One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 7/29/03

By Eric
Proofread by Melissa Dann

Previously on "One Life to Live" --

Viki: Who are you protecting?

Jessica: I知 protecting Walker.

Walker: If your marriage means anything to you at all, you'll come to Llanview quick. That is, unless you don't mind your husband sleeping with another woman.

Kelly: Is my husband having an affair?

Bo: You sent Gabrielle to MacIver's apartment as bait? I mean, what were you thinking?

Gabrielle: Where are you taking me? No! Troy, don't!

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Kelly: Is Kevin having an affair?

Dorian: What in the world would make you suspect that?

Kelly: I致e been getting letters telling me that my husband is cheating on me.

Dorian: With whom?

Kelly: They didn't say.

Dorian: And who sent them?

Kelly: They didn't say that, either.

Dorian: Well, darling, then I wouldn't worry about it. I mean, it's just probably someone trying to make trouble.

Kelly: No, he sounded very sincere.

Dorian: "He"?

Kelly: Mm-hmm.

Dorian: Now, I thought you just said you didn't know who sent the letters. Hmm?

Kelly: I don't. But I got this call from this guy saying he was the one who sent the letters and that if I wanted to save my marriage, I needed to get to Llanview fast.

Dorian: Hmm.


[Knock on door]

Walker: Jessica.

Jessica: Mind if I come in?

Walker: Sure.

Jessica: I have to talk to you about something.

Walker: You told your mom about what happened to Mitch. She was just here.

Jessica: I知 sorry. I know that you wanted me to keep it just between us, but I told her that you were covering for me because I was the one that really killed Mitch.

Walker: Jess, you hit him to try to keep him from killing me.

Jessica: I know, and you were trying to keep me out of it, and I won't forget that.

Walker: You're my niece.

Jessica: Even though we've hardly known each other.

Walker: Mitch put us both through a lot.

Jessica: Yeah, and I知 scared that we're both going to go through a lot more.

Walker: Not if we just keep quiet.

Jessica: No. And now that my mom knows, I can't keep this a secret anymore. I知 turning myself in.


Rex: Hey. You guys having a good time?

Antonio: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, sure.

Rex: All right, cool. Listen, another round -- on me. I知 going to keep one of Llanview's finest happy.

Antonio: Must have heard I知 out of a job. Anyway, what's going on with you and Natalie?

Cristian: I really don't want to talk about it. So how come the commissioner --

Antonio: We're not talking about me, either.

Cristian: All right, I guess we're not talking, then.

Antonio: Fine.

Cristian: No talking. What?

Roxy: Guess who.

Rex: Uh -- Roxy!

Roxy: So, this is Infra Red.

Rex: Ultra violet.

Roxy: Big bar, very impressive.

Rex: Yeah, well, if you're looking for free drinks, don't, OK? Excuse me -- give me the check for the Vega brothers, OK?

Roxy: Oh, excuse me. They rate and I don't.

Rex: No, they won't accept freebies. I offer. They turn me down. We both look good.

Roxy: Ah, I get it. You get your smarts from me.

Rex: Yeah, something like that.

Roxy: You done good, baby boy.

Rex: Well, you really think so?

Roxy: Yeah, except could you cut down the volume of this music? It's enough to revive the Grateful Dead.


Gabrielle: Agh! Oh, my God. Where am I? What has Troy done? God!

Nora: Doctor? Excuse me, Doctor. Have you seen my son? Troy?

Troy: Hello, Nora.

Nora: Matthew's been hurt. He's here. Have you seen him?

Troy: Matthew's fine.

Nora: What?

Troy: I said he's fine. But he won't be if you give me a hard time.

Nora: What are you talking --

Troy: You do exactly what I say, Nora, or you're never going to see your son again.


Flash: Wait. What do you mean no royalties?

Riley: Yeah, "Flashlight" is already way up on the college charts.

Claude: You got to clear production costs before you get to net profits. Not to mention licensing, promo fees --

Flash: You didn't do squat to promote us. If it weren't for the Voice of the Night, our music would never even be heard.

Claude: Look, everything's cool. At the end of the day, you guys are going to have pockets full of cash.

Asa: Pockets full of bull is more like it. Don't listen to this scam artist.

Claude: Excuse me. I have these people under contract.

Asa: I know that. I just bought your company. You're fired.

Flash: What?

Asa: Welcome to Buchanan Records.


Roxy: Hmm. Don't worry. I知 good for it. It looks like you're not hurting for business. You got the big spenders over there.

Rex: Yeah, as long as they spend.

Roxy: Looks like you were right about those Vega boys.

Rex: Well, I know what I知 doing.

Roxy: You know, Honey, when it comes to money, you're like pig to water. Or is it a horse to slaughter? Well, anyway -- unlike that heiress sister of yours, I mean, she wants to do it on her own. I mean, what's with that? You know, from where I知 sitting -- which feels pretty damn good -- you're sitting pretty, and she's not doing so hot.

Antonio: I知 going to leave you boys and girls alone.

Cristian: Oh, wait a minute. You don't have to leave.

Natalie: Hey, what was I thinking, interrupting boys' night out?

Cristian: Natalie, you're being silly.

Natalie: You know, I came here just to ask you if you would talk to me about this, so should we just call off the whole wedding?


Dorian: There's something wrong between you and Kevin, isn't there? Yep, Blair's noticed it. Cassie has. I have.

Kelly: Noticed what?

Dorian: Oh, please. Ever since I got back, whenever I call, you just -- you can't wait to get off the phone.

Kelly: I致e been busy.

[Dorian laughs]

Dorian: You always had time for a good laugh and some juicy gossip.

Kelly: Come on! I still do. It's just my schedule's now awfully full.

Dorian: There is more to it than that. We both know. Kevin cheated on Cassie --

Kelly: No, it's not that. The only mistress that Kevin has is his work.

Dorian: And is that the problem?

Kelly: We used to have so much fun in Houston. We ran with a great crowd. It made a great time. We went to all the major events, parties, got involved in community work, and then things changed.

Dorian: What happened?

Kelly: I don't know. I mean, he started hanging out with Asa's oil buddies and power brokers.

Dorian: Oh, it's never a good idea to get involved with Asa.

Kelly: That's when everything went into turbo drive. I mean, he could change events, people's lives with a phone call.

Dorian: And that frightened you?

Kelly: No. No, he was doing wonderful things in Houston, lasting things.

Dorian: And you were very important, as well.

Kelly: I got involved in all kinds of work down there. And Kevin and I, we're fine. He's just getting a little restless, that's all.

Dorian: Restless for --

Kelly: More. Just more.

Dorian: More than you can give.

Kelly: More than any one person can give. With all the looks, charm, money, power, I mean, let's face it, women flock to him. And Kevin's a flirt. Always has been.

Dorian: So, when you got that phone call --

Kelly: I am well aware of all of the temptations out there. I just needed to know that Kevin wasn't doing anything that we would both regret. So, have you noticed him spending a lot of time with any one person in particular?


Blair: I can't.

Kevin: Yes, you can.

Blair: I can't, Kevin. You're married.

Kevin: Well, that wasn't a problem just a minute ago.

Blair: Well, you know what? It is -- it is now, and I don't want to hurt Kelly, all right?

Kevin: Well, you think I do?

Blair: You have been trying to come on to me for weeks.

Kevin: You've been letting me.

Blair: No. I致e been trying to stop you.

Kevin: OK, look, what are we doing here?

Blair: I seem to remember an emergency landing.

Kevin: Well, I seem to remember you getting on the plane for a ride.

Blair: Well, I was just trying to trip you up.

Kevin: What?

Blair: I wanted to see how far you'd go.

Kevin: So what, you're saying this was just some sort of sting operation?

Blair: Maybe.

Kevin: So you're telling me that you didn't feel anything when I just kissed you?

Blair: Nothing.

Kevin: Prove it.

Blair: I don't have to. I don't have to prove anything to you, Kevin.

Kevin: Well, then, prove it to yourself. Just kiss me again. Come here.

Blair: No. This is another one of your stupid bets, isn't it?

Kevin: You mean the ones that I always win?

Blair: Well, I am not going to lose this one, all right?

Kevin: Well, then, what are you afraid of? Just come here and kiss me again.

Blair: Kevin -- oh, look. It's stopped raining. We should go.

Kevin: Well, you know we can't do that. We have to wait for Harry.

Blair: Well, then, we should wait out by the plane. I mean, how's Harry even going to know where we are if we're not out by the plane and he's going to bring help?

Kevin: So, we should wait right out in the open where it might rain again.

Blair: Yeah. I think it is safer, considering -- considering everything.

Kevin: Are you sure that safe is what you really want?


Nora: Where's my son?

Troy: Your son's safe for now, Nora, as long as I get what I want.

Nora: What is it that you want, Troy?

Troy: You'll find out soon enough, Nora. But you're going to have to come with me first.

Nora: Where? Where's Gabrielle?

Troy: All right, enough of the questions, counselor.

Nora: You care about Matthew. I know you do.

Troy: Oh, I do care about Matthew.

Nora: You wouldn't hurt him.

Troy: I don't want to hurt Matthew, Nora. So don't push me. Now, let's go.


Walker: You're going to go to the police?

[Walker laughs]

Walker: What, then? Oh, you go on trial for murder. Think of the publicity you'll get -- your name in the paper, reporters camping on your front lawn, asking questions, making it look like you wanted your father dead.

Jessica: I'll deal with it. Look, I know that you're scared that you're going to get dragged into --

Walker: Oh, no, no, no, no, forget about me. I just lied to the police and withheld evidence. Stole evidence.

Jessica: Look, I知 going to tell them the exact same thing I told my mother. You were trying to cover for me --

Walker: Jessica! We did what we had to do. Everything that man did to you, everyone you care about, the things he was going to keep doing ended with us. Let it be over.

Jessica: I can't keep lying to people.

Walker: No. Antonio Vega. That's what this is really about, isn't it?

Jessica: Because of me -- because of us, he lost his job. And I won't let that happen.


Antonio: I知 going to go make a call.

Cristian: Look, Natalie, I already told you that I was sorry I didn't pick that stuff up from New York for the wedding.

Natalie: It's not just that, Cristian. It's that every time I bring the subject up, I want to look through magazines or go shopping, you tune out!

Cristian: All right, so let's go shopping now.

Natalie: The stores are closed.

Cristian: OK, so why don't we go home and we'll look at all the bride magazines you like?

Natalie: You know what? If I have to make you do it or guilt you into it, forget it.

Cristian: Look, Natalie, I知 really trying here. But, you know, all this business about flowers and invitations and decorations -- well, my head goes on overload just thinking about that stuff.

Natalie: Oh. Oh, OK, fine. All right, well, why don't we have the wedding over at Rodi's, and we'll have beer and peanuts for everyone. How's that?

Cristian: All right. Now, I want you to have the wedding you always dreamed about.

Natalie: It's not just my wedding, Cristian, it's your wedding, too, and we're supposed to be in this together from start to finish, but you're checking out on me.

Cristian: You're right.

Natalie: You mean that? You're not just saying it so you don't have to sleep downstairs tonight?

Cristian: Well, yeah, that, too. I'll do my best. I promise. I知 sorry I didn't do my part.

Natalie: Well, I知 sorry I lost my temper.

Cristian: You can count on me. I'll even help blow up the balloons and hang up streamers.

Natalie: Balloons? You really don't have a clue, do you?

Cristian: Still want to marry me?


Claude: You can稚 fire me. I got a contract.

Asa: With the old company. I am the C.E.O. Of the new company, Buchanan Records. You're unemployed. Get out!

Claude: You'll be hearing from my lawyer.

Asa: Ooh.

Flash: Is this for real? You bought the label?

Asa: You are going to get everything you deserve, Honey.

Flash: You mean everything Midnight Logic deserves?

Asa: I want to read your contract first to make sure there's nothing that con artist can pull over on us.

Flash: Yeah. I mean, it seems legit, Nora looked it over, but I can go get it if you want.

Asa: Well, my driver's out front. He'll take you, and I'll stay here with your friend.

Riley: No, it's OK. I'll go with her.

Asa: No, no. Sarah can do this on her own.

Flash: OK. I知 going to be fine. And, you, you are so great!

[Asa chuckles]

Asa: You better skedaddle.

Flash: All right.

Asa: Well, I tell you, I think it is time for you and me to have a man-to-man talk.


Kelly: Is Kevin involved with someone or not?

Dorian: Frankly, darling, I don't spend a lot of time thinking about Kevin.

Kelly: Well, I came a long way because I do. He's my husband.

Dorian: Wait a minute. Where are you going?

Kelly: To find him.

Dorian: Oh, come on. Surely, you want to spend more time with me. You are, after all, my favorite niece.

Kelly: Oh, really? Does Blair know about this?

Dorian: Oh, well, we'll just keep that between us, shall we?

Kelly: Hey, where is Blair, anyway?

Dorian: Blair's out.

Kelly: Out where? I'll see if I can catch up with her after I track Kevin down.

Dorian: Oh -- well, Matthew, what are you doing up at this -- you remember Matthew, don't you? Nora Buchanan's son.

Kelly: Of course. Of course. Hi. It's been a while.

Dorian: Yes, indeed. Now, what's the matter?

Matthew: I can't sleep, and Starr keeps on saying that there's monsters under my bed.

Dorian: Oh, you can't pay any attention to Starr. There's no such thing as monsters.

Matthew: Are you sure?


Nora: Matthew? Matthew? Oh, God. Matthew!

Troy: Matthew's not here, Nora.

Nora: You said you picked him up at Blair's.

Troy: I didn't pick him up anywhere. They dropped him off to me at the hospital. The same nurse that called you called them and told them that you'd pick him up there.

Nora: What, so they just left him?

Troy: What did you expect, Nora? Huh? We're talking about Blair here, Nora! She doesn't care about anybody but herself. Don't you know that?

Nora: I知 calling Blair.

Troy: You're not calling anyone!

Nora: Ugh! Why? Because you're lying?

Troy: You want to gamble with your son's life, Nora?

Nora: No.

Troy: Huh? Now, maybe I知 lying and maybe I知 not. But if something happens to Matthew because you didn't believe me, because you didn't trust me, Nora -- but that's just it, isn't it, Nora? You never trusted me. That's why I had to do the things I did, Nora. That's why. That's why I had to lie to you about Joanna. That's why I had to sleep with Lindsay, Nora. We could have been so happy --

Nora: Where's my son? Where's Matthew?

Troy: I wanted to be his father, Nora. I wanted to be his father so bad, and you wanted it too, Nora! He'd have loved me!

Nora: I know.

Troy: He loved me more than you ever did.

Nora: I know, but if you love him, please -- I know how angry you are, but don't take it out on him. OK?

Troy: I don't want to hurt him.

Nora: I know you don't.

Troy: I don't want to hurt anyone, Nora.

Nora: I know. I know. You haven't. You haven't hurt anyone, not yet. Not yet. I mean, Jen and Lindsay, they found them, you know. They're safe. They're fine. They're fine. We can work a deal, you know.

Troy: No, no --

Nora: I could help you --

Troy: No.

Nora: You wouldn't have to do any time. You wouldn't have to do any time. Let me help you. All you have to do is just --

Troy: Shut up, Nora!

Nora: Matthew and Gabrielle. Just tell me where Matthew and Gabrielle are.

Troy: Gabrielle?

Nora: Yes, Troy. Yeah. Gabrielle. Just where is she? That's all.

Troy: Gabri-- Gabrielle's on ice.

Gabrielle: Help! Help! Somebody help me! Oh, my God! Help! Help! Help!

Nora: What do you mean, "Gabrielle's on ice"?

Troy: I don't want to talk about Gabrielle, Nora. I don't want to talk about her.

Nora: What have you done to her?

Troy: You should have thought about that before you sent her to spy on me, Nora.

Nora: We were trying to help you.

Troy: Oh, come on. You just wanted to find out where Jen and Lindsay were.

Nora: Yes, that's true, but we also did it for you.

Troy: You don't even believe that. Gabrielle doesn't care about me, and you hate me, Nora.

Nora: I do not.

Troy: No? No?

Nora: I don't hate you, Troy.

Troy: Oh, come on, Nora. I can see it in your eyes. You can't stand the sight of me.

Nora: No.

Troy: I make your skin crawl, don't I, Nora? Don't I, Nora?

Nora: I think you are a good person. I think you've made some bad choices, but that doesn't make you a bad person.

Troy: Oh, no, I can't be a bad person, right, Nora? Because Nora could never love a bad person, right, Nora?

Nora: What happened to you?

Troy: You happened to me, Nora! You happened to me. You were the one good thing in my life, Nora, the one good thing. You made me a better person, and then you took that away.

Nora: Did you kill Claire?

Troy: I said no more questions.

Nora: Troy --

Troy: No more questions.

Nora: I need to know.

Troy: Why do you need to know, Nora, huh? Why? That make you feel better if you find out that I知 a murderer, Nora?

Nora: Are you, Troy? Are you a murderer?

Troy: You're the lawyer lady, right? You're the smart one. You know everything. Am I a killer, counselor?

[Knock on door]

Flash: Nora? Nora, are you home? I forgot my keys.

Troy: Don't answer it. She'll go away.

Nora: She won't go away. My car's in the driveway, and if I don't answer, she'll think something's wrong.

Troy: All right, fine. Just get rid of her, but listen to me, Nora. If you ever want to see your son again, don't try anything. Go.

Flash: Nora?

Nora: Hi!

Flash: Hey. I知 sorry about that but I知 so glad you're here.

Nora: Yeah. I thought you were at Ultra Violet.

Flash: Yeah, but I forgot my contract. You are not going to believe this. My great-grandfather bought the record label.

Nora: Really?

Flash: Yeah.

Nora: That's great. Flash, this isn't a good time. It's really not.

Flash: Oh, yeah, OK. I just need to get my contract, and then I'll be out of your hair.

Nora: OK.

Flash: OK. It's in my bag.


Asa: Are you sure you don't want some of this with your soda pop?

Riley: No, thank you. I don't drink.

Asa: You have a problem with this?

Riley: No. I used to have a drug problem, but I知 clean now.

Asa: You live around here?

Riley: No. I知 originally from Philly, but, yeah.

Asa: You got family there?

Riley: Well, my dad -- he's here.

Asa: Hmm. So, what is the story with you and my great-granddaughter?

Riley: We're friends.

Asa: Well, it looks like a little more than that to me.

Riley: Well, that's -- that's between me and her.

Asa: OK. I respect that. As long as you respect her.

Riley: I do. Completely.

Asa: Don't you ever think of hurting her.

Riley: I won't, I won't. And I知 the one who's telling her to take care of herself, you know, especially now that she has this problem with her voice.

Asa: What the hell are you talking about, "her voice"?


Roxy: Hey, Rexy, let's get jiggy with it.

Rex: OK, I can't.

Roxy: Hey, what are you doing?

Rex: Mom, look, you're totally killing the vibe here.

Roxy: No! I want my Harvey Wall-Hanger.

Rex: OK, I知 cutting you off.

Roxy: Are you saying you're kicking me out?

Rex: There's the door.

Roxy: Oh, so you don't want me here?

Rex: Gee, nothing gets past you, does it?


Dorian: Oh, that was a fun day, wasn't it?

Kelly: Yeah. Blair and I weren't at each other's throats as usual.

Dorian: Come on, the two of you love each other.

Kelly: Not always, especially when we both had our eye on the same guy.

Dorian: Kelly, Blair is not trying to steal Kevin away from you.

Kelly: I didn't say she was. Hey, where is Blair, anyway? You never did answer me.

Dorian: Do you hear the kettle whistling in the kitchen?

Kelly: No, I --

Dorian: Oh, I think it must be -- no, because I put the kettle on before I took Matthew up to bed, so I better check on it.

Kelly: Oh, I can use some tea.

Dorian: Fine.


Blair: Oh.

Kevin: Oh! Honey. Hey! I -- I can't believe this. What are you doing here?

Kelly: Well, I wanted to surprise you. Looks like I did!

Kevin: Yeah. Wow.

Kelly: Surprise.

Kevin: So when did you get in?

Kelly: Oh, just a little while ago. I couldn't find you. So, did you guys just show up here at the same time, or what?

Blair: Well, actually, we were out.

Kevin: We were just chasing down a story, actually --

Kelly: Oh, together?

Dorian: Yes. Blair certainly wasn't going to let Kevin scoop her, were you, Blair?

Kevin: There you go.

Kelly: Well, I am glad that somebody is keeping this husband of mine honest.

Dorian: Ha!

Kelly: It is so good to see you.

Blair: Yeah, it痴 good to see you, too, Kelly.


Walker: Jessica, why don't you think about your family instead, what this will do to them? Stop worrying about Antonio Vega.

Jessica: I ruined his career.

Walker: He'll get another job.

Jessica: But not one that he loves, OK? Being a cop -- it's who he is.

Walker: Then he'll have to suck it up and find something else.

Jessica: I can't do that to him.

Walker: Nobody asked him to go to the mat for you.

Jessica: But he did.

Walker: Yes, to keep you from facing a murder charge.

Jessica: You know, this is -- Antonio Vega is not the only reason that I知 doing this, OK? You and I, we are the last people left in the world with Mitch's blood in us.

Walker: So?

Jessica: So, it's up to us to make up for everything that he did. All the pain that he caused, it's up to us to turn that around.

Walker: Oh. I plan to. Believe me, I plan to.

Jessica: Yeah, well, great. Then you do what you have to do and I'll do what I have to do.

[Door closes]


Antonio: I take it the wedding's still on.

Cristian: Yeah, yeah, we got plans to make, so we're going to bail.

Antonio: Plans?

Cristian: Yeah, plans. You know, seating charts, floral arrangements, and all that good stuff.

Natalie: Stop with the jokes. Sorry to take him away from you.

Antonio: No, no, no way. So, you guys, knock yourselves out.

Antonio: Yeah, let me get another one.

Rex: You're still here.

Roxy: Yeah, well, I知 halfway home by now. It's time for my beddy-bye. I just thought I would come over here and blow on your dice. Good luck, Kiddo. See you around sometime.

Rex: Mom.

Roxy: What?

Rex: You going to leave without dancing with me?

Roxy: Yeah, but you have such a busy schedule.

Rex: Well, I can make some time.

Roxy: Really?

Rex: Just one dance. Let's make it a quick one, all right, before I change my mind. All right?

Roxy: Boogie-oogie-oogie.

Rex: Jiggy.


Riley: Dr. MacIver said that if she didn't continue to take care of her voice she could do some real damage, maybe for good.

Asa: Why the hell didn't somebody call me?

Riley: Well, she didn't even tell me at first. She took it all on her own back. She does it all the time, and it makes me crazy.

Asa: She's a Buchanan, all right. I am going to make sure that nothing ever happens to my little Sarah.


Nora: I'll get your bag for you. I know just where it is.

Flash: OK.

Troy: I知 watching everything you do.

Nora: Here. Oh.

Flash: Nora, are you all right?

Nora: Yeah. I知 just my clumsy self, that's all.

Flash: Thanks. Well my keys are in here, so don't wait up.

Nora: OK.

Flash: OK.

Nora: I did what you said. Now, where is Matthew?

Troy: Not yet.

Nora: Please! Whatever you may think of me, I know you care about Matthew. He's just innocent little boy.

Troy: That's right, Nora. He's innocent, unlike his mother.

Nora: Tell me where he is!

Troy: Why should I do anything for you after what you did to me, Nora, huh?

Nora: You're right, I知 sorry. I hurt you and I shouldn't have and I知 sorry.

Troy: Oh, what am I, stupid, huh? You don't think I know that you're just saying that so you can get Matthew back?

Nora: No, I am not. I am truly sorry that I hurt you.

Troy: Why, Nora? Why? Why? Why? Why couldn't you understand, huh? Why couldn't you just forgive me, Nora?

Nora: I was so hurt, Troy. I was so hurt I wasn't thinking. I just -- I was hurt.

Troy: So you hurt me back, didn't you? Nora, all I wanted to do was be a better person for you.

Nora: I know.

Troy: I just wanted to be a good person. I was trying to make up for all the bad things that Colin did to you and that he did to everyone else. I was just trying to make up for Colin!

Nora: Colin wasn't your fault. It wasn't your responsibility. He's not your responsibility.

Troy: I知 just like Colin.

Nora: No, you're not.

Troy: I知 just like Colin.

Nora: No, you're not, and you never would be. No.

Troy: I used to believe that I wasn't.

Nora: No, no, you're not. Believe that. Believe that.

Troy: It's too late, Nora.

Nora: No, it's not. It's never -- it's never too late, Troy.

Troy: It's too late. It's too late for you, and it's too late for me, Nora. This is the end.

Nora: The end of -- end of what? The end of what, Troy?

Troy: The end of both of us.


Walker: I知 going to give you this diamond someday, Blair. I swear. Maybe even on our wedding day.

Kelly: Oh, well, it has been a long day traveling. I知 exhausted.

Kevin: And I知 sure you're wiped out. You know, I'll get you over to Asa's house. I'll call for his driver.

Kelly: You're not coming with?

Kevin: Well, it's like I told you before, Blair and I were tracking down this story --

Blair: OK, but hey, hey, hey! That can wait, Kevin. You have your lovely bride in town now. You should actually spend some time with her.

Kevin: You know she's going to outscoop me, don't you?

Kelly: Mm-hmm.

Kevin: Uh-huh. You're worth it. Come here.

Kelly: Oh, I missed you so much.

Kevin: Let's go make up for some lost time, huh?

Kelly: Bye-bye, Dorian.

Dorian: Goodbye, Sweetheart.

Kelly: And thank you for earlier. And I think you're right. It was just a prank call. Kevin and I are fine. Fine, OK? Now, don't you outscoop him too much, or he will be impossible in the morning.

Blair: Oh, you mean worse than he is right now?

[All laugh]

Kevin: Yeah, that's --

Kelly: And I want to catch up with you. You got to get me up on what's going on around here.

Blair: Great, great, great.

Kelly: Everything, and don't leave anything out.

Blair: OK. Good night. Ahem. What?

Dorian: What?

Blair: What?

Dorian: "What"? You tell me what. What went on between you and Kevin tonight?

Blair: I want to know why Kelly is suddenly back in town.

Dorian: Oh? Maybe she's here because she should have been all along, with her husband!

Blair: Is she visiting, or what?

Dorian: I think it's safe to assume that Kelly is back for keeps.


Flash: Great. Here is the contract. Take a look.

Asa: You didn't you tell me your vocal cords were shot? I made some phone calls. You are going to London.

Flash: London?

Asa: There's a doctor over there who can help you. And you'll see your father and your grandfather while you're there.

Flash: When?

Asa: Now. Let's go. Better late than never.


["Romeo and Juliet" plays]

Troy: You know, Nora, they called "Romeo and Juliet" a tragedy. Isn't it funny? It's not a tragedy. They made sure that lovers were kept apart in real life, but in the end -- in the end, they were united. They were united in death, Nora, for all eternity.

Troy: Here's to our own tragic love story, Nora. May it last for all eternity. Drink it. Drink it, Nora. If you want to save your son's life, you better drink it, or Matthew dies just like the others.

Gabrielle: Help! Help! I can't die! I can't die in here! Help! Help!

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Kelly: Is it true? Are you cheating on me?

Jessica: I知 going to confess. I just came by to tell you first.

Gabrielle: Please tell Bo where I am.

Troy: I wish you hadn't done that.

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