One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 8/7/03

By Eric
Proofread by Melissa Dann

Previously on "One Life to Live" --

Boy: Where you going -- hang more peace banners?

Marcie: Leave me alone.

Al: You ever come near Marcie Walsh again, I swear you will have to deal with me.

Kevin: Wouldn't controlling interest in the nightclub you love so much be worth giving up the wife?

Kelly: Any luck trying to figure out who this mystery woman is Kevin's supposedly seeing? You know something, don't you?

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Marcie: No, Al, please --

Al: Marcie --

Marcie: Come on, don't stoop to his level.

Al: Isn't this one of the sleazebags who attacked you?

Marcie: Yes. But no violence, OK? I mean, what was that peace sign all about?

Boy: Gutless.

Marcie: No! No. Al, no! Somebody help! No!

Joey: Hey, break it up! Want some? Bring it.


Rex: Slow night?

R.J.: Balsom, I am in no mood.

Rex: Oh, what's the matter? Your loyal jazz fans desert you? Because Ultra Violet racked it in tonight.

R.J.: Iíve told you I don't count the receipts out here in the middle of my club like some kind of bookie.

Rex: Well, from now on, I do the counting and you're just going to have to trust me.

R.J.: OK. Don't make me explain to you what "junior partner" means, all right? Don't -- don't start acting like you own the place.

Rex: I do own the place. Evangeline Williamson just sold me her shares.


Adriana: I thought you were coming in.

River: I -- I like watching you.

[Adriana giggles]

River: Hey, what's Mrs. Vega going to do if she finds out you snuck out again?

Adriana: I don't care. I had to see you. I canít live without you.

Dorian: Penny for your thoughts.

[Dorian laughs]

River: No, no, no, no, no, no. I was just about to fall asleep.

Dorian: I was hoping Blair was out here.

River: Uh -- Blair, I think went to bed last time I saw.

Dorian: No. I checked. Blair's bed is empty.


[Elevator bell rings]

Walker: The only thing I know about Kevin is what Iíve seen.

Kelly: Which is?

Walker: He -- he is ambitious, goes after what he wants. He doesn't like to lose.

Kelly: No, you weren't talking about business. You were talking about my marriage.

Walker: This is ridiculous. What am I, the town gossip?

Kelly: No, it's not about that. I can handle rumors, OK? I handled them in Houston and I can handle them here. But I canít fight what I don't know.

Walker: OK. I think Kevin is -- is interested in someone, a woman we both know.

Kelly: Does this woman have a name?

Walker: Your cousin Blair.


Kevin: His name is Walker Laurence. I want your people to find out everything there is on this guy, especially where he gets his money, and I don't mean his salary as a reporter. I'll get back to you. What are you doing here so late?

Blair: I think you know why Iím here.

[Kelly chuckles]


Kelly: Kevin and Blair? Oh -- you are new in town, aren't you?

Walker: Not even a jolt of adrenaline, huh?

Kelly: About Kevin and Blair? Please, he is not after my cousin.

Walker: He's all over her.

Kelly: Oh. And I thought you were a good reporter. Dang.

Walker: Ever heard of denial, Mrs. Buchanan?

Kelly: Oh, you can call me Kelly.

Walker: Whatever. Let me tell you --

Kelly: Well, let me enlighten you about my husband, OK? He will do whatever it takes to get what he wants --

Walker: Yeah, I already said that.

Kelly: And he wanted The Sun and Blair was --

Walker: Put that one in the loss column.

Kelly: In his way, so naturally he --

Walker: This wasn't about business.

Kelly: Why are you doing this?

Walker: Well, call it a random act of kindness.

Kelly: No. No, you want Blair and you're jealous of Kevin.

Walker: Really? Oh. I guess you and Kevin really are completely devoted to each other.

Kelly: I wouldn't tell Kevin about your little suspicions. He's got a temper.

Walker: Didn't seem to bother you.

Kelly: There's nothing to be bothered about.

Walker: Fine. Oh -- if you don't mind, don't tell Blair I said any of this.

Kelly: You're the one who sent me the letters in Houston.

Walker: Letters?

Kelly: The "come back to Llanview if you want to save your marriage" letters.

Walker: Wasn't me. If Iím not the only one who thinks something's going on, maybe you should be a little more bothered.

Kelly: Kevin and Blair love me and they canít stand each other. They're polite to each other, but they wouldn't get together if they were the last man and woman on earth.


Blair: I just have one thing to say to you.

Kevin: What's that?

Blair: Loser. Did you think that you were so irresistible that I would just fall right into your arms just long enough for you to steal my paper right out from under me?

Kevin: It almost worked.

Blair: Did you think that I would be fooled by all the flirting and our chemistry?

Kevin: Well, I came close. Are you telling me you didn't feel anything when we kissed, hmm?

Blair: You kissed me.

Kevin: Semantics.

Blair: I never was and I never will be the least bit attracted to you, Kevin. That kiss was all about Kelly. Mm-hmm. I just wanted to see how far that you would go.

Kevin: Well, I guess we were just playing each other, then, because there is nothing about you that I find remotely appealing -- except your newspaper, of course.

Blair: Liar.

Kevin: Liar. What are you doing here, Blair, so late at night? Couldn't resist rubbing it in, face-to-face?

Blair: I just came to set the record straight, Kevin. Don't be a sore loser.

Kevin: Aw, come on, let's be civilized. Let's bury the hatchet over a little brandy.

Blair: I canít. I have a newspaper to run.

Kevin: Not really. Technically, The Sunís run by Walker Laurence now.

Blair: Yes, and don't you just hate that?

Kevin: To chemistry.


Rex: Doesn't it just suck when your girlfriend turns on you?

R.J.: You sure you want to keep running your mouth?

Rex: Hey, I speak from experience, buddy. Iím a tragic man.

R.J.: Actually, this new arrangement doesn't change a thing. I might be better off.

Rex: How's that?

R.J.: Well, I still get the same share of the profits, only it's your butt that's on the line if things go sour.

Rex: They won't.

R.J.: Well, just make sure I get my 40% at the end of the month while you're raking it in. Balsom -- where did you get the cash to buy out Ms. Williamson?

Rex: Bottle deposits.

Jen: Iíve been looking everywhere for you.

Rex: Did you try the phone?

Jen: I left four messages. OK, this is just saying that Iím not contesting the divorce. It's signed, it's notarized. Just give it to the judge whenever you get to the Dominican Republic.

Rex: Oh, now, Mrs. Balsom, why should I fly all the way to the D.R. to get a divorce that I don't even want while you're here bouncing the mattress with your minister boyfriend?

Jen: What do you want from me?

Rex: You already know that.

Jen: Well, forget it.

Rex: Fine. You want this divorce so bad, come with me. Take it or leave it, sugar lump.

R.J.: Hey. Come on over to Capricorn as soon as you can. Iíve -- Iíve got a little going away present for my ex-partner.


Officer: What's going on here?

Joey: Hey, hey, hey! Take it easy.

Marcie: These two creeps attacked me in Angel Square. And when my boyfriend confronted them about it, they ganged up on him.

Officer: You all right, Marcie?

Marcie: Yeah. They're not as tough as they look.

Al: These two -- these are the guys that attacked Marcie.

Boy: Prove it.

Al: You dropped your wallet, tough guy.

Boy: That could've happened at any time. That's crazy.

Second boy: And this one -- a total liar.

Al: You shut your mouth.

Boy: Hell no. I saw the whole thing. It happened just like she said it did.

Second boy: You're obviously biased, so just stay out of this, OK?

Officer: Turn around and put your hands behind your back.

Boy: What?

Officer: Do you want to file a formal complaint?

Marcie: You bet I do.

Officer: You're under arrest.

Girl: We'd better call Maddie. Her boyfriend just got busted by the campus goody-goody.


River: Well, Iím going to bed. I got work tomorrow morning.

Dorian: Work? Since when?

River: Well, Iím not going to just freeload, Grandma. I'll pull my own weight as much as I can on what they're paying me.

Dorian: Remember I asked you to call me Dorian, not Grandma, and who are they?

River: Well, most of the good jobs were taken by the L.U. kids, so --

Dorian: River --

River: Nothing spectacular --

Dorian: River! Focus.

River: Iím working at Foxy Roxyís.

Dorian: In a beauty salon. Why would you want to do that?

River: Iím the cleanup guy. I mean, you ever tried getting a job with no experience? It's really hard.

Dorian: Honey, you can do better that. I can assure you you can do better. I mean, it's way down at Angel Square and -- oh, of course. Of course. And it's right across the street from Carlotta's diner, and, of course --

River: That's a coincidence --

Dorian: Adriana is there --

River: Coincidence, Grandma.

Dorian: Oh, please -- please! Do not try to con a conner, kiddo. Really, you are out of your league.

River: Look, she's -- she's really great.

Dorian: So great that you have to take my car without permission and drive it off the side of the road?

River: Hey, we solved a crime that night.

Dorian: Oh, oh --

River: Whether --

Dorian: By accident. By accident, both literally and figuratively.

River: Well, Iím going to bed.

Dorian: Don't you kiss me! Wait a minute! Come back here! I want lessons in that snapping thing.

[Dorian chuckles]

[Dorian screams]

Dorian: Oh, my God. Do not ever, ever sneak up on me like that. Do you understand? Now, then, if you are looking for Blair, which Iím sure you are, though you should be looking -- looking for your wife, Kelly, I haven't seen Blair --

Kevin: Dorian --

Dorian: Most of the evening.

Kevin: Dorian, please. What do you know about Walker Laurence?

Dorian: Not much. But I know that he is the majority owner of The Sun. I know that you're furious.

Kevin: I don't trust him.

Dorian: Ha! Just because he outsmarted you?

Kevin: No, he's not who he claims to be. I did a background check on him. His story doesn't pan out.

Dorian: You know, you've got too much time on your hands.

Kevin: Just watch your back around him, OK? Yours and Blair's.

Dorian: You should worry less about Blair and more about your wife.


Roxy: Janelle, is the coffee ready?

Janelle: We're out.

Roxy: Ugh! Burpee's Law.

River: What?

Roxy: Whatever can go wrong does -- whatever.

Janelle: It's Murphy's Law.

Roxy: Oh, yeah.

River: Right. Rough night, Roxy?

Roxy: Ooh, man. I was watching cable all night long. "Robot Wars" was on. They had a five-hour marathon.

River: I love that show. You're a bothead?

Roxy: Oh, are you kidding? I want to create my own bot -- Foxy Roxyís Box-o-Moxy. It'll be pink.

River: What's it do?

Roxy: Well, it handles customers I don't want to touch.

[River laughs]

Roxy: So I got the color and I got the name. You like robots?

River: Yeah, totally.

Roxy: Oh. Oh, excuse me. Iím just toast.

River: Hey, you know what? Why don't I get some coffee from the diner?

Roxy: Right -- special delivery.

River: You read my mind.

[Roxy chuckles]


Kelly: Now, I don't want you to expect me to bring you coffee every time you work -- late.

Kevin: Did you say coffee?

Kelly: Black, two sugars. Long night?

Kevin: Yeah.

Kelly: Did you get any sleep?

Kevin: A couple hours.

Kelly: Looks like you could use this.

Kevin: Ah. Absolutely. This has milk in it.

Kelly: Oh. That one's mine.

Kevin: OK. You're an angel.

Kelly: You know, security asked me to sign in.

Kevin: Oh, they'll get to know you soon enough.

Kelly: I noticed Blair's name was on the book.

Kevin: Oh, yeah.

Kelly: What was she doing here last night?

Kevin: Gloating about keeping The Sun out of my clutches.

Kevin: Serves you right. Blair is no pushover.

Kevin: So, what are you doing out and about so early?

Kelly: Oh, I have a meeting for my children's healthcare fund. My new charity foundation?

Kevin: Right. Sorry. Just a few more sips and everything will make sense.

[Phone rings]

Kevin: Excuse me. Buchanan.

Woman: Iíve got Walker Laurence under surveillance. But if you want someone on him 24/7, it's going to get expensive.

Kevin: I don't care. I want to know where his money's coming from.


Joey: Hey! What are you thinking, dragging Jen off with you?

Rex: Hey, she wants the divorce. Why should I have to do all the work?

Joey: What's it going to take to get you out of Jen's life?

Rex: You know, you Buchanans are all alike. You think that money can buy you everything. Won't make you happy, Rev.

Joey: What's that supposed to mean?

Rex: Though, on the other hand, I am pretty ecstatic that I now own 60% of Ultra Violet.

Joey: How'd that happen?

Rex: Oh, no, my backer swore me to secrecy.

Joey: If you're trying to rip Jen off --

Rex: Put it this way -- you owe my backer. We both got what we want. I got the club. You got my wife. That is, you got my wife after she flies to the Dominican Republic with me.


Evangeline: I got your message.

R.J.: I left that last night.

Evangeline: I was busy.

R.J.: Doing what -- I mean, other than stabbing me in the back?


Dorian: Hmm. You here again.

Man: I am losing my patience, Madam Laurence. Where is the diamond?

Dorian: Oh -- yes, of course. The diamond. Um -- let me see. Oh. Instead of a diamond, how about a bullet? You said you'd be back. Did you really think that I wouldn't be prepared? Hmm?

Dorian: I don't know where the damn diamond is. The last time I saw it, my late husband Mitch Laurence had it. I think you should go ask his brother, Walker Laurence, where it is. You see, I don't give a damn what happens to him. But if you ever show your face here again, you're going to see just how well Iíve learned how to use this thing.

Man: All right. Suit yourself. But this isn't over until I get that diamond. Au revoir, Madam Laurence.


Al: Marcie, those guys were morons. You canít let them get to you.

Marcie: It's not just them. I know you were defending me and everything, but --

Al: Wait, wait, wait. What are you talking about here? Those guys hurt you, Marcie. What was I supposed to do, nothing? What?

Marcie: Fighting makes me sick. My dad and my brothers were always yelling.

Al: At each other and at you.

Marcie: Yeah.

Al: Iím sorry.

Marcie: It's OK.

Al: Anyway, you know, we showed those kids something today. We showed them they canít just go around beating people up just because they don't agree with them.

Marcie: Kind of wanted to smack them myself.

Al: You? Mahatma Walsh?

[Marcie laughs]

Marcie: It was because of them that I didn't get to see my dad in the hospital.

Al: Well, at least he's OK.

Marcie: Yeah, but what if he weren't?

Al: But he is. And thanks to you, Deke Carter is getting exactly what he deserves.

Marcie: Hmm. Oh, you know what? I have to go to the bookstore.

Al: OK, I'll come with you.

Marcie: No, I don't need a bodyguard. It's OK. Besides, don't you have to go see that new dean about your show?

Al: He can wait.

Marcie: No, he canít. It's important. It's about the Voice of the Night. I'll be fine.

Girl: Deke and Al Holden -- man, those two really went at it last night.

Second girl: Somebody said Marcie was right here. There she is.

Third girl: She'll be back, and she'll wish she never messed with Deke.


Evangeline: You know, I don't need your attitude. I had every right to sell my shares. Read the contract.

R.J.: Oh, are we speaking legalese now?

Evangeline: I can assign or sell my shares at anytime to anyone. Exercised my option, and I don't have to answer to you about it.

R.J.: Van, I thought we were having fun. I thought we were having something here, or are you opting out of that, too?

Evangeline: This was business.

R.J.: You can do anything you want whenever you want to do it. I don't have an issue with that.

Evangeline: Well, you could've fooled me.

R.J.: Why didn't you tell me? Why did I have to hear it from Rex Balsom? I -- I almost broke that boy in half.

Evangeline: Then called me, I hope, to defend you.

R.J.: Why not the best? Actually, this works out for me. I can focus on this place, let Rex worry about U.V., and just get my 40% every week.

Evangeline: You're welcome.

R.J.: But that is not the point. Why didn't you warn me that you were thinking of selling?


Roxy: Oh, no, honey, I'll get that. Straight in the back.

Adriana: Hello.

River: Hi.

Adriana: Is this for you?

River: Yes. You know, I get hungry a lot, so I'll probably be ordering four or five times a day.

Roxy: Oh, good! You're just in time for doughnuts.

Rex: Oh, I -- I canít stay. Iíve got a plane to catch. Jen and I are getting a divorce.

Roxy: You're getting a divorce? You just got married.

Rex: Yeah, it's all right. Iím trading up. I am now the major owner of Ultra Violet.

Roxy: Oh, really? Where'd you get the money?

Rex: Oh, you don't need to know that. All you need to know is that Iím good and I found a backer who thinks so, too.


Kevin: Sure. Send him in.

Joey: You bought Rex off, didn't you?

Kevin: OK, slow down, little brother. I had a crazy night last night.

Joey: Is Rex giving Jen the divorce because you bought Ultra Violet for him?

Kevin: Why, do you have a problem with that?


River: You know, I was thinking about eating lunch in the square later. And if we run into each other, that's just fate, right?

Adriana: Fate at 1:00 would be perfect. That's my break.

River: I want to go out some night.

Adriana: Carlotta doesn't want me to see you again.

River: I don't care. Nobody's going to keep me from you, right now. All right?

Roxy: Hey, aren't we a bunch of business mongrels.

Rex: Moguls.

Roxy: Moguls. Yeah, right, moguls. You know, I was thinking we could work like a team. You know, I can doll up these hotties and then send them right over to Ultra Suede.

Rex: Ultra Violet. But you got to think bigger, Mom. See, my plans go way beyond that.

Carlotta: Roxy, have you seen Adriana? She left the diner ages ago.

Roxy: Ah, yeah, she's in the back. No, Carlotta, wait!


Evangeline: Iím sorry. I should have told you. Iím not used to owing things to people.

R.J.: You don't owe me.

Evangeline: That came out wrong. What I mean is Iím not used to having anyone else to care about, to consider.

R.J.: Me, either. So, what happened?

Evangeline: Rex came to me with an offer. For ages, Iíve been setting aside cash to get my mother into a condo at an assisted-living home. She's been on the list for years, and suddenly her name comes up when all my cash is -- is spoken for.

R.J.: Ah.

Evangeline: I was so worried about her losing this chance, I didn't think twice, and I probably should have.

R.J.: Yes. We've been spending some serious time together you never thought to ask me.

Evangeline: Iím not used to this. Iím pretty bad at it. But you know what? You're not Mr. Communication either, so --

R.J.: Granted. So you bought your mother a condo? Hmm. Iíd like to meet her.

Evangeline: I would like that.


Joey: I do not need your help with my love life. What is this, anyway? Guilt money for stealing Kelly from me?

Kevin: Hey -- look, you were in a tough spot. I saw a way out for you, and I took it. What's the point in having all this money if you canít use it to help the people you care about?

Joey: Oh, so you bought me a wife.

Kevin: I greased the wheels, OK? You love Jen. You were going to give up your calling.

Joey: Don't be condescending.

Kevin: Iím not. Look, I don't even understand your career choice, but it makes you happy. So is what I did so terrible?

Joey: You think my being with Jen is going to help you feel better about being with Kelly?

Kevin: Kelly and I are fine. Are you ever going to be able to let that go? Look, Joe, I wanted to help, OK? I would've done the same thing for Jess and Natalie. And maybe because I wasn't there for this whole Mitch Laurence mess I felt a little --

Joey: A little guilty.

Kevin: About that, yes. But the bottom line is, are you happy about the divorce?

Joey: Yes.

Kevin: So be happy. This is as good as it's going to get.

Joey: You're kidding, right?

Kevin: You know what? Forget it. Don't listen to me. I didn't get much sleep last night.

Joey: Well, hey, I know it's a little late, but for the record, bribery is a big no-no.

Kevin: Yeah, well, maybe that's why you're a man of the cloth and Iím the scum-sucking businessman, right?

Joey: Balsom is such a creep. When given the choice between his wife and his precious little Ultra Violet --

Kevin: He didn't think twice, Joe. Look, you are definitely the right guy for Jen. No doubt about it.

Joey: Yeah, I know. By the way, you're the right guy for Kelly, too.


Kelly: Rumor has it that you and Kevin have been going at it pretty hot and heavy right under my nose.

Blair: What? Kelly, I canít -- I canít even stand Kevin. He tried to steal my paper.

Kelly: But he didn't.

Blair: And why didn't you warn me, huh?

Kelly: Because I didn't know. He didn't tell me, really. He knew Iíd make life hell for him.

Blair: Oh, come on. You didn't know, have any idea what Kevin was doing with The Sun?

Kelly: No. We don't get involved in day-to-day details of each other's live

Blair: Well, that's a change for you. You usually like to know everything.

Kelly: Well, that was then. It's different with Kevin. We don't worry about the small stuff. It's the big stuff that's important to us. We're very connected. You know, even when we're apart, it's like we're together, and we always will be.

Blair: Hmm. Life can surprise you, Kelly. A man can surprise you.

Kelly: Blair --

Blair: Hmm?

Kelly: You canít judge every man in terms of Todd.

Blair: I just mean I don't think it's such a good idea that you spend that much time apart. A guy like Kevin --

Kelly: Why don't you like Kevin?

Blair: Why don't you listen to me?

Kelly: No, why don't you listen to me? I know who Kevin is. He's a flirt. So what? We live our own lives. But he will never leave me. We made a commitment, and there's not a woman in the world who could ever stand a chance against that.

Blair: Well, Iím glad that you're so confident about that. Should make it easier.

Kelly: Yeah, it does. I don't have to worry about my marriage, and that frees me up to do good things in the world.

Blair: Lovely. So, tell me, who told you that I was fooling around with Kevin?

Kelly: Oh, I canít tell you that. He asked me not to tell you.

Blair: Who told you I was --

Kelly: OK, it was Walker.


Man: Laurence, you have something that belongs to one of my associates in Paris.

[Walker laughs]

Walker: What are you? What is this?

Man: Does it look like Iím playing games?

Walker: What do you want?

Man: A very large gem that was last seen in your brother's possession. Now, his widow claims to have no knowledge of its whereabouts.

Walker: Strike two, there, buddy boy. I don't know, either. Better luck next time.

Man: It would be extremely dangerous to keep the stone from its rightful owner. You're breaking my arm!

Walker: As far as I know, the diamond is in the hands of the police. So tell your associate back in Paris to leave Dorian and me alone.

Man: Or what?

Walker: Or you'll see my brother in hell.


Carlotta: What's wrong?

Roxy: What's wrong? It's your hair. Oh, you need some highlights, or you need some lowlights, or you need some medium lights or headlights or black lights or something.

Adriana: Iím sorry, madrina. Ms. Balsom just wanted me to try some new spray.

Roxy: Yeah.

Carlotta: Adriana, come on, I need you.

Roxy: Ah, it's fabulous! Just great.

Carlotta: We're right in the middle of the morning rush!

River: Thank you for the heads-up.

Roxy: Oh, honey, true love makes me all runny.

Rex: OK, that's too much information for me. I got to go get divorced.

Roxy: Oh, my poor baby. He loves that girl, no matter what he says.


Joey: There is no reason you should have to go with him. He's just doing this to get back at you.

Jen: So let him be childish. After the divorce, I never even have to look at him again.

Joey: I swear, if he ever bothers you --

Jen: Forget him. We're going to be together soon, and you don't have to have any more grief about being with a married woman.

Joey: I canít wait.

Rex: Back off, Rev, OK? She's still my wife.

Jen: Yeah, not for much longer. Can we just get this mess over with?

Rex: Look, I already booked the flight, OK? So unless you want to stay Mrs. Rex Balsom, I suggest you meet me at the airport in two hours.

Jen: I'll be there.

Joey: You're a real sleaze for making her go with you.

Rex: Yeah. Yeah, I know.


[Marcie giggles]

Marcie: Hello.

Al: Hey.

Marcie: What happened?

Al: Mrs. Davidson fixed everything. As of today, the Voice of the Night is back in business.

Marcie: Oh, my God, that's the best news ever! When do you start?

Al: As soon as I go and check with the station manager.

Marcie: Oh, well, go now. Go. Do it now.

Al: Are you sure?

Marcie: Yes, go. I'll be fine.

Al: OK. I'll see you later.

Girl: Marcie -- Marcie Walsh?

Marcie: What do you want?

Girl: Iím Madison Kensington. My friends call me Maddie.

Marcie: Yeah, I know.

Maddie: Well, Iím the new president of Sigma Delta Delta, and we were wondering if you'd consider pledging us this fall.

Marcie: Well, I don't think Iím the Sig Delt type.

Maddie: Of course you are! We're looking for exceptional young women.

Marcie: Don't you mean popular?

Maddie: You're famous, Marcie, and you've got a 4.0. We'd love to get you.

Marcie: Yeah, well, Iíve never considered pledging before.

Maddie: I can't believe no one's been after you.

Marcie: Believe it.

Maddie: Well, Sig Delt wants you, so if you're interested --

Marcie: Well, yes. Oh, yeah, I am!

Maddie: Now, we have this little prepledge ritual we like to do with girls that are hoping to rush us, so it's very secret.

Marcie: Of course. Of course. Yeah.

Maddie: So, we'll be in touch.

Marcie: Great.

Maddie: Marcie Walsh, get ready for the initiation from hell.


Walker: Hi. I got your message. What's up?

Blair: Did you tell Kelly that I was fooling around with Kevin?

[Walker chuckles]

Walker: Why would I do that?

Blair: She told me that you told her, and my cousin Kelly doesn't lie.

Walker: She's exaggerating.

Blair: What did you tell her, Walker?

Walker: I ran into her -- by accident, by the way. And we were talking about The Sun. I was gloating a little bit.

Blair: Why don't you just get to the point where you told her that I was fooling around with Kevin?

Walker: Um --

Blair: OK?

Walker: Maybe I said that you and Kevin had been spending a lot of time together, but that's it.

Blair: Maybe? Hmm. Why did you say anything to her at all?

Walker: It's true.

Blair: Oh, please.

Walker: If she read something into that, that's her problem. Maybe she's not as sure of herself as she lets on.

Blair: Yeah, and why should I believe you?

Walker: Because I bought you The Sun. I bought it and gave it to you.

Blair: I didn't ask you to do that. I don't need you to save me, all right? And I don't need you to control my life.

Walker: Oh --


[Walker laughs]

Walker: Whoo, Blair.


Kevin: Uh-huh? And you know who the guy was?

Woman: Not yet, but he and Walker really went at it.

Kevin: And he had a gun?

Woman: Serious firepower. Something's definitely up with that Walker character.

Kevin: Call me the minute you find out anything else. All right.

Kelly: What was that about?

Kevin: Walker Laurence. That guy's definitely got it in for me. Iím trying to find some leverage in case we need it when the big event happens. How are you?

Kelly: Oh, we are going to have everything we ever wanted, as long as you don't do anything crazy.

Kevin: Don't worry. Not going to leave anything to chance.

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Gabrielle: I don't think Bo wants to take our relationship to the next level.

Kelly: What's really keeping you apart from Antonio? Is it something or someone?

Rex: I thought we should celebrate.

Jen: Getting a divorce?

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