One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 8/26/03

By Eric
Proofread by Melissa Dann

Man: Oh! All right.

Max: You did it, kiddo.

Natalie: Yeah, I did. I did. I beat you. I beat Max Holden.

Cristian: You were great.

Man: What's the big deal? Trust me, honey, you're not that good.

Natalie: Really? Why don't you put your money where your mouth is. 50 bucks.

Man: I知 thinking more like $1,000.

Cristian: Let me talk to you for a second. Well, you know we just cashed in our checks, right? We've got about, what, $570? I can get $400 like that. Go for it.

Man: What's the matter, sweet cakes? You lost your nerve?

Natalie: In your dreams.


Dorian: David, I swear I did not steal the Badhra diamond. I mean, it's just -- I -- I am well aware of what time it is, yes, yes, and I知 aware of the deadline that you have given me. I have no idea where the diamond is! OK. That's just fine. We'll just see how arrogant he is when he's got this pointed at him. Yeah.

[Dorian and Kelly scream]

Kelly: Oh!

Dorian: I知 so sorry.

Kelly: I wasn't expecting you.

Dorian: Darling, let me --

Kelly: No, it's all right, I can get it. Really, Dorian -- no, don't bother. Really, I got it. Dorian --

Dorian: Well, darling --

Kelly: Dorian, please, don't --

Dorian: These are your medical records.


Kevin: Ah. You don't seem to get it, Daniel. You will never be endorsed by The Sun.

Daniel: Why not?

Kevin: Whoever The Banner is for, The Sun is for the other guy. Todd manning made it practically a law.

Daniel: Todd Manning is dead. Besides, I saw you talking to the publisher of The Sun -- who is gorgeous, by the way -- and I was thinking that, you know, maybe --

Kevin: I have nothing but a professional relationship with Blair Cramer. You want to win this election? Make sure Nora Buchanan isn't running against you.

Daniel: Nora. Hello, there, Nora. How are you? Mind if I join you?

Nora: Well, I guess I didn't really want a nice, quiet dinner alone anyway. What's up, Daniel?

Daniel: Up?

Nora: Mm-hmm.

Daniel: What makes you think anything is up?


Blair: Kevin? If you want me anytime, all you have to do is say so.

Waitress: Is there anything you want, sir?

Kevin: Uh, no, thank you.

Blair: What's wrong? Are you OK?

Walker: Yeah. Yeah, sure. I知 great.

[Knock on door]

Starr: Walker?


Starr: Walker, are you in there? Somebody stole my key and I can't get in!

Walker: The kitchen.

Blair: What?

Walker: In the kitchen.

[Doorbell rings]

Walker: OK, hold on!

Starr: Walker!

Walker: Hold on, please.

Blair: Wait a minute.

Starr: Walker!

[Doorbell rings]

Walker: Hold on. Uh -- it's a little late.

Starr: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I need my beauty sleep. You ought to get somebody to iron your shirt, by the way. Um, I got some -- my mom's here?

Walker: What are you talking about? Why would she be here?

Starr: Mom?

Walker: Oh --

Starr: Mom, where are you?

Walker: Hold on, wait --

Starr: Mom!

Walker: I just told you she wasn't here.

Starr: She is here! Mom!

Blair: Hey, hey! Here -- I知 right here, right here. Yeah.

Starr: What are you two doing? You were doing something, weren't you?


Jessica: Oh, my God.

Antonio: Oh, my God. What the hell are you doing?

Cristian: Keri?

Antonio: What the hell are you doing? Stay away from us!

Cristian: Tonio, what's going on, man? What was Keri doing here?

Antonio: She got in the apartment. She was standing over the bed.

Cristian: OK. OK, take it easy.

Antonio: No. Why the hell should I take it easy? She crossed the line. She can't do that! I知 sorry. Are you all right?

Jessica: Excuse me. I just need to go somewhere.

Antonio: No, Jessica, please --

Jessica: I値l be back.

Antonio: Look -- Jessica, wait! I can explain.

Cristian: Is Jess OK? Where's she going?

Antonio: I don't know, but she's not going to come back.


Gabrielle: First they say it's not enough, and now it's too influential.

Bo: You know what, someone's always --

Max: Shh, shh, shh.

Gabrielle: What?

Max: They each put up a thousand bucks, winner takes all.

Gabrielle: Sorry.

Roxy: What's going on here? A funeral?

Max: Oh.

Gabrielle: Oh. Roxy.


Daniel: You know, Nora, I was just wondering why you're alone tonight. Where's that little boy of yours?

Nora: He's having a camping trip with a friend and a friend's family.

Daniel: Kids are great when they're young, aren't they?

Nora: Hmm.

Daniel: Listen, Nora, I want you to know that when I take office, I知 going to need you more than ever. You're going to be more than just a regular A.D.A. You'll be my top gun, so to speak. Anything you need -- access, freedom -- you got it, OK?

Nora: You know, it almost sounds like you're scared I might run against you.

Daniel: Oh, please.

Nora: That's what this is about, isn't it, Daniel? Are you scared I might run against you?

Daniel: Oh, come on, Nora. I just want to make sure I have a great team when I知 D.A., that's all. Besides, you're not running. You'd get crushed at the polls. And you're way too smart to put yourself through that.

Nora: Well, that's very good advice. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Gosh, I think you just helped me make up my mind. You don't mind getting the check, do you? It was a working dinner, after all.

Daniel: Sure.


Kevin: Mr. Dawes. It's good to see you, sir.

Mr. Dawes: You, too, Kevin. I知 glad you could take the time.

Kevin: Oh, I can always make time for someone like William Davis Dawes.

Mr. Dawes: Well, I do occasionally have some influence about what goes on in Pennsylvania.

Kevin: And just a little. Please, join me.

Mr. Dawes: Thank you. So, Kevin, I hear you're thinking of expanding your horizons.

Kevin: Well, I've got my hands full running The Banner for now.

Mr. Dawes: Well, I heard that Asa Buchanan thinks Lieutenant Governor Pratt has a health problem and is considering resigning after the election. Let me tell you something. I know George Pratt. I know him very well. His health is excellent, and I think a lot of people will be very, very disappointed if he suddenly withdrew from office.

Kevin: I知 sure. I知 sure they would be. Incidentally, have you had time to enjoy The Banner's expose on state corruption over the last few weeks?

Mr. Dawes: Powerful reporting, Kevin. My congratulations.

Kevin: Thank you. Thank you very much. As far as the rumor, I assure you that whether I stay on at The Banner or decide to serve the public in some other capacity, I will continue to fight government corruption.

Mr. Dawes: That's admirable, Kevin. I wish you the best of luck.


Kelly: Dorian, didn't I ask you to stop reading that?

Dorian: Kelly, I知 a doctor.

Kelly: Yeah? Well, I知 sick of doctors.

Dorian: I知 also your aunt, and this is important information for you and Kevin. I知 aware that you've been trying to get pregnant for a while now.

Kelly: Yes, I have, and all those doctors in Texas kept telling me that I couldn't, so to get good news like this --

Dorian: Good news? What -- these tests show that if you get pregnant, you could die.


Blair: Starr, look, look -- hey, hey, hey. I know that you're upset, sweetie, but --

Starr: No! You belong with dad and you shouldn't be doing this!

Blair: No, look, your daddy is gone. And even if he were to come back, sweetheart --

Starr: He is coming back!

Blair: Starr.

Starr: OK? He's in trouble someplace and you don't even care!

Blair: I do care.

Walker: Blair, Blair, why don't you maybe go upstairs for a second and maybe freshen up?

Starr: No. No.

Walker: Yes.

Starr: We're leaving. We're leaving now!

Blair: Starr --

Walker: Just a few minutes. Please.

Starr: No. She doesn't have a few minutes!

Blair: Starr, I知 going to go upstairs for a few minutes.

Walker: OK. Kick and scream. Do what you want. What's the matter, Starr? Where's that famous temper of yours?

Starr: I thought you were my friend.

Walker: I am.

Starr: No, you're not, and you never will be. The only man who gets to be with my mom is my dad. And just for your information, he is coming back. I just don't know what's taking him so long.

Walker: All right. I値l tell you exactly why he hasn't come back.


Max: 1,700, 1,800, 1,900, 2,000.

Roxy: You know, she would've won if I didn't open up my big yap. She could wipe the table with you. Ain't that right, Natalie?

Man: Look, you want to play in the big time, learn to shut out the noise. Besides, you would've lost anyway.

Max: No, she wouldn't.

Man: Yeah? I got two thou here says I can do it again. Put up or shut up.

Max: Sorry, Natalie. Covering that last 400 cleaned out the till and me.

Natalie: It's all right. Cristian went to get the money. He'll be back soon.

Bo: How about I put up the 2,000 and you can rack 'em up?

Natalie: Uncle Bo, no. That is way too much money. I can't let you do that.

Bo: Hey, hey, hey, I知 -- I知 not going to chance anything. I got my niece covering me. What do you say? Now, a check for cash from me -- could you live with that?

Man: Sure.

Bo: Oh, honey, let's fill out a check.

Nora: Bo?

Bo: Hey, Nora, stick around. You're about to see one great pool game.

Nora: OK, because I really think I did something stupid this time.

Bo: What's that?

Nora: I think I decided to run against Colson for D.A.

Bo: You did? That's great! That's great! You're kidding -- good for you.

Nora: Oh, yeah --

Bo: Did you hear that, honey?

Gabrielle: Yes, yes. I think that's terrific.

Nora: Do you? Because I think I really stepped in it this time.

Max: You can take this clown.

Natalie: Where's Cristian?

Max: You don't need Cristian. You just need to concentrate.

Natalie: I wish Cris was here.


Cristian: Tonio, listen --

Antonio: She's never coming back.

Cristian: Did she say that? No, no. She said she was going to be back and if she said it, she meant it.

Antonio: She would've said anything just to get away.

Cristian: Would you just give yourself a break, man?

Antonio: No, why should I? I blew it.


Jessica: Keri, can you wait? Keri, I just want to talk to you.

Keri: Well, I don't want to talk to you.

Jessica: Fine, then listen.


Walker: You want to know the reason why your dad hasn't come back? He's afraid. He's afraid that your mother won't want to see him again.

Starr: That's crazy. She still loves him.

Walker: Yeah? My guess is Todd wants to be a different person. He wants to be someone who doesn't always hurt the people he really loves.

Starr: Nobody can just change.

Walker: You ever heard of plastic surgery?

Starr: Sure. I知 going to have tons -- no wrinkles, no -- wait. You think my dad had plastic surgery?

Walker: What if your dad got hurt really, really bad, and he had to have surgery?

Starr: Wait -- my dad was in an accident?

Walker: Yes. But he's all better now.

Starr: But he came out looking ugly?

Walker: I think so. But I値l let you be the judge.

Starr: What?

Walker: It's me. Starr, it's me, your dad. I知 Todd.

Starr: No. No, you are not my father.

Blair: So, have I given you two enough time?

Todd: Just a few more minutes, Blair. We're making progress.

Starr: No. No, we're not.

Todd: Just a few more minutes. Whether you believe it or not, we're making progress.

Blair: OK. Just a few more minutes.

Todd: OK. Ask me anything you want. Go ahead. What's the matter? You scared? It's OK, you can ask --

Starr: No! OK, if you're so smart, then what's my favorite lizard?

Todd: Gila monster.

Starr: What do I call Tea?

Todd: "Tee."

Starr: What's my favorite snake?

Todd: Uh, black mamba.

Starr: What did I get in trouble for in kindergarten?

Todd: Oh, which time?

Starr: Any time.

Todd: You punched Winkie Swarm, and you bloodied his nose. You -- you cut his lip, you --

Starr: OK, forget about that. When I was 7 and I fell in the street, who picked me up, what happened, who fixed me up, and who got hurt?

Todd: Well, you got hurt. You fell off your bike. I picked you up. Marta fixed you up by putting rubbing alcohol on your scrape, which hurt, and you got mad and got your snake to bite her.

Starr: Wrong, my iguana.

Todd: No. No. The iguana snapped at Suzanne when she was cleaning its cage. Marta was the babysitter before Suzanne, and she quit when the snake bit her.

Starr: That's right. You wouldn稚 know that unless -- Dad! Oh, my God, I missed you!

Todd: Starr, I missed you so much.

Starr: I missed you.

Todd: Now, listen to me. This has to be our secret for a while, OK?

Starr: Just us two?

Todd: That's right.

Starr: And you're not ugly. But where's the scar?

Todd: It's still there, believe me.

Starr: OK.

Todd: OK. Well, we'd better get your mom down here. But remember, not a word.

Starr: OK, wait. I forgot -- I brought you something. Here.

Todd: Where did you get that?

Starr: Well, Dorian stole it from you, so I stole it back. You're going to give it to Mom, right? Why don't you give it to her right now.


Jessica: Keri, don't you see? There's something very, very wrong here. You're not the same woman that taught me those classes at L.U.

Keri: Please.

Jessica: To sneak into Antonio's loft like that and stand over the bed -- it's insane.

Keri: How dare you call me crazy? Go crawl back in bed with that madman. Go ahead. See how long it takes before he starts beating you.

Jessica: Listen, I知 sorry that I called you crazy, OK? But really, maybe you should get some help. Think about the baby.

Keri: I am thinking about her. And you can tell Antonio that I've got a news flash for him. If he thinks he's going to see his daughter again in a year, think again. He will never see her, you hear me? Ever.


Cristian: Tell you the truth, Keri's the one that worries me. She's so whacked, what if she does something to the baby?

Antonio: Yeah. Yeah, I've thought about that, too. She's been acting really weird. But I値l do what I got to do to protect the baby. What are you doing here, anyway?

Cristian: It's not important anymore.

Antonio: Oh, come on, Cris. It must have been something.

Cristian: Well, I actually came by to borrow 400 bucks.

Antonio: Oh. OK. I just have to run to the A.T.M., but what are you going to use it for?

Cristian: To gamble.


[Onlookers buzz]

Nora: Bo, do you really think I can win?

Bo: Oh, yeah. I mean, you're 10 times the candidate this Daniel Colson is.

Gabrielle: Don't you have a fair amount of money riding on this game?

Bo: I think she's got everything under control, honey. You know, what you need is a campaign manager.

Nora: Yeah.

Bo: I happen to have some names.

Nora: Oh, that would be great, Bo. Thank you. That would be great.

Bo: Soon as I get in tomorrow, I値l just send you over the list, OK?

Nora: You're a Godsend. Really, a Godsend.

Gabrielle: Max, when Bo looks over here, would you talk to me as though I知 the only person in this room? Please?

Kelly: Oh, Dorian. Would you stop poring over that stupid file? I知 thrilled about the news. You should be, too.

Dorian: You're being naive and foolish.

Kelly: Maybe I am. But to be told as long as I have that you cannot conceive, and then to be told that you can is a miracle.

Dorian: Honey, these test results show conclusively that if you have a baby, you will die.

Kelly: "Can," not "will." There's a difference. I mean, everything has its risks. You know, obviously you don't know how important having a child is to Kevin and I.

Dorian: Then adopt. River isn't Cassie and Andrew's biological child. He's a wonderful boy.

Kelly: You don't understand.

Dorian: I do, believe me. A baby never saves a marriage.

Kelly: My marriage is fine.

Dorian: It's not going to be fine if you're dead.

Kelly: Well, thanks for the unsolicited advice.

[Phone rings]

Dorian: Hello? I told you, I知 well aware of the deadline. I do not know where the diamond is. Now, stop calling me, OK? And I mean that!


[Cheers and applause]

Max: The winner!

Roxanne: Hey, aren't you glad you played another game and you won more money? That's because of me!

Man: You just got lucky.

Bo: Well, there's four grand right over there. Why don't you match it, play her again?

Man: I知 out of here.

[Max clucks]

Nora: Hey, I didn't know you were such a pool shark, Natalie.

Gabrielle: Congratulations, Natalie.

Roxanne: Yeah, but who taught her everything she knows?

Max: Oh, boy. Here you go.

Bo: Oh, good, we can get rid of this thing. Natalie, this is yours.

Natalie: Oh, no, no, no. I played it for you. You put down the money. It's yours.

Bo: Nora, could you explain the legalities to Natalie?

Nora: Yes, I would. You see, if the commissioner were actually to be gambling, I would be shocked, shocked. So shocked, in fact, I'd have to make a citizen's arrest.

Bo: You got to save me, honey. Take the money.

Natalie: Thank you! It'll go for the wedding.

Bo: That's great, that's great! Perfect. Hey, I got an idea. Something we can use against Colson.

Nora: Oh.

Gabrielle: Just go along with me, OK? Max? Max, why don't you show me some of those great shots that you do. I always loved watching you play pool.

Natalie: Hey! Cristian, I won. I mean, I lost the first time, but I played again and I won. Uncle Bo put up the money. I ran the table!

Cristian: I knew that you could do it.

Antonio: That's great. That's great, so that means you don't need the money?

Natalie: Actually, since you put down the 400, you doubled your money.

Antonio: No. No way. I wasn't even here.

Cristian: She's right, Antonio.

Antonio: It's not going to happen. Look, just -- it's your money, all right? Have one on me.

Natalie: Thank you, Antonio. I値l use it for our wedding. Thank you. Let's celebrate. I was awesome!

Antonio: Tell Keri to stay the hell away from me.


[Phone rings]

R.J.: Hello?

Keri: Dad, I really need to see you.

R.J.: Why? What's wrong? Did something happen?


Starr: Come on, Mom!

Blair: Slow down! I have these heels on! I知 going to fall! Why are you so -- you were so upset before, and now you're excited. What is going on?

Starr: See, me and Walker have a really big secret. Go on, give it to her.

Blair: What's the big turnaround? You were really upset. What happened?

Starr: Well, I decided I like Walker.

Blair: Why?

Starr: Well, because he saved my life.

Blair: Yeah, he did that last week. And now today --

Todd: Here's the deal, here's the deal. I told Starr that I want you to be happy no matter what.

Starr: Right, and since Dad might never come back I mean ever -- and if -- you know, I知 sure he wanted -- he wants you to be really happy, and if Walker's what makes you happy, then I知 happy.

Blair: Wait a minute. Did you bribe her with something?

Todd: No. That's exactly what I said. I want you to be happy.

Starr: Give it to her.

Blair: Give me what? I have not seen you so happy in so --

Starr: Turn around!

Blair: Oh, my God!

Todd. No, wait, wait a minute. This is the Badhra, isn't it? And you had it recut. Why don't you just-- why don't you try it on?

Blair: OK. Oh, my God, it's -- why are you giving this to me?

Todd: Ooh. I知 a generous guy.

Blair: No, no, no. You are a strange, generous guy.

Starr: It looks very good, Mom.

Blair: Oh, man! I知 going to go check it out in a mirror. This is beautiful! Oh, gosh! Oh, my God, this is beautiful! Well, I just might have to wear this home. Look at this. Oh, I can't believe it.


Kelly: Hi, there.

Kevin: Hi, sweetie. Hey, you know William Davis Dawes?

Kelly: The commonwealth's ultimate insider?

Kevin: Yeah, he stopped by and had a little talk with me after you and Asa left.

Kelly: OK, let me guess. Since he basically owns the lieutenant governor, he's not thrilled about you taking his place.

Kevin: That's right. He said for me to forget about it and take a walk, but I matched him smile to smile. He went away, and I laughed about it all the way here.

Kelly: So, you don't think there's anything to worry about?

Kevin: Do I look worried?

Kelly: No. Good. Look, I知 going to just grab my medical file, and then you and I can take off.

Kevin: Medical? Oh, you had an appointment today -- you know, with the specialist, right?

Kelly: Yeah.

Kevin: I am so sorry. You know what, I致e just had my mind filled up with all kinds of -- how'd it go? It's not more bad news, is it?

Kelly: No. No, actually, it's great news. It turns out I can get pregnant.

Kevin: What?

Kelly: Yeah.

Kevin: That's amazing! That's incredible! Oh, man! Oh!

Dorian: Excuse me, but, Kelly, be sure to tell Kevin all the news, will you?


Keri: I went to Antonio's. I knew he kept a spare key, so I just -- I let myself in. Jessica was in bed with him. They were sleeping. Then they woke up.

R.J.: Keri, why would you do something like that?

Keri: No, don't be angry with me. Not you, too, R.J. Antonio was screaming at me and he chased me out into the hallway.

R.J.: Look, Keri -- listen to me. Stay away from Vega. The man is dangerous. Listen, he could hurt you.

Keri: What do you mean?

R.J.: He's out of control. If you push him too far -- I fear for your life.


Jessica: Hey. I was wondering when you were coming back. Where'd you go?

Antonio: What are you doing here?

Jessica: I said I was coming back.

Antonio: I -- I know, but --

Jessica: You didn't think that I would?

Antonio: You seemed upset.

Jessica: I love you. Don't you know that by now? I知 always going to be here, as long as you want me to be.


Gabrielle: Max --

Max: Hmm?

Gabrielle: Dance with me now.

Max: What? I don't even like this song.

Gabrielle: Slow, please.

Bo: You know what, if Colson wants to talk about convictions, then you bring up all the times that you backed the senior DA. down, all right? I mean, didn't you just mop the floor with him, like, last spring? Hmm?

Nora: You should dance now. I think strategy session's over.

Bo: What?

Nora: You don't want to lose your roommate to an ex, do you?

Bo: Never happen.

Nora: Yeah, well, play it safe.

Bo: Excuse me, Max.

Max: Mm-hmm?

Bo: May I?

Max: Hmm? Oh, yeah. Yeah, sure.


Cristian: I wish I would've been here.

Natalie: Me, too.

Max: The question is, are you ready?

Natalie: A competition?

Max: Hmm. Entry-level players only. Atlantic city. You won enough money for the entrance fee tonight? So what's it going to be? You ready for the big time?

Natalie: No!

Cristian: Yes.


[Phone rings]

Todd: Yeah? What? What are you talking about? Oh, no. No way. We had a deal. No, there's no chance anybody will ever find out. What people? Snooping around where? All right, now, listen to me. Don't panic. I will handle it! Trust me, I値l take care of everything.


Kelly: So, can you believe it? We can have a baby.

Kevin: It's fantastic.

Dorian: Of course, Kelly is going to have to safeguard her health at all times.

Kelly: And I will.

Kevin: Of course you will, honey. This is terrific news.

Blair: Go upstairs and pack, sweetie. I値l be up in a minute.

Kelly: Packing for what? Where you going?

Dorian: Blair is taking the children for a weekend in Hilton Head.

Blair: Yes, and Walker's going with us.

Kelly: Oh. When did this happen?

Blair: Well, actually, it was Starr that insisted on him going, so --

Dorian: Oh, my. This is moving very, very fast. First you're just having dinner with the man, now he's going away on a family vacation.

[Phone rings]

Blair: Dorian --

Kevin: Oh, sorry. I have to take this.

Kelly: You know what, I have my own car out front, so why don't I just see you back at Asa's?

Kevin: OK, bye.


Dorian: Excuse me. Kelly, darling -- please, I hope you're going to take this warning very seriously.

Kelly: Dorian, please, please, please, please, please do not say anything to Kevin until I say it's OK, OK?

Dorian: It's not OK. But for now, I will bite my tongue.

Kelly: Oh!

Dorian: Oh --

Kelly: Oh, bye Blair.

Blair: Bye, Kelly.

Dorian: Oh, dear. What are we going to do with -- oh! Where did you get that?

Blair: Does it matter? It's yours. Take it.

Dorian: Oh, Blair darling, you saved my life!

Blair: I know, I know.

Dorian: Oh, goody, goody, goody, goody, goody! Thank you.

Blair: You're welcome.


Elyssa: We were right about Walker Laurence. He's not who he says he is.

Kevin: OK, then what's his story?

Elyssa: I don't know yet. I知 working on it.

Kevin: Wait a minute, wait a minute. How do we know our guy isn't the real Walker Laurence?

Elyssa: Because the real Walker Laurence lives in Atlantic city.


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