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Previously on "One Life to Live" --

Asa: Here's to my lucky 13th and last engagement. To you, Rene.

Rene: No, Asa.

Jen: I want to go to St. Ann's and tell my mom that we got married.

Rex: Why don't you do that on your own?

Nora: He's missing from his cell? How is that possible?

Blair: You think prison is punishment for him? He deserves to be in a grave.


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[Music plays]

Dorian: Well, well, well. This is quite a surprise, isn't it?

Blair: What?

Dorian: Seeing the two of you here. Didn't you say you were too tired to go out and that Blair had canceled and --

Walker: What?

Dorian: Yes. Yes, and yet I find the two of you here having a high old time.

Walker: It wasn't planned.

Dorian: Really?

Walker: I was too restless to sleep, so I came down here. I ran into Blair, who was obviously feeling the same way.

Dorian: Restless?

Blair: Where have you been, anyway?

Dorian: Meaning what?

Blair: Meaning I called you twice. I called you at home, I tried your cell, and -- all wet? Did you forget your umbrella?

Asa: Kevin, I tell you, Texas was good for you.

Kevin: You think Texas is good for everybody and everything.

Asa: You're damn right. Look what it did. You're solid. You're tough. You're a mover, just like your grandpa.

Kevin: I'm going to be calling on you for advice you know. And help.

Asa: You got it, Kevin. I'm available for both you boys 24 hours, seven days a week.

Kevin: That goes both ways, grandpa.

Asa: Gotcha.

Kevin: I heard about Rene turning you down. That's rough.

Asa: Oh, please. Hell, I was just trying to make that woman feel, you know, kind of wanted.

Kevin: Still --

Asa: Forget it. I'm fine. She's the loser. Woman's an idiot. Bye.

Kevin: Renee really gets to him, doesn't she?

Joey: Well, the Asa-Renee show is not over yet.

Kevin: Hey, we've got to move.

Joey: So, I'm sort of surprised you came back to Llanview. I thought things were good with -- well, in Texas.

Kevin: They were. I've got plans.

Joey: You always do, Kev.

Kevin: True enough. If I want to make them work, I got to work out of Llanview. What about you?

Joey: What about me?

Kevin: Well, do you like your job at St. James? Are you happy?

Joey: Yeah, sure. Ok, it's a little more challenging than I thought.

Kevin: Yeah.

Joey: Ok, it's a lot more challenging.

Woman: Good night, sister.

Lindsay: Where are you going?

Troy: I got to get home.

[Knock on door]

Jen: Mom, are you awake?


Bo: I want you to start at the perimeter, work your way in. Every square inch of the crime scene. Do you have any idea of the cause of death?

Doctor: No. No bullet or knife wounds. The hyoid bone is still intact. No evidence of petechial hemorrhaging.

Bo: So he wasn't shot, he wasn't stabbed, he wasn't strangled. He's just definitely dead.

Doctor: Could be a heart attack.

Bo: What, with this guy? No, you got to have a heart to have a heart attack.

Doctor: Well, I won't have any answers until the autopsy.

Antonio: Doc?

Doctor: Poison.

Antonio: Suicide?

Bo: I think this was staged. I think whoever killed Laurence gave a lot of thought to the picture that we would see when we found him.

Antonio: Maybe it's his last sick joke.

Bo: My feeling is that Laurence was murdered and then he was put here on display.

Antonio: How did the killer get him out of his cell in the first place?

Bo: We don't know.

Antonio: Officer Snelling still unaccounted for? I don't even want to think about it.

Bo: I'm glad I got an alibi because I sure as hell hated this guy. You know, practically everybody in this town wanted to see Mitch Laurence dead.

Nora: Jessica?

Jessica: Yes?

Nora: I need to speak with you for a moment, in private. Mind if we step outside?

Jessica: What is it? Is there something wrong?

Bo: So if we all wanted Mitch Laurence dead, the question is, who had the guts to go through with it?

Lindsay: What are you doing here? Is everything ok?

Jen: I got married.

Lindsay: You got married to whom?

Jen: Rex Balsom. Aren't you happy for me?

Lindsay: I just -- I wish you would have asked me before you did this.

Jen: It was just sort of spur of the moment. Very romantic.

Lindsay: Have you been drinking?

Jen: Yeah, I'm supposed to celebrate, right? Aren't you going to congratulate me?

Lindsay: Congratulations.

Jen: That is so lame.

Lindsay: Well, I'm sorry if I'm worried because you made a monumental decision in your life without thinking it through.

Jen: Well, who does that sound like?

Lindsay: Well, is this the man that you really want to spend the rest of your life with?

Jen: Sure. Why not? I mean, yeah, we get along, and I deserve some happiness in my life, right?

Lindsay: Yes, honey, of course you do, but --

Jen: Fine, I'll just go.

Lindsay: No, Jen, come on

Jen: Why are your shoes all wet?

Lindsay: I was in the garden when it started raining.

Jen: Have you been sneaking out?

Lindsay: No. Of course not. Why would I do that?

Jen: I don't know. Why do you do anything that you do?

Lindsay: Why don't you just tell me about your wedding.

Jen: It was just a wedding. Ok? I just want you to be happy for me.

Lindsay: If marrying Rex makes you happy, then I'm happy. But, honey, it's late so maybe you could come back tomorrow and we could have lunch in the garden.

Jen: Maybe. Good night.

Lindsay: Ok, good night, sweetie.

Roxy: Want a belt? It's nutritious and delicious. Heavy on the antioxidentals.

Max: No.

Asa: Finally, I caught up with you two.

Roxy: Hey, Asa.

Max: How did you find us all the way down here?

Asa: You hijacked my chauffeur and car, remember?

Roxy: Oh, what do you know. That seems like so long ago.

Max: I don't know what you're paying that guy, but he'll do anything for 200 bucks.

Asa: I fired him.

Roxy: Then how did you get here so fast?

Asa: I flew in my chopper. 2,000 in huns. Bourbon on the rocks, please. Ok, let's play.

Max: It's Rene, isn't it?

Asa: What?

Max: You can't handle the fact she turned you down.

Asa: Oh, please. She never knew she had it so good.

Max: Asa, you got no one to blame but yourself.

Roxy: Yeah, you shouldn't have been so mean to me.

Max: Face it, you blew it.

Asa: Renee had her chance. She sure as hell isn't getting a second one.

Max: Asa, blackjack is for amateurs. What do you say to a game of stud?

Asa: High stakes?

Max: Very. If I win, you give Rene the romantic proposal she deserves.

Asa: And when I win, what do I get?

Max: That ain't going to happen.

Asa: Oh, yeah. The great gambler. If I win, you marry Roxy again.

Max: Well, it's not going to happen, but what the heck? You're on.

Roxy: What happened to gamblers unanimous?

Max: It's for a very good cause.

Roxy: Excuse me, gents.

Roxy: Yeah. Renee? It's Roxy. Yeah, Foxy Roxy. I'm in Atlantic City with Max and Asa. I suggest you get your butt down here -- fast.

Dorian: So, my car broke down. I tried to call road service, but I couldn't get a signal on my cell phone. So, yes, yes, I had to walk in the rain, and, no, I didn't have an umbrella.

Blair: Oh, poor Dorian.

Dorian: I could use a drink. Would you be a darling and go order me a merlot?

Walker: Of course.

Blair: You all right?

Dorian: No, I was going to ask you the same thing. Why? Don't I look all right? Wet for wear, but goodness gracious. How long have you two been together?

Blair: We just got here --

Walker: We've actually been here for quite a while --

Blair: Before you did.

Walker: Together.

Bo: I want a list of all of Laurence's visitors since his arrest and their times in, times out.

Riley: Excuse me, commissioner. How much longer do we need to stay?

Bo: You can go, but get some rest because I'm going to need a formal statement tomorrow.

Flash: Tomorrow?

Riley: I'll get her there.

Bo: Thanks.

Antonio: Chuck?

Chuck: Yeah?

Antonio: See these drag marks? They're leading right to the chair.

Chuck: Morgan, make sure you get these.

Bo: Did you find something?

Doctor: Your detective spotted these drag marks. This is what I'm saying. The guy was dead. Killer drags him over here and sets him up on the throne for us to find. Did you see this? He was face-down long enough for blood to pool on this side. We'll find similar livor mortis lividity on his back and hips from where he was seated on the throne. That's a guess until I can get him on the table.

Bo: All right. You have an educated guess as far as time of death?

Doctor: I just got here, remember?

Bo: Yeah. Antonio, got to get moving. We got a long list of suspects.

Antonio: Off the record, commissioner --

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Antonio: Do we really care who killed this guy?

Bo: Detective, we don't want to go down that road.

Antonio: Right.

Bo: Now let's get to work.

Nora: I'm sorry, I know this must come as a shock to you. Even though you've suffered at his hands, he's still your father.

Jessica: Yeah.

Nora: Hey, you ok? You want me to get you something to drink? Well, somehow, he made it out of his cell, and then he ran into the wrong person. Jessica, I'm sorry I have to ask you this. Can you account for your whereabouts this evening, all evening?

Bo: Well, so long, Mitch. I hope you enjoy extremely hot climates. Have the lab put a rush on the toxicology. Thanks.

[Music plays]

Lindsay: Why can't you stay the night?

Troy: Come on, don't make more of this than it was.

Lindsay: No, of course not. We just had a good time, that's all. A few good times, actually.

Troy: Good night.

Lindsay: Troy, why did you come back?

Troy: Because you were right, Lindsay. We deserve each other. That's our little secret.

Nora: Jessica, honey, it's a question that has to be asked. I'm sorry. And I think you'd rather hear it coming from me than some anonymous police officer you've never seen before. Everybody's going to be asked this question. Everybody in town really, really wanted to see Mitch Laurence dead.

Jessica: It's just -- it's really hard for me.

Nora: Of course it's hard for you, honey. You're in shock. You got to take care of yourself.

Jessica: Is this nightmare ever going to end?

Nora: This is the end. He's dead. Between you and me, Mitch Laurence got exactly what he deserved.

Man: Well, that's not the official attitude, Ms. Buchanan.

Nora: Hello, Daniel.

Daniel: Hi.

Nora: Daniel, this is Jessica Buchanan. Jessica, this is A.D.A. Daniel Colson.

Daniel: Senior A.D.A.

Nora: Senior.

Daniel: I'm very sorry for your loss.

Nora: Yes, Jessica just found out. Just now.

Daniel: Murder is a serious crime, no matter who the victim. It's the job of the police to find your father's killer and ours to prosecute the person.

Nora: Daniel --

Daniel: So, if you don't mind, how about answering ms. Buchanan's question? Where were you all evening?

Nora: Daniel, I was kind of asking her as a friend.

Jessica: It's ok, Nora. I don't have anything to hide. My grandfather -- he was having a party here. I was with my family inside.

Daniel: All night?

Nora: Daniel --

Jessica: Yes.

Daniel: You know, I had dinner here earlier and then I had a few drinks at the bar. You know, I'm certain I saw you leave and then come back much later.

Nora: Daniel --

Daniel: What, did you just happen to step outside for, what, an extended smoke?

Nora: Excuse me. Jessica, why don't you go inside, and I'll be in in a minute. Ok. Go ahead. What do you think you're doing? Mitch Laurence was that woman's biological father. She's in shock. Back off.

Daniel: Fine. Fine. By the way, you look really great tonight.

Kevin: You ok? What's wrong?

Joey: Jess, what's happened?

Jessica: Mitch is dead. He's been murdered.

Antonio: Jessica, try and relax. You want to sit?

Kevin: Jess?

Joey: Antonio --

Antonio: Thanks, Joe. Honey, you ok?

Jessica: What happened?

Antonio: You passed out.

Jessica: I want to go home.

Antonio: I'll get you home as soon as I can. Here.

Dorian: Joe? Is Jessica all right?

Joey: Yeah. Yeah, she passed out, but she's ok now.

Nora: Jessica, you all right?

Bo: Going somewhere?

Walker: Yeah, I'm going to the bathroom. You want to come?

Bo: No, I went at the office. If you wouldn't mind sticking around, though, I've got some questions for you.

Walker: What about?

Bo: Your brother. We found Mitch dead tonight.

Walker: What, a suicide? When did this happen?

Bo: A few hours ago. We're waiting for the preliminary autopsy report to determine the cause of death.

Walker: Well, you must have some idea, commissioner.

Bo: Well, suicide -- that's a possibility. But in my opinion, he was murdered.

Walker: Murdered? What, by a cop? What?

Bo: We found Mitch's body on the docks. Now, either he escaped there or somebody took him there and killed him. Let's talk about your evening.

Walker: Are you suggesting I had something to do with his death?

Bo: No, I'm not suggesting anything. As long as you have an alibi for the hours in question, then you have nothing to worry about.

Walker: Well, no problem, then. I'll be right back, and then I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Bo: Ok. Thanks.

Renee: Ok, what's going on? Max, you shouldn't be gambling.

Max: It's ok, Rene. I know what I'm doing.

Asa: Oh, yeah. He's losing.

Max: It ain't over till it's over, Asa.

Asa: I'm going to call it. I'll raise you 1,000.

Rene: Max, please don't.

Asa: What in the hell are you doing here, anyway?

Roxy: Chick stuff.

Renee: Chick stuff.

Max: I'll call.

Asa: Read them and weep.

Max: Oh, it looks like my luck is changing, and so is yours, Asa.

Bo: I'm going to need a statement from each of you regarding your actions and whereabouts starting earlier this evening up until now. I know that it's late, but if everybody cooperates, this won't take very long. Joey, why don't I start with you.

[Knock on door]

Nun: Lindsay, one of the other patients thought they heard a man's voice coming from your room.

Lindsay: Well, they must have been dreaming because no one's been here.

Nun: Have you left the grounds without permission?

Lindsay: No. No, of course not. I was in the garden when it started raining.

Nun: It's late. Go to sleep -- now.

Troy: Hey, chuck. What's going on?

Chuck: They found Mitch Laurence stone-cold dead. He was sitting there in that throne.

Troy: What happened?

Chuck: M.E. thinks it was poison, maybe suicide. My bet's murder.

Troy: Murder?

Officer: Chuck, I need you over here.

Troy: Damn it.

Officer: Everything ok, Dr. MacIver?

Troy: Yeah, yeah. No, everything's fine. Yeah. Have a good day.

Joey: It just turned out to be a wild-goose chase. Got married before I even got there. I have the turnpike receipts if you needed proof, time of travel --

Bo: Joey, Joey, this is just procedure. You know that.

Joey: Sure. Hey, take it easy on jess, ok?

Bo: Yes, of course. Thanks.

Jen: Hey there, rev.

Joey: I'm calling you a taxi.

Jen: Why? It's so early.

Joey: Where's your husband?

Jen: He's meeting me here.

Joey: Rex left more than an hour ago.

Jen: Oh.

Joey: Whoa. Hey.

Jen: It's my wedding night, you know. Don't you want to kiss the bride?

Joey: I could get drunk just standing this close to you.

Jen: I'm celebrating. Come on, don't be a sore loser. Let's kiss and make up. We can still be friends, right?

Joey: I'm calling you a taxi. You wait right here.

Jen: My perfect wedding night. Just like I always dreamed.

Asa: I call. You are one lucky S.O.B.

Max: Whoo! Whoa. Where do you think you're going? We had a bet. You're going to make good on it.

Asa: Holden, if you think that I'm going to make a fool of myself a second time with a woman who's so damned stubborn --

Max: Whoa, she's stubborn?

Asa: She humiliated me. I'm not getting burned again.

Max: Asa, you humiliated yourself. You always assume the whole world's just going to fall down at your feet.

Asa: If it knew what was good for it, yes.

Max: You're lonely, Asa. Take it from someone that knows.

Asa: You don't know what the hell you are talking about.

Renee: Whoa, whoa. Hey. Hey, Asa, wait a minute. You're not going anywhere till you give me a straight answer. I'm waiting. Why am I here?

Max: Go on, Asa, tell her.

Dorian: You probably passed my car on your way over here.

Bo: Do you know what time you called the tow truck?

Dorian: You'd have to ask the garage. My cell phone didn't have a signal. It was probably the trees. And the filling station that I passed was closed. The pay phone there didn't work. I had to phone from here.

Bo: What garage?

Dorian: I didn't kill Mitch.

Bo: I didn't say you did.

Dorian: I must have been reading between the lines. Think about it, Bo. Why would I go through all the trouble of breaking him out of prison and then murdering him? I mean, you know, I have had plenty of other opportunities. For instance, at the pyramid theater, I had so many chances.

Bo: I'm not accusing you of anything, Dorian. You know, this is just procedure.

Dorian: Mm-hmm. Well, I'm just trying to say that if I wanted to kill Mitch --

Do: Then you could have done it before now. You said that.

Dorian: Can I go home?

Bo: Sure. But, you know, we will be talking again.

Dorian: Oh, I'll be looking forward to it.

Bo: Hey, Jess, you feeling better?

Jessica: I want to go home. My head is -- my head is killing me.

Antonio: Anybody got any aspirin?

Blair: Yeah, I do.

Antonio: Whoa, hold on, Blair.

Blair: What? Here. What?

Antonio: What's this?

Blair: I don't know. It looks like a feather to me. Here's your aspirin.

Bo: When we found Mitch's body, he was wearing a mask with feathers all over it, exactly like that one.

Antonio: So I'm going to ask you again, Blair, what's it doing in your purse?

Kevin: Tough night, huh?

Joey: You could say that.

Kevin: Hell of a homecoming.

Joey: Yeah. Nothing like dropping straight in the middle of a murder investigation, huh?

Kevin: Well, it'll make a good headline for the morning. As a matter of fact, I better get down to "The Banner" and hop on it. So, what's going on out there? Are they done?

Joey: Don't know. I just went to call a cab for a friend, but I guess she already left. Anyway, do you want a lift?

Kevin: Yeah. Sure.

Daniel: Daniel Colson with the district attorney's office.

Kevin: No, you go on without me, Joey. I'd like to get to know our senior A.D.A. a little bit better.

Joey: Ok. See you.

Kevin: Ok. Kevin Buchanan. I'm with "The Banner."

Daniel: In fact, you're the new editor in chief, right?

Kevin: In fact, I am. I've heard about you. Rubin V. Netron, Inc. That's good work.

Daniel: You do your homework.

Kevin: Well, I like to keep close tabs on people who can be valuable.

Daniel: Do you? Tell me, what could I have that would possibly interest you?

Kevin: Big things are about to happen in this town, Mr. Colson, and I'm going to make them happen. And you are in a very good position to help me out.

Asa: Well, hell -- I -- I guess I jumped the gun before. I assumed that you were ready to marry me again, you know, like that.

Renee: Like that?

Asa: And the truth is nobody on earth is better for you than I am.

Renee: Well, I'm glad we got that settled.

Asa: And you know me better than anybody. Nobody else -- none of them could ever get the hang of it.

Rene: The hang of what?

[Max whistles]

Asa: Don't rush me. Rene, here I am, hat in my hand, asking you if you'll make us happy again by marrying me.

Renee: Why the hell not?

Roxy: Hey, mister?

Max: Hmm?

Roxy: Maybe you finally did something right.

Blair: I have no idea how that feather got in my purse. I've never seen it before, Bo.

Bo: According to our log sheet, you visited Mitch earlier.

Blair: Yes, I did. And Walker was with me.

Walker: That's true. And then Mitch's lawyer, Ms. Williamson, was there after I left.

Antonio: What did you and Mitch talk about?

Blair: Well, I wanted to know what happened to Todd.

Antonio: And?

Blair: And he implied Todd was dead.

Daniel: Which would give you a pretty strong motive.

Bo: I want you to start from the time that you saw Mitch --

Blair: What --

Bo: Tell me everything he told you, everything you said to him. Don't leave anything out, Blair.

Blair: No. Hell, no. You falsely accused me once before, Bo, and if you do it again, I will slap this town with the biggest lawsuit.. it'll bankrupt it.

Kevin: You ok?

Blair: Just get out of my way!

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Asa: Don't you act dumb with me.

Walker: I'm not so sure my future's in line with you.

Jen: Did you have anything to do with Mitch being murdered?

Blair: This is libel, and you know it!

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