One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 9/2/03

By Eric
Proofread by Melissa Dann

[Music plays]

Riley: Hey.

Flash: Hey.

Riley: Nice moon.

Flash: Yeah.

Riley: You OK?

Flash: Yeah. Oh, yeah, I'm fine. This music.

Riley: It's beautiful.

Flash: She just knows exactly who she is. She just opens up her heart and lets her soul just pour out.

Riley: What's wrong?

Flash: I'm just scared, Riley. I don't even know who I am when I sing anymore. I just ran away and started this whole brand-new me. And now the old me came back, and I don't even recognize myself anymore. It scares me to death.

Riley: Hey, we are all trying to figure out who we are.

Flash: Not you.

Riley: Yeah, me. But not when I'm with you. It's easy to get lost when you're alone.

Flash: It's OK. It's OK. I'm not alone. Yeah, I'm blessed, really. I am. I mean, I had to give up some things, but the gains far outweigh the losses. They have. I'm going to make it. I'm going to -- I'm going to make it. I'm going to make it because I am strong inside.

Riley: You're strong inside. I knew that from the first minute I met you.

Flash: Sure.

Riley: Sure. You told me it doesn't matter what's on the outside. What people throw at you -- telling you where to go, who you are -- you just find your center and you're home.

Flash: Yeah. My center. Trouble is I thought I'd found it. But sometimes life just picks you up and drops you off in Oz and you can't get home.


Marcie: No, could you turn those down?

Al: Yeah, sorry.

Marcie: Thank you.

Al: It's OK, sweetie. It's OK. We got you out of there, OK? Just let it go. Just let it go, baby. Nobody's going to hurt you, OK? Nobody is ever going to hurt you again. You're home. You're safe.


Flash: Bottom line, I guess we all just want to go home and feel safe, you know?

Riley: It's very scary when you don't feel that way, no matter how old you are.

Riley: I want to make you feel safe.

Flash: Yeah? You love him.

[Music plays]


Jessica: Who's there?

[Phone rings]

Jessica: Hello?

Antonio: Hey. It's Antonio. Did I wake you?

Jessica: No, no. Actually, I couldn't sleep. Is everything OK?

Antonio: Yeah, yeah. I was just checking in, making sure everything's OK with you.

Jessica: Yeah, everything's fine. Actually, I --

Antonio: What?

Jessica: I had a dream. I -- I couldn't breathe, and somebody had broken in. Well, I -- I guess it was just a dream.


Keri: Oh, my god. What's happening to me?

[Music plays]


Riley: This is what it's all about, Flash.

Flash: The music?

Riley: Yeah. No matter what we have going on, we can always deal. I mean, no matter what is happening -- you know, I've got all these problems with my dad and all that, and maybe you've been running from something.

Flash: My mom.

Riley: And maybe you're having a tough time. But no matter what, we can always deal.

Flash: If we got this?

Riley: Yeah.

[Music plays]


Al: There you go. You're a free woman again.

Marcie: Thanks. You know, I've always liked this one.

Al: Yeah, me, too. It's got a good beat and I can dance to it. You going to tell me what happened?

Marcie: Later, OK? So, how'd you find me?

Al: I just kept looking. I mean, every patrol car in Llanview was out there looking for you. Even some of the off-duty cops came in.

Marcie: Really?

Al: Yeah. I just kept searching day and night. You know, I couldn't stand the thought that I might not ever see you again. So I checked Ultra Violet. You know, I wanted to check one last place. I was about to give up, and right in front of me was this homeless woman, and she had your sweater on.

Marcie: My sweater? I don't remember wearing -- oh. Yeah, that's right. I had one because of the air conditioning.

Al: Yeah, yeah, so I grabbed her, you know? I think I freaked her out a little bit. I asked her where she got the sweater. She told me that she got it from the dumpster behind Ultra Violet. I ran out there, I flipped open the li--

Marcie: You know, I could've died in there.

Al: Yeah. But you didn't. And the doctor wouldn't have sent you home if he didn't think you were OK. He did say that we should watch for infection, though.

Marcie: It's crazy, you know?

Al: Yeah.

Marcie: I mean, to think that if you hadn't seen that woman wearing my sweater -- you know, I was -- I kept waking up, but I was unconscious mostly. And I knew something was wrong, but I just couldn't keep myself awake long enough. What if some guys had come by and put that dumpster on a truck --

Al: Marcie, God forbid. Don't say it. Don't even think it, OK? It didn't happen, it won't happen. It's over.

Marcie: Yeah, but what if you hadn't found me? Al --

Al: Marcie, I would have gone to heaven and back to find you.

Marcie: You would?

Al: Yeah. I'd have walked, run, jumped, taken a plane, a truck, a car. Whatever it took.

Marcie: God, I love you. Thank you.

Al: Tell me who did this to you.

Marcie: You know -- you know what I'm going to do? I think that I'm going to take a shower, and I'm going to forget about this for just a little while longer, OK?

Al: Sure.

Marcie: OK. And then I'm -- I'm going to go get a little sleep. Uh -- no, I think I'm going to get lots of sleep. Would you stay here with me? Just for a little while longer? Please?

Al: Yeah. I'll stay. I'll stay till you wake up. I'll stay as long as you let me. I'll stay till you kick me out. I'll stay forever.

Marcie: That sounds really good to me.

[Music plays]

Marcie: Oh! No!

Deke: You scream and you're dead!

Marcie: Ow!

Al: Hey. Sweetie, it's OK. It's just a dream, just a bad dream. I'm here, OK? You OK?

Marcie: Yeah.

Al: You OK?

Marcie: Yeah, I thought they were -- I'm sorry.

Al: Just a bad dream.

Marcie: Yeah.

Al: Who did this to you?

Marcie: You know, maybe I shouldn't sleep.

Al: Marcie --

Marcie: Yeah?

Al: You have to talk about this.

Marcie: I can't. You know, I don't want you getting all upset. I know how you get.

Al: Marcie, I promise, I'm not going to get wild. I'm not going to go after these people, I promise you.

Marcie: No more violence, you promise?

Al: No more violence. I am going to stay right here with you. OK?

Marcie: OK.

Al: But you got to get this out. Why wouldn't you tell the cops what happened?

Marcie: Listen, I told them I'd give them a statement tomorrow. I'm really wiped, OK? I can't talk about -- OK, you're right. I can't keep this all bottled up. I'm never going to be able to sleep.

Al: And you're never going to be able to feel safe, sweetie. Did Deke do this? Huh?

Marcie: Yes.

Al: Him and his frat buddies?

Marcie: Yeah, it was Deke, but he was with Madison. It was the both of them. It seemed like it was Madison's idea, though.

Al: What did they do?

Marcie: Well, you know, some girl came up to me and said that I had to go in the back to sign a release form for the Search-and-Destroy contest.

Al: Yeah, I remember that. They were waiting for you?

Marcie: Yeah. They dragged me in the back of the club, and Madison was awful. You should have seen the hate in her eyes and in her voice.

Al: Honey, it's OK. It's OK. Who hit you?

Marcie: Well, Madison started screaming and saying that if I called for help that I was dead. Then someone hit me on the head, and the next thing I remember was waking up and smelling garbage. And I -- I just wanted to be home. I couldn't even raise my arms. I couldn't breathe, I couldn't see any light. But then I -- then I heard your voice, and I could feel your arms around me.

Al: I was so scared when I found you. But we made it, OK? You're home, you're free, and you're safe.

Marcie: Yeah. Yeah, I guess.

Al: What? What is it?

Marcie: I just wish I knew why they hated me so much. And I want to know when this is all going to be over.

Al: Tomorrow. This ends tomorrow. No matter what I have to do, I'm going to make sure that Deke never hurts you again. Or anyone else, for that matter.


Carlotta: Keri? I didn't mean to startle you.

Keri: No problem.

Carlotta: I just closed up the diner. It's late.

Keri: I know.

Carlotta: I have to ask you. Why?

Keri: Why what??

Carlotta: Everything, all of it. I just never understood. The running away, putting Antonio through letting him think that you were dead. And then coming back and expecting Antonio and everyone to just forgive and forget. I just never understood how you could do that and how you could think that it could all be OK. I guess if I'm ever going to really understand, I need to hear it from your lips.

Keri: Maybe you're right. Maybe it's time. And you do need to hear it from me.


[Doorbell rings]

Jessica: Who's there?

Antonio: It's me.

Jessica: Antonio? Hi.

Antonio: I'm sorry. I know it's late.

Jessica: No, no, come in, come in.

Antonio: It's just when I called, I felt like I heard something in your voice.

Jessica: When I told you about that stupid dream?

Antonio: Honey, that kind of sounded like it wasn't as OK as you said it was.

Jessica: No, no, I'm fine, I'm fine.

Antonio: Then maybe I shouldn't have come.

Jessica: No, no, I'm glad that you did. I just -- I was up. I couldn't sleep. Do you want a drink or something?

Antonio: No, no, I -- actually, I just wanted to see your face before I went to sleep. You're sure everything's all right?

Jessica: Yeah, everything's fine. It was just -- it was that dream, and I kind of got this feeling somebody was in the house. It gave me the creeps, and -- I don't know -- shades of Mitch, I guess, you know.

Antonio: Probably.

Jessica: Yeah.

Antonio: I'm just glad you're safe.

Jessica: I always feel safe when I'm with you.

Antonio: Well, maybe I should go.

Jessica: No, don't.

[Music plays]


Keri: "You bastard. You betrayed me with my own mother." That's all I could think. My love meant nothing to Antonio that night.

Carlotta: Keri, I don't need to hear any more about what happened between your mother and my son that one night. It was a very confusing time between you and Antonio. You'd broken up. And he had no idea who Elizabeth even was.

Keri: If you won't understand how I was feeling, you will never understand why I did what I did.

Carlotta: All right.

Keri: What I couldn't forgive were the lies. They both lied to me over and over and over again. That betrayal changed who I was, Carlotta. After I found out what Antonio did, I hated my life. All I had was just pain and rage.

Carlotta: Even after you had a beautiful new baby in your life? The baby you made with Antonio?

Keri: Yes. Even with Jamie, I just didn't understand what my life was supposed to mean anymore. And then R.J. started telling me how I should hurt back.

Carlotta: But you knew how much he hated Antonio.

Keri: You're just going to keep making this my fault, is that it?

Carlotta: No. No, I believe that you were angry and confused. Your father is the one who made a nightmare out of this for everyone.

Keri: Maybe.

Carlotta: But you're the one who kept the lie going. You stayed in Toronto and you allowed R.J. to continue to torment --

Keri: But I came back! I mean, doesn't that count for anything, Carlotta? Antonio -- he was the only man that I've ever loved in my whole life. And day after day, his betrayal started to disappear and I felt the love again. And that's why I came back. Don't you see that? That's why I came back for the right reasons. Shouldn't that count for something?


Al: Sure this isn't going to keep you up?

Marcie: It's caffeine free.

Al: You need your rest.

Marcie: I will.

Al: OK. Listen, don't be afraid of your dreams, OK? They're just dreams. They can't hurt.

Marcie: I'm not anymore. I'm really glad that I told you what happened. I know it'll help. You know, I just -- I wish I knew why they hated me so much.

Al: Who?

Marcie: Deke and Madison and the others.

Al: Marcie, it's time you just forgot about those people.

Marcie: What, do they need me to be like them, think like them, say the same things as them?

Al: Marcie, they're idiots.

Marcie: Maybe it's just because I look different.

Al: Baby, you look gorgeous.

Marcie: I just wish I knew why they hated me so much.

Al: Marcie, you're talking about stupid, scared, ugly people. They're afraid of anybody who thinks, OK? You stood up for what you believe in. You spoke out against war. You spoke up for peace, and they couldn't stand it. And they couldn't stop you, so they decided to hurt you.

Marcie: Yeah, I know that. I just -- I still don't --

Al: Marcie, this is happening all over the country. There are radio stations that won't play certain artists' music. There are television news stations that won't cover stories that they don't agree with. This is not your fault. You're an American, Marcie. You're the patriot here. They're the Nazis. The only difference is they're wearing suits instead of swastikas.

Marcie: How did I get so lucky?

Al: I'm the lucky one, gorgeous.

[Marcie laughs]


Kevin: Hey, babe, you'll never guess who I --

Kevin: "Couldn't sleep. Went for a walk."

[Phone rings]

Kelly's voice: Hi. You've reached the voicemail for Kelly Buchanan. Please leave a message after the beep and I'll get back to you as soon as --

Woman: I know it's late. But when Lily can't sleep, the only way to make it happen is to take her for a moonlight walk.

Kelly: I do the same thing.

Woman: With your baby?

Kelly: No, I -- I mean, I take myself for a walk.

Woman: Oh. Sorry.

Kelly: It's OK.

Woman: When you're a new mother, you start to think everything in the world is about babies.

Kelly: I understand. Actually, I -- I hope to be pushing my own baby through Angel Square someday.

Woman: Sounds like somebody's pregnant.

Kelly: Well, soon, I hope.

Woman: I'll tell you a secret. Having this baby saved my life.


[Music plays]

Flash: Man, I would sell my soul to write a song that great.

Riley: You won't have to sell your soul.

Flash: Why? Because nobody would buy it?

Riley: No. Because it's going to happen.

Flash: When?

Riley: When it's time. One day it'll be in there. You'll feel it. I know it's in you, Flash.


Woman: My husband and I were going to get a divorce. He was just -- I think there were other women.

Kelly: But then when you got pregnant

Woman: Well, the getting pregnant part didn't do much at first except complicate things. My husband was still talking to his lawyer.

Kelly: Did you -- did you ever consider having --

Woman: Never. I decided I would just raise the baby alone if that's what it came down to.

Kelly: Now, you said that she saved your life, though.

Woman: I go to St. James. Reverend Carpenter sat down with my husband and me one night and tried to help us sort things out. My husband decided to wait until after Lily was born. Then we kept going to counseling and he decided to wait a little longer, and pretty soon --

Kelly: Things got good.

Woman: Things were better than ever. It was incredible. Lily helped us find the love we had lost.

Kelly: Wow. It's a miracle.

Woman: A baby is always a miracle.


Keri: So now you've heard my side of the story. I screwed up, but I still deserve better.

Carlotta: Because you still love Antonio?

Keri: Yes. And I'm sure now you're going to take his side, and to hell with Keri.

Carlotta: Keri, you and Antonio both made mistakes. That's what people do. They make mistakes. All we can hope is that we learn from them.

Keri: And then what?

Carlotta: Move on. Keri, I know you. You're angry and you want to punish Antonio right now, but inside of you is a very good person.

Keri: Yeah, just not good enough for Antonio.

Carlotta: Things change, and the sooner you accept that, the better it's going to be for everyone concerned, especially for the baby. Think about what's best for her. Fighting? Revenge? You know that's not the answer. The answer is forgiveness.


Jessica: Do you like it?

Antonio: Yeah. It's beautiful. Thank you.

Jessica: Don't ask me why I got it for you.

Antonio: OK. Why did you buy it for me?

Jessica: I don't know. I was -- I was at the jewelry store, and -- I don't know. I told you not to ask.

Antonio: Now I really want to know.

Jessica: I just -- I thought that the gold would look really nice against your skin, and I thought how it looked, and I thought about your skin.

Antonio: Thank you. You know, I wish it was always like this.

Jessica: Yeah, it's kind of nice, huh?

Antonio: Yeah. Yeah, just the two of us together -- no problems, no one trying to hurt us.

Jessica: I kind of feel sorry for Keri, though.

Antonio: Yeah, me, too. A lot of it's my fault.

Jessica: Antonio --

Antonio: I mean it. You know, I pushed her to where she is now.

Jessica: She didn't have to go there.

Antonio: Yeah, maybe. But the pain she's feeling is kind of like my anger. It gets ahold of you and it doesn't let go. I just wish -- I wish she had someone to reach out to her like you did for me.

Jessica: Yeah, well, the problem with that is she wants you to be the one to reach out to her.

Antonio: Yeah, maybe I'm being too pessimistic. Maybe she'll get through this. God, I hope so.

Jessica: Me, too. You know, being in love is -- it's weird. Sometimes it can feel so amazing like a gift, and then other times it feels like a curse. You can't get it out of your system.

Kelly: You do both seem incredibly happy.

Woman: We're lucky.

Kelly: Well, you seem to be in a good place right now.

Woman: I hope you're there soon, too.

Kelly: Me, too.

Woman: This baby is hope. And where there's hope, there's life.


[Music plays]

Marcie: Al.


Kevin: Hey, there.

Kelly: Hi.

Kevin: I was getting worried.

Kelly: Sorry. Didn't you see my note?

Kevin: Well, yeah, I got your note, but it's getting pretty late.

Kelly: I know. I just went out for a walk. I was trying to clear my head.

Kevin: Have you been crying?

Kelly: Yeah. But I'm OK. It's just good tears.

Kevin: I didn't know there was any such thing.

Kelly: Kevin, I get so scared sometimes.

Kevin: Over what? Tell me.

Kelly: This future that we've planned.

Kevin: Hey, we're solid, all right? Believe that. And soon, you know, we're -- everything's going to go our way.

Kelly: Kevin, do you want to have a baby? It's OK if you don't, I mean, because we can just take it from there. It's OK, really. I just -- I need to know the truth.

Kevin: I think it will be the greatest thing that ever happened to us, really. I guess I said the wrong thing.

Kelly: No. No, that's exactly what I wanted to hear.

Kevin: Hey.


Keri: Antonio! Antonio? I know it's late, I just need -- I just need you.


Antonio: Uh, thank you.

Jessica: You're welcome.

Antonio: Call you tomorrow?

Jessica: I had a wonderful night. I'm really happy you came by to check on me.

Antonio: Well, I always want to make sure you're safe. Always.

Jessica: Everything's going to be OK.


[Music plays]

Riley: Sure you're going to be OK?

Flash: Yep. I'm going to be great now, thanks to you.

Riley: You just going to hang here?

Flash: Yeah. Yeah, I'm going to listen to the rest of the songs they're playing tonight.

Riley: OK.

Flash: Bye.

Riley: Bye.

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