One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 9/30/03

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 9/30/03

By Eric
Proofread by Melissa Dann

Blair: Iím not really ready to get married again. I donít know if I ever will be.


Carlotta: Adriana should have called me by now. She knows how I worry.

Adriana: Iíve -- Iíve never done this before.

River: Me, neither.


Karen: So, no, New York was rainy, the guy was extremely boring, but the money was great.

Rex: How great?

Karen: That is none of your business. Bret, honey, what's a girl got to do to get a drink around here?

Lindsay: Hi.

Rex: Lindsay. Hi. It's been a while.

Lindsay: Is he here?

Rex: Who?

Lindsay: Your friend's father. We're supposed to have lunch today, remember?

Rex: Right. Yeah, my friend's father. I totally forgot about this, but my dad's -- my friend's dad called earlier and said that he couldn't make it.

Lindsay: Oh.

Rex: Iím really sorry. I meant to tell you.

Lindsay: Well, that's all right. I mean, I have other things I could do.

Rex: Cool. Iíll walk you out.

Man: Is this my lunch date?

Lindsay: Oh. You must be his friend's father. Iím -- Iím Lindsay Rappaport. Iím glad you could make it after all.

Man: A pleasure.

Karen: Moving in on my territory?

Lindsay: What?

Karen: Moving in on my territory?

Lindsay: No! Iím with Rex. Iím having lunch with this gentleman here.

Man: And you are?

Rex: Another friend of mine.

Lindsay: Should we go to our table?

Man: Sure.

Karen: Rex, what was that all about?

Rex: Well, like you said to me, none of your business.

Karen: Right.


Blair: Thank God for David Vickers? OK, now I know you've completely gone over the edge.

Kelly: No, I know, I mean, I wanted to strangle him myself when he told Kevin about my secret, but --

Blair: Secret? Secret? What secret?

Kelly: Mm-hmm. Oh, come on, Dorian must have told you how --

Blair: No.

Kelly: It could be really high risk if I get pregnant.

Blair: No. I -- I didn't know that.

Kelly: Well, I mean, no one was supposed to know, OK, except Dorian found out, and then she told Joey, and then I guess she couldn't help herself and she told David.

Blair: Well, Kelly, you're not pregnant now, are you?

Kelly: No. No, Iíve been trying, but --

Blair: Do you really want a baby that badly?

Kelly: Yeah. Didn't happen. I thought when Kevin found out that he just wouldn't accept it. But he was wonderful. We even talked about adopting. So that is why I have David Vickers to thank for getting my marriage back on track.

Blair: Do you really think that a baby is going to do that, Kelly?

Kelly: Yes, I do. Blair, come on. Aren't you happy for me?


Kevin: Well, in case you haven't noticed, there's a new lieutenant governor in town. But it's a little too much for one body to take, even mine, so Iím going to turn over the day-to-day to --

[Door opens]

Jessica: Kevin. Hi. I need to talk to you for a second.

Kevin: Iím having a meeting here, Jess.

Jessica: It's important.

Kevin: All right. Iíll be with you in a minute. Please, enjoy the refreshments. What's the problem?

Jessica: You canít endorse Daniel Colson. He wants to see Antonio dead, and if he's elected, that just might happen.


R.J.: What the hell are you doing here?

Antonio: Nobody told me Keri's funeral was today.

R.J.: Well, you're more than welcome to come to the memorial at the university, but this was just for family. I didn't invite any murderers here.

Antonio: I didn't kill her, R.J.

R.J.: Yeah, so you keep saying. But I know you did. Everybody knows you did. Everybody except my old buddy Evangeline.

Antonio: Yeah, well, she thinks Iím innocent.

R.J.: Yeah. Well, look, there's nobody here but you and me. So why not be a man, huh? Admit it. Admit you killed my daughter.


Jessica: I know that it's not too late to cancel the endorsement.

Kevin: Iím not going to do that, Jess.

Jessica: Donít you care about Antonio?

Kevin: Of course I do, and this paper's endorsement of Daniel Colson doesn't change that, all right? I donít have to agree with everything the guy does.

Jessica: This isn't a political point, Kevin, this is Antonio's life. But you wouldn't give a damn about that, now, would you?

Kevin: Oh, come on.

Viki: Hello. What's going on?

Jessica: Mom. You're back. Hi.

Viki: Yeah.

Kevin: Did you just get in?

Viki: Yes, actually, I did. I came straight from the airport. Guess it's a good thing I did, huh?

Gabrielle: Oh. Iím so sorry that Iím late.

Kevin: Oh, it's OK. The meeting hasn't started yet.

Gabrielle: Oh, good.

Viki: Gabrielle? How are you?

Gabrielle: Iím -- Iím going to be fine, yeah. Iíll get through this.

Viki: I canít tell you how sorry I am about Al. I tried to get back for the funeral. My flight was canceled.

Jessica: The service was so nice, Gabrielle, all of Al's friends saying such nice things about him. It was wonderful.

Gabrielle: Thank you. Kevin? Iím sorry, I -- I donít think it's going to be possible for me to make this meeting after all. I need to request some time off because Max and I are taking Al -- we're taking his body to Argentina for burial.

Kevin: It's -- it's fine. You take all the time you need.

Gabrielle: Thank you. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you so much for your flowers and such kind words for my son.


Blair: Well, Jack is finally down for his nap. Iím telling you, it is so hard these days to get him to take his nap. Are you sure you want kids?

Kelly: Come on, Blair, you haven't answered my question. Are you happy for me or not?

Blair: Of course. Of course Iím happy for you, Kelly, if you think that having a baby is going to make you and Kevin happy.

Kelly: We have wanted a family for so long. It's finally happening.

Blair: Well, it'll change things.

Kelly: For the better.

Blair: Hmm, it did for me. Jack and Starr have made me a better person. I mean, I think so, anyway.

Kelly: Oh, really? Well, that makes one of us.

Blair: Oh, you'd better watch it.

Kelly: I could learn a lot from you.

Blair: Yeah, how to spoil your kids.

Kelly: Oh, your kids aren't spoiled. OK. OK, Starr may be a little.

Blair: Oh, a lot. And you think Iím bad? Todd was even worse.

Kelly: Oh, come on, say what you want about Todd, but he was a good father.

Blair: Yeah. I mean, who would have ever thought that? When he was with the kids, he actually seemed human, you know?

Kelly: You still think about him a lot?

Blair: Walker -- he asked me to marry him.

Kelly: What did you say?

Blair: I told him I needed some time to think.

Kelly: And?

Blair: And I -- you know what? I donít even want to talk about it. What I want to do, I want to go see Max. You know, you and Kevin might be making a child or having a child, but Max, he just lost his.


Natalie: Max? Is there anything that you need?

Max: No.

Bo: You were wonderful at the service, Marcie. I had no idea you had a such a great voice.

Marcie: It was the song. It was one of our favorites.

Bo: You know, it made Al's mom feel a lot better, Iím sure.

Natalie: If there was just something we could do for Al's dad.

Bo: You know, sometimes the best way to help people is to just leave them alone.

Asa: Your son is dead, Max. You're not going to take that lying down, are you?


Gabrielle: I am so sorry.

Viki: Please, donít apologize.

Gabrielle: I -- I just thought I could handle this a lot better than -- than this.

Viki: No one handles something like this very well.

Gabrielle: Oh!

Viki: Why donít you come with me? Come on.


Kevin: Well, that was a little more than we all bargained for. There's really nothing more to say. Everything else is covered in the memos. I wish you all the best. Thank you for coming.


R.J.: Answer me, damn it.

Antonio: I already did.

R.J.: Well, if you didn't kill Keri, why aren't you out trying to find the one who did?

Antonio: Because maybe it was nobody. Maybe it was an accident.

R.J.: Good luck trying to sell that that to a jury. But you're going to get the lethal injection that you deserve. And after you're dead, Jamie and I are going to have a wonderful life without you.


David: Let me buy you a drink.

Rex: Sorry. Not my type.

David: You're not my type, either, but that lady who was with you is.

Rex: Karen? She's no lady. But she's definitely hot.

David: Not her. The lady.

Lindsay: Thank you.

Rex: Lindsay?

David: That's her name.

Rex: Yeah, Lindsay Rappaport. She owns an art gallery here in town.

David: OK, that's who she is. I thought she looked familiar.

Rex: You interested in art?

David: Iíve been known to pick up a piece from time to time here and there.

Rex: So, what, are you asking for me to introduce you to her or --

David: I can handle that on my own.

Lindsay: Excuse me. I think your friend's father has the wrong idea about our date. He just made some vulgar remark about having dessert in his room.

Man: What's the problem?

David: Apparently, you are, sir.

Man: And who the hell are you?

David: Iím someone who thinks that this fine woman, who happens to be a very high-ranking member of our community, deserves a little respect, so I suggest that you back off.


River: Iíve come close a couple times. I never actually --

Adriana: Made love?

River: Right. I want my first time to be with you.

Adriana: Iíve always wanted to wait for the right person.

River: It's OK if you donít want to. I totally understand.

Adriana: No. Rio, you are that person. I want to be with you. But Iím -- Iím just --

River: Scared?

Adriana: A little bit.

River: So am I. But it's OK. I think we're safe.

Carlotta: Adriana? Oh, my God! Get out!

River: Mrs. Vega, it's not what it looks like.

Carlotta: You heard me! Put your clothes on and get out right now before I call the police! What were you thinking? You could have gotten pregnant or gotten some disease and ruined your whole life! Iíve given up far too much to have something like this happen now.


Gabrielle: I donít know. I donít know how Iím going to go on without him!

Viki: You will, Gabrielle.

Gabrielle: How? How do you -- how did you do it?

Viki: It's not easy, because you really want to die yourself.

Gabrielle: I wish to God it had been me.

Viki: Well, I think God had another plan for you.

Gabrielle: Iíll never understand what that is.

Viki: Maybe not, but, you know, I do believe that there is a plan for all of us, at least there is a reason for living.

Gabrielle: Viki, forgive me, but when you lost Megan, you had other children. You see, you were still needed. Iím not a parent anymore! Nobody needs me anymore!

Viki: Gabrielle, Gabrielle, of course you're still a parent you are Al's mother. You always will be Al's mother. Honey, you raised him, you loved him and he will always, always be with you. And you have Bo. You're getting married. Bo loves you. He loves you very much. And -- and you do have friends. Oh.

Gabrielle: Oh, Viki! Oh, I just want him back. I want him back so badly.

Viki: I know you do. Oh, God, I know you do.


Asa: You hear what I said?

Max: What do you suggest I do, Asa, go find a voodoo doctor and raise him from the dead?

Asa: How about suing the hospital?

Max: Hmm. You're forgetting that you're on the hospital board.

Asa: Oh, Iíll quit, but, first, I want to make sure that quack doctor who botched up Al's operation is booted out.

Max: That doctor was the finest doctor available on the eastern seaboard. Al went into shock.

Asa: Well, somebody should be made to pay for it.

Max: Would that make you feel better?

Asa: Wouldn't it you? He's your son.

Max: I appreciate your caring.

Asa: Thank you. Al was a good kid.

Max: Yeah, he sure was.

Asa: Natalie? A bottle of bourbon and two glasses. And donít give me any flak, Max.


Todd: Your face is way off, Luna, way off. Oh, yeah. Much better. Yeah, I know, what about me? I need this mug. Iím Walker Laurence now. Yeah, Blair's going to marry me. No way. No way she's turning me down. I mean -- no. Iím going to stay cool, Iím going to keep calm. Blair won't figure it out.


Viki: Shh, shh, shh.

Gabrielle: Oh, thank you.

Viki: Shh.

Gabrielle: I have to get over to Crossroads to meet Max. I -- I just donít think I can drive. Iíd better call a cab.

Viki: No, no, no. No, gracious, no, Iím going to drive you.

Gabrielle: Oh, no, no, no, it won't be necessary. It's OK.

Viki: Gabrielle, please, please. Let me do this. OK? Come on, Iíll take you. Come on.

Gabrielle: Viki --

Viki: What? Iím not going to take no for an answer.

Gabrielle: I -- I just wanted to say thank you.

Viki: You'll be OK. Come on.


Natalie: Here you go, Grandpa.

Asa: Put it here. Join me, son?

Bo: No, thanks, Iím doing good.

Asa: How about you?

Marcie: Oh, I donít really drink, sir.

Asa: Who are you?

Bo: This is Marcie Walsh. This is Al's girlfriend.

Asa: Oh. Marcie. Wait a minute. Marcie Walsh. Hell, I know you. Aren't you that little gal who started that fuss at the university about all those peace signs?

Marcie: Yes, sir.

Asa: That took grit, honey. You're going to do all right.


Blair: To say I know how you feel --

Max: But you got your son back. And Iím glad you did, because there isn't anything I wouldn't do if I could have Al back right now.

Blair: I wish I could do that for you.

Max: Oh, I know.

Blair: Is there anything that I can do, Max, anything at all?

Max: You already are. Thank you.

Blair: Well, Iím there for you, Max, no matter what happens, OK?

Max: I -- I canít even think of the future yet.

Blair: It's out there for you, just waiting.

Max: Well, maybe for you.

Blair: I used to not think about it, I mean, especially after Todd. I didn't think Iíd ever be happy again.

Max: You do now?

Blair: It could happen.

Max: Something go down while I was away?

Blair: Walker Laurence asked me to marry him.

Max: And? What's it saying here?

Blair: Oh, right here? It's telling me lots of things.

Max: You need to have a little one-on-one with your heart. You listen to that, you'll never go wrong.


Todd: Ah, you should see my kids now, Luna. They're all I need, my kids. Oh, Blair. I need Blair, too. She's going to marry me. Donít you think? I mean, come on. Could you resist a face like this?


Kevin: Iíll be down in a minute.

Jessica: So you're going to help Antonio, yeah?

Kevin: Well, I would love to --

Jessica: Oh, Kevin.

Kevin: But I canít, Jess.

Jessica: You're the lieutenant governor. Of course --

Kevin: Which is why I need to stay impartial.

Jessica: Because it might hurt your political career, right?

Kevin: No, it could hurt Antonio. Look, anything that even hints at impropriety could backfire.

Jessica: So there's absolutely nothing that you can do?

Kevin: Iím sorry.

Jessica: It's OK. If you won't help, then I guess Iíll just find the killer myself.

Antonio: Sorry to barge in. I ran into your mom. She said you were in here.

[Phone rings]

Kevin: Yeah.

Antonio: What's going on?

Kevin: Oh, thanks for getting back to me so fast.

Jessica: Well, I was just telling Kevin that if he won't help and the police won't help, then Iíll just find Keri's killer on my own. It's fine.

Antonio: No. You canít do that.


Lindsay: Thank you. You didn't have to buy me a drink.

David: Well, you're not required to drink it.

Lindsay: He was treating me like Iím some kind of hooker. I mean, where would he get that idea?

David: I donít know. In a place like this, who knows.

Lindsay: Well, thank you for riding to my rescue. I donít believe we've met.

David: You certainly have. Iím crushed you donít remember. Iím David Vickers.

Lindsay: Iím Lindsay Rappaport. Iím certain I would have remembered you.

David: Oh, you were very busy at the time. It was at your gallery.

Lindsay: Are you a collector?

David: If something looks like it needs to be collected. Iíve seen your work before. It's -- it's pretty impressive.

Lindsay: I haven't done anything lately.

David: Oh, why not?

Lindsay: Iíve been a little indisposed.

David: What do you say you and I grab a bite?

Lindsay: We just met.

David: Charming. So this gallery of yours -- is it something that you own outright or do you have a partner?


Carlotta: I should have you arrested!

River: Mrs. Vega, I didnít do anything to her. She wants to be with me.

Carlotta: River, you listen to me -- you are never going to see her again, ever.

River: Adriana, come with me.

Carlotta: Go now before I throw you in jail.

Adriana: You better do what she says.

River: I will see you again.

Carlotta: Pack, now!

Adriana: What?

Carlotta: You're leaving!

Adriana: But my mother --

Carlotta: Your mother's away on her trip. That's why you're going to Antonio and Cristianís abuelita.

Adriana: Oh, no, Madrina, please, please! Iím so sorry! I promise Iíll never do this again! Please, just donít make me leave!

Carlotta: I thought that I could have you with me. I thought that I could protect you. But I see that I was wrong. Now pack.


Antonio: Honey, are you listening to me?

Jessica: Why won't you let me help you?

Antonio: If you want to help me, stay out of trouble.

Jessica: This coming from the guy that risked his life just to save me.

Antonio: I was a cop. It was my job.

Jessica: Let me help you. Why won't you just admit that you need help?

[Phone rings]

Antonio: Hello?

Carlotta: Antonio? I need to see you right away.

Antonio: Mami, what's wrong?

Carlotta: I need you to meet me.


Viki: Oh, Max. I am so, so sorry.

Max: Well, thank you.

Viki: So sorry.

Max: Thank you.

Viki: My God.

Bo: Was about to get worried about you.

Gabrielle: Iím OK now. Viki.

Bo: Yeah, Viki's something, isn't she?

Gabrielle: I definitely wouldn't be here if she hadn't brought me here.

Bo: Well Iím going to be here, too. I wanted to say goodbye and maybe squeeze in a little extra time before you go down to Argentina.

Gabrielle: You didn't have to, Bo.

Bo: Yeah. Yeah, I think I do. Iím going to start doing that from now on, you know, making sure there's extra time, because I think we've lost enough time together already.

Gabrielle: It's OK. All right.

Bo: No, no, it's not all right. I mean, all the dinners that Iíve missed, you know, the time we've been apart, canceled trips? And why? Because I had to work. I mean, come on. You deserve better than that. Iím sorry.

Gabrielle: You donít have to be sorry about anything.

Bo: I found this. Somebody gave me this when I lost Drew, and I thought it was pretty stupid, really. It was a -- it was a book about how to deal with losing a child.

Gabrielle: Mm-hmm.

Bo: But I finally sat down and I read it, and it helped, at least a little bit. And it is a -- it's a long flight down there to Argentina.

Gabrielle: Thank you. Thank you for everything.

Viki: Iím just very, very sorry that Deke and Madison are not going to be charged.

Marcie: Yeah. Al would -- he would still be here if it weren't for them. But even if they went to jail, that wouldn't bring him back. Nothing will.

Viki: Marcie, honey, he'll always be with you, you know.

Marcie: Yeah.

Viki: Everything that you do, that you used to do with him, and all the places you used to go together, and in the light in your eyes whenever you think about him.

Marcie: I loved him so much.

Viki: I know you did. And you still do, donít you?

Marcie: I always will love him.

Viki: And that's what's going to get you through this. I promise you that. It'll be OK.

Marcie: Thank you, Mrs. Davidson.

Viki: Sure.

Blair: So you going to be OK, Max?

Max: Hey, aren't I always?

Blair: Why donít you call me when you get back?

Max: Maybe there will be a wedding in the works.

Blair: Take care.

Max: Yeah. Thank you.

Blair: Mm-hmm.

Max: Thanks.

Blair: Walker.

Todd: Hey, Blair. What's up?

Blair: It's about your proposal. Iíve made my decision.

Todd: So what's your answer?

Blair: You know what, I donít want to talk about it on the phone. Why donít you meet me over at Dorian's, all right?

Todd: OK, Iíll be right there. Yeah. Yeah. What'd I tell you, baby? She loves me.


Lindsay: I can arrange for a private showing if there are pieces that you're particularly interested in.

David: How about the whole enchilada?

Lindsay: My favorite kind of client.

David: I was thinking of the gallery itself.

Lindsay: You want to buy my gallery?

David: Or buy in with you.

Lindsay: It's not for sale.

David: Really? Will you allow me to write down a number? Not even for that?

Lindsay: Are you serious?

David: Iím about to run into that exact amount of money. A certain someone owes it to me and the bill has some due.


[Doorbell rings]

Todd: All right, put me out of my misery. Say yes!

Blair: Walker, I just realized something today, and I probably should have known it all along. But it just -- it just --

Todd: What? What? What?

Blair: You've been really great to me. You are a wonderful man. But Iím in love with somebody else.

Todd: Who is it?

Blair: I canít marry you, Walker.

Todd: Who is it?

Blair: Iím still in love with Todd.


Kelly: Ah, good. You're still here. I am going to take you to dinner.

Kevin: I canít.

Kelly: No excuses, Kevin. If we're going to adopt this child, we need to start figuring things out.

Kevin: Well, actually, Iím way ahead of you. You know, I have made some phone calls today, and I have an appointment for us with the agency in about -- let's see -- a couple of minutes, and then we have an appointment with an adoption lawyer after that.

Kelly: Wow. You really do want to have this child.

Kevin: Absolutely. I just saw Gabrielle Medina.

Kelly: Oh, yeah, it's terrible how she lost her son.

Kevin: Yeah. But, you know, while he was here, he made her so happy. That's exactly what I want for us.


Gabrielle: Viki? I wanted to say thank you without bursting into tears and to thank you for everything you've done for me.

Viki: You take care of yourself, Gabrielle, OK?

Asa: The same goes for me, honey.

Gabrielle: Oh, Asa. Thank you.

Asa: Oh, you know what I felt about your son.

Gabrielle: Yes. Yes.

Marcie: You'll remember the single gerber daisy, right?

Max: Iíll be sure to put one on his grave for you.

Marcie: That's what he always gave to me, a single gerber daisy.

Gabrielle: We are going to be thinking of you every minute and how happy you made our son.

Marcie: Yeah. OK.

Gabrielle: OK.

Bo: Going to be real quiet around the house now.

Gabrielle: Iíll miss you, too, really.

Bo: Well, if you do, just look at this, OK, and then you'll know how much Iím thinking about you.

Gabrielle: I love you so much.

Bo: I love you, too.


Jessica: Where's Renee?

Bret: She's not in today.

Jessica: Well, could you get her to call? It's Jessica Buchanan. I need to talk to her right away.

Bret: Should I tell her what it's about?

Jessica: You can tell her it's about what happened the other night.

Bret: OK.

Jessica: Sorry, Antonio.


Carlotta: Pobrecita.

Antonio: Mami?

Carlotta: Ay, Tonio.

Antonio: Mami, please. Mami, Iím going to beat the charges. Iím going to find the real killer.

Carlotta: You already have.

Antonio: Who?

Carlotta: Me. I killed Keri.

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