One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 9/9/03

By Eric
Proofread by Melissa Dann

David: Damn!

Dorian: Hello. Iíd like to report a robbery.


Elyssa: Walker Laurence. What a coincidence running into you here.

Todd: Isn't it.

Elyssa: Speaking of coincidence, guess who I found living right here in this hotel. The real Walker Laurence. So if Walker Laurence is living upstairs, who the hell are you?

Todd: Hmm. You're good. All right. You've earned it. You deserve the truth.

Elyssa: Yeah.

Todd: Drink?

Blair: What's going on here, Walker? We were just in Llanview together, and now you're sneaking around here in Atlantic City with these very large men. What's with the outfit, huh? Oh, you're not going to answer me? Thank you. You know what? I donít want to know! Goodbye and good riddance! Hey!


Kevin: Look, Ms. Collins, I donít care if it's late. You're supposed to keep me up to date on what's happened. Now, have you located the real Walker Laurence, or not? Call me back.

Kelly: Who was that?

Kevin: Just busywork. You want a nightcap?

Kelly: Iím not drinking anymore, remember?

Kevin: Well, you're not pregnant yet.

Kelly: Well, it may be too soon to tell.

Kevin: You know, I just keep thinking, if Cristian hadn't pushed you out of the way today --

Kelly: Well, he did. And Iím fine, and so is everybody else.

Kevin: You know what? Come here. Hmm.

Kelly: Kevin?

Kevin: Yeah.

Kelly: Tell me the truth, and try not to lie to protect me. Was what happened today an accident, or was that guy Dawes behind it?

Kevin: You know what? I can't prove anything yet. But, yeah, maybe.

Kelly: Oh, my God.

Kevin: You know what? Donít worry about it, Kelly. I'll handle it.

Kelly: Somebody could have been killed today, and that little girl was standing right under that chandelier before it started to fall.

Kevin: I know, but nobody was. Just like you said, everybody was OK.

Kelly: Kevin, we are in this way too deep for you to start keeping things from me. What is it this guy Dawes wants from you?

Kevin: Nothing anymore. He's a lobbyist who's used to getting what he wants, OK? He had the former lieutenant governor as his puppet. And he's finding out that he can't pull my strings, and he doesn't like it. Donít worry about it. Asa and I are going to set him straight.

Kelly: And what makes you think you can?


Asa: Whoa! Where you headed, Dawes? Find a carcass you can nibble on?

Dawes: Asa, you have such a folksy way with words.

Asa: That damn stunt you pulled -- the chandelier -- big mistake. And if you even think that the likes of something like you could ever intimidate the Buchanans or if you're stupid enough or dumb enough to make another move against us, I will have you strung up like the mangy dog you are.

Dawes: Oh, Asa, take a look at that. There's nothing we can't do. You know, there's nobody we can't get to. So be smart. Tell your grandson to withdraw, to resign. I donít know how to say this, but we just donít think he's lieutenant governor material. Check it out.


Blair: I can't take any more secrets, Walker, and you know that! But, no, you donít care. You donít care, do you? You're off here living this double life. Oh, and I should have known that. I should have, like, felt it, but, no. No, I had to come down here and find out like this! Iím just going to swear off men completely, because you're all the same! You lie, you cheat, you sneak around --

Flynn: Why donít you shut up! My God, this ranting and raving! Let me get a word in edgewise.

Blair: You'd only lie to me.

Flynn: I wonít. If you'll let me, I'll explain. Drink. Hmm.

Blair: And why should I believe anything you have to say?

Flynn: Well, just hear me out and then decide, because you may think you know what's going on here, but believe me, you donít.



David: Dorian, you witch!

Dorian: David? Going so soon?

David: How could you call the cops on me?

Dorian: You broke into my house, and in that outfit.

David: You double-crossed me!

Dorian: Where is the necklace? Pardonnez-moi. Oh, just as I thought -- you ransacked my personal property so thoroughly, and yet you didn't find it.

David: You know what? Why donít we let Count Valmont settle this?

Dorian: David, Iím so sorry. I have to break this dreadful news to you. You see -- oh, yes. Hmm. Count de Valmont -- he died -- ooh -- a month ago. But Iím still going to give you an A minus, for effort.

David: All right, I give up. What is it you want?

Dorian: OK, Kelly is about to make a very serious mistake. I can't get through to her. You -- you have got to keep her busy.

David: Busy?

Dorian: Yes, too distracted to spend one-on-one time with her charming husband.

David: You want me to break up Kelly's marriage?

Dorian: Not unless it's absolutely necessary. Distract her. As I recall, distraction is one of your specialties.

[Sirens stop]

[Knock on door]


Asa: Oh, Kelly. Honey. Wow, you showed them how it's done.

Kelly: What, how to dodge a falling chandelier?

Asa: Iím so proud of you. How you holding up?

Kevin: Cut the act, Asa. She knows about Dawes.

Asa: Well, donít you worry your pretty little head about that --

Kelly: He tried to kill us, Asa, or at least scare us half to death, and it almost worked. Hey, we are all worried, so what's the sense in pretending?

Kevin: I can't keep anything from her.

Asa: Well, that's what I've been telling you.

Kelly: So what are we going to do about this? Huh? How are we going to handle this guy? I am not going to watch everything that we have worked so hard for just go up in smoke.

Kevin: That is not going to happen.

Kelly: It will if Dawes wins.

Asa: It wonít. I promise you, honey, it wonít.

Kelly: Good. Then I'll leave it to you. Well, it's been a long day. I want to go to bed.

Kevin: OK.

Kevin: Oh, man.

Asa: What part of "stay the hell away from that tramp" couldn't you understand?

Kevin: Iím sorry. What -- what just happened?

Asa: Dawes happened! He's got pictures, for God's sakes, which leave little to the imagination!

Kevin: Oh, come on, relax, Asa. He tried that routine on me, but I called him on it.

Asa: Like what?

Kevin: Well, I made him believe that Kelly already knew. I mean, come on, the threat is moot.

Asa: What if he takes these pictures to a tabloid? You cannot afford a sex scandal. Guaranteed poison! But on the other hand, pal, you could bankrupt this country. No problem, as long as you never cheat on your wife!

Kevin: Oh, you know what? Back off! Just back off, old man! I am so sick of you sticking your nose in my business! You know what? You donít run my life. I run my life, OK? You got it?


Flynn: Ahem -- so you -- ahem -- so you see, this was all going on before we met.

Blair: Yeah, and apparently it still is. What's with your


Flynn: Ha. Well, you donít like my -- my Atlantic City outfit?

Blair: What do you think? What is this, your Atlantic City lounge act?

Flynn: Well, everyone has their secrets, Blair. This place is mine. For a little while. And Iím getting out of here as fast as I can.

Blair: Oh, that's convenient.

Flynn: Well, it's the truth. As of the first of next week, this room will be empty and this part of my past will be nothing but a bad memory.

Blair: What -- what past are you -- what are you involved in, Walker? Tell me!

Flynn: I -- I run this --

Blair: What?

Flynn: I run this casino. I inherited it from my father. Not Reverend Laurence. The man who he gave me to. Flynn, the man who raised me.

Blair: So what's so bad about this?

Flynn: Well, this place -- it's not as glamorous as you might think. It's dangerous, it's cold, it's cutthroat. Ahem. I just wanted to keep you from harm's way.

Blair: I donít like lies. I think I told you that.

Flynn: Well, it's almost over, Blair. I just need a few more days.

Blair: Oh --

Flynn: Can you give me that? Can you trust me?

Blair: You? Trust you? Iím never going to trust you again, Walker. In fact, I donít think Iím going to be able to ever trust anyone. I swear to God you're exactly like --

Flynn: Todd?

Blair: Iím leaving.

Flynn: Fine, go.

Blair: Get out of my way!

Flynn: Start packing. I want this place cleared out by midnight.

Flynn: Damn you, Todd Manning. I wish I had never laid eyes on you.


Todd: I have to hand it to you. You're much more talented than I expected. And you figured it out much earlier than anyone else.

Elyssa: Enough flattery. Who are you?

Todd: You're right. Iím not who I've pretended to be. Yeah, I might as well tell you because in a minute, you'd have figured it out on your own. Iím Batman.

Elyssa: Oh. Oh, what --

Man: Relax.

Todd: Well, I sent a guy to Morocco once. I hear it's beautiful there this time of year. .


Dorian: Thank you, officers. I so appreciate it. I regret having wasted your time.

Dorian: I could use a drink.

David: You and me both.

Dorian: You remember where the bar is, donít you?

David: You know, as much as I hate to admit it, I got to hand it to you, Dorian. You're as good as ever.

Dorian: No. Iím better. Much better.

David: Olive?

Dorian: Oh --

David: Two olives.

Dorian: Mm-hmm.

David: So where's that necklace?

Dorian: No, let's get back to the subject at hand. We were talking about Kelly. You agreed to help me with her. She's about to make a life-threatening mistake. I've tried, but I cannot get her to listen to reason.

David: Oh. And you think that I'll have better luck?

Dorian: Thank you. If you want the money and the diamond, you will.

David: All right. Tell me what to do.

Dorian: Uh-huh.


Kelly: Now, what?

Kevin: This isn't going to be a problem, Kelly. We'll deal with it like we always do.

Kelly: Yeah. I know.

Kevin: Iím going to take a shower.

Kelly: Yeah, like we always do.


Blair: Oh Ė

Bartender: What'll it be?

Blair: I'll have a vodka, rocks -- actually, make it a double. Whew. Thanks.


Todd: What happened with Blair? Does she know?

Flynn: I should have told her.

Todd: But you didn't?

Flynn: You know, Todd, I let you take over my identity because I thought you had the brains to pull it off. But you are rapidly becoming more of a liability than an asset.

Todd: Why donít you talk to me like a human being?

Flynn: Hmm. Let me see if I can make it more simple for you. Iím going to kill you.


Blair: Oh, Blair. How many times is this going to happen? How many times is it going to take?


Todd: I need to get something from my pocket.

Man: I'll do it.

Todd: That's a copy, of course, one of many. And I have arranged to have them sent to a long list of people, one of whom is the attorney general of New Jersey, just in case something untoward were to happen to me. So, I donít think Walker Laurence is going to die anytime soon.

Flynn: Touche. So, what do we do about Blair?

Todd: Just tell me what you said to her.

Flynn: Well, I told her I was begging out of the whole business, that I only had eyes for Llanview, Pennsylvania, that I never wanted to be a big bad gambler, blah, blah, blah. I donít think it took. She was quite angry when she left.

Todd: I can fix it. I have to.


[Pounding on door]

Blair: Walker, open the door!


Blair: Come on, Walker! Iím not through with you, Walker!

Todd: Good.


Nigel: Something worrying you?

Asa: I donít know. You try your best, do what's right, and somehow you end up getting kicked in the teeth.

Nigel: Who's kicked you, sir?

Asa: Iím not going to apologize for the life I've led. Hell, I built an empire. Yeah, sure, I made a few mistakes.

Nigel: A few?

Asa: All right, plenty. But I paid for every last one of them.

Nigel: I take it someone in the family was less than anxious to heed your extremely well-meant advice?

Asa: You -- you'd think they'd know better by now.

Kevin: I couldn't agree more.

Asa: I thought you weren't talking to me anymore.

Nigel: Good night, sir. Mr. Buchanan.

Asa: Nigel? Thanks.

Kevin: Good night.

Kevin: Iím sorry, grandpa. I was wrong before. You called me on it, and I got defensive. I shouldn't have yelled at you and --

Asa: Well, you can't make any more mistakes.

Kevin: Will you stick with me? Because I need you

Asa: Well, you can't get rid of me that easy, Kevin. And you listen to this, this one thing.

Kevin: All right.

Asa: Donít you dismiss Dawes or his threats. And for God's sakes, donít give him any more ammunition.

Kevin: No. Donít worry, I wonít. I am through with Blair. I am going to make my marriage work. And God willing, by the time the election rolls around, Kelly will be carrying our baby.

[Music plays]

Kelly: Please.


Todd: Iím not particularly proud of this part of my life. But it's just been what I do with it. It's never been who I am. I just -- I kept doing it because it's easier -- it's easier to keep doing it than it is to let it go. My past, I mean.

Blair: So why quit now?

Todd: You.

Blair: I donít understand what's so bad about this life. Hell, Iím no angel.

Todd: You look like one. Will you give me another chance?

Blair: I can't figure you out, Walker Laurence. I mean, I walk in here one minute and I say something about your clothes. You know, obviously, I hurt your feelings, you went off and changed. I swear, an hour ago, you looked like something right out of an Italian movie.

Todd: Well, when Iím in this place, I have to look a little bit more threatening. But it's over. Iím out of here. The last thing in the world I ever wanted to do was turn you off. Have I? Will you give me a second chance, please? I need a second chance.

Blair: And why should I give you one?

Todd: Iím in love with you.

Blair: How can you be in love with me? You donít even know me.

Todd: I know you better than you think I do.

Blair: Well, I still donít understand what the big deal is -- why you wanted to keep this a secret from me, and -- or you felt that you had to keep it a secret from me.

Todd: I donít always make the smart choice.

Blair: Well, it's not the best way to start a relationship. You know that.

Todd: Blair, you donít know how hard I've tried.

Blair: Iím going to go.

Todd: Where do we stand?

Blair: I donít know.

[Door closes]

Flynn: Ah, bravo, Todd. You got your work cut out for you. But she certainly seems worth the fight.

Todd: You have no idea.


Woman: Miss, are you OK?

Blair: Iím fine. Iím fine.


[Dorian laughs]

David: What are you laughing at?

Dorian: Oh, nothing. It's just as much as I despise you, I keep wondering why the Gods keep throwing us in each other's paths.

[Music plays]

David: Well, the Gods obviously have a sick sense of humor, and besides, you donít despise me. You just pretend that you do.

Dorian: Oh, you make it so easy.

David: Hmm.

Dorian: After everything you put me through. And you are an amoral, selfish, egotistical -- I mean, you name it, God. You are, you have been, and you always will be alone.

David: It's like we were separated at birth, huh?

Dorian: Oh, please! Iím nothing like that.

David: You're alone, same as I am.

Dorian: I like my solitude. Oh, yes. No relationship is better than a bad relationship, and I am not bored.

David: I believe I never had a problem maintaining your interest.

Dorian: David, come on. Darling, it's a little late in the game for you to be playing the seduction card.

David: Well, the subject may have been Kelly, but Kelly's business. Iím officially off the clock right now.

Dorian: Oh, no. Donít you even think of reneging.

David: I'll tackle that subject tomorrow, but right now the weather's sort of sultry, the jazz is moody, and I think that martini's kicking in.

Dorian: Hmm.

David: So why ignore the elements? Huh?

Dorian: David, even if you had a shot, seducing me is not the answer to your problems.

David: Well, you can't blame a guy for trying, so I'll see you tomorrow.

David: Hey, Dorian. I sort of missed you, too. I'll see you.

Dorian: Adieu.

[Music plays]


Kevin: Honey, what's wrong?

Kelly: I couldn't sleep, so I just came down here to read. I didn't want the light to bother you.

Kevin: Yeah. I couldn't sleep, either. I just kept thinking about what could have happened to you today and, you know -- I donít ever want to lose you.

Kelly: Oh. Honey, you wonít. I signed on till death do us part.

Kevin: You know what? I am starving. What do you say that we go raid Asa's kitchen?

Kelly: Oh, no. Well, Iím actually not hungry, but I'll have some hot tea.

Kevin: All right, you go start the kettle and I'll be in in a minute. Iím just going to check with The Banner.

Kelly: Now?

Kevin: Well, the news never sleeps.

Kelly: Hmm, doesn't look like anyone's sleeping tonight.

Kevin: Kelly, I love you. And I know that sometimes I -- I donít show it or say it, you know, and it seems like Iím ignoring you because of work and the campaign and everything, but, you know, I need you. Right?

Kelly: Iím still here, aren't I?


[Music plays]

Blair: I have to let go of you, Todd. But you make it so hard. You have this crazy, strange hold over me. And I hate you for it.


Todd: I can't do this. I can't pull this off.


Blair: Damn it, Todd! Why can't I get you out of my heart once and for all? You've made it so I can't trust anyone. I keep expecting them to be you.

[Music stops]

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Kelly: You never change, do you?

David: That's what you like about me.

Blair: Walker Laurence -- he's not who he says he is.

Flynn: How are you going to get her back when she can't stand you?

Todd: By being somebody else.

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