One Life to Live Transcript Friday 8/8/03

By Suzanne
Proofread by Melissa Dann

Previously on "One Life to Live" --

Bo: Why canít you get past this thing about Nora and me?

Keri: I love Antonio, and I want him back.

Kelly: Rumor has it that you and Kevin have been going at it pretty hot and heavy.

Rex: You want a divorce? I'll give you a divorce.

Joey: Is Rex giving Jen a divorce because you bought Ultra Violet for him?

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Jen: Why is it so hard to get a divorce?

Rex: Relax. The judge will see us tomorrow. In less than 24 hours, our marriage will be nothing more than a deleted message on your answering machine.

Jen: You know, I know I paid for these myself, but I hope that someday you can give these to somebody who you're really supposed to be marrying.


[Knock on door]

Bo: Come in. Hi.

Gabrielle: Would it be all right if I take the most handsome man in the world out to dinner tonight?

Bo: If you go out with him, I'm going to be really jealous.

Gabrielle: All right, I'll take you instead. You canít go, can you?

Bo: Oh, you know what? It's this brownout thing. There's all kinds of emergencies out there, and it's going to be another late night. You understand, though, don't you? I mean, hey, you're OK with it? You're not going to start thinking those wacky ideas again about Nora and me, hmm?


Nora: Wow. I always thought you worked 'round the clock making the punishment fit the crime.

Daniel: Yeah, well, since we let too many crooks get away, cheers.

Nora: Well, nobody can say we didn't try.

Daniel: Hmm. Yes, they can, and they do. It looks bad, especially for the D.A.

Nora: Hank didn't blow the Laurence case. Two confessions, no evidence.

Daniel: And Troy MacIver gets to live a worry-free life at St. Ann's instead of doing hard time for murder. Nora, I know he put you through hell. If there's anything I can do -- paperwork, handle a hearing --

Nora: No, thank you. Really, I can handle it.

Daniel: Nora -- I'm sorry you had to go through that.

Nora: Why, Daniel Colson, are you suddenly becoming human?


Rae: For whatever reason, Internal Affairs thinks that there is no problem so big that it canít be handled in five weeks, which means you're done.

Antonio: Wait. So, what, I'm fine now?

Rae: You can continue to see me, but that's totally up to you.

Antonio: You know, when I first came here, I thought it was a complete waste of time.

Rae: Oh, yes. I know. You made that very clear.

Antonio: I thought that -- that taking my anger out on criminals was justified.

Rae: And now?

Antonio: And now Jessica's afraid of me. I don't want that. I want to be a better man for her.


Joey: It's great. Marcie's going to be overwhelmed.

Jessica: In a good way?

Joey: Oh, yeah. I mean, when she put out that peace banner, it was an L.U. thing, but you've put it in a national context. You're a real reporter. Mom's going to be so proud.

[Door opens]

Jessica: Kel.

Kelly: Hi, Jess!

Jessica: Hey.

Kelly: Joey.

Joey: Hey.

Kelly: Hi.

Jessica: Oh. Why haven't you called me?

Kelly: Things have been nuts. But we'll have to catch up.

Jessica: Soon. Yeah.

Kelly: Promise? I was looking for Kevin. Any idea where he is?


Kevin: [Southern accent] Well, hello, there, little darling. Buy you a drink?

Blair: Just go away and stay away.

Kevin: [Normal voice] What, you having a bad day?

Blair: Yeah, as a matter of fact. Someone told Kelly that you and I were having an affair.

Kevin: Who?

Blair: Doesn't matter.

Kevin: Does she believe it?

Blair: No, thank goodness.

Kevin: Well, then, what are you so upset about? It's not like we're involved. Are we?

Blair: You are unbelievable.

Kevin: What -- Blair?

Blair: What?

Kevin: I love when she's feisty. Yeah, this is Kevin Buchanan. Could you saddle me up a horse, please? I feel like going for a ride.


Gabrielle: I -- I should've known that the minute you found out that Matthew was your son, of course it wouldn't make any difference in our lives. I mean, Max and I have stayed friends for Al's sake, and there's no danger of anything more.

Bo: See, there you go. That's it.

Gabrielle: And I know that Nora will be part of your life, and, yes, I'm OK with that now.

Bo: Good.

Nora: So it's like the Laurence case all over again. I mean, every time we get a lead, it shows up in the front page of The Banner. If we don't find this leak and plug it up -- wow. I must be scintillating.

Daniel: Uh -- Nora, I'm meeting my son, and he canít even be on time to celebrate his own birthday.

Nora: You have a son? You have a son? I didn't even know you were married. Am I asking a lot of questions? I am. I'm sorry.

Daniel: Well, I wouldn't expect anything less from you. Yes, I have a son. And I've been divorced, and I've had custody of him ever since.

Nora: Oh.

Daniel: And there he is right now.

Waiter: Young man, sleeveless shirts are not allowed. Perhaps you can wear this jacket. Let me help you.

Riley: Great. Dad.

Daniel: Riley. This is Nora Buchanan.

Nora: We've actually met before through a very nice young lady. I didn't know you were Daniel's son.

Daniel: Riley, what are you doing dressed like that?

Riley: Wow. Thought you'd at least say "happy birthday" before you started in. It wasn't my idea to come here, you know.

Nora: I have to go, anyway. It's really nice meeting you, Riley, and happy birthday. Bye-bye.


Jessica: I asked someone in the newsroom where Kevin was, and he said he went to the country club for a business meeting.

Kelly: Oh -- that's Kevin, all business.

Joey: Yeah, his and everybody else's.

Kelly: Hey -- what's that supposed to mean?

Joey: Well, Kevin persuaded Rex to give Jen a divorce.

Jessica: And by "persuaded," you mean --

Joey: He did something I definitely would not have done.

Kelly: Did it work?

Joey: Yeah. They should be in front of a judge in the Dominican Republic by tomorrow.

Jessica: Together? I thought in Santo Domingo that --

Joey: Don't ask.

Kelly: But you're happy about it, right?

Joey: Yeah. Next time I see Jen, she should be a single woman.

Kelly: Aw. It's so good to see you happy, Joe.

Joey: Ahem. I got to go. I booked a couple hours in the darkroom. It's -- it's good to see you, Kel.

Kelly: Good to see you.

Joey: See you, Jess.

Jessica: Bye.

Kelly: Wow. Joey and Jen Rappaport.

Jessica: Yeah.

Kelly: What, you don't approve?

Jessica: It's not my say.

Kelly: Oh. All right. Then why don't you tell me about you and Antonio Vega?

Jessica: Who told you?

Kelly: Kevin.

Jessica: Ah.

Kelly: He said you two are getting pretty close.

Jessica: Ahem. Yeah, except that every time we try to get close, something gets in our way.

Kelly: Well, if you care about him, you don't let it.

Jessica: It's more complicated than that. He -- there are things about him that bother me.

Kelly: He's a guy. That's what they do.

Jessica: He's got kind of a short fuse, Kel.

Kelly: Oh. Well, towards you?

Jessica: Oh, no. No, no, no, not at all. It's more like passion, but he just -- he gets so angry that he just explodes, you know, and -- he's going to therapy for it, so --

Kelly: Well, that's good. Jess, no relationship is perfect. So if you think Antonio might be the guy --

Jessica: No, no, I -- I didn't say that. He -- I mean, he might be --

Kelly: OK. OK. Then, theoretically, when you do find the guy, what you do is you hang on to what's good between you and you just focus on that and don't worry about the other stuff. The important thing is that you share a dream for the future and you keep your focus on that, and then everything else takes care of itself.

Jessica: Is that what it's like for you and Kevin?

Kelly: Kevin and I are better together than apart. So, tell me, what's really keeping you apart from Antonio? Is it something or someone?

Jessica: Her name's Keri. They -- they were engaged, and they have a baby girl together, and she wants them to be a family.

Kelly: What do you want?

Jessica: Antonio.


Rae: So your father -- he was violent?

Antonio: No. No, my father worked hard. He went to church. He was strict, but he never hit us. When he was angry, he always kept control. Even when --

Rae: Even when what?

Antonio: It was rough growing up in Angel Square. My parents -- they were always working at the diner, and they were always getting robbed.

Rae: You saw all that?

Antonio: Cris and I -- we -- we used to always go there after school to work on our homework. Guys with knives and guns -- they used to always come around, and my father used to always hand them the money.

Rae: How did that make you feel?

Antonio: I wanted to fight.

Rae: Who? Who did you want to fight? The crooks or your father because he wouldn't stand up to them? Is that why you joined a street gang, so everyone would know you weren't like your father? Is that it?

Antonio: My father always thought that words were enough. But he lost every battle. Every single battle! And then my mother would -- my mother would look at him like she felt sorry for him.

Rae: So that's why you decided to use your fists. So, what do you think? Have you won?

Antonio: No. No, lately, I feel like I've lost everything.


Joey: I'm really happy you called. I wish you were coming back tonight.

Jen: I know. Me, too. But I'm coming home tomorrow.

Joey: Then we can finally start our life together.

Jen: I canít wait. I love you so much. Bye. What's this for?

Rex: Well, I thought we should celebrate.

Jen: Getting a divorce?

Rex: Why not? No hard feelings. Right?

Jen: I'm going back to my room. I want to see the judge first thing in the morning.

Rex: Well, me, too. But, you know, as long as we're stuck here, we might as well enjoy ourselves, huh? It's the only tropical sunset we're ever going to enjoy together.


Jessica: Hey, guys. What's wrong?

Natalie: The seating chart. It's going to take a computer program just to work it out.

Jessica: I'm going to go swimming at the quarry. You guys want to come?

Natalie: Canít. I got to stop by Crossroads and drop off some stuff for Max. Mom wants me to.

Jessica: Yeah, she said that he'd be running that.

Natalie: Do you know any of these people?

Jessica: Um -- ooh. How are you going to deal with Rex being there with Joey and Jen?

Natalie: Well, the wedding's in November, so I say that Joey and Jen won't -- won't be together by then.

Cristian: Maybe not. You never know.

Jessica: Oh, come on. She'll never be happy being a minister's wife.

Natalie: No. Cristian, Joey and Jen are so not right for each other. Not like Antonio and Jessica.

Cristian: I tell you, it would make things a lot easier if we could put the two of you together.

Natalie: And remember what I said -- it's not your job to be Miss Responsible. Keri had her chance and she blew it.

Jessica: Yeah. Um -- I'm sure everybody will be happy where you seat them. See you guys later.

Natalie: She is crazy about Antonio.

Cristian: Yeah, he feels the same way. I wonder what's taking them so long to hook up.

Natalie: Maybe they just need a little push.

[Phone rings]

Natalie: Hello?

Antonio: Hey, Natalie, it's Antonio.

Natalie: Hey.

Antonio: I'm looking for Jessica. You wouldn't happen to know where she is?

Natalie: Actually, I do. Do you like swimming?


Gabrielle: You know, this place suits you, Max.

Max: Well, thank you. I like it.

Gabrielle: I'm very glad for you.

Max: You look like you're feeling better.

Gabrielle: Well, I am. I mean, there's nothing like being locked away in a freezer drawer in a morgue to make you appreciate what you do have.

Max: Well, I mean, aside from that.

Gabrielle: To your success.

Max: Oh, thank you. No, seriously, are you OK? You still worried about Matthew and Nora?

Gabrielle: No, I'm -- I'm actually all right on that. I'm just worried -- I don't think Bo wants to take our relationship to the next level.


Kelly: Bo?

Bo: Kelly, hey. You know what? I heard you were back. How's everything in Houston?

Kelly: Oh, it wasn't home.

Bo: So that means you're staying here?

Kelly: Looks that way.

Bo: Oh, good. Good, I'm glad.

Kelly: This actually isn't entirely a social call. I'm on the board of a new foundation. It's called the Children's Health Care Fund. Our mission is to promote affordable health care for children, and I was hoping I could convince a few of the police officers here maybe to give a seminar on children's safety issues.

Bo: Hey, sure, sure. And if the timing's right, I'll come down myself.

Kelly: Great! I knew I could count on you.

Bo: Ah, and look at you. I mean, here you're back just a little while, you're already running everything. You know, you and Kev, both of you.

Kelly: Well, one thing I definitely learned in Houston is how to get things done.


Blair: So is this some kind of business meeting, Kevin?

Kevin: No, this time I followed you.

Blair: Why?

Kevin: You know why.

Blair: OK, Kevin. Say you're right. Say I want you. Say that I know that there's something going on between us. So let's just stop sneaking around and let's just do it. Let's just do it right here. What do you say?

Kevin: I'd say I'm glad that you're finally admitting that there's something going on here.

Blair: You going to leave Kelly?

Kevin: Leave Kelly? No. No, we have an understanding.

Blair: That it's OK that you fool around with her cousin? Yeah. I didn't think so.

Kevin: You just said --

Blair: Look, Kevin, I am not going to fool around on my cousin Kelly. Now, if you want to tell her, that's fine. But if not, forget it.

Kevin: I'm committed to my marriage, Blair.

Blair: You could've fooled me.

Kevin: Politically, I canít afford another divorce.

Blair: Thatís romantic.

Kevin: Kelly and I are partners, OK? There are things that we want to accomplish, things that are going to make a difference in lots of people's lives. And we're going to do that together.

Blair: Well, I'm not going to do this, Kevin. Kelly's my cousin, and I don't want to hurt her.

Kevin: But what are we going to do about this?

Blair: There is no "this." You just said that you were committed to Kelly -- my cousin, your wife. So just stop trying to turn this relationship into something that it canít be.

Kevin: Kelly said she wanted us to be friends.

Blair: OK. Well, you know what? We will be friends. I'll race you back to the country club. Last one there's a rotten egg!


Kelly: So, how are you?

Bo: Well, I've been burning the candle at both ends, really. I was all tied up with that Mitch Laurence case.

Kelly: Oh, yeah, I heard. Poor Dorian.

Bo: What did you hear about Dorian?

Kelly: How Mitch completely victimized her.

Bo: Huh. So that's the way you heard it?

Kelly: Blair told me everything.

Bo: I don't know that -- that Blair's really a reliable source.

Kelly: Yeah. I should go.

Bo: We, OK. Listen, when you get a date on that -- on the kids' program, let me know, OK?

Kelly: Oh, absolutely.

Bo: All right. Good to see you.

Kelly: Thank you so much. Nora, hi!

Nora: Hi!

Kelly: Matthew!

Nora: Hey, Kelly, it's good to have you back in town. I heard you were here.

Kelly: Yeah, well, you might not say that after I hit you up for free legal advice for my new foundation.

Matthew: Bo!

Nora: Oh.

Bo: Hey, bud. Guess what. You know the computer game that you like so much? I got it loaded on my computer. You want to play it? Because I want to talk to your mom for a second.

Matthew: Cool!

Nora: Oh -- thank you. What's going on?

Bo: Gabrielle told me what really happened with Troy.

Nora: Oh.

Bo: Yeah. And I'm sorry I came down so hard on you. She told me why she asked you to let her be your decoy.

Nora: I still could've gotten us both killed.

Bo: I'm just glad you're all right.

Nora: Thank you. You know, the one thing I don't understand is why -- why she went to such great lengths to keep you from finding out about Troy. It was so one-sided. What was she so afraid of?

Max: Well, be patient, you know? Guys can be slow.

Gabrielle: I'm not good with waiting.

Max: Well, distract yourself, OK? Come on. Didn't the guy go nuts trying to find you when Troy had you locked in that morgue?

Gabrielle: Yes, he did. And if he hadn't found me, I wouldn't be here right now.

Max: Mm-hmm.

Gabrielle: I know. It's just that, as you know, I had to tell him the truth about how things started with Troy. And even though he said he forgave me, maybe he feels differently about me now because of it.


Natalie: Max, I'm sorry.

Max: Oh, hey.

Gabrielle: It's all right.

Natalie: Am I interrupting?

Max: No, no, no, not at all. What can I do for you?

Gabrielle: Excuse me.

Natalie: Mom sent these over. It's suppliers that Ben used to use, but she said you could use your own if you want to.

Max: Listen, I am so happy she decided to let me reopen this place.

Natalie: Well, do you need anything?

Max: Oh, no. Actually, Ben left the place in perfect shape. You ought to check out the pool table. It's a beauty.

Natalie: This place is great.

Cristian: You've never been here before?

Natalie: Well, I came with Mom after Ben's accident, but I just waited outside.

Cristian: This place is very special to the two of them.

Natalie: Yeah, Mom told -- told me about how they met, and it was -- it's just it's a little too soon for her to come back -- you know, painful memories. But then -- typical Mom -- she has Max open up the place so that more people can come and have some magic.

Cristian: It was a nice thing you did to come here for her.

Natalie: Yeah. With any luck, it's not the only good deed I've done for a family member today.


[Lively flute music]

[Phone rings]

Blair's voice: Hey, this is Blair Cramer. Leave a message and I'll call you back.

[Answering machine beeps]

Kelly: Hey, it's me. I was going to have lunch with Kevin, but he's not here, so -- well, not that you're my second choice, but -- just wanted to see if you wanted to grab a bite, but you're not there, so -- all right. Well, I hope whatever you're doing you're having fun. All right, bye.

Blair: Oh.

Kevin: Oh.

Kelly: I noticed Blair's name was on the book.

Kevin: Oh, yeah.

Kelly: What was she doing here last night? What's going on out here?


Jessica: I asked someone in the newsroom where Kevin was, and he said he went to the country club for a business meeting.

[Music plays]

Cristian: You know what I was thinking? I was thinking forget about this wedding stuff and focus on the honeymoon.

Natalie: Oh, you were, were you?

Cristian: Mm-hmm.

Natalie: And where do you think we should go?

Cristian: I don't know. Somewhere warm.

Natalie: How warm?

Cristian: Very warm. Nice break.

Natalie: So, how about Florida?

Cristian: I don't know. Florida's OK, but I was thinking somewhere more exotic.

Natalie: Well, you know, with our salaries, we're not going to get much further than Camden, New Jersey.

Cristian: Good point.

Man: Hey, girlie. You going to monopolize that table all night?

Natalie: Well, I was thinking about Ö want to play for it? I lose, you keep the table all night. You lose, I keep the table and you buy the next round.

[Man growls]

Man: You're on. This'll take about a minute and a half.

[Man chuckles]

Natalie: Which do you prefer -- the house eight ball or, my personal favorite, 14-1 continuous?


Daniel: Happy birthday, Son.

Riley: Thanks.

Daniel: You don't like it.

Riley: Yeah, for you.

Daniel: Riley, would it kill you to wear something nice for a change? Put on a suit? Maybe even get a job?

Riley: I got a job.

Daniel: Yeah, right. Right, playing guitar for food money. What would you do if you didn't have a room at home? You've already taken off one semester. You've O.D.'d on drugs, for God's sakes.

Riley: I am clean now.

Daniel: Look, I didn't raise you to hang out with a bunch of punk rockers.

Riley: Oh, you call what you did raising me?

Daniel: You're damn right, I do. Your mother was never any help.

Riley: Oh, yeah, and you made sure the judge stuck it to her, you know, just to keep her out of it. Oh, that's perfect. You know, you never could carry on a conversation with me until you'd had a few belts first. You know, the more you drank, the meaner you got.

Daniel: Riley, you are way out of line.

Riley: Me? I have sat here the entire night and listened to you talk about your career and what a disappointment I am to you. You know, not that you care, but Midnight Logic has a song on the college charts. It's called "Flash of Light." I wrote it.

Daniel: I had no idea.

Riley: Yeah, you know what? How would you? Because you have no idea who I am.


Rex: You know, we had some good times, didn't we?

[Jen scoffs]

Jen: When?

Rex: Oh, bitter, bitter. Tearing off to the shore on your motorcycle. That's a hell of a sweet machine.

Jen: You don't get the bike.

Rex: Lighten up. You know, it was wild running off to A.C. to get hitched.

Jen: It was selfish. I was just upset about Joe, and you just wanted my inheritance. And it looks like it paid off because you got everything, including my father's house.

Rex: You know, you agreed to that.

Jen: To get rid of you. My dad fixed that place himself. If you mess it up --

Rex: Look, you are such a downer.

Jen: Well, quit trying to make this into some rosy trip down memory lane. There was nothing good about what we did. I'm going to bed.

Rex: Wait.

Jen: What now?

Rex: You want your father's house? You can have it.

Jen: Really?

Rex: If it means that much to you, yes, your father's house is yours -- for a price.

Jen: How much?


Antonio: Jessica -- Jessica, where are you going?

Jessica: You shouldn't come here. We canít be together like this.

Antonio: Why not?

Jessica: I told you why not.

Antonio: Look, would you let me say something, please? I know why you've been avoiding me. I've been angry. I know. I've lost control, and I'm sorry. I shouldn't have let it happen. I shouldn't have pushed you. But I'm working on my anger and I'm working hard -- for you.

Jessica: You shouldn't do it for me, Antonio.

Antonio: If it weren't for you, I wouldn't know I had a problem. Look, I thought we were going to try again, have lunch.

Jessica: Maybe Keri and you deserve another chance.

Antonio: No. No, it's over between us. I told her that.

Jessica: But if I wasn't in the picture, then --

Antonio: Look, if you disappeared off the planet, Keri and I wouldn't be together, not after everything that happened.

Jessica: You don't know that.

Antonio: I do. I do. I want to be with you. And if you want to be with me, there's nothing standing in our way.


Man: Can you believe this?

Cristian: She hasn't missed a shot.

Natalie: Eight ball, right corner. We'll have whatever's cold on tap.

Cristian: Tell me that wasn't just beginner's luck.

Natalie: Well, actually, when I was a kid and Roxy would go off to the casinos, you know, she was too cheap for a sitter, so she dropped me off at the pool hall with a friend.

Cristian: So he turned you into a junior hustler?

Natalie: She. She owned the place, and she had a few of the locals teach me tricks.

Cristian: Is there anything else I don't know about you?

Natalie: Plenty.


Max: So, go on.

Gabrielle: Well, I was thinking -- I think I know of a way to nudge Bo to the next step.

Max: You know, nudging sounds a lot like manipulating. And from everything you've told me about him, that is exactly what Bo doesn't want.

Gabrielle: It's not really manipulating because Bo already wants to be with me.

Max: Then why canít that be enough?

Gabrielle: It is. It is. Just -- it's just that, well, think of this as sort of harmless convincing. I just want to convince Bo to make the commitment, and I need your help.


Nora: Sport? Time to go.

Matthew: Just one more game?

Bo: Aw, please?

Nora: Oh, you both are pathetic. OK, one more, just one. I'll be outside.

Bo: All right.

Nora: One.

Matthew: OK. Bo?

Bo: Yeah, Matthew?

Matthew: Bo, I was thinking. Since I see you and everything and we're really good friends --

Bo: Yeah? What is it?

Matthew: Can I call you Uncle Bo?

Bo: Um -- well, you know what? If it's all right with you, could we just stay with plain old Bo for just a little bit longer?

Matthew: OK.

Bo: OK.

Nora: Yep. OK, thank you. Bye. Hey. How was the birthday dinner?


Daniel: Help yourself.

Flash: Happy birthday.

Riley: It is now.

Flash: Oh!

Riley: When did you get back?

Flash: I just got back. I came straight from the airport.

Riley: You OK?

Flash: Yeah, yeah. I just had nodes, but the doc took them out and he gave me some medicine. And I've got asthma that I have to watch, but other than that, I'm good and new. Come on. Aren't you going to open it?

Riley: Yeah. This is impossible to get. My God, you know me.

Flash: I'm glad you like it.

Riley: Hey, did the doc say --

Flash: I can sing. I can sing. It's all I've been thinking about. Well, almost all I've been thinking about.

[Music plays]


Joey: Hey, it's me. I tried your room, but no one answered the phone. I guess you have it off. I just called to tell you I was thinking about you. As a matter of fact, I'm looking at you right now.

Jen: That house is the last place I saw my dad. It's the only place that really feels like home. You know, you've gotten most of everything else. If I give you anything more --

Rex: No, no, no, no, it's not what you can give me. It's what you can do for me.

Jen: What did you have in mind?

Rex: Well, like I said, this is the last night that we're ever going to spend together. You can have your father's house if I can see you naked one last time.


[Blair laughs]

Blair: I cannot believe a big old cowboy like you let a little old filly like me beat him.

Kevin: Well, I didn't want my horse to kick dirt in your face. That's what happened.

Blair: Oh, you are so full of it. You never lose anything intentionally.

Kevin: You're right, I play to win, and you love the fact that I don't stop till I get what I want.

[Kevin laughs]

Kellyís voice: Rumor has it that you a Kevin have been going at it pretty hot and heavy right under my nose.

Blair's voice: What? Kelly, I canít -- I canít even stand Kevin.

Bo's voice: I don't know that -- that Blair's really a reliable source.

Kelly: So, it is true. Blair is the other woman.

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