas, then you have to find him, OK? Just take pictures or whatever. Just do it now. I got to find out who this guy really is. I -- Iíll talk to you later.

Kelly: Hey.

Kevin: Hey.

Kelly: Who was that?

Kevin: Oh, no one for you to worry about. I have this speech I have to give. It's just a mess.

Kelly: Do you have time to meet with the agency about the adoption?

Kevin: I definitely need new writers. This is unbelievable.

Kelly: It's important.

Kevin: I mean, these guys are, like, phoning it in!

Kelly: Would you mind if I ran off with David Vickers tomorrow?

Kevin: Yeah, sure. This isn't even close to my position! What? What's wrong?

Kelly: Well, nothing. You just said it would be all right if I ran off with David Vickers, so that's what Iím going to do.


Antonio: So you think this guy -- he might know something about how Keri died?

Jessica: Well, I think so. I mean, it's more of a feeling that I have. Renee says that he sometimes sleeps in the Palace courtyard. And she came in, I bought him a sandwich, and -- I donít know -- you know, his mind just kind of wanders.

Antonio: Homeless? Bernie, you said?

Jessica: Yeah, yeah. And we started talking about the night that Keri died, and then he just got a little edgy, and then the next thing I knew, he was out the door.

Antonio: He was kind of short, bald guy?

Jessica: Yes, yes!

Antonio: I know him. I know him. I used to see him when I was in uniform. Quotes Shakespeare.

Jessica: Yeah, any chance that he gets.

Antonio: Man, if this guy knows something --

Jessica: I couldn't get anything out of him, but I thought that maybe you could, you know?

Antonio: You think you could find him again?

Jessica: I hope so. OK.

[Phone rings]

Renee: Renee Divine.

Jessica: Hi, Renee, it's Jessica again.

Renee: Oh, hi, darling.

Jessica: Listen, do you know that guy Bernie? He still around?

Renee: I donít know. I saw him eating his sandwich that you bought for him, but -- why?

Jessica: Could you do me a favor? Could you buy him some dessert, some coffee, some other food, but just -- could you keep him there until Antonio and I get there, please?

Renee: Sounds important.

Jessica: Yeah, it is. I think that he -- he saw Keri fall off the balcony that night.

Renee: Oh, you bet Iíll keep him here. But hurry, OK? Martin, I want you to hold table five for Jessica Buchanan and her friend detective Vega, and someone that I have to go and find.

Martin: Yes, ma'am.

R.J.: Antonio Vega is not a detective. He's not a cop. He's a murderer. He killed my daughter in your hotel, and --

Renee: R.J. -- R.J., there has been no trial and certainly no conviction.

R.J.: What about the truth? Or doesn't that matter?

Renee: So far, we donít know what the truth is. And right now Iím going to look for someone who may have seen Keri the night that she died. Now, do you care about those facts, or are you just interested in your vendetta against Antonio?


Natalie: Iím so excited. Cindy, hey! Busy as usual, I see.

Cindy: Yeah, no problems. How'd it go in Philly?

John: How'd it go? How'd it go, are you asking? She made the break and she never looked back.

Natalie: I won.

John: Oh. No, you didn't just win. You cleaned the table with those people. Those amateurs never stood a chance. You know, I have seen a few, and you are a real contender, kid.

Natalie: We'll see, we'll see. But thank you so much for covering for me, Cindy. I really, really appreciate it.

Cindy: Oh, my pleasure. Congratulations on your win.

Natalie: Thank you.

John: Do what you got to do.

Natalie: Another beer?

Man: Not yet. Let me think about it.

[Phone rings]

Flynn: This is Flynn.

John: Yeah, it's Johnny. I just got back from Philly with the girl. She won.

Flynn: Oh, good. Rack ĎEm Ross said she was the real thing.

John: She's perfect for us, man. The fans love her.

Flynn: Hmm, things are moving along.

John: Look, it ain't going to be no slam dunk. She's tough. She's got some street smarts. It'll take a little time.

Flynn: Not too much time, Johnny. We need her here in Vegas doing what we want.

John: Yeah. No problem. Hey, look, I saw the guy with your face -- that Manning guy? I saw him in here last night. You better watch your back.

Flynn: Really? What's that lunatic up to now?

John: I donít know. But for what it's worth, he looked like he was having a real bad day.


Blair: I've made my decision.

Todd: No. No, think about this. That's not the answer Iím going to accept.

Blair: I didn't say no. I would like for you to put it on my finger.

Todd: Are you messing with me?

Blair: Iím not messing with you. Now, why would I joke about something this serious? Now, come on. I want to marry you.


Kevin: What'd I do? Did I forget an anniversary or something?

Kelly: No, I keep trying to ask you a question and all you can focus on are your stupid speechwriters!

Kevin: OK, Iím sorry. Iíll make it up to you.

Kelly: Do you have any idea how it makes me feel when you won't even listen to me?

Kevin: I said I was sorry.

Kelly: I donít get it, Kevin. I mean, are you upset because I donít want to move to Harrisburg right away?

Kevin: No, of course not. Look, I was a jerk to bring that up in front of the governor. Iím sorry.

Kelly: Then you're upset because we're not going to have a baby of our own?

Kevin: No. I told you, honey -- look, adoption is great, all right? And the last thing I would ask you to do is risk your life getting pregnant.

Kelly: Then why do you keep ignoring me when Iím trying to ask you about the adoption agency?

Kevin: You asked me about that?

Kelly: Yeah.

Kevin: We have a meeting tomorrow?

Kelly: Yeah, if you can fit it in.

Kevin: Of course. Of course I can. Just tell Cristian. He'll make sure I donít miss it.

Kelly: Really?

Kevin: Yeah.

Kelly: Thank you. I guess I won't run off with David Vickers after all.

Kevin: Thank God. Listen, if I had good speechwriters, I wouldn't have to fix this damned speech. It's terrible. This light going to bother you?

Kelly: No. No, Iím fine.

Kevin: Jeez.

Kelly: Part of the job description, I guess.


David: I sure wouldn't settle for what you've got. You're a beautiful, talented, and very sexy woman, Kelly, and you are alone. That's no way to live.


Blair: I donít want to live in the past anymore, Walker. I want to live right here, right now, with you. I love you.

Blair: Come on.


Bernie: Why are you being so nice to me?

Renee: Bernie, Iím offended. Iím always nice to you. Now, look, if a lady makes an invitation for dessert and coffee in her restaurant, does a gentleman refuse?

Bernie: "Unto a poor but worthy gentleman she's wedded."

Renee: Oh. Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves. No, for now, Bernie, just dessert. You sweet man.


R.J.: Would you take this to that gentleman sitting over there?

Martin: Of course, sir.

Daniel: Flash. What are you doing here?

Flash: Iím sorry?

Daniel: Oh, what I mean is, who are you having dinner with?

Flash: Well, I just had dinner with my record producer, and now Iím waiting for your son.

Daniel: Oh. Oh, so no more dinners with Nora Buchanan so you can tell her what a falling-down drunk I am?

Flash: Well, Mr. Colson I've never seen you fall down, but I bet half the town's seen you smashed. As a matter of fact, I can smell the liquor on you right now.

Daniel: Just because a man has a few cocktails doesn't make him a drunk.

Riley: What's going on?

Flash: Let's blow this place, Riley.

Riley: Uh, Dad?

Flash: You know what? Donít even bother because he's wasted. What else is new?


Renee: Hey.

Jessica: Hey, did you find him?

Renee: Yes, I did. I put him at a table right --

Renee: No, he's not in the courtyard.

Jessica: Why does he keep on doing this? Why does he keep on taking off?

Renee: Oh, my God.

Jessica: What?

Renee: R.J.

Antonio: What about him?

Renee: I was so upset about what he was saying about you that I -- God bless -- I actually bragged that Bernie might have seen what happened the night Keri died. Wait. I have two more places I can look.

Jessica: Do you think that it would be any help if we were to ask R.J.?

Antonio: Why even bother? Even if he did get him to leave, he would deny it.


Riley: So if she said anything, it's only because you made a scene the other time. It's not like anybody's going around badmouthing you, OK? I swear.

Daniel: All right, fine. Iíll talk to you later, son.

Flash: What the hell did you apologize for? You didn't do anything.

Riley: When I was doing drugs, getting in my face about it was not the way to make contact. We have to have a little patience, you know? A little bit of understanding.

Flash: You know what? You can sit here and have patience and understanding. I donít have to sit around and watch.


Renee: Hey, guys. It's not good. Bernie spoke to my bartender before he left. Apparently -- hard to say -- he's gotten a free bus ticket to go to Big Mike's Casino in Atlantic City with $50 to play the slots. So, I am sorry. I am really sorry, and there's nothing I can do about it. I have trouble in the kitchen. Good luck.

Jessica: It's OK. Thank you. Thank you.

Antonio: Yeah.

Jessica: How could he win a ticket to Big Mike's Casino sitting in a restaurant?

Antonio: Guess.

Jessica: Antonio --

Antonio: Iím not even going to bother. Besides, we already know where he's headed.

Jessica: OK, Big Mike's Casino, Atlantic City. I can drive there right now, talk to him, and convince him to come back. I can offer him a free ride.

Antonio: No, no, Iíll go, OK? He'll probably feel better since he'll recognize me from, you know, when I used to patrol Angel Square.

Jessica: Yeah, but you're on bail. You canít leave the state.

Antonio: Yeah, Iíll take the chance. I think it'll be worth it. You stay here and let me know if something comes up, OK?

Jessica: OK. Good luck.


Man: Any chance you know a young woman named Sarah Roberts? She plays in some kind of rock band.

Natalie: Yeah, actually, I do. And she goes by Flash now. She's in a band called Midnight Logic. How do you know her?

Man: Well, I donít. I know her brother, C.J. We've been overseas in the navy together. I just got discharged. He's still in.

Natalie: Well, guess what. You are talking to Sarah Roberts' cousin.

Man: You're kidding.

Natalie: No. Natalie Buchanan. Nice to meet you.

Man: Hi, Natalie. Iím Paul. That's kind of amazing. Talk about a small world.

Natalie: Yeah.

John: Hey. Just got off the phone with Vegas. Rack ĎEm's got you set up for another quick in-and-out. It's in Newark. It's for bigger bucks this time.

Natalie: Another amateur tournament?

John: That's good, right?

Natalie: Well, Johnny, I just got back.

John: $2,000 prize money for a couple hours drive.

Natalie: Wow. Do you really think that I could win?

John: It's like I've been telling you, kid, you're a natural. Of course I think you could win. But it's got to be up to you. What do you say? All right. Iíll call and set up all the details.

Paul: OK. Iíll drink to that. How about a club soda?

Natalie: One-beer limit, huh?

Paul: Iím a pilot. It's a habit. Clear head, steady hand. I canít afford to make any mistakes.

Natalie: Well, you know what? We donít let anyone who's drunk get out of our bar and go and get into their car, if that's what you're worried about. Hey!

Paul: The mistakes I've made have nothing to do with driving.

Natalie: So, how did it go? Is there any news on Antonio?

Jessica: Yeah, yeah, we have a witness. We might have a witness.

Natalie: Really?

Jessica: Yeah, he's in Atlantic City right now. He's tracking him down, and by tomorrow we might have really good news, so --

Natalie: Jess, Antonio just got bail. I mean, he canít be leaving the state, right?

Jessica: Yeah. I know it's risky, but doing this might clear his name, so Ė


Todd: No.

Blair: Why?

Blair: What time did you get up?

Todd: Just a while ago. I wanted to make sure Starr didn't, you know, walk in on us.

Blair: Well, that's right. She should be coming back from her sleepover.

Todd: Coffee, my dear?

Blair: I donít think so.

Todd: Is there something wrong?

Blair: No. No. It's just --

Todd: What?

Blair: Well, it's -- it's just -- last night.

Todd: Hmm!

Blair: No, it's -- it's --

Todd: What is it?

Blair: It's like --

Todd: Talk!

Blair: OK. It's like we're in tune. It's like we've -- we've been together a long time.

Todd: Well, that's because -- that's because we belong together.

Blair: Well, I think so, too. But, see, Iím getting this feeling like maybe it was all just a dream, and I think I might need another little kiss --

Todd: Oh.

Blair: Just to make sure that it's real.

Todd: Yes, that's real.

Blair: It's real.

Todd: Yes.

[Blair laughs]

Todd: You know what, though? I donít think we ought to be pushing it in people's faces just yet. Some people might not be cool with it.

Blair: Who?

Todd: Auntie Dorian.

Blair: Oh, come on. She's your biggest fan.

Todd: Yeah. Go figure. You know what?

Blair: What?

Todd: The sooner we get married, the better.

Blair: Walker, I think that --

Todd: You're right. That's my sentiment exactly. Let's set a date.

Blair: Well, I --

[Doorbell rings]

Blair: Iíll get that.

Blair: Ah.

David: Good morning. Is it -- you look different today. Is the timeless Dorian home?

Blair: She's out of town, David.

David: Oh, well, do you mind if I come in anyway?

Blair: Yes, I do mind.

David: Whoa, whoa! Hold on one cotton-picking second there.

Blair: It is a bad time.

David: Your blouse is all buttoned funky. Why donít you allow me?

Blair: Why donít I not allow you?

Todd: Get your hands off her, Vickers!

David: My goodness, everyone in the Lord household's all grumpy this morning. What -- hello.

Blair: Hello.

David: Is that diamond real? May I? It is real. You two -- you two are engaged! Well, my interest is certainly piqued.

Blair: Yes, I said yes to Walker last night.

David: Oh, Iím sure you did, over and over and over again. But what Iíd like to know is how did you get your hands on a diamond that size, Mitch's brother? You mind telling me?

Todd: Yeah, I do mind. Get out.

[David laughs]

Todd: I just -- I canít stand that dirtbag. I never could.


Kevin: Blair. Blair.

Kevin: Oh, jeez. "Kevin -- I got a call from Maggie Simmons. She's got all kinds of connections at state adoption services, and she agreed to a quick breakfast meeting. I know you're busy, so I donít want to worry you. Iíll handle it. Kelly." Man.

Kelly: Rae.

Rae: Oh.

Kelly: Hi.

Rae: Hi.

Kelly: Do you have a minute?

Rae: Yes, of course I do. May I?

Kelly: Yeah, please.

Rae: Good. How are you?

Kelly: I am terrific.

Rae: Good.

Kelly: I just had breakfast with Maggie Simmons.

Rae: Oh, yes.

Kelly: You know her?

Rae: State Adoption Service. Yes, of course I do.

Kelly: Yes. You know, she's going to need references galore from Kevin and I, and something from a trained professional could only help.

Rae: Well, I would love to recommend you and Kevin. You'd make great candidates.

Kelly: Oh, thank you.

Rae: So, how long have you and Kevin wanted a child?

Kelly: Oh, jeez, we've been trying since we got married.

Rae: Oh.

Kelly: But it's become clear that it's not safe for me to have children.

Rae: Oh, Iím sorry.

Kelly: Yeah. So we've just accepted that and weíve decided to try the next best thing and adopt. Iím sorry. I didn't mean that the way it sounded.

Rae: Oh, no, no, no, no. It's all right. I do understand.

Kelly: I just -- I really want a baby.

Rae: You know, honey, I have counseled many couples who have wanted to adopt. Besides the process being so long, it's also difficult -- I mean, difficult on the relationship.

Kelly: Oh, I can imagine.

Rae: What I have oftentimes found with couples is that those who are desperate to have a child -- it's because they're desperate to save their marriage.

Kelly: That is not the case with Kevin and --

Rae: Well, what I tell those couples is that it never works. Because it doesn't.

Kelly: That's -- Kevin and I just really want a child. And so we've decided to adopt. And we're willing to wait, no matter how long it takes.

Rae: All right. Why donít you call my office tomorrow and give me Maggie's address, and I will write you that letter.

Kelly: Thank you.

Rae: You're welcome. Listen, I do apologize. I've got to run, all right?

Kelly: Oh, it's all right. Thank you.

Rae: OK.

Kelly: All right.

Rae: OK.

Kelly: OK. Bye.

Rae: Thank you. Bye.

David: Hey. How are you?

Kelly: Are you stalking me?

David: Donít be ridiculous. I couldn't help but overhearing -- adopting a baby? Wow. A lot of news coming out of the Cramer family today.

Kelly: What are you talking about?

David: Haven't you heard? Blair's marrying Walker Laurence.

Kelly: She is?


Antonio: So where are you spending your winter this year, Bernie?

Bernie: "The winter of my discontent."

Antonio: What?

Bernie: You donít care about my winter. You just want me to tell you what I know.

Antonio: OK. Yeah, I do. But I've always been straight with you, right, Bernie?

Bernie: Yeah, yeah.

Antonio: OK. All I want to do is take you down to the station, have them write down whatever it is you have to say. How does that seem?

Bernie: Seem? Hey, I know how it seems, but I know a cop when I see one.

Antonio: I -- Iím not a cop anymore.

Bernie: I donít care! No police station!

Antonio: OK. OK. Listen to me, Bernie. Like I was telling you on the way back, all right, I need your help because Iím liable of being convicted of murdering this woman. All right, the woman that fell off the balcony -- she fell, right?

Bernie: "Murder most foul."

Antonio: Come on, Bernie, Bernie! You with me? All right, look, you're my only hope. Can you please tell me what you saw? Did Keri fall off the balcony? Was there somebody else there?

Bernie: OK. Yes, Iíll tell you.


Natalie: We're not open.

John: So you can practice in peace.

Natalie: Hey, John.

John: Hey, look, I need you to sign this waiver in case any of the tournament shows up on some cable show somewhere.

Natalie: Do you really think that it's going to? I mean, should I have my family tune in?

John: No. But it might get cut up and put on a special or something at the end of the month. Hey, you know, there's something I've been meaning to ask you. How is it someone like you doesn't have a coach?

Natalie: Actually, I do. Well, I did. Max Holden, who is the owner of this bar. Anyway, he's gone now, but he was a great, great coach. His son died, and he was only 22 years old.

John: Yeah, I was -- the reason why Iím asking is, you know, most of the players on the tour -- they have someone, someone that keeps an eye on their work, you know what I mean?

Natalie: Iím not professional, remember?

John: But you will be. And I was thinking -- well, maybe I could help you in that area, if you want.

Natalie: OK. I mean, if you see anything, just let me know.

John: OK.

John: Can I stop you right there?

Natalie: I haven't made the shot yet.

John: I know. But the way you're holding yourself, you're making it twice as hard as it has to be.

Natalie: Look, I usually make the shot.

John: You have to always make the shot.

Natalie: OK. Show me what Iím doing wrong.

John: Line it up. OK, now, donít go getting all tense if I touch you, all right? I donít want my head bitten off this time.

Natalie: Iím OK.

John: Good. All right. Now, get your eyes on the line with where you want to shoot.

Natalie: OK.

John: Stop arching your back. That's amateur stuff. Are your eyes in line?

Natalie: Yeah.

John: OK. Now, I want your eyes to feel connected with your body. I want you to feel it running from your hands all the way up your arms, through your hips, and straight down into your legs. Do you feel that?

Jessica: Natalie? I -- I found that sweater you were looking for. It was way in the back of the closet.

Natalie: Great! Thanks. Johnny McBain, this is my sister, Jessica.

John: Hey, Jessica, it's nice to meet you.

Jessica: Nice to meet you, too.

Natalie: Excuse me for a minute. So, did Antonio find his witness?

Jessica: Oh, no, no, no. He hasn't called me all day, and it's driving me crazy. I donít know what's going on.

Natalie: Well, maybe he got in really late last night.

Jessica: I hope so. Who's that guy?

Natalie: Oh, that's -- that's Johnny McBain. He's setting up the tournaments now. Rack ĎEm Ross had to go back to Vegas.

Jessica: Well, you know, he looked -- he looked kind of familiar with you, donít you think? You know?

Natalie: Hello? Iím marrying Cris. You know, the fiance from heaven?

Jessica: Yeah, yeah, I know that and you know that, but does Johnny know that?

Natalie: Yeah, trust me, he knows all the rules.

Jessica: Yeah, OK.

[Phone rings]

Jessica: Oh.


Jessica: Oh, it's Antonio. OK. Hey, you, where have you been?

Antonio: Picking up the package. He's a handful, believe me. But we may have something. Can you meet me at Angel Square?

Jessica: Oh, yeah, Iím on my way. OK, bye.


Kevin: You couldn't trace him? You're telling me that nobody remembers a guy named Walker Laurence suddenly moving in from Atlantic City?

Elyssa: Vegas is a big town, Mr. Buchanan, and a new face from Jersey isn't exactly a novelty. But I know he did get there. My contact confirmed it the day he flew in. But then he, like, evaporated.

Kevin: Well, maybe he changed his name. I mean, maybe he knows that we know that he's the real Walker Laurence and that the guy who lives in Llanview is a phony. Yeah, see, so -- wait a minute. Doesn't make any sense.

Elyssa: Well, speaking about not making sense -- guess who I spotted on one of the floors of the casinos.

Kevin: Walker? Come on, that canít be him. I mean, he doesn't dress like that. He doesn't wear glasses. Look, he's got his hair slicked back. What a joke! It canít be him. I mean, if that is -- what the hell is our Walker Laurence doing in Vegas?

Elyssa: No idea.

Kelly: Kevin?

Kevin: Hey. How'd your meeting go?

Kelly: Um, good. The good news is that we definitely qualify. The bad news is it could take years.

Kevin: Well, that's what they warned us about.

Kelly: Mm-hmm. Yeah. What are you doing meeting with this investigator? I thought you were going to stop trying to dig up stuff on Walker Laurence.

Kevin: Well, the guy's playing games. I mean, he's got this whole other life thing going.

Kelly: Kevin, that is none of our business. Look, you said you were starting to do this because he was attacking you in The Sun, but he hasn't written a word about you in weeks.

Kevin: Well, it's just that I think he's worth a closer look, that's all. You know, I -- but, hey, look, if that's what you think, then, OK.

Kelly: Yeah.

Kevin: Yeah.

Kelly: I do. I mean, why donít you just leave him alone and let him be happy? They're happy. They're so happy, in fact, I just heard they're getting married.


Jessica: Antonio?

Antonio: Hey. No, no, no, it's OK, Bernie. It's OK. It's just -- it's Jessica. She bought you a sandwich at the Palace. Remember? He had a rough night. Trouble sleeping.

Bernie: "Perchance to dream -- aye, there's the rub."

Antonio: Bernie, you were -- you were saying how you were in the courtyard when the woman fell. Can you -- can you tell us what happened?

Bernie: I came over. I wanted to help, but she was dead.

Jessica: Was there anybody else on the balcony?

Bernie: I didn't look up. I was looking at the letter.

Antonio: The -- what letter?

Bernie: In her pocket.

Jessica: Well, what did the letter say?

Bernie: I ran out onto the street to get help, but there was nobody there.

Antonio: Look, Bernie, what -- what about the letter?

Bernie: He took it!

Jessica: Who?

Bernie: I came back into the courtyard. A man was kneeling by the woman, taking the letter out of her pocket.

Antonio: And who was it, Bernie?


Kelly: Why do you look so surprised? I mean, Blair and Walker have been dating. They've been dating very seriously.

Kevin: So, when are they getting married?

Kelly: I donít know. I mean, I haven't talked to Blair yet, but if I know them, soon. So leave them alone. Let them be happy.

Kevin: Sure. No problem. It's history.


Elyssa: Well, we've got quite a file on this guy, Mr. Buchanan. The way I see it, we've got three options. One, you stick to your promise -- drop it. Your wife will be happy. Two, take it to Blair Cramer and let her see for herself what kind of two-faced liar you are, three, take it to that guy who's pretending to be Walker Laurence. Now, if he's scared enough of Blair Cramer finding out, he might back off. He might even blow town. So what is it going to be?


Blair: You know, when David was here before --

Todd: All right, let's not discuss that scumbag.

Blair: No, no, no, you said something that kind of caught me off guard. You said that you never could stand him.

Todd: Yeah.

Blair: Well, what did you mean by that? I mean, you've only met him maybe once or twice, maybe. Right?

Starr: Yes, I brushed my teeth. Yes, I said thank you to Suzi's mom. And, yes -- what's going on? What's going on?

Todd: Good news, kiddo.

Starr: What?

Blair: Walker and I are going to get married!

Starr: Yes!

Blair: Oh, my goodness! Oh, my goodness!

Starr: Oh, Iím so happy!

Blair: Well, Iím so glad --

Starr: We're going to be a family again!

Blair: Iím so glad that you are happy. You know, she is your biggest supporter over here.

Todd: Of course.

[Jack cries]

Blair: Oh, there's Jack. Iíll go get him.

Starr: OK.

Blair: Excuse me, you two.

Starr: You didn't tell her who you really were?

Todd: I didn't need to.

Starr: Oh, my gosh. You did it. You did it!

Todd: We did it, Shorty.

Starr: We're a family!

Todd: Aw.


David: Whoa, careful.

Kelly: Why haven't you left?

David: I was hoping you were going to come back. Did you forget something?

[Kelly gasps]

Kelly: Did you steal that?

David: No, you left it on the table.

Kelly: Oh, probably because I was in such a hurry to get away from your ugly butt.

David: So tell me about the look on Kevin's face when you told him that Blair was getting married.

Kelly: David.

David: Come on, what's up with that husband of yours, huh? Tell me all about it. You know, does he have a thing for your cousin, or do you think she's got a thing for him?

Kelly: David, that is ridiculous, OK? And it is none of your business, so why donít you just butt out of my marriage and my life, OK? OK.


Antonio: If you donít know his name, can you at least describe him?

Jessica: Anything. Anything you can remember. It's just -- it's really, really important.

Bernie: "'Tis well I am found by you."

Antonio: What's that?

Jessica: I donít know that one.

Antonio: Great. Every time we start getting somewhere, he starts quoting Shakespeare.

Bernie: "She swore, in faith, 'twas strange. 'Twas passing strange. 'Twas pitiful. 'Twas wondrous pitiful."

Jessica: "Othello."

Antonio: What?

Jessica: That's the speech that Othello was talking about Desdemona.

Antonio: But why is he hung up on that play?

Bernie: "He loved not wisely but too well." That's the man.

Jessica: That's the man that took the letter out of Keri's pocket? It was R.J.?

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Jessica: Antonio's innocent. I have proof.

David: Iím still interested in your gallery, but right now Iím more interested in you.

Rex: If I didn't know any better, Iíd say that you were knocked up. What you going to do about it?

Todd: Blair, let's do it. Let's get married today.

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