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Flash: They said Al just went into shock and there was nothing that they could do.

Bo: I know, Honey. Max told me. Al is --

Riley: They took him, his body, just a little while ago.

Bo: Has anybody seen Max?

Riley: I think he's with Al's mother.

Bo: Oh, God. Does Gabrielle even know?


Gabrielle: Max.

Max: Hi.

Gabrielle: Big truck. Very fast.

Max: Yeah.

Gabrielle: How's Al?

Max: He's -- he's fine. He's doing great for now. Just sleep.

Gabrielle: Okay.


Antonio: What makes you think for a second I'd allow you to represent me? I'm accused of murdering R.J.'s daughter.

Evangeline: And R.J. Is convinced that's what happened.

Antonio: Aren't you R.J.'s lover?

Evangeline: R.J. and I are not seeing each other. Look, let me at least make my offer. Antonio, I'm a defense attorney. You've been around both sides of the law long enough to know that everyone, anyone is entitled to a strong defense regardless of guilt.

Antonio: Oh, that makes me feel a hell of a lot better.

Evangeline: More to the point, I honestly believe you're not guilty. Now, that is not a prerequisite in my job, so in this case I feel even more strongly that you deserve the best defense attorney that you can get.

Antonio: And that would be you?

Evangeline: I haven't lost a criminal case since I graduated top of my class at Stanford Law, and believe me, I've had some tough ones. Now, D.A. Colson thinks he is the toughest dog in the yard and thatís his weakness. I can take him -- that is, of course, unless you think you can get somebody better, in which case by all means go with them.

Jessica: Antonio?

Antonio: Talk to me about the case.

Evangeline: R.J. is in unspeakable pain, so he's lashing out at the person that he hates most, and that's you. He willl be a powerful witness, but he has credibility problems.

Antonio: What about the evidence?

Evangeline: It's good and bad. The direct physical evidence that places you at the scene of the crime is strong, but the rest is circumstantial.

Antonio: I never denied being there. I just deny pushing Keri off the balcony.

Evangeline: All I need is a reasonable doubt. We can do this.

Antonio: I don't know.

Antonio: I'm going to have to think about it.

Evangeline: Unfortunately, you don't have time to think, Antonio. Your bail hearing is tomorrow. If you want me to take this case -- and I do want to -- I have to get to work tonight.

Antonio: Okay. You got yourself a client.


Blair: Kevin, you brought it up.

Kevin: Well, I shouldn't have, okay? You were pushing me and it's painful enough to think about, let alone talk about.

Blair: Look, if Kelly had an affair, then I'd totally understand --

Kevin: I told you -- look, what did I just say? I don't want to talk about it.

Blair: But, Kevin, you need to talk about it.

Kevin: Okay, listen to me --

Blair: What?

Kevin: I don't want to talk about it here.

Blair: I think you need to.

Gov. Brooks: I was expecting your lovely wife --

Kevin: Hey.

Gov. Brooks: But I see it's the editor of "The Sun." Hello, Ms. Cramer.

Blair: How are you --

Gov. Brooks: Fine.

Blair: Governor Brooks?

Gov. Brooks: Nice colors.

Blair: Thank you very much.

Gov. Brooks: Kevin, good to see you.

Kevin: You, too, Sir.

Blair: So, you two, is it true that there's a big shakeup at the capital? Is that why you two are meeting here?

Gov. Brooks: No big story here. It's just that the Lieutenant Governor and I just are taking advantage of this opportunity to talk about some fundraising next month.

Blair: Oh.

Kevin: Which I would think you might have guessed.

Blair: Oh, oh, oh, I never try to guess when it comes to top-secret political meetings.

Man: Lieutenant Governor, would you mind putting your arm around your wife?


David: Fine, I will make an exception and I will apologize. I am sorry that I kissed you. No, I'm not! I'm not. It was a -- it was a sincere and spontaneous gesture. It was ill-advised, maybe, but it was not calculated.

Kelly: David, I don't want your justifications. What I want is for you to go.

David: Well, what is this nefarious plot that you think Dorian and I are trying to hatch together? What exactly is that?

Kelly: Why don't you tell me?

David: You think that Dorian has put me up to spending time with you?

Kelly: Yes.

David: The only connection that Dorian has to any of this is that I wanted your help winning her over, but while I was doing that, I was falling for you.

Kelly: Oh, please, David.

David: It's the truth.

Kelly: No sale. Dorian can't stand that I married Kevin. In fact, she can't stand Kevin, period. And she's worried that when I get pregnant, something horrible is going to happen to me, so she'll do anything, even use a con man like you to break up my marriage.

David: Look, I am not a -- this is not a con. Everything that I've said and done tonight is -- what do you mean something horrible could happen to you if you get pregnant?


Kevin: Ahem. Excuse me. That woman is the publisher and the editor of "The Sun." She's not my wife. I'd rather you didn't print something based on erroneous information. She's here on a job, just like you.

Man: That's real interesting. I'll be sure to tell my editor.

Blair: Kevin, are you worried about some bad publicity?

Kevin: You know what? I'm just trying to stop it before it happens.

Blair: Works for me.

Kevin: So, are we clear on what we talked about, you know?

Blair: Did we talk about something? I don't remember.

Kevin: Okay, okay, good. Just forget I said anything, okay? I was under duress.

Blair: Tell you what -- I will forget it for now, but I cannot promise you that my memory might suddenly come back very soon.

Kevin: Gee, thank I have to go to my meeting.

Blair: Okay. Ow! Walker, what -- did you follow me here?

Todd: Well, you couldn't come to dinner, so dinner came to you.

Blair: You!


David: Are you in some danger if you get pregnant?

Kelly: Let yourself out. And don't steal anything.

David: Now, you hold on a minute. Hold up. Look, I will drop this, I promise, but I got to ask you one question.

Kelly: What? What?

David: How much do you laugh when you're with Kevin?

Kelly: What?

David: I'm serious. You and I -- we seem to laugh a lot together. I mean, not necessarily right now, but usually we do. So what I'm asking you -- is it the same with your husband?


Rex: See? You just can't stay away from me.

Jen: Uh-huh.

Rex: Why do you come here? Because you miss the action? The thrill? The fun? Me?

Jen: Right. Actually, I like this club, and Joe said I should go out while he's working.

Rex: Out here? I don't think so. It just seems a little weird that your husband would tell you to go hang out alone at a bar that your ex-husband owns when there are half a dozen other bars within walking distance of the church.

Jen: I like the vibe. No, and not from you. >From the crowd. I like the crowd, okay? And anyway, I'm not alone. I'm with -- where'd they go?

Rex: Who? Your imaginary friends?

Jen: No, Flash and Riley and Marcieís brother Ron.

Rex: Oh, I heard them say something about an emergency at the hospital. They took off.

Jen: Oh, God. Al.

Roxy: Hey, who put the wasp under her muumuu?

Rex: Under her what?

Roxy: Muumuu! What, did you say something stupid to her? She left here like her dungarees were on fire.

Rex: No, I just told her the truth.

Roxy: The truth? You told her the truth? About what?

Rex: Something that she's been trying to deny for a long time. But she'll come around. It's just a matter of time.

Nora: Thank you. Okay, you can see him. I'll take you down.


Carlotta: Thank you, Nora.

Nora: Here, let me walk you.

Carlotta: Have you seen him?

Jessica: Yes, yes. Carlotta, he's fine. He's fine.

Carlotta: Oh, what is he doing here? What are you doing here? Are you here to harass my son? Look, let me tell you, whatever happened to Keri, I'm sure that R.J. is doing everything he can to make Antonio look guilty.

Evangeline: Mrs. Vega, I'm going to be defending Antonio.

Nora: Excuse me?

Carlotta: No, you canít.

Jessica: It's okay.

Carlotta: How can you and Antonio be so foolish as to let her defend him?

Nora: Actually, Carlotta, if Evangeline wants to represent Antonio, it's because she thinks that she can win his case. Evangeline hates to lose.

Evangeline: Mrs. Vega, I believe I can put on an excellent defense for Antonio. I'm going to do my best for him --

Carlotta: You run with R.J.

Evangeline: No, not anymore. I'm working with Antonio. And we can beat the charges against him because he's innocent.

Carlotta: I know he's innocent! I know better than anyone.

Evangeline: Yes, Mrs. Vega, I realize that. So if you have any information pertinent to his defense, you can help me.

Carlotta: Take me to see my son.

Jessica: She'll be okay once she sees Antonio.

Evangeline: I'm going to see you tomorrow after the bail hearing, okay?

Jessica: Okay. Are you sure that you can do this?

Evangeline: I couldn't do anything but this, Jessica. I'm not here out of some ploy of R.J.'s to get back at Antonio. No, I'm -- I'm here out of my own sense of justice.

Jessica: Okay. Well, then I'll see you tomorrow, Ms. Williamson.

Evangeline: Evangeline.

Jessica: Evangeline.

Evangeline: Get some rest, Jessica, and Antonio is going to be just fine.

Jessica: Marcie.

Evangeline: Hi, Marcie.

Jessica: Hey. Shouldn't you be at the hospital with Al? How -- Marcie, how is he?


Blair: This is absolutely spectacular! Look at all of --

Todd: It's not cassoulet, but the security guard at the airport wouldn't let me take duck on the plane.

Blair: Well, this is absolutely wonderful. Oh, my gosh. You want some grapes? And look at this -- champagne makes it perfect. Here you go.

Todd: So, you and Kevin seemed pretty intense earlier. What were you guys talking about?

Blair: Earlier?

Todd: Yeah, I was lurking right over there.

Blair: You were watching me?

Todd: I wanted to find a time to surprise you. So what was going on?

Blair: Actually, I was just talking to Kevin about his marriage.

Todd: Why?

Blair: Just worried about Kelly.

Todd: No, you're not. The truth is you and Kelly have never got along, ever.

Blair: And how do you know that, Walker?

Todd: I'm a quick study. No, this isn't about Kelly. It's about Kevin.

Blair: What do you mean?

Todd: Blair, you could have sent some rookie stringer to come cover this non-story. You could have sent some journalism school intern. But you, the editor of "The Sun," came all the way to Harrisburg because of Kevin.

Blair: I just want my hand in it.

Todd: I don't think so.

Blair: What is -- is there a question in here somewhere for me, Walker?

Todd: Yeah.

Blair: What's this about?

Todd: I thought I asked it. What are you doing here?


[Phone rings]

David: Hello, Kevin. Hello?

Kevin: Hello. Who is this?

David: Oh, Kevin, hi. It's nice to hear your voice.

Kevin: Vickers? What -- what are you doing answering Kellyís phone? Where's my wife?

Dad: Kelly's not available right now. Is there anything I could do for you?

Kevin: Yeah -- stay the hell away from her!


Max: I just couldn't tell her.

Bo: I don't know how to tell her, either, Max, but I will if you want me to.

Max: No. She should hear it from me.

Bo: Yeah.

Max: I just -- I just can't think of the words. There just aren't any words. Do I tell her quick or do I break it to her slow?

Bo: Well, you'll know what to say when you're talking to her. There's probably not any right or any wrong way. You just Ė you got to --

Max: I just -- I just don't know how to get ahold of this. My son is gone, Bo.


Jessica: Marcie, what about Al?

Nora: Hey. Come here. Al is dead.

Jessica: Marcie, wait. What -- where are you going? I'm so sorry about what happened. I'm so sorry.


Carlotta: I have to do something to stop this. I won't let this happen to you.

Antonio: Mami -- Mami, there's nothing you can do. Please, try not to upset yourself.

Carlotta: There is something I can do. I can tell them the truth.

Carlotta: I will tell them how I went to Keriís room when you were still there and how you and I left together, and that Keri was still alive when we left --

Antonio: Mami --

Carlotta: And that you spent the rest of the night at the diner.

Antonio: No. No, you canít. I won't let you lie.

Carlotta: And I don't want to lie, but you need an alibi.

Antonio: Mami, I am grateful that you would make such an offer. But I am not going to allow you to go to jail for perjury.

Carlotta: But how can you be so sure everything's going to be okay?

Antonio: Because I know what it takes to convict a guilty man of murder, and they have nowhere near enough evidence against me.

Carlotta: But you can't be sure.

Antonio: I'm sure. Nothing is going to happen to me.

[Carlotta cries]


Blair: You're right. And that is becoming a very annoying habit. I did follow Kevin down here. And I haven't exactly been honest with myself about my feelings.

Todd: Your feelings for him?

Blair: No. I think I like how I feel when I'm with you.

Todd: And is that a problem?

Blair: Yes.

Todd: Why?

Blair: Yes, yes, it's a problem because I'm -- it scares me. I'm scared to death of how that feels.

Todd: Feeling good around me?

Blair: Yes. And the flirting -- the flirting with Kevin -- and I swear to you that is all that it is -- I think it's just my way of -- of actually avoiding feeling scared when I'm with you.

Todd: So, this -- this way I make you feel --

Blair: What?

Todd: How -- how scared are you?

Blair: Really scared. Monsters-under-the-bed kind of scared.

Todd: Why?

Blair: Because I feel myself opening up to you.

Todd: But?

Blair: I -- I don't have a patient heart, okay? And then my head, it says it's just way, way, way not ready for this.


Kevin: Hi.

Gov. Brooks: So, the fundraiser's all set. We had to take a table of C.E.O.s out just to get the union heads to show up.

Kevin: That's great, that's great. I'll tell my grandfather and his big guns will make sure to show up.

Gov. Brooks: Oh, excellent. Thank him in advance, will you?

Kevin: You bet.

Gov. Brooks: Kevin --

Kevin: Yeah?

Gov. Brooks: What's the situation with you and Ms. Cramer?

Kevin: There's no situation.

Gov. Brooks: See, because to me, it looks like there's a situation.

Kevin: There's not.

Gov. Brooks: I hope not.

Kevin: Look, trust me, Governor, there's no problem here whatsoever.

Gov. Brooks: Good. Okay, good seeing you.

Kevin: Okay. You, too. Thing of the past, I'll tell you that.


David's voice: "Kelly, I'm going to Ultraviolet. I'll be there a while, if you're bored and lonely and want a few laughs. David."

David: Double vodka. Twice. And maybe a towel with some disinfectant.


Rex: What about the -- the Hair Haven? Don't you make enough there to stop hitting me up?

Roxy: Hey, baby doll, I got major expenses. That's the way it is with an entremanure such as myself, so I'll make you a square deal, okay? I'll give you real good advice, and you'll give me real good cash.

Rex: Here's one. I will pay you to not give me advice. Name your price.

Roxy: No deal.

Rex: Hey, hey, hey!

Roxy: Hey, hey! I'm your mother. And, you know, as your mother, I got your best interests at heart.

Rex: La, la, la

Roxy: Hey, hey! Hey, stop it!

Rex: La, la, la

Roxy: Okay? All right. Now, listen. You know, you try and seduce the minister's wife, it's going to put the rat of God on your head.

Rex: Wrath, Rox! It's wrath, okay, and I am not trying to seduce her. I don't need to try. When I want, I get. Jen knows that it was a mistake marrying Joe, and I'm just trying to help her recognize it.

Roxy: Oh, really? So what's the deal between the two of you? Because that girl ain't nothing but trouble. And I know, Honey, because I ain't nothing but trouble.

Rex: Tell me about it. And once again, you have completely missed the point. Jen was my wife first. Joe's the bad guy here. I know that she's trouble. It's what I love about her. It's what I love about her, not what I love about you. It's why we belong together.


Jen: How could he die so fast? I mean, he was fine, and then --

Flash: They say that happens sometimes after an organ transplant.

Ron: Hey, I checked the cafeteria, the parking lot, the chapel. I can't find her anywhere.

Jen: Marcie?

Ron: Yeah, she just took off.

Jen: We've got to find her. Come on.

Flash: Come on.

Jen: Where haven't you checked?

Ron: I don't know. Maybe we should go Ė


Bo: Max, nothing I say to you is going to help. And it may not even make any sense, but it'll matter in the next weeks and months. It's bad now, but it's going to get worse.

Max: I keep remembering when Luna was gone, just like that. Just like this.

Bo: Yeah. Yeah, it's the same thing. But you get through it.

Max: I guess.

Bo: You do. You do eventually. The pain will ease up, but it's the missing part.

Max: No. That's never going away.

Bo: No. And that even gets worse. And there's people tell you that it'll get better, but they're talking about somebody who had a long, full life.

Max: Al's whole life was ahead of him.

Bo: Yeah. It's the same way for me with Drew. Drew's not with me every day now. All we have is the loss and the grief. But you learn to live with it.

Max: God, I hope so. Because this is killing me.

Jessica: I'm so sorry. I just heard.

Max: I can't believe it.

Jessica: How's Gabrielle?

Max: She's -- she's still pretty knocked out from the surgery. She'll probably just sleep through tonight.

Jessica: Does she know?

Max: I couldn't bring myself to tell her.


Gabrielle: Al!


Nora: Carlotta, Antonio, it's time.

Antonio: You see? They're throwing me out already.

Carlotta: Don't make jokes, Antonio.

Nora: I'm sorry.

Carlotta: Nora, my son is innocent. I know because I --

Antonio: Mami -- everything's going to work out. Please don't make me worry about you.

Carlotta: Nora, you and Bo believe antonio, don't you?

Antonio: Mami, please --

Carlotta: You know he could never do this thing.

Nora: Carlotta, it's okay. I'm prosecuting the case, which means Antonioís going to get a fair trial because there won't be any errors in paperwork. There won't be any technicalities that complicate things, and there won't be any underhanded strategies by the prosecution.

Antonio: Bendicion, mami.

Carlotta: Que dios te bendiga y te protege.

Antonio: Thanks for helping my mother.

Nora: I don't think I did.

Antonio: Well, thanks for trying.

Nora: Yeah. You look tired. Get some rest, okay?

Antonio: Yeah.

Nora: Do you need anything?

Antonio: No, no, I'm fine. Actually, if -- if Jessica comes back, will you let her down to see me?

Nora: I'll do my best.


Rex: Ahem. About time. Listen, I am sorry about Holden. Really, I am. But you've got a job to do.

Flash: Yeah, you're a real humanitarian.

Rex: Hey, I got my job; you got yours.

Riley: This is for a great friend, a great soul who didn't have a lot of time, but who found a way to do a world of good deeds. He was that voice of the night saying you're not alone.


Jen: Nora, have you seen Marcie?

Nora: Hi.

Jen: I'm sorry, this is her brother, Ron --

Ron: Hi.

Nora: Hi, Ron.

Ron: Nice to meet you.

Nora: Nora Buchanan. Yes, she was here.

Ron: She was? Was she okay?

Nora: No, she wasnít. She just sat down on the computer and looked up something.

Jen: You just let her leave?

Nora: Well, there was really no stopping her.

Ron: Look, would it be okay if I --

Nora: I know nothing.

Ron: I don't even know what I'm looking for, but here we go.

Jen: Oh wait. I know this address. Why would Marcie go there now?


Marcie: You can do this, Marcie. They can't hurt you now.

Marcie: This is for Al.

[Hip-hop music]

Deke: What do you want?

Marcie: It would have been kinder if you'd just put a gun to his head.

Deke: What the hell are you talking about?

Marcie: Al. It's your fault.

Deke: What?

Marcie: He's dead, and you killed him.


Antonio: I'm sorry about Al. I know he meant a lot to you.

Jessica: Yeah, I'm just, you know, trying to make sense out of this. And I know sometimes things don't always make sense, but I'm just trying to find some logic in it, you know?

Antonio: I know the feeling.

Jessica: You look so tired.

Antonio: Yeah. Yeah, Nora said the same thing. Maybe I could get some sleep if you were next to me.

Jessica: Well, listen, when you lie down on that cot, I will be next to you. And I'll lay behind you and I'll put my arms around you so I can feel you breathing. And then I'll wait till it gets really slow and peaceful, and then I'll fall asleep.

Antonio: I'll think about that tonight, and you do the same. One thing I do know is I couldn't get through this -- I couldn't get through this without you.


R.J.: The arraignment and the bail hearing are tomorrow. No, it's a done deal. That's why I need you to start working tonight. I need Jamie back with me. Look, I'll call you back, all right?

Evangeline: How you doing?

R.J.: I'm doing.

Evangeline: Do you need anything?

R.J.: Well, I need my daughter back alive. I need my granddaughter with me. And I need Antonio Vega to spontaneous combust. What do you need?

Evangeline: I'm going to represent Antonio.

R.J.: Then why are you talking to me? We -- we have nothing else to say.


Todd: It must be so difficult for you to hide your feelings like this.

Blair: It is.

Todd: You've been put through the wringer.

Blair: Come on, no more than anybody else. Sometimes I just think I don't heal as quickly.

Todd: Blair, this thing with Kevin --

Blair: This thing with Kevin -- it's a game, Walker, because it's easier for me to lead him than it is for me to have my heart drag me to some place that I want to go.

Todd: But going ahead when you're scared isn't always such a bad thing.

Blair: That might be easy for you to say, but I'm scared to death.

Todd: Blair, fear -- what's that -- that saying? "Fear -- it only tells you where you are, what you need to look out for, but it doesn't tell you you have to hide in your house and lock the doors."

Todd: What do you say you and I take a big leap together?

Blair: What kind of leap are you talking about here, Walker?

Todd: Marry me.

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