One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 8/12/03

By Suzanne
Proofread by Melissa Dann

Kelly: Well, thank you, Nigel, for helping me bring those in.

Asa: Thank you for coming, Kelly.

Kelly: Well, you said come right away. Where's Kevin?

Asa: At The Banner.

Kelly: Still?

Asa: Why are you surprised? He always works late.

Kelly: Yeah. Yeah, I guess you're right.

Asa: But you're worried.

Kelly: About what?

Asa: That he's fooling around with your cousin Blair.


Walker: You want to know who I am?

Kevin: Yeah, I want to know. You're certainly not who you claim to be.

Walker: And who's that?

Kevin: A reporter, loner, Mitch Laurence's brother who saved him, then turned on him, sided with everybody else against him. Apparently, a real swell guy.

Walker: Hmm. Well, if Iím not that guy, who am I?

Kevin: That's what Iím trying to find out.

Walker: Hmm. Well, let me clue you in. Iím the one who actually cares about Blair, not just trying to get a little action on the side.

Kevin: And you've known her for, what, five minutes?

Walker: Iíve known her long enough.

Kevin: Well, I know there's something going on here, so you can either tell me or Iíll find out myself. Donít think I wonít.

Walker: Knock yourself out.

Kevin: Yeah.

Walker: I got to shower. I donít want to be late for my date with -- what's her -- Blair.


Man: Hey, can I buy you a drink?

Blair: Oh, no, thanks. Iím waiting for someone.

Man: A date?

Blair: It's more like a friend.

Man: Hmm. You always dress like that for your friends?


Bo: Hey.

Nora: Hi. Thank you for meeting me here tonight.

Bo: You said it was important. So is everything all right?

Nora: Yeah, yeah. No sling. See? As a matter of fact, Iíll be bench-pressing in no time, the doctor said.

Bo: What about Matthew?

Nora: He's OK. He's OK. But that's actually why I called you. I think it's time, Bo.

Bo: It's time?

Nora: I think it's time we told Matthew that you're his father.


Rex: So thanks for keeping me company tonight.

Lindsay: Oh, you're welcome. Iím really sorry about having to cancel lunch today. It's just that when my son calls --

Rex: It's no problem, really. Iím just glad that I can be with somebody who understands what Iím going through.

Lindsay: Iím sorry.

Rex: It's not your fault.

[Phone rings]

Rex: It's the club. I need to take it.

Lindsay: It's OK, really. You know what, Iíll get a table. How about that?

Rex: OK.

Lindsay: OK.


Rex: Talk to me. No, I canít come in right now. You're the assistant manager. You handle it. All right, all right, fine, Iíll cancel dinner. Just give me a few minutes to let the lady down.

Renee: Hello, Lindsay.

Lindsay: Oh, hi.

Renee: Um, table for one?

Lindsay: Two, actually. Iím waiting for someone.

Woman: Forget it. Iím not eating here.

Renee: Iím sorry, is there a problem?

Woman: Donít you recognize her? She's the one that murdered her ex-husband.


Jessica: I wish this hadn't happened. If I hadn't have been here when Keri came by with Jamie, then --

Antonio: No. No, Jessica, you and I didn't do anything wrong.

Jessica: But you should be with your little girl.

Antonio: Iím not letting her get away with this.


Keri: Thank you so much for meeting me, Evangeline. I really need your help.

Evangeline: Tell me what I can do.

Keri: Get me sole custody of my daughter.

Evangeline: That shouldn't be a problem.

Keri: That's not all. I want you to make sure that Antonio never sees her again.


[TV plays]

Walker: Hey. Starr, what are you doing here?

Starr: Trying to find something good on TV.

Walker: Your TV on the fritz?

[TV turns off]

Starr: No, I came here to see you. Hedy brought me.

Walker: And you just let yourself in?

Starr: I still have the key from when we lived here with Dad. Where is he, anyway?

Walker: Iím -- Iím not sure.

Starr: Can you at least tell him to call me?

Walker: Iíll try. Meantime, let's get Hedy on the phone, see if she can come pick you up.

Starr: Wait! For what?

Walker: Well, Iím late for dinner with your mom.

Starr: Really? That's great!

Walker: You think so?

Starr: Yeah, I mean, you could tell her about my dad being alive.

Walker: Would she want to know?

Starr: For sure. She misses him, even if she wonít say so.

Walker: He misses her, too.

Starr: That's why he sent you, isn't it? Because he misses all of us and he wants to be with us.

Walker: Maybe I should tell her.

Blair: Oh, great, a voicemail. Hey, Walker, you're late. Why'd you pick Rodi's, anyway? You know this is the low end of the food chain.


Keri: So I go over there to drop Jamie off with Antonio, and there's Jessica Buchanan coming out of the shower.

Evangeline: Did Antonio know you were coming over?

Keri: We talked about it. OK, I was a little early, but I thought the three of us could spend a little extra time together.

Evangeline: And now you want to get back at him?

Keri: I just donít think it's a -- a good environment for my daughter.

Evangeline: That's not grounds to take a baby away from her father.

Keri: Why should he have any rights? He's not the father of record.

Evangeline: He's not listed on the birth certificate?

Keri: We were never even married. He didn't even realize that she was his daughter till very recently.

Evangeline: Then you've got a good shot at sole custody, but it could still mean visitation rights for Antonio.

[Keri sighs]

Keri: What if he were abusive to her?

Evangeline: Is he?

Keri: He could be. He's got a very violent temper. Ask anyone down at the police department, they'll tell you he's been suspended several times. Ben Davidson is in a coma because of it.

Evangeline: Yeah, I know that case, but it was ruled an accident.

Keri: But it wouldn't have happened at all if Antonio hadn't completely lost control after we broke up. And you should've seen him today when I wouldn't let Jamie stay with him. He really scared me.

Evangeline: So you've decided to play hardball.

Keri: Antonio's given me no other choice.


Antonio: Ugh! Keri's not even with the baby. That was the babysitter. She left the baby with her.

Jessica: Maybe she just went out for a minute.

Antonio: Yeah? Well, Iím going to find out.

Jessica: Antonio, donít, donít, donít.

Antonio: I am not letting her keep my daughter from me.

Jessica: Yeah, but it's not going to help if you go over there and make a scene. Listen, OK? We can contact a lawyer -- my mom knows plenty of good ones -- and then we'll make an appointment, OK?

Antonio: Maybe you're right.

Jessica: Let the lawyers do the fighting, OK?

Antonio: Maybe you're right. I will. I will. Iíve got rights. Iím her father, damn it.


Woman: What kind of place is this? Why would you let psychos like her in?

Rex: Renee. Your best table for Mrs. Rappaport.

Renee: Right this way.


Bo: Nora?

Nora: Yes?

Bo: Are you sure you're ready to tell Matthew?

Nora: I think the point is, Bo, Matthew's ready.

Bo: But he's still not past Sam being gone.

Nora: No, he's not, and he never will be. But he's gotten pretty close to you.

Bo: Close enough to accept me as his dad?

Nora: You know, the longer we wait, it's like lying to him.

Bo: Yeah. He asked me if he could call me Uncle Bo. And I said, no, not -- why donít we just wait for that. You know, I hope it didn't hurt him.

Nora: No, it didn't hurt him. It confused him and it disappointed him. He just wants to get closer to you, and he needs to. And I need him to. Because when I was in the hospital, he was scared to death that I was going to die and that he would be left without any parent at all. That's when I realized that I just wanted to tell him everything right there on the spot. Bo, I donít want him to feel that way. I want him to know that no matter what happens to me that he has a daddy who knows him, who loves him, and will take care of him for the rest of his life.

Bo: When do you want to tell him?

Nora: Tonight.

Bo: Tonight?

Nora: Well --

Bo: All right, no, I Ė Iíd like to talk to Gabrielle about it first, OK, just so she doesn't get the wrong idea.

Nora: Wrong idea about what?

Bo: You and me.

Nora: Oh, come on, please. She's not still bothered about that, is she?

Bo: Well, no, I didn't think she was, but, you know, then she got mixed up with Troy.

Nora: She didn't -- that was one kiss that Troy initiated, and that's it, Bo.

Bo: I know that.

Nora: Are you jealous?

Bo: No, she's beautiful, all right?

Nora: Yeah?

Bo: I see other guys checking her out when we walk by.

Nora: "When we --" that means that you're the guy that she's with.

Bo: Yeah, and Iím damn lucky, and I just wish that Gabrielle would believe that.

Nora: Oh. What are you going to do about it?

Bo: What do you think?

Nora: Bo, it's gorgeous.

Bo: Iíve had that for a while.

Nora: Well, when are you going to give it to her?

Bo: To tell you the truth, I donít know.


Rex: You know, Renee used to have my picture up here with a line drawn through it. No lie.

Lindsay: Really? You mean, like the -- well, I guess I did you a favor then.

Rex: Well, she couldn't have seated you without me, right?

Lindsay: Iím happy I could help you.

Rex: Do you mind if I make a quick call?

Lindsay: No, go ahead.

Rex: Hey, it's me. Listen, Iím not coming in for a while. I know. Iíll handle it when I get there.

Lindsay: Listen, I donít want to keep you from your work, seriously.

Rex: I'd rather be here.

Renee: Oh, Gabrielle, Al called. He's not going to be able to join you this evening.

Gabrielle: Oh, what a pity. My cell phone must be turned off. I just noticed that Bo is here with Nora.

Renee: Oh, yes. Well, no problem. I can make another place at the table.

Gabrielle: Oh, no, that's not what I mean. Iím -- Iím sure they're working, so Iíll just go and say a quick hello. Thank you, though. Hello!

Bo: Hey.

Nora: Hi, Gabrielle!

Gabrielle: Hi!

Nora: I was just going to make a phone call. Iíll be right back.

Gabrielle: OK.

Bo: Am I glad to see you.

Gabrielle: Listen, if you two are busy, in the middle of something, I donít --

Bo: No, no, no, we're done. Sit down, sit down, sit down.

Gabrielle: OK.

Bo: Because we need to talk.

Gabrielle: Oh. Nothing wrong, I hope?

Bo: No, no.

Gabrielle: OK.

Bo: I donít think so. And I hope that you donít think so, either.

Gabrielle: OK.

Bo: There's something that I have to ask you, and it's something that's really important.

Gabrielle: What is it?

Bo: Honey, you know that I love you, and I want us to be together. I donít want anything to ever change that. Right?

Gabrielle: Bo, I feel exactly the same way.

Bo: Oh, great. God, Iím glad to hear that because it makes everything a whole lot easier.

Gabrielle: Good. Good, good.

Bo: All right, Iíve been thinking about this for quite a while, and now I think it's time to make the next move.

Gabrielle: OK.

Bo: Nora and I have decided to tell Matthew the truth -- that Iím really his dad.

Gabrielle: Wow.

Bo: Well, are you all right with that?

Gabrielle: Yeah, absolutely. I couldn't be happier for you.


Jessica: Ah, Iím with Antonio right now. He's going to need a really good lawyer. OK. Let me know what you come up with.

[Knock on door]

Jessica: Have fun at the retreat.

Antonio: Hi. How can I help you?

Evangeline: Iím Evangeline Williamson.

Antonio: Yes, JI know.

Evangeline: Iím representing Keri Reynolds.

Antonio: OK, Iíll bite. For what?

Evangeline: Custody of her daughter.

Antonio: Yeah, well, she's my daughter, too, and Iím hiring a lawyer, also.

Evangeline: Then you're going to fight it?

Antonio: You bet I am.

Evangeline: Well, until this gets to court, you're allowed no contact with Jamie.

Antonio: Keri canít do this. She has no right.

Jessica: Antonio --

Antonio: I am not letting her do this!

Evangeline: You have no choice. You're not listed as the father of record, so Keri didn't have to let you see Jamie. She did it to be nice, but that's over.

Antonio: Oh, yeah? We'll see about that.

Jessica: Antonio --


Kelly: Asa, you're reading way too much into this. Kevin and Blair are barely even friends.

Asa: They are together every chance they get, honey.

Kelly: Kevin was trying to buy The Sun. And when that didn't work, then you tried that hostile takeover.

Asa: Forget about that. They canít be seen too much together or tongues are going to start wagging. I canít have that, not now.

Kelly: We can handle the rumors. We know what to do.

Asa: As long as it's not true. You and Kevin are good together.

Kevin: I think so, too, so stop worrying. Hey, baby.

Kelly: Hi. Just in time.

Kevin: Look at you, making me a drink. Is she a keeper, or what?

Asa: That's what I keep telling her.

Kevin: Hmm -- so did I miss anything else?

Asa: Well, I was saving the big story till both of you could hear it.

Kevin: What's going on?

Asa: Well, today I had a talk with our esteemed lieutenant governor.

Kelly: And?

Asa: And he'll be resigning after the election. He doesn't feel up to another term and he's got some real medical problems. But he doesn't want to rock the boat this late in the game, so come December, the governor's going to name his replacement.

Kevin: And that would be?

Asa: All the money Iíve put in his campaign, it had better be you. Iím having dinner with him tonight.

Kelly: Oh, honey, this is everything you've been waiting for.

Kevin: Everything we've been waiting for. It's going to happen now.

Asa: Not so fast, cowboy.


Walker: Sorry Iím late.

Blair: That's OK. How about we grab a table while we can.

Walker: Oh, no, no. I like it better at the bar.

Blair: So did Todd.

Walker: A lot of people do.

Blair: But a lot of people weren't like Todd.

Walker: Hmm. He was his own man, huh?

Blair: Well, that's a nice way of putting it.

Walker: Some think it's a good thing.

Blair: Well, a lot of people didn't know Todd. He was the most infuriating man I ever knew.

Walker: Oh, come on. You donít really mean that.

Blair: Oh, yes, I do. Of course, he probably couldn't help it. That's the way he was raised. He went through a lot of stuff, really damaged. It was amazing it didn't drive him crazy -- or maybe he was crazy. That would explain a lot.

Walker: Like what?

Blair: Well, the fact that he always thought he was incapable of love. He didn't think it was in him. But Iíll tell you, if you saw him with his children --

Walker: What about you?

Blair: Oh, he never would've admitted that. I stood right there and I sang my heart out to the man. He never even admitted it.

Walker: Iím sure he wanted to.

Blair: Yeah, you think?

Walker: Donít you think?

Blair: I donít know. Yeah, maybe. I mean, he wouldn't have done all those other crazy things, I guess, if he hadn't have loved me.

Walker: And if you hadn't loved him.

Blair: Yeah. Like crazy.

Walker: What would you do if you had him back?

Blair: Why would you say something like that?

Walker: I donít know. Just want to know.


Kevin: Hmm -- I got a quick meeting before dinner.

Asa: We're not done here.

Kevin: Look, Grandpa, I know what you're going to say, OK?

Asa: Indulge me, Kevin. Listen anyway. You and Kelly are going to have to be role models, squeaky clean. And if you had a baby on the way, it wouldn't hurt.

Kelly: No, a baby wouldn't hurt.

Asa: The governor can put you in office, Kevin, but he canít keep you in. Things aren't going to be as easy as we thought, and Blair's going to be a damn problem.

Kevin: What's Blair got to do with anything?

Asa: Her paper's going to trash you every morning.

Kevin: I donít worry about The Sun. Blair's on my side.

Kelly: She's my cousin.

Asa: I still donít trust her, and I sure as hell donít trust that Laurence character.

Kevin: Oh, forget him. Iíve got it covered.


Walker: You going to answer me or you just going to stuff your face?

Blair: Todd is not coming back, so just drop it.

Walker: I want to know what you'd do.

Blair: All right. If he were sitting right there, looking exactly like you looking at me, you want to know what I would do?

Walker: Yeah.

Blair: I would haul off and I would hit him as hard as I possibly could across the face.

Walker: Why?

Blair: For messing with my head, for making me think that he was dead yet again, and for not being there for his kids, that's why.

Walker: Well, what if he said he wasn't there for his kids because he wanted to help?

Blair: Oh, oh, oh, that is just so Todd -- always thinking that his plan is going to help somebody but himself.

Walker: What if it was true?

Blair: "True" and "Todd" donít belong in the same sentence. Lying is like breathing to Todd.

Walker: You said you loved him.

Blair: Doesn't mean I could or I even would be with him. I donít trust him. I donít have any of that left in me.

Walker: You donít think he could ever change?

Blair: It wouldn't matter. I mean, he told me that he was going to change over and over again, and over and over again he lied to me.

Walker: You telling me you never lied to anyone you loved over and over again?

[Phone rings]

Blair: All right, all right, all right. Hello.

Kelly: Blair? It's Kelly. Can you come over to Asa's?

Blair: Did something happen?

Kelly: No, no, I -- Iíve got some news, and I want you to be the first to know.

Blair: OK. Iíll be right there. Iíve got to go. Something came up.

Walker: Can I eat those fries?


Nora: Lindsay.

Lindsay: Yeah?

Nora: How are you doing?

Lindsay: Fine.

Nora: Um -- what Troy did to you and Jen, Iím so sorry.

Lindsay: Well, he did try to hurt you, too. But it wasn't his fault. He's sick.

Nora: So I -- I really hope good things happen for you, Lindsay, I really do.

Lindsay: Well, I finally believe they're going to.

Nora: Hi.

Bo: Hey.

Nora: Did you guys see Lindsay with Rex? Is that weird to you?

Bo: Nah. He's just working her about Jen.

Nora: About Jen? Didn't they already get divorced? I mean, what's he working her for?

Bo: Because guys like Rex, they're always working somebody. Right now he's probably working her in case he needs something from her later on.

Gabrielle: Yeah.

Nora: Oh. Whatever. Did you guys talk?

Gabrielle: About Matthew? Yes. And of course you should tell Matthew who his father is.

Bo: OK, Iím going to bring the car around.

Gabrielle: OK.

Nora: Thank you for understanding.

Gabrielle: Of course Matthew should know that Bo is his father.

Nora: Even though it means Bo and I might be spending a little more time together?

Gabrielle: Iím all right with that, Nora.

Nora: Really?

Gabrielle: Yes.

Nora: Good, because -- well, he needs his dad, you know.

Gabrielle: I know.

Nora: Iíll make sure Bo gets home early.


Blair: Oh, Kel, that's great news. So when is all this happening?

Kelly: Oh, not until after the election. The lieutenant governor, he canít step down now.

Blair: Wow, do you really think that the governor will appoint Kevin?

Kelly: Let's just say Asa has his ways.

Blair: This is huge.

Kelly: Oh, none of this -- not a word of this leaves this room, OK? No leaks. And Kevin has got to behave while we're waiting.

Blair: Meaning?

Kelly: Meaning with women, amongst other things.

Blair: Well, do you think he can?

Kelly: Well, it wonít be easy. Women are his one weakness. Women fall for him. They always have. I did. Cassie did. And even when I was married to Joey, that didn't even stop Kevin. He went after his own brother's wife.

Blair: How do you do it, Kelly?

Kelly: Do what?

Blair: Live with it? Knowing that your husband could be unfaithful?


Kevin: So what have you got for me on Walker Laurence?

Woman: Nothing yet, but I know how he thinks. He figured out I was following him.

Kevin: Oh, terrific.

Woman: Nobody ever made me yet.

Kevin: He doesn't know who you're working for, does he?

Woman: Yeah, he knows everything.

Kevin: Damn it.

Woman: Well, there's more. He offered me 10 grand if I would dump you and go and work with him.

Kevin: You didn't take it, did you?

Woman: Yeah, I never turn down cash.

Kevin: So why are you telling me for?

Woman: Why do you think?

Kevin: Oh, you're going to pretend to work for him. I see.

Woman: When Iím really working for you.

Kevin: Beautiful and smart. I like that.

Woman: Well, it'll cost you money.

Kevin: As long as you donít double-cross me, too.

Woman: Look, I didn't have to tell you about this.

Kevin: Well, you wouldn't have if you thought he made more money than I did. I know. OK, let's get down to business. Here's what I want you to do.


Lindsay: Oh, thank you so much for getting me out tonight.

Rex: No, Iím the one who needed it. You didn't have to do this for me.

Lindsay: Well, you are hurting, and that I understand.

Rex: Well, you must be happy. Jen's with Joe Buchanan now. When you guys were locked up in the loony bin, he came riding to your rescue.

Lindsay: Just like you did tonight.

Rex: Yeah, but shouldn't have had to. A beautiful woman like you deserves better.

Lindsay: OK. That's the second time tonight that you've told me that Iím beautiful.

Rex: Who's counting?


Antonio: Not sharing custody's bad enough, but cutting me out of Jamie's life completely?

Keri: Iím just doing what's best for her.

Antonio: Taking her away from her father? That's exactly what your mother did to you.

Keri: Donít you dare talk to me about my mother.

Antonio: Look, it was you who told me how much you hated growing up not knowing who your father was.

Keri: This is different.

Antonio: Yeah, because you're doing it out of spite.

Keri: Iím not going to talk to you about this anymore.

Antonio: Donít walk away from me.

Keri: You did this yourself, Antonio. You blew it.

Antonio: That's what this is about -- Jessica.

Keri: You'd rather spend all day in bed with your girlfriend than spend time with your daughter.

Antonio: That's a -- that's a lie. I love my daughter. I could be a good father, and you know it.

Keri: Do I?

Antonio: What the hell's that supposed to mean?

Keri: You care more about Jessica Buchanan than you do about Jamie. What are you going to do, Antonio? You going to hit me? Go ahead. It's not going to change anything. You're never going to see your daughter again.

Antonio: Ugh!


Blair: I barely had a bite to eat before you called. Sorry.

Kelly: Oh, Iím sorry. I had no idea.

Blair: No, no, no, no. No, I was ready to get out of there, anyway.

Kelly: Oh, really? So who were you with?

Blair: I think we were talking about Kevin.

Kelly: No, I donít want to talk about Kevin. I told you, he is not having an affair.

Blair: Not that you know about.

Kelly: Not that I want to.

Blair: You sure about that?

Kelly: Iím sure. He'd stay with me.

Blair: That's not what I asked, Kelly. Would you stay with him?

Kelly: We care about each other. We need each other.

Blair: Do you love each other?

[Door closes]

Kevin: Kelly? You home?

Kelly: Iím in here.

Kevin: Hey, Blair. I didn't know you were here.

Kelly: I was just telling Blair the good news.

Kevin: Oh, yeah?

Kelly: Yeah!

Blair: Congratulations, to both of you.

Kevin: Donít even think about printing this.

Blair: Oh, Iíve already -- Kelly's already sworn me to secrecy. Yes, this is -- it's big for you, Kevin.

Kevin: For both of us.

Kelly: Yeah.

Blair: Well, let's just hope nothing wrecks your chances between now and December.

Kelly: Well, nothing's going to. We have worked way too hard for this.

Kevin: Yeah, donít worry, they canít touch me. So, Blair, will you join us for a toast?

Blair: Uh, no.

Kevin: Are you sure? It's a celebration.

Blair: Got to go. But congratulations.

Kelly: Looks like it's just --

[cork pops]

Kevin: Oh!

Kelly: Just the two of us!

Kevin: The way it should be. Ah, here we go.

Kelly: Oh, thank you.

Kevin: Uh-huh. To the future.

Kelly: Lieutenant Governor Buchanan.

Kevin: I like that.


Max: Are you sure you saw Bo with a ring?

Gabrielle: Positive. Absolutely sure. I donít understand. You know, I thought he was going to give it to me.

Max: Well, maybe he's waiting to surprise you with it.

Gabrielle: But when? And why is he showing it to Nora?

Max: How do they act around you? Hmm?

Gabrielle: Why? What do you mean?

Max: Well, I mean, are they, like, nervous or guilty or evasive or anything like that?

Gabrielle: No, no.

Max: Then why donít you give this a rest?

Gabrielle: You're right. You're right.

Max: Yes.

Gabrielle: Then why didn't he give me the ring?

Max: He will.

Gabrielle: When? He's had ample opportunities.

Max: Well, not every guy is like me. You know, I go in a casino, pop the question, wake up the next morning hung-over and married.

Gabrielle: You're right on that score. Do you think it could be because I didn't tell him the truth about Troy in the first place and he hasn't really forgiven me?

Max: Look, you two are solid. That is what you told me.

Gabrielle: Yes, but now he's going to tell Matthew that he is his father, and you know what that means, Max. It means it's going to pull them together, too.

Max: It does not mean it's going to cut in on your action with Bo.

Gabrielle: Max, Iím asking you to help me. Will you help me?

Max: What do you need me to do?

Gabrielle: I need you to make Bo jealous.


Bo: What time did you say that Matthew's getting home?

Nora: He should be home --

[car approaches]

Nora: Oh, I think that's the Hennessyís car right now.

Bo: Are you sure we're doing the right thing here?

Nora: Yes. Of course. You and Matthew -- you've wasted so much time already, you know? He needs a dad and you need to know your son.

Nora: Ah! Hi there, sport! Come on in! Thank you, Cindy!

Matthew: Hi, Bo!

Bo: Hey, buddy, how you doing, huh?

Matthew: Good. How come you're here?

Bo and Nora: Uh --

Nora: Honey, we actually wanted to -- we wanted to talk to you about something pretty important.


Rex: Here we go.

Lindsay: Um -- why did you kiss me?

Rex: What, on the cheek? It's my way of saying thanks. Sorry if it bothered you. Mad at me?

Lindsay: No, Iím not mad.

Rex: Iím glad. I'd hate to do anything to make you not want to see me anymore. It really makes me feel better. I need to check in on Ultra Violet.

Lindsay: You know what? You've been putting something off all night long, so why donít you just do what you have to do and donít worry about it, it's fine.

Rex: You sure?

Lindsay: Sure.

Rex: OK. See ya.

Lindsay: OK.


Keri: What's going on here?

Antonio: Keri, it's not your place to ask that.

Keri: It is if Iím going to leave my daughter in your care.

Antonio: Ugh!

Jessica: Antonio!

Keri: Ow!

Jessica: Does it hurt?

Antonio: Iím fine.

Jessica: Maybe you should go to the hospital. You could've broken --

Antonio: I said Iím fine!

Jessica: Well, maybe you should go anyway and talk to Rae Cummings.

Antonio: I donít need to talk to Rae. I want my daughter, and there's no way Keri's keeping her from me.

Jessica: Antonio -- Antonio, donít do something you're going to regret.

Keri: Daddy? I donít know what to do. You know how Antonio gets. He just -- he lost it and he hit me. Antonio hit me.


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Bo: If it's OK with you, I'd like to be your dad.

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