One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 7/22/03

By Eric
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Previously on "One Life to Live" --

Joey: You don't belong with Rex. You know that.

Jen: You're wrong.

Troy: Well, you think I helped Lindsay? Why would I want Lindsay to get out of St. Ann's?

Nora: Keep her quiet?

Jessica: You said Mitch died from a blow to the head. I hit him with a pipe.

Walker: Turns out Mitch has left everything to me, but neither Jessica or I want anything to do with it. I知 leaving it to you, Dorian.


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Dorian: What's the matter, Walker? Did I catch you off your guard?

Walker: Oh, you know what I知 up to, huh? Well, that makes one of us.

Dorian: I know that you are not who you claim to be.

Walker: Really? And who am I, then?

Dorian: I知 not sure yet. You make such a big show about caring for Blair, me --

Walker: I gave you Mitch's entire estate!

Dorian: Oh? I致e done my research. I know that Mitch had millions, maybe tens of millions squirreled away somewhere. They should rightfully be mine. I want you to hand them over.


River: I知 really glad you sneaked out.

Adriana: We can't stay long. If Carlotta wakes up --

River: Ah, don't worry about her. Relax.

Adriana: Where is everyone else who lives here?

River: Well, my grandma went out with Blair, and Blair has two kids, Jack and Starr. They're upstairs sleeping. And Hedy, the nanny, she -- hear that snoring?

[Adriana laughs]

River: Yeah. No, it looks like it's just us two. What do you say we go swimming?

[Music plays]


Viki: Joey?

[Viki whistles]

Viki: Oh!

Joey: Mom.

Viki: Yeah. Hi, Honey!

Joey: Sorry.

[Joey lowers volume]

Viki: I did knock.

Joey: What's up?

Viki: Well, that's what I came to ask you. I saw you roaring up the driveway. Are you OK?

Joey: No, I知 not. Jen is ruining her life, and there's nothing I can do to stop it.

Rex: Well, looks like the reverend didn't appreciate your little floor show. He bolted. Jen! You know, you were right to dump that guy, because the babe who did the striptease just now -- that's the real Jen. My Jen.

Troy: Whew. Congratulations. Looks like the place is a big hit, huh?

R.J.: Thanks, but you missed the band.

Troy: No, no, no, I was here. You kidding me? I wouldn't miss Flash. She's one of my patients. Let me tell you something, you better hang on to Midnight Logic.

R.J.: Did I ask you?

Troy: No, but I知 going to tell you anyway. Flash and her band are a big gold mine.


Marcie: This is the only thing I have of my mother's. I mean, why would anybody do this?

Al: Because they're stupid neanderthals, Marcie.

Marcie: Maybe I can glue it back together. What do you think?

Al: You know, I would like to punch whoever did this right in the mouth.

Marcie: All I did was hang a peace sign out the window. I mean, how could anybody possibly be against peace?

Al: Oh, I don't know. These days, a lot of people are against peace. It's crazy.

Marcie: Look, I didn't do anything to hurt them.

Al: No, of course you didn't, Marcie. Listen, the people who did this -- they're ignorant, and they're not going to get away with it, OK? Listen, let's go talk to the dean right now. Yes, come on.

Marcie: All right, fine.


Antonio: Jessica.

Jessica: Hey.

Antonio: Look, I was going to go to New York to find you. I talked to Cris, though, and he said you hadn't shown up to the gallery.

Jessica: No, no, I came back. Listen, I知 just going to talk to somebody else.

Antonio: Why?

Jessica: Because I know what you're going to say. You can't talk me out of it. I have to -- to turn myself in for my father's murder.


River: Hey, you got a suit?

Adriana: Turn around.

River: Oh, right. Ah. Aha! All right, that does it.

[Starr yells]

River: Ugh! What, you want to go in? You want it?

River: Oh, all right.

Starr: Put me down!

River: Oh!

Starr: Put me down!

River: Look, we really don't need you spying on us right now, OK?

Starr: Who said that you could have a guest in my house?

River: Your house? Well, I thought I was going to be, like, your cool older brother.

Starr: You are, but that doesn't mean that you're the boss here.

River: Look, Starr, I think you should just go to bed.

Starr: Hey, you better start treating me nice or I'll call Carlotta and tell her that that girl snuck out.

Starr: So, it's up to you, big brother.

River: All right. Look, don't go to bed, then. Just go and you watch TV, OK? Now. All right. Going to keep this quiet?

Starr: Maybe. But you have to be nice to me all summer.

River: All summer. All right, whatever. You're bad. And that girl's name is Adriana.

Starr: Whatever.

River: I知 really sorry about her.



Viki: Did you see Jen tonight?

Joey: I didn't plan to. I was at the opening of R.J.'s new club. Flash and her band were performing.

Viki: Oh. You mean Sarah. How was she?

Joey: She was awesome.

Viki: Oh, good, good. And Jen was there?

Joey: Yeah. And she started in with her lies again about how she wanted to be with Rex because she was just a party girl.

Viki: Baby, she did marry him.

Joey: It's just an act! She doesn't know what she wants.

Viki: Yeah, but pressuring her's not going to help.

Joey: Well, I致e got to do something! She needs help. But it seems like everything I do just makes things worse. And tonight, she was totally out of control.

Viki: Look, Joey, I know that you care about Jen.

Joey: I love her. And she loves me. Just somehow she got it into her head that she's going to ruin my life.

Viki: Well, if she is asking you to choose between your work and --

Joey: She doesn't want me to choose. I can't live like this. I don't care what it takes. All I care about is being with Jen.


Antonio: You are not turning yourself in.

Jessica: I killed Mitch, and we both know it.

Antonio: No, we don't.

Jessica: He died from a blow to the head! I was the one that hit him!

Antonio: Mitch threatened you, he wouldn't let you go, so you hit him in self-defense.

Jessica: That's not what happened.

Antonio: Look, Jessica, you weren't thinking clearly.

Jessica: I want to speak to another officer.

Antonio: No, I am not letting you do this.

Jessica: Lindsay could go to jail for what I did.

Antonio: Can you trust me?

Jessica: Antonio --

Antonio: Look, just give me a few days, OK? Just a few days to work things out. There's a way to do this that won't destroy your life.

Jessica: I don't know.

Antonio: Please.

Jessica: OK. All right, fine.

Antonio: Come here. Come. Have a seat. I need to know everything that happened that night.

Jessica: Well, I told you everything.

Antonio: Jessica, you're protecting someone.

Jessica: No, I知 not.

Antonio: Yes! Look, you didn't pour poisoned wine down Mitch's throat, and you couldn't have gotten him in that chair. But you know who did, and you need to tell me.


Walker: What makes you think my brother had money stashed somewhere?

Dorian: My sources are very reliable.

Walker: Not this time. I gave you everything he left me.

Dorian: It was mine by rights.

Walker: Why would he give you a cent? It's not like you had a long, happy marriage. All you did was try to kill each other.

Dorian: We did have a rather unusual relationship.

Walker: Yes, apparently. Why were you two together? You hated each other.

Dorian: You know, we got reconnected in Paris. And Paris -- it's, you know -- it was our coup a foudre. You know, the town is magical. It casts a spell on you.

Walker: Ugh --

Dorian: And before you know it --

Walker: God. What happened?

Dorian: You hand over all of Mitch's assets, and I'll tell you the whole story.

Walker: I gave you everything he had.

Dorian: And I have nothing more to tell you.


R.J.: Well, OK, I admit it. You pulled it off. You opened the club. Good job.

Rex: Well, it's only going to get better.

R.J.: Well, it's a good job. There's still room to impress me. So I知 going to head over to Capricorn. When I leave here, Ultra Violet is in your hands.

Evangeline: Wow. It's packed. Great crowd, hip vibe. Congratulations.

R.J.: Thanks. But, you know, you should have been here when the band was playing.

Evangeline: Wait, wait, wait. You have an attitude with me?

R.J.: Tonight is the grand opening of our new club. You're my partner. I expected that you would be here.

Evangeline: Well, I知 here now, aren't I?

R.J.: Now it's just a party.

Evangeline: Look, I have an early court appearance in the morning and I was just at my office preparing.

R.J.: In that?

Evangeline: If I don't win cases, I can't afford to be your partner. Lighten up, R.J.


Jen: Where's my mother?

Troy: I have no idea where your mother is. Now, leave me alone.

Jen: You had sex with her on the docks the night of the murder, and thanks to you, no one's going to believe her!

Troy: I don't know what you're talking about, Jen. I would never get involved with your mother after what she did to me.

Jen: You'd do anybody. I saw the tape. You hit on women, you get what you want, and then you dump them and you go on to the next one!

Troy: You know something, Jen? No one is going to believe you. I destroyed the tape. You have no proof.

Jen: You wish.

Troy: Hmm, nice try. You already told me there was only one tape.

Jen: There is one tape.

Troy: What the hell does that mean, huh?

Rex: Hey! Keep your hands off my wife!

Troy: This is between Jen and me.

Rex: Well, this is my scene and I get to decide who stays and who goes.

Troy: Oh, yeah? Well, your little wife here is drunk and underage. So unless you want your scene shut down, I suggest you get your wife out of my face.

Rex: All right, come on, Jen.

Jen: You leave me alone, both of you!


Joey: Jen's ruining her life, and there's nothing I can do to stop her. I mean, if I can't help the woman I love, how am I ever going to make a good priest? I might as well just give up.

Viki: Darling, there is no way you can ever help someone who doesn't want help, I don't care how much you love her.

Joey: But I got to do something.

Viki: Then you have to hope and pray that she comes to her senses. But ultimately, Joey, this is her life. She knows how you feel, so now it's up to her to come to you.

Joey: Problem is I don't know if she ever will.


Marcie: No! No, don't throw it away!

Al: Why, Marcie? It's trashed. Listen, we'll just -- we'll make a new one.

Marcie: No, I can't. Dean Baker practically threatened to expel me if I mention this to anyone.

Al: You know what? That's it. I知 calling Commissioner Buchanan.

Marcie: No, no, don't!

Al: Yes! Marcie, you've been victimized here, OK? These people have infringed on your right to free speech, and I知 not going to take it!

Marcie: No, but I知 on full scholarship. If I go against the dean, I can lose it, and then I'll have to drop out!

Al: Ugh -- damn!

Marcie: I'll be all right. I'll be all right, I swear. Come on, hey. Hey. Isn't it almost time for the Voice of the Night?

Al: You think that I知 going to leave you here, alone? No. No way. Do you want to come with me?

Marcie: No. No. I think I壇 better clean up. I'll be all right. It'll be all right.

Al: I am going to be back as soon as I sign off, OK? All right.

Marcie: OK. I'll be fine.


River: So are you glad you came?

Adriana: Very.

River: Hey, you got some -- hey, you want a gin and tonic?

Adriana: I don't think so.

River: Oh, you sure? Oh, it's good. Here, try. Go ahead and keep that one. I like mine stronger.

Adriana: My godmother would kill me if she saw me drinking.

River: Well, she would have to kill me first. Cheers. Yeah, the first time my mom caught me drinking, she locked all the liquor away in a cabinet. Look what good that did.

Adriana: She caught you drinking in your own house?

River: A couple times. My parents don't get it. They tell you not to drink while they got a can of booze in their hands.

Adriana: Not your father.

River: Well, Dad's no angel, believe me. And my mom's -- oh, forget about it. Dorian tells me that when my mom was a teenager she was a total mess. And, hey, she still is. But she's got my whole life planned out ahead of me, you know, every step of the way, and I致e really got to tell her that I want to live my own life, and I知 talking too much, aren't I?

Adriana: No, I like the way you talk.

River: Say that in Spanish.

Adriana: Me gusta la manera que hablas.

River: Me gusta la manera que hablas, too.

Adriana: Tambien.

River: Tambien, si?

Adriana: I知 sorry your parents don't understand you.

River: How could they? Besides, I think things are going to get a lot better for me now, that I'll be living here, you know? I mean, they already have.


Jessica: What does it matter who else was there? I was the one that killed Mitch!

Antonio: Are you protecting your mother?

Jessica: No, I知 not!

Antonio: Lindsay?

Jessica: I don't know -- no!

Antonio: Just --

Jessica: I have to go.

Antonio: Hey, you're giving me a few days. Right?

Jessica: It won't help.

Antonio: I just need a chance, Jessica. Just a chance.

Jessica: Fine, OK. A couple days.

Bo: Well, hi, Jess. What brings you by?

Antonio: She -- she stopped by to see me.

Bo: Ah.

Jessica: See you later.

Antonio: Yeah.

Bo: Bye.

Antonio: I知 -- I知 going to down to the --

Bo: No, no, no, just a minute, Antonio. I read your report on the Laurence homicide, and you left out a statement from a witness who saw a blue mustang convertible -- like Jessica's -- at the crime scene. What's in your ice cream?


Walker: You called?

Jessica: Did you read the cover of The Banner this morning? Mitch died from a blow to the head. I killed him.

Walker: Relax. You did the world a favor. And if you don't say anything, no one will ever know.

Jessica: Do you really think the police are going to stop looking?

Walker: The pipe you hit Mitch with went in the river. They'll never find it.

Jessica: I can't live with that and I can't let an innocent person go to jail for something that I did.

Walker: You mean Lindsay? Let me tell you, the cops are going to have a hell of a time trying to prove a case against her, and if they do, well, she stays in the psych hospital.

Jessica: Walker, I知 going to confess. And I came here to tell you because I知 going to have to be completely honest about what happened that night, and that includes your part as well.


R.J.: So, did our bartender do right by you? I知 -- I知 sorry I was so bent out of shape before.

Evangeline: I thought you'd be flying. This should be your night.

R.J.: I was looking forward to sharing it with you.

Evangeline: As partners?

R.J.: It's been a long time since I had someone to share anything with. And when you didn't show up --

Evangeline: You thought I didn't care?

R.J.: Something like that.

Evangeline: Well, I知 here now, so why don't you sit down and tell your partner how it went?

R.J.: It was great! It was great.


Adriana: I -- I should really go.

River: You just got here.

Adriana: If Carlotta wakes up and sees I知 not there, she'll send me back to Puerto Rico.

River: Well, look --

Adriana: And if your grandmother comes --

River: Well, my grandma's really cool, OK? Believe me. All right?

Adriana: I don't know. It -- it seems like I want to -- what's the word? -- Like "crazy."

River: Risky.

Adriana: It seems too crazy. Yes, risky.

River: Well, look, my grandma said I could borrow her car, so if you want, I could give you a ride.

Adriana: But you've been drinking.

River: I had two sips. And look, see? I know the perfect place on Llantano Mountain, and on a night like this, I swear you can see all the way to Philly. What do you say?

Adriana: If it's going to be quick --

River: It'll be quick, I promise, OK? I got your back.

Adriana: Ok.


[Music plays]

Al: Hey there, night owls. This is the Voice of the Night, on duty for the late shift.

Viki: I hate to see you hurting like this.

Joey: I'll be all right. And I知 not giving up on Jen. Anyway, for now at least, I still have my work.

Viki: Yes, you do. Darling, promise me, please, that you will think long and hard before you do anything rash about that.

Joey: Hey, there's plenty of people that will let me help them. Maybe, eventually, Jen will be one of them.


Al: Hey, out there. I致e got a problem. No -- we have a problem. You see, something happened on campus tonight. I知 reaching out to everyone within the sound of my voice who believes that if this country stands for anything, it stands for the right to believe what you want and to say what you believe anywhere, anytime. Today, an L.U. student hung a peace sign out of her window -- no words, just the symbol. She has a dream of peace on earth, like a lot of us. The difference is she had the guts to say so.

[Music stops]

Al: And what did she get for it? A couple of thugs broke into her dorm room and trashed it. She's listening tonight, and I want her to know that what she did was in the truest spirit of America. She's not alone. I stand behind her all the way. This is for everybody out there who's not afraid to make a little noise. You know who you are.

[Music plays]


Viki: I guess my new job is going to start with some rather rude awakenings.

Joey: Yeah. Hey, I'll be fine. Go take care of whoever this person is.

Viki: Yeah, when I know that you're OK.

Joey: You're right. Jen's pushing me away. If I push back, it might be permanent.

Viki: Darling, she would be a fool to let you go. But --

Joey: Ultimately, it's her choice.

Viki: Yeah, Darling.

Joey: Go take care of your students.

Viki: My students? Joey, what am I getting myself into? I mean, this is an enormous responsibility.

Joey: You can handle it.

Viki: Tell you one thing -- there won't be any coverups while I知 there. OK, what are you smiling at?

Joey: My mom, off to fight for truth, justice, and the American way.

Viki: Yeah, well, Joan of Arc was burned at the stake, so don't turn me into her quite yet.

Joey: I知 going to go by the Youth Center. Maybe there's some lost souls there I can save.

Viki: I love you so much, and I am so proud of you.

Joey: Ditto.

Viki: Bye, darling.

[Music plays]


[Music plays]

Adriana: Oh, it's beautiful up here!

River: Hey, wait till you see it up top. It'll take your breath away.

Adriana: I can't stay long, though.

River: Well, then, I壇 better step on it.

[Car accelerates]

Adriana: Maybe you should slow down.

River: Don't worry. This thing handles like a dream.

[Tires screech]

Adriana: Whoa!

River: Hey, it's OK, it's OK, it's OK. We're cool. No worries.

[River howls]


R.J.: Do you want to go someplace quieter?

Evangeline: What?

R.J.: I know you have that case in the morning, but -- well, I thought new partners could celebrate together.

Evangeline: Your place or mine?


Bo: Sorry about the interruption. Now, about this blue mustang --

Antonio: The -- the witness was unreliable. Just wanted to get on the 11:00 News.

Bo: Hmm. You know, the guy was here earlier and he gave us a plate number. The car was definitely Jess'.

Antonio: Yeah, but the -- the mustang didn't get there until later. Uh -- Mitch was already dead.

Bo: How do you know that?

Antonio: I -- I borrowed Jessica's car that night.

Bo: So you drove Jessica's car to the crime scene?

Antonio: Yeah. We've been -- we've been seeing each other, you know?

Bo: Yeah, I know.

Antonio: So when the -- the guy I.D.'d the car, I knew -- I knew it was bogus. Look, Commissioner, I didn't want anyone hassling Jessica. It was a -- it was a judgment call.

Bo: Your judgment was flawed. Go ahead and do whatever it is that you were doing.


Walker: Confessing is the last thing you want to do, Jessica. He was a killer. Don't throw away your life for his.

Jessica: Yeah, well, right now I知 just as much of a killer as he was.

Walker: No! What you did was totally justified! And let me tell you something else -- he was going to die that night anyway. You just got to him first.

Jessica: And what about Lindsay?

Walker: She won't be convicted. I made sure all the evidence points to everyone and no one, so if you stay quiet, no one goes to jail.

Jessica: I can't stop thinking about this.

Walker: Confessing won't make you feel any less guilty, Jessica, believe me.

Jessica: I知 not like you.

Walker: Huh. Lucky you. You've got to think before you do anything, Jess. You go to prison, what'll that do to your mother? You're in jail, Viki suffers, and Mitch will still be dead.

Jessica: I don't know.

Walker: I swear to you, no one will be charged with this murder.

Jessica: How can you swear that?

Walker: Trust me. Just give me 24 hours and I'll make sure of it.


Jen: My mom -- she's still missing. I -- I don't know where she is. I just -- I didn't know where else to go. She was supposed to turn herself in. She said she was going to, and then -- now she could be anywhere, you know? And -- I think Troy has something to do with it.

Joey: What?

Jen: He was acting really weird at Ultra Violet tonight, and he and my mom, they just --

Joey: I know, I know.

Jen: She should have been back by now, and she -- she could be in real trouble right now.

Joey: Do you want me to call my uncle?

Jen: The cops can't do anything! They can't even find her to arrest her! She's just -- she's the one person who really, really loves me, you know, and no matter what stupid things I do -- if I can't even help her right now --

Joey: Hey.

Jen: How could I not help her when she needs me?

Joey: Hey, I知 here, OK? We're going to find her. You're not alone. You're not alone.


[Loud music plays]

Adriana: Are you sure you know where you're going?

River: What's that?

Adriana: Are you sure you know where you're going?

River: Yeah, yeah. We just head up one of these curves here and it'll be right in front of us. It's beautiful, I promise. You can see for miles and miles and miles and miles.

Adriana: Oh! Watch out! Agh!

[Tires screech, car crashes]


[Music plays]

R.J.: Now, wait, I thought you had that court case in the morning.

Evangeline: What case?

R.J.: OK.


[Knock on door]

Marcie: Who's there?

Viki: It's Victoria Davidson.

Marcie: Mrs. Davidson. Come on in. It's -- it's kind of messy.

Viki: It's all right. Hello, Marcie.

Marcie: Hi.

Viki: I heard about what happened. You're the student the Voice of the Night was talking about, right?

Marcie: Oh -- wow. You listen to the Voice of the Night?

Viki: This is much worse than I thought.

Marcie: Yeah, you should have seen it before. I cleaned it up a lot.

Viki: OK. All right, we're going to go see the dean of students right now.

Marcie: Oh, no, no, no. I already did.

Viki: Oh! Oh, good. Well, what happened?

Marcie: Well, the dean said that the university can't afford any more bad publicity, you know, with the whole drug thing and the new president starting, yeah. He told me not to make any more waves. You know, I知 on -- I知 on full scholarship.

Viki: Are you serious? He actually said that to you? Well, I can promise you one thing -- Dean Baker is not going to sweep this under the rug.

Marcie: Well, you're not going to put this in The Banner, are you, you know, because I can't afford to go here without financial aid. And if the dean thinks that I知 a troublemaker, then --

Viki: Sweetheart, you haven't heard.

Marcie: What?

Viki: I am the new president of this university, OK?

Marcie: Yeah?

Viki: The first thing I知 going to do is make sure that what happened to you never happens again.


Bo: Hey, Chuck.

Chuck: I'll have the report for you in five, Sir.

Bo: No, that's all right, it's all right. Just take your time. You an---- you and your partner were the first on the scene at the Laurence homicide, right?

Chuck: Yes, sir.

Bo: Yeah, well, I致e been reading some eyewitness reports. A lot of vehicles in the area, you know, a few police vehicles.

Chuck: Shelby and I were in a patrol car.

Bo: Ah. All right, so you and your partner were in a patrol car. Did detective Vega have a patrol car?

Chuck: No, sir. Detective Vega was in a department jeep.

Bo: I see. Well, I知 going to have to review all the evidence in this case, everything we've got.

Chuck: Should I check it out of the evidence room?

Bo: No. No. It's closed for the night -- budget cuts, so -- tomorrow's soon enough.


Walker: "Laurence, M., Homicide."

Jen: No. This is a big mistake.

Joey: No, we love each other. That can't be a mistake.

Dorian: River? Oh, my. Oh! Oh! What?

Dorian: Oh! This --

Starr: Where's my mom?

Dorian: Oh, my goodness! Starr, please, don't just come up on me like that! Oh! And what are you doing up at this hour?

Starr: My mom isn't home yet. I知 waiting for her. Where is she?

Dorian: She's putting the morning edition of the paper to bed.

Starr: What about me?

Dorian: Will I do?

Starr: No, and that Walker guy -- I hate him, and I really, really hate him.

Dorian: Yes. Starr, dear, did River have any guests here tonight?

Starr: I don't know.

Dorian: This is very important. I need to find out who was here.

Starr: What's the big deal? The maid will clean it up.

Dorian: It is a very big deal! One of my cars is missing.

Starr: Well, don't look at me! I don't know how to drive!


[Adriana cries]

River: You OK?

Adriana: I think so. What just happened?

River: I don't know. I just lost it. I知 sorry. You sure you're all right?

Adriana: I -- I think we hit something.

River: Yeah.

River: All right, we got to get you home before anybody comes --

Adriana: What is it?

River: Oh, my God. I hit someone.

Adriana: Ay, dios mio! Que hemos echo!

River: Wait. She's dead.


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