One Life to Live Transcript Monday 9/15/03

By Eric
Proofread by Melissa Dann

Todd: What?

Blair: Oh, Walker, this -- it just feels so right, so right being here with you. I haven't been this happy in so long.

Todd: Do you mean that?

Blair: I do.

Todd: Well, then, Iím happy, too.


Dorian: Get out! I mean it! Get out of my house!

David: Mon petit oiseau.

Dorian: Oh, donít you talk French to me, you great big, slimy croissant!

David: That hurts, gorgeous.

Dorian: Donít "gorgeous" me. How dare you -- breaking and entering! What were you doing in my bedroom?

David: Hey. I just wanted to surprise you.

Dorian: Oh. Pawing through my --

David: Eight-track tapes, baseball CD collection, what?

Dorian: Unmentionables. You were looking for the diamond necklace, weren't you?

David: That's not entirely true. I might have been looking for something, you know, to ask you to put on for me.

Dorian: Ha-ha-ha-ha. Why? Why canít you just be thankful? I gave you one of the diamonds.

David: Yeah, one out of 36.

Dorian: Listen to me -- if you stick to our deal, you will get your share of the insurance settlement, and maybe I will give you one more diamond.

David: One more diamond?

Dorian: Mm-hmm.

David: You do have the necklace.

[Dorian chuckles]

Dorian: Darling, if anyone was clever enough and smart enough to make that necklace disappear in plain view, of course it was me!

David: I should've known.

Dorian: Ha-ha yes, you should've. So are you going to stick to our deal or not?

David: What, do you mean Kelly?

Dorian: Yes, of course I mean Kelly! Now get going!

David: No, no, no --

Dorian: You've got work to do.

David: No, hold on. I've got a problem here. I donít know the objective of this job. Why is it -- why is it that you want me to cuddle up to Kelly?

Dorian: You know, you have all of the information you need. What you're supposed to do is distract Kelly from her marriage.

David: Dorian, your niece has no interest in getting close to me.

Dorian: No, no, no. I saw you at the country club. You were making progress.

David: I donít know. Kevin interrupted.

Dorian: Oh, Kevin Buchanan is no match for you.

David: Yeah, well, he keeps her on a short leash.

Dorian: Oh, are you telling me the great David Vickers will fail to rise to the challenge?

David: Bite your tongue. But a hopeless waste of time is a waste of time.

Dorian: David, you've barely started.

David: Kelly will never trust me, Dorian, not enough to get close to her.

Dorian: Redouble your efforts -- that is, if you want to see one penny of my settlement from that "horrible robbery."


Kevin: You OK?

Kelly: Yeah. Yeah, of course. That letter was -- it was totally bogus.

Kevin: Yeah.

Kelly: If I had a brother, why would he wait till now?

Asa: Kelly? Do you mind if I have a word with your husband?

Kelly: Oh --

Kevin: Uh -- can it wait?

Asa: No.

Kelly: It's OK.

Asa: Ahem.

Kevin: What is it?

Asa: Dawes will not be a problem much longer.

Kevin: I donít like the sound of that.

Asa: Oh, please. You worry too much.

[Phone rings]

Kelly: Hello?

David: How's my favorite Mrs. Lieutenant Governor?

Kelly: Hang on a second. Will you guys excuse me?

Kevin: Sure.

Kelly: Thanks. David.

David: The one and only.

Kelly: I canít deal with you right now.

David: You make it sound like Iím selling timeshares. Is everything OK?

Kelly: Actually, no. I -- I just got a letter from a brother I didn't even know I had.

David: Yeah, that seems to happen a lot around here.

Kelly: It's been quite a shock, so, you know, obviously this isn't a good time.

David: So you haven't had a chance to tell Dorian how I feel about her?

Kelly: I've been a little preoccupied. And besides, I donít even know if my aunt should get involved with you.

David: Oh, come on, Kel. Iím a changed man -- the new and improved David Vickers. You know, I could be a positive force in Dorian's life.

Kelly: Iím not so sure about that.

David: Well, what do you say you and I meet, huh? Give me a chance to convince you?

Dorian: Stop. Do you really think I'd be so stupid as to put it in the drawer?

Kelly: David, who's there with you?


Antonio: We are not calling the cops or R.J. or anybody else!

Keri: No!

Antonio: We are going to stay here, and we're going to settle this!

Keri: I am leaving! Iím taking Jamie away from you.

Antonio: We have joint custody!

Keri: I donít care!

Antonio: Well, you are not taking my daughter.

Keri: You canít stop me.

Antonio: This sick game of yours? It ends right now.


Marcie: What happened? Al's OK, isn't he?

Max: He's sleeping.

Marcie: Yeah, but -- but he's getting better. Al is OK, isn't he?

Max: Marcie -- Al -- Al needs a liver transplant.

Marcie: No, but -- but he just had a staph infection and that virus thing. He is on antibiotics. He's going to be fine -- I am!

Max: Marcie, he's fighting the infection, but his liver is in trouble.

Marcie: I donít understand.

Bo: His drug use damaged his liver.

Marcie: He never told me that.

Max: He didn't know. No one knew, Marcie. The infection set off a reaction and --

Gabrielle: If he doesn't get a transplant, he's going to die.

Marcie: Well, Iíll do it. They do that now, donít they? Iíll -- Iíll donate part of my liver.


Keri: You think this is a game? You think Iím having fun right now?

Antonio: Look, Keri, canít we just sit down and talk? Come on, what -- what happened to us?

Keri: You slept with my mother!

Antonio: Keri, we were broken up. I didn't know who Liz was. You know that.

Keri: Not that it really would've mattered because she was blonde and beautiful. That's all you're really interested in.

Antonio: That's not true!

Keri: Now she's dead! My mother is dead because of you!

Renee: Hello? Keri? Keri? Antonio.

Antonio: Yes. Renee, how -- how can I help you?

Renee: Well, I -- I was -- I was walking by. I -- I heard arguing, and then the door was slammed. I -- is everything all right?

Antonio: Yes, everything -- everything is fine. Thank you.


Woman: Oh. It was a pleasure, William. Pure pleasure.

Mr. Dawes: That's what they tell me.

Mr. Dawes: Oh. You.

Woman: That was fast. Dawes just left.

Rex: I know. Did you get it?

Woman: Yeah.


Kevin: Exactly what did you do?

Asa: Well, I put a plan into action that is going to cut Dawes off at his knees.

Kevin: A plan? On your own?

Asa: Hell, no. I had a little help -- Cristian Vega, a pal of his.

Kevin: I told you not to go after Dawes' personal life.

Asa: Well, he had no problem going after yours.

Kevin: Oh, so now we're no better than he is?

Asa: Dawes was definitely going to make another move against you. We had to bring him down first.


Kelly: Who was that?

David: It was hotel housekeeping. What part of "do not disturb" do you not understand? I hate incompetence. You were saying?

Kelly: I wouldn't put it past you to have a cheap bimbo with you right now.

David: No cheap bimbos here.

Kelly: You know, this is exactly why I donít want my aunt Dorian getting involved with you.

David: I only have eyes for your aunt. My heart beats for her and her alone, so come on, help me out. Have dessert with me.

Kelly: Iíll think about it.

David: A drink, maybe coffee, a game of marbles?

Kelly: Look, Iíll -- Iíll get back to you.

David: Fantastic. I knew I could count on you.

Kelly: Iíll talk to you soon.

Dorian: She's agreed to meet you?

David: She's considering it.

Dorian: Considering?

David: Would you just let me handle this in my own way?

Dorian: Your way could take years.

David: Well, maybe I should just tell her the truth, then, that this whole thing is your idea.

Dorian: You wouldn't know the truth if it bit you in the butt.

David: Then enlighten me.

Dorian: The truth is that unless you help distract Kelly from Kevin, you're not going to see a penny of that insurance settlement.


Gabrielle: Marcie? You love Al very much, donít you?

Marcie: More than I can tell. I love him more than I ever thought I could love anybody. That's why I want to be the donor.

Max: Marcie, even if you were a match --

Marcie: I will be a match.

Gabrielle: His best chance right now is to have a healthy liver from a nonliving donor. That's his best chance. He's on the list.

Marcie: Does he -- well, does he know?

Max: Not yet.

Marcie: Can I see him? I promise -- I promise I won't say anything! Please.

Max: Sure. Sure, just -- just donít stay long. He's pretty weak.

Marcie: OK.

Gabrielle: OK. You all right?

Marcie: Yeah.

Al: Hey, beautiful.

Marcie: Hi.

Al: I heard you on the radio.

Marcie: Yeah?

Al: You were great.

Marcie: Oh, well. Iím no Voice of the Night.

Al: Oh, I donít know. I think you'll have your own radio show by the end of the week. Listen -- what you said really meant a lot to me. Why are you crying? What's wrong?


Blair: What is it? What -- what's the matter, Walker?

[Todd chuckles]

Todd: Iím so close to having everything I've ever wanted. But --

Blair: What do you want?

Todd: Oh, the usual -- money, power. And I want a place to call home. I want a woman who understands me, who wants me.

Blair: I want you.

Todd: I feel so safe with you, Blair. It's like we fit together. And you have these -- these two amazing kids.

Blair: Well, hey, hey. Those are all good things.

Todd: No, they -- they are. No, they're wonderful things. It's just that Iím--

Blair: Walker. What?

Todd: Iím afraid that any second, I could lose all that. Could lose you.


Kelly: Iím sorry to call so late, but I -- I need to talk to you about David Vickers.

Dorian: David Vickers.

[Dorian yawns]

Dorian: What about him?

Kelly: He begged me to talk to you on his behalf.

Dorian: You canít be serious.

Kelly: That's why Iím warning you. I mean, David is up to something, and you are at the center of it, so watch your back.

Dorian: Oh, I will! But then again, David is such a passionate, passionate man, and I donít know -- there was always a sort of chemistry between us.

Kelly: Dorian.

Dorian: You know, Kelly, it's just possible that he's sincere.

Kelly: I doubt it.

Dorian: Why donít you talk to him? See if you can find out if there is a truthful bone in that very nice body of his.

Kelly: Really, I donít know.

Dorian: Honey, please? Do it for your poor, lonely aunt Dorian.

Kelly: All right. Iíll meet with him. Iíll try and feel him out.

Dorian: Oh, goody!

Kelly: Iím only doing this for your protection, to find out exactly what he is up to.

Dorian: Thank you, dear. Thank you so much. Bye-bye. Watch me, baby. You just might learn something.

[Dorian chuckles]


Keri: It would've served you right if I would've screamed my head off when Renee came to the door.

Antonio: So why didn't you?

Keri: Because I agree we have to settle this. You have to get it through your head that you're not going to control me.

Antonio: I donít want to control you!

Keri: I am going to do whatever I want when I want, just like you do with your little slut.

Antonio: You shut up about her!

Keri: Did I hit a nerve? What is this, a present from Jessica?

Antonio: Iím telling you, leave her out of this.

Keri: Why? She and I have so much to talk about. We could compare notes, you know? Maybe Iíll pay her a visit. Maybe I already have.

Antonio: What are you talking about?

Keri: Your little girlfriend is a really sound sleeper.

Antonio: Iím telling you -- you go anywhere near Jessica and you'll regret it! I promise you, Keri -- you will regret it!

Keri: Iím not afraid of you. I love you, and I hate you. But Iím not afraid of you.

Antonio: I donít -- I donít even know who you are anymore!

Keri: You did this to me, Antonio! I bashed my head in a door because of you!

Antonio: You're out of your mind! What happened to you?

Keri: You happened to me! You ruined my life!

Antonio: Stop it, Keri! It's over! Why donít you just give up? Why donít you just --

Keri: What? Disappear? Die? That's what you really want, isn't it?


[Monitor beeps]

Al: Why are you crying, huh? You're crying for me? Donít do that. The antibiotics are kicking in. I can feel it. Iím going to beat this thing. Iím going to be back on my feet in no time.

Marcie: I just feel guilty because you're sick because of me.

Al: No.

Marcie: Yes, it's -- it's all my fault, Al.

Al: Marcie.

Marcie: Come on. If I never -- if I just would've taken down that stupid peace banner, none of this would've happened!

Al: That's crazy.

Marcie: No, it's the truth. I never would've been thrown in that dumpster, I never would've gotten sick, and I never would've gotten you sick.

Al: Never apologize for standing up for what you believe in. That's what I love the most about you. None of this is your fault. I love you, Marcie. Everything's going to be OK.

Marcie: Yeah. Yeah, it will be. Why donít you get you some rest, OK? Iíll be back in a little while.

Larry: So far, we haven't been able to find a suitable donor for Al.

Bo: But he's at the top of the list, right?

Larry: Well, there are a few critical cases ahead of him.

Gabrielle: Oh, God.

Max: Iíll do it. Use my liver.

Larry: We'd have to make sure that you're healthy enough to donate and that everything matches.

Max: Well, then do it. Take the test. Do whatever you have to do.

Gabrielle: Yeah, test me, as well.

Bo: No, we'll all be tested.

Larry: Whoa, whoa, hold on.

Max: No, no, there's not enough time.

Larry: Look, as Al's doctor, I think we should wait a little longer, see if a suitable matching liver becomes available.

Max: No, that is my son in there, and we're not going to wait around while he just slips away.

Gabrielle: Larry, we'll do whatever we have to to save him!


Kevin: I was handling Dawes. You shouldn't have gone behind my back!

Asa: You should be damned relieved that I did, after you get a load of this.

Kevin: Oh, please tell me he's not your associate.

Asa: You have it? Give it to me.

Rex: Mr. Buchanan, with all due respect, this was not easy to pull off. So how much is it worth to you?

Asa: Well, have you ever been in Texas, boy?

Rex: Uh -- no.

Asa: You see, Texans take a -- a real great pride in their gun collections. And Iím a Texan, through and through. Give me the damn thing. Come on. Put it in the VCR.

Kevin: What's on the tape?

Asa: Well, let's find out. That alley cat is a married man. He sure as hell, I donít think, wants this playing on the 6:00 news. Ooh.

Kevin: Yeah, well, I've seen enough.

Asa: Well, Iíll tell you, Kevin, I've dealt with scum like Willie Dawes long before you were born.

Kevin: Well, this is the last time that we resort to these kinds of tactics.

Asa: You're right.

Kevin: Honey. Hey. How long have you been standing there?

Kelly: Long enough. Kevin, Iíd like to speak with you -- alone.

Kevin: Look, I know what you're thinking.

Kelly: I cannot believe this. It is one thing to not step down from a fight, but to stoop to Dawes' level?

Kevin: Look, I had nothing to do with this. This is all Asa.

Kelly: Oh, come on, Kevin.

Kevin: No, Iím serious. I was against it from the beginning. I didn't know what he was going to do.

Kelly: So you're not going to use that tape as leverage against Dawes? Kevin?

Kevin: It's a one-time thing, OK? You could have been killed when that chandelier fell.

Kelly: You have no proof that Dawes was behind that.

Kevin: Yeah, but I can feel it in my gut, OK? All Iím trying to do is protect my family.

Kelly: And your career.

Kevin: And my future, `our future, everything that we've worked so hard to build. Is that wrong?

Kelly: No, but these tactics?

Kevin: That was Asa.

Kelly: Well, you better be careful, then. Yeah, with Asa's influence, you might just turn into the sleazy, corrupt politician you claim to be fighting against.


Blair: Why do you think that you could lose me?

Todd: Because you're going to find out who I really am.

Blair: Who are you?

Todd: A Laurence. The son, the brother of abusive, violent men. Iím damaged goods. Maybe even cursed.

Blair: That's just what Todd used to say.

Todd: Well, in his case, it was true, wasn't it?

Blair: He thought it was. Hey, you're different. You're kind, you're gentle. You saved my little girl's life, you saved my life. Walker, you have a very good heart. And you're not going to lose me unless -- well, you're not going to lose me as long as we are open and honest with each other, OK?

Todd: OK.

Blair: OK. Iím going to go.

Todd: What? What happened to "let's have a drink"?

Blair: It's late. And you know what? We -- we should take our time. There's no reason to rush.

Todd: Tell me we have all the time in the world.

Blair: We have all the time --

Todd: In the world.

Blair: Iíll see you tomorrow at work, OK?

Todd: OK. Bright and early.


Keri: You want me dead. Admit it.

Antonio: No --

Keri: That way you can have my baby and Jessica all to yourself. That's the family you really want!

Antonio: Keri --

Keri: Just admit it! Better yet, why donít you just kill me yourself?

Antonio: You've lost it.

Keri: Come on. Come on, Antonio. We both know you have it in you -- all that anger, all that rage, just waiting to explode. Iím nothing to you. Iím an obstacle. Iím this annoyance. Iím just this little --

Antonio: Shut up!

Keri: Then do it! Stop being a coward and just kill me yourself! Get me out of your life forever!


Marcie: Al's parents have been gone a long time.

Bo: Yeah, I guess it takes a while to get tested.

Marcie: Do you think they'll be a match?

Bo: We'll just have to wait and see.

Marcie: Commissioner, I know you're my boss, and I know this might sound kind of weird.

Bo: No, it's OK.

Marcie: But -- um -- well, Al is the first man -- he's the only man I've ever loved.

Bo: First loves are real special, aren't they?

Marcie: Yes. I donít know if I could lose him. I canít.

Bo: You're not going to. Dr. Wolek -- he is the best. And he's going to take good care of Al.

Max: There was a match.

Marcie: Is it you, Mr. Holden?

Gabrielle: No, Marcie. It's me.


David: Kelly mentioned something about a long-lost brother.

Dorian: Yes. Paul. He wrote her a letter and -- wait a minute. That "Iím your long-lost brother" -- isn't that one of your favorite scams?

David: What, you think Iím behind it? Not this time, sister. I canít be behind everything.

Dorian: Well, Kelly's reaction was very negative. She shut down emotionally and -- I donít know, Iím just really worried about her.

David: Tell me something, Dorian, you -- you care about Kelly, right?

Dorian: Care? I love her. She's my niece.

David: Right, and you despise me, or so you pretend that you do. So why play matchmaker between us?

Dorian: You're not to touch Kelly with a 10-foot pole!

David: I donít have a 10-foot pole.

Dorian: You're merely a device to distract Kelly from Kevin.

David: Look, Kelly's a big girl. She can choose for herself who she wants to be with. She doesn't need you meddling in her life.

Dorian: Meddling?

David: I know, it's a big word. Iíll explain it later. But you might want to get a life of your own.

Dorian: My girls are my life -- Cassie, Kelly, Blair. I mean -- all that matters to me is that they're happy.

David: Dorian, that's actually really nice in a sad, controlling sort of way.

Dorian: Queen Victoria's crown prince has had his way with too many of the Cramer women. In fact, Iím going to put a stop to it -- here and now.


Kevin: What the hell were you thinking? Huh?

Cristian: Iím just covering for Natalie. Kevin, if you need me --

Kevin: No, what did you do? Did you find the prostitute, huh? Did you put Asa in touch with Rex Balsom? What was that?

Cristian: What -- what happened? Did Rex screw this up?

Kevin: No, no, no, I have all the ammo we need on Dawes now. It's great.

Cristian: Well, then, that's good, right?

Kevin: No, it's not good, Cristian. I was very clear -- I donít want my grandfather to be down in the gutter with that man!

Cristian: Yeah, but, Kevin, your grandfather told me that this was for your own protection.

Kevin: Oh, yeah, I know he gave you a pretty speech about how our family takes care of its own, right? You know what? It doesn't matter. Iím trying to do the right thing. It's OK, all right? Iím sorry. I got into an argument with Kelly.

Cristian: Donít say another word. Here. On the house.

Kevin: Thanks.

Kevin: Why are you so happy?

Blair: Well, hello, Lieutenant Governor.

Kevin: You know -- oh. You slept with him, didn't you? Wow.

Blair: Excuse me?

Kevin: You slept with Walker. I can see it. You got that look.

Blair: It's none of your business. And, no, I didn't. What's your problem, anyway?


[Phone rings]

Kelly: Hello?

David: Hi, Iím calling to officially pester you. You said you'd call me back, but you didn't, so Iím calling you back.

Kelly: David --

David: Sorry, patience isn't one of my few virtues.

Kelly: No, it's all right. I already spoke to Dorian.

David: And?

Kelly: And she is a little gun-shy.

David: Well, do you think there's something that you can do to make her a little less = shy?

Kelly: Well, let's see. Why donít we get together, and you can tell me more about these feelings that you have for her.

David: Great. Tonight? Right now? When?

Kelly: David, Iíve got to go.

David: Tomorrow, then.

Kelly: Yeah. Yeah. Call me.


Max: It's about time we broke the news to Al.

Gabrielle: I would like to do it alone.

Max: I would rather be there.

Gabrielle: No. Please. Max --

Max: OK.

[Monitor beeps]

Al: Hey, Mom.

Gabrielle: Al, there's something I need to tell you.

Al: What's up?

Gabrielle: Your condition -- it's serious.

Al: What are you talking about? I got a little infection, that's all.

Gabrielle: Your liver is shutting down. And if you donít get a transplant, you could --

Al: No.

Gabrielle: Your liver was in a weakened condition because -- well, because the infection caused complications. And it's shutting down. But everything's going to be all right because we've found a donor.

Al: Who?

Gabrielle: You're going to be absolutely fine.

Al: Who's the donor?

Gabrielle: I am. We're going to share my liver. What do you think of that? Iím a match. You and me, kid.

Al: Sorry. I canít let that happen.


Marcie: Al must be so scared.

Max: We'll see him through it.

Bo: He's got a lot of people in his corner.

Marcie: I love him so much. He has to be OK.


[Monitor beeps]

Al: Mom, no.

Gabrielle: Al, donít fight me on this. We donít have the time.

Al: Iím not going to let you do this. This is my fault. Iíll deal with it.

Gabrielle: Stop it.

Al: My liver is messed up because of the drugs that I took.

Gabrielle: It doesn't matter. What matters is you getting well.

Al: Iím sorry, Iím not going to let it happen. They're going to operate on you, they're going to cut a piece of your liver out. You could get sick, there could be complications -- no!

Gabrielle: When I got out of prison, and you came and found me, I had nothing. No one would have anything to do with me. Do you know how I got through those times? Because you picked me up and you stood by me.

Al: It was different.

Gabrielle: I never would have got through those dark times -- weeks, months, years. You literally saved my life. Now let me return the favor.

Al: You gave me life. That's plenty.

Gabrielle: Mothers do that. Let me do it again. Please.

Al: I love you, Mom.


Kevin: Kelly and I had a -- a disagreement.

Blair: Really?

Kevin: Yeah. Yeah. She wanted the window open, and, you know, I wanted air conditioning.

Blair: Does it have anything to do with the fact that you're constantly snooping into Walker Laurence's past, Kevin?

Kevin: Not a chance in hell, Blair.

Blair: Oh, good. Good. Because Walker and I -- everything's open between the two of us. He has nothing to hide.


[Phone rings]

Todd: Hello? Hey, Starr. What are you doing up this time of night? Yeah, we did. Your mom and I had a great time. I know, honey, me, too. Very soon, we're all going to be a big, happy family again. Your mom can never find out who I am.


Cristian: What are you doing back here?

Antonio: Give me a shot.

Cristian: What's going on?

Antonio: I said give me a shot!

Renee: Hello? Antonio? Keri?

Renee: Keri, are you here?

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