One Life to Live Transcript Friday 9/19/03

By Suzanne
Proofread by Melissa Dann

Todd: How was --

Todd: "Walker, off to Harrisburg. Big story. Can I get a rain check on dinner? Call you. Love, Blair." Love, Blair. Love, Blair. Love, Blair.


Kevin: You can go ahead and bring the car around. I知 almost ready. No, we're using my grandfather's jet, so we'll be going to the private gate. All right.

Kelly: Hey.

Kevin: Hey, did you come to see me off?

Kelly: You're not going anywhere just yet.

Kevin: Something wrong?

Kelly: Did you tell Cristian Vega to babysit me?

Kevin: What makes you think that?

Kelly: Cristian said you did.


[Rex whistles]

R.J.: Oh, stop it! Would you be quiet!

Rex: Sorry. Didn't see you sitting there. Hey, I知 sorry about your daughter. For what it's worth, I told the cops everything about how Antonio threatened Keri that night.

R.J.: What did you just say?


Antonio: Looks like she's down for the night.

Jessica: You're so good with her.

Antonio: Well, I have to be, especially now. She doesn't even know her mommy's gone. If Keri killed herself --

Jessica: You didn't cause it, Antonio.

Antonio: No more!

Jessica: Are you OK?

Antonio: Yeah. Yeah, I値l be all right.

[Knock on door]

Jessica: I値l get it. Hi.

Natalie: Jess, you're back.

Jessica: Yeah.

Natalie: Um --

Jessica: Come in.

Natalie: Antonio, I知 so sorry about all this.

Antonio: Yeah. Thanks.

Natalie: Jess, I have been trying to call you for, like, ever.

Jessica: Yeah, you and everybody else. I need to get a new battery for my cell phone. Sorry.

Natalie: Well, look, I came over here to Antonio to see if he could get a hold of you because -- I mean, I know all of this business is bad, but I -- I have some more bad news.

Jessica: What?

Natalie: It's Al. He's in the hospital, and it's -- it's serious.


Al: Hey, Dad, Marcie.

Max: Hey, son.

Marcie: How are you feeling?

Al: I知 -- I知 OK. Mom -- is she OK?

Max: She's still in O.R., but she should be fine.

Al: So, the transplant -- it worked?

Marcie: What do you think? You made it, Al.

Al: We made it.

Daniel: Commissioner.

Bo: Thank you.

Daniel: Listen, I know this is a tough time, but, like I said, right now we have enough to charge Vega on Keri Reynolds. The question is when do we do it.

Bo: Well, you're right. This is a tough time. And right now I知 thinking about Gabrielle and nothing else. Everything else can just wait.

Daniel: No. No, it can't. The press will get a hold of it, and I can just see the headline -- "Commissioner Goes Soft on Former Cop."

Bo: Let me ask you something, Daniel. Are you more worried about me or the upcoming election?

Bo: Oh, Larry, Larry. When can I see my beautiful fiancee?

Larry: Bo, there's been a complication.


Marcie: It meant so much to Al to have you guys here -- and the sign.

Joey: That was your brother's idea.

Ron: Yeah, we -- well, I know how much Al means to you.

Marcie: Yeah. I知 really happy that he made it.

Joey: Yeah.

[Pager beeps]

Joey: That's St. James. Someone paged me. I got to go.

Marcie: Bye. Thank you.

Jen: Bye.

Marcie: So, you know what? I think none of us should really stick around. He needs his rest.

Ron: Yeah, yeah. No problem. Let me just go say goodbye to the big guy first, OK?

Jen: Hey, Flash said Midnight Logic's going to play a special song for Al at Ultra Violet. Want to come?

Marcie: No, I want to stay here with him. God, Jen, I was so scared. I壇 been holding it in for such a long time. I didn't want him to see me like this, but I知 really scared.

Jen: There's no one braver than you, and he made it. He's going to be fine. Al's going to be fine. Everything's --

Marcie: I can't lose him.

Jen: You're not going to.

Marcie: I couldn't love anybody but Al.

Jen: You're not going to have to. They said he's going to be fine, right?

Marcie: Right. He made it.


Ron: It's good to see you again, buddy.

Al: Yeah, likewise.

Ron: My sister's really happy. I don't know why, but she loves you.

Al: Yeah. I don't know why, either.

Ron: She loves you a lot, man.

Al: I love her, too.

Ron: I want you to make her happy for the next, oh, 75 years. You think you can do that for me?

Al: Yeah, I think I could pull it off.

Ron: Feel better, buddy. OK?

Al: Yeah.

Ron: Well, he's not going anywhere, that's for sure.

Marcie: Well, that makes me really happy to hear that. Thank you both for everything.

Jen: OK.

Ron: Sure.

Jen: See you later. Get some rest.

Marcie: I will.

Ron: Yeah. OK. See you, sis.

Max: Everybody's asking about these pins. You've got a lot of fans.

Al: I know. Can you believe it?

Max: What, that my son is the hottest new D.J. around? Why not? You know, you better get back on the job, or there's going to be a riot. How are you doing?

Al: I知 OK. How's Mom?

Max: She's OK. She's fine. You need to think about getting better yourself, OK?

Al: You're sure she's OK, right?

Max: Will you stop worrying? That is her job. Don't mess with it.

Al: I still can't believe what she did for me.

Max: She loves you more than anyone else in this world. You're her favorite guy. But don't push your luck, OK?

Al: No, I got a second chance. I知 not going to blow it.

Max: Yeah. Me, either.

Al: You?

Max: Al, you gave me another chance to be your father. And thank you. I知 not sure I deserved it.

Al: Dad --

Max: I -- whew, I messed around for far too many years chasing after the wrong thing. Somehow, you figured it out a lot younger than I did. Listen, you got quite a future ahead of you, kiddo. You know, Llanview U. Law school is still holding a place for you next semester.

Al: Because of Marcie. I never would have made it if it wasn't for her.

Max: Yeah. Marcie has been nothing short of incredible.

Al: Is she OK?

Max: She's strong, Al, just like you. So all you have to think about is just getting stronger, all right?

[Door opens]

Al: Yeah.

Marcie: You should see all the flowers they have for you at the front desk.

Al: It's unbelievable.

Marcie: Why? Don't you know how many people care about you?

Max: You know, your mom should be in recovery by now. Let me go check on her, all right?

Al: Dad?

Max: Hmm?

Al: Tell her I love her.

Max: As if she doesn't know.

Marcie: Do you need anything?

Al: No. Just you.

Marcie: I don't really know if I知 any good to you. I was so scared when you were in surgery. I知 still a little shaky.

Al: Marcie --

Marcie: Yes?

Al: You got me through this.

Marcie: I知 going to take really good care of you so that you can get better really fast, and then you're going to come home with me, remember?

Al: I changed my mind.

Marcie: You don't want to stay with me?

Al: No. I don't want to stay with you. I want to live with you.


Jessica: Al's -- he's out of surgery. They said that he's all right so far.

Natalie: That's great.

Jessica: Yeah.

Antonio: So, honey, what are you waiting for? Go see him.

Jessica: Well, they said he'd be OK --

Antonio: He's your best friend. You know you want to go. Go. Give Al my best.

Jessica: OK, but I値l be right back, OK?

Natalie: Bye.

Jessica: Bye.

Antonio: It's OK. It's OK. Here you go.

Natalie: Need any help?

Antonio: No, thank you. I think I知 going to have to learn how to take care of her all by myself.


Rex: I was at the Palace the other night when Keri -- you know.

R.J.: What happened?

Rex: Well, I heard Antonio and Keri arguing. I was coming down the hall when I heard Antonio say, "you'll regret it."

R.J.: And you didn't stop in and see if she was OK?

Rex: I didn't think it was that big of a deal, you know. Like somebody would be dead.

R.J.: Maybe she wouldn't if you'd have done something.

Rex: I知 sorry. I just figured, you know, it was personal.

R.J.: Yeah, yeah, yeah, you're sorry.

Rex: I知 trying to help with the police.

R.J.: Well, they are not going to do anything, either.

Rex: Do you think it's such a good idea to get behind a wheel like that, huh?

R.J.: What do you care?

Rex: I care enough not to want to get sued!

Flash: Hey. Did you hear? Al Holden made it through the operation OK.

Rex: Oh, yeah. The liver thing, right. Yeah, look, got to work.

Flash: Can you imagine that, though, giving part of your liver to somebody, taking that kind of a chance?

Riley: She's his mother. I think my mother would do anything for me.

Flash: Wonder if mine would, if anybody even knew where Tina was.

Riley: I bet my dad wouldn't.

Flash: Yeah, like his liver's any good, anyway.


Bo: They can't stop the bleeding?

Larry: They're doing everything they can, Bo.

Max: What's going on?

Larry: Gabrielle. They were trying to -- they were starting to close, and Gabrielle ran into problems.

Max: I thought everything was OK.

Larry: She started to hemorrhage. They had to open her back up. They're looking for the source. She's lost an awful lot of blood.

Max: Is she --

Bo: Larry, tell me that Gabrielle's going to pull through this.

Larry: Bo, I can't tell you anything right now. I知 sorry. I知 going to get back there. I知 sorry.


Ron: Well, thanks for the lift. That's a great car you got there. You drive pretty fast, though.

Jen: Yeah, I know. I like speed.

Ron: Well, your engine idle needs some work. You got a mechanic?

Jen: No, I just got the car. I don't really know.

Ron: Well, I could take a look at it if you'd like. Cars are a big hobby of mine. And, well, I壇 also like to pay you back, sort of.

Jen: Pay me back? For what?

Ron: Listen, Marcie talks about you all the time, how good of a friend you've been to her.

Jen: No, she's the one that's been a good friend to me.

Ron: No, no, no --

Jen: Not that I deserve it.

Ron: No, I've seen you. You've been there for her.

Jen: I want to be. I really do.

Ron: You have been there, seriously been there. Getting her through this whole thing with Al -- Marcie's the best that there is, that's all.

Jen: She sure is.

Ron: So, you headed over to Ultra Violet or what?

Jen: Yeah. I知 going to go tell Flash and Riley the good news about Al and hear the song they're planning to play.

Ron: Yeah, yeah, the band's fantastic. But that guy that owns the place -- what's his name?

Jen: Rex.

Ron: Yeah. Marcie doesn't seem to care for him too much.

Jen: Yeah, that's probably because of me.

Ron: What do you mean?

Jen: We used to be married. Not for very long, thank God. I got to go.

Ron: Wait, wait. To your ex's place -- that -- I mean, isn't that kind of awkward?

Jen: No, not at all.


Kevin: Something just came up. I値l be out in a minute. I thought we discussed this.

Cristian: And I told you how I felt about it.

Kelly: Don't blame Cristian, OK? I caught him shadowing me, and I asked him about it.

Cristian: I wasn't going to lie.

Kelly: I thought he was your assistant, anyway, not my bodyguard.

Kevin: He does what I need him to do, and your life had just been threatened.

Kelly: Even if that were true, you told me that Asa took care of Dawes.

Kevin: The chandelier almost hit you, for -- call me crazy, but I was worried.

Kelly: Then I should go with you.

Kevin: Well, you have the fundraiser and everything --

Kelly: No, I can miss a photo op.

Kevin: The press is going to be there.

Kelly: It's not a big deal.

Kevin: How would that look?

Kelly: Uh-huh. You don't want me to go.

Kevin: Cristian, can I have a minute with my wife, please?

Cristian: Sure. I値l be outside.

Kevin: Look, you know that I would love to be with you every minute. But we have to be careful, especially now that you're trying to get pregnant.

Kelly: I know why you're such a good politician. You are very persuasive.

Kevin: Yeah? Just wait till I get back.

Kelly: You know I love you.

Kevin: Right back at you.

Cristian: Look, Kevin, I知 sorry about this thing --

Kevin: We'll talk about your job when I get back.

Cristian: Yes, sir.

Kelly: Oh!

Asa: You OK, Kelly?

Kelly: Why don't you tell me?


Jen: Hey, guys.

Flash: Hey. I hear Al made it through OK.

Jen: Yeah, he got through the surgery. He's pretty weak, though.

Ron: Yeah, and Marcie said he liked the t-shirt you brought over. Gave him a big smile.

Flash: We're glad we could help.

Riley: You know, we're going to play a song for him tonight if you want to get it on tape, take it back to him.

Ron: Yeah, sure. Let's hear something.

[Riley plays]

Jen: Hey -- it was real nice what you did for Al today.

Flash: Yeah. You, too. I mean, I heard what happened with you guys way back.

Jen: That was a long time ago. Everything's changed.

Flash: I hope so. Joe's my cousin, Jen, so don't mess with him.

Jen: I love Joe. Nothing is going to change that.

Flash: Yeah.


Karen: I thought you said this would be simple. I just had to do my thing with this Dawes guy, and that was it.

Rex: Yeah?

Karen: Well, now I have Walker Laurence and Asa Buchanan harassing me. Who's next?

Rex: Chill, all right?

Karen: OK. I知 an escort. I get paid to make men happy, OK? And I知 definitely not making enough for this grief.

Rex: Will this cover it?

Jen: Who's your friend?


Marcie: The nurse said that you're doing fine.

Al: I heard.

Marcie: Yeah. Hello, you're right here.

Al: You didn't say anything about living with me.

Marcie: That's because the nurse came in, and then I couldn't really --

Al: So, what do you say?

Marcie: You really want me to?

Al: No, Marcie, I just asked hoping you would turn me down. I don't want to live without you.

Marcie: I don't want to live without you, either. I just -- I can't believe that we'd be able to be together all the time.

Al: Yeah, you know, do stuff together, study --

Marcie: Study, right.

Al: Well, what do you think?

Marcie: Living together -- I don't know what to say.

Al: Say yes.

Jessica: Al Holden, if you ever, ever scare me like this again, I知 never going to forgive you.


Max: I don't get it. An hour ago, they said she was fine. This isn't supposed to happen.

Bo: But we knew it could. Gabrielle knew.

Max: She just saved her son's life. She shouldn't have to die for it.

Bo: Right. She did a good thing. She's a good person. This isn't right.


R.J.: Why isn't Antonio Vega behind bars? He killed my daughter. Why are you letting him get away with murder?


Natalie: Shh. I just got Jamie down.

Cristian: Where's Antonio?

Natalie: Diaper run. He -- you know, those babies go through them fast.

Cristian: Hmm. I didn't know you knew so much about them.

Natalie: Well, I did take care of Rex when he was a baby, remember?

Cristian: How's Antonio doing?

Natalie: He's -- he's trying hard -- for Jamie. I know this must be hard on you, too.

Cristian: I知 just not in the mood for anyone's bull.

Natalie: Oh, let me guess -- Kevin?

Cristian: Mm-hmm. It's supposed to be my night off. The guy's in Harrisburg, and he orders me to watch Kelly, who doesn't need or want to be watched.

Natalie: Why don't you tell him?

Cristian: I did, and so did she, but the guy doesn't want to hear it. I tell you, I don't know who's worse, him or your grandfather.


Asa: This should help.

Kelly: I don't want a drink. I want to know why Kevin feels that I need to be watched over day and night. I thought that business with Dawes was over with.

Asa: It is.

Kelly: Then what aren't you telling me?

Asa: Nothing.

Kelly: Nothing. You two -- you two with your heads together all the time, wheeling and dealing. Kevin and I used to be close. We used to tell each other everything. And now -- now I don't like it. Whatever this path is that you are leading him down --

Asa: Me? That boy is leaving me in the dust.

Kelly: Something happen?

Asa: You just worry about you.

Kelly: Well, what is that supposed to mean?

Asa: You don't know? Then you've got a lot more troubles than you think.


Blair: Hey. It's me.

Todd: Hi, there. Harrisburg, huh?

Blair: You got my note.

Todd: Yeah, I got it.

Blair: I知 sorry about tonight.

Todd: Oh, it's all right. We'll do it again. Maybe tomorrow. So, what's this hot story?

Blair: That intern at the senator's office gave me a tip. I値l -- I値l fill you in on it later. I just wanted to call you and say that I missed you.

Todd: Already?

Blair: This is the part where you're supposed to say you miss me, too, Walker.

Todd: Oh, I can do better than that. I love you.

Blair: I -- I値l get this story taken care of because I -- I can't wait to get home.


Jessica: I got you a get well present.

Al: Oh, what is this? Ah, ha, ha.

Jessica: We used to play it when we were kids.

Al: Yeah, I sucked at it.

Jessica: Which is why you're going into law.

Al: Thank you.

Jessica: You want to thank me? You get better. Well, listen, you know, the nurse told me not to stay for too long, so I should go.

Al: Thanks for stopping by.

Jessica: Get better, OK? I don't know what I壇 do without my best friend.

Al: Well, looks like we're never going to have to find out.

Marcie: I was never really good at this, either. I always hated that buzzing sound. It always made me jump. Al, is something wrong? Do you want me to get the nurse for you?

Al: Just -- I知 worried about my mom, you know, and why isn't my dad back yet?

Marcie: Well, he's probably just visiting with her.

Al: Yeah. Yeah, you know, you're probably right.

Marcie: Well, I could go check on her for you if you want me to.

Al: Would you?

Marcie: Of course. I値l be right back. You know what you were asking before about us living together?

Al: Yeah?

Marcie: I壇 love to.

Al: I love you, Marcie.

Marcie: I love you, too, with all my heart.


R.J.: I want Antonio Vega charged!

Max: Take it down --

R.J.: He killed my daughter!

Max: Take it down, OK?

R.J.: He killed her, and you're not doing a damn thing about it.

Bo: Just get out, R.J., or I値l put you in jail.

R.J.: Oh, see? There it is. Let the heat fall on the victim, just like you did with Keri. She kept telling you Vega's hounding her. Did you do anything to help her? No! And now she's gone and she's never coming back!

Daniel: We're doing everything we can. There'll be an arrest made soon.

R.J.: Soon? Not soon enough to do Keri any good.

Max: I知 sorry. You OK?

Bo: Ah -- right now I知 just thinking about Gabrielle.

Jessica: R.J., I知 so sorry about Keri.

R.J.: Don't -- just save it, all right? You focus on your boyfriend. He's the one who's going to be sorry.


Max: I wish they'd tell us something.

Marcie: Mr. Holden?

Max: What, is Al OK?

Marcie: Yeah -- no, he's fine. He just wanted me to come and check up on his mom. He's worried about her. Where is she? Is she in recovery? Something wrong?

Max: They don't know if she's going to make it.

Bo: Please, God, please --

Gabrielle: [Echoing] Bo? Bo, where are you? Bo?

Gabrielle: Bo? Is that you?

Al: It's me, Mom.

Gabrielle: I知 so happy to see you.

Al: You, too.

Gabrielle: What are you doing here?

Al: We're connected. We always have been. Now more than ever because of you.

Gabrielle: I only did what any mother would do.

Al: Not any mother. The best mother.

Gabrielle: I haven't always been.

Al: You always loved me. I always knew that, even when you weren't around.

Gabrielle: Did you really?

Al: I could feel it -- here and here.

Gabrielle: What did I ever do to deserve such a wonderful son?

Al: I wasn't always so wonderful.

Gabrielle: You were to me. I have to go, don't I?

Al: It's time.

Gabrielle: Smile for me, would you, please, one last time? That's how I want to always remember you. I love you so very much, Al. Always remember that. I will love you to eternity.

[Music plays]


Rex: Jen, join us.

Jen: I don't think so.

Rex: This is my ex.

Karen: Ah. I didn't know you were married.

Jen: For two minutes.

Rex: Yes, but what a two minutes they were. To the Dominican!

Karen: Is that where you honeymooned?

Jen: Divorced.

Rex: She gave me an amazing sendoff.

Jen: You know, I don't think your new girlfriend needs to hear about that.

Rex: Karen's not my girlfriend.

Jen: Well, I see you in here a lot.

Karen: Oh, it's a great place to meet clients.

[Rex laughs]

Jen: Yeah? What do you do? Real estate? What? What is with you two?

Karen: I知 a working girl.

Jen: OK, where do you work?

Karen: Professional escort.

Jen: Oh.

Rex: Whoa! Jen, never seen your eyes get that big. What do you think? Maybe you'd like to check out that scene?

Jen: No.

Rex: It can be fun.

Karen: You throw a lot of business my way, and I won't charge you for that little show.

Rex: What show?


Kelly: Yeah, can you tell her that Kelly called? Great. Thanks. Oh, Walker. Have you seen Blair?

Todd: No, and I won't for a couple days. She's in Harrisburg.

Kelly: Why?

Todd: Some story.

Kelly: Well ,did she say what it was about?

Todd: No, she didn't. What do you want?

Kelly: Kevin's in Harrisburg.


[Music plays]

Blair: Oh, good Lord.

Kevin: Blair, what


Antonio: Thought while I was out, I壇 -- I壇 make a whole baby run. What are you doing here?

Cristian: Ended up with the night off, thought I壇 come and see --

Antonio: Yeah?

Cristian: You know, see my niece and stuff.

Antonio: Hmm. How's she doing?

Natalie: Oh, she slept the whole time you were gone.

Antonio: Yeah? Except for half a bottle, I see.

Natalie: Jess --

Jessica: Hey, what are you still doing here? Hi, Cris.

Antonio: I took advantage and went to stock up on supplies.

Jessica: Great.

Natalie: How's Al?

Jessica: You know, he's weak, but it's what's to be expected, so --

Cristian: But he's going to be OK, right?

Jessica: Well, Al's really -- he's strong, so --

Natalie: Yeah.

Antonio: Something else happen?

Jessica: I ran into R.J. When I was there.

Antonio: Yeah. What was he doing at the hospital?

Jessica: I don't know. But he said that you were going to be sorry.

Antonio: Yeah, well, I've been hearing that since the first day we met.

Jessica: No, there was something different about it this time. It really scared me.

Antonio: Don't let it.

Jessica: I can't help it. I have this awful feeling that something really bad is going to happen soon.


Max: How you holding up?

Bo: I知 not great, Max. You know, we were just getting everything started, getting everything together --

Max: Come on. You still can.

Bo: God, I want to believe that.

Max: Hey, come on, look -- I've known Gabrielle for decades. Come on. And the one thing I know about her, she is as stubborn as a mule. Drives me crazy. Still does. Maybe you, too.

Bo: She doesn't give up easy.

Max: No, and she's not going to give up on this. You crazy? Come on. With you here waiting for her, ready to give her the life she has always wanted? I have never seen her happier.

Bo: She makes me the same.

Max: Yeah. Yeah, come on, she's not going to throw in the towel on all that.

Larry: She made it.

Bo: Gabrielle's going to be OK?

Larry: Well, nothing's for sure, but, yeah, I think so.

Max: What the hell happened?

Larry: Well, we almost lost her, and then they found the bleeder. They managed to tie it off in time since they were still in the O.R. And looks like she's going to be all right.

Bo: Oh, thank God --

Max: Marcie, Gabrielle's going to make it.

Marcie: Oh, my gosh. Really?

Max: Yeah.

Marcie: Oh, my God, I have to go tell Al right away.

Max: Go tell him. Listen, all that stuff I said earlier -- you know, trying to buck you up? I was scared to death.

Bo: No kidding.

Bo: Hey, honey -- honey, thank God.


Todd: Yeah, I値l be there in 30 minutes, tops. OK.

Kelly: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Where are you going?

Todd: Harrisburg.

Kelly: Why?

Todd: Why do you think?

Kelly: Oh, come on. You're not going to start with this whole Kevin and Blair conspiracy theory --

Todd: I trust Blair, but --

Kelly: I trust Kevin. He's my husband, and I trust him completely.

Kelly: Well, then you're dumber than I thought.


[Music plays]

Kevin: So, what are you doing in Harrisburg?

Blair: I am just following up on a tip, thank you very much.

Kevin: You knew I壇 be here.

Blair: Well, I knew that you might be here, but I didn't know that I would actually run into you like this.

Kevin: So you're here because of me.

Blair: I知 here because of the story.

Kevin: Fine. You couldn't send another reporter?

Blair: Well, not something this hot. Important.

Kevin: Mm-hmm. Are you sure you're not here because of me?

Blair: Oh, in your dreams, Kevin Buchanan. In your dreams.


Natalie: Got enough stuff here, Antonio?

Cristian: Yeah, man, it's just one little baby.

Antonio: Yeah, well, I -- I wanted to be well stocked.

Jessica: Yeah, this -- you can't have too many of these, right?

Antonio: OK, busted.

[Knock on door]

Antonio: Jeez, who the hell is that? They're going to wake up Jamie.

Jessica: Well, what if it's R.J.?

Antonio: Well, then I値l get rid of him.

Daniel: Antonio Vega, you're under arrest for the murder of Keri Reynolds.


Bo: Gabrielle? Gabrielle, honey, can you hear me?

[Gabrielle moans]

Gabrielle: Bo?

Bo: Yeah. Yeah, I知 right here. I知 not going anywhere.

Max: Gabrielle, you did it. Al came through, too. You saved our son.

Gabrielle: No. No, he saved me.


Marcie: Al -- Al, your mom's fine.

[Monitor flatlines]

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