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Riley: What's up?

Flash: You think Beck ever has writer's block?

Riley: Never.

Rex: Done with the song yet?

Riley: Rex, will you chill?

Rex: Get it ready, Babe. I've got half the town showing up tonight, and I am not letting them down.

Riley: A good friend of ours just died. Give it a rest.

Rex: Al Holden died yesterday. This is a brand-new day. Life goes on. Yada, yada, yada. Finish the song, people.


Natalie: You know that you want to be at Antonio’s bail hearing.

Cristian: You're going to be swamped without Max, Natalie. I don't think you'll be ready to open.

Natalie: Look, I will be ready, Cristian. You need to be with Antonio.

Cristian: You know, I don't know how Gabrielle and Max are doing this. If I lost a son --

Natalie: I know. When Max called me and told me that Al was gone, I just couldn't believe it.

Cristian: Mom says that bad luck comes in threes. First Keri, then Antonio gets arrested, and now Al. Did you tell Jessica?

Natalie: No, I didn’t.

Cristian: She and Al have been very close since they were kids.


[Music plays]

Jessica: Al, we went to the concert together. Carlotta, hi.

Carlotta: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't expect anyone.

Jessica: Oh, no. That's okay.

Carlotta: I just wanted to get a couple things for Jamie.

Jessica: Oh, Carlotta, you must be so exhausted, taking care of her for Antonio and running the diner.

Carlotta: Actually, the more time that I can spend with my granddaughter, it makes things a lot easier. How come you're not at the hearing?

Jessica: Oh, well, you know Antonio's going to be granted bail, and I just wanted to make sure the place looked really great for when he came home.

Carlotta: My son did not kill Keri.


Evangeline: How are you? Are you okay?

Antonio: I'm all right.

Evangeline: Can you get rid of the cuffs? He's not going anywhere.

Officer: I'm sorry, but until he's called into the courtroom, we have to follow procedure.

Bo: Take them off.

Antonio: Thanks, Commissioner.

Bo: I just don't want to make this any harder than it has to be. Good luck.

Antonio: Thanks.


Nora: Hey, Bo, how's Gabrielle doing?

Bo: Well, Larry gave her a sedative, and she slept through the night. But she's not doing too well.

Nora: We'll get this over as soon as possible, okay?

Bo: What about bail?

Nora: $200,000. I know, but the publicity has been outrageous on this. The media's all over it. Keri was a very popular teacher at Llanview University. People were upset. And if it was any lower, then they'd get even more upset.

Daniel: And that's why I'm taking you off the case.

Nora: Excuse me?

Daniel: Look, I will insist on no bail. This wasn't another one of Vega's violent outbursts. This was premeditated murder, and I'm going to make sure Antonio Vega doesn't have a view without bars until his dying day.


Marcie: I was sitting in sound booth, sitting where Al sat. And I was telling all of his listeners about what happened, about how brave he was and how much he loved them all. And Ronnie was with me for a while, and then I started playing all of his favorite songs. And everybody started calling in and telling me how great he was and how much they loved him. And then, when I left the studio, there were like 100 bouquets outside, all for him.

Joey: Is Ron still here?

Marcie: Yeah, he had a lot of work piling back up in Jersey, so I told him not to worry about it, but he's going to come back.

Jen: He's worried about you.

Marcie: Yeah.

Jen: You need to get some sleep.

Marcie: I'll be fine, really.

Joey: Hey, Jen's right, you know.

Marcie: No. I -- I have to get Al's things. Have to get them together. I have to take them back with me to my place.

Jen: You can't just go stay at your place all by yourself with a bunch of memories.

Marcie: My memories are all I have. They're everything.

Joey: Hey, she just means you shouldn't be alone right now. It's going to be really hard, okay?

Jen: I know -- why don't you stay with me and Joe, just for a little bit?

Marcie: Okay.

Jen: Is that okay?

Joey: That's a great idea.


Jessica: I missed you.

Antonio: I missed you, too.

Jessica: Where's Evangeline?

Antonio: I don't know. Something's up, but I'm not sure what.


Nora: Daniel would try to pull something, but to deny Antonio bail --

Bo: He's running for D.A. He's going to milk this for all it's worth.

Nora: I'm running for D.A., too, but I wouldn't railroad an innocent man just to get myself elected.

Bo: So you don't think Antonio did it?

Nora: No. As a matter of fact, I'm happy I'm off this case. I don't care whether the evidence may or may not convict Antonio. I know him. He did not kill Keri.

Nora: Mr. Colson, you have every right to take over this case.

Daniel: Oh, well, thank you very much.

Nora: But to ask for remand, no. Even for you, Colson, that is way over the top. This case is based on nothing but circumstantial evidence.

Daniel: Which is getting stronger by the minute.

Nora: What's that supposed to mean?

Daniel: We found skin under Keri Reynolds' fingernails from the struggle with her attacker. We matched D.N.A., and surprise -- Antonio Vega.


Antonio: Yes, there was skin under her fingernails. She scratched the hell out of me when she ripped the necklace off my neck.

Evangeline: There's more. A 911 call the night before she died. She said someone was trying to break into her room, and I need to know that it wasn't you.

Antonio: Of course it wasn't me.

Evangeline when you saw Keri the night that she died, did she say anything about an attempted break-in?

Antonio: No.

Evangeline: Can you account for your whereabouts that entire previous evening? Did you see anyone? Did you speak to anyone?

Antonio: Evangeline, I -- I can't remember.


Nora: You've no proof that Antonio's the intruder.

Daniel: Can he prove he wasn't?

Nora: Daniel, it could've been a drunk. It could've been someone pulling a prank.

Bo: Could've been a simple burglary.

Daniel: Or it could have been proof of premeditation. Another thing -- the M.E. said Keri Reynolds went over that railing backwards. Nobody falls from a railing backwards by accident. She was pushed.


Arthur: Hey, kid. Why the sad face?

Natalie: Hey, Rack 'em Ross returns. How you doing?

Arthur: Oh, I'm good, I'm good. So, where's my old pal Max?

Natalie: It's pretty awful. Max's son died.

Arthur: You're kidding me.

Natalie: No. He had an operation, and he didn't make it.

Arthur: Oh, wow. I've got to send flowers. Where's Max now?

Natalie: I'm not sure.

Arthur: That's really terrible. No wonder you're so down.

Natalie: Yep. But I thought maybe if I practiced a little bit, you know, it would get my mind off of it.

Arthur: Well, it does. It always works. Believe me. And you need to focus. Let's see. Do a triple bank in the side pocket.

Natalie: I don't know. Figuring out these angles --

Arthur: Hey, you said it's going to help you forget this stuff, right? Come on. And here I thought I was going to come in here and hear some good news.

Natalie: I know. Instead, you'll be hearing about Max's son. What good news? About it just the other day, and it turns out we're going to have to postpone our wedding, anyway, so he said why not do it that week. And I filled out the application yesterday, so let me go get it for you.

Arthur: Thank God.

Natalie: What?

Arthur: I said, "That's my girl."


Cristian: Hey, man. Sorry I'm late. I had to cover for Natalie. Jess -- I wish I didn't have to tell you this.

Jessica: About Al.

Cristian: Yeah, he --

Jessica: I know. I know. It's awful. I know.

Cristian: Sorry. I know the two of you were close.

Antonio: Honey, you should be with Al's parents, Marcie. Why don't you go?

Jessica: What I need is to be here with you.

Cristian: Where's Mom?

Antonio: What, are you kidding? She's a mess. I don't want her here.

Jessica: She went by the apartment earlier. She came by to pick up some of Jamie's clothes, and she seemed a little upset, so it's better that she's not here to see this.


Evangeline: This is just a preliminary hearing. You won't be allowed to testify.

R.J.: I do have other business here.

Cristian: What's he up to?

Antonio: I don't know. Whatever it is, it can't be good.

Daniel: Let me know when Judge Shriver is ready to resume. I'll be in my office making some phone calls.

Officer: Sure.

Bo: What do you want to bet he's calling the press?

Jessica: What are we going to do? He made Antonio look like a monster.

Cristian: He's allowed to say all that stuff without any proof?

Antonio: Yeah, well, be glad Mami wasn't here.

Evangeline: Look, Colson had to paint you as an out-of-control maniac. It's his only hope. Antonio, he has nothing but circumstantial evidence. So keep it together, okay?

Antonio: Yeah.

Jessica: He's fine. What are we going too o now?

Evangeline: Well, when we resume testimony, I'm going to refute every word Colson said, every overstatement and every exaggeration.

Jessica: I'll be back in a minute, okay?

Antonio: Yeah.

Jessica: Hi.

Bo: Hey, Jess.

Jessica: I just wanted to come over -- how's Gabrielle?

Bo: Losing Al -- it's hard. But Max is with her right now, and that's a good thing. It helps. But he's hurting just as bad as she is.


Gabrielle: Don't touch that stuff!

Man: Ma'am?

Gabrielle: I don't want you to touch Al's things.

Man: We need this room for other patients.

Gabrielle: I don't want you touching my son's things. How dare they come in here and treat him like he's an object. My son was important to a lot of people! Now he's gone! He had his whole life ahead of him, Max. Didn't he?

Max: I know.

Gabrielle: I can't take it. I can't take this.


Joey: I'll take this to the spare room. Then you can get settled in.

Jen: And I'll make some tea.

Marcie: Oh, no, I can make it.

Jen: No, no. We're taking care of you, remember?

Marcie: Thanks.

[Doorbell rings]

Woman: Mrs. Buchanan, I'm Mrs. Roland. We spoke on the phone earlier.

Marcie: Oh --

Mrs..Roland: Thank you so much for letting me come by. I am so worried about my son. It's -- drugs. I don't know what to do. I just pray Reverend Buchanan can help.

Marcie: I'm sorry, but I'm not Jen. I'm a friend of Mrs. Buchanan’s.

Mrs. Roland: Oh, dear.

Marcie: No, no, it's okay. Why don't you come in, please. Maybe I can help. Joe, this is Mrs. Roland.

Joey: Hi, yeah. Joe. What can I do for you?

Mrs. Roland: Weren't you expecting me?

Joey: No, I'm sorry. Things have been a little --

Jen: Tea's almost ready, Marcie. Oh, I'm sorry.

Mrs. Roland: Are you Mrs. Buchanan?

Jen: Yes.

Mrs. Roland: Didn't you tell your husband about my appointment?

Jen: Mrs. Roland. Oh, my God, I forgot. I'm so sorry. Look, I'm new at this. Hey, why don't you sit down, okay?

[Kettle whistles]

Jen: That's the tea. I got to -- hold on just a second.

Joey: I'm sorry. My wife has a lot on her mind. A good friend of ours just passed away. A very, very good friend of Marcie’s. Please, have a seat. I'm going to help Jen with the tea.

Mrs. Roland: Okay.

Marcie: You know, my boyfriend was on drugs, and I helped him beat his addiction. You can help your son. You came here. That's a great first step.

Mrs. Roland: My son may not want to beat it.

Marcie: Yeah. I had to deal with that, too. Tough love works, though. But you have to believe in him. You can't give up on him.

Mrs. Roland: Oh, I don't want to.

Joey: Here. Some tea, Mrs. Roland.

Mrs. Roland: Thank you.

Joey: Would you like to talk in the study?

Mrs. Roland: Will you come?

Marcie: Well, I --

Joey: I don't know. You seem pretty tired, aren't you?

Marcie: I want to help, Joe. Please?

Joey: Okay, go on. I'll meet you there.

Marcie: Okay. Jen, I'll take the tea.

Jen: Okay. Thanks.

Jen: I can't do anything right.

Joey: Hey, it's no big deal.

Jen: Yeah, right. Marcie just lost Al yesterday, and I couldn't even remember to give you a message. She just knew what to say right off the bat. She just knew what to say.

Joey: Hey, you've been going through a lot. You were worried about Al, too.

Jen: Okay. Well, I'm glad Marcie was here to help that woman. You know what? I just thought of a couple things I need from the drugstore, so I'll see you later.

Joey: Hey -- are you sure you're okay?

Jen: Yeah. I swear. So go be that wonderful minister that I love so much.

Joey: Okay. I love you, too. Hurry back.


R.J.: You know, could you handle the rest of the arrangements for me? I want to stop in to this bail hearing. I mean, everything happens today, right?

Man: Oh, absolutely.

R.J.: Good.

Daniel: The judge granted Vega bail.

R.J.: You said that was not a possibility.

Daniel: I know, I know. It's outrageous, especially after everything you've been through.

R.J.: So, what happened?

Daniel: Well, Williamson pulled off a damn good magic show. But don't worry, Mr. Gannon. I'll get another shot at the next hearing.


Jessica: Talk about a good start.

Cristian: Talk about a great start.

Jessica: We're going to beat this, Antonio.

Evangeline: You know, you're free to go as soon as you post bail.

Jessica: Then let's do it.

Antonio: Well, then, thank you, and I'd like to see Jamie right away.


Nora: Counselor -- nice work.

Evangeline: Thank you.

Nora: No, really. You showed the judge the Antonio that we all know and respect.

Evangeline: Thanks.

Nora: Unlike the man Colson described, who I'd never met before in my life.

Bo: Colson got so carried away he shot himself in the foot. Let's just hope he does the same thing during the election.

Nora: Let's not count on it.

Bo: Well, I'm going to go see Gabrielle.

Nora: Okay, will you do me a favor and give me -- give her my best?

Bo: Yeah. Yeah, I will. Hey, how's Matthew doing?

Nora: He's great.

Bo: You know, I want to take him fishing again before it gets too cold.

Nora: He'd love that.

Bo: I really miss that little guy lately.

Nora: Bo, I can't imagine what Gabrielle’s going through. I mean, losing a son -- I don't even know how she functions.

Bo: Well, she just is. Something like this happens, we don't really have a choice.


Gabrielle: You remember this box. My grandmother's, Graciela's. Al used to love playing with it because she kept all of her sewing things in it. He'd take them all out, put them back in. He would be very happy to know his things are in here.

Max: He was quite a baby.

Gabrielle: Yes, he was -- he was the sweetest, cuddliest baby. You know you have a father? Yes, you do. My sweet little boy, you one, and his name is Max Holden. There's a Spanish saying. They say that you're only given one true blessing in your life. It's your child.

Max: That's what we have to hold on to.

Max: Remember these. Al's post cards from Argentina. He sure loved that trip there, l the things we did. Buenos Aires. Your father's ranch.

Gabrielle: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Max: I think so. Maybe we need to take Al back home to Argentina.

Gabrielle: Maybe we do.


Marcie: I'm glad you came, Mrs. Roland.

Mrs. Roland: You both have given me hope.

Joey: Well, you have my number. Call me and let me know how things are going.

Mrs. Roland: Thank you again.

Marcie: Bye.

Joey: You -- awesome.

Marcie: You know, it felt good to get away from my own problems for a while, help somebody else. Where's Jen?

Joey: Errands.

Marcie: She was so upset when she forgot about Mrs. Roland, I thought she was going to cry.

Joey: I know. She hates when she makes a mistake.

Marcie: Everybody does it. I don't know why she's so hard on herself. She's a really terrific person.

Joey: I keep trying to convince her. She just doesn't want to believe it.

Marcie: Well, you will convince her because you're a terrific person, too.


[Music plays]

Riley: Hear anything about Al's funeral?

Flash: No.

Riley: I miss him.

Rex: You're really going to miss him promoting Midnight :ogic on his radio show.

Flash: Step off, okay?

Rex: I was thinking about this -- this song that you're debuting tonight. Why don't you dedicate it to Al? That'd be a nice thing to do.

Riley: Will you drop it? The song is not going to be ready tonight.

Rex: Music boy, I am trying to be sensitive here, okay? If you don't appreciate it, forget it.


Rex: Looking for Reverend Joe? Try the soup kitchen on Bleeding Heart Lane. You know, I've got a new single on my jukebox. What is it called? Oh, right, right, right. "Trouble in Paradise." It's great.

Jen: My marriage is fine. Joe is just with a parishioner, and I --

Jen: Was bored silly?

Jen: I'm just trying to figure things out, okay? I'm not that great with all kinds of people.

Rex: What you're not great at is being a preacher's wife.

Jen: Hey, there's your hooker girlfriend. Go bother her.

Rex: Well, you know, Karen may not be living the goody-goody life that you are, but trust me; she's not bored out of her skull.

Karen: So, how's the ex?

Jen: How's tricks?

Karen: Full of treats. RC 430 convertible. And I just love that new leather smell.

Jen: I'll bet you do. I need a drink.

Karen: Me, too. So, what's up, Rex?

Rex: Oh, two green apple martinis. Listen, I've got a new friend. He would love to meet you.

Karen: Great. I guess I'll give him a call, then.

Rex: Right on.

Karen: Steve. Hey, it's Karen. Yeah, that friend of Rex’s. New York, huh? Great. How would you like some company tonight?


Arthur: So, what's the problem?

Natalie: I don't know, Rack 'em. I mean, this is just really short notice.

Arthur: Well, you need a quick tune-up. You want to be sharp when you hit Vegas, don't you?

Natalie: Yeah, but Max needs me here.

Arthur: Well, you can get somebody else to work the bar.

Cristian: Why would you need somebody else?

Natalie: Cristian, hey, did Antonio make bail? Is he out?

Cristian: Yeah, he's on his way home right now.

Natalie: Oh, thank God.

Cristian: Hey, how are you doing, Mr. Ross?

Arthur: Oh, I'm great, now that Natalie agreed to do Vegas.

Cristian: What's with the papers?

Natalie: Well, I signed up for the Vegas tournament, and Rack 'em wants me to do this quick contest out in Philly.

Arthur: Yeah, it's just an overnight thing, you know, so she can get tuned up. If she wins, a cool thousand.

Cristian: How do you still know about all these things, all these contests all over the country? I thought you retired from pool.

Arthur: Well, I did, but like I told Natalie, I got hired by this company that does these tournaments. It's a way to promote the pool tables, you know?

Cristian: Yeah, but why Natalie?

Arthur: Well, I remembered her, and we always need talent. So what do you say? A trip to Philly?

Natalie: Should I?

Cristian: Well, what's the entrance fee?

Arthur: Well, no problem. I got it covered.

Cristian: Why would you do that?

Arthur: Well, because Natalie's a last-minute replacement, and the company's real glad to have somebody fill the slot, and she's going to use our name on her equipment.

Cristian: Your call.

Natalie: All right.

Arthur: Terrific, great. I'm going to go call and tell them you're in.

Cristian: What was that for?

Natalie: For always standing by me.

Cristian: You sure this guy's cool?

Natalie: Yeah, why wouldn't he be? I mean, Max knows him, remember?

Cristian: Right. Yeah, I guess.


Arthur: Yeah, great news, Mr. Flynn. The redhead's set for Vegas. Yep. And I got her to do the Philly thing, too. Yeah. But listen, Mr. Flynn, I really mean this -- they're suspicious, especially the boyfriend. Yeah, I'm not good at this stuff, you know. I'm not that smooth, you know. Yeah, well, I really think you need to send Johnny McBain out here to take over.


Antonio: Ah, what a day.

Jessica: Glad to be home?

Antonio: Yes. I can't wait to see my daughter.

Jessica: Well, Carlotta’s going to be here very soon. But in the meantime, I have some soda or some cold beer in the fridge.

Antonio: No, no, no, no, no. I don't want you waiting on me. You've done too much already.

Jessica: Well, that's what you do for people that you love.

Antonio: You know, at least one good thing came out of this whole thing.

Jessica: What?

Antonio: You.

Jessica: I'll always, always be with you.

Jessica: It's so good to kiss you with no bars in between us.

Antonio: You're telling me.

[Knock on door]

Antonio: Will you hold that for me?

Jessica: Yes, I will.

Antonio: Ah, there she is.

Carlotta: Papa.

Antonio: Hi. Hi. Boy, did I miss you. Oh, my God.

Jessica: It's good to see him smiling and out of jail.

Carlotta: Everything went all right?

Jessica: Yeah. That Daniel Colson creep was trying to stop his bail.

Carlotta: I would have told him a thing or two.

Antonio: Mami, no. It's better that you weren't there. Everything's going to work out. I'm not going to be convicted again, not this time. I promise. That's why every second is so precious. Because you never know what's going to happen next.


[Music plays]

Riley: He's so obvious. "Why don't you dedicate it to Al?" He just wants the song.

Flash: Yeah, kind of clueless, wasn't it? But I got to say, I kind of like the idea.

Riley: For real?

Flash: Yeah. The song could be like a tribute to Al, like we could dedicate it to him or something, like Rex said.

Riley: Then Rex wins.

Flash: I just want something good for Al. Come on. What do you say, music boy?

Riley: Go for it.


Jen: Why was she so happy to see him?

Rex: What do you expect her to do, cry? That would not be very good for business.

Jen: And you set all that up?

Rex: Well, I help out where I can. I know people who want to meet people, who need people. Both sides are always very generous to me for making introductions. Nobody gets hurt.

Jen: Rex, you're a pimp.

Rex: Whatever. You seem very interested in all of this. I have a couple extra phone numbers.

Jen: You are so disgusting.

Rex: Oh, right. Yeah, I remember. You're a minister's wife. Maybe next time.


Man: Are you done with the room?

Max: Yes, thank you for asking.

Gabrielle: Could you please forgive my behavior before? Thank you.

Max: It's okay, it's okay. I'm here. I'm here.

Gabrielle: Oh.

Bo: I tried to get here sooner.

Gabrielle: Oh, Bo. It's okay. I'll be okay.

Bo: Are you ready to go home?

Gabrielle: Oh, yeah.

Bo: There's -- there's going to be a lot that you have to do now. There's going to be decisions. And I want you to know I'm here, okay? I'm here for both of you.

Max: Bo, we have managed to make one decision. We're going to take Al's body back home to Argentina.


Joey: Thanks, yeah. Tell me if you need anything. Thanks, Andrew. Did you get what you need?

Jen: That and more. Where's Marcie?

Joey: She was beat. She headed up to bed.

Jen: Maybe we should do the same thing.

Joey: Not that I'm against the idea, but what's going on?

Jen: Since I can't make it as a good wife, I thought maybe I could be a bad one. I'll be as bad as you want me to be.

Joey: You know, I really have to work on my sermon.

Joey: I guess it can wait a little while.


[Music plays]

Flash: You're right. You're right. We're never going to finish the song in time.

Riley: Rex is a moron. Do not feel pressure because -- it's Al. Hey, everybody's hurting. If you want to cry, cry.

Flash: It just hit me, you know? No matter who you are, no matter who you're with, it's like you die alone. And when you're alive, you just should be with your family.

Riley: Yeah.

Flash: I know I'm not making any sense because I don't have a family.

Riley: That's because you cut yourself off from them, right?

[Phone rings]

Riley: Talk to me. Hey, Sheyne, what's up? What? Okay, thanks, man. "Flash of Light," number 98 on the national charts.

Flash: No way. Really?

Riley: Way. We're making it happen!

Flash: You got that right.

Riley: What's the matter?

Flash: Nothing, nothing. It's just the family thing, you know. It's like I got this great news. I can't call my brother because he's overseas, and I can't call my dad because he's overseas, too. Nobody knows where Tina is, and not that I'd want to talk to her anyway. She's just like your dad.

Riley: Hey, Flash, he's still my father. Yeah, he has a lot of things wrong, but he's still my dad.


Daniel: Good evening. Is it possible to get a drink before you guys close? Scotch, single malt. Lousy day, good liquor. The only way to unwind. Thank you.

Cristian: I can't believe this guy said all those things about my brother in court today.

Natalie: Look, Antonio is free. Now he can be with Jessica and the baby, and that's all that matters.


Antonio: What are you doing here, R.J.?

R.J.: The question is what are you doing here and not in jail?

Antonio: What do you want, Gannon?

R.J.: I want my granddaughter. I have a court order signed today that gives me guardianship.

Antonio: No.

R.J.: It's in a letter from Keri.

Antonio: You are not taking my daughter!

R.J.: I have custody.

Officer: Look, Antonio, I'm really sorry that we have to do this.

Antonio: Then don't do this.

Officer: I have to enforce the order. Don't make this difficult.

R.J.: No, please, Vega, make it difficult. Make it so difficult that they revoke your bail.

Officer: Mr. Gannon, let me handle this.

Jessica: We'll call Mr. McGovern. We'll get that court order overturned. Just give her to them, okay?

Officer: Mr. Vega, where's Jamie? Where is she?

Antonio: I'll -- I'll get her.

Antonio: It's okay. Everything's going to be all right.

Jessica: Listen, it'll be okay. We'll get Jamie back, okay? It'll be okay.

R.J.: Come on.

[Jamie cries]

R.J.: It's okay, baby. Let's get you home.

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