One Life to Live Transcript Friday 9/5/03

By Eric
Proofread by Melissa Dann

David: Try to keep your hormones under control.

Dorian: Oh, don't flatter yourself.

David: Your eyes betray you.

Dorian: Well, I was just about to make a suggestion.

David: Oh, yeah? What would that suggestion be?

Dorian: That you get your lazy carcass out of bed.

David: You calling me a carcass?

Dorian: Well, I guess I could have added "your lazy, greedy carcass" because you could have checked into the Palace Hotel last night, but, no, you had to be near your precious diamonds.

David: Why, Dorian Lord, you sound jealous.

Dorian: Hardly.

David: You know, no one would blame you for having fond memories about our marriage. You can share your true feelings with me.

Dorian: My memories are hardly fond.

David: OK, so the days were pretty much hell, but the nights, when we stopped fighting --

Dorian: Oh -- that's ancient history.

David: I don't think you've forgotten how compatible we could be.


Kelly: Hey.

Kevin: Hmm.

Kelly: Thought you'd be up by now.

Kevin: I needed to recover from last night.

Kelly: So, think we made a baby?

Kevin: Oh, we sure as hell tried. You feel lucky?

Kelly: Yeah. Yeah, I do. Today's the big day -- everything we talked about, everything we've been planning for.

Kevin: Yeah, it's all coming together.

Kelly: Yeah. Yeah. So get up.

Kevin: I am.

Kelly: Get out of bed.

Kevin: I知 tired.


Asa: Governor. You remember my son Bo?

Gov. Brooks: Commissioner.

Bo: Governor.

Gov. Brooks: Good to see you.

Asa: This fine lady, the former Mrs. Bo Buchanan.

Nora: Nora Buchanan, Llanview's District Attorney's office. It's really an honor.

Gov. Brooks: It's a pleasure. Now, Asa, what do I have to veto in order to get a wedding invitation?

Renee: Oh, Governor, you're so kind. We haven't set a date yet.

Asa: When it happens, Governor, Renee here will be my 13th. Oh, hey, look who's here. Governor, I would like you to meet Daniel Colson.

Daniel: It's a pleasure, sir.

Gov. Brooks: Colson. Now, you're replacing Howard Gannon?

Daniel: Hank Gannon. The mayor appointed me District Attorney just this morning.

Nora: Acting District Attorney.

Daniel: Well, of course, until November, when the voters make it permanent.

[Nora chuckles]

Gov. Brooks: Well, if you'll excuse me --

Asa: Governor.

Nora: If. That's a big, big if, not a when.

Daniel: Not with the backing of Asa Buchanan and the endorsement of The Banner.

Nora: Yes. Kevin and Asa. No surprise there. Who else in your family's on his side?

Bo: Huh.


Roxy: I don't know. I feel like it's missing something, like leopard pillows, a big, fluffy couch over there, and a plasmatic TV screen.

Nigel: Adequate sleeping accommodations, perhaps?

Roxy: What do you mean?

Nigel: This --

Roxy: Oh. Oh, yeah. You know, excuse me, but this is not going to work at all because we need two beds. Because him and I -- I know it, you know, must look like something else, but it's not because, you know, we're just buddy pals. We won this talent contest. Well, actually, we didn't win. We came in as runners-up. And if you ask me, we were robbed. But I wasn't really sure that we should come here in the first place because --

Man: I知 sorry, ma'am. This is the only room we've got. The hotel is booked. There's a big pool tournament downstairs.


Natalie: What's the point, Max? I mean, she's got it in the bag.

Max: It's not over yet.

Natalie: This is the last round. There is no way she's going to miss this shot.

Max: You just be ready to sink that eight ball if she does.

Man: Got a lot of green riding on this one, huh?

Cristian: No, no, my fiancee's playing in the tournament.

Man: The redhead?

Cristian: Yeah.

Man: Little lady's still got a good chance of taking this thing.

Cristian: I hope so.

Man: Too bad you didn't place a bet. You and your girl could've had a hell of a payday.

[Cheers and applause]


Dorian: OK. You got to eat fast and -- oh, for Pete's sake, will you get dressed? We've got things to do.

David: Pipe down. The press conference doesn't start till this afternoon.

Dorian: Yes, but that doesn't give us much time to go over the plan. I mean, we've got to make sure you know what to do.

David: I知 going to make sure you know what you need to do.

Dorian: Oh, fine. Well, you can hardly steal the necklace if you can't get the clasp open from around my neck, OK?

David: I think I can handle one clasp. Let's give it a shot.

Dorian: OK.

Blair: David Vickers? What the hell is he doing here, Dorian?


Nora: You run unopposed, and that would save Asa some big bucks, wouldn't it? Because he is your primary backer, right? Is that it? You never answered that question to my satisfaction, Asa. I知 sure that the governor would love to know, love to know why Mr. Personality here should be D.A.

Daniel: Oh, well, Mr. Personality will be D.A.

Nora: There's a little, small thing called an election that has to happen first.

Asa: Nora, face the facts. You don't have a chance. So why do you want to humiliate yourself?

Nora: Humiliate? Oh, the person who's going to end up humiliating himself --

Bo: You know what? I think we should go to the printer and check on all your campaign material.

Nora: Just keep the smug, confident smile. I want it on your face when I win.


Natalie: $500 just for playing pool.

Max: No, it was for winning at pool.

Cristian: I told you. I told you you'd win.

Natalie: Jess!

Jessica: Natalie.

Natalie: I didn't think you'd make it.

Al: Hi, Dad.

Max: What brings you two to Atlantic City?

Jessica: We all came to cheer you on.

Max: Well, in that case, you're a little late. The tournament's over.

Jessica: Oh.

Natalie: But guess what -- I won.

Al: Yeah.

Jessica: It all?

Natalie: Yeah.

Jessica: Get out!

Al: I heard you were pretty good, too.

Marcie: Yeah. Sorry we missed it.

Cristian: You can still see her play.

Natalie: Yeah, I have another match later, but I don't expect to win that one.

Jessica: Why not?

Natalie: Well, because I知 only playing against one of the best pool players in the world, the Black Widow.

Max: Natalie won it as part of the tournament. She gets to play against the best. It's a learning experience.

Natalie: Yeah. I知 going to have to learn how to smile when she wipes the floor with me.

Marcie: I thought I saw a Black Widow once in my grandmother's attic. I never went up there again.

Al: Oh, my God.

Marcie: What?

Al: Marcie --

Marcie: What?

Al: What is that on your arm?

Marcie: What? What?

[Al and Marcie laugh]

Marcie: Ooh, I知 so sorry.

Natalie: Marcie, Al, Jess, this is the Black Widow, Jeanette Lee.

Jeanette: Nice to meet you.

Al: Nice to meet you.

Jeanette: Hi. Pleasure.

Jessica: Nice to meet you.


[Phone rings]

Kevin: Buchanan.

Elyssa: It's Elyssa Collins, Mr. Buchanan. I have tracked down Walker Laurence.

Kevin: You've seen him?

Elyssa: Not yet. But he's definitely here at the Xanadu Casino.

Kevin: Well, when you find him, don't let him out of your sight.

Elyssa: I won't.

Kevin: I知 not available this afternoon. I値l get back to you as soon as I can.

Kelly: I heard you say "him". Were you referring to the real Walker Laurence?

Kevin: Yeah, we're finally going to come face to face with him in Atlantic City.

Kelly: So, if the real Walker Laurence is in Atlantic City, then who's with Blair in Hilton Head?

Kevin: I don't know.

Kelly: I don't know. The guy I met doesn't seem like the kind of guy that would do this sort of thing.

Kevin: That's exactly what he wants you to think. But remember who bought The Sun out from under me. You don't just do that without an agenda.

Kelly: He did it for Starr and Blair. Well, at least that's what he said.

Kevin: What about when he had you convinced that I was having an affair with your cousin, huh? Who'd he do that for? We can't take a chance, OK? The guy is trouble, and I want him stopped. I mean, I want to find out everything I can about this yahoo posing as Walker Laurence. He's going to wish he never moved to Llanview.


David: Though I may need to take out a restraining order against you, Blair, you look radiant nonetheless.

Blair: And you're looking mighty cozy with my aunt. Put your shirt on. What's going on, Dorian, huh?

[Dorian laughs]

Dorian: You know, this is the way that vicious rumors get started. Yes, I had this terrible --

David: Kink.

Dorian: Kink in my neck, and David very kindly offered to --

David: To work it out for her.

Dorian: Yes.

Blair: Oh, wait. Now let me get this straight. You had a pain in your neck. David offers to come over and massage it out with his shirt off?

Dorian and David: So?

Blair: So, the last time I heard, you two hated each other.

David: Blair, that's why I知 here -- to make amends for causing Dorian so much pain and heartache over the years.

Blair: With your shirt off.

Dorian: And not being one to hold a grudge, I decided to accept his gracious apology.

Blair: With his shirt off.

Dorian: Yeah. Ahem. All's well that ends well.

David: You know, your friend looks awfully anxious to meet me. Maybe you should --

Blair: Walker Laurence, David Vickers.

David: Laurence, as in

Dorian: Mitch's brother.

David: Oh, Mitch's brother. Hey, look at this big guy, huh? Hey, Jack. You remember your uncle --

Todd: You touch that kid, I知 going to kill you. Eat indoors.

David: Whoa, them's fighting words, Tex. When did you become little Jack's big protector?

Todd: Anyone who knows anything about you would do the same.

David: Hey, I wouldn't harm a hair on this little guy's head. He and I go way back. But I値l tell you, I bet he doesn't remember when his evil father told poor Blair here that her little baby was d-e-a-d.

Blair: Come here, Jack. And you didn't have any problem going right along with it for a very large fee, I知 sure.

David: A -- Todd threatened to cut my tongue out if I told, Blair.

Dorian: Yeah? That sounds like Todd.

Blair: Well, Todd isn't here anymore.

David: Well, I wish I could say that I知 sorry for your loss, but the last time I saw your ex, he was extremely nasty.

Blair: What's that supposed to mean, Vickers?

David: Well, he couldn't exactly have me around, knowing that I could tell the truth about little Jack, so he arranged a little trip for me to Morocco, which lasted approximately 13 months, 10 days, seven hours, four minutes, and some odd seconds rotting in some horrible Moroccan prison.

Todd: Sounds to me like you got off easy.

David: Just exactly what is your problem, Mitch's brother? You don't even know me.

Todd: No, that's my problem. I do know you.


Bo: Sorry about the detour.

Nora: That's all right.

Bo: But there it is, right where I left it, charging up.

Nora: Hey, Bo?

Bo: Yeah?

Nora: Level with me. You wouldn't waste your time on my campaign if you didn't think I had a chance, would you?

Bo: Think you got a lot more than a chance. I don't think it's going to be easy.

Nora: Well, no, because I知 up against Kevin's newspaper and Asa's money.

Bo: It's because Pa always backs candidates that he thinks he can use after the election. See, you don't qualify.

Nora: Why doesn't he just give up and retire? Really, travel with Renee, you know? Take -- he loves Flash. Why doesn't he just take her and show her the world?

Bo: Because Pa is not going to rest until Kevin is living in the governor's mansion.

Nora: Oh, wait till he finds out that Matthew's his grandson. Bo -- oh, my gosh. Maybe we shouldn't tell him. Wait till he gets his hooks into Matthew.

Bo: No, that's not going to happen, I promise you.


Roxy: This isn't exactly the lap of luxury, you know, but, still --

Nigel: You know, I shall sleep on the floor.

Roxy: I ain't going to kick you out of the bed. I mean, this is your room, too, you know.

Nigel: Oh, but it was your idea to enter us in the talent competition. I wouldn't even be here otherwise.

Roxy: True, I知 the one with the voice. But, you know, without your Sonny, where would my Cher be? I'd just be another beautiful babe with cheekbones and a low voice. But, you know, we're not even going to sleep here because I haven't played the slots in months and I want to go downstairs.

Nigel: Oh, no, no, no. No, gambling -- I think not.

Roxy: What are you, a betaholic like Max is?

Nigel: No, no, nothing like that.

Roxy: Then what's the problem?

Nigel: Wagering money -- the stress can cause me to break out in a most uncomfortable rash in an unmentionable area.

Roxy: That's very charming. Thanks for sharing. Nige, baby, this is Atlantic City. This is your vacation. Come on, you got to loosen it up a little bit.

Nigel: No, I think not.

Roxy: OK, rule number one -- scared money loses.

Nigel: I値l try to commit that to memory. Anything else I should know?

Roxy: OK, we're going to work our way downstairs because there's a Jackpot with our name written all over it.


Jeanette: Your break.

Al: Last night was unbelievable.

Marcie: Really? You're not just saying that?

Al: It's all I can think about. That and when I can get you alone again.

Marcie: Me, too.

Al: You feel a little warm. Are you OK?

Marcie: Yeah. No, I知 fine.

Al: You sure? I mean, are you just saying you're fine? Because you have been through a lot lately.

Marcie: I知 fine, and it's over. There's nothing to worry about.

Al: Deke and Madison -- I hope they get charged with attempted murder.

Marcie: Yeah. Well, you know, the only thing they've managed to do is get more people on my side. Everybody's been really great.

Al: That's true. But I知 not going to take my eyes off of you.


Roxy: Oh. What's going on here? All of Llanview is in Atlantic City. Oh, my God, it's the Black Widow!

Nigel: Black Widow?

Jessica: She's a world champion pool player, and Natalie gets to play with her as her prize for winning the tournament.

Roxy: Look, I got to tell you, everything that Nattie knows about pool she learned from me in Atlantic City. I used to take her --

Jessica: Roxy, Roxy --

Roxy: Wait a -- wait a second, wait a second. I got to get her autograph. You got a piece of paper?

Jessica: She's in the middle of a game here, Roxy.

Roxy: Oh.

Jessica: Yeah.

Roxy: OK.

Jessica: Sorry.


Man: Your bride-to-be is going to go all the way.

Cristian: Yeah, looks like it.

Man: Hey, why don't we make this one interesting this time?

Cristian: No, thanks.

Roxy: How interesting?

Man: Say five grand?

Cristian: That's a little too interesting for me.

Man: No cash down required.

Cristian: No, really. Thank you.

Roxy: Hey, hold on a sec. A lot of beauty but no brains. What, are you crazy? She's on fire, man.

Cristian: Roxanne, I can't afford $5,000.

Roxy: Well, you're not going to lose the money. Look at her. She's kicking butt out there. Go for it before he changes his mind.

Cristian: Is that offer still on?

Man: $5,000 on the redhead?

Cristian: You're on.


David: You do seem kind of familiar. You say we've met?

Dorian: David, didn't you say you had someplace to go? Let me see you out.

David: No.

Dorian: Come on. Yes. An appointment, I知 sure. Reverend Carpenter, wasn't it?

Blair: I guess I don't have to ask you how you felt about David Vickers.

Todd: No, you don't. I read that guy's dossier down at The Sun.

Blair: Oh, please tell me he is not staying in town. I swear, that man is trouble.

Dorian: We have to get ready for the press conference, OK? I will meet you at the country club.

David: Oh, so I should just leave you here with the necklace? I don't think so. I知 staying right here.

Dorian: OK, fine. Shower upstairs, but do it quickly because I don't want anyone to see you.

David: You know, why don't you just calm down a little bit? We got plenty of time. We could use our time wisely.

Dorian: Oh -- you know, I really -- I didn't get a chance to tell you something very important. There's someone quite special in my life now.

David: Who?

Dorian: I can't go into it --

David: Hey, you know what? You ought to go for the governor. All you care about is false power, and money, anyway. He's perfect for you.

Dorian: Oh, yeah.

[Dorian chuckles]


Kelly: Dorian? Dorian?

[Blair laughs]

Blair: It's good. So, tell me --

Kelly: Hi.

Blair: That's a bad thing. You're such a bad --

Kelly: Hi. Hello.

Blair: Oh, I知 sorry.

Kelly: Hi.

Blair: I didn't -- didn't hear you come in, Kelly.

Kelly: Blair, Walker. Can I talk to you for a minute?

Blair: Sure.

Kelly: In private? It's important.

Blair: Oh, OK. I will be right back, Jack. You keep drawing that scarecrow.

Kelly: Blair, I need to warn you about Walker.

Blair: What? What about him?

Kelly: He's an impostor.

Blair: Walker's an impostor? What the hell are you talking about?

Kelly: There is a man in Atlantic City, a private investigator. Kevin had him look into --

Blair: OK, OK, time out. Stop --

Kelly: Pin him down and --

Blair: Stop right now. I don't want to hear anything --

Kelly: You need to hear this.

Blair: That you have to say or Kevin has to say about Walker. No one, all right?

Kelly: I realize you care about him --

Blair: Listen -- just listen to me. Walker's been nothing but kind to me since he came to town. He saved Starr's life. He saved my life.

Kelly: OK. OK, I知 sorry I said anything. Where's Dorian?

Blair: I don't know. She was with David Vickers. Do you know he's in town?

Kelly: Yeah, unfortunately.

Blair: Yeah, tell me about it.

Kelly: All right. Well, I got to go. Just tell Dorian I値l meet her at the press conference, OK?

Blair: OK.

Todd: So, anyway, Jack coerces this giant on to this drawbridge. But when the giant steps on the drawbridge, he's so huge, the drawbridge collapses and the giant falls --

[Todd imitates sound effect]

Todd: Into the sea and he drowns. So, Jack being, you know, pretty savvy, he steals the giant's assets and distributes them among the townspeople -- just, though, people he likes. And when they find out that he killed the giant, they declare him king. And, you know, he undergoes some kind of annointment or whatever, and he becomes king Jack, the giant killer. Pretty good?

Blair: I think it's great, but I think you're, like, leaving out some, like, beanstalk or something, right?

Todd: Magic beans? You think this kid is going to fall for magic beans?

[Blair laughs]

Blair: Probably not.

Todd: Look at him.

Blair: Yes, I知 watching him. Oh.

Todd: What?

Blair: Well, it just -- seeing you with him -- it's strange. It's --

Todd: Strange good, I hope.

Blair: Yes, strange good. And Jack is -- he can be a tough kid. I haven't seen him warm up to anyone like this ever.


Roxy: What'd I tell you, man? She's going to make you $5,000.

Cristian: Oh.

Roxy: So, since when do you listen to me?

Cristian: Just keep your mouth shut about the bet, OK?

Roxy: I値l take it to my grave.

Cristian: Yeah, let's just hope I don't have to take it to mine.

Natalie: Congratulations. You were incredible.

Jeanette: Well, you gave me a real run for my money. You've got real talent. Don't let it go to waste.

Natalie: Thanks.

Cristian: Hey. You were great.

Natalie: Can you believe it? I actually thought that I had it going there for a minute.

Cristian: Yeah, yeah, me, too.

Natalie: Well, it's a good thing I wasn't playing for money.

Jessica: You were fantastic.

Natalie: I lost, remember?

Jessica: Oh --

Max: But you held your own.

Man: Tough break.

Cristian: Yeah. Yeah, look, I don't have your money. Like I said, I don't keep $5,000 lying around.

Man: Well, hey, man, no problem at all.

Cristian: I知 going to need some time.

Man: You got a week. You're good for the money, right?

Cristian: Yeah. Yeah, sure.

Man: Because everybody knows what happens to a guy who welches on a bet.


Gabrielle: Hi. I didn't realize you'd be home. How about I make us some coffee?

Bo: You know what? We're on our way to the country club.

Gabrielle: Oh. That's a very pleasant place to have a business meeting.

Nora: Well, it's the governor's press conference.

Bo: Yeah. You busy? You want to come?

Gabrielle: Oh -- well, if you don't mind, I値l pass on this one because I really should stay back and do my column tonight.

Bo: OK. Well, I値l see you tonight.

Gabrielle: OK. Bye.

Nora: Bye, Gabrielle.

Gabrielle: Bye, Nora.

Gabrielle: Everything's always so important. Everything except me.

[Phone rings]

Max: Hello.

Gabrielle: It's me. I知 on my way up to Crossroads, but I just thought I should give you a heads-up because I知 in a little bit of a state, so -- ahem --

Max: Well, if you want to talk now, you're going to have to do some traveling. I知 in Atlantic City.

Gabrielle: What are you doing in Atlantic City?

Max: Natalie wanted her pool coach with her. Hey, listen, Marcie and Al are here. You want to join us?

Gabrielle: You know, I think I just might do that.

Max: All right, meet us at the Xanadu Casino.

Gabrielle: OK, see you there. OK. "Bo, Max just made me a better offer." Hmm.


Man: You're in my book. One week.

Natalie: So, I wonder if I知 going to get a rematch.

Max: You could beat her one day.

Jessica: You almost did.

Natalie: Well, I don't think I would have gotten any of those shots in if all of you guys weren't here rooting me on.

Roxy: Well, I think we're wasting precious gambling time.

Nigel: Perhaps we might take in a show first.

Jessica: You know what? I have to go, too. I promised Kevin that I'd go to this press conference at the country club.

Cristian: Yeah, we should probably get going, too, huh?

Natalie: Yeah. Later, coach.

Max: Good job.

Al: Bye.

Marcie: Hey, you know what? I think that I should go home, too. I fibbed before. I think I知 not feeling well. I知 coming down with something.

Max: Hey, listen, just take my key, go upstairs, and lie down for a while.

Al: Yeah, that's a good idea because she's burning up.

Marcie: Yeah.

Al: You definitely have a fever.

Marcie: Think I do. I feel dizzy. Whoa --

Al: Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa -- here.

Max: Marcie, are you all right?

Marcie: I think I need to go to the hospital.

Max: You're going to be fine, OK?

Al: Dad, she's not going to be fine. She's burning up.

Max: No --

Al: She's really, really hot.

Max: She's right. We need to get her to the hospital.

Al: OK.


Daniel: And now that I've taken over as D.A., the election will be a mere formality.

Reporter: Does that mean Nora Buchanan's dropping out of the race?

Nora: I値l answer that. I believe the citizens of Llanview deserve a choice, so I will be running against Mr. Colson for the position of district attorney. I have great faith in the intelligence of the citizens of Llanview.

Kevin: Well, I see you made it for the big announcement.

Mr. Dawes: Oh, I just came by to see if you made the right decision.

Kevin: I have. I've decided I won't cave to blackmail.

[Mr. Dawes laughs]

Kevin: Ever.

Mr. Dawes: I wonder how the governor will feel when he learns that Kevin Buchanan is not such a fine, upstanding family man, huh? Oh, and that beautiful wife of yours -- I wonder what she's going to do when she learns that you and her cousin --

Kevin: Well, there she is. Why don't I go ask her right now? Hi.

Kelly: Hi.

Kevin: Where's Dorian?

Kelly: Oh, she's coming on her own. Why are we whispering?

Kevin: I値l tell you in a minute.

Kelly: Hey, I tried to warn Blair about Walker.

Kevin: Tried?

Kelly: She didn't want to hear it. She really likes the guy, and he's really good with her kids, and he's crazy about her.

Kevin: Except he's lied about everything he's ever told her.

Kelly: I know. I know. That's what worries me. She's definitely going to get her heart broken, but, meanwhile, I've never seen her care about someone this much since Todd.


Blair: Huh. Can't believe we finally got him to sleep.

Todd: Oh, Jack's just worried if he takes a nap, he's going to miss something.

Blair: I値l tell you what -- it's days like today that I think, "oh, no, if Jack grows up to be anything like his big sister, I知 in trouble."

Todd: What do you mean? Totally fearless? Smart as hell?

Blair: I can't believe you really do like my kids.

Todd: Oh, yeah, I do, a lot.

Blair: Well, they're absolutely crazy about you.

Hmm. And they had such a good time at the beach. I almost canceled the trip, you know.

Todd: I知 glad you didn't.

Blair: I thought that -- I don't know -- that Starr would be afraid to go in the water. Then I thought, well, maybe I didn't want her to go in the water. But she didn't hesitate a bit. I mean, once she was in there with you, I -- I felt safe.

Todd: Yeah. She's a brave kid. All I had to do is distract her.

Blair: No, no, she was having way too much fun to even think about being scared.

Todd: We both were.

Blair: Well, the trip was a lot about the kids, and we didn't get a lot of time alone.

Todd: That's OK.

Blair: No, no, it's not OK, because there's a lot about you, Walker Laurence, that I don't know.

Todd: Hmm? Like what?

Blair: I saw the scars on your back when we were swimming.

Todd: Just garden variety war wounds.

Blair: OK, so now you're telling me you're in the military?

Todd: No, no, no. Not those kind of war wounds. It's my -- my stepfather. Didn't really believe in sparing the belt or whatever he had handy.

Blair: That -- that's awful.

Todd: No. What are you going to do?

Blair: I don't know if I could ever forgive anything like that.

Todd: You'd be surprised what you can forgive.


Dorian: Yeah, that's better. Wait a minute, wait a minute. We've got to go over the plan.

David: Oh, Crimminy Pete. You wear the necklace.

Dorian: Mm-hmm.

David: You wait for me to create my diversion to occupy everyone's attention, and then you discover that the necklace has been stolen. Let's go.

Dorian: Wait, wait, wait, wait. I need to know specifically what the diversion is so I値l be ready for it. I mean, suppose that the governor -- you know, the recently widowered, most eligible bachelor in the commonwealth -- should ask me to step outside and get a breath of fresh air?

David: Well, I値l tell you what. If the recently widowered governor asks you out for some fresh air, I'll clue you in at that point, OK?

Dorian: OK.

Blair: I think I just heard my aunt Dorian leave.

Todd: Oh, you're kidding.

Blair: Uh-uh.

Todd: We're alone?

Blair: Mm-hmm. This is about as good as it gets, so -- you want to go upstairs?

Todd: Yes, I do.

Blair: Oh, let's go.

[Phone rings]

Blair: What?

Todd: No --

Blair: Don't get it. Don't -- just don't get it.

Todd: Ah! Sorry. I知 sorry. What? What? How the hell did that happen?

Todd: No. No, no, no, don't go anywhere. You have a -- tell me the name of the place. All right, I値l be right there.

Blair: Problem?

Todd: Yeah. It's --

Blair: What?

Todd: It's just a personal thing. It's -- it's -- it's money.

Blair: Money?

Todd: Yeah. And I have to be gone for a couple days. I知 sorry. I値l call you.

Blair: OK. Whatever.

Blair: Xanadu Casino?


Gabrielle: All right, Max, where are you?


Dorian: What excemement, Kelly, darling.

Kelly: Don't "darling" me. Dorian, Blair told me that she saw you with David Vickers this morning. What's going on?

Dorian: He just dropped by, that's all. Honestly. Can't he drop by without you and Blair becoming so paranoically melodramatic?

Kelly: Melodramatic? What, because we don't have a soft spot for David Vickers? Oh, and I'd lock that up -- that necklace there -- if he's to come around again.


Jessica: Hey, Kevin.

Kevin: Oh, hey. Jess. You made it.

Jessica: Yeah.

Kevin: How are you doing?

Cristian: Congratulations.

Kevin: Thanks.

Jessica: Are you OK? You look a little overwhelmed.

Natalie: Oh, he's about to become one of the most important men in the commonwealth.

Kevin: There you go. Thanks for coming. Excuse me.

Asa: Ladies and gentlemen, can I have your attention, please? It's my pleasure to present the governor of the great commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the Honorable Harrison Brooks.

Gov. Brooks: Thank you, Asa. Thank you, thank you. Ladies and gentlemen, an important vacancy in the commonwealth was felt this morning with the abrupt resignation of George Pratt. But I知 pleased to announce that I have filled that opening with a fine young man -- honest, hard-working native of Llanview who I know will dedicate himself to the task of working for the people. Ladies and gentlemen, please meet the new Lieutenant Governor and his lovely wife, Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Buchanan.

Gov. Brooks: Now, all that's left is making it official. Kevin?

Kelly: Thank you.

[Creaking noise]

[Kelly screams]

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Doctor: I need to get blood and chest x-rays from both of you. You could also be infected.

Marcie: What? What do I have?

Todd: You want to know who I am?

Blair: Yeah, I do.

Todd: You already know.

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