One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 9/10/03

By Eric
Proofread by Melissa Dann

Cristian: So, Al is going to get better, right?

Max: Yeah. Oh, yeah. Just -- we're just glad that they let him -- well, they let us move him home to Llanview.

Cristian: Look, Max, I hate bringing this up now, to bail on you in the middle of --

Max: Oh, hey, listen, you got a better gig, go take it. Frankly, I'm thinking about shutting this place down for a while, anyway.

Natalie: No, you can't do that. Look, I know about the offer that my brother made to you, but, Max, I can take care of this place myself.

Max: Natalie, you'd be all alone because I'm going to have to be spending some time getting Al back on his feet.

Natalie: I'll talk to Roxy, and we'll work out the schedule so I can make time for here. I donít want Crossroads to shut down, OK? Look, Kevin needs to see you.

Cristian: OK.

Max: Hey, Cris, good luck. Look, donít worry about this place.

Cristian: Thanks, Max. See you later.

Natalie: Max, I can do this.

Max: Are you sure? Yeah, what am I saying? Come on, this is the lady that took on the Black Widow.

Natalie: Next time, and with your help.

Max: Hmm. Nah. Already taught you everything I know. You're on your own from now on. Listen, I better go see Al.

Natalie: I hope he gets better.

Max: Oh, he'll be back and at 'em before you know it.


Gabrielle: You are going to be fine now that you're back home and I'm here to take care of you.

Larry: How's it going in here?

Al: Dr. Wolek, is Marcie all right?

Larry: We're running a couple more tests, but looks like she'll be fine.

Gabrielle: Here you go. You are going to be fine, too.

Larry: Think I want to check the big guy right now, OK?

Gabrielle: Sure. I'll be right outside, OK?

Al: OK. So, think I'll make it, Doc?

Gabrielle: Well, Marcie's well on her way to recovery, so I'm sure Al will be, too.

Bo: How are you holding up?

Gabrielle: I'm fine. Donít worry about me. I'm all right.

Bo: I do worry.

Gabrielle: You know, Bo, when you came after me to tell me about Al, nothing else mattered. Nothing else at all. But there is still something between us that we have to clear up, Bo.


Nora: Go cast your shadow someplace else, Daniel, please.

Daniel: Sure. Sure thing.

Nora: Thank you.

Daniel: Oh -- you know, by the way, did you happen to see channel two? They decided to follow The Banner's lead and endorse me.

Nora: Daniel, how do you afford the dues at this club, what with buying this election the way you are? Oh, that's right. It's Asa's money, isn't it?

Daniel: Yes. Yes, it is. Too bad you're not tight with your former father-in-law.

Nora: You know what? I think I'll use that in the campaign because a lot of people donít like him.

Daniel: No, they donít. But they like what he can do for them. Ciao. Hey, hey, hey, Riley, Riley. Uh -- good seeing you here again, son. Look, can I buy you lunch?

Riley: I'm meeting somebody.

Daniel: Oh. The Buchanan heiress?

Riley: Her name is Flash. She's the lead singer of our band.

Daniel: Great. Great, look. I'll treat you both.

Flash: Hey. Sorry I'm late.

Riley: I just got here myself.

Flash: Oh, looks like Nora's already got us a table.

Daniel: You're having lunch with Nora Buchanan?

Flash: Yeah. She's my friend.

Riley: I'll meet you there.

Flash: OK.

Daniel: You hate me so much you'd get in bed with my enemy?


Cristian: So, were you able to get that advance?

Kevin: $5,000 advance, right here. I take it Natalie doesn't know?

Cristian: And I donít want her to. That's if you're cool with it.

Kevin: It's the least I could do.

Cristian: So, look, Kevin, if I'm going to be working for you, there's something I need to know. That chandelier coming down -- that wasn't an accident, was it?


Kelly: I was just so worried. When that chandelier almost fell right on top of me, I just couldn't help but thinking, "what if I was pregnant?"

Dr. Perez: You donít think you are, do you?

Kelly: Come on, you know how much trouble I have conceiving.

Dr. Perez: But you're still trying, even after what I told you.

Kelly: I'm aware of the risk.

Dr. Perez: You had a very close call, Kelly. You could've been killed. Are you willing to chance that again by getting pregnant?


[Dorian laughs]

David: I donít think I fully understand this game.

Dorian: Hmm.

David: Maybe we ought to talk about what it is you think I should do to get Kelly away from her husband.

Dorian: If it should come to that, we will. In the meantime, I'm hoping she'll come to her senses on her own.

David: Yeah, well, you owe me, one way or the other.

Dorian: Once my insurance claim for theft has been settled -- look, good Lord knows I need the money. Entre nous, my creditors are really hounding me.

David: Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you were talking to someone who cared. Let's talk about the necklace.

Blair: What necklace would that be -- the one that was stolen or the one that I gave you, Dorian? And what the hell are you doing here, Vickers? Playing checkers?

David: Not very well.

Blair: You know what? I donít even want to know. I've got enough problems of my own.

David: Dorian, maybe we should talk about this later. Blair, it's always -- donít do that.

Dorian: OK, what's wrong?

Blair: Walker Laurence. He's not who he says he is.


Flynn: What are you trying to do, manning, get us both busted?

Todd: No, I just came to see you off.

Flynn: Ha! You wanted to see if I was really leaving. By tonight I will be set up in Vegas.

Todd: Make sure you stay under the radar.

Flynn: I was until you let some two-bit P.I. come sniffing around, and then your ex-wife shows up.

Todd: Donít worry about that. The P.I.'s history, and I've got Blair all under control.

Blair: I never want to see Walker Laurence again. And you are going to make sure that I donít.

Flynn: No one finds out I'm the real Walker Laurence, or you're as dead as everyone thinks you are, Todd.

Todd: And everyone knows who did it. Donít forget that letter I showed you. You donít do anything to me, and I protect your cover. The upside is we donít have to see each other's ugly face again.

Flynn: I donít know. Your ex-wife seems to like it better than the old one.

Todd: Why donít you shut up.

Flynn: Just telling it like I see it. How are you going to get her back when she can't stand you?

Todd: By being somebody else.


Dorian: Walker has been secretly running a casino in Atlantic City?

Blair: Yeah. Here I thought he was this wonderful guy who wrote great stories at The Sun and loved my children. Why is it that it seems like everybody that I know is hiding some kind of secret around me?

Dorian: Honey, just about everybody in the world is hiding a secret of some sort.

Blair: Oh, and what are you up to, Dorian?

Dorian: Why is this suddenly about me?

Blair: Because it's always about you. And why are you defending Walker, huh?

Dorian: Because I just love the way he looks whenever he sees you.

Blair: Todd used to look at me like that.

Dorian: Todd never loved you the way you deserve to be loved.

Blair: And you think Walker will? No, Dorian, I know what you're up to. You just donít want me to be around Kevin Buchanan.

Dorian: I think Walker's better for you. Why not be with him? I think he'll make you happy.

Blair: Oh, happy. So that's what this is all about?

Dorian: What's it ever about, except that I want my girls to be happy, that's all.

Blair: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Dorian: Yeah, yeah.

Blair: Uh-huh.

Dorian: Hello, Nigel. It's Dorian Lord. I'd like to speak to my niece Kelly. She went to see Dr. Perez? Are you sure?


Kelly: I've done the research. I read my file. I get it. I could have problems if I get pregnant.

Dr. Perez: Problems? Kelly, you could die or lose the baby.

Kelly: Or I could get pregnant and have a perfectly healthy baby.

Dr. Perez: Yes, you're right, but it's a very small chance.

Kelly: But it's a chance, a chance to have the baby I have always wanted.

Dr. Perez: There are other ways to have children --

Kelly: If you're talking about adoption, you can forget it. Kevin wouldn't have it. I want to carry his baby. This baby has to be Kevin's and mine.

Dr. Perez: Even if you put your life -- your very life, Kelly -- in jeopardy?

Kelly: Kevin and I have beaten the odds before. We'll beat them this time, too. I know it.


Kevin: I donít want any harm coming to my wife. Whether that chandelier coming down was an accident or not, I need someone to look out for her.

Cristian: Well, I didn't quit my job here or at the hospital to sign on as a bodyguard, Kevin.

Kevin: No, I need you for more than that.

Cristian: Well, you haven't told me what.

Kevin: Well, there's a lot that goes with being a personal assistant.

Cristian: I make terrible coffee.

Kevin: I didn't pay a $5,000 advance for that. Look, Cristian, you saved Kelly's life. You're marrying my sister, for crying out loud. You're part of the family now. You're part of the inner circle.

Cristian: And that means --

Kevin: I trust you, and I need you to trust me in return. I got to go, but we'll meet later, we'll go over the details.

Cristian: Sure.

Kevin: All right? Hey --

Cristian: OK.

Kevin: I'm glad you're with me.


Max: Larry, how's he doing?

Gabrielle: Marcie's getting better very quickly. Why isn't Al?

Larry: Well, his fever's lingering, and he's still a bit jaundiced, which means his liver's involved.

Gabrielle: OK, so, can't you give him something else?

Larry: We've already started a new round of antibiotics. We're running more tests. I'll get you the results when they get here.

Max: May we go in and see him?

Larry: Yeah, one at a time, OK?

Gabrielle: Max, you go first.

Gabrielle: So, why isn't he getting well?

Bo: Well, maybe we'll find out when we get the results of the test.

Gabrielle: No, you're right. You're right. Got to stay positive, yeah.

Bo: You have been.

Gabrielle: Yeah -- well, no, actually. No, I haven't been. I haven't been positive at all. What have I been doing? I've been wasting my time trying to make you jealous.

Bo: That doesn't matter.

Gabrielle: Yes, it does. Yeah, it matters more than ever.


Al: Dad? Thanks.

Max: For what?

Al: Marcie. Helping her.

Max: Listen, I'm here for you, too, you know.

Al: Did you bring it?

Max: You bet. Although I donít know what on earth you're going to do with it.

Al: It's -- it's something to keep me busy.


Gabrielle: Look, I have tried to accept your relationship with Nora. I have. It's just that every time I turned around, there you were together. And I'm sorry -- I just -- I didn't handle that very well at all.

Bo: Gabrielle --

Gabrielle: Please, I have to finish. I got very jealous, so I decided to make you jealous with Max. I went to meet Max at Atlantic City, but, of course, it all backfired in my face because you never found my note and I never found Max. Why didn't I find him? Because he was in the hospital with my son. And what was I doing? While my son was sick, all I was doing was worrying about myself. Well, let me tell you, I would -- I would change all of that right now, I'd give it all up, if I could make Al well, and I'm prepared to do anything even -- even give you up. So, why donít you go, Bo. Why donít you just go -- why donít you go be with Nora?

Al: What did Dr. Wolek say?

Max: Oh, you know, same old, same old. More tests.

Al: Marcie's didn't take this long.

Max: Al, look, everybody's different. You'll tough this out.

Al: Damn straight.


Bo: Gabrielle, you want me to go?

Gabrielle: I want my son to get well, Bo.

Bo: So that's what this is. You're making deals with God.

Gabrielle: If that's what it takes.

Bo: I donít think it works that way.

Gabrielle: You want to be with Nora, so, you kno----

Bo: Have you ever heard me say that?

Gabrielle: No. I see the way the two of you are together.

Bo: Yeah, we're fine.

Gabrielle: Yeah.

Bo: You know, we're good. We're friends. We laugh. We dance together. We laugh about old times. We both enjoy spending time with our son. But it's not what people see when they see you and me together.

Gabrielle: What -- what do they see?

Bo: Well, they see two people who maybe haven't found a comfortable fit yet because they're still falling in love, more and more every day. Still finding out new things about each other. They're still figuring out things. It's exciting.

Gabrielle: Do you feel that way?

Bo: Mm-hmm. And I didn't think that I ever could again.

Gabrielle: I didn't think I ever could, either.

Bo: Max and the jealousy thing -- I knew about that. I'm a cop.

Gabrielle: Why didn't you say something?

Bo: Oh, what I should have done is not make you feel so insecure.

Gabrielle: You told me not to worry about Nora.

Bo: But you didn't believe it, so I must've done something wrong. It's not going to happen again. I love you, Gabrielle. You.

Gabrielle: You do?

Bo: Do you hear what I'm saying? Good. Because I donít want you to ever doubt that again.


Daniel: This is your way of getting even with me, huh? Is that it, Riley?

Flash: Still lunch. Maybe Riley's dad isn't too wasted yet.

Nora: He drinks?

Flash: He's a total drunk. Then he goes off on Riley. I mean, you should've been there the other day. My uncle Kevin had to break it up. It was horrible.

Nora: Your un-- Kevin Buchanan? He knows about this?

Flash: I guess.

Asa: Nora, I was wondering, did you hear that channel two is endorsing my man Colson?

Flash: Grandpa, how could you back a creep like that?

Asa: Ooh. Isn't he your boyfriend's father?

Flash: Yeah, and he sucks at it.

Asa: You stick to singing, little lady. Leave the politics to me.

Daniel: What is with this lunch with Nora Buchanan?

Riley: It is just lunch. Flash lives with her, OK? It's not about you.

Daniel: I -- look, Riley, I know we donít have the same politics. But I'm your father. I'm hoping at least you'd vote for me.

Riley: Not everything is about politics, Dad.

Daniel: Look, Son, I'm sorry about the other night. I may have went a little too far.

Riley: Oh, something new about that.

Asa: Did channel two come through or what, huh?

Daniel: Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Son, look, stop by the office anytime. You know you're welcome there.

[Riley chuckles]

Daniel: That was my boy.

Asa: I know. I also know what happened the other day. Starting now, you' on the wagon. You fall off, you're on your own. I'm not going to let the likes of you mess up my plans.


Dr. Perez: Think about what I've said, Kelly. I can't caution you enough against getting pregnant.

Kelly: I know. I know, and I appreciate your concern. I do. But it is my decision.


Dorian: Oh -- fancy meeting you here. Kelly, I thought that you agreed that you were going to go see the doctor that I recommended in Philadelphia.

Kelly: Why, so he can talk me out of my dream of having a baby?

Dorian: Did Dr. Perez say you could?

Kelly: You know, I donít have time to justify my life to you, Dorian.

Dorian: Oh, and when will you, hmm? On your deathbed?

Kelly: There are plenty of other women who have had this condition and still had babies.

Dorian: How many? One, two?

Kelly: It's my life, Dorian.

Dorian: I'm your aunt. You have a husband, remember?

Kelly: Donít you even --

Dorian: He doesn't know --

Kelly: Think of telling him.

Dorian: Somebody has to.

Kelly: Dorian, if you do, you are out of my life permanently. Now, close the door.

Dorian: Hello, David. I need you.

David: I was wondering when I would hear those three little words from you. But be careful. Next comes "I love you."

Dorian: In your dreams. I need you to start making moves on Kelly.

David: No problem, but I want my payment up front.


Blair: OK, Jack, you ready to go to the park? Let's go, buddy. Hey -- Walker.

Todd: Hi. Hey, Jack. How's it going?

Blair: We're headed to the park.

Todd: Where's Starr?

Blair: School.

Todd: Hedy, go ahead and take Jack on ahead. I need to talk to Mrs. Manning.

Blair: It's Cramer, and Hedy works for me, Walker, not you.

Todd: We need to talk, Blair. You know we do.

Blair: Jack, you want to go to the park with Hedy? I'll be there in a minute? OK. Thank you, Hedy.

Hedy: We'll meet you there.

Blair: Bye. What?

Todd: I'm all done in Atlantic City. It's over. I told you that I've been wrapping it up for a while, and it's over. No more secrets, now or ever.

Blair: Am I supposed to believe that?

Todd: I'm falling in love with you. No, scratch that. I'm already there. You give me another chance.


Cristian: It's all in there, everything I owe you.

Man: Man, I almost thought your little lady was going to beat the Black Widow myself. Look --

Cristian: You got your cash. I got to go, man.

Man: Whoa, hey, whoa, whoa, whoa. Whoa, whoa. You're a little short.

Cristian: No, there's $5,000 in there. That's what I owe you. That's what we bet.

Man: There's interest due.

Cristian: Interest? You didn't say anything about interest, man.

Man: Everybody knows that that's the way it works.

Cristian: All right, how much?

Man: $1,000.

Cristian: Now, where am I supposed to get that kind of money?

Man: Listen, I could give you until tomorrow, but then it's going to cost you two grand.

Cristian: Can I write you a check?

Man: Yeah, sure, I'll take a check. Anything, as long as it's not plastic, huh? So, you got a joint account with your fiancee already, huh? Nice. All right, man. Now I know where you live if the check's rubber.

Natalie: Did you get the check I sent you? OK, well, you should be able to get it today. I can't wait to see those invitations.

[Music plays]


David: Do you have my payment?

Dorian: A deal's a deal.

David: Is this from the necklace?

Dorian: I can't carry around something that was supposedly stolen, can I?

David: What about the other 35 stones?

Dorian: You'll get them when you do the job.

David: I donít work that way.

Dorian: You donít work at all. And you can't afford to wait for the insurance money to come in. That's your problem. That's why you agreed to help me with Kelly.

David: I still donít -- I still donít know what it is you want me to do.

Dorian: I want you to keep her too busy for her husband.

David: Even a man of many charms like myself has his limits. Besides, Kelly hates me.

Dorian: Oh, David, I donít want you to seduce her. I just want you to keep her too busy for him.

David: What do you want me to do, take her miniature golfing, maybe to a tractor pull?

Dorian: Oh, please. You'll think of something, or else you won't get the rest of the necklace.

Dad: What is in it for you, anyway?

Dorian: I wouldn't at all be displeased if she left the lying cheat.

David: Oh, no. It's much more than that.

Dorian: It is. It's a matter of life and death.


Blair: So, if I hadn't followed you to Atlantic City, would you have told me?

Todd: No.

Blair: Really?

Todd: That's right. That part of my life was over.

Blair: So you can just do that? Start this whole new life, and like an old one never even existed?

Todd: See, you donít think people can change.

Blair: Who are you, Walker? Are you that slick guy that I met in Atlantic City, hiding behind those groovy glasses and the bodyguards? Huh? Are you the man that I met here in Llanview that -- that saved my life, saved my little girl's life, that makes me laugh and smile again? Are you another man all together, with secrets? Now, that's the man that I'm scared of, that's the man --

Todd: You want to know who I am?

Blair: Yeah, I do. Obviously, you're not going to tell me anyway.

Todd: You already know.

Kevin: Blair!

Blair: What is it, Kevin? Donít you even knock? You just let yourself in?

Todd: Let yourself out!

Kevin: You know what? I'm not talking to you. Maybe I should be. Read that.

Blair: "Houston, do we have a problem?"

Kevin: Come up with that headline all on your own, there? Huh?

Blair: Says that charges brought against you when you when you were named to the business council in Houston. So?

Kevin: Yeah, an opponent said I was trading political favors for information on him, but they never proved it.

Todd: Doesn't mean it didn't happen.

Kevin: So, what, you took it upon yourself to convict me in print?

Blair: Walker didn't write this.

Kevin: Oh, maybe it's not his byline, but his fingerprints are all over it.

Todd: I read about the story. I gave it to Nick at the paper. He ran with it.

Kevin: So you had him do your dirty work. That's nice.

Todd: If it wasn't me, would've been someone else.

Kevin: But it was you. This isn't politics. It's personal.

Todd: Oh, is that so? Is there some reason why that should be?

Kevin: You know what, Walker? Dig all you want. You're not going to find anything on me. I expect a retraction in tomorrow's paper.

Todd: Blair, every word in that story's accurate.

Blair: It's mudslinging.

Todd: No, it's reporting.

Blair: No -- you sound exactly like Todd.

Todd: No, I'm not Todd!

Blair: I know you're not Todd, but you keep doing things exactly like Todd would!

Todd: Like I love you?

Blair: I can't be with you.


Al: Mom, do you think you could go check on Marcie, see what's going on with her for me, please?

Max: I just looked in on her, and she was just resting.

Gabrielle: She's fine, and you're going to be fine, too.

Al: That's right, Mom.

Max: That's what I told them at the law school. They said you can start next term.

Al: Thanks, Dad.

Gabrielle: Why donít you lay back and close your eyes because we're not going anywhere. We'll be right here. I think he's looking a little better, donít you?

Bo: Could you use a break?

Gabrielle: I donít think I could leave right now. Is that OK?

Bo: Yeah, sure I'm going to check in with the station, all right?

Gabrielle: Yeah.

[Monitor beeps]

Gabrielle: What -- what is it? What's going on?

Larry: Al, Al -- Al, talk to me. Come here. Talk to me. Are you feeling pain?

Al: Tired.

Nurse: B.P. 80/40.

Larry: Check again, check again.

Gabrielle: What's happening to him? What -- he's going to be all right, isn't he?

Larry: Everybody, please, step outside. Just step outside. Come on, Al. Stay with me. Stay with me! Fluids wide open. H and H. Thank you. Clotting factor, factor five. OK, come on, Al. Stay here. Stay here. All right, he's going into shock.


Nora: I was hopelessly unhip until Flash moved in with me.

Flash: Oh, she thinks Weezer is somebody with asthma.

[Flash laughs]

Nora: What else is it? You won't tell me.

Flash: Hey. Hey, donít let him get to you.

Riley: I'm cool.

Nora: You know, we can do this another time. I have an idea. How about the day after the election? I'm going to need someone around to celebrate with.

Flash: Your dad would love that, huh?

Riley: Yeah. I got to go anyway.

Nora: OK.

Riley: Mrs. Buchanan, thank you.

Flash: I -- I'm going to go, too.

Nora: Yeah.

Flash: Yeah.

Nora: Bye-bye.

Flash: Thank you. See you at the house later.

Nora: Yeah, I'll bring it all home.

Flash: Please.


Asa: Nora Buchanan will not just roll over. If you want to beat her, no more damn slip-ups.

Daniel: Won't happen again.

Asa: Well, if something turns up at the police station that we can use against Nora --

Daniel: Kevin will be the first to know.

Asa: I'll be in touch.

Asa: When are they going to fix that damn thing?

Kevin: Tell you what, I can't believe Dawes almost killed Kelly.

Asa: Yeah, we'll take care of him. I know just how to do it.

Kelly: Hi, honey. Asa.

Kevin: What are you doing here?

Kelly: I was hoping to grab a few moments with my husband, the new Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania.

Kevin: I would love to, but I have wall-to-wall meetings all day long. Tonight, too.

Kelly: I'll wait up.

Kevin: See that you do. Asa, I'll be in the conference room.

Asa: Hey, donít worry, Kelly. He'll have a lot more time for you after the election.

Kelly: I know. Come November, everything will be a lot better.


Blair: I can't take any more Todd stuff, Walker.

Todd: I won't do it again.

Blair: God, you even sound like him now. That's what he would do. He would screw up. Then he would come and say, "oh, I'm so sorry, Blair," as if that would make up for everything, and then he would just do it over and over and over again.

Todd: If you hated him so much, why did you keep coming back to him?

Blair: Because I loved him. He could be wonderful. So wonderful to me. So wonderful to the kids.

Todd: Why'd you leave him?

Blair: I didn't leave him. He just hurt me and he hurt me and he hurt me, and I couldn't take it anymore -- not from him, not from anyone.

Hedy: Mrs. Cramer, I brought Starr home from school, but she's refusing to do her homework.

Todd: Go take care of it. I'll look after the little man.

Blair: All right, Hedy, is -- is she upstairs?

Hedy: Yes, she is.

Todd: Hey, Jack. Can you keep a secret? I'm your dad. We're going to be a big family again, and I'm going to marry your mom. It's going to take a while, though. She can't ever know who I really am, so this is going to have to keep -- stay between us. Is everything all right?

Blair: You can leave now.

Todd: Blair --

Blair: Look, I donít want to talk about any of this anymore.

Jack: Daddy.


Gabrielle: Larry, what's wrong with Al?

Larry: All right. All right, his blood pressure's improved, and he seems stable. That's a good sign.

Gabrielle: Oh, thank God.

Larry: But I'm concerned.

Max: Something else?

Larry: Yeah, I had his liver enzymes checked again, and his bilirubin, and I donít like what I saw.

Al: This is the Voice of the Night. You may never hear this, because if I make it, I'm going to kill this tape. But if you are hearing these words, it's because they're my last.


Natalie: Hey.

Cristian: Hey.

Natalie: I thought you were going to be meeting with my brother.

Cristian: I am. Here.

Natalie: Oh. Well, where have you been all afternoon?

Cristian: I was catching up on stuff.

Natalie: Oh, me, too, for the wedding. Actually, the invitations are almost ready.

Cristian: Oh, Kevin's here. I'll talk to you later. So, what is it that you're going to want me to do?

Kevin: Well, I want you to be available for now. I need you to take care of something for me. I can't do it myself.

Cristian: What? What is it?

Kevin: Well, it's one of those "donít ask, donít tell" situations. Kind of like your cash advance.


David: That looks good. Do you mind if I just give it a -- that is good. Hey, do you think I can get one of these, please? And put it on Dorian Lord's tab. Thank you.

Kelly: Excuse me. Did I invite you?

David: What, do I need an invitation engraved in gold?

Kelly: Yeah. You never change, do you?

David: That's what you like about me.

Kelly: Oh, really?

David: Yeah. Can I just have a couple more bites until mine comes?

Kelly: Why not?

David: Thank you.

Kelly: Sure.


Blair: Sometimes Jack calls men Daddy.

Todd: Probably misses his real dad.

Blair: He never really knew Todd.

Todd: Sure he did, a little.

Blair: He won't remember him. It's probably a good thing, too, because he'll just have to remember all the rotten things that he did to us, like Starr will.

Todd: Starr doesn't seem to hold it against him.

Blair: Yeah, well, she's just a little girl. Why donít you catch her in about 10 years, Walker, when she's had a lot of therapy. He did a number on her, and he did a number on all of us, and it was unforgivable.

Todd: Doesn't it mean anything to you that he's dead?

Blair: Of course it does. But it doesn't change what he did. If he were standing right here in this room, I wouldn't take him back. You know, I donít even know why we've been talking about this.

Todd: Me, either. See you later.

Todd: All right. You're right, Blair. Todd Manning is dead, and he's never coming back.

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Al: Marcie Walsh is the best thing that ever happened to me.

Marcie: We're not going to lose him. We can't let that happen.

Todd: Something really exciting is about to happenÖ

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