One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 8/28/03

By Eric
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River: That's pretty cool, man.

Cristian: Yeah, tell me about it. I got a buddy who has one, and he says the insurance is a fortune.

River: Yeah, who cares? You can pick up chicks in that thing.

Cristian: Yeah. Right.

Natalie: Hey. Looks like they're almost ready.

Cristian: Why did they need your help?

Natalie: Oh, believe me, you will see later. Hey, there you are. We were just about to leave.

Cristian: Where's Antonio?

Natalie: He went to Philly to go and check up on the job. Hi, River.

River: Hey.

Natalie: All right, well, it looks like it's just going to be us, so let's get out of here and search and destroy.

Cristian: Oh, wait a minute. Don't we want to see Roxy and Nigel?

Natalie: Oh, believe me, you'll be seeing a lot of them at Ultra Violet in some ways that you'll probably want to forget.

Jessica: What?

Natalie: Never mind. I値l explain on the way. Let's go.

Jessica: OK.

Cristian: See you later, man.

River: OK.

River: Hey. Yeah, coast is clear. Hey. Oh, my God, that was quick. How'd you do it?

Adriana: My madrina thinks I知 in my room reading.

River: OK.

Adriana: What are you doing?

River: I知 just waiting for Roxy and Nigel to get ready.

Adriana: Roxy and who?

River: They're doing some sort of a talent show contest at the Ultra Violet together, so --

Roxy: Hey, River, are you ready for the finished product?

River: Yeah, yeah. Adriana's here, too.

Roxy: Yo, Adrian, buenos nachos! Hey, Nigel, will you get that look off your face? You are so cranky, man! You look great. So do I. All right, kids, brace yourselves. On the count of three -- one, two, three!

River: Oh, man.

Adriana: Ay, dios mio. Parece charo con pelo negro!

River: Yeah, dios was mine, as well. It looks good.


Al: Hey!

Marcie: Hi.

Al: You look awesome!

Marcie: How did I let you talk me into this?

Al: Because you're in love.

Marcie: I cannot sing in front of all of those people, Al.

Al: Marcie, you are going to be amazing. You are amazing.

Marcie: Oh, God, you are so biased.

Al: Listen, honey, tonight is your night, OK?

Marcie: Well, what if they laugh at me?

Al: Nobody is going to laugh at you.

Marcie: They might.

Al: Like who? Those snotty sorority girls? I think not, and why is that?

Marcie: Because they got expelled.

Al: That's right. And Marcie Walsh is still here. OK, you're going to get up on that stage and you are going to knock these people dead, OK?

Marcie: Then do I get my surprise?

Al: Oh, you thought I forgot about your surprise.

Marcie: Uh -- no.

Al: Ye of little faith. You really think that I would forget a surprise for my girl? Hmm?

Deke: She's going to get a surprise, all right.


Joey: First thing Andrew told me was never to be late for bingo. It's worse than being late for church. The bingo crowd's a tough one, but I promise I値l go to Ultra Violet as soon as I possibly can.

Jen: What, no kiss?

Joey: Sorry, I guess the honeymoon's over. Wow.

Jen: What, is it too --

Joey: "Hot" I think is the word that you're looking for. And, no, it's definitely not too hot, but it's giving me an incentive to get over to Ultra Violet as soon as possible.

Jen: You'd better.

Joey: I will. And I promise, as soon as Andrew's out of the hospital and I don't have to cover for him, I am taking you on the mother of all honeymoons.

Jen: You got that right. Don't be late for bingo.

Joey: OK.

Jen: About that kiss goodbye --


[Music plays]

[Music stops]

Rex: All right, ladies and gentlemen, it is time to Search and Destroy! We're looking for the --


Rex: Thank you. We're looking for the most talented singer. You like an act, clap for them. You don't like an act, destroy them!

Flash: Destroy!


Rex: Now we've got a special treat for you. The M.C. For the evening is, for the first time ever in public, Llanview University's own, the ever-mysterious Voice of the Night!

[Audience buzzes]

Al: Surprise.

Flash: Whoo!

Al: Well, my secret's out.


Al: You lonely out there? Well, don't be, friend, because the Voice is here, and we are going to tear this place apart!

[Music plays]


Kevin: No, no, it's not ready for publication. Not yet, anyway. Right. Right, but do get a am together, OK? That way when the governor calls the press conference, we'll be all over it. OK, I値l talk to you. Bye. Sorry, it's rumors popping up.

Kelly: Well, that's to be expected, right?

Kevin: Well, yeah, but Billy had the governor calling a press conference tomorrow morning.

Kelly: Well, maybe the governor just can't wait.

Kevin: No, no, it's still set for next week. George Pratt steps down for health reasons, the governor asked me to step in, and then the party nominates me on the ticket in November to replace Pratt. This is just the beginning, Kel.

Kelly: Oh, you have wanted this so much.

Kevin: Well, you, too, right?

Kelly: Yeah, of course. Of course. I知 just so glad it's finally happening.

Kevin: You know, that's exactly what I told Asa. You should've seen the old cowboy. Joe Kennedy couldn't have been prouder. What?

Kelly: Nothing.

Kevin: Kel.

Kelly: All right. I got to admit I知 a little worried about William Dawes. You know, when an insider like that starts making noise --

Kevin: Oh, hey, he's going to be an outsider once I知 in office. Of course he's unhappy.

Kelly: OK. OK, it's just something --

Kevin: You know what? Forget him, I知 telling you, OK, the opposition might kick up a big fuss, but there is nothing they can do to stop me.


Adriana: I like spending time with you, River.

River: Oh, yeah? Is that right?

Adriana: You make me laugh.

River: Well, I like spending time with you, as well.

Adriana: Good.

[Door slams]

Carlotta: Hijada! Que mentirosa! Sinverguenza, que esta pasado aqui, Adriana?



Al: I壇 like to take this opportunity to thank you -- I mean, all of you -- for your support. Now, during the peace rallies when my show got canned, it was your letters, your emails, and all that love I felt coming from out there that kept me going. So, simply put -- Llanview, you rock.

[Music plays]

Jen: Did you know he was the Voice of the Night? You look so good tonight.

Marcie: Oh, thanks. Well, you know, Al convinced me to enter the contest, so I thought I壇 just, you know, get dressed up a little.

Jen: I didn't know you could sing.

Marcie: Well, we'll find out if I can in a little while.

Riley: Hey, guys. I got Flash a soda and thought you might be thirsty, too.

Jen and Marcie: Oh.

Marcie: Thanks, Riley.

Riley: Sure.

Jen: Thank you.

Marcie: Thanks.

Riley: I heard the sorority girls who hurt you got expelled.

Jen: Yeah, imagine that.

Rex: Ahem. Hey. Glad you used the pass. You look great.

Riley: Later, guys.

Rex: So, music boy have a thing for you? You know, it's too early to be cutting off the reverend just yet.

Jen: Isn't there someone else you could be annoying right now?

Rex: So, after Search and Destroy, what do you say you do one of your famous stripteases? I know the audience would enjoy it just as much as I did. Marcie.

Marcie: Rex.

Al: OK, OK, for all you people who came out here to see Midnight Logic perform their smash hit --


Al: "Flash of Light" -- which does happen to be climbing the college charts as we speak -- I知 sorry. They will be back next week.

[Audience groans]

Al: So here are the rules for Search and Destroy. They're pretty simple. You like them, you hire them. You don't like them, you destroy them.

[Cheers and applause]

Al: OK. Well, our first contestant is going to be Roxanne Balsom and Nigel Bartholomew-Smythe. Put your hands together for Roxy and Nigel!


Al: OK, take it away, Roxy and Nigel.

Roxy: They say we're young we don't know we won稚 find out until we grow

Nigel: Well, I don稚 know if all that's true 'cause you got me and, baby, I got you babe

Roxy and Nigel: I got you, babe I got you, babe

Roxy: They say our love won't pay the rent before it's earned our money's all been spent

Nigel: I guess that's so we don't have a pot but at least I知 sure of all the things we got

Roxy and Nigel: Babe I got you, babe I got you, babe

Nigel: I got flowers in the spring I got you to wear my ring

Roxy: And when I知 sad you're a clown and when I get scared you're always around so let them say your hair's too long I don't care with you I can't go wrong

Nigel: Then put your little hand in mine there ain't no hill or mountain we can't climb babe

Roxy and Nigel: I got you, babe I got you, babe

Nigel: I got you to hold my hand

Roxy: I got you to understand

Nigel: I got you to walk with me

Roxy: I got you to talk with me

Nigel: I got you to kiss good night

Roxy: I got you to hold me tight

Nigel: I got you I won't let go

Roxy: I got you to love me so

Roxy and Nigel: I got you, babe

Roxy: I got you, babe

Roxy and Nigel: I got you, babe I got you, babe I got you, babe I got you, babe I got you, babe


Roxy: Are we good or what! As far as allergies go.


Roxy: Are we good or what! Whoo!

Al: OK. Well, that was Nigel and Roxy. Now, remember that when it's time to vote. In fact, I hope you guys have been keeping score in your heads, OK? Now --

Roxy: Oh, man, I was great, and so were you, cranky pants.

Al: Now, let's give a big, warm hello to our next contestant, Richie Jay! Come on up here, Richie!


Richie Jay: [Off-key]

I知 lying here alone with my head on the phone thinking of you till it hurts I know you hurt, too but what else can we do? Tormented and torn apart

[Audience jeers]

Richie Jay: I wish I could carry your smile in my heart when times in my life seem so low

Cristian: You know, I feel really bad for this guy, but I don't know how much more of this I can take.

Jessica: Well, you know what I can't believe?

Natalie: That this guy is still singing?

Jessica: Well, yeah, that, too. But, Al. He's one of my oldest, closest friends ever, and I had no idea he was the Voice of the Night. Did you guys know? Well, then again, I didn't know my sister was a pool shark, so --

Cristian: Oh, oh, that reminds me. Guess what -- Natalie's going to be competing in Atlantic City.

Jessica: Really? That's great!

Natalie: Thanks. Yeah, I -- well, Max has been coaching me, so --

Cristian: She's amazing. You got to see her.

Jessica: Does Mom know?

Natalie: No, she doesn't yet.

Jessica: Oh. Got it. OK. Um -- so how are the wedding plans going?

Natalie: You know what? I don't want to talk about it because there's a lot to think about.

Cristian: Sore subject.

Jessica: Well, you guys could just elope. You know, no planning, no hassling, no wedding invitations.

Cristian: Well, hey, there's a great idea. What do you say? Want to elope?


Carlotta: I was worried sick about you when I went to check on you and you weren't there!

Adriana: Madrina, please --

River: Carlotta, it's really not that big a deal.

Carlotta: Not a big deal? I was thinking the worst! I was running around calling out her name! You can imagine how shocked I was when I looked in the window and I saw you kissing River! What were you thinking, Adriana? You know you're not allowed to see River Carpenter for your own good.

Adriana: I知 sorry! I apologize --

Carlotta: And I don't even blame you -- you're 15 and naive. I blame this one. Now, tell me, how did he lure you here? And how did you even get in this place at this hour?

River: I work here!

Carlotta: You work here? I find that hard to believe, unless, of course, it's to be close to Adriana. And if that's the case, I知 going to put a stop this once and for all.


[Audience jeers]

Richie jay: [Off-key]

I wish I could carry your smile in my heart when times in my life seem so low it would make me believe what tomorrow could bring

Nigel: What to drink?

Roxy: Well, you decide, Sonny, baby.

Nigel: Something celebratory but contemplative in honor of a risk taken, a goal achieved.

Roxy: No, we'll have tequila shots.

Nigel: Tequila what?

Roxy: Shots. Here, watch.

Nigel: Uh, I don't know --

Roxy: Shot?

Nigel: Uh-huh. OK.

Roxy: Mmm! Faboo! Now you got to try.

Nigel: It's rather complicated.

Roxy: No, here. Watch. I値l help you.

Nigel: OK.

Roxy: Lick it. Like a man. Very good, very good. Shot. Good. The lemon.

Nigel: Miss Roxanne --

Roxy: Come on, get it while the getting is good, baby.

[Roxy and Nigel laugh]

Roxy: Ain't laughing the best thing in the world?

Nigel: Well, perhaps the second best.

Roxy: And to think that about an hour ago I couldn't stand you. Um -- you know, I知 going to go get my camera, because when we win first prize, I want a shot of that for posterior. Don't let them give out the cash till I get back.

Nigel: Oh, dear God.


Rex: Lonely?

Jen: Oh, so now it's two at a time.

Rex: Want to make it a foursome? Or I could ditch these two and you could be my private dancer.

Jen: Why don't you go to --


Al: So Rex came by, said he wanted to see me.

Marcie: I can't believe you would talk to him, especially after the whole thing with the drugs and Jen.

Al: Marcie, he had a money offer, a legitimate money offer.

Marcie: You should have nothing to do with Rex.

Al: Anyway, he told me that I should come out as the Voice of the Night. If I did, he'd give me a gig here. If this Search-and-Destroy thing goes off all right, I知 going to be making major cash.

Marcie: Well, do you think it will?

Al: Well, if tonight's any indication --

Marcie: Oh, my God, tonight I知 going to make a fool out of myself!

Al: No, you're not. You're going to be great, I promise. Just remember I love you.

[Audience jeers]

Al: OK, all right, that was Richie Jay.

[Audience jeers]

Al: OK, OK, we get it. Our next contestant is a very special young lady. She's somebody who wasn't afraid to stand up for what she believes in. I壇 like you to put your hands together for Marcie Walsh!

[Cheers and applause]

Maddie: As soon as her little song is over, Marcie's going to know what it really means to be destroyed. . .

[Cheers and applause]

Marcie: Oh, come on come on come on come on didn't I make you feel like you were the only man? Yeah didn't I give you nearly everything that a woman possibly can? Honey, you know I did and each time I tell myself that I think I致e had enough and that I知 gonna show you, baby that a woman can be tough oh, baby, just come on come on come on come on and

Marcie and audience: Take it

Marcie: Take another little piece of my heart, now, baby

Audience: Break it

Marcie: Break another little piece of my heart, darling, yeah, yeah, yeah have another little piece of my heart, now, baby you know you got it child, if it makes you feel good oh, yes, indeed, now you're out on the street you're looking good and you know that deep down in your heart you know it ain't right you never, never, never, never hear me when I cry at night now and each time I tell myself that I can't stand the pain but when you hold me in your arms and I知 singing it once again baby, just come on come on come on come on and

Marcie and audience: Take it

Marcie: Take another little piece of my heart, now, baby

Audience: Break it

Marcie: Break another little piece of my heart darling, yeah, yeah, yeah have another little piece of my heart, now, baby you know you got it child, if it makes you feel good

Natalie: Marcie! Marcie! Marcie! Marcie!

Audience: Marcie! Marcie!

Roxy: Is there a problem?

Carlotta: He's the problem. He tried to convince Adriana to sneak around behind my back and then he tried to take advantage of her.

Adriana: No, we were only kissing!

Carlotta: Don't be so naive! The best thing for everyone would be if you fired him right now.

Roxy: Hey, lady, get a grip. They're kids, they like each other. I left the camera over -- where's my camera? All right, everybody snap out of it. I got a contest to win.

Carlotta: Fine! I値l take matters in my own hands.


Kelly: Wait. Walker Laurence isn't really Walker Laurence?

Kevin: Nope.

Kelly: Well, then who is he?

Kevin: I don't know that yet, but the real Walker Laurence is in Atlantic City.

Kelly: Why would our Walker Laurence want to pass himself --

Kevin: Well, if that's his real name.

Kelly: Right. Why would he want to pass himself off as Mitch's brother?

Kevin: It's got to be the money. I don't know. We'll know soon enough.

Kelly: Oh, my God.

Kevin: Yeah. You want any more to drink or anything? After-dinner drink? Coffee? Something?

Kelly: Oh, no. I can't drink. And no caffeine, remember?

Kevin: Oh --

Kelly: The doctor said I can get pregnant.

Kevin: Right, no caffeine. Wow. This is really going to change our lives, isn't it?

Kelly: I guess it will.


Marcie: You really liked it?

Joey: That was awesome.

Natalie: You were awesome, fabulous!

Flash: You were so good.

Al: I told her she was great. She just never wanted to listen to me.

Marcie: Oh, you just think that because you're my boyfriend. You think everything I do is great.

Riley: Marcie, you got some pipes!

Jen: Why didn't you tell us you could sing like that?

Marcie: I don't know. You know, I only sing, like, when I知 the shower or while I知 driving, and you can't really hear yourself when there's water running and -- anyway --

Flash: You better win. You better win now.

Jen: I couldn't believe it was my best friend up there.

Al: First off, let's hear it for Dave Chekov's never-ending rendition of "Cold, Cold Heart."

Maddie: Should've known Jen Buchanan was setting us up.

Deke: Yeah, let's teach her a lesson, too.

Maddie: No. Marcie started it. We'll finish it.

Al: OK, next up, we have Janice Janikowski doing "The Nearness of You."

Jen: Look, I知 kind of tired. Do you want to go home?

Joey: Yeah, sure.

Jen: Bye.

Joey: Good luck, Marcie.

Marcie: Thank you.

Al: Sorry, Janice, it doesn't look like they could make up their minds. Why don't you go on over there and do a little dance routine and try to cheer them up. Not destroyed, but you are on life support. OK, we had Art Baxter's version of "Shoot the Moon."

[Audience jeers]

Al: Man! What's up? You guys don't like anybody, do you? OK, well, Art, you're a dead man walking --

Roxy: Damn, I couldn't find the camera, and that Carlotta chick -- she was hassling River and -- oh, man, she starches my marmamallow.

Nigel: Shh, shh, shh.

Roxy: They didn't get to the climax yet, did they?

Al: OK, so, what's your verdict on Roxy and Nigel doing "I Got You, Babe"?


Roxy: All right, we got this in the bag, I can feel it! I don't think I致e ever had applause like this. Never, ever.

Nigel: Shh, shh, shh.

Roxy: Hey, man, we got a lock on this. 1,000 bucks coming our way.

Al: Well, looks like we might have a winner, but there are two more contestants. OK, let's hear how everybody felt about Richie Jay doing "I知 All Out of Love."

[Audience boos]

Jessica and Natalie: Boo! Boo!

Al: Well, I知 sorry, Richie. They hated you. Well, that leaves us with one final contestant. I知 talking about a little lady who came up here and sang her heart out, none other than Marcie Walsh!

[Cheers and applause]

Roxy: What's going on here? We've been robbed!

Audience: Marcie! Marcie! Marcie! Marcie! Marcie! Marcie!


Joey: Well, I hope I知 not tearing you away from all the fun.

Jen: Nope. I would rather be home having fun with my husband.

Joey: That's a good answer.

Jen: Does that say what I think it says: "Joey's old room"?

Joey: No, no, no, no. Mom did not send this over here.

Jen: Oh, we've got to open this.

Joey: No! I hid this stuff up in the attic. Mom must have sent Lois up there to find it.

Jen: Oh, will you look at this? High school yearbooks, pictures from the class newspaper. Did you take these?

Joey: Yes.

Jen: They are really good. A Duran Duran poster? Nice.

Joey: Oh, this stuff is going straight back to Llanfair.

Jen: What's this?

Joey: That -- that is definitely Kevin's.

Jen: Really? Oh, OK, well, this explains a lot -- bingo! You loved this as a kid didn't you? "G-11!"

Joey: Ooh, that just gave me an idea. What would you say to a little game of strip bingo, Mrs. Buchanan?

Joey: Jen? What's wrong?


Roxy: We should've had a hand count. We would've won.

Nigel: Ms. Walsh was quite effective.

Roxy: I知 surrounded by turncoats. I知 going to blow this pop stand. You coming, Benedict Arnfeld?

Al: Our runner-up tonight is Roxanne Balsom and Nigel Bartholomew-Smythe.


Roxy: All right, runner-up! All right, what's our prize?

Al: Come on up here, Roxy and Nigel.

Roxy: OK, we're runner-up. All right, what is it?

Al: OK. Well, it looks here like you got a romantic getaway for two at the Xanadu Casino and Resort in beautiful Atlantic City, where all the rooms have soft, luxurious beds and private hot tubs for two.

[Cheers and applause]

Maddie: That's her.

Woman: They want you in back. You got to sign a release to claim your prize.

Marcie: Oh. OK, great. Thanks.

Al: You were terrific tonight.

Marcie: Thank you. I値l be right back. Hello? Hello? Oh!

Marcie: Ow!

Maddie: You got me expelled, you fat pig!

Marcie: Yeah, well, I知 not afraid of you!

Maddie: You ought to be.

Marcie: You know, I can't help it if you to decided to humiliate me!

Maddie: Shut up, piggie!

Marcie: Let me go, or I swear I will scream!

Deke: Yeah? You scream and you're dead!

Marcie: Help!

Deke: Shut up! I said shut the hell up!


Kevin: So, you want to try this making-a-baby thing, huh?

Kelly: Yeah. That is, if you can fit me into your busy schedule.

Kevin: Well, I don't know. You know, I am really busy and stuff. How about we try it, like, now?


Mr. Dawes: Looks like Asa Buchanan is still planning on having his grandson sworn in as lieutenant governor. Oh, don't make me laugh because it's not going to be funny. And we both know it's not going to be pretty.


Carlotta: I am at zero tolerance with you, Adriana. I have tried my best to watch over you, but it seems that I failed. This young man has succeeded in corrupting you.

River: Come on, Mrs. Vega!

Carlotta: And I will not allow that to happen to my goddaughter. So I致e decided to send you back home. You're going back to Puerto Rico!

Adriana: No, no, please!

River: You cannot do that. It doesn't make any sense.

Carlotta: Mi amor, no es posible --


Jen: You know, I壇 love to play, Joe, but, you know, I just -- you know, I have this thing with bingo. At camp I had to play it for, like, three days in a row. Actually, I知 just more of a Parcheesi girl myself.

Joey: Hey, we don't need any games anyway, right? We've both played plenty of games in our lives. We can just make our own fun in our new house.


Rex: Please, OK, go bother the D.J., huh? Bye.

Roxy: So what are we going to do with a romantic trip for two?

Nigel: Miss Roxanne, I think you should make use of it.

Roxy: Hey, that's not fair. You did half the work. Hey, I got a great idea. Why don't you use one night, I値l use the other.

Nigel: Oh, terribly sensible.

Roxy: Maybe we could trade it in for cash.

Nigel: Then again, if I may be so bold, perhaps we could just go together?


Jessica: I mean, think about it, guys. Eloping would be great. You could have your wedding on some little beach somewhere, or in a little chapel.

Natalie: No, no, I am having my wedding right here in Llanview. Joey is going to officiate, Clint is going to give me away, and Mom is going to cry buckets, and I am doing this with or without you, Cristian!

Cristian: No, no, you're right. You're absolutely right. I mean, I feel that way, too. But couldn't we just move it up a little bit?

Natalie: OK. So when were you thinking?

Cristian: Let's get married a month from today.


Al: Marcie? Marcie? Marcie? I知 sorry. Excuse me, has anybody here seen Marcie?

Deke: Is she dead?

Maddie: I don't think so. I think she's just unconscious. We better get the hell out of here.

Deke: Well, what are we going to do, just leave her there?

Maddie: You got a better idea?

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