One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 9/18/03

By Eric
Proofread by Melissa Dann

Blair: So, Sandra, how many appointments do I have left? A massage? I didn't schedule a massage. Well, who's paying for this?

Todd: Me.

Blair: Thanks, Sandra. Oh, let me guess, here. And you were responsible for these?

Todd: Yes. And after the massage, dinner.

Blair: Dinner?

Todd: Mm-hmm.

Blair: Do I get a say in this?

Todd: No. Do you like cassoulet?

Blair: How'd you know I like that? And these are beautiful.

Todd: Oh.

Blair: What planet are you from, Walker Laurence?


Kevin: You want to keep calling yourself a P.I., then you find the real Walker Laurence. No, donít talk. Just do it. Renee. Hey, Grandpa. What are you guys doing here?

Renee: The police want to talk to me about Keri Reynolds' death.

Kevin: Oh.

Asa: You go ahead. Iíll be along later. Iím going to talk to you about the big powwow you and the governor are having in Harrisburg tonight.

Kevin: Look, Asa, I meant what I said before. Iím handling the job by myself now.

Asa: You ingrate. You wouldnít be lieutenant governor if I hadn't made Willie Dawes back off!

Kevin: I told you that I did not want any dirty tricks.

Asa: Unless, of course, it's for Walker Laurence. How far would you let me go to get Laurence to stay away from Blair?

Daniel: Ms. Divine, tell us exactly what you remember the night Keri Reynolds died.

Renee: I was on my way to the concierge's office at the Palace Hotel. I own the Palace. And I heard a door slam shut.

Keri: You want me dead. Admit it.

Antonio: No!

Keri: That way, you can have our baby and Jessica all to yourself.

Antonio: Keri!

Keri: It would make everything really easy --

Antonio: Keri, stop it! I told you I donít want you going off about her.

Keri: Do it. Just do it. Kill me. Kill me! Kill me!

Antonio: No more about Jessica!


Jen: Wow.

Joey: Yeah. Me, too.

Jen: That was amazing.

Joey: You were amazing all night long.

Jen: So you're not mad at me for tricking you into coming here?

Joey: An emergency clerical --

Jen: It worked, didn't it?

Joey: I donít know. Do you feel uplifted?

Jen: Um, not yet.

Joey: Where do you get all this energy, Mrs. Buchanan?

Jen: Iím still on my honeymoon.

Joey: Oh. I want to give you a real honeymoon, the kind that you deserve.

Jen: This is all I need, all I want.

[Phone rings]

Jen: It's OK.

Joey: No, no. Whoever it is, Iíll call them back.

Jen: No. Other people need your help too. I understand. It's fine.


Joey: Oh.


Joey: Hello. Yeah. Yeah, Max. No, we'll be right down.

Jen: Is it Al?

Joey: Yeah. He and his mom are about to go into surgery.


Max: Gabrielle, listen. What you're doing for Al --

Gabrielle: Is the same thing that you would've done for our son if you had been a match.

Larry: You all checked in, Gabrielle?

Gabrielle: Larry, could I have just a minute, please? Just --

Larry: Sure, sure. Come on, Max.

Gabrielle: Bo --

Bo: Whoa, whoa -- no. What are you doing?

Gabrielle: No, I -- I canít wear this in surgery. They donít allow it. Could you keep it safe for me?

Bo: Iím going to keep it right here in my hand so that I can put it right back on your finger just the second they let you out, OK?

Marcie: Right after the nurse kicked me out, I was up all night. I couldn't sleep, anyway. I was online. I was looking up things about transplants, information on transplants. I could practically do one myself, but I won't, I promise. Listen to me -- Iím going on and on.

Al: Makes you feel better.

Marcie: Oh, these kind of transplants -- they have a lot of success.

Al: Iím not worried. You shouldn't be, either.

Gabrielle: I know Iím interrupting.

Marcie: No. Iíll be right outside if you need me.

Gabrielle: Move over. They're going to be prepping us soon.

Al: Iím still not happy about you doing this.

Gabrielle: Yeah, we've been over all that already.

Al: Iím scared I could lose you, Mom.

Gabrielle: Well, you know what? Iím -- I will lose you if I donít do this -- knowing that I could've done something to help and didn't. Listen, you will understand. When you have children of your own, you will know exactly how I feel. You know, most mothers -- they're only blessed once giving life to their child, but I am doubly blessed.

Al: Whew. When this is over, we should have a really big party.

Gabrielle: The biggest. Listen -- if anything should happen to me --

Al: Donít say it. Donít even think about it. Going to be fine.

Gabrielle: Yeah. Damn right. I love you so very much.

Al: I know you do. I love you, too, Mom. Listen --

Gabrielle: Yeah?

Al: We are going to be OK.

Gabrielle: Mm-hmm.

Al: We have to be. There's too much here for us to stick around for.

Gabrielle: All right.

Max: The doc here says it's time.

Larry: We need to get you both prepped and up to O.R.

Gabrielle: You ready?

Al: We're ready.

Gabrielle: Yeah. We are ready.

Larry: Dr. Kingsley here will assist Dr. Carmichael with the surgery.

Jordan: We'll perform the procedure on Gabrielle first to make sure her liverís viable.

Larry: Then we'll remove Al's liver and transplant Gabrielle's.

Max: How soon will we know if this works?

Jordan: Usually within 48 hours.

Bo: Hey, honey. Listen, hurry up and get out of there, OK, because I've bee holding on to this thing much too long.

Gabrielle: OK. I love you. It's going to be OK.

Bo: Yeah.

Max: Hey, you know, you and I are going to owe your mom a big night out after this.

Al: Yeah.

Marcie: I love you so much.

Al: I love you, too. Catch you later.

Marcie: OK.

Ron: Hey, Marcie. Has it started yet?

Marcie: Oh, Ron, Iím just scared.

Ron: Hey. It's going to be OK, though. Right?

Max: You bet.


Blair: Well, this is good, but it's not good enough. In fact, now that The Banner has a direct line to the capital because Kevin is the lieutenant governor, we got some problems.

Todd: Yeah. I have a few contacts of my own, you know.

Blair: We're going to need them. In fact, I have a few contacts myself -- an intern at the senator's office -- and Iím actually expecting a fax from her. Mmmmmm. And Iím going to go check on that right now. Excuse me. Can I help you? Do you need something?

Rex: Um -- I wanted to place an ad for Ultra Violet.

Blair: That would be three doors down, OK? OK. Donít go anywhere.

Todd: Oh, I won't.

Blair: Iím going to be right back.

Todd: Yeah?

Rex: I might have a scoop for you.

Todd: You've got my attention.

Rex: But it doesn't come cheap.

Todd: Why not? The source is.

Rex: What if I told you it was about some political fat cat and a certain call girl?

Todd: Who?

Rex: Show me the money.

Todd: Hmm.

Rex: I saw this dude and a hooker go into the Palace. His name is William Dawes --

Todd: Oh, yeah, I know.

Rex: A major player in --

Todd: I donít really care. Neither does anyone else.

Rex: Really? Well, Kevin and Asa Buchanan do. They're the ones who set him up.


Asa: You trying to pin something on Laurence?

Kevin: I told Cristian that I would find what I could about his brother.

Asa: Just as long as you're not trying to one-up Laurence for you to get to Blair.

Kevin: Would you forget Blair? You think about her more than I do.

Asa: Where are you and Kelly staying in Harrisburg?

Kevin: She's not going.

Asa: Are you plain stupid?

Kevin: She has a big fundraiser tomorrow.

Asa: Let her get someone else to handle it. You two need to be side by side now more than ever!

Kevin: Asa, please, seriously.

Asa: You know, you say there's no more Blair, but I see the way you look at her. You'd better stop thinking below your waist.

Kevin: Damn it, Asa, stop trying to run my life.

Asa: Fine, fine, fine! What the hell -- I might as well. But Iíll tell you something -- donít you expect me to clean up your damn mistakes.

Kevin: Are you done?

Asa: Finished.


Renee: And I told Antonio that Iíd heard shouting, and he said that everything was fine and that he was sorry that he had slammed the door.

Daniel: Is that all you heard Mr. Vega say?

Renee: Yes.

Daniel: But you went back to Ms. Reynolds' room later. Why?

Renee: Well, there had been some complaints. They said there was commotion in the room, so I went to check it out.

Daniel: And what did you find when you got there?

Renee: The door was ajar, so I looked in. The room was a mess, and the phone was on the floor. The -- her suitcase was open. There were clothes everywhere, so -- so I called her name, "Keri. Keri, are you here?" Then I saw that the balcony doors were open, so I -- so I went to the balcony and I looked out. And I saw her body there on the ground. Keri was dead.


Jessica: Keri's dead?

Antonio: She was upset about me getting joint custody. I found out she was going to take Jamie -- again. I couldn't lose my daughter, so I went there -- to Keri's -- to stop her.

Jessica: Antonio, what happened?

Antonio: Oh, God, what did I do?


Marcie: If you're looking for Al, he's already in surgery.

Flash: Heard anything yet?

Marcie: No, it's going to be a while. They're going to bring him back in here once he's out of surgery, and then it's going to be a while. I donít know how long.

Flash: It's probably not going to be that long, Marcie- - I mean, not with you and all of us hassling him to get out. I know that helped me when I was in the hospital.

Marcie: He has a lot of friends. A lot of people care about him.

Flash: That is what's going to get him out of here. OK?

Marcie: OK.

Max: Hey, there you are.

Marcie: Did you hear anything?

Max: Uh -- no, not yet, but your brother's looking for you. He's very worried.

Marcie: Iíd better get back upstairs.

Jen: Marcie?

Marcie: Jen.

Flash: I just came by to leave this here for Al.

Max: Iím sure he will appreciate it. He's a very big fan of -- of the band.

Flash: He's the biggest. Iíll never forget when I was in here and the Voice of the Night played our music. I just wish there was something that I could do for him.

Max: You are. You're here.

Flash: Yeah, well, we go way back, you know?

Max: Oh, I remember. I remember that little girl tagging along after Al and C.J.

Flash: We were always getting into trouble.

Max: Yeah. Al's in a little bit of trouble right now.

Flash: Yeah, but he's going to get out of it. He always does. That's Al.

Max: Yeah. That's Al.

Jen: So what's going to happen after the surgery?

Marcie: Well, he's going to stay here for a while, and then he's going to come and stay with me.

Jen: At your place?

Marcie: Yeah. We've gotten really close, you know.

Jen: I think so.

Marcie: It was more than I ever imagined.

Jen: Well, that's what happens when you fall in love.

Marcie: I am. I love him so much, and, I can hardly even stand it sometimes. Especially now. I just want to make him well again.

Jen: You will. You did it before, remember?

Marcie: Yeah.

Jen: Love can work miracles. Ask somebody who knows.


Rex: Then Asa Buchanan gives me all this money to nail Dawes with this really hot escort.

Todd: How does Kevin Buchanan figure into it?

Rex: The guy who brought me into it works for him.

Todd: And what's his name?

Rex: What difference does that make?

Todd: I canít print this without a source.

Rex: Iím your source.

Todd: But you've got no proof that Asa and Kevin were in on it.

Rex: What, you think that Iím stupid enough to make up something like this about the Buchanans?

Todd: Yeah, I do. So you gave the tape to Asa but you won't out Kevin's staffer. What about the hooker? Can you put me in touch with her?

Rex: Yeah, sure, I could do that, you know, but not for free. Call her anytime. She's a 24/7 kind of babe.

Blair: Hey.

Todd: Hey.

Blair: What was he still doing here?

Todd: He wanted to give us passes to his new club.

Blair: A club? A nightclub? Iím not interested.

Todd: How'd it go with the intern?

Blair: Well, unfortunately, she didn't have much to say about anything.

Todd: Doesn't mean she won't ever.

Blair: I hope not. I guess we're just going to be on hold.

Todd: So?

Blair: So what?

Todd: What about dinner? You haven't given me an answer. Come on, it's just a meal.

[Blair chuckles]

Todd: Besides, I just might have a scoop or two for dessert. Oh Ė


Ron: Hey, Marcie, I was starting to wonder about you.

Marcie: Yeah. Iíll be all right once I know Al is.

Ron: OK.

Larry: All right. Everything is going about as expected. We have isolated Gabrielle's liver and divided it.

Bo: OK, she -- she's all right, then?

Larry: Well, so far, yeah. Right now, we' getting ready to do the actual transplant. It -- we'll keep you posted, but it's going to be several more hours.

Max: Well, he didn't exactly tell us a lot.

Bo: Well, yeah, but there were no surprises. That's a good thing, so --

Marcie: I just wish it was already over and that we knew that they were OK.

Jen: They will be. Remember what I said? You just have to believe.

Joey: "And the prayer of faith will save the sick man and the lord will raise him up. And if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven."


Jessica: Antonio, what happened when you went to Keri's?

Antonio: It was a mistake. I should've let the police handle it. I know that now. But it would've been too late. She would've been gone with my daughter, and I couldn't let that happen.

Jessica: What did you do?

Antonio: I kept telling her that she was violating a court order. But she wouldnít listen. We got into a fight.

Jessica: Over Jamie?

Antonio: And you. She kept blaming you for everything. She said if you -- if you weren't around --

Jessica: Did she threaten me?

Antonio: I told her to stop, but she wouldnít. She kept at me about you, about the baby, about how much she loved me and how I should just kill her. She kept saying it, over and over again, how I should just do it, how I should just kill her and get it over with! All I wanted to do was be with my daughter and the rest of this over with.

Jessica: Antonio, did you do it? Did you kill Keri?

Antonio: No. No, I didn't kill her. I felt myself losing control. I knew if I stayed one more second, but -- but I left. I left. I -- no matter -- no matter how much I hated what she was doing, I couldn't -- I wouldnít kill my daughter's mother. You -- you really think I did?

Jessica: When you said, "God, what have I done," I --

Antonio: No, I -- I meant she was upset that she might have -- that she might have --

Jessica: Committed suicide.

Antonio: If I had handled it differently, if I had left earlier -- but I didn't kill her. You need to believe me.

Jessica: I do, I do.

Antonio: Are you sure?

Jessica: With all my heart, I believe you. You believed in me. Now it's my turn.

Antonio: More than anything in the world, that's all I need.

Jessica: Well, Jamie's going to need you now more than ever.


Rex: I was at the palace the night that Professor Reynolds died.

Man: What were you doing there?

Rex: That matters?

Daniel: Look, just tell us if you encountered Ms. Reynolds or Antonio Vega at any point.

Rex: I might have heard something.

Daniel: Well, did you or didn't you?

Rex: They were behind closed doors, OK?

Daniel: Did you hear them say anything?

Rex: Well, it was kind of muffled.

Daniel: So you couldn't make out anything at all?

Rex: Look, it's not like I was standing there with my ear pressed up against the door, OK?

Daniel: Right, right. Look, play smart with me and Iíll throw you in a cell for withholding evidence.

Rex: OK. I heard Antonio Vega. He said something like "you'll regret it."

Daniel: Something? Were those his exact words?

Rex: He said it, twice. "You'll regret it."


Asa: You go ahead. Iím going to wait for Bo.

Renee: OK. I know how worried you are about Al.

Asa: Al's a good kid.

Renee: Well, give me a call. Let me know how it goes.

Rex: Hey, Mr. Buchanan. Iím glad that I ran into you. That thing that you had me do -- somebody got on to it. You know, setting up Dawes with the escort.

Asa: Who's on to it?

Rex: Well, Iíd like to tell you, but, you know, it could get me into trouble, and it's got to be worth it to me.

Asa: Look, you little weasel, Iíll rip your damn tongue out, shove it down your throat. You want to keep that slimy club of yours rockin' and rollin', you tell me. Damn it, tell me!

Rex: You want to know more than I want to tell.

Asa: Talk, damn it.

Rex: Maybe I will. Maybe I won't. So, are you going to pay me or not?

Asa: You're Roxanne's kid, all right. What a pair.

Asa: Let's hear it.

Rex: OK. It's Walker Laurence.


Blair: So you're not even going to give me just a little clue what these scoops are?

Todd: Oh, I have to check these facts first. You're going to have to wait.

Blair: Oh, come on. Won't you tempt me --

Todd: Hmm --

Blair: Just a little? Tempt me.

Todd: Well, you're going to like it. That's a promise.

Blair: Oh, I already like it.

Todd: I wouldnít let you down.

Blair: I believe you. And Iím sorry it's taken me so long to do that. Iím just -- you know, Iím not used to it because of --

Todd: Todd. Todd, Todd, Todd, Todd, Todd. Yeah. Forget him!

Blair: Well, you're making it easy.

Todd: That's the plan.

Blair: It's a good one. You know, the jellybeans, the flowers, the piano playing, and you were wonderful.

Todd: I was.

Blair: You were hot. And then the dinner, checking on the sources -- that's not Todd.

Todd: I got to go.

Blair: Oh, and -- oh, oh, oh. Not going to let you go.

Todd: See you.

Blair: Iíll see you at dinner.

Todd: OK.

Blair: OK.

[Phone rings]

Todd: Is this Karen?

Karen: Sure is. Who's this?

Todd: Um -- a friend of a friend. You got some time tonight?

Karen: What's your pleasure?

Todd: Information about a guy you were with.

Karen: I donít kiss and tell. Certainly not for free.

Todd: I know your rates, and Iím willing to pay.

Karen: Meet me tonight, 7:30, Palace Hotel, room 314.

Todd: OK. Iíll see you then.

Karen: Most guys want more than talk for their money.

Todd: You give me what Iím after, it'll be money well spent.


Flash: Everybody down at the garage is wearing these. They're all rooting for Al.

Max: Thanks. Kind of reminds me of those pins I used to wear with his soccer picture on them.

Flash: I remember those. C.J. had one, too.

Max: Yeah. They were on the same team.

Flash: Yeah, they did everything together.

Max: Good and bad.

Flash: Yeah, like when they fell down that hole.

Max: They came out safely. And as I recall, you helped with the rescue.

Flash: All I did was sing "Iím a little teapot." Iím going to sing for him again tonight at Ultra Violet.

Max: Anything that'll help.

Flash: Iím probably not going to sing the same song.

Max: Listen, thank you. Thank you for the t-shirt and the pin.

Flash: You're welcome.

Max: Iím going to check and see what's going on.

Flash: Iím a little teapot short and stout here is my handle here is my spout when I get all steamed up and I shout just tip me over and pour me out Iím a clever teapot yes, it's true here's an example of what I can do I can change my handle to my spout just tip me over and pour me out

Larry: It's over.


Antonio: God, what's this going to do to my little girl?

Jessica: Well, it's not going to be easy on either of you. But I said Iíd help with whatever you needed.

Antonio: What I need is -- is for you to be here, to love me.

Jessica: I do love you.

Antonio: And I love you.


Blair: What do you want, Kevin?

Kevin: I want to know what's going on with Kelly and David Vickers.

Blair: Nothing. David Vickers is a snake, and he is sliming his way through the Cramer family yet again.

Kevin: Well, tell him to leave Kelly alone, would you?

Blair: Well, not that he would listen to me, but it's actually good to know that you care.

Kevin: I donít want to see my wife get hurt.

Blair: One thing we both agree on. So, anything else you want?

Kevin: Blair, you're not -- you're not dying, are you?

Blair: Walker gave me these.

Kevin: Walker?

Blair: Walker -- Walker Laurence.

Kevin: Walker Laurence, right, yeah. Well, did they work?

Blair: I love all the things that Walker's doing for me.

Kevin: Do you love him?


Todd: Karen? This is my son Charlie...

Asa: So, what are you after, Walker?

Todd: The truth.

Asa: Oh, that's bull. You're after Kevin. Why? Oh, because of that tramp Blair.

Todd: You shut your damn mouth.

Asa: Whoa, back off, boy. Iím on your side. Iím not letting any woman bring Kevin down, especially Blair.

Todd: Then you tell him to stay away from her.

Asa: You stop digging up dirt on him, and I will.

Todd: He'll listen to you?

Asa: You back off my grandson, and you can have that Blair all to your lonesome.


Blair: I am not going to talk about Walker Laurence with you, Kevin.

Kevin: Donít do it, Blair. Donít fall for this guy. Iím telling you --

Blair: Just stop --

Kevin: You're going to learn things about him --

Blair: Stop. Stop. I know you're looking into his past. And you know what? You'll probably find something because everybody has a past. But all that matters to me right now is the future, and mine is actually looking good.

Kevin: Well, donít say I didn't warn you. I just donít want to see you get hurt. I mean that.

Blair: I know. I appreciate it.

Kevin: Well, if you ever need a friend or a shoulder to cry on --

Blair: I donít think Iíll need that shoulder, but -- a friend.

Kevin: All right, then. Good luck -- friend.

[Phone rings]

Blair: Blair Cramer. You got something after I left? Well, where are they meeting? Oh, it's top-secret, is it? Oh, Iím not too worried about that. I have ways of getting people to tell me their dirty little secrets. Great.


Todd: Iíll back off Kevin only if you make good on your promise to call him off Blair.

Asa: Already done.

Kevin: Iím heading back to Asa's now, so be ready to take me to the airport. Iím leaving for Harrisburg in an hour, all right?

Blair: Get me on the next flight to Harrisburg.


Marcie: Did it work?

Bo: How's Gabrielle?

Max: Are they both going to be OK?

Larry: Gabrielle looks fine. She tolerated the surgery well. They're getting ready to suture her up.

Jordan: Al's graft has been sewn in and reperfused with blood. Looks like it's functioning well so far.

Max: When can we see them?

Larry: Well, they're observing Gabrielle for any signs of bleeding, and Al should be in recovery any minute.

Marcie: Oh, thank you. Thank you, both of you. Thank you for saving Al. Can I go to recovery?

Larry: I see no reason why not.

Ron: Come on. Iíll go with you.

Bo: You know, Iím going to wait around here for some word on Gabrielle. Why donít you go spend some time with your son?

Max: Thanks.

Joey: Glad it all seems to be working out, Uncle Bo.

Bo: Couldn't have gotten through it without you.

Jen: Iím going to go to the chapel and say some thanks. My husband's got a direct line, you know.

Joey: See you.

Daniel: I heard the good news.

Bo: Yeah, we were all on pins and needles for a while there, but --

Daniel: Listen, I -- I hate to bother you with this.

Bo: Is this about Keri Reynolds' case?

Daniel: We interviewed several witnesses, and they all said the same thing -- she was arguing before her death with a man.


Jessica: You'll get through this, you and Jamie both.

Antonio: As long as you're with me, I can handle anything.

Jessica: Iím never going to leave you. Together we'll handle Keri's death, whether it was an accident or suicide.

Daniel: So, based on those statements, there was motive and means.

Bo: Enough to arrest Antonio Vega for murder.

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