One Life to Live Transcript Monday 7/14/03

By Eric
Proofread by Melissa Dann

Previously on "One Life to Live" --

The life of an E.R. Doctor, on and off duty.

Joey: If this means that I can't be with you, then I'm not going to be a priest.

Walker: Troy swore he saw you kill Mitch, and they believe him.

Lindsay: What am I going to do?

Walker: There's enough money in here to get away.

Bo: Dorian, you're under arrest for the murder of Mitch Laurence.

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Viki: Jessie? I'm so sorry I was away, babe.

Jessica: It's OK.

Viki: Joey called me about the funeral.

Jessica: I don't know, I feel like I really shouldn't want to be here today, but I had to come. I mean, after everything. But how could I not? Because --

Viki: OK, you don't have to explain anything to me. You know that. Frankly, all that matters is that this is truly over and Mitch Laurence really cannot hurt you anymore.

Dorian: I was so stressed out down there, I chewed off all of my fake fingernails. You know what they cost to get -- Bo, I don't care if you release me right now, I promise you, this is not through. No, no, not by any means.

Evangeline: Both the police force and the D.A.s are subject to harassment charges here.

Daniel: Oh, I'd love you to try, counselor. I really would.

Bo: Your client was arrested because we have the evidence to back it up.

Dorian: Evidence that was planted.

Nora: Oh, Dorian, we've heard that excuse before. "Somebody framed me."

Dorian: Somebody did frame me. For goodness sakes, what is the matter with you, Pelele? Doesn't the truth matter? Is all that you care about these ridiculous theories of yours?

Evangeline: We will get you out of here by tonight, guaranteed.

Daniel: Too bad the judge got sick and had to cut the arraignment session short. Better luck next time.

Dorian: Evangeline, please, you've got to do something. Appeal. Yes. Force -- force them to release me.

Evangeline: By the time I went to Philadelphia, got the order, and got back here, night court will be open. So just hang on.

Blair: Dorian?

Dorian: Oh, honey.

Blair: Have they let you out? Can we go now?

Daniel: No, Ms. Cramer, your aunt is still a guest of the Commonwealth. And who knows? With any luck, she may remain with us for the rest of her natural life.


Starr: Matthew.

Matthew: What?

Starr: You're using the wrong fork.

Matthew: But it's a fork.

Jen: Look at you two, brunching at the Palace.

Matthew: "Brunching"?

Jen: You aren't by yourselves, are you?

Starr: No, my nanny's over there where she can see us.

Jen: Come here, give me a hug. How are you? Why is your nanny sitting at a different table? Was she bad?

Starr: No, me and Matthew just wanted our privacy.

Matthew: Didn't you get married?

Joey: Oh, I must be in the wrong place. I could have sworn this was Victoria Davidson's office.

Kevin: Well, it's mine now. Next time, make an appointment. Hey, Little Brother.

Joey: I told you about the "Little Brother" stuff, Older Brother.

Kevin: Yeah.

Joey: Mitch Laurence's funeral service is today. I thought maybe you'd want to come.

Kevin: Why would I want to do that?

Joey: To support our sister?

Kevin: Jessie knows she has my support. Besides, I got too much work to do around here. Why is Jessie going, anyway? I'm glad that guy's dead, after what he did to her. Not to mention Mom and Natalie. I'll tell you what, he'll make a lot better compost than he ever did a human being. Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to offend you, ďO Holy OneĒ. I know you ministers take death and the eternal beyond very seriously. What?

Joey: I'm thinking about giving up the ministry.

Kevin: Really? Why?

Joey: So I can be with Jen.

Jen: Yeah, I probably shouldn't have gotten married so fast. I made a mistake. Sometimes it happens.

Matthew: Can't you fix it? Mom says most times when you make mistakes, you can fix it.

Jen: Well, that's exactly what I'm trying to do, Matthew. I got to go. I love you.

Matthew: I love you, too.

Jen: You two have a lovely lunch, and be nice to my little brother.

Starr: I have a little brother, too. I'm always nice to him. You can ask him, but he can't talk.

Troy: Let's take a walk, Jennifer.

Jen: What are you doing?

Troy: I found something of yours. Why are you spying on me?

Blair: All you have on her is planted evidence, and you know it.

Daniel: Oh, there's that defense again.

Blair: Why isn't she out on bail, Bo?

Bo: The judge got sick during the morning arraignments and they had to be canceled.

Evangeline: The night court judge will grant bail. Your aunt will be free by 7:30.

Dorian: And what am I supposed to do in the meantime, go back downstairs with all those cockroaches?

Bo: That place is fumigated on a regular basis, Dorian.

Dorian: I was speaking of my fellow inmates.

Blair: What's she doing here, anyway, Bo? She's innocent.

Nora: It'll just be --

Daniel: She has to stay because the law says so, end of discussion.

Walker: Now, let's start over. Let's start with Dorian goes free. She didn't kill my brother.

Daniel: And how would you know that?

Walker: Because I know who did.

Kevin: That's weird. I was talking to this minister the other day who said that his work meant the world to him. I could have sworn it was you.

Joey: Yeah, yeah, it was me. But I decided that Jen is more important to me than my ministry.

Kevin: OK. And I thought you said you wanted the church and the girl.

Joey: Well, Rex has decided to make that a little difficult.

Kevin: He's fighting the divorce.

Joey: Yeah.

Kevin: Yeah. Wow. That's pretty drastic for you, giving up everything for the girl. Well, you know, that's the way life is, man. It's just full of hard choices. It never seems to stop.

Joey: Is there something you want to talk about?

Kevin: No, no, I was just saying that, you know, I admire the way you're handling it.

Joey: Whoa, I must be in the wrong office.

Kevin: I'm serious, just like I was when I made you that job offer.

Joey: Well, one life-changing step at a time, please. But I appreciate it.

Kevin: Well, the offer still stands. There's no time limit. Anytime you want to join me at The Banner, I got plans, I'd like you to be a part of them.

Joey: Thanks, Kev.

Kevin: Sure. Joey?

Joey: Hmm?

Kevin: I'm happy for you. You went after something you really wanted, and you got it. Now, get out of here. I'm busy. Gosh, can't get any work done with you.

Jen: You stole my camera?

Troy: Yeah, but that's OK because you stole my privacy. Right, Jennifer? I found it with your mother's things at St. Annís.

Jen: OK, fine.

Troy: Are there any other tapes?

Jen: No, just this one.

Troy: Don't lie to me, Jennifer.

Jen: I'm not.

Troy: So, why are you taping me?

Jen: It's for a class project. I'm supposed to record the life of a professional. Hey, I didn't know how unprofessional you were when I started. How many women are you sleeping with, anyway?

Troy: You know something, Jennifer? You do not get to ask the questions here.

Jen: Well, I think I do when my mother is one of the women.

Troy: Now you're just being ridiculous.

Jen: I don't think so. If you're taking advantage of somebody that messed up just to rack up another score, that is really sick.

Troy: Jen, look, we both know that your mother is mentally unstable.

Jen: No, I get it. You just wanted to push her over the edge so that you could feed your sick, twisted ego --

Troy: Would you just shut your mouth --

Jen: My father is dead because of you!

Troy: So that's it, huh? That's why you did it? That's why you showed Lindsay that tape?

Jen: I didn't show her the tape. I can't believe you'd even think that I would do something like that.

Troy: Yeah? Well if you didn't show her, then why did she take off from St. Annís?

Jen: What?

Matthew: That's Dr. Troy and my sister. Dr. Troy used to be my mom's old boyfriend.

Starr: Yeah? Get in line. Him and my mom used to be together, but they're not anymore. Now my mom's hanging out with this yucky new guy. I hate him. He tries to act all nice, but he's not. I don't trust him one little bit.

Walker: An assistant editor at The Sun, Annie Tunick, found this a little while ago. It had been left on her desk, stuck between some press releases. It could have sat there for days. Look at that date and time stamp.

Nora: Oh, she's wearing the famous scarf.

Dorian: Lindsay. She slipped out of St. Annís, and she murdered Mitch.

Bo: We don't know that, Dorian.

Evangeline: You don't know it's not true, either.

Daniel: That time doesn't mean anything. Any 15-year-old can manipulate that.

Evangenene: As opposed to the rock-solid mountain of circumstantial evidence on which you charged my client? Has anyone questioned Lindsay Rappaport?

Bo: Ms. Rappaport is missing from St. Annís. We assume that she escaped, and a search is underway.

Evangeline: Were you going to inform anyone of this fact, which seems to me to have a very strong bearing on my client's case?

Dorian: It proves Lindsay did it. It proves it.

Bo: It doesn't prove anything, Dorian.

Evangeline: All the same, I trust you will withdraw all charges against Mrs. Laurence right now.

Antonio: Sorry for the interruption, commissioner. You got a minute?

Bo: Yeah.

Antonio: I found these. The person in question worked them into a sculpture.

Bo: Lindsay? What is this? What, is that clay on there?

Antonio: I'm hoping we can pull some prints off of them.

Dorian: Wait a minute. Those are my spare keys. This shows that Lindsay must have used them to plant the syringes in my house. And my car keys are on there, too, so she's responsible for my car breaking down the night that she murdered Mitch.

Bo: Let's just all calm down.

Dorian: This proves that Lindsay framed me.

Jen: What do you mean, my mom disappeared?

Troy: Call St. Annís. In fact, you know what, better yet, call the police. They'll tell you.

Jen: I will.

Troy: And stay out of my private life.

[Phone rings]

Troy: Dr. MacIver.

Lindsay: Hello, Troy. It's me.

Daniel: Mrs. Laurence, would you excuse us for a moment, please?

Dorian: Of course.

Daniel: Can we post someone to keep an eye on her?

Bo: Can't. Budget cuts. We're understaffed right now. But Dorian's not going anywhere.

Nora: You can't hold her, anyway. Not now. You run the risk of the court disallowing our current evidence in any subsequent action we might bring. Not to mention running the risk of a harassment suit.

Daniel: Ms. Williamson, your client's free to go. For now.

Dorian: I owe it all to you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Viki: So, do you think you're going to stay with Natalie and Cristian?

Jessica: I don't know. Natalie's been so good, and Cristian's trying so hard, but --

Viki: But what, Sweetheart?

Jessica: Antonio -- he keeps on dropping by, and I'm trying to avoid him.

Viki: Why? Did something happen?

Jessica: It's just -- it's really complicated right now, you know?

Viki: Why?

Jessica: After everything that happened with --

Viki: Jessie, listen to me for a minute. Honey, you've been through hell and back, and if you don't feel you're ready to stand on your feet yet, then so be it. You know, I mean, you know I like Antonio, and I'm certainly grateful to him for saving you. But, Honey, if you don't feel you can be around him, well, then make that clear.

Jessica: It's just really hard to open up to anybody right now. Especially him. I -- I don't know.

Viki: You can always come home to Llanfair, you know, Sweetheart. It's a very good place to heal.

Jessica: Yeah.

Viki: OK, good.

Joey: Mom.

Viki: Joey. Hi, darling.

Joey: When did you get back?

Viki: Oh, just this morning. How are you? You OK?

Joey: I'm fine.

Viki: Good.

Joey: How are you doing, Jess?

Jessica: I'm OK.

Viki: Jessie, you want me to stay here with you, Honey? If it'll make it easier for you, I will be happy to.

Jessica: It's OK. Thanks, though.

Viki: You sure?

Jessica: I'm sure.

Joey: Hey, you know what? There's something I needed to ask you about the ceremony.

Jessica: Oh, OK.

Viki: You know, I never thought I could hate anyone as much as I hated you, after what you did to Jessica, to all of us. And I have never in my life wished anyone dead. But you know something, Mitch? I am so grateful to whoever killed you. God help me, I am so grateful.

Daniel: That was a hell of a move, blindsiding me like that about Lindsay Rappaport being missing. I don't appreciate being kept out of the loop.

Nora: What were we supposed to do when that photograph showed up, withhold information so we didn't look bad?

Bo: Let's get something straight, Mr. Colson. I did not blindside you. I left you three messages on your voicemail, all time-coded, I assume. And I don't like you making assumptions on the way I do business.

Daniel: I'm just telling you how it looked.

Bo: Well, next time, you better figure out how things are before you jump to conclusions about how they look.

Antonio: Commissioner?

Bo: Yeah?

Antonio: Mind if I go grab lunch with Keri and the baby?

Bo: No, absolutely. You spend as much time with that baby as you possibly can

Antonio: Thank you, Commissioner.

Bo: Now, can we have a reasonable conversation about Lindsay Rappaport?

Daniel: I assume you issued an A.P.B.

Bo: That's generally the first thing we do.

Jen: Is my mom really missing again?

Bo: Yes. I'm sorry, but it's true.

Jen: Why? Where did she go?

Nora: We don't exactly have all the details yet, Sweetie.

Jen: Is she on the run because she's the one that killed Mitch Laurence?

Troy: Lindsay? Where are you?

Lindsay: How could you do this to me? All those women?

Troy: What are you talking about?

Lindsay: The tape. Iím talking about the tape. You just pretended to care about me.

Troy: Lindsay, come on, you know that's not true.

Lindsay: Everything that happened down on the docks -- everything -- and none of it meant anything to you?

Troy: Of course it did, Lindsay. Now, come on, just calm down and listen to me, OK?

Lindsay: You met me there. You took off my scarf.

Troy: I know.

Lindsay: You made love to me just because you wanted people to think that I killed Mitch?

Troy: What? Lindsay, no. Come on, now, you know that that's not true. Now, listen to me. Look, I know that you're upset about the tape, OK? But please, Sweetheart, don't confuse how you feel about the tape with what we shared that night. Lindsay? Where are you, Sweetheart? Please, I want to help you. Are you feeling OK?

Lindsay: No, I'm feeling a little weird, and I have a headache.

Troy: OK, OK. So then just -- just tell me where you are.

Lindsay: No. No, I'm not telling you where I am because you'll just --

Troy: I'll just what, Lindsay? What is it that you think I'll do? You know I would never hurt you, Lindsay.

Lindsay: You already have.

Troy: No. No, Lindsay, you don't believe that.

Lindsay: Yes, I do.

Troy: No. No, you don't, Lindsay. You know that I want to help you, and you know this, Lindsay.

Lindsay: I don't know anything anymore. I don't know what to believe, and that's a really bad sign. The sisters aren't going to like that.

Troy: OK, just calm down, OK? Don't worry. Everything's going to be fine, Lindsay. Please, Sweetheart, please. I want to help you.

Lindsay: OK.

Troy: OK. OK, good girl. Now, you got to tell me where you are.

Matthew: Don't you want a new dad?

Starr: No.

Matthew: Why not?

Starr: Because I already have one. Everybody thinks that my dad's not coming back, but I know he is.

Matthew: Really?

Starr: Yeah. If that Walker guy doesn't catch a clue real fast, I'm going to have to have a serious talk with him.

Dorian: Viki, what a surprise seeing you here.

Viki: Well, I might say the same to you.

Dorian: Some things are just too important to entrust to others. I had to see Mitch's ashes laid to rest with my very own eyes.

Viki: Did I hear correctly -- you were arrested?

Dorian: And released. Thanks to my knight in shining armor.

Walker: She's exaggerating.

Dorian: Oh, not at all. All the evidence against me, planted, of course. But thanks to Walker, now the police know it.

Walker: Viki, I -- Mrs. Davidson, I hope your family can finally find some peace.

Viki: Thank you. That's very kind. Well, I will see you at home, OK?

Jessica: OK.

Viki: You all right? Bye.

Jessica: So, how did Walker get you released?

Dorian: There was evidence that exonerated me, and Walker brought it to the police.

Blair: It was more like suspicion was cast on someone else.

Dorian: Well, quite rightly so, Blair.

Jessica: What was the evidence?

Viki: A photo of Lindsay Rappaport was taken down at the docks the night Mitch was killed, and the police found Dorian's house keys and car keys at St. Annís, where Lindsay had hidden them.

Jessica: So the police think that --

Dorian: Lindsay killed Mitch.

Antonio: Well, you didn't have to wait for me to eat. Jamie must be hungry.

Keri: Well, she -- she wanted to hold out till her father could see her.

Antonio: Oh, yeah? She did, did she? Hi. Well, it looks to me like you've been snacking.

Keri: Oh, come here.

Dorian: Jessica, are you all right?

Jessica: I'm -- I'm fine. I'm just surprised, that's all.

Dorian: Well, it's not really surprising, is it? I mean, Lindsay just hated Mitch, and even though she's done us all a wonderful favor, the woman is out of her mind.

Jessica: Yeah, I guess so.

Joey: Are you ready to start?

Dorian: I think we should. It's not likely anyone else is showing up.

Joey: Ahem. "O, Lord, thou hast searched me out and known me. Thou knowest my down-sitting and my uprising. Thou understandest my thoughts before. Thou know about my path and about my bed and art acquainted with all my ways for, lo, there is not a word in my tongue but thou, lord, knowest it altogether. Thou hast beset me behind and before and laid thine hand upon me. Such knowledge is too wonderful and too excellent for me. I cannot attain unto it."

Matthew: What are you going to do to the yucky guy?

Starr: I don't want to get into details. You might be charged as an accessory.

Matthew: A what?

Starr: Your mom's a lawyer, right?

Matthew: Yeah.

Starr: Never mind. So, tell me about you wanting a new dad.

Matthew: Well, because mine is gone and mine can't come back like yours can.

Starr: Like mine will.

Matthew: Well, Dad's in Heaven, and you can't come back from there. I just wish my real dad could come back.

Starr: If you could have any dad, any idea who that would be?

Matthew: Yeah.

Starr: No, you have to think before you answer. This is important.

Matthew: But I already know the answer.

Starr: It has to be someone you know. It can't be, like, Wolverine or something.

Matthew: He's real.

Starr: OK. Who?

Matthew: Bo Buchanan.

Nora: I feel so badly for Jen with all this she's going through. She can't even cut a break.

Bo: Wh--

Nora: All the stuff --

Bo: Oh, oh, yeah. Yeah.

Nora: At once.

Bo: The bad thing is, though, it's all because of Lindsay.

Viki: Well, that's very impressive.

Kevin: Mom. When did you get back?

Viki: Actually, a little while ago. I stopped to see Jessie at the cemetery. Hi.

Kevin: Well, why are they making such a big deal about burying this slimeball? I think they should throw a party instead.

Viki: Well, I think it's going to give a little closure to Jessica. You redecorated.

Kevin: Yeah, I had to get rid of all the white. You don't like it?

Viki: Well, I'm sure it's fine for you, but I'm assuming this means you don't intend to share the office with the publisher.

Kevin: Oh, you're not going to give me a big guilt trip now, are you, Mom? The publisher has a new office down the hall for when she occasionally stops by to congratulate her son on what a wonderful job he's doing.

Viki: So, now Iím coming by occasionally, hmm?

Kevin: Mom, you're going to be president of Llanview University.

Viki: Kevin, I have not formally accepted that position yet.

Kevin: You haven't formally said you accepted it yet. That's tomorrow. What, you think Grandpa didn't call me the minute they got you to say yes?

Viki: And don't you dare jump the gun by publishing that.

Kevin: Are you kidding me? Congratulations.

Viki: Ooh, thank you so much, sir -- I think. Kevin, it's going to be a huge responsibility.

Kevin: Ah, you'll do fine. Everybody knows that, especially me.

Viki: Thank you. Hey, I had a couple of things I wanted to go over with you if you have a minute. May I?

Kevin: Sure.

Viki: Thank you. OK, Llanview Paper and Ink -- they're very backlogged, but I think you should stick with them, OK? Ruth Peterson -- you will not find a better proofreader in the whole world. Justin Lear -- the first thing you should do as editor in chief is promote him. And you can trust Denis Dison implicitly. The man is an excellent -- what's wrong?

Kevin: Denis Dison no longer works for the paper.

Viki: What? What happened to him? Is he sick?

Kevin: No, I had to let him go earlier today.

Viki: You did what? Kevin, why? My God, the man's been with the paper 20 years. He has three Pulitzer prizes.

Kevin: Well, Pulitzers don't sell newspapers.

Viki: Oh, that's a catchy phrase. Why did you let him go?

Kevin: Well, because the man didn't have a feel for what a newspaper needs today. He's living in the past. I mean, it's either too boring or too long or too subtle. I mean, it just wasn't working.

Viki: You're wrong, and I want you to call him right now on the phone and get him back.



Kevin: Well, I'm sorry, Mom, I can't do that.

Joey: Lord, give mercy and grace to the living, pardon and rest to the dead, to thy holy church peace and concord, and to us sinners life everlasting. Who with the father and the holy spirit liveth and reignest, one God now and forever. And all his people said --

All: Amen.

Jessica: Thank you, Joey, for the service.

Joey: Yeah. Jess, you have to know, the scars that Mitch Laurence gave you are going to take a long, long time to heal.

Jessica: Yeah, I know. Believe me, I know.

Joey: Come on. Want to walk home with me? If you don't mind stopping by the community center.

Jessica: No, of course I don't.

Dorian: Joe? Very well done, my dear. Nice job. Would you excuse us a moment? Please? Thank you. Jessica, come on, now. Mitch can't hurt you anymore. He can't hurt any of us anymore. We can just put this whole nasty, vicious episode behind us, hmm? The evil that Mitch brought to Llanview has died right along with him.

Kevin: Mom, if you want me to run this paper, then you have got to let me run this paper.

Viki: Well, I intend to, Kevin, but you cannot begin by firing our most talented reporter.

Kevin: Denis Dison had his best days years ago.

Viki: And he deserves your respect. He is a loyal and a gifted employee.

Kevin: Look, I am big fan of loyalty, but my loyalty is to this paper, not to some guy who is over the hill and can't do his job.

Viki: You listen to me, Kevin, and you pay close attention because the sooner you learn this, the better. There is no difference between your loyalty to The Banner and your loyalty to its employees. They are one and the same, Kevin. The people who work at this newspaper are this newspaper!

Kevin: Yeah? Well, pardon me for saying this, but The Banner has lost its edge. Times have changed. And if getting our edge back means hacking away some deadwood, then so be it.

Viki: Oh, for heaven's sakes, you sound like you know what you're doing, and you don't!

Kevin: Well, if I'm editor in chief, I'm going to move personnel around as I see fit and I'm going to let them go as I see fit.

Viki: "Them"? What, you've let more people go?

Kevin: Louis Jenny, too.

Viki: You fired Louis Jenny? The first thing you did as editor in chief with The Banner was fire our two best reporters?

Kevin: Dison and Jenny are old and tired. They're relics of another era. They needed to be fired.

Viki: No, Kevin, the only person who needs to be fired around here is you.

Nora: What are you two doing here?

Matthew: Brunching.

Starr: Brunch.

Nora: Where's Hedy? Ah. Hello, Hedy.

Hedy: Hello. My eyes were never off them, not even for a moment.

Bo: Matthew?

Matthew: Yeah?

Bo: You know my friend Gabrielle? Do you know where she and I are going this afternoon? To a Phillies game.

Matthew: Cool!

Bo: Yeah. Guess who's going with us.

Matthew: Me?

Bo: Yep. She is on her way to meet us here right now.

Matthew: This is so cool! Can we catch a foul ball?

Bo: A foul ball? You know what? I can't really make any promises as far as foul balls because all the ballgames I've been to in my life, I have never caught one.

Matthew: Not once?

Bo: Not once. But if one comes our way, we are going to really have a shot at it.

Matthew: I wish I had my glove.

Nora: It's in Bo's car.

Bo: Yeah. So is mine.

Matthew: What about Gabrielle? Does she have a glove, too?

Bo: No, no. She doesn't have a glove, but I brought something better for her.

Matthew: What?

Bo: Fishing net.

Matthew: This is great! Mom, isn't Bo so cool?

Bo: He's so way cool. Really way cool.

Waiter: Commissioner? I have a message for you.

Bo: Oh, no, no, no, no, no. I'm not going to break this commitment, so nope.

Waiter: A Gabrielle Medina stopped by to say something's come up. She's sorry, but she can't make it.

Bo: Oh, thanks, thanks. Oh, man, she's got to be disappointed. Plus, you know, I don't want to see the third ticket go to waste, and who's going to man the fishing net? Starr, you --

Starr: I hate baseball.

Bo: Oh.

Nora: What? How can you? It's a great game.

Starr: Then why don't you go?

Matthew: Yeah, Mom, you should go.

Bo: Yeah.

Nora: Well --

Bo: Why not? Why not? What do you say?

Nora: Do I get the glove and you get the net?

Bo: Maybe we'll share. I --

Nora: Well, OK. It sounds like a deal.

Starr: If you want things to happen, you have to make them happen.

Nora: No, I'm good to go. I'm not really wearing the right clothes, but I don't care. Come on. Honey, we got to get going.

Bo: Let's go.

Nora: Bye-bye.

Bo: Bye, Starr.

Nora: Thanks, Starr.

Starr: Bye.

Matthew: Bye.

Starr: Bye. Bye. Have a great time! Bye! OK, get the car. I have something to take care of.

Hedy: Not so fast. What are you up to now?

Starr: That's for me to know and for Walker Laurence to find out.

Dorian: I still can't get over how you saved me from the wrong arm of the law by bringing that evidence forward. Daniel Colson, the prosecutor, had just announced to everybody that I would probably be spending the rest of my life as a guest of the commonwealth. Thank you. Thank you, thank you!

Blair: Hmm. Pretty convenient, that last-minute rescue.

Dorian: What are you implying?

Blair: Dramatic timing.

Dorian: Blair. How could Walker have known that that photograph existed, that someone would anonymously drop it off at The Sun?

Blair: Hmm, I don't know, but maybe you do, Walker.

Walker: As a matter of fact, I do. I took the photo myself. You love him.

[Phone rings]

Jen: Hello?

Lindsay: Jen?

Jen: Mom, where are you?

Lindsay: I don't want you to worry about me, OK? Don't worry.

Jen: I do worry about you. You ran away from St. Annís. The police are looking for you. Where are you? I'm going to come get you.

Lindsay: I've had a lot of time to think about this, and I'm not going to run. I know that's a mistake that I made before. I'm not going to do that again.

Jen: OK, good, good. Just find the nearest cop and just turn yourself in, OK? Or better yet, I'm going to come get you. Where are you right now?

Lindsay: No. No, I don't want you to put yourself in the middle of this. I will turn myself in, right away, and then I'll call you as soon as I can, OK?

Jen: I love you, mom.

Lindsay: I love you, too.

[Lindsay gasps]

Antonio: Jessica. Jessica, I've been -- I've been worried about you. How was the funeral? Are you all right?

Jessica: It was OK. Listen, we're going to go.

Keri: Antonio?

Kevin: Mom, you can't fire me.

Viki: Well, I just did. So I guess you've underestimated me as well as the rest of the deadwood around here.

[Clint laughs]

Clint: Never underestimate your mother, Kevin. Yes, these are the little family moments that I really treasure most.

Dorian: You took that photo? You were there that night at the docks?

Walker: Yeah, I kind of had to be there.

Blair and Dorian: Why?

Walker: Because Lindsay Rappaport didn't kill Mitch. I did.

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Asa: What do you think of your son? Doing a bang-up job for The Banner, isn't he?

Jessica: You're a really great minister.

Joey: I may be giving that up.

Rex: Face it, you're just not minister's wife material.

Blair: What kind of game are you playing? What are you really after?

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